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BARTON, JOHN WATSON, esq. of Stapleton Park, in the county of York, and

of Swinton, in Lancashire, 6. 20th August, 1798; m. 29th
January, 1830, Juliana, second daughter of James Hope,
esq. of Morray Place, Edinburgh, and has issue,

John Hope.

Mr. Barton, who inherited in 1831, considerable estates in
Lancashire and Lincolnshire, from his father, John Barton,
esq. and purchased in 1833, Stapleton Park, in the county
of York, is a magistrate and deputy-lieutenant for Lin-
colnshire, and a magistrate for the West Riding of Yorkshire.


sons, viz.

This is a branch of the ancient family of Mary, m. to John Baldwen, esq. of IngBarton, of Smithills, in Lancashire, recorded thorp Grange, in Yorkshire. in the herald's visitation of 1567, but subse Sarah, m. to R. W. Robinson, esq. quently established in the palatinate of Ches

M.D. of Preston. ter.

The eldest son, WILLIAM ANDREW Barton, esq. a scion

John Barton, esq. of Swinton, in Lanof the Smithill's line, purchased from Sir cashire, and Saxby, in Lincolnshire, b. in Thomas Savage, in 1616, the estate of Dean- 1770, entered into partnership with his father, water, in Cheshire, and that property, with and by his talents and industry raised himother lands lineally descended to

self to the highest station amongst the merGeorge BARTON, esq. who m. in 1720, chants of his time. He m. in 1796, MargaLucy, daughter of J. Segar, esq. of Catley, ret, daughter of John Watson, esq. of Presin Yorkshire, and died in 1738, leaving four ton, in Lancashire, and had issue, RICHARD, died unmarried.

John Watson, his heir.
John, who m. Sarah, daughter of J.

Mary, m. to Thomas Heywood, esq. of
Bradshaw, esq. of Darcy Lever, in

Hope End, in the county of Hereford. Lancashire.

Sophia, m. to Jeremiah Taylor, esq. of George, who married Mary, daughter

the Grange, in the county of Worcesof -- Raines, esq.

ter, lieutenant-col. in the army. Henry, of whom presently.

Mr. Barton, who was a deputy lieutenant of The fourth son,

the county of Lancaster, died in 1831, and Henry Barton, esg. acquired considera was s. by his son, the present John WATSON ble property as a merchant at Manchester, BARTON, esq. of Stapleton Park. and purchased, about the end of the last century, the estates of Swinton and Ward Hall, Arms—Az. on a fesse between three bucks' in Lancashire. Hem. in 1768, Mary, daugh- heads cabossed or, a martlet gu. between ter of Joseph Bushell, esq. of Neston, in two acorns, leaved, ppr. Cheshire, and had issue,

Crest-An acorn or, leaved vert.
John, his heir.

Motto-Crescitur cultu.
Henry, who m. Elizabeth, daughter of Estates-Swinton in Lancashire, Saxby

John Watson, esq. of Preston. in Lincolnshire, and Stapleton in Yorkshire.
Richard, who m. Mary, another daugh Seats-Stapleton Park, near Pontefract.

ter of Mr. Watson.


RYLAND, SAMUEL, esq. of Bearley and Sherborne, in the county of Warwick, and

of Cannon Hill, in the county of Worcester, was born 5th December, 1764; m. 8th March, 1808, Anne, daughter of Samuel Pemberton, esq. of the Laurels, Edgbaston, in the county of Warwick, by Mary, his heir, daughter of William Grosvenor, esq. of Market Drayton, a lineal descendant of a younger branch of the Grosvenor family.* By this lady Mr. Ryland has an only daughter,

LOUISA-Anne. Mr. Ryland succeeded his father, 5th June, 1814. He is a magistrate for the counties of Warwick and Worcester, and served the office of high sheriff for the latter county, in the year 1822.

* Family of Grosvenor. Mrs. Ryland's descent from the Grosvenor family is thus traced :

Gilbert le Grosvenor.

Robert le Grosvenor.

Henry le Grosvenor.

Ralph le Grosvenor.

Ralph le Grosvenor.
Richard le Grosvenor, m. Penna, daughter of

William Mowberley.
Sir Robert le Grosvenor, Lord of Hulme, m.

the daughter of Maynwaring de Pever. Ralph le Grosvenor.

RANDOLPH GROSVENOR, of Bellaport, who m.

a daughter of Randolph Mainwaring, and

RANDOLPH GROSVENOR, of Bellaport, who m.

Anne, daughter of William Charlton, by
whom he had,
1. Thomas, of Bellaport and Brand, who

m. and had issue.

The second son,
HENRY GROSVENOR, had, by a daughter of Sir

William Greaves, a son,
William GROSVENOR, father of
ROBERT GROSVENOR, who had issue,
William GROSVENOR, who had, by Elizabeth,

daughter of Thomas Wood, a son,
ROBERT GROSVENOR, who, by his first wife,
Hannah Stubbs, had issue,

Stephen, who was sub-treasurer of Christ.

church, Oxford. He m. Elizabeth,
daughter of the Rev. Mr. Tottie, vicar
of Eccleshall, and had issue,

John, of Oxford.
Frances,t m. to Sir William Elias

Taunton, knt. town clerk of Ox-
ford, and clerk of the peace of the
county, by whom she had, with
other issue,
Sir William Elias Taunton, one

of the judges in his late ma

jesty's court of King's Bench. Hannah.

By his second wife, Mary Allen, of Ongars
Heath, Staffordshire, he had one son,

Sir Robert le Grosvenor. He defended his

coat of arms against Richard Lord Scrope.
He m. the daughter of Sir Robert Pulford,

Sir Thomas le Grosvenor, Lord of Hulme, m.

one of the co-heirs of Sir William Phesant,
and had issue,
1. Robert, Lord of Hulme, who died

without male issue.
11. Ralph, who m. Joan, sole daughter

and heir of John Eaton, of Eaton.
From this Ralph descends the Mar.
quis of Westminster.
III. Thomas, who carried on the line

with which we have now to do.
Tuomas Grosvenor, m. Elizabeth, daughter

and co-heir of Richard Pershall, and had

a son.

+ See " Taunton of Freeland," vol. ii. p. 215.

Lineage. This family was anciently seated on an the old church of St. Botolph's Aldersgate estate called Ryland's Hill, at Bearley, in the Street, London : parish of Suitterfield,* in the county of

“ Here lieth she whose heavenly worth Warwick. Of this estate the Rylands held

Conceived may be, but not set forth; possession for many centuries, and it finally

The best idea in her life passed into other hands in the year 1779,

Of maid, of daughter, and of wife. being then sold by Richard Ryland, esq. of What you could wish in any one London. The patrimony of the family ap Was hers in full perfection. pears to have been materially impaired by the Think then how poor that man is left, active part which they took in the civil wars Who of such treasure is bereft! between Charles I. and his parliament. She liv’d, she died, bemoan'd, belov'd The irretrievable loss of a pedigree which

Of men, of angels, God approv'd.” gave a genealogical detail during a period This is that Elizabeth, the much esteemed and of nearly three hundred years, as well as of beloved wife of R. Wingfield, esq. of the body to the registers of Bearley,ť in which the name King James, and daughter of R. Ryland, esq. of the family was traced as far back as the

She lived thirty-six ars; fourteen married, and year 1500, renders it difficult, with that pre- in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints.

died praying 26th November, 1617. • Precious cision and accuracy which are desirable, to notice the early descents in their proper Passing over the long catalogue of names connection. From documents, however, still which we find mentioned in connection with extant, the long continued and uninterrupted the occupancy of Bearley by this family, possession of the property at Bearley is suf- for the reason above assigned; we begin ficiently evident. From these documents too, with that of we become acquainted with several interest William RYLAND, esq. who, on quitting ing facts, as, for example, that one of the Bearley, towards the close of the sevenRylands married Susanna Perkes, of Bear-teenth century, m. the eldest daughter of the ley, who is known to have been of the Rev. William Fincher, Vicar of WednesPerkes, to one of whom, “Clement Perkes bury, in Staffordshire, by whom he left a of the Hill," Shakspeare alludes in the son and successor, “ Second part of King Henry the Fourth,” WILLIAM RYLAND, esq. of Birmingham, act v. scene 1.

who was b. 24th May, 1696. He m. 27th The following inscription was placed on February, 1726, a daughter of the Rev. Mr. the tomb of one of the Bearley family, in Sillitoe, of Birmingham, and had issue,

esq. (see

William GROSVENOR. Hem. first, Mary Ca

Edwin Pemberton.
therock, by whom he had issue,

George Pemberton, d. young.
William Catherock, who died in 1743,

Rebecca Pemberton, d. young.

Mary Pemberton, m. Tbomas Stokes, esq.
John, m. Ma
Judgson, and died with-

and had issue.
out issue in 1810.

ANNE PEMDERTON, of whom hereafter. Mr. Grosvenor m. secondly, Mary, daugh

Sophia Pemberton, m. Charles Lloyd, ter and co-heiress of Richard Townshend,

“ Lloyd of Dolobran," vol. esq. of Ellerton Hall, in the county of Sa

iv. p. 107), and had issue ; she d. 7t lop, and dying in October, 1787, left issue

August, 1830.

Rebecca Pemberton, m. William Harby her, RICHARD.

ding, esq. of Copeley, in the county of

Warwick, and has issue.

Lucina Pemberton, d. young.
Robert, m. but d. s. p.

Caroline, Pemberton, d. young.

ANNE, the third daughter of Samuel Pember-
MARY, of whom hereafter.

ton, esq. by Mary, daughter of William Anne, m. Joseph Bradley, esq. and had

Grosvenor, esq. was m. 8th March, 1808, issue, one son.

to Samuel Ryland, esq. of Bearley and Sophia, d. upm.

Sherborne, in the county of Warwick, by Lucina, m. Samuel Riddlesden, esq. and

whom she has issue, an only daughter,


* Of another freehold estate in this same parish, Mary, the eldest daughter of William Gros

venor, esq. by his second marriage, married the present Mr. Ryland, of Bearley and Sherborne,
Samuel Pemberton, esy. of the Laurels is now in possession.
Edgbaston, in the county of Warwick, at + Bearley is a chapelry dependent on the vicar-
Market Drayton, 6th February, 1769, and age of Snitterfield.
had issue,

# From another daughter of the Rev. W. FinSamuel Pemberton, d. 29th August, 1836. cher are descended the Scotts of Stourbridge and Thomas Pemberton, d. 18th March, 1830. Great Barr.” See vol. iii. p. 665.

d. s. p.

dest son,

1. John, who succeeded him.

Camp-hill, near Birmingham, and II. William, who was b. in the year

had issue. He d. in 1824. 1731, and m. Elizabeth, daughter of

4. Joseph-Weatherley Plipson, m. Samuel Pemberton, esq. of Birming

Sarah, daughterot William Price, ham. He d. 1611 May, 1810, in the

esq. and has issue. He served seventy-ninth year of his age, and

the office of low bailiff of Birlest issue,

mingbam, in 1825. 1. William, b. Ist February, 1763,

1. Sarah, d. unm. m. Sarah, daughter of Charles

2. Mary, d. unm. Freeth, esq. and had issue.

11. Mary, d. unm. 2. Samuel, b. in March, 1764; d. Mr. Ryland, of Birmingham, at his death, in October, 1791.

in the year 1760, was succeeded by his el3. John, d. young. 4. Thomas, b. 15th September, John Ryland, esq. of Easy Hill, in the

1769, m. Mary, daughter of Jo-county of Warwick, and Cannon Hill, in seph Smith, e3q. of Hay Hall, the county of Worcester. He was born in near Birmingham, and has issue. the year 1726, m. 1st May, 1759, at Aston, He served the office of low bailiff in the county of Warwick, Martha, daugh

of Birmingham in the year 1819. ter of Jonathan Ruston, esg. He d. 5th 5. John, d. young:

June, 1814, and was succeeded by his only 6. John, b. 10th August, 1773, m. surviving child, the present SAMUEL RYLAND,

Sarah, daughter of Timothy esq. of Bearley and Sherborne.
Smith, esq. of Birmingham, and
has issue. He served the office Arms—Azure, on a cross nebulée ermine,
of low bailiff of Birmingham in between four sheaves of rye or, a rose
the year 1824.

gules barbed vert. seeded gold. 7. James, b. 3rd December, 1777,

Crest--Issuing from a mount vert. a dexter m. first, Mary, daughter of Jo arm embowed in armour, proper, garnished seph Smith, esq. of Camp Hill, or, the hand also proper holding a rose near Birmingham; and second-gules slipped of the first, and three ears of ly, Miss Anne Minshull, and has

rye, gold. issue by both marriages.

Motto-Not the last. 1. Elizabeth, d. an infant.

Estates-In Warwickshire; the whole of Mary,

the parish, manor, and advowson of Sher

borne ; the manor of Northbrooke; an esIII. Samuel, b. 1736, m. Hannah, dau. tate in the parish of Snitterfield ; Easy Hill;

of — Jeffreys, esq. He served the the Oozells; and other freehold property in office of low bailiff of Birmingham, in that county. In Worcestershire; Cannon the year 1796, and d. 29th May, 1817, Hill; Pigeon-House ; Selly; Priestfields; leaving issue,

and Showell; besides other property. 1. Elizabeth, m. to Joseph Priest Seats—Sherborne House and Morville

ley, esq. eldest son of the Rev. House, in the county of Warwick: and Joseph Priestley, LL.D. F.R.S. Cannon-hill Hall, in the county of Wor&c. &c. and had issue.

cester. 2. Aune, d. unm. 1. Elizabeth, m. Thomas Phipson, esq.

Kyland, of London. of Birmingham, and dying 5th February, 1816, in her 77th


left That branch of the family in which the issue,

Bearley estate descended, removed to Lon1. Thomas Phipson, m. Sarah, don about the close of the seventeenth cen

daughter of Richard Barroll, tury.
esq. of Hereford, and has issue.

RICHARD RYLAND, esq. of London, was He served the ofice of low bailiff | born in 1687. He m. Mary, daughter of Edof Birmingham, in the year 1811, ward Blagrave, esq. and dying 19th Octod. 1814.

ber, 1731, left issue, 2. William Phipson, m. Elizabeth,

John, his successor, daughter of Thomas Clifford, esq.

Richard who m. and bad issue. of Warwick, and has issue. He | The elder son, is a magistrate of the county of John RYLAND, esq. of London, b. 15th Warwick, and served the office May, 1719, m. Honor Hawkesworth, and of low bailiff of Birmingham, in had issue, a son, who succeeded him, the year 1818.

RICHARD RYLAND, esq. of London. He 3. John Phipson, m. Anne, daugh- was b. in 1747. In 1779 he disposed of the

ter of Joseph Smith, esq. of remaining portion of the Bearley estate.

3. Martha,} twins; d. infants.

He m. Harriet-Frances, daughter of Sir
Archer Croft, bart. (see article “ Croft,”
Burke's Peerage and Baronetage), and had

Archer, one of the common-pleaders of

the city of London.


Mr. Richard Ryland was succeeded at his
decease, by his eldest son, the present

JOHN-Croft RYLAND, esq.


HUYSHE, the Reverend FRANCIS, of Sand, in Devonshire, sometime rector of

Clisthydon, prebendary of Cutton in the Castle of Exeter ; b. 29th February, 1768 ; m. at Halifax, Yorkshire, 18th May, 1803, Harriet, third daughter of John Waterhouse, esq. of Wellhead, Halifax, and Elizabeth, his wife, second daughter and co-heir of Charles Beaty, of Louth, by Bridget, daughter and co-heir of Robert Saunderson, of Alford. By this lady Mr. Huyshe has had issue,

Horatio, b. 3rd November, 1805; d. 31st December fol

lowing: Wentworth, b. 29th May, 1812; d. at Madeira, 22nd No

vember, 1829. His early virtues, and the affection of his schoolfellows, are recorded on a cenotaph, erected

by them to his memory in Harrow-church.

Mr. Huyshe succeeded his father, 17th May, 1802.

Lineage. This is a branch of the ancient family of lady was a widow in 1387. She conveyed Huyshe, of Doniford, in Somersetshire, her lands, in East Quantock, to her brother, whose name, originally spelt Hywis, was GILBERT DE HYwish, of Doniford and taken from their residence, Lod Hywis, in Lynch, 4 EDWARD III. by fine, dated 5 EDthe same county.

WARD III. Together with John Durborough RICHARD DE Hywis, of Lod Hywis, living and others, Gilbert was a witness to a grant temp. King John, had two sons, Richard de made by John Mohun, Lord of Dunster, to Hywis, and

that priory, 15 EDWARD III. He m. Alice, JOHN DE Hywis, of Lynch, in the parish daughter of Sir John Durborough, knt. and of Luxborough, father of

had issue, John de Hywish, who had a grant of a 1. OLIVER, his heir. house and a carucate of land, in Doniford, JI. Alexander. from John Fitzurse, 38 Henry III. Con Ul. John. temporaneous with this John lived Bartho 1. Agnes, m. to John de Tetton. lomew, of Lod Hewish, and an Andrew, of The eldest son, the same name, whose daughter m. Andrew OLIVER HYWISH, of Doniford and Lynch, de Cottele.

42 and 49 EDWARD III, m. the daughter and GEFFRY DE Hywis, son of John de Hy- heir of Simon de la Roche, and in consewish, was on the jury 2 EDWARD I. for the quence, the arms of Roche, “ Arg. on a hundred of Willerton, in Somersetshire. bend sa. three roaches, of the first,” was He had a son,

assumed by Oliver and his posterity, instead John de Hywisk, of Lynch and Doniford, of the ancient bearing of the Hywis's, which 19 EDWARD II. who had two sons and a dau. had been “ A chev. between three roundlets namely, GILBERT, his heir ; William, living and a chev. on a chief three leaves.” Co3 and 5 EDWARD III. as appears by fines in temporary with them was a William de the Chapter House, Westminster; and Joan, Hywish, 3 and 5 EDWARD III. Oliver had m. to Walter Perceval, second son of Sir two sons, Richard Perceval, knt. of Corneville. This John, his heir.

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