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Greys. Hem. Jane, daughter of Sydenham Arms—Quarterly, 1st and 4th arg. on a Williams, esq. of Herringston, in the county saltire sa. nine mascles of the field for BLAIR; of Dorset, (see vol. i. p. 617,) and had issue, 2nd and 3rd or, on a bend az. a star between William, his heir.

two crescents of the field, and in base an Agatha, m. to lieut.-gen. Avarne. arrow bend-wise ppr. feathered, headed, and Jane, m. to Robert Williams, esq. of barbed, arg. for Scott.

Cerne Abbas, in Dorsetshire, and had Crest-A stag lodged ppr.
issue. (See vol. i. p. 617.)

Motto-Amo probos.
Major Blair died in 1782, and was s. by his Estates—In Ayrshire.
son, the present WILLIAM BLAIR, esq. of Seat-Blair, near Dalry.


YATE, WALTER-HONYWOOD, esq. of Bromesberrow, in the county of Gloucester, b. 30th December, 1779; m. 26th June, 1800, Margaret, youngest daughter and co-heir of Cleave Morris Burland, esq. of Wootton-under-Edge, and had issue, Rice and Margaret, who both died in infancy, and were buried at Bromesberrow in 1803 and 1804.


esq. by Jane, his second wife, daughter
of Sir Alexander Baynham, and died
24th July, 1581, leaving (with other
issue who d. s. p.)
Thomas Yate, esq. of Arlingham,

who had, besides three daughters
Abigail, Rebecca, and Mary,
who all died issueless, an only

son, Richard Yate, esq. of Arlingham,

father of

Walter YATE, esq. of Arlingham, O

high sheriff of Gloucestershire,

whose son and successor, RICHARD Yate, esq. of Arlingbam,

married Elizabeth, daughter and Robert YATE, of Dursley, in Gloucester

co-heir of Thomas Price, and had shire lineally descended from De la Yate,

issue, who came into England with the CONQUEROR,

Charles, his heir. was father of

John, barrister-at-law, d. s. p. John YATE, who m. Margaret, daughter

about 1748. and co-heir of John Berkeley, son of Sir

ELIZABETH, eventual heiress, Robert Berkeley, of Arlingham, in the

m. to Charles Yate, who was county of Gloucester, and grandson of Mau

born in 1660, and had issue, rice, Lord Berkeley, who died 4th April,

1. HENRIETTA, m. Rich1281. By Margaret, Robert Yate acquired

ard Warren, esq. of the estate of Arlingham, and was s. by his

Radcliff, in Somersetson,

shire, and had an only John Yate, of Arlingham, who m. his

daughter and heir. cousin, Janet, daughter of James Clifford, of

DOROTHY, of ArlingFrampton on Severn, and was father of

ham Court, who m. William Yate, of Arlingham, whose son,

in 1760, Sir RichRICHARD Yate, of Arlingham, was eschea

ard Mill, bart. of tor for the county of Gloucester. He died

Camoi's Court, and in 1531, and was s. by his son,

left an only surviWalter YATE, of Arlingham, also eschea

ving daughter, tor for Gloucestershire, who m. Joan, daugh

SOPHIA, present ter and heir of John De Box, and by her,

possessor of who died 23rd September, 1586, had issue,

Arlingham 1. RICHARD, of Arlingbam, high sheriff

Court, m. to of Gloucestershire in 1575; who m.

the Count del Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Wye,

Caina, a Nea

politan noble

sin Elizabeth, daughter man, and had

of Richard Yate, esq. of an only daugb

Arlingham, and hence ter m. to a gen

descends the Countess tleman named

del Caina. Peacocke, and

Elizabeth, wife of Giles Sherhad three chil

vell, of Stroud, in Gloucesdren who died

tershire. young

Judith, wife of Anthony Pin2. Elizabeth, d. unm.

ney, of Bristol. 3. Sophia, d. unm.

The elder son,
4. Dorothy, m. to Powell WALTER YATE, esq. of Arlingham, in

Snell, esq. of Guiting Gloucestershire, m. Dennis, daughter of

Miles Gardner, esq. of Shipston-on-Stour, in 5. Anna-Maria, m. to Ed- Worcestershire, and had two sons and two

mund Estcourt, esq. of daughters, Rice, his heir, Giles, who died in

Shipton Moyne. Ireland, Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Jones, 6. Caroline, m. first, to Ja- esq. of Llangovella, in Glamorganshire, and

cob, son of Sir Abra- | Frances, m. to Griffith Pugh, esq. of Kidham Elton, bart. and welly, in Carmarthenshire, and secondly, to secondly, to John As- Richards, of the same county. Mr. Yate d. pinal, esq. sergeant-at- in 1673, aged eighty-nine, and was s. by his law, and d. s. p.

son, II. Giles, of whose line we have to treat. Rice Yate, esq. of Bromesberrow, in JI. John, d. s.p.

Gloucestershire, and of Lungarderne, in iv. Mark, d. s. p.

Carmarthenshire, aged about fifty-seven in The second son,

1682. He m. Catherine, daughter of ThoGiles YATE, esq. of Arlingham, married mas Wall, esq. of Lintridge, in Dymock, the daughter of Seed, of Bitton, near Bath, Gloucestershire, and sister of William Wall, and had two sons,

esq. high sheriff of the county. By this lady WALTER, his heir.

who died 19th March, 1710-11, he had one Giles, who died about 1674, aged eighty- son and one daughter, viz. eight, having had two sons, namely, WALTER, his heir. Ferdinand, died unm. in Ireland. CATHERINE, aged about nine in 1682, Giles, of Coldthorp in the parish of m. first, Robert Dobyns, esq. of Eves

Standish, Gloucestershire, who butch, in Herefordshire, and secondm. Ellen, daughter of Blond, of ly, to Robert Unett, esq. R.N. of Derbyshire, by bis wife, a sister Castle Frome, in' Herefordshire. of Sir William Terry, and had By the former, who died 25th October, issue,

1713, she had issue, WILLIAM, of Coldthorp, aged

ROBERT DOBYNs, of the manor of fifty-four in 1682, who m.

Leadon, in the parish of Bishop's Mary, daughter and co-heir

Frome, Herefordshire, and afterof Thomas Nourse, esq. of

wards of Cork, in Ireland. His Longhope, in Gloucester

will, dated 11th July, 1733, was shire, and had issue,

proved 6th August, 1737. He NOURSE, of Coldthorpe,

m. Eleanor, eldest daughter of and of Lincoln's Inn, b.

Thomas Dunne, esq. of Galley in 1658, whose only

Park, in the county of Hereford, daughter,

by his wife, a daughter of LawPRISCILLA,m.the Rev,

rence, of Sherdington, and had Lancelot Broom

a son, wich, and died at

ROBERT DOBYNS, esq. EvesGloucester in 1805,

batch, of whom presently, left a son,

as heir to his grand-uncle, The Rev. Yate

Walter YATE, esq.

William Dobyns, died unm. in Dewho left no

cember, 1739. surviving is

Mary Dobyns, m. to John Skinner,

esq. of Bristol. William, aged twenty-two

Katherine, died 25th November, in 1682, a student at

1710, aged twelve. Lincoln's Inn.

Rice Yate, whose will, dated 20th June, Charles, aged twenty-one 1683, was proved 1st July, 1691, died 8th

in 1682, who m. his cou- September 1690, and as s. by his son,



WALTER Yate, esq. of Hook House, in Tibberton Court, Gloucesterslire, the parish of Bromesberrow, a magistrate and of Antigua, in the West Indies, and deputy lieutenant for Gloucestershire, barrister-at-law, and dying 13th Deand lieut. col. of that county's militia. He cember, 1819, left an only surviving m. Elizabeth, daughter of Charles Dowdes

child, well, esq. of Forthampton Court, and by her

CAROLINE-ANNE DONOVAN, bapt. (who d. 26th April, 1710, aged twenty-five)

at Stanmore, in Middlesex, m. had issue,

3rd May, 1819, at Bath, to James Walter, who d. s. p. 28th June, 1738.

Scott, esq. of Tibberton Court Catherine, d. 2nd May, 1713, aged five.

Gloucestershire, capt. R. N. eldCol. Yate died 12th December, 1744, aged

est surviving son of Thomas Scott, seventy-six, was buried at Bromesberrow,

esq. of Galloway, in Scotland, and succeeded by his grand-nephew,

and of Ham Common, Surrey,

and has issue, ROBERT DOBYNs, esq. of Evesbatch, in Herefordshire, b. in 1728, who assumed the

Honywood Dobyns Yate Scott,

b. in 1821. surname and arms of Yate by act of parlia

Richard Donovan Yate Scott, ment, in 1759. He was in the commission

b. in 1823. of the peace for the counties of Hereford and

Caroline Anne Yate Scott. Gloucester, and served as high sheriff of the latter. He m. Elizabeth, daughter of Rich

Anna Maria, died young, 1783. ard Gorges, esq. of Eye, in Herefordshire, Mr. Dobyns Yate died 26th May, 1785, aged

the high sheriff of that county, and sister of thirty-three, and was s. by his son,

preRichard Gorges, esq. M.P. for Leominster, and had issue,

Walter Hon YWOOD YATE, esq.of Bromes

berrow. ROBERT-GORGEs, his heir. Richard-Gorges, buried 20th April,

Family of Dobyns. 1762, aged about six years. Thomas-Gorges, LL.D. rector of Eves

John DOBYNs, of the city of Bristol, batch and Bromesberrow, and of Fre- (lineally descended from D'Aubyn,who came therne, in Gloucestershire, preben

over with WILLIAM the conqueror, and setdary of Hereford, a magistrate for tled immediately afterward at Stedisland in the counties of Gloucester, Worces. Aure, Gloucestershire,) married Frances, ter, and Hereford, bapt. at Bromes- daughter of John Haviland, of Wilkeshood, berrow, d. s. p. 25th October, 1812, parish of Langley, Isle of Purbeck, by Mary aged fifty-five.

Carew, his wife, and had a son and succes

sor, Catherine-Gorges, m. to Benjamin Hyett, esq. of Painswick, in Gloucester

John Dobyns, esq. an eminent barrister, shire.

who purchased from Charles Morton, the Eleanora, m. to the Rev. Dr.Drake, D.D.

manor and advowson, of Evesbatch, in Herevicar, of Rochdale in Lancashire; Rev. Henry Bright, prebendary of Worces

fordshire. He m. Dorothy, daughter of the who died 12th September, 1819, aged ter, by Joan, his wife, daughter of Rowland

seventy-five. She died about 1824. Anne, m. to the Rev. Robert Foot, Berkeley, esq. of Spetchley, and dying in M.A. prebendary of Llandaff, and d. 1639, was interred, in Worcester Cathedral,

and s. by his son, Elizabeth, died in June, 1784, aged ford, and of Evesbatch, who was in the com

Robert DOBYNS, esq. of the city of Herenineteen.

mission of the peace for the county of HereMr. Dobyns Yate died 10th January, 1766, ford, and a barrister of the Middle Temple. and was s. by his son,

He married first, Margaret, daughter of Sir Robert Gorges Dobyns Yate, esq. of Edward Vernon, of Sudbury, in the county Bromesberrow, bapt. there, who m. in July, of Derby, which lady died s. p. 26th Octo1775, Annabella Christiana, only daughter ber, 1658, and secondly, Bridget, eldest of William Honywood, esq. of Malling Ab- daughter of Fulke Walwyn, esq. of Hellins, bey, in Kent, sister of Sir John Honeywood, in Much Marcle, by Margaret, his wife, bart. of Evington, and niece of Viscount daughter of Sir Walter Pye, knt. of the Courtenay. By her, who died in April, 1808, Mynde. By his second wife, who d. 1st he had issue,

November, 1698, Richard Dobyns left at WALTER-HonyWOOD, his heir.

his decease 3rd October, 1710, a daughter, Robert-Gorges, b. in 1782; d. unm. Margaret, b. in 1663, wife of John Hill, and 5th April, 1802.

a son, Annabella-Christiana, died young in Robert DOBYNs, esq. of Evesbatch, b. 1789.

10th September, 1662, who m. CATHERINE, Caroline-Elizabeth, m. 12th September, daughter of Rice YATE, esq. of Bromes

1797, to Richard Donovan, esq. of berrow, and dying in 1713, left a son,

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Robert DOBYNs, esq. of the manor of, and 3rd az. a chev. between three annulets Leadon, whose son,

or, for DOBYNS. Robert DOBYNs, esq. of Evesbatch, as Crests-1. An elephant's head arg. tusked sumed, as already shewn, the surname and 2. A falcon volant or. arms of Yate.

Mottoes—Quo,virtus vocat for YATE: Quod

pudet hoc pigeat. Arms—Quarterly, 1st and 4th az. a fess. Estates-In Gloucestershire. and in chief two mullets or, for YATE; 2nd Seat-Bromesberrow, Gloucestersbire.


MILBANK, MARK, esq. of Thorp Perrow and Barningham Park, both in the county

of York, 6. 2nd May, 1795; m. in June, 1817, Lady Augusta
Henrietta Vane, second daughter of Harry William, Duke
of Cleveland, and has issue,

MARK-WILLIAM-VANE, b. 5th April, 1819.
Frederick-Acclom, b. 21st April, 1820.
Henry-John, b. 22nd June, 1824.
Augustus-Sussex, b. 29th October, 1827.

Mr. Milbank, who represented the borough of Camelford
for fifteen years in parliament, is a deputy lieutenant for
Yorkshire, and was sheriff in 1837.

Lineage. Ralph MILBANKE, who held the honour ronet, and married Jane, only daughable office of cupbearer to Mary Queen of ter of Sir Ralph Carr, knt. of Cocken, Scots, having been involved in a duel in by whom he left at his decease, in 1698, his native country, was forced to seek an three sons and two daughters viz. asylum in England, where he purchased the

MARK (Sir), third bart. of Halnaby, estate of Chirton, near North Shields, in

d. unm. in 1705. the county of Northumberland, and settling Ralph (Sir), fourth bart. of Halnaby, there, founded the family of Milbanke,

ancestor of the present Sir John which subsequently became so influential in

Peniston MILBANKE, bart. (See the neighbouring county of York. His

Burke's Peerage and Baronetgrandson,

age.) MARK MILBANKE, esq. high sheriff of

Acclom. Northumberland, took a prominent part in

Judith, m. to Cuthbert Routh, esq. the restoration of Charles II. and was one

of Low Dimsdale, in the county of the gentlemen of the town of Newcastle

of Durham. who raised a sum of money and sent it to the

Dorothy, m.

to John Milbank, esq. king when an exile at Breda. He m. Do

of Thorp Perrow. rothy, daughter and co-heir of Ralph Cock, II. Acclom, who inherited the Barningesq. and had issue,

ham property. He m. first, a lady William, died unm.

of Cambridgeshire, by whom he had MARK, of whom presently.

three daughters, and secondly, Anne, Judith, m. to Sir Barrington Bourchier, daughter of Timothy Davidson, esq. knt. of Benningborough.

by whom he left at his decease, 26th The only surviving son and heir,

April, 1704, a son Mark, who died in MARK MILBANKE, esq. of Halnaby, in the April, 1758 county of York, was created a Baronet 7th

II. Ralph, who m. Anne, daughter of Dr. August, 1661. He m. first, Elizabeth, daugh Martin, of Oxford, but left no issue. ter, and sole heir of John Acclom, esq. of IV. John, of whom presently. Moorby, in the same shire, and had by her 1. Elizabeth, m. to Nicholas Cole, esq. four sons and one daughter, viz.

eldest son and heir of Sir Ralph Cole, 1. MARK, who succeeded as second ba

bart, of Brancepeth Castle, and had

Sir Mark, m. secondly, Faith, daughter of MARK MİLBANK, esq. of Thorp Perrow. Thomas Acclom, esq. of Bonwick, in York- This gentleman, who broke his back in shire, but by her had no issue. He died in jumping, was succeeded by his son, June, 1680, and was buried in the parish WILLIAM MILBANK, esq. of Thorp Perchurch of Croft. His fourth son,

row, b. 15th January, 1768, who m. Dorothy, John MILBANK, esq. of Thorp Perrow, m. daughter of John Wise, esq. of Totness, in Mary, daughter and heir of Timothy Robson, Devon, by Margaret, his wife, daughter and esq. of Newcastle-on-Tyne, and had issue, heir of John Ayshford, esq. of Wonwell John and Elizabeth. He died 13th March, Court, (see vol. i. p. 21,) and had issue, 1713, and was s. by his son,

MARK, his heir. John MILBANK, esq. of Thorp Perrow, who Dorothy, died young; wedded his cousin Dorothy, daughter of Sir Mr. Milbank, died in February, 1802, and Mark Milbanke, bart. of Halnaby, and had was s. by his son, the present MARK MILby her, who died in 1741, one son and three BANK, esq. of Thorp Perrow. daughters, namely,

Arms-Gu. a bend erm. on a canton or MARK, his heir

a lion's head erased of the field. Elizabeth.

Crest-A lion's head gu. charged with a Mary.

bend erm. Dorothy.

Estates-In Yorkshire. Mr. Milbank, died 22nd August, 1759, and Seats-Thorp Perrow, and Barningham was s. by his son,

Park, Yorkshire.


RADCLYFFE, ROBERT, esq. of Foxdenton Hall, in the county of Lancaster, b.

14th December, 1773, m. at Walcot Church, Bath, 14th April, 1796, Mary, fifth daughter of Thomas Patten, esq. of Bank, near Warrington, and has issue,

1. ROBERT, b. 23rd October, 1798; m. 16th February,

1837, Agnes, second daughter of the late Rev. Henry

Sill, of Burton, Westmoreland. 11. Charles-James, of the 5th Dragoon Guards, m. Ist

July, 1835, Anna-Maria, only child of the late R. Lil

lington, esq. of Stockley, in Dorsetshire, III. Frederick-William, in holy orders. 1. Mary, m. 1827, to William Hallett, esq. jun. of Phil

liols, Dorsetshire, son of William Hallett, esq. of Can

dys, Hants, and has issue.
11. Dorothea.
ju. Frances.
IV. Emma.
v. Amelia.

VI. Julia.
Mr. Radclyffe s. his father in 1783, and was high sheriff of Dorsetshire in 1813.

Lineage. The family of Radcliffe took its name from RICHARD De RADCLYFFE, of Radclyffe the village of Radcliffe, near Bury, in Lan-Tower, in the county of Lancaster, seneschal cashire, one of decidedly Saxon origin.* and minister of the forests of Blackburn

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* EDWARD the Confessor held Radcliffe for a mily, in the early periods of English History. manor, with two hides of land, one belonging to This parish, doubtless, gave name to the family of Salford. It is one of the four places mentioned in Radcliffe before it was in possession of the Earls Domesday Book. The village was so called from of Chester. The pedigree of the family assumes a cliff of red rock on the east side of the Irwell, a de Radclive anterior to the reign of HENRY II. opposite to the village of Red or Radcliffe. The and the name of Henry de Radclive appears among Norman Conquest introduced much of the French the witnesses to the charter of Robert de Lathom, language ; hence the appellation of Rugemont was

on the foundation of Burscough Priory, in the often given to this village, and used also as the reign of RICHARD I. surname of several members of the Radcliffe fa

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