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his son,

thergill. By his second wife he had four Robert of Dalcabon, ancestor of Sir sons,

ALEXANDER Robertson, who assumed THOMAS.

the surname of COLYEAR, and was Duncan, who carried on the line of this created a BARONET, in 1677. His son family.

and successor, Sir DAVID COLYEAR, Patrick, ancestor of the Robertsons of baronet, a military officer of repuLude.

tation, was elevated to the Scottish Gibbone.

Peerage, as Earl of PORTMORE, a The eldest son.

dignity which remained with his desThomas had an only daughter Matilda. cendants until the demise issueless of He obtained two charters from the Crown

the late Earl of Portmore. settling part of his property on his daughter, Patrick. and entailing the rest, including Strowan, He d. temp. JAMES II. and was s. by his son, upon his heirs male. He was consequently ALEXANDER ROBERTSON, or son of Robert, succeeded by his brother,

which, from this date, became the desigDuncan, mentioned in the rotuli scotiæ, nation of the family. He m. first Elizabeth, under the name of Duncanus de Atholia, daughter of Patrick Lord Glammis, by whom dominus de Ranagh. He was succeeded by

he had,

Duncan, who predeceased his father. Robert, one of the most noted chiefs of his ROBERT, who m. Isabell, daughter of day. He arrested the murderers of JAMES John, Earl of Atholl, and d. v. p. I. and for this good service received a leaving a son, crown charter, erecting his whole lands into

WILLIAM, successor to his granda free barony, dated in 1451, and also an

father. honourable augmentation to his arms. The Andrew, ancestor of the Robertsons of circumstances are thus related by Skene in

Ladykirk, Edradynet, wc. his “Highlanders of Scotland:” “Upon the James, ancestor of the Robertsons of murder of JAMES I., by the Earl of Atholl Kindrochit, Achlicks, &c. and his accomplice Graham, Robert was for Mary, m. Andrew Moray, of Ogilvie, tunate enough to arrest Graham, together and Abercairney, and had issue. with the Master of Atholl, after the commis- He m. secondly, Elizabeth, daughter of sion of the bloody deed ; but any advantage John Earl of Atholl, by whom he had, which might have been gained by this act

Alexander, ancestor of the Robertsons was thrown away by the reckless chief, who

of Faskally. desired nothing more than to have lands

Margaret, m. to George, seventh Earl which remained to his family erected into a

of Errol, and had issue. barony, which was granted to him along with He d. at an advanced age about 1506, or the empty honour of being entitled to carry 1507, and was s. by his grandson, a man in chains upon his escutcheon, together

William ROBERTSON, of Strowan,

He with the motto of “Virtutis gloria inerces.' The historian of the abbots of Dunkeld, re

was killed in a feud with the Earl of Atholl, lates a curious anecdote connected with the who seized a great part of his possessions, death of this chief of the clan Donnachie. and the family were never afterwards able It seems that Robert had some dispute with to recover them. He was s. by his son, Robert Forrester of Torwood, regarding the

Robert Robertson, of Strowan, who lands of Little Dunkeld, which the Laird of being an infant when his father was killed, Strowan claimed, but which had been feued able to recover that portion of his property,

was in consequence of his long minority unby the Bishop of Dunkeld to Torwood. „Ro- which had been wrested from his father. By bert Reoch had consequently ravaged their his wife Marion, daughter and heiress of lands, but, upon one occasioni, on his way to John Mcʻlan, of Ardnamurchan, he had two Perth, he was met near Auchtergaven by Torwood, and a conflict immediately took

sons, place between the parties, in which Robert

WILLIAM, his successor. was mortally wounded in the head. But the DONALD, who carried on the line of this hardy chief, heedless of the consequences,

family. and having bound up his head with a white The elder, cloth, is said to have ridden in that state to WILLIAM ROBERTSON, of Strowan, obPerth, and there obtained from the king the tained a charter of the Barony of Strowan, new grant of his lands of Strowan, as a re dated 10th November, 1546, and married a ward for the capture of the Master of Atholl; daughter of Menzies, of Menzies, but dying and on his return to have expired in conse without issue, he was s. by his brother, quence of the wound he had received." He Donald ROBERTSON, of Strowan, who m. m. the Lady Margaret Stewart, by whom he Janet, daughter of Niel Stewart, of Foss, by had three sons,

whom he had one son, ALEXANDER, his heir.

Robert Robertson, of Strowan, who got

a charter of the lands of Rannach, Kinloch, He d. in April, 1749, without issue, and the &c. dated 14th January, 1600. He m. Agnes, representation devolved upon, daughter of Macdonald of Keppoch, by DUNCAN ROBERTSON, of Drumachine, who whom he had four sons,

was son of Alexander Robertson of DrumaALEXANDER, bis heir.

chine, son of John Robertson, of DrumaDonald, called the tutor of Strowan. chine, who was son of Duncan Mor, third DUNCAN Mor, of Drumachine, who car son of Robert, sixteenth baron of Strowan,

ried on the line of this family. He and who accordingly obtained possession of
m. Dorothea, daughter of Neil Stew- the estate of Strowan, upon the death of his
art, of Foss, and had four sons, John, predecessor in 1749, but having been by
DONALD, Duncan, and Patrick. He name excepted from the last act of indem-
d. in 1688, and was s. by his eldest son, nity, he was dispossessed, and the estate an-
John Robertson, of Drumachine, nexed to the Crown, in 1752. He m. Mey,

who m. in 1677, Cecilia, eldest daughter of William Lord Nairn, by whom
daughter of Robert Stewart, of he had,
Fincastle, and was s. by his son, ALEXANDER, his heir.
ALEXANDER ROBERTSON, of Walter Philip Colyear, who d. without
Drumachine, who m. in 1703,

Margaret, eldest daughter of Margaret, m. to Lawrence Oliphant of
Patrick Robertson, of Fas-

Gask. calzie, and had two sons and To the eldest son, a daughter,

Colonel Alexander ROBERTSON, the esDUNCAN, who became tate of Strowan was restored in 1784, but

eventually of Strowan. dying unm. in 1822, the succession opened to Alexander, lieutenant-co ALEXANDER ROBERTSON, who was son of

lonel, in the service of Duncan Robertson, son of Robert-Cane Ro

the States General. bertson, son of Donald Robertson, who was Emilia, m. to Donald Ro- second son of Duncan Mor, of Drumachine,

bertson, a Captain in the and younger brother of John Robertson, of French service, grand- Drumachine, the immediate ancestor of bis son and heir of Donald, predecessor. Alexander Robertson, on 6th second son of Duncan December, 1823, served heir male of Tailzie, Robertson, of Druma- and provision in general to Colonel Robertchine.

son, and expede a crown charter of resignaJames.

tion, dated 2nd and seated 20th June, 1824, Mary, m. to McʻIntosh of Strone. under which he was infeft, in the barony of The eldest son,

Strowan, 23rd June, 1824. He m. first Mary, ALEXANDER ROBERTSON, of Strowan, m. daughter of William Best, esq. of Mansfield, Margaret, daughter of George Graeme, of county of York, by whom he had, Inchbrakie, by whom he had a son and suc GEORGE Duncan, his heir. cessor,

Francis, lost at sea, unm. ALEXANDER ROBERTSON, of Strowan, who, He m. secondly, Jean, daughter of Gilbert being a minor during the wars of Montrose, Stewart, of Fincastle, by whom he had, the clan was led out by his uncle Donald, Alexander. the tutor of Strowan, who played a very dis Robert-Joseph. tinguished part in these wars-Alexander He d. 20th March, 1830, and was s. by his was twice m., first to Catharine, daughter of son, the present Sir James Drummond, of Machany, by whom GEORGE - DUNCAN ROBERTSON, twentyhe had,

third Baron of Strowan. ROBERT, who died before his father. Anne, m. Hugh, second son of Sir James Arms-Gu. three wolves' heads erased Macdonald, of Slate.

arg. armed and langued az. m. secondly, Marion, daughter of Ge Crest-A dexter arm and hand erect, holdneral Baillie, of Torwoodhead, by whom he ing a regal crown, all ppr.

SupportersDexter a serpent, sinister a ALEXANDER, his heir.

dove, the heads of each encircled with rays, Duncan, who d. in 1718, leaving an only and both standing on a scroll, with this daughter,

Motto-Virtutis gloria merces; and lying Margaret, d. unm.

under the arms, a wild man chained for a He d. in 1687, and was s. by his son, compartment.

ALEXANDER ROBERTSON, of Strowan, alike Estate-The Barony of Strowan, in Perthcelebrated as a poet, and for the part he took shire, in the family since its origin. in the insurrections of 1690, 1715, and 1745. Seat-Mount Alexander, Perthshire.



CROMMELIN, DE LA CHEROIS, NICHOLAS, esq. of Carrowdore Castle, in

the county of Down, b. 10th June, 1783, m. 17th December, 1810, Elizabeth, second daughter of William, second Lord Ventry, by Sarah-Anne, his wife, daughter of

Sir Riggs Falkiner, bart. and has had by her, who d. 12th *** April, 1820, three sons and four daughters, viz.


Clara-Suzanne, deceased.

Mr. De la Cherois-Crommelin is a deputy-lieutenant and magistrate for the counties of Down and Antrim, for the former he served as high sheriff in the year 1821, when he presented a congratulatory address from that county to George IV. on the occasion of his majesty's visit to Ireland, and for the latter in the year 1830.

Lineage. The family of De la Cherois descends from three brothers fled to Holland, where they the younger branch of an ancient and noble were received with great kindness by the house in France, formerly resident at Cheroz Statholder, into whose service they entered, or Cherois, a small town near Sens, in the obtaining commissions in the Dutch army province of Champagne, whence the name of the same rank as those they had held in is derived. It had there, in the beginning that of France. In 1689, WILLIAM, Prince of the seventeenth century, large posses- of Orange, being called to the throne of sions, and was allied to some of the first fa- Great Britain, formed two regiments of the milies in that country, among others, to the French Hugonots, of which Nicholas de la great one of Montmorency, in consequence Cherois was appointed major, Daniel capof the marriage of Catherine de la Cherois tain, * and Bourjonval lieutenant, in the with Jean Seigneur de Beaurnez, whose daughter, Marguerite, married Antoine de * Daniel, the second brother, was appointed Montmorency:

governor of Pondicherry, in the East Indies, by The revocation of the Edict of Nantes, in King WilLIAM, in 1693, and m. Mademoiselle the year 1685, compelled the De la Cherois', Crommelin, by whom he had issue one daughter,

Gmebar, esq. of being protestants, to abandon country, kin? Mary Angelica, who m. first, dred, and fortune, to preserve their freedom Montgomery, afterwards last Earl of Mount Alex

and secondly, the Hon. Thomas of conscience, and in the hurry and distress, ander, who dying without issue, left his widow unavoidably attendant upon so disastrous a sole heiress of all his estates in the county of Down; flight, and consequent dispersion that ensued, which are now in the possession of Daniel de la many particulars relating to their family and Cherois, esq. of Donaghadee, and Nicholas de la history, together with other interesting do- Cherois-Crommelin, esq. to whom they have decuments, were inevitably destroyed.

scended. In the year 1641,

Bourjonval de la Cherois was killed at DunCAPTAIN SAMUEL DE LA Cherois (ancestor gannon in an engagement with the rebels, unm. of the branch of the family settled in Ire

Two ladies, Judith and Louise de la Cherois, land) served in the war, undertaken by the

aunts of the family, afterwards joined them, baving Cardinal de Richelieu, against the House of succeeded in making their escape from France in Austria. He left three sons: Nicholas, to travel on horseback during the night, and con

an almost miraculous manner, having been obliged appointed a lieutenant of Fusileers by Louis ceal themselves in the woods during the day; XIV. in 1675 and promoted to the rank of their only remaining possessions being their jewels, captain in 1677. DANJEL and Bourjonval, which they had sewn in their clothes. Judith both appointed lieutenants in their brother's lived to the great age of 113 years; both died company in 1677. In the year 1685, these unn ried.

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first, commanded by the Comte de Marton. 11. Anne, m. in 1798, to Henry Purdon, (All these commissions, French, Dutch, and M.D. of Rathwire, in Westmeath. English, are still extant, and in the posses iv. Harriet-Judith, m. in 1808, to Henrysion of the family.) They accompanied King Aldborough Head, esq. lieutenantWILLIAM into Ireland in 1690, and finally colonel 7th dragoon guards, second settled there.

son of Michael Head, esq. of Derry The eldest,

Castle, in the county of Tipperary. MAJOR DE LA Cherois, distinguished him v. Jane-Suzanna, 1817, to Thomasself at the Battle of the Boyne, and after

Richard Bruce, esq. R.N. second son wards performed a very gallant action, of the late Edward Bruce, esq. of making fifteen hundred men lay down their Kilroot, in Antrim. arms with only a subaltern's guard, for Mr. de la Cherois-Crommelin d. in 1816, which he was presented by the government and was s. by his son, the with fifteen hundred crowns, and a lieute

present NICHOLAS nant-colonelcy; his commission was made

DE LA Cherois-CROMMELIN, esq. of Carrow

dore Castle.
out, but not gazetted, when he was unfortu-
nately carried off, by being sent poison, in
mistake, instead of medicine. He m. Mary,

Family of Crommelin.
daughter of Samuel Crommelin, by whom The CROMMELINS, of French origin, and
he left two children, Samuel and Made- were possessed of considerable property at
laine, m. to Daniel Crommelin, esq. of Lis- Armancour, a village near St. Quentins, in

Picardy, when the revocation of the Edict The son and successor,

of Nantes compelled them also, being ProSamuel De La Cherois, m. Mademoiselle testants, to leave their native country. Cormiere, and had issue,

Samuel CRommelin, from whom the Irish 1. Daniel, who m. Mary, daughter of branch is descended , took refuge in Holland,

Alexander Crommelin, esq. and had where he died, leaving issue six children, three sons and one daughter, viz. Louis, Samuel, Alexander, William, Mag1. Daniel.

dalene, and Mary. In the year 1698, the 2. Samuel, m. in September, 1820, family was induced, by King William III.

Mary, daughter of John Roland, of England, to come over to Ireland, where esq. and d. 3rd January, 1836, they finally settled at Lisburn, in the county leaving issue, Nicholas ; Daniel; of Antrim, bringing with them a number of Samuel ; Alexander ; Mary ; tradesmen, and a capital of £20,000, with

Frances; and Jane-Louis. which they established the linen manufac3. Nicholas, ensign in the 47th re ture, which was adopted by the natives, and

giment, killed in Spain at the has flourished ever since. In consideration

Battle of Barrossa in 1811, unm. of Louis Crommelin having spent £10,000 1. Mary.

on its establishment, King William, who 11. Nicholas, b. in 1737, captain in the was much interested in its success, and

9th regiment, m. Charlotte, daughter during his life granted £5 for every loom, of Edward Higginson, esq. and d. s.p. conferred on him a pension of £200 a year in 1829.

for the life of his son, who, however, died IV. SAMUEL, of whom presently. only three months after, when it was dis

1. Judith, m. to John Smythe, esq. continued. Samuel's children were, The fourth son,

1. Louis, who m. Miss Crommelin, and SAMUEL DE LA Cherois, esq. b. in 1744, had issue, Louis, d. unm. and Magassumed, in compliance with the will of bis deline, m. Captain de Berniere. cousin, Nicholas Crommelin, esq. of Lis 11. Samuel, m. Miss Bellecastle, dau. burne, the additional surname of CROMMELIN. of Gen. Bellecastle, and had issue, He m. Maria, only daughter of the Rev.

1. Samuel - Louis, who m. first, Dr. Thomas Dobbs, fellow of Trinity Col

Mademoiselle Gilliotte ; and selege, Dublin, (brother of Conway Dobbs,

condly, Harriet Mangen, by esq. of Castle Dobbs, in the county of An

whom he had eight children, trim, governor of North Carolina,) by Mary,

Abraham, who m. first, Catherine his wife, daughter of J. Young, esq. of

Laurent; and secondly, Anna Lisanae, in Tyrone, and had issue,

Carden, and d. leaving no issue ; 1. Nicholas, his heir.

Samuel; Mary; Harriet; Jane ; II. Richard, brigade-major to the forces

Anna; Magdeline; who all died in the island of Curacoa, d. there

unmarried ; and Alexander, who unm. 1810.

m. Miss Neland, and had two 1. Mary.

daughters, Mary, m. Daniel de 1. Sarah, m. in 1807, to William Irwin,

la Cherois, esq. of Donaghadee, esq. of Mount Irwin, in the county

in the county of Down ; and of Armagh.

Jane, m. R. Hamond, esq.

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2. Daniel, m. Madelaine, only dau. who d. unm. and a daughter, Mag

of Major de la Cherois, by whom deline, m. to the Rev. Archdeacon
he had three sons, Nicholas, d. Hutcheson, by whom he had, Sa-
unmarried ; Daniel, d. unm. and muel; Frances, m. to D. Browne,
De la Cherois, who m. Elizabeth, esq. and Matilda, m. to R. Smythe,
daughter of Piers, esq. and of Drumcree, in the county of West-
had a daughter, Mary-Angelica, meath.
who m. the Rev. Dr. Francis iv. William, m. Miss Butler, of the Or-
Hutcheson, and was mother of, mond family, and had a son, Louis,
Elizabeth, m. to George Leslie, d. uum. and a daughter, Magyanne.
esq. brother of James Leslie, v. Magdeline, m. Paul Mangen, esq.
esq. of Leslie Hill, in the county VI. MARY m. MAJOR DE LA Cherois.

of Antrim.
3. James, who mi. Mademoiselle

Arms—Quarterly ; first and fourth, az. on Gilliotte, and d. leaving no issue. a chevron between three martlets arg. a 4. John, who m. Mademoiselle de trefoil slipped vert, for Crommelin: second

Biaquiere, and had issue, Isaac, and third, gules, à chevron between three who married in Holland.

mullets in chief or, and in base an anchor III. Alexander, who m. Mademoiselle arg. for De La Cherois. Lavalade,* and had a son, Charles, Crest-For CROMMELIN, out of a ducal

coronet or, a swan rising ppr. and for De The French families settled in the north of LA Cherois, an anchor az. Ireland for many years, intermarried with each

Motto-Fac et spera. other, in the vain hope of being one day enabled to

Estates- In the North of Ireland. return to their own country.

Seat-Carrowdore Castle, Downshire.


FOWELL, JOHN-DIGBY, esq.b. at Black Hall, 29th January, 1796, s. his father 17th May, 1828, m. 12th August, 1819, Frances, only daughter of Samuel Cumming, esq. of Totnes, in Devon, and since his marriage has been resident on the continent.


roll, to have been visible in the windows of Totness, Brixton, and other churches in that shire. Numerous pedigrees of the ancient line of Fowell appear in the Heraldic Visitations, from the earliest to the last; and on those documents, in addition to family records, the following details shewing an uninterrupted male descent for upwards of six centuries, are founded.

JOHN DE Voghill, son and heir of De Voghill, of Voghill, in the parish of Ugborough, in the south of Devon, m. the dau. and heir of Coome, and is presumed to have thus acquired the adjoining estates of the two Wichcoomes. Their son and heir,

ROGER DE FOGHILL, of Foghill, was father

of The family of Fowell is of very great anti John (or according to some accounts quity in the co. of Devon, and claims a Saxon William) de Foghill, of Foghill, who m. origin. The name, originally De Voghill, the daughter and heir of Trevaze, of Trehas been at different eras written Foghill, vaze, in Cornwall, by whom he acquired Fowghull, Fowhul, Fowbil, Fouhel, Fowle, the manor and estate of Trevaze, and had, Ffowell, Vowell, and Fowell; and the arms, with a son and heir, a daughter, registered in the College of Arms, with the Mabella, m. to William Fortescue, of date 1306, are stated, in the Devonshire Winston or Wymestone, in the ad

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