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whose male line ceased with his grandson, Lieut. - general Sir JOHN-BRUCE Hope, seventh Ba

ronet of Craighall, in 1766. ARCHIBALD (Sir), of Rankeillor,

appointed a lord of session in 1689. His son,

THOMAS, s. eighth Baronetof Craighall, upon the demise of his cousin in 1766, and from him descends the present Baronet of Craighall, un

doubted chief of the name. I!. THOMAS (Sir), of whom presently. III. ALEXANDER (Sir), of Grantoun,

cupbearer to CHARLES I. d. s. p. 1680.

IV. JAMES (Sir), of Hopetoun, appointed The surname of Hope is of great anti

a lord of session in 1649, ancestor of quity in North Britain, and so early as 1296, the EARLS of Hopetown. (See John de Hope swore fealty to EDWARD I. of Burke's Peerage.) England. The immediate ancestor of the The second son, existing families of Hope,

Sir Thomas HOPE, of Kerse, b. August, JOHN DE Hope, is stated to have come 1606, was constituted in 1640, colonel of the from France in the retinue of Magdalene, troop of horse raised by the College of Jusqueen of James V. in 1537, and to bave tice to attend General Leslie, as his life settled in Scotland. He m. Elizabeth Cum- guard, when he marched into England at ming, and had a son,

the head of the Scottish army. He was EDWARD Hope, on of the most conside- appointed a lord of session and lord justicerable inhabitants of Edinburgh, temp. Queen general 13th November, 1641 ; and was noMary, and a great promoter of the refor- minated one of the commissioners to treat mation. In 1560, he was chosen one of the with the parliament of England about the commissioners for that metropolis to the most effectual method of suppressing the parliament then convened. His son, Irish rebellion. He had two sons, namely, Henry Hope, a very eminent merchant,

1. ALEXANDER (Sir), of Kerse, created married a French lady, Jacqueline de Tott, and was father of

a BARONET 30th May, 1672. His

great-grandson, SIR ALEXANDER Thomas Hope, who, being bred to the Scottish bar, first attained eminence in 1606,

Hope, fourth Baronet of Kerse, sold

that noble inheritance to Sir LAWby his defence of the six ministers, (clergy

RENCE Dundas, bart. men) tried for high treason, for denying

II. Henry. that the king possessed authority in matters ecclesiastical; and acquired eventually the The second son of Sir Thomas, * largest fortune ever accumulated by a mem

HENRY HOPE, esq. founded the great and her of the legal profession in Scotland. He opulent branch of the Hopes, long settled as

He m. Anna was appointed king's advocate, and created merchants at Amsterdam. a Baroner of Nova Scotia, 11th February, Hope, and was father of 1628. This eminent person married Eli ARCHIBALD Hope, esq. who m. Anne zabeth, daughter of John Bennet, by whom Claus, and had nine sons and two daughters he had fourteen children ; three of whom viz. were upon the bench, when he pleaded,

1. Lewis, died young. as lord advocate, before them; and to this 11. ADRIAN, of Amsterdam, died unm. circumstance, tradition assigns the privilege

in 1780. which that officer of the crown enjoys of

III. THOMAS, of whom presently. pleading covered in the supreme court of

iv. John, d. s.p. judicature, it being deemed indecorous that v. Isaac, who m. Maria Van Vlierden, a father should stand uncovered before his and had a son, Oliver, who d. unm.

Of his children, the four eldest sons vi. Henry, who died unmarried. were,

1. JOHN (Sir), of Craighall, appointed a lord of session 27th July, 1632, Amsterdam differently, and calls Henry Hope,

* Sir Robert Douglas deduces the Hopes of and assumed the title of Lord Craig- their immediate ancestor, not son of Sir Thomas hall. He d. in 1655, and left, with Hope, of Kerse, but younger brother of Sir Thomas daughters, two so

Hope, the eminent lawyer, the first Baronet of THOMAS (Sir), bart. of Craighall, Craighall.


vii. Zachary, who married Maria Van sequently, the celebrated romance of “ Anas

Vlierden, and had a son and daughter, tasius; or Memoirs of a Modern Greek,”
Archibald and Lucy.

which evinced the general knowledge, the VIII. Archibald, d. s. p.

fancy, and powers of the author. ix. James, died unmarried.

He n. 16th April, 1806, the Hon. Louisa J. Anne.

Beresford, youngest child of the Right Rev. II. Elizabeth.

Lord Decies, Archbishop of Tuam, and by The third son,

that lady, who wedded secondly, Viscount Thomas Hope, esq. of Amsterdam, m. Beresford, had issue, Margaret Marselis, and had four children, HENRY, his heir. who all died young, excepting

Adrian-John, late capt, 4th dragoon John Hope, esq. of Amsterdam, who m. guards, who m. Matilda, Countess P. B. Van Der Hoeven, and had three Rapp, daughter of General Rapp, sons,

one of Napoleon's commanders. Thomas, his heir.

Alexander-James-Beresford Hope. Adrian, died unm.

Mr. Hope died 3rd February, 1831, and Henry-Philip.

was s. by his eldest son, the present HENRY The eldest son,

Hope, esq. of Deepdeene. Thomas Hope, esq. of Deepdene, in Surrey, and of Duchess Street, London, the cele ArmsAz. a chev, or, between three bebrated author of “ Anastasius," acquired zants. high reputation as a literary man himself, Crest-A broken globe, surmounted of a and as an encourager of literature and the rainbow, with clouds at each end,

ppr. fine arts. Early in life, Mr. Hope tra Motto-At spes non fracta. velled over various parts of Europe, Asia, Estates- In the counties of Surrey, Glouand Africa ; and having, with a refined taste, cester, and Cornwall. acquired a facility of drawing, brought home Town Residence-Duchess Street, Porta large collection of sketches, principally of land Place. architecture and sculpture. On his return, SeatsTrenant Park, near East Looe, founding his judgment on what he had seen and the Deepdene, near Dorking. during his travels, he devoted much time and study in fitting up the interior of his *** It is remarkable that this beautiful mansion in Duchess Street, partly from the spot is described by the old topographer designs he had collected, and partly in imi- | Aubrey, by the name of its future owner. tation of the best specimens, both ancient His words are as follows: “A long hope, and modern, in Italy. In 1805, he published i. e. according to Virgil, deductus vallis, is the drawings he had made for his furniture contrived in the most pleasant and delightful in a folio volume, entitled, “ Household solitude for house, gardens, orchards, bosFurniture and Decorations ;” and that work cages, &c. that I have seen in England; it led the way to a complete revolution in the deserves a poem, and was a subject worthy upholstery and decoration of houses. “Mr. of Mr. Cowley's muse. The true name of Hope," says a recent writer, “was, in all this Hope is Dipden, quasi Deepdene.” The respects, a munificent patron of arts and of natural beauties of Deepdeyne were first artists, and even of the humbler mechanic ; moulded into cultivation by the Hon. Charles for he has been known to traverse obscure Howard, who died possessed of the estate in alleys, lanes, and courts, to find out and 1714. His grandson, Charles Howard, esq. employ men of skill and talent in their res- of Deepdene, became eventually Duke of pective pursuits. Thorwaldsen, the Danish Norfolk, and was father of the late duke, sculptor, was chiefly indebted to him for the who sold the Deepdene in 1791, to Sir early support and patronage he experienced. William Burrell, bart.; Sir William's son The genius of young Chantry was called and successor, Sir Charles-Merrick Burrell, into action, whilst the more mature talents bart. sold the Deepdene to the late Thomas of Flaxman were honouraby employed. Hope, esq. who considerably enlarged the These are only a few of the numerous in- house, and subsequently added to the grounds stances in which his liberality was nobly the estate of Chart Park, which he purand advantageously exbibited.

chased of Sir Charles Talbot, bart. BeichIn 1809, appeared Mr. Hope's “Costume worth Castle has since been added to the of the Ancients;" three years after, his property. Designs of Modern Costumes;" and sub


DIGBY, The Reverend JOHN, of Osbertstown, in the county of Kildare, and of New

Park, in the county of Meath, m. in 1796, Elizabeth, daughter and co-heir of Edward Borr, esq. of Spring Park, in the latter shire, and by her, who died in 1806, has had issue,

Simon, b. 11th November, 1797, m. 7th January, 1830,

Elizabeth-Anne-Ella, only daughter of John Morse,
esq. of Abbots Wooton, in Dorsetshire, and late of
Sprowston Hall, Norfolk, by whom he has, with three
daughters, a son,

Edward, lieutenant R.N. m. Sarah, daughter of — Craw-

ford, esq. of Orangefield, in Downshire, and has issue. John-Charles, m. Marianne, daughter of

Church, esq. of Listowel, in the county of Kerry, and died in Sep

tember, 1836. George, in holy orders, m. Juliana, dau. of - Chorley, ,

esq. of Leeds. Alfred, m. Margaretta, daughter of — Busby, esq. of

Montreal,'Upper Canada. Mr. Digby m. secondly, in 1818, Miss Borr, daughter of Christopher Borr, esq. of Ballendoolan, in the county of Kildare, and has also issue by her. He succeeded his father in 1824, and has been forty years a magistrate for the counties of Meath and Kildare.

Lineage. Of the great house of Digby, which for Sir John DE DIGEBY, who died 53 HENRY centuries past has stood preeminent in the III. leaving by Arabella Herecourt, his wife, rank of British aristocracy, pedigrees are to a son and heir, be found in numerous county and genealo John De Digeby, father of gical works. Of these, the fullest, perhaps, ROBERT DE DIGEBY, whose son, by Siis that given by Pennant in his tour from billa, his wife, was Chester to London, and that writer states, John Digbie, the first named by Collins that he derived the information on which he in his account of the family. He was six founded it, “ from the extensive genealogy times commissioner for the gaol delivery of of the family, compiled at the cost of four- the county of Warwick, from the 11th to teen hundred pounds, by the famous Sir the 3:3rd of EDWARD I. and served that moKenelm Digby, in the year 1634, with the narch in his wars. He lies buried at Tilton, use of which, his neighbour, Watkin Wil- under a tomb adorned with his effigies at liams, had favoured him." From that va full length, and a shield of his arms of the luable compilation, as well as from extensive fleur de lys, with the sun and moon thereon, additional collections, the following details and the inscription, “ Johan de Digebie gist are derived.

icy, praiez pour lui.” He m. Elizabeth, The first recorded ancestor,

daughter of Sir Walter de Osvile, knt. and Ælmar, “Anglus Saxonicus qui tenuit had a 'son and successor, terras in Tilton, com. Leicr.” had two sons, Robert De Digbie, who m. Catharine, Everard and William. The second, sister and co-heir of Simon Pakenham, of

William, by Letitia Dalby, his wife, was Kirby, and had two sons, Simon, who died father of WALTER de Tilton, and

before 9 HENRY V. and Robert de Digeby, who is further written, SIR EVERARD DE Digbie, knt. of Tilton “et de Tilton post mortem Walteri.” He and Drystoke. He m. Agnes, daughter m. his cousin, Christiana, daughter of his and co-heir of John Clarke, and relict of uncle, Everard, and had a son and suc- Richard Siddrell, by whom he had a son cessor,

and successor, ROBERT DE DIGEBY, who m. Anna Fitz Everard Digbie, of Tilton, Digbie, and herbert, and was father of

Drystoke, who fell at Towton, fighting un

der the Lancastrian banner, high sheriff for

1. Anne, m. to Libæus Derby, of the county of Rutland, and M.P. for that

Gadsby. shire. His wife was Jacqueta, daughter and

2. Katherine, m. first, to Simon co-heir of Sir John Ellys, of Devonshire,

Wheeler, esq. of Kenilworth ; and he had by her, beside one daughter,

and secondly, to John Fisher, seven sons,

esq. of Packington Magna. She 1. EverARD (Sir), knt. lord of Tilton and

was mother, by her second husDrystoke, sheriff of Rutland 1459,

band, of Sir Clement Fisher, 1486, and 1499, and M.P. for that

bart. of Packington, and lies shire from the 25th to the 38th of

buried in the church there, under Henry VI. He died in 1509, leaving

a monument with the arms of a son and heir,

Fisher and Digby impaled.
Sir EvERARD Digby, ancestor of

3. Bridget.
the senior branch of the family,

4. Elizabeth. the Digbys of DRYSTOKE, of

The eldest son, which was the celebrated Sir

John Digby, esq. of St. Julian's, KenELM DIGBY.

Herts, m. Elizabeth Beck, and JI. SIMON (Sir), knight, of whom pre

had a son and successor, sently.

EVERARD DIGBY, esq. who married JI. John (Sir), knt. ancestor of the

Alice Fulbram, and had two DIGBYS of NORTH LUFFENHAM and

sons, John and Thomas. The Red Hall,

latter m. Maria, dau. of Francis Jv. RowLAND, who acquired Welby, in

Nele, and relict of Sampson ErdsLeicestershire, temp. HENRY VIII.

wick, and previously of Everard in marriage with Agnes, daughter of

Digby, esq. of Drystoke. The Richard Ashley, and relict (or by

former, some accounts, daughter and heir) of

John Digby, esq. had a son, Simon, John Sheldon. His son and suc

the last of this branch of whom cessor,

we have any account.
William Digby, esq. of Welby, vi. LIBÆus (Sir), knt. of Coates and

m. Jane, daughter of J. Ramsey, North Luffenham, whose son and
by his wife, Margaret Danvers, heir,
of Hitcham, Bucks, and was s.

Thomas, of Coates, had an only by his son,

daughter, William Digby, esq. of Welby,

Anne, m. to John Burton, esq. who m. first, Elizabeth Dixwell,

of Stockerston, in Leicesterof Over, in Warwickshire; and

shire, to whom she carried secondly, a daughter of Carlton.

a large estate, and by whom By the former he had a son and

she had Sir Thomas Burton, successor,

knt, created a BARONET 20 Thomas Digby, esq. of Welby,

James I. who sold that estate, and is the VII. BENJAMIN, of London, ancestor of last of this branch, whose mar

the Digbys of Ravenstone, Leicesriage is recorded in the visita

tershire. tions. He m. Ann-Peto, dau. The second son of Sir Everard, of Henry de Cherterton, and Sir Simon Digby, knt. of Coleshill, in had two sons and three daugh-Warwickshire, a lordship which was among ters, viz.

the extensive grants with which he was re1. John, b. in 1597.

warded, after the accession of HENRY VII. 2. William, b. in 1598. for his services at Bosworth, married Alice, 1. Elizabeth.

daughter and heir of John Walleys, esq. of 2. Sarah.

East Haddon, in the county of Devon, by 3. Penelope.

whom he left, with three daughters, Sarah, v. THOMAS (Sir), who received the ho m. to Nicholas Strelley ; Alice, m. to Ro

nour of knighthood from HENRY VII. bert Clifton, esq. of Clifton, Notts; and
at Bosworth, was made a gentleman Agnes, m. to William Tracy, esq. two sons,
usher of the king's chamber, and had namely,
conferred upon him the bailywick of REGINALD, bis heir.
Oulney, Bucks, and the custody of Thomas, of Mansfield Woedehouse,
the park. He m. Dorothy, daughter Notts, whose descendant, John Digby,
of Thomas Oxenbridge, and had three esq. M.P. for East Retford, in the
sons and four daughters, viz.

reigns of ANNE and George I. left a 1. John, his heir.

son, John, who d. s. p. and two 2. Simon.

daughters, co-heirs, viz. 3. Everard.

FRANCES, m. in 1726, to Sir Thomas

Legard, bart.of Ganton, in York- | with the eldest son, have alone left male shire.

descendants. PHILADELPHIA, m. to Sir George Essex DIGBY, an eminent churchman,

Cayley, bart. of Brompton. rector of Geashill, in the King's county, Sir Simon Digby d. in 1519, and was s. by and of Ballycomman, in the diocese of Kilhis eldest son,

dare, was made Dean of Cashel at the ResReginald Digby, esq. of Coleshill, sheriff | toration, and in 1670 consecrated Bishop of of Leicestershire 26 and 36 HENRY VIII., | Dromore. He m. first, Thomasine, dau. of who m. Anne, daughter and co-heir of Sir Sir William Gilbert, knt. of Kilminchy, in John Danvers, knt. of Calthorpe, in Oxford- the Queen's county, governor of the fort of shire, by whom he had a son and successor, Leix; and secondly, Lettice Brereton. By JOHN DIGBY, esq. of Coleshill, who m.

the latter he left a son, William, of Newton; Anne, eldest daughter of Sir George Throg- and by the former, two sons, Robert and morton, knt. of Coughton, in the county of Simon. The latter, Warwick, by Catherine, his wise, daughter Simon DIGBY, being also bred to the of Nicholas, Lord Vaux, of Harrowden, and church, attained the mitre, and was consewas father of

crated bishop of Limerick in 1678, from Sir George Digby, knt of Colesbill, which see he was translated to Elphin in who received the honour of knighthood from 1690. His lordship m. Elizabeth, daughter Robert, Earl of Leicester, for the gallant of Warner Westenra, esq. of the city of services he performed at the siege of Zut- Dublin, ancestor of Lord Rossmore, and phen, in Flanders. He m. Abigail, daughter had issue to survive him, of Sir Arthur Heveningham, of Kettering, John, of Landanstown, in Kildare, M.P. in Norfolk, and had, with other issue,

who m. in 1717, Mary, only child of Robert, his heir.

Dean Jeremy Marsh, and was anGeorge, created EARL OF BRISTOL.

cestor of the DigByS of Landanstown. (See Burke's Extinct Peerage.)

William, of Lackan, rector of Ahaskera, The eldest son,

in the diocese of Elphin, m. Oliva, Sir Robert Digby, knt. of Coleshill, was

daughter of John French, esq. of knighted at Dublin by Robert Devereux, Earl French Park, in the county of Rosof Essex, in 1596, and returned to parliament common, and had issue. for Athy, in the county of Kildare, in 1613.

BENJAMIN, of whom presently. He m. Lettice, daughter and heir of Gerard,

Elizabeth, who m. the Rev. Jeremy Lord Offaley," which lady was created Ba

Marsh, dean of Kilmore, and treasurer

of St Patrick's, and had one son, roness of Offaley for life, and had issue, 1. Robert, advanced to the peerage of

Jeremy Marsh, who m. Jane, dau. of Ireland in 1620, as BARON DIGBY, of

Patrick French, esq. of Monivae, and

one dau. Arabella-Frances Marsh, Geashill; and from him lineally de

married in 1732, to the Rev. William scends the present EARL OF DiGBY. (See Burke's Peerage.)

French, of Abby Boyle, in the county

of Roscommon.
2. George.
3. Gerald.

Abigail, m. in 1721, to the Rev. Joseph

Graves, rector of Geashill, and vicar4. John. 5. Simon, M.P. for Philipstown.

general of the diocese of Kildare. 6. Essex, of whom presently.

Mary, m. to Edward Birtles, esq. of 7. Philip, who married Margaret, re

Ardnegrath, in Westmeath. lict of Sir Thomas Moore, of Croghan.

Jane, m. to Patrick French, esq. of

Monivae, in the county of Galway.
J. Lettice, m. to Sir Roger Langford, Rebecca, m. in 1721, to John King, esq.

2. Mabel, m. first, to Gerald Fitzge- The third son,

of Charlestown, in Roscommon.
rald, esq. of Dromana, in the county The Rev. BENJAMIN Digby, prebendary
of Waterford ; and secondly, to Do- and rector of Geashill, in the King's county,
nagh O'Brien, of Arragh.

married 26th September, 1734, Mary, dau. 3. Abigail, died in infancy.

and heir of Lewis Jones, esq. of OsbertsSir Robert Digby d. 24th May, 1618, and town, in the county of Kildare, descended was buried at Coleshill. His sixth son, who from the Right Hon. Sir Theophilus Jones,

son of the bishop of Killaloe, and brother * GERARD, Lord Offaley, predeceased his father, this lady he left at bis decease, in May,

of the bishops of Meath and Kildare. By the eleventh Earl of Kildare, having m. Frances, daughter of Sir Frances Knolleys, K.G. and sister 1769, a daughter, Mary, m. to the very Rev. of Lettice, Countess of Leicester, which Lettice, William Digby, dean of Clonfert, and seby her first marriage with the Earl of Essex, was veral sons, of whom the eldest. mother of the distinguished and illfated favourite The Rev. SIMON DIGBY, of Osbertstown, of Queen ELIZABETH,

in Kildare, m. Elizabeth, daughter of the

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