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joining parish of Modbury; from

second son, which marriage descended Sir John

ceeded him. He Fortescue, lord chief justice of En

was M.P. for Romgland in 1442, and lord chancellor in

ney 1 CHARLES II. 1461, author of the celebrated treatise,

but dying s.p. was “ De Laudibus Legum Angliæ.” His

succeeded by his son and heir,

only surviving sisMartin Fortescue, of Filleigb, had

ter, two sons,

Elizabeth Rouse, who John, ancestor of Earl For

married her cousin, tescue.

Francis Rouse, esq. WILLIAM, progenitor of the

of Wootton SunIrish Viscounts Clermont.

dridge, in the co. RICHARD Fowhill, of Fowhill-Coome, the

of Gloucester, by son and heir, m. Maria, daughter of William

whom she was anWallronde, of Bradfield, in Devon, and was

cestor of the presucceeded by his son,

sent WILLIAM Fowhill, of Fowhill-Coome,

Thomas - Bates who m. the daughter and heir of — Halwell,

Rouse, esq. of or Halvell, of Devon, and had issue,

Courtyrala, in John, his heir.

the county of Sybilla, m. to William Le Rouse, of

Glamorgan, Edmerstone, in the parish of Mod


of this ancient bury, son and heir, by Isabel, dau. of Henry Drew, of Modbury, of John

line. (See vol. Le Rouse, of Edmerstone, and had

i. p. 118.) issue,

II. Robert Rouse, who, by Roger Rouse, of Edmerstone, con

Jane, daughter of Alexander tinuator of the family, whose

Pynı, esq. and niece of the grandson was Sir Anthony Rouse,

patriot, had a son and heir, knt. of Edmerstone, and of Hal

Anthony Rouse, esq.M.P.

for Cornwall in 1653 ton, in Cornwall," a man of great

and 1656, whom. Mary, parts and virtues, who was twice high sheriff of Cornwall, in the

daughter of William 19th and 42nd of Queen ELIZA

Bradshaw, esq. of the Berh, M. P. for East Looe, in

county of Lancaster, by

whom he had a son and the 27th of that reign, and for the shire of Cornwall in 1 King

heir, the before named

Francis Rouse, esq. JAMES I.” By his first wife, Eli

of Wootton - Unzabeth, dau. of Thomas Southcote, esq. co-heir of her mother,

deridge, who m. his Grace Barnhouse, this Sir An

cousin, Elizabeth,

heiress of the elder thony Rouse had issue five sons

branch. and one dau. of whom were,

III. Francis, Lord Rouse, so 1. Ambrose Rouse, esg. M.P.

created by the Protector for Launceston in the first

Cromwell, provost of Eton parliament of King JAMES İ. who d. v. p. leaving by

College, M.P. for Truro 1

Charles I. for Tregony in his wife, Magdalen, dau. of

the 3rd, again for Truro in John Osborne, esq. of Chick

the 15th and 16th of that sands, in the county of Bed

reign, and after the death of ford, a son and heir,

the king, knight of the shire William Rouse, esq. of

for Devon, and speaker of Halton, M.P. for Truro

the short parliament. He in the first parliament

enjoyed in an especial degree of Charles I. who by

the favour of the Protector, his wife, Mary, eldest

who by letter under privy dau. of Richard, Lord

seal,* 26th October, 1657, Robartes, of Truro, and sister to John, Earl of

* A copy of this curious document entire is Radnor, had four sons

among the extensive MS.collections made by Capand two daughters, of tain Sprye, for a history of the parliamentary famiwhom,

lies of his native county, Devon, through the imRichard Rouse, the portant period of the civil war and commonwealth.

granted to him a pension of, teenth parliament of Henry VI. m. Eleanor, £1000 a year, as

unto our youngest daughter of Sir Walter Reynell,
right trusty and right well- Lord of Trumpington, by Margaret, his wife,
beloved counsellor, Ffrancis daughter, and eventually sole heir, of Wil-
Rouse, esq. for and in con liam Strighul, of Malston, in Devon, and
sideration of his continuall had issue,
paines and attendance in and RICHARD (Sir), his heir.
about our weighty affaires John, buried in the church of Ugbo-
and councills." At his de-

rough, 9th May, 1552.
he was honoured with

Katharine, m. to Thomas Coplestone, public obsequies. He be esq. of Bowden, in Devon, son and queathed very largely to

heir of Walter Coplestone, esq. by Eton College, and in this Elizabeth, his wife, dau. and sole beir and other respects his will of Thomas Stone, esq. of Bowden, and does not bear out the un

had issue, favourable account given of

John Coplestone, of Bowden, conhim by Clarendon, Wood,

tinuator of that branch of Copleand other royalist historians.

stone. The son and successor,

Thomas Coplestone, d. s. p. John Fowhill, of Fowhill-Coome, m.

Elizabeth Coplestone, m. to John Joane, daughter and co-beir of of

Prideaux, esq. of Orcharton. Harburtonford and Ashpreignton, near Tot

Aune Coplestone, m. to Richard ness, and is supposed to have thus acquired

Spenser, esq. of London. the manor of Harburtonford, with the man Margaret, m. to John Holbeam, esq. of sion and estate of Higher Washbourne, in Holbeam, in Devon, son and heir of that parish. By her he had,

John Holbeam, esq. of Holbeam, by WILLIAM, his heir.

Elizabeth, his wife, daughter of Sir Katharine, m. Richard Wood, alias John Pesmershe, knt. of StaffordAtwood, esq. of Hareston, in the pa

shire, and had issue,
rish of Brixton, in the county of

John Holbeam, d. s. p.
Devon, son and heir, by the dau.

John Holbeam, who succeeded his and heir of Carslake, of Devon, of

brother, John, at Holbeam, and John Wood, esq. of Hareston, and

continued the family. had issue,

Elizabeth Holbeam, m. first, to 1. John Wood, esq. of Hareston,

John Marwood, esq. of Westcott, who, by his wife, Jane, daughter

in Devon ; and secondly, to Roof William Fortescue, esq. of

bert Pollard, esq. of Honiton, in Wood, in Devon, had issue, Ri

the same county. chard Wood, esq. of Hareston, Elizabeth, who was the last prioress of father, by Philippa, dau. of John the nunnery Cannonsleigh, in Devon, Hillersden, esq. of Membland, and to whom, at the dissolution of in Devon, of John Wood, esq. of the community, temp. Henry VIII. Hareston, temp. visitation, 1620, a pension of £40 a year was granted. who m. Thomazin, dau. of George William Fouhel, of Fouhels-Coome, is Southcotte, esq. of Calverley, in mentioned, together with his wife, and his that county, and had Richard, father and mother, “ Johannis Fowhill et his eldest son, b. in 1587, father, Joane uxoris ejus," in a deed executed in by his wife, Alice, daughter and the 4th EDWARD IV. whereby certain lands co-heir of - Estcott, of four sons in the parish of Modbury were given by and three daughters, all living Henry Drew to trustees, to pay a chaplain in 1620, of whom ;John, the el- to perform divine service in a chapel there, dest son, was then nine years of to pray for his parents' souls, as well as for age.*

the souls

many relatives and friends de11. Thomas Wood, a priest. ceased ; which deed was signed by William 1. Elizabeth Wood, m. Francis Fouhell, he and his heirs being of the trust.

Coplestone, esq. of Bowden, in He died 23rd March, 1507, and his widow

on the 9th April following, both being inII. Alice, m. to Burley.

terred in the Fowell aisle, in the north of m. to — Cotterell, esq. of the church of Ugborough. Their son and Yeo, in Devon.

successor, WILLIAM Fouhel, of Fouhels-Coome, SIR RICHARD Fowhell, knt. of Fowhell'sson and heir, M.P. for Totness in the thir- Coome, m. first, Blanch, daughter and co

heir of — Hayes, of Devon; and secondly, * From the Woods of Hareston, Alderinan Sir Elizabeth, danghter of Sir Richard EdgMatthew Wood, bart, claims descent.

combe, knt. sheriff of Devon in 1487; the

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latter died without issue ; but by the former

epham Park, in Devon, by whom he had,

she had a numerous issue, from 1. Thomas, his heir.

which descended Sir William 1. Jane, m. to John Reynell, esq. of

Strode, knt. of Newenham, whose Oggwell, in Devon, only son, by his

life is recorded in PRINCE's Worwite, Thomazine, daughter of Hatch,

thies, “a person of great honor, of Robert Reynell, esq. who d. v. p.

worth, and esteeme, in his couneldest son of Walter Reynell, esq. of

try, who dyed a little before the Malston and East Ogwell, which

civil wars began," leaving isWalter was the eldest brother of the

sue, by his wife, Mary, daughter above Elinor Reynell, wife of Wil

of Thomas Southcott, esq. of liam Fouhel.

Bovey Tracy, in Devon, with 1. Joan, m. twice; first, to Sir Philip

seven daughters, “all very worCourtenay, knt. of Loughtor, second

shipfully married,” † three sons, son, by his wife, Elizabeth, daughter

1. Sir Richard Strode, knt. of and heir of Hingeston, of Wonville,

Newenham and of Chalof Sir Philip Courtenay, knt. of Mol

mington, in Dorset, M. P. land, all in Devon, (see vol. ii. p.

for Plympton in the parlia162,) which Sir Philip was grandson,

ment of 1640, and ancestor through Isabell, daughter of Sir Ri

of the Strodes of Newenchard Champernowne, knt. of Beer

ham Park. Ferrers, and Elizabeth, daughter of

11. William Strode, esq. of Walter, Lord Hungerford, of Sir

Meevey, in Devon, “Burgess Philip Courtenay, knt. of Powder

for Beeralston, in the parham Castle (ancestor of the present

liament third year of King Earl of Devon), sixth son of Hugh

CHARLES I. and then by the Courtenay, second Earl of Devon, of

said king was comitted to his family, by Margaret, daughter of

the Tower of London, with Humphry de Bohun, Earl of Here

John Eliot and other memford and Essex, lord high constable

bers, where they continued of England, and his wife, the Princess

to the parliament 1640, when Elizabeth Plantagenet, daughter of

the said William Strode sate King EDWARD I. By him * Joan Fow

as a member for Beeralston, hell had an only daughter,

and was in that parliament Elizabeth Courtenay, wbo carried

impeached by the king as Loughtor in marriage to Sir

one of the five members.” William Strode, knt. of New

He d. unm.

ui. John Strode, esq. of TaThis Sir Philip Courtenay, husband of Joan

vistock, in Devon, a great Fouhil, had two sisters ;

favourite of the nobility and ELIZABETH COURTENAY, m. to her kinsman, Ed

gentry, who spent much of ward, Earl of Devon, father, by her, of Wil

his time about London, and liam, Earl of Devon, who m. the Princess

was counted the best bowler Katharine, daughter of King Edward IV.

in all England.” He m. and and had an only child, Henry, created Mar

had issue. quis of Exeter, and nominated by King

Joan Fowhell m. secondly, Humphry HENRY VIII. on his embarking at Dover

Prideaux,esq.of Adeston and Though- for France, in October, 1532, HIS HEIR APHe was father of

borough, in Devon, son and heir, by Edward Countenay, the last male of this

Catherine, or Joan, daughter of Sir branch, created 1st March, 1953, Earl of

Humphry Poyntz, of Langley, in Devon, to him and his heirs male for ever,"

Devon, of Fulk Prideaux, esq. of from which creation the present Earl derives Adeston and Thoughborough, and his title. And

had issue, MARGARET COURTENAY, m. to Sir John Cham

J. Richard Prideaux, of Thoughpernowne, knt. of Modbury Castle, or

borough, who, by his wife, KaCourt, in Devon, ancestor, by her, of

therine, daughter of Sir John Bridget Champernowne, who, by her husband, Thomas Hele, esq. of Fleet Damarell, high sheriff of Devon 44 Queen ElizaBETH, + From these daughters descended the DRAKES 1001, was mother of Sir Thomas Hele, of of Ash, baronets; CHUDLEIGHS of Ashton, baroFleet, knt. and bart, and M. P. whose eldest nets; Cliffords of Ugbrook, barons; CHICHESTERS dau. Elizabeth, co-heir of her brothers, Sir of Raleigh, baronets; Davies of Creedy, baronets ; Samuel and Sir Henry Hele, baronets, mar DRAKES of Buckland, baronets; Youngs of Colried, as will hereafter appear, William Fow- liton, baronets; and numerous other principal ell, esq. of Blackhall, ancestor, by her, of western families. (See these titles in Burke's the present John Digby Fowell, esq. Pecrage, Extinct Peerage, and Extinct Buronetage.)


Arundell, knt. of Trerice, in

Tremayne, esq. of Bodrygan, in Cornwall, continued the family. I

the county of Cornwall.
11. William Prideaux, of Gurband, 1. Sibilla, one of the nuns in Cannons-
in Cornwall.

leigh at the dissolution.
W. Roger Prideaux, of Soldon, in the son and successor,
Devon, high sheriff of that shire

THOMAS FOUHELL, esq. of Fouhells-coome, in 1578, who m. Philippa, dau.

m. first, Maria, eldest daughter, by Joan of Serjeant Yorke, and was an- daughter and co-heir of Richard Whitby, cestor of the Prideaux's of Sol

esq. of Efford, of Richard Halse,* esq. of don, and of Place, in Cornwall, Kenedon, in Devon ; secondly, Matilda, dau. now represented by Charles-of – Bevill, esq. of Cornwall; and thirdly, Brune Prideaux, of Prideaux Jane, dau. of Nicholas Dillon, esq. of ChimPlace, (see Burke's Commoners, well in Devon, which last lady d. s.p: By vol. i. p. 203,) and of Sir Ed- his first wife, Thomas Fouhell had issue, mund Prideaux, bt. of Netherton, in Devon, whose second son was

1. Richard, his heir. Edmund Prideaux, of Ford Ab

11. John, presumed ancestor of the Fowbey, in Devon, councillor-at-law,

les of Sandhurst, in Kent, whose arms M.P. in the parliament of 1640,

are the same as Fowell, of Devon, attorney-general to the common

with the exception, that they bear wealth, 1654,ş and postmaster

the chevron, gules, instead of sable ; general, who, on the 31st May,

and whose crest, a falcon's head 1658, was created a baronet by

erect, argent, pierced through the “ Oliver, by the grace of God,

neck with an arrow, or, barbed and Lord Protector of the Common

feathered, argent,” was also anciently wealth of England, Scotland, and

used by Fowell, of Fowell, as well as Ireland, and the Dominions and

the " antelope's head issuing out of a Territories thereunto belonging,

mural coronet." upon consideration by us had of 1. Johanna, m. to John Morrey, esq. of the worth and meritt of him our

Devon. trusty and well-beloved Edmund 11. Sibilla, m. at Ugborough, 19th NoPrideaux, esq. attorney-general,

vember 1543, to John Hill, esq. of as also of his present patrimony,

Fleet Damarell, and Shilston, in Deample estate, and generous edu

von; for whose family, see PRINCE's

Worthies. cation, answerable to the degree, dignity, and state of a Ba III. Margaret, m. to John Williams ronett of England, &c.”

esq. alias Cholwell, of Devon.
iv. Katherine Prideaux, m. to Ro- By his second wife, the daughter of Bevill,

bert Trowbridge, esq. of Trow- Thomas Fouhell, had issue, three sons,
bridge, in Devon.

11. Thomas, of Torr, in Devon, who v. Margery Prideaux, m. to Ro d. s.p. in 1560, on the 18th of Nobert Gibbs, esq. of Warwick

vember, of which year letters of adshire.

ministration were granted, in London, vi. Mary Prideaux, m. to Henry to his half sister, Margaret Williams.

# The FORTESCU ES of Buckland Filleigh; Mor- for the execution of that office, such and the like RISES of Werrington, baronets; St. Aubins of wages, ffees, profitts, and rewards, as and which Clowance, baronets; Bassets of Tehidy, barons ; to the office of attourney-generall have belonged or MOLESworths of Pencarrow, baronets ; and others, appurtained. We have also given, and by virtue descend herefrom.

of these presents doe give, unto the said Edmund $ The letters patent appointing him attorney- Prideaux, such power and authoritie to make, orgeneral ran as follows:

daine, and depute, such clerks and officers under “ Oliver, Lord Protector of the Commonwealth him in every court as any other haveing or enof England, Scotland, and Ireland, and the Domi- joying the like office of attourney-generall heretofore nions thereto belonging, To all to whome theise hath had made, ordained, or deputed, or hath used presents shall come, greeting. Know ye that we to make, ordaine, or depute. In witness whereof very much trusting in the fidelity and circumspec we have caused theise our letters to be made pation of Edmund Prideaux, esq. Have constituted, tente. Wriness ourselfe at Westminster, February ordained, and assigned, and by these presents doe 10th, 1654.

“ Holles." constitute, ordaine, depute, and assigne him, the Descendant and beir of Sir John Halse, knt, said Edmund Prideaux, our attourny-generall in of Kenedon, justice of the King's Bench, temp. all courts of records in England. To Have and en-King HENRY VI., whose second son, John Halse, joy the same office of our attourney-genrall to the was lord bishop of Coventry and Lichfield; of said Edmond Prideaux, sve long as he shall well both of whom Prince gives an account in his demeane himselfe the same. To receive in and Il'orthies.

iv. Robert, who married Joane, eldest

dau. of William Perry, esq. of Upwater, in Membury, in the county of Devon, by Jane, his wife, daughter of Roger Holcombe, esq. of Hole, in that shire, and from whom issued, it is considered, the branch resident at different periods, in the counties of Norfolk and Chester, and in London, Surrey, Middlesex, Essex, and Kent; from which branch it is presumed descended Joseph Fowell, esq. of Middlesex, who had issue a son, Thomas Fowell, esq. of Coleman

street, London, who, as the first
successful Russia merchant, ac-
quired a large fortune, and en-
joyed the friendship of the then
Czar of Russia, by whom he
was presented with plate which
has descended to his heir Mr.
Fowell Buxton. He d. in Au-
gust, 1768, leaving issue by his
wife Sarah, who d. in August,
1776, an only child, and heiress,
SARAH Fowell, who m. Isaac

Buxton, esq. son of Charles
Buxton, esq. of St. Braxted,
by whom, who d. in October,
1782, she left at her de-
cease, at Weymouth, in Feb-
ruary, 1814, a son,
Thomas Fowell Buxton,

esq. who m. Anna dau.
of the late Osgood Han-
bury, esq.of the Grange,
near Coggeshall, and
was father of,

Buxton, esq. M.P.
for Weymouth, in
several Parlia-
ments, the philan-
throphic advocate
of slave emancipa-
tion. Mr. Fowell
Buxton, m. Han-
nah, fifth dau. of
the late John Gur-
ney, esq. of Earl-
ham, in the county
of Norfolk, and

has issue. v. Richard. Thomas Fouhell, died in 1644, was buried in Ugborough church, 18th December, and s. by his son,

RICHARD Forhel, esq. of Fouhelscoome, who m. 27th January, 1541, Grace, second daughter of John Somaster, esq. of Paynsford, by Jane, his wife, daughter of Nicholas Dillon, esq. of Chimwell, both in Devon, and had issue,

1. ARTHUR Vowel or Frowel, of Vow

ellscombe, b. in 1542, who m. 13th, Sept. 1574, Maria, only daughter of Richard Reynell, esq. of East Ogwell, M.P. for Ashburton, and sheriff of Devon in 1585, and dying in 1604, was father of, Sir EDMUND Fowell, of Fowells

combe, M.P. for Ashburton in the Long Parliament, and for Devonshire in 1556, created a BARONET in 1661. He m. Margaret, eldest daughter of Sir Anthony Paulett, knight, of Hinton St. George, in Somersetshire, captain of the guard to Queen ELIZABETH, sister of John, first Lord Paulett, of Hinton, ancestor of the present Earl Paulett: and dying in October 1674, was s. by his eldest son. (For other issue, see BURKE's Extinct Ba

ronetage. Sir John Fowell, second baronet,

of Fowellscombe, b. there in 1643, who, after the surrender of Dartmouth, gave in his adherence to the Parliament, as then did most of the leading gentry of Devon, and was made by General Fairfax, colonel of a regiment of foot, and governor of Totness. He was M.P. for Ashburton in 1658. He m. about i 660, Elizabeth, daughter of Sir John Chichester, baronet of Raleigh, and left at his decease, in 1676, with two daughters, a son

and successor, SIR John Fowell, third baronet,

of Fowellscombe, b. in 1665, M.P. for Totness, from 1688, to his death, and one of the 151 members ofthe celebrated Convention, who voted against the elective principle of making the Prince of Orange King, but for declaring the Princess Mary Queen. He died in November, 1692, aged twenty-seven, unmarried, and with him the Baronetcy expired. By his will, dated 4th November 1691, he bequeathed, in conformity with the dying injunction of his grandfather Sir Edmond, and the will of his father Sir John, Fowellscombe Park, and the estates thereto annexed, to the heir male of the family, his kinsman, WILLIAM FOWELL, esq. of Black Hall: but owing to an informality in the instrument, the omission of one of the attesting signatures, occasioned, according to family tradition, by the person who drew up the will,

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