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1. Humphry, d. young.

the Cornwall militia, and on its being WI. JAMES, of whom presently.

disembodied in 1816, he devoted him1. Bridgeman, b. in July, 1707, m. to self to literature. He published “The Haweis, of St. Coose, ancestor of the Influence of Genius,

a poem, after Rev. Dr. Haweis, author of Church the style of Beattie, having already History, and many other works on appeared before the public in a work divinity.

entitled “A Treatise on Modern EduMr. Willyams, conspicuous for his active and cation," embellished with designs zealous adherence to the Stuarts, suffered from his own pencil. He m. Sarah, much persecution for his attachment to that only daughter and heiress of Mendez unfortunate House. He was deprived of his Da Costa, and died in November, commission of the peace during the reign of 1820, leaving no issue. WILLIAM and Mary, but restored soon after II. John-Champion, b. in June, 1785, the accession of Queen ANNE. A good pic entered the India service, but died ture of King James, now at Carnanton, was 2nd June, 1803, on board the Marchifound secreted in the roof of the old mansion, oness of Exeter, Indiaman, and was wben it was taken down, about eighty years buried at St. Helena. since. His third son,

II. HUMPHRY, successor to his father. James WILLYAMS, esq. b. 8th March, 1780, 1. Anne, m. in 1800 to Captain Bowen, wedded Anne, daughter of William Jane, of Haverfordwest, who served in Holand bad issue,

land, under the Duke of York, at the 1. JAMES, his heir.

Helder, and was wounded there. She 11. John, b. in 1752, d. in 1774.

d. leaving four children. n. Humphry, in holy orders, b. in Fe 11. Eliza-Bridgeman, m. in 1800 to a

bruary, 1755, m. first, Sarah, only Captain (now Lord) James O'Brien, daughter of Bate, and half sister R. N. brother of the present Marquis to Sir George Shuckburgh, bart. who of Thomond, and died at Clifton, of

He m, secondly, Mary, sister consumption, leaving no child. of Pascoe Grenfell, esq. M..P. and III. Charlotte-Champion, m. to the Rev. d. in September, 1732, leaving an T. Pascoe, vicar of St. Hilary. only daughter,

IV. Jane-Louisa. Charlotte Bridgeman, m. to Cap v. Sarah, m. to the Rev. Thomas Grylls, tain F. Rogers, R. N. son of John

rector of Cardynham, and one of the Rogers, esq. of Penrose, by Mar prebendaries of the cathedral church garet, bis wife, sister of the late of Exeter, and has issue. Lord De Dunstanville.

Mr. Willyams, a magistrate, deputy-lieu1. Anne, born in 1774, d. in 1757. tenant and deputy warden of the Stanneries, 11. Bridgeman, b. in 1748, d. unmarried, served for many years during the war, in 1770.

holding the rank of field officer in the CornJ. Jane, b. in 1750, d. also unmarried, wall militia, and succeeded, on the demise in 1790.

of his relative, John Oliver Willyams, in

1809, to the Carnanton estate. He d. 10th v. Anne,

February, 1828, and was succeeded by his The eldest son and heir,

only son, the present HumPHRY WILLYAMS, JAMES WILLYAMS, esq. of Truro, b. 30th esq. of Carnanton. September, 1741, travelled, during the earlier period of his life, over various parts

ArmsA fess checky, gu. and vert, beof Europe and America, but returning to

tween three griffins' heads, erased of the England, he married, in 1770, Ann, only third; each gorged with a ducal coronet, or. daughter of William Champion, esq. of

Crest-On a ducal coronet, a falcon, close Wormley, in Gloucestershire, and of the city

ppr. belled, or. of Bristol, by which lady he had issue, 1. James BRYDGES, V. Ist January, 1772,

Motto-In domino confido--Cornish motto,

“ Meor ras tha Dew."
took his degrees at St. John's Col-
lege, Cambridge. This gentleman Estates-In Cornwall.
had, for many years, the command of Seat--Carnanton.

iv. Christian,} both d. young.

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canon residentiary of Exeter, b. 21st December, 1781, m.
24th February, 1808, Ellen Lucy, eldest daughter of George
Pardoe, esq. of Nash Court, in the county of Salop, and has

Thomas, b. 28th January, 1811.
George, b. 4th February, 1813.
Arthur, b. 27th July, 1814.
Noel, b. 23rd October, 1817.
Lucy, m. to her cousin, the Reverend Thomas James Rocke,

and has issue.

Mr. Precentor Lowe is a magistrate for Shropshire.

Lineage. The family of Lowe was established in chains, and by exquisite torments compelled England by one of the companions in arms to redeem himself, his said lords the priour of the CONQUEROR, and has preserved a male and convent, being moved with pity, and succession since that remote era. “I must seeing him forsaken of all his friends, did, not forget,” says Mr. Abingdon, in speaking by the expending of much money, free him of the abbot and convent of Worcester, “to from his bonds, and restore him to life and mention theyre benefactors. There were in liberty. Thus did the religious deliver him thys Lordshyp twoe auncient inhabitantes; out of the jawes of hys cruel creditors. The one Lowe, wrytten (formerly and still pro- other auncient gentleman was Penhull, of nounced heere LAWE) whose auncestor was whom Aluredus de Penhull, falling likewise one of the captaynes who fought under Duke into the merciles bandes of these devouring William of Normandye, in the conquest of usurarious Jewes, then dwellinge in WorEngland, as appeareth in a rowle most ex cester, was also by the Priour and Monkes actly drawn and carefully kept in Flanders, redeemed out of that thralldome.” The fathe copy whereof was sent mee by a gentle-mily continued for a long series of years man of this family, to give me light in the resident at the Lowe, and among the emiobscurity of antiquityes. Neyther can this nent persons it produced in early times, we derogat from Lowe of Shropshire; where may mention John Lowe, an Augustine Guido Lowe de Clive, 7th Henry VI. was i monk, at Worcester, consecrated bishop of returned into the exchecker to attend the St. Asaph, in 1433, HUMPHREY Lowe, high King, as an esquire, qui portabat arma ab sheriff of Shropshire, in 1439, and RICHARD ancestriâ; for why may they not bothe Lowe, who was retained to serve in France springe from one roote? But to return to with one man at arms and three archers, my purpose; Stephanus de Lawe (son of temp. EDWARD IV. Alanus de Lawe, and direct ancestor of the Thomas Lowe, of the Lowe, in the parish family before us) gave all his land in Lawe- of Lindridge, Worcestershire, head of this field, which he held in More, of the monkes ancient house towards the close of the 16th of Worcester, to the same priory. He more- century, married Anne Foster, and was over, by the consent of Dionysia, his wife, father of gave to his lords the said prior and convent, Henry Lowe, of the Lowe, living in 1594, in pure and perpetual alms, certain assart but dead before 1602, who wedded at Knighor new cleared land, called the Seken, lying ton chapel, 3rd February, 1566, Dorothy, under the Menhey, with all the Grove there; daughter of William Baylies, of the Bower, but for the surrender of these and other in the parish of Rock, and had issue, lands, the Priour and Monkes yealded him 1. THOMAS, of the Lowe, who died before some recompense and were most charitable 1631, leaving, with two other sons, to him, for being by the Jews at Worcester who died without issue, detained in prison, and loaded with heavy

ARTHUR Lowe, esq. of the Lowe,

who m. Elizabeth, daughter of * Low is the old English word for a small hill;

Anthony Pembruge, esq.of Weland the seat of the family being on a gentle eleva

lington, in Herefordshire, and by tion on the north side of the river Ferne, they

her, who wedded, secondly, Franapparently took their name from it.

cis Meysey, esq. had (with a

daughter, Elizabeth, who m. John 1. HUMPHREY, who died s.p.
Percy, of Worcester, and was 11. THOMAS, of whom presently.
great grandmother of Dr. Percy, 1. Mary.
the bishop of Dromore) a son and 11. Rebecca, to whom her uncle, Tho-

mas Jolliffe, left the estate of Cofton ARTHUR Lowe, esq. of the Lowe, Hall for life, with remainder to Mi

who had such a reverence for the chael "Biddulph, esq. of Ledbury.
old mansion and place whence he She died unmarried.
derived his name, that he left this III. Anne, m. to Henry Jeffreys, esq.
particular clause in his will: iv. Frances, m. to the Rev. Thomas
* Item. I will that my house at Philpott.
the Lowe, wherein I now live, The second son,
being the ancient seat of my an The Rev. THOMAS Lowe, rector of Chel-
cestors, be from time to time kept sea, married Elizabeth, daughter and co-heir
up and repaired by whoever shall (with her sister Mrs. Ellison) of Colonel
be seized of my estate at the Furye,* of Fernham, in Berkshire, and of
Lowe, as need shall require, but Norbiton House, Surrey, and had an only
by no means to be pulled down child,
or demolished.” He m. Mary, THOMAS HUMPHREY Lowe, esq. of Broms-
daughter and co-heir of Thomas grove, who m. 2nd April, 1780, Lucy, elder
Packington, esq. and dying 25th daughter and co-heir of Thomas Hill, esq.
December, 1724, left an only of Court of Hill, in the county of Salop, M.P.
child and heiress,

for Leominster (see vol. i. p. 654,) and ELIZABETH Lowe, born in 1666, by her, who wedded, secondly, in 1803,

who espoused Joshua Lowe, of Thomas Fowler, esq. of Abbey-cwmhir, in
Birmingham, and died in 1727, Radnorshire, had two sons and two daugh-
leaving two daughters, of whom ters, namely,
the younger, Mary Packington 1. THOMAS-Hill-PEREGRINE-FURye, his
Lowe, died unmarried in 1768,

but the elder,

II. Arthur-Charles, born 30th August,
ELIZABETH LOWĘ, b. 14th August, 1796, captain 16th regiment of Lan-

1698, married 27th August, 1725,
the Rev. William Cleiveland, 1. Louisa-Elizabeth, m. 12th May, 1827,
A.M. rector of All Saints, in to Thomas Hastings, esq. post cap-
Worcester, and had a son,

tain in the royal navy, and a magisThe Rev. William CLEIVELAND, trate for Herefordshire, (eldest sur

A.M. who inherited the estate of viving son of the Rev. James Has, The Lowe, and was living in tings, rector and impropriator of the 1779.

livings of Martley and Areley Regis, II. Arthur, of London, living in 1637, in Worcestershire) and had a son, b. having then three sons.

and d. in 1828. III. Anthony, of the Inner Temple, an 11. Harriet, m. to Charles Bullock, esq.

eminent lawyer, who m, Mary, daugh of Faulkbourn, in Essex, and has ter of Richard Hammond, esq. of issue. (See vol. iii.)

Debden, in Essex, and had issue. iv. Henry.

Arms-Quarterly, 1st and 4th argent, on v. HUMPHREY, of whom presently. a bend sinister cotised sable three wolves' 1. Anne, m. to Thomas Lewes.

heads erased for Lowe, of Bromsgrove; 2nd 11. Elizabeth, m. to Richard Caswall, and 3rd erm. on a fesse sa. a castle triple of Wicton, in Herefordshire.

towered arg. for Hill, of Court of Hill. Mary,

Crest-A demi griffin ramp. or. iv. Jane, m. in 1610, to Humphrey Motto-Spero meliora. Soley, of Orleton.

Estates in the parishes of Burford and The youngest son,

Silvington, Salop; Kingston, Surrey ; FernHÚMPHREY Lowe, esq. died before the ham, Berks; and Wanborough, Wilts. year 1637, leaving two sons, Thomas, who

Seats-Court of Hill, Salop; and Norbidied unmarried, and

ton House, Surrey. HUMPHREY Lowe, esq. of Bromsgrove, in Worcestershire, who m. Rebecca, eldest daughter of Benjamin Jolliffe, esq. of Cof * Colonel Furye was slain at the battle of Belton Hall (see vol. i. p. 517) and had issue,




STEWART, ARCHIBALD CAMPBELL, esq. of St. Fort, in the county of Fife, b. in 1795, succeeded to the estate on the demise of his father.

Lineage. This is a branch of the royal house of He was succeeded at his decease by his eldest Stewart.

son, John STEWART, the first, of Urrard, was

James Stewart, of Urrard, who m. first, lineally descended from John Stewart, pro- Anne, daughter of Campbell, of Balgergenitor of the Athol Stewarts, who was shoe, and had by her two sons and six daughfourth son of Alexander Lord Badenoch, ters, viz. Earl of Buchan, a younger son of King

John, his heir.

Samuel, merchant in Perth, whose son, Robert II. (See Brown's Tree of the Stewarts.) Hem. a daughter of M'Grigor, and

Samuel, also a merchant in the same was father of

city, purchased the lands of Colten

char, and others, but d. unmarried. Robert Stewart, of Urrard, who mar Christian, m. to Mungo Campbell, of ried a daughter of Robertson, of Fascally,

Clunimore, afterwards of Monzie. and had, with other issue, Alexander, his

Jean, called “Minay n'm léan,” m. to heir, and George, of Baloan. Tradition

Niel M‘Glashan, of Clune. This lady affirms that this Robert, being on a foray acted a remarkable part in Stirling with the Marquis of Athol, and returning Castle, after the battle, in 1715. home on verbal leave, his lands of Urrard

Barbara, m. to Hamilton, minister of were seized as those of a vassal who had

Blair. deserted his lord superior. Craig Urrard is

Margaret, m. to Alexander Stewart, of situated behind Blair Castle, and the site of Clocbfoldich. the old mansion of the family is still pointed

Anne, m. to William Small, of Kindroout in the park of Blair. The son and suc

gan. cessor,

Another daughter. Alexander Stewart, wedded Christian,

James Stewart espoused, secondly, a daughter and heir of Leslie, of Renrory daughter of Robert Menzies, of the Weem (now called URRARD,) governor of the Castle family, but by her had no issue. He was of Blair, and was s. by his son,

succeeded at his decease by his elder son, Robert Stewart, of Urrard, who m. Mar

John STEWART, of Urrard, who m. Susan, garet, daughter of the celebrated Charles daughter of Lord Niel Campbell, of ArdmaRobertson, of Auchleeks, commonly called die, governor of Dumbarton Castle (second Fearlach n'n T’ed, and had two sons,

son of Archibald, Marquis of Argyll, who

was beheaded at Edinburgh, 27th May, John, his heir.

1661,) and had issue, William, of whom presently.

JAMES, his heir. The elder son,

Robert, who went to Tobago as commisJOHN STEWART, of Urrard, married, first,

sioner for the islands ceded by France, and died there unma

married, in 1773. a daughter of Menzies, of Rotmills, by whom he had five sons, viz.

Niel, of London, d. unmarried.

Archibald, d. unmarried. 1. James, his heir.

The eldest son, 11. Charles, merchant and baillie in James Stewart, of Urrard, born in 1726,

Perth, whose only daughter married was eldest ensign in Loudon's Highlanders, Robert Craigie, advocate, afterwards raised in 1745, and became subsequently lord president.

captain in the Black Watch (or 42nd HighIII. Samuel, a surgeon in Dundee. landers,) with which regiment he served in IV. Alexander, clerk to the Regality in America and the West Indies, from 1758 to Athole.

1762. He was wounded at Ticonderoga, v. Another son, who died in early and after the peace of 1763, sold out of the

youth, of fright during the battle of 'army. Captain Stewart m. first, in 1751, Killicranky, fought near the mansion- Grace, daughter of Robertson, of Fashouse of Urrard, in 1689.

cally, but by her (who died in December of Stewart, of Urrard, wedded, secondly, Jean, the following year) he had no child ; and daughter of James Stewart, of Fincastle. Secondly, 11th February, 1766, Elizabeth,


daughter of John Robertson, of Tullybelton, | viving sisters succeeded to the several proby whom he had four sons and as many perties of Urrard, Tenandry, and Clunimore, daughters,

as heirs portioners, while the male represenJohn, his heir.

tation of the family reverted to the descenRobert, b. 20th June, 1770, an officer in dant of the 61st regiment, d. unmarried in

WILLIAM STEWART (second son of Robert St. Lucia, 23rd June, 1795.

Stewart, of Urrard, by Margaret, his wife, James-M‘Kenzie, b. 25th May, 1772, for daughter of Charles Robertson, of Auch

several years in the East India Com- leeks.). He m. a daughter of Fergusson, of
pany's naval service, and subsequent- Pitfourie, and was father of
ly in the Perthshire regiment of Fen-

Robert Stewart, who m. a daughter of cible Cavalry, commanded by Colonel

Craftmore, and was succeeded by his son, Charles Moray, of Abercairny. He

WILLIAM STEWART, merchant in Perth, m. 12th April, 1800, Anne, daughter and for many years provost of that city. He of Captain George Leckie, of Lan

m. Christian, daughter of Provost Cree, and

had issue,
caster, by whom he left at his decease,
1st March, 1803, no surviving issue.

Robert, his heir.
Niel, b. 12th March, 1774, who settled

Peter, slain at Seringapatam, unm. in Tobago, and died there unmarried,

James, d. in India, unm. 13th June, 1808.

Barbara, d. unm. Elizabeth, m. 20th May, 1787, to James


The eldest son,
Richardson, esq. of Pitfour, and had
six sons and nine daughters. She

Robert STEWART, born in 1746, went to died at Urrard, 4th August, 1824.

the East Indies, and on his return purchased Susan, d. unm. in 1799.

the estates of Castle STEWART, in WigtonChristian-Craigie, m. 27th April, 1821, shire, and St. Fort, in Fifeshire, the former to James Hay, esq. of Seggieden.

of which was afterwards sold. He m. in Charlotte, m. 11th November, 1803, to 1792, Anne Stewart, daughter of Henry Bal

Major James Alston, of the 63rd regi- four, of Denboig, and had three sons and two
ment, and had five sons and six daugh- daughters, viz.
ters. On Mrs. Alston's succeeding to

one-third of lands of Urrard, as an

Henry. heir portioner, and afterwards acqui

William, an officer in the Coldstream

ring by purchase the house and prin-

cipal third of the estate, the Alston
family assumed the name of STEWART,

Catherine-Porterfield, m. to William in addition to that of ALSTON.

Fenwick Blackett, esq. has four sons

and one daughter. (See vol. i.) James Stewart died at Urrard, 2nd Sep- Mr. Stewart was s. by his eldest son, the tember, 1781, and was succeeded by his son, present ARCHIBALD CAMPBELL STEWART, esq.

JOHN STEWART, esq. of Urrard, b. 18th of St. Fort.
November, 1768, who died unm. at Urrard, Estates-In Fifeshire.
16th September, 1818, when his three sur Seat-St. Fort.


ENTWISLE, JOHN, esq. of Foxholes, in the county of Lancaster, b. 16th August, 1784, m. in 1812, Ellen, daughter of Thomas Smith, esq. of Castleton Hall, and has


JOHN-SMITH, 6. in 1815.

Augusta. Mr. Entwisle, who represents Rochdale, in Parliament, is a magistrate for Lancashire and the West Riding of Yorkshire, and was high sheriff of the former county in 1824.

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