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Owen, esq.

Ieuan was the first who assumed the sur-daughters, Anne, Joan, and Bridget, and

Blaenau is a pure Welsh word for three sons, viz. points, extremities; and is applied to up 1. John Davies, d. unm. in 1729. lands; as Blaenau Gwent, the uplands of II. Charles Davies, of Llivior, b. in Monmouthshire, &c. It is probable that 1665, d. in 1729, having m. (as before Jeuan ab Grufydd ab Llewelyn Vychan, of related) Sarah Evans, and had issue, Tregynon, was put out to nurse at a house

ANNE DAVIES, his heir, b. in 1728, called Blaenau, wherever it lies, and thence

and wedded, in 1745, Owen named Ieuan of Blaenau, and since, corruptly, Blayney. The issue of John ab UI. Arthur Davies, of Ty 'n y Coed, d Davydd hir, by Catherine, his wife, above

without issue in 1758. mentioned, were 1. EDWARD AB John, his heir.

Arms (recorded in the Heralds' College) 11. Morus ab John, m. Catherine, co -Quarterly ; first, the paternal coat for

heir to Richard ab Owen ab Gutyn Owen, from CADIVOR AB DYNAWAL, sa. Penwyn.

three scaling-ladders, &c. already described. III. Richard.

Second, for the heiress of Cevn Havod, from IV. Thomas.

MADOG DAnwr, erm. a lion rampant sa. in v. Rees.

a bordure gu. a semée of mullets arg. 1. Gwen, m. to David ab Grufydd, of Third, for the heiress Evans of Rhyd y Manavon.

Carw, from LLEWELYN AURDORCHOG, az. a EDWARD AB John, of Llivior, eldest son lion rampant guardant or. Fourth, for the of John ab Davydd hir, led to the altar heiress Davies of Llivior, from BROCHWEL, Elizabeth, daughter of Davyd ab Morus ab sa. three nags' heads erased arg. Owen Blayney, esq. of Aber Bechan. Owen CrestsFirst,ppr. the wolf saliantlangued was the eldest son of Ieuan Blayney, of of Tudwal Gloff, for Owen. Second, a stag Tregynon, having, according to custom, left trippant ppr. horned and hoofed or, for his younger brother, Grufydd, in possession EVANS OF Rhyd y Carw. of the paternal mansion. Edward ab John, MottoesTorav cyn plygav; by deed bearing date 20th January, 1598,

and Flecti non frangi. settled part of his landed estate upon his EstatesThe Glyngynwyd estate, in Cevn son,

Havod, Llangurig, came into possession of DAVID AB EDWARD, upon his marriage to the family by the marriage of Llywelyn ab Joyce vch David, sister to Ieuan ab David Howel with ANGHARAD, the heiress thereof, ab Howel, gent. of Trev-esgob, in Mont- about the year 1470. Rhyd y Carw was gomeryshire.

obtained with Sarah, the heiress of Edward JOHN AB DAVID, of Llivior, son and heir | Evans. of David ab Edward, joined with his mother, Rhyd y Carw and the Tynycoed estates the said Joyce ych David, in a deed of family have been in the possession of the present settlement dated 15th December, 1637, and proprietor's maternal ancestors for several was alive in 1657.

centuries, and became attached to the paDAVID, son of John ab David, of Llivior, ternal estate of Glyngynwyd by the marassumed the modern surname of Davies, riage of Owen Owen with Anne Davies. and in 1649 married Bridget, sole daughter The above estates are in the county of and heir of Richard Edwards, of Llivior. Montgomery. She d. in 1707, having survived her husband Seat-Glan Severn, on the banks of the seven years, and leaving issue by him three Severn, Montgomeryshire.


UPTON, THOMAS, esq. of Ingmire Hall, in Westmoreland, b. 8th June, 1800 ; m. 16th July, 1829, Eliza, second daughter of Benjamin Way, esq. of Denham Place, Bucks, and has issue,

Thomas-SMYTH, b. 7th May, 1830.
John-Henry-Greville, b. 2nd January, 1836.

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of William Mohun, of Postlincb, in Devon, and had two sons (whom Playfair states to have both been christened by the same name), viz.

1. John, of Postlinch, who m. Eliza

beth, daughter of John Burley, of
Chanacombe, in Devon, and had,
with two daughters, Jane, wife of
Thomas Rowe ; and Elizabeth, of
Nicholas Dillon, three sons, viz.
John, who m. Elizabeth, daughter

of Patrick Bedlowe, and d. s. p. Nicholas, who is presumed to have

been the learned and pious Dr. Nicholas Upton, of whom Prince

gives an ample history in his The family of Upton, or, as the name was

Worthies of Devon. anciently spelt, De Uppeton, were settled

William, of Postlinch, who m. at Upton, in Cornwall, about the time of the

Mary, dau. of Thomas Kirkham, conquest. From the extreme age of the

of Blacydon, and had two sons, original pedigree, still in existence at Ing

George, who married Pbilippa, mire Hall, some of the earlier names and

daughter of John Wray, dates are illegible, but from the twelfth cen

esq. of Trebitts, in Cornwall, tury, the descent is continued in an un

and was father of two sons broken line to the present Mr. Upton, of

and four daughters. WilIngmire, who now represents_the elder

liam Upton, the last male branch of the house of Upton. To

heir of this branch of the John Upperon, de Uppeton, in the county

family, d. in 1709, leaving of Cornwall, succeeded

two daughters, Mary and ANDREW UPPETON, de Uppeton, whose

Elizabeth. The latter died son and heir,

unm. the former wedded HAMELYN UPPETON, living in 1218, was

James Yonge, M.D. of Plyfather of

mouth, son of Dr. Yonge, JOHN UPPETON, living in 1283, to whom

the friend and corresponsucceeded his son,

dent of Sir Hans Sloane, RICHARD Upperon, who m. Agnes, dau.

and author of several works and heir of Walter Carwather, and dying

popular in their day. temp. EDWARD I. was s. by his son,

II. John (second son). John UPPETON, of Upton, living in 1308, This who m. Margaret, sister and co-heir of John John UPTON, esq. m. temp. EDWARD VI. Mules, and had a son and successor, Agnes, dau. of Nicholas Peniles, of Lupton,

THOMAS Upton, living in 1450, 28 HENRY and sister and heir of John Peniles, of LupVI. who m. Johan, daughter and heir of ton, in Devonshire, by whom he acquired that John Trelawny, and had issue,

estate, and had, with a daughter, Jane, m. 1. ARTHUR, son and heir, who m. Joan, to William Hill, of Shilston, a son and suc

daughter and heir of Richard Palmer, cessor,
of Langton, and was father of

William Upton, esq. who was seated at
John, who m. Elizabeth, daughter Lupton. He m. Joan, dau. of John Pount,

of — Leversege, and was father of Derbyshire, and had, John, his beir; of

Thomas; and Joan, wife of John Varvell,
JEFFREY UPTON, esq. who m. Mar- of Brixham.

garet, daughter and co-heir of The elder son,
Robert Home, esq. and was s. by John Upton, esq. of Lupton, m. Johan,

daughter and heiress of Sir Wincomb RaGeorge Upton, esq. of Wells, who leigh, knt. of Fardell, and had issue,

m. Frances, daughter and heir Joan, his heir.
of John Newton, of Hartree, and William.
dying s. p. m. this branch of the Nicholas.
family became extinct.

Marshall, m. to Richard Sparke, of 11. Joun, of whose line we have to treat. Plympton. This

Joan, m. to William Sparke, of DartJohn Upton was of Trelask, in Corn

mouth. wall. He m. Elizabeth, daughter and heir The eldest son,

his son,

John UPTON, esq. of Lupton, m. Ann,

of the Common Pleas, in widow of Thomas Allen, esq. of Glaston

Ireland. bury, and daughter of Cowp, esq. of III. Hugh. Somerset, by whom he had issue,

IV. Arthur. ARTHUR, his heir.

1. Apne. John, a distinguished knight of Malta.* II. Elizabeth, m. to John Hele, esq. of Elizabeth, m. to Christopher Hody, esq. Diptford, in Devon. of Nethway in Devon.

The eldest son, The eldest son,

John Upton, esq. of Lupton, living in ARTHUR UPTON, esq. of Lupton, m. Ger- 1620, m. Dorothy, daughter of Sir Anthony trude, daughter of Hugh Fortescue, esq. of Rous, knt. of Halton, in Cornwall, and was Filleigh, and had issue,

s. by his son, 1. John, his heir.

ARTHUR UPTON, esq. of Lupton, aged six 11. Henry, who went to Ireland in 1598, in 1620, who m. Elizabeth, relict of Robert

as captain in the army, under the Haydon, esq. and daughter of William
Earl of Essex, and settling in the Gould, esq. and had issue,
county of Antrim, was returned to 1. John, of Lupton, M.P. for Dart-
parliament by the town of Carrick-

mouth, who m. Ursula, relict of George fergus. He m. Mary, daughter of Clerk, of London, merchant, and Sir Hugh Clotworthy, knt. and left, daughter of Sir John Lytcot, knt. of with three daughters, four sons, of Moulsey, in Surrey, and died without whom the eldest,

surviving issue in 1687.
ARTHUR, of Castle Upton, b. 31st 11. Arthur, who d. unm.

May, 1623, who m. Dorothy, III. William, of whom presently.
daughter of Michael Beresford, The third, but only son to survive,
esq. of Coleraine, and had, with WILLIAM Upton, seated at Lupton, m.
other issue,

Catherine, youngest daughter of Sir John
CLOTWORTHY, of Castle Upton, Otway,t of Ingmire Hall, by his second

b. 6th January, 1665, M.P. wife, Elizabeth, daughter of John Brath-
for the county of Antrim, waite, esq. of Westmoreland, and had issue,
whose only daughter, Eli 1. William, who d. unm.
zabeth, m. the Right Hon. II. John, heir to his father.
Hercules-Langford Rowley, II. Arthur, d. unm.

of Summerhill, in Meath. 1. Catherine, m. John Egerton, esq. of
John, of Castle Upton, b. 19th Oulton, Cheshire, and d. s. p.
April, 1671, whose son,

11. Elizabeth, m. Philip Fernyhough, of CLOTWORTHY, was

Chester. ated BARON Temple- The second, but eldest surviving son and heir, town, in the peerage of JOHN UPTON, esq. of Ingmire Hall, m. Ireland, in 1776. (See Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas Boucher, esq. of

BURKE's Peerage.) Twickenham, in the county of Middlesex,
Thomas, king's counsel, re and had issue,

corder and M.P. for Lon John, his heir.
dondery, whose daughter, Elizabeth, m. in 1751, to Thomas Swet-
Dorothy, m. Thomas Ten-

tenham, esq. of Swettenham, in Chenison, esq. one of the judges shire. (See vol. i. p. 641.)


* Le Chevalier Upton, commandeur Anglois, et chancellor of the county palatine of Durham. He un des plus braves Chevaliers de l'Ordre, à la tête m. first, Mary Bigg, of Winchester, and by her de trente autres, et suive de quatre cens habitans had issue, de l'Isle, tous à cheval, se présenta fierment au John, who died unmarried. bord de la mer du côté du bourg, pour s'opposer Charles, L.L.D. who died 1721. aux descentes que les Turcs pourroient tenter, Anne, m. in Ireland. 1551. Histoire de l'Ordre de Malte, par Vertốt. Mary, m. to Posthumus Wharton. Tom. iii. p. 261. Edit. de Paris, 4to.

Sir John m. secondly, Elizabeth, daughter of John + SIR JOHN OTWAY, admitted fellow of St. Brathwaite, esq. and niece and heiress of Thomas John's College, Cambridge, 1635, was among the Brathwaite, esq. of Ambleside, and by her had first of those ejected by the Earl of Manchester, issue, and after his removal became one of the readers in Brathwaite. Gray's Inn. He was instrumental in bringing Elizabeth, m. to Byram. over two regiments to the royal cause, one com Margaret, m. to Fothergill. manded by Colonel Redman, who m. his sister, Catherine, m. to William Upton, esq. the other commanded by Colonel Cloberry, who Sir John Otway died 15th October, 1693, aged m. his wife's sister. On the return of CHARLES seventy-four, and was succeeded by his son, II. Otway was knighted, made of the king's coun Brathwaite; who, dying unmarried, was succeeded sel, vice-chancellor of the duchy of Lancaster, and by his sister, Catherine.

The son and successor,

Smyth, esq. of Stapleton, Gloucestershire, John Upton, esq. of Ingmire Hall, re- by whom he had also a son, Thomas, b. 8th presented the county of Westmoreland in June, 1800. Mr. Upton d. 6th January, several parliaments. He m. Mary, dau. of 1832, and was succeeded by his elder son, George Noble, esq. of Weston, in the county John, who gave up the family estates in of Durham, and had issue,

Yorkshire and Westmoreland in favor of JOHN, his heir.

his younger brother, Thomas, the present Mary, m. to John Morland, esq. of proprietor of Ingmire Hall.

Capplethwaite, Westmoreland. Jane.

Arms—Sa. a cross moline arg. quartering The only son and heir,

the arms of Carwather, Mules, Trelawny, John Upton, esq. of Ingmire Hall, m. Mohun, Peneles, Raleigh, and Otway. first, Dorothy, daughter of Dr. Wilson, Crest-On a ducal coronet or, a war horse Bishop of Bristol, by whom he had a son, passant sa. with trappings or. John, born 18th December, 1796; and Motto-Semper paratus. secondly, Florence,* daughter of Thomas Estates-In Yorkshire, Westmoreland,

and Somerset. * Eldest sister of Sir John Smyth, bart. of

Seat -- Ingmire Hall, Yorkshire, and Ashton Court, Somerset. (See Burke's Peerage Wraxall Lodge, Somersetshire. and Baronetage.)


ADAMS, HENRY-CADWALLADER, esq. of Anstey Hall, in the county of War

wick, b. 11th December, 1779; m. 18th June, 1803,
Emma, eldest daughter of Sir William Curtis, bart, and
has issue,

HENRY-WILLIAM, capt. in the army, b. in 1805.
George-Curtis, R.N. b. in 1807.
Frank, capt. in the army, b. in 1809.
Arthur-Robarts, A.B. fellow of St. John's College, Oxford,

b. in 1812.
Cadwallader, b. in 1825.

Mr. Adams, a magistrate and deputy lieutenant for War-
wickshire, succeeded his father in 1801, and served as
sheriff of the county in 1837.

Lineage. The Rev. SIMON ADAMS, son of Simon Cecily, m. to Thomas Cooper, gent. of Adams, of London, was rector of Aston Le Lubbenham, in Leicestershire. Walls from 1627 to 1673, in the latter year Dorothy, m. to Richard Miles. he died leaving by Cecily Abbys, his wife, Sarah, m. to William Fullwood, M.D. two sons and four daughters, viz.

of Huntingdon. Simon, his heir.

Hester, m. to William Saunderson, gent. Thomas, of Oxford, bapt. 26th Decem

of Pilton.
ber, 1639, who m. Elizabeth, daugh- The eldest son,
ter of William Flexney, esq. and was
father of

Simon ADAMS, esq. of Morton Pinkney,
The Rev. Simon Adams, of Oxford, in the county of Northampton, bapt. 7th July,
who m. Elizabeth, daughter of 1631, at Aston Le Walls, married first, Eli-
the Rev. Richard Knightley, of zabeth Hindes, of Priors Marston, in War-
Charwelton, and by her, who wickshire, by whom he had a daughter Mary,
wedded, secondly, Samuel Leeke and secondly, Anne, daughter of Robert
esq. of Litchborough, and died Cooper, gent. of Lubbenham, in Leicester-
in 1737, left issue, seated at LA- shire, by whom he had
VENDON, in the county of Buck Simon, his heir.

Thomas, bapt. 2nd August, 1673.

His son,

Elizabeth, m. in 1693, to Samuel Pres Thomas-Coker,vicar of Anstey, Shelton, ton, gent.

and Foleshill, A.M.b. in 1782, m. 16th Anne, bapt. 28th July, 1663.

September, 1806, Mary, daughter of Susanna, m. in 1695, to Robert Onely, Johnson Pistor, esq. of Bath, and has gent. of Newton.

issue, Sarah, aged eleven in 1682.

Simon Thomas, in holy orders, A.B. The elder son,

fellow of New College, Oxford, Simon ADAMS, M.D.of Daventry, bapt. 19th

b. in June, 1807. July, 1667, m. 23rd June, 1692, Anne, daugh

James, R.N. b. in June, 1809. ter of the Rev. William Gilbert, of Culworth,

Henry, b. in March, 1811. and had by her, who died in 1736, one son,

Cadwallader, Coker, b. in August, Simon, and two daughters, Catherine, m. in

1817. 1724, to the Rev. John Gilman, D.D. and

Septimus, b. in July, 1819. Anne, m. in 1716, to Benjamin Warren,

Daniel-Charles-Octavius, b. in Noesq. of Bugbrook. Dr. Adams died in 1748,

vember, 1822. aged eighty, and was buried at Daventry.


Catherine. The Rev. Simon Adams, vicar of Weiton,

Sarah Coker. in Northamptonshire, bapt. 6th October,

Frances. 1693, m. at Fawsley, 10th February, 1717-8, John, of the Middle Temple, sergeantAnne, daughter of John Clarke, esq.of Dray at-law, b. Ist September, 1786, m. ton, and had by her, who died January, first, in 1811, Elizabeth, only daugh1736-7, two sons and a daughter, namely,

ter of William Nation, esq. of ExCLARKE, his heir.

eter, and by her, who died 12th AuSimon, of Towcester, died in 1801, aged gust, 1814, had issue, seventy-seven.

Jobn, of Christchurch College, OxAnne, m. to Thomas Freeman, gent. of

ford, b. 24th February, 1813. Daventry:

William, of Merton College, Oxford, Mr. Adams died in 1731, and was s. by his

b. 2nd August, 1814. son,

He m. secondly, 21st January, 1817, CLARKE ADAMS, esq. of East Haddon, Jane, daughter of Thomas Martin, esq. lieut. col. of the Northamptonshire Militia, of Nottingham, and by her, who died bapt. 8th January, 1718-9, who m. first, 15th 19th June, 1825, had another son, August, 1744, Elizabeth Dobbins, daughter

Henry Cadwallader, b. 4th Novemand heir of the Rev. William Tayler, of An

ber, 1817. stey Hall, in the county of Warwick, rector Mr. Serjeant Adams, wedded, thirdly, of Malpbas, in Cheshire, and perpetual cu

28th December, 1826, Charlotte Pris. rate of Daventry, and had issue,

cilla, daughter and heir of John CoSimon, his heir.

ker, esq. of Bicester, in Oxfordshire, Elizabeth Dobbins, m. 16th August, and has by her, 1771, Charles Watkins, esq. of Da

Coker, b. 19th October, 1827. ventry, and died 19th May, 1782, aged

Charles-Warren, b. 19th Septemthirty-four.

ber, 1833. Col. Adams m. secondly, 29th August, 1751,

Charlotte-Sarah. Frances, only daughter and heir of Richard Sarah Coker, m. 17th May, 1800, to Clarke, esq. of Nortoft and Welton, but by James Beck, esq. of Allesley Park, her, who died 20th August, 1781, had no Warwickshire. issue. He died 26th June, 1776, and was s. Mr. Adams died at Bath, 10th March, 1801, by his son,

and was s. by his son, the present Henry SIMON ADAMS, esq. of East Haddon, in CADWALLADER ADAMS, esq. Northamptonshire, and of Anstey Hall, in the county of Warwick, barrister-at-law, de Arms-Vert a cross or charged with an puty recorder of Northampton, and recorder estoile sa. of Daventry. This gentleman, in 1780, sold Crest-A Talbot passant az, semée of bethe estate of East Haddon to Henry Saw- zants, collared arg. bridge, esq. He m. 3rd January, 1778, Sa Motto-Sub cruce veritas. rah, daughter of Cadwallader Coker, esq. of EstatesAnstey and Shelton, in WarBicester, and by her, who died at Bath 17th wickshire, Eydon, Moreton Pinkney, and July, 1833, aged eighty, had issue,

Bugbrook, in Northamptonshire. HENRY-CADWALLADER, his heir.

Seat-Anstey Hall, near Coventry.

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