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shire, accompanied King EDWARD I. in his Sir John RADCLYFFE, knt. of Ordshall, in wars in Scotland, and received from that Lancashire, represented that county in parprince, in the 32nd year of his reign, a grant | liament 14 EDWARD III. and served under the of a charter of free warren and free chace same monarch in his French wars, particiin all his demesne lands of Radclyffe, &c. pating in the sieges of Caen, Cressie, and He m. a daughter of Boteler, of Bewsey, Calais. He m. Joan, sister of Sir Thomas baron of Warrington, and had issue, Holland, Earl of Kent, and relict of Sir Hugh

1. Robert, of Radclyffe Tower, who Dutton, knt. of Dutton, in Cheshire, and

m. first, Mary de Bury, by whom he by her, who wedded, thirdly, Sir Edmund
had a son, Ralph, who d. s.p. He Talbot, knt. of Bashall, had issue,
m. secondly, Margery, Lady of the

1. JOHN, who m. Margaret, cousin and Booths, and had by her two sons, viz.

heir of Clementina, daughter and heir William, of Smithills, in Lanca

of Roger de Chedel, but d. s. p. shire, living 4 EDWARD III. m.

II. RICHARD, successor to his father. Katherine, dau. of Sir Thurstan

1. Ellen, m. to William Fairfax, esq. Morley, knt. and was ancestor

of Walton, in Yorkshire. of the Radclyffes of Smithills,

J. Julia, m. to Oliver Cromwelbotham. Tingrave, &c.

II. Amabil, m. to Robert Nevile, esq. John, in holy orders, rector of

of Hornby Castle, in Lancashire. Bury, living 16 EDWARD III. Sir John d. in 1357, and was s. by his only His illegitimate son, John Radclyffe, marrying Mary, daughter

surviving son,

RICHARD RADCLYFFE, of Ordshall, called of William de Catherton, of Ca- Le Puigné, steward of Blackburnshire from therton, in Lancashire, acquired the 28 to 49 Edward III. He m. Matilda, that estate, and was father of Joun RADCLYFFE, of Catherton, Booths, in Cheshire, by Maud, his wife,

daughter and sole heir of John Legh, of whose son, Sir John RADCLYFFE: daughter and heir of Sir John Arderne, knt. knt. of Catherton, married twice: of Moberleigh, and had a son, John (Sir), by bis second wife, Elizabeth, his heir ; and a daughter, Joan, wife of daughter of John Knyvett, of James Bosville, esq. of Chevet, in YorkThirling, he had a son, EDMUND, shire. Richard Radclyffe was drowned in ancestor of the Radclyffes of

Rosendale, in the 4th Richard II. and was Broad Clist, in Devonshire ; and by his first wife, Mary, daughter

s. by his son, of Sir Thomas Tunstal, knt. of

Sir John Radcliffe, knt. of Ordshall, Tunstal, he had a son, John, who aged twenty-four years at the death of his

father. He m. Margaret, daughter of Sir m. Katherine, daughter of Richard Molyneux, of Sefton, and Henry Trafford, knt. of Trafford, and by left three daughters his co-heirs, of Turton, in Lancashire, had issue,

her, who wedded, secondly, Robert Orrell, namely, Joan, m. to Edmund Ashton, esq. second son of Sir

1. John (Sır), bis heir. Thomas Ashton, knt. of Ashton

II. Edmund, of Salford Hall, Lancaunder-Line ; MARGARET, m. to

shire, living temp. HENRY VI.

JII. Peter.
Ralph Standish, esq.of Standish;
and ELIZABETH, m. to Robert

IV. Alured.
Radclyffe, second son of Alex-

1. Elizabeth, m. to Sir Richard Venaander Radclyffe, esq. of Ordsall.

bles, baron, of Kinderton. 1. William, of Culceth and Edgworth,

Jl. Joan, m. to Robert Smethwick, of and afterwards of Radclyffe Tower:

Smethwick, in Cheshire. usually stiled the “Great William.” Sir John d. in 1421, and was s. by his son, He m. Margaret de Culceth, and was

Sir John Radcliffe, knt. of Ordshall, ancestor of the RADCLYFFES, of Rad- who married twice, but had issue only by clyffe Tower; and of the Radclyffes, his first wife, Clementina, daughter of Hugh Barons Fitz-Walter and Earls of Standish, esq. of Duxbury, in Lancashire, Sussex. (See Burke's Extinct and three sons, viz. Dormant Peerage.)

J. ALEXANDER, his heir. III. JOHN (Sir), of whom immediately. II. John, whose daughter, Alice, m. 1. Amabil, wife of Jordan Tetlaw, of William Elcott, alias Handsward, of Tetlaw, in Lancashire.

Chester. II. Magota, mother of Alice, wife of III. Robert, of Mellor, in Derbyshire,

Sir Roger Pilkington ; of Magota, in right of his wife, Emma, eldest wife of James Lever, and another daughter and co-heir of Roger Meldaughter.

lor, esq. He was living 12 HENRY wife of Hesketh:

VI. and was ancestor of the RadThe third soil,

clyffes of Mellor.

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his son,

Sir John d. 20 HENRY VI, and was s. by who m. Jane, daughter of Sir Edmund Traf

ford, knt. of Trafford, and by her, who ALEXANDER RADCLYFFE, esq. of Ordshall, wedded, secondly, James Byron, of Clayton, who m. Agnes, daughter of Sir William and, thirdly, Talbot, of Salesbury,' had Harrington, knt. of Hornby Castle, in Lan- issue, cashire, and by her, who died in 1490, had 1. John, who m. Elizabeth, daughter of issue,

Sir William Brereton, knt. of Bre1. WILLIAM, his heir.

reton, in Cheshire, and dying, v. p. 11. Robert, whom. Elizabeth, third

12th April, 1497, left issue, daughter and co-heir of John Rad

ALEXANDER (SIR), successor to his clyffe, esq. of Catherton, and acquired

grandfather. with her the estate of FOXDENTON,

William. in Lancashire. He left, at his de

Christian, m. to William Hulton, cease, inter alios, a daughter, Anne,

esq. m. to Ralph Leycester, of Toft, in

Margery, wise of Thurstan Parr. Cheshire, and a son,

m. to Sir Richard Aston, WILLIAM, of Tillesleys and Fox

knt. of Middleton. denton, who m. Margaret Kirke, 1. Elizabeth, m. to John Domvile, esq. and d. 23 HENRY VII. leaving a of Lyme, in Cheshire. son,

II. Anne, m. first, to Sir Thomas Til-
THOMAS, of Foxdenton and desley, of Wardley, and, secondly,

Tillesleys, who m. a daughter to Sir Henry Farrington, kut. of
of Standish, of Park Brook, Wednacre, in Lancashire.
and had two sons and one III. Eleanor, m. to Robert, son and heir
daughter, namely,

of Jolin Langley, of Egecroft, in WILLIAM, of Foxdenton, d.

without surviving issue iv. Clemence, m. to James Holme, of
in 1590.

Darcy Holme.
John, of Gi orne, in v. A daughter, m. to Alexander Hep-
Yorkshire,who m. Mar-

worth, of Hollingworth, in Cheshire.
garet Catherton, of Nut- William Radclyfte, d. 15th May, 13 HENRY
hurst, and had an only VII. and was s. by his grandson,
daughter and heir, SIR ALEXANDER RADCLYFFE, of Ordshall,
MARGARET, of Fox- knt. high sheriff of Lancashire in 1547, who

denton, m. to Ri- | m. Alice, daughter of Sir John Booth, knt.
CHARD RADCLYFFE, of Barton, in Lancashire, and had issue,
esq. of Newcroft, 1. William (Sir), his heir.
in Lancashire,

II. Alexander.
III. Alexander, living 4 Henry VII.m. III. John, iu holy orders.

Anne Travers, and was ancestor of iv. Edmund, living in 1578: died at
the Radclyffes, of Bucks, Middlesex, Ordshall: buried at Manchester.
&c. He d. in 1470.

1. Anne, m. to Sir Edmund Trafford, IV. Thomas.

knt. of Trafford. v. John.

II. Elizabeth, m. to John Atherton, esq. 1. Isabel, m. to Sir James Harrington, of Atherton, in Lancashire.

knt. of Wolfege, in Northampton III. Eleanor, m. to Sir Richard Molishire, and had, with other issue,

neux, knt. of Sefton. Margaret, seventh daughter and co- Sir Alexander d. in 1548, aged seventy-two, heir, wife of Christopher Hulton, esq. and was s. by his son, and mother of an only daughter and Sir William RADCLYFFE, knt. of Ords. heir, Jane Hulton, who m. Roger hall, on whom and the heirs male of bis Ashawe, esq. of the Hall-on-the-Hill, body, &c. were settled the Fitz-Walter esand had a son, Thomas Ashawe, of tates, on failure of divers remainders menHall-on-the-Hill, who m. Mary, dau. tioned in the will of Henry Radclyffe, second of James Anderton, of Guxton, and Earl of Sussex. Sir William m. first, Marleft an only daughter and heir, Anne, garet, daughter of Sir Edmund Trafford, the wife of Sir John Radclyffe, knt. ảnt. of Trafford ; secondly, Anne, daughter of Ordshall.

of Ralph Catherall, and widow of Sir John 11. Katherine, m. to Thomas Daven- Townley, kut. of Townley; and, thirdly, port, esq. of Henbury, in Cheshire.

Anne, youngest daughter and co-heir of Sir M. Anne, m. to John Talbot, esq. of Robert Bellinglian, knt. of Burnshide, in Salesbury, in Lancashire.

Westmoreland, and widow of Sir Richard Alexander Radclyffe d. in 1476, and was s. Ashton, of Middleton. He left issue only by his eldest son,

by his first wife, WILLIAM RADCLYFFE, esq. of Ordshall, 1. ALEXANDER (Sir), knt. of Ordshall,


who m. Frances, daughter and co

both slain in battle in heir of Christopher Wymbish, esq. of

iv. Edmund,

French Flanders in Nocton, in Lincolnshire, and widow of

v. Thomas,

1599. Sir Richard Townley, knt. of Town 1. Margaret, baptized at Manchester, ley, in Lincolnshire, but d. s. p. 26th 6th March, 1573; favourite maid of September, 1568.

honour to Queen ELIZABETH; died at 11. JOHN (Sir), successor to his father.

Richmond of grief for the loss of her III. Richard, of Newcroft, in Lanca brothers, 10th November, 1599; bu

shire, who m. Bridget, daughter of ried as a lady, by the queen's comThomas Carrell, esq. of Warnam, in mand in St. Margaret's, Westminster, Sussex, and widow of William Moli

22nd November. neux, esq. by whom he had issue,

11. Jane, baptized at Manchester, 14th Alexander, of Newcroft, died in June, 1575; some time an attendant 1628 s. p.

on Alice, Countess, of Derby; afterFrancis, of London, died unmarried wards wife of Sir Ralph Constable, in 1635.

knt. Richard, of London, died unmar III. Anna, ried in 1602.

IV. Alice,

} both died unmarried. He m. secondly, Margaret, daughter Sir John died at Ordshall, and was buried and heir of John Radclyffe, esq. of with his ancestors in the choir of the colleGisborne, and niece and heir of Wil-giate church at Manchester, 11th February, liam Radclyffe, esq. of Foxdenton ;

1589. His eldest son and successor, by this lady, he left at his decease, in Sir ALEXANDER RADCLYFFE, knt. of Ords1601, a son,

hall, baptized at Manchester, 26th January, William, of Foxdenton, who m.

1573, was slain in Ireland, unm. in 1599, Susan, daughter of — Coote, esq.

when he was s. by his brother, of Locton, in Norfolk, and had

Sir Joun RadclYFFE, knt. of Ordshall, issue,

baptized at Manchester, 24th February, Robert, living 1642, d. unm.

1581, who m. Alice, eldest daughter of Sir William (Sir), knt. of Fox- John Byron, knt. of Newstead, in Notts,

denton, m. Elizabeth, second and had issue,
daughter of Sir Rowland 1. ALEXANDER (Sir), his heir.
Egerton, bart. of Egerton,

1. Mary, m. first, to Sir John Stanhope,

knt. of Elvaston, in Derbyshire; and, ALEXANDER, of Foxdenton, m.

secondly, to Sir John Gell, bart, of 10th May, 1652, Mary, dau.

Hopton, in the same county. of — Barker, esq. of Grove,

1. Alicia. in Chiswick, Middlesex, but

III. Anna, b. in 1665.

Sir John was slain in the Isle of Rhee, 29th
Katherine, died unmarried.

October, 1627, and was s. by his son,
Margaret, died unmarried.

Mary, m. in 1652, to John knight of the Bath, b. 27th April, 1608, who
Byrom, esq. of Salford.

m. Jane Radclyffe, illegitimate daughter of Susan, m. about 1651, to Alex- Robert Radclyffe, fifth Earl of Sussex, K.G.

ander Potter, esq. of Man- | by whom he acquired the manor of Attilbochester.

rough, in Norfolk, and had issue, | Alice, m. to Francis Tunstal, esq. of

1. John, of Ordshall and Attilborough,

died at Stoke, about 1669, leaving Thurgoland Castle, in Lancashire. 11. Ellen, m. to Edward Standish, esq.

one son and three daughters, viz. of Standish, in Lancashire.

John, baptized at Attilborough,

15th July, 1654. Sir William d. 12th October, 1568, aged

Jane, born at Attilborough, 13th ixty-six, and was s.

October, 1656. Sir John RADCLYFFE, knt, of Ordshall,

Elizabeth, born at Attilborough in aged thirty-two at the death of his father.

1653. He m. Aune, only daughter and heir of

11. Alexander, captain in the army. Thomas Ashawe, esq. of the Hall-on-the

Jl. Sussex, died unmarried. Hill, in High Charnock, Lancashire, and

IV. Humphrey, living unm. 9th Dehad issue,

cember, 1651 ; m. subsequently, Mar1. ALEXANDER (Sir), his heir.

garet, sister to Stephen Radley, and 11. William, baptized at Manchester, died at Oldfield in 1663, leaving a

28th June, 1577 ; slain at Blackwater, daughter, Margaret, died in 1665.
in Ireland, unmarried in 1598, fight v. Charles, living unm. 9th December,
ing against Hugh, Earl of Turone.

III. JOHN (Sir), successor to his brother. vi. Robert, of whom presently,

but d. s. p.

d. s. p.

his son,

1. Frances, m. to Wentworth.

in Kent; by both marriages he 11. Jane, living unm. 9th December,

had issue. 1651.

Frances Sidebottom,

m. to Robert 111. Anne, living unm. 9th December,

Radclyffe, esq. of Foxdenton. 1651.

Mr. Radclyffe died at Newton Heath, and IV. Mary.

was buried at Manchester, 2nd February, v. Margaret.

1735. His son and successor, The sixth and youngest son,

Robert RADCLYFFE, esg. of Foxdenton, Robert RADCLYFFE, esq. of Withenshaw, baptized at Oldham, 31st March, 1708, m. born at Attilborough in 1650, captain in the 20th May, 1731, Margaret, only daughter Duke of Monmouth's regiment, in the ser and heir of Adam Bagshawe, esq. of Wormvice of the king of Spain; m. 27th February, bill, in Derbyshire, and by her, who d. 16th 1676, Anne, only surviving daughter and November, 1786, had issue, heir of Rowland Eyre, esq. of Bradway, in 1. Robert, his heir. Derbyshire, and widow of William Tatton, 11. Thomas, d. young. esq. of Withenshaw, in Cheshire, by whom 1. Eleanor, m. to Bazerial Burges, esq. he had issue,

of Liverpool. I. ALEXANDER, his heir.

II. Betty, d. unm. 18th November, 1788. ll. Edward, fellow of All Souls' Col JI. Anne, d, unm. 2nd May, 1783.

lege, Oxford, bapt. at Withenshaw, iv. Frances, d. young.
1st December, 1685; m. Mary, dau. v. Margaret, d. in 1826.
of Edward Warren, esq. of Poynton, vi. Frances, d. young:
in Cheshire, but d. s.p. His widow Mr. Radclyffe d. 12th April, 1749, was bu-

espoused the Rev. Thomas Dakin. ried at Oldham, and s. by his son,
1. Frances, d. unm. in 1764.

Robert RADCLYFFE, esq. of Foxdenton, 11. Mary, d. unm. in 1762.

baptized at Oldham, 25th May, 1737, who Mr. Radclyffe was killed in a duel, 20th m. uth August, 1772, Frances, third dau. February, 1685, and buried the following of the Rev. Samuel Sidebottom, M.A. rector day, in Tattou Chapel, in Northenden of Middleton, in Lancashire, and bad by Church, Cheshire. His elder son,

her, who d. in 1819, one son and two daughALEXANDER RADCLYFFE, esq. of Foxden- | ters, viz. ton, baptized at Withenshaw, 17th January, 1. Robert, his heir. 1677, became seized of the Foxdenton Es 1. Frances, d. young in 1780. tates, hy virtue of the wills of his cousins, ul. Margaret, m. 3rd December, 1805, Mrs. Mary Byrom and Mrs. Susan Potter, to the Rev. Peter Richard Rideout, and rebuilt the family mansion. He m. Eli of Hookswood, in Dorsetshire, and zabeth, daughter of John Bagshawe, esq. of has issue. Litton and Hicklow, in Derbyshire, and by 11. Mary, m. to Captain Tremlett, R.N. her, who died in 1735, had issue to survive and has one daughter. infancy,

Mr. Radclyffe d. at Bath, 18th December, 1. ROBERT, his heir.

783, and was s. by his son, the present Jl. Alexander, d. unm. in 1740.

Robert RADCLYFFE, esq. of Foxdenton. 1. Anne, d. at Stockport unm. in 1759. II. Frances, d. unm.

Arms—Arg. 'two bends engr. sa. a label ui. Margaret, d. unm. 14th February, of three points gu. quartering Radclyffe, of 1795.

Radclyffe ; Legh, of Booths; Venables ; iv. Mary, m. to the Rev. Samuel Side- Lege ; Leigh, of Leigh ; Baguley ; Corona ;

bottom, M.A. rector of Middleton, in Ardern ; Sandbach ; Ashaw; Elston ; AughLancashire, and d. in 1784, leaving ton; Hulton; Bowden ; Harrington ; Cansissue,

field ; Flemyng; English ; Urswick ; BradRadclyffe Sidebottom, of Sutton shaw ; Verdon; Pilkington ; Eyre; Padley; 22nd February, 1736-7

, m. first

, Cres-A bull's head erased sa. ducally in 1760, Elizabeth, daughter of gorged and chained az. John Bradshawe, esq. of Darcy Motto-Caen, Cressie, Calais. Lever ; and, secondly, in 1781, Estates-In Lancashire. Anne, daughter of Kingsford Seat-Foxdenton Hall, Lancashire. Venner, esq.of Bossenden Court,


BROUNCKER, RICHARD, esq. of Boveridge, in the county of Dorset, b. 13th

September, 1801, m. first, 24th July, 1827, Maryana,
youngest daughter of the late Rev. Charles-William Shuck-
burgh, of Downton House, Wilts, (see vol. ii. p. 94,) and
by her, who d. 29th November, 1833, has issue,




He m. secondly, in 1836, Catherine-Jane, daughter of the O O

late Captain George Burdett, R.N. of Longtown House, in

the county of Kildare, by Catherine-Dorothea, his wife, O o only child of Colonel William Browne,* and has another


Kathleen-Henrietta-Frances. Mr. Brouncker s. his uncle, the late Henry Brouncker, esq. in 1825. He is a magistrate for the county of Dorset, and served as sheriff in 1833.

Lineage. FRANCIS BROUNCKER, (descended from Catherine, m. to John Willett, esq. of Henry, younger son of Sir Henry Brounc

Merley House, Dorsetsbire. ker, president of Munster, father of Lord Mary, m. first, to the Hon. William Brouncker,) had a son,

Finch, of Aldbury, admiral R. N. HENRY BROUNCKER, baptized 1641, who cond son of the Earl of Aylesford ; d. 9th September, 1720, leaving a son,

and secondly, to William Strode, Francis BROUNCKER, b. 15th September,

esq. 1677, who d. in 1739, and was s. by his son, The elder son, Henry BROUNCKER, esq. b. 18th July,

Henry Brouncker, esq of Boveridge, in 1707, who d. 4th July, 1769, leaving a son,

the county of Dorset, b. 30th June, 1767, Lewis William BROUNcker, esq. b. 25th died unm. in May, 1825, and was s. by his September, 1768, who d. 29th January, 1812, nephew, the present Richard BROUNCKER, leaving issue,

esq. of Boveridge. Henry, of whom presently. Lewis-William, b. 25th September, Arms—Arg. six pellets, three, two and

1768, who d. 29th January, 1812, one, a chief embattled sa. thereon a lozenge leaving by Harriot, his wife, surviving fessways of the field charged with a cross issue,

patée of the second between two crescents

of the first.
RICHARD, heir to his uncle.

Crest-Out of battlements sa, a dexter

cubit arm vested arg. charged with two Catherine, m. to Thomas-Whit

bendlets wavy of the first, in the band ppr. more-Wylde Browne, esq. of

a lozenge in pale charged with a cross patée

as in the arms.
Woodlands, in Shropshire.


Estates-In Dorsetshire.

Seat-Boveridge, near Cranbourne.
Barbara, m. to Edgar Disney, esq.


Colonel Browne served with distinction in the first American war, and was quarter-master-general at the battle of Bunker's Hill. He died in 1813, leaving by Frances, his wife, sister of the Right Hon. Isaac Corry, chancellor of the exchequer in Ireland, an only child, Catherine-Dorothea, m. to Captain George Burdett, R.N.

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