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married Margaret, daughter of — Moreton, who m. 18th May, 1714, Ann, daughter of esq. of Engleton, in the county of Stafford, Tristram, esq. and d. 15th July, 1754, and had two sons,

leaving three sons, viz. ALEXANDER, d. in 1658.

1. William, m. to Anne, daughter of Samuel, m. to Abigail, daughter of

Green, esq. and had issue, Thomas, Wright, esq. of Brookset, in the of Sutton House, in the parish of county of Essex, and had four sons Albrighton, who m. Sarah, only dau. and two daughters, viz.

and heir of — Roden, esq. of Ruck1. John.

ley Grange, in the county of Salop. 2. Peter.

II. Thomas, of Bilbrook, his successor, 3. Samuel.

b. 9th January, 1719; d. 13th Octo4. Francis, of Wombridge, in the ber, 1798.

parish of Laurence Waltham, in ni. Tristam, d. unm.
the county of Berks.

The second son,
1. Maria.

THOMAS WIGHTWICK, esq. m. Margaret, 2. Abigail.

daughter of Thomas Devey, esq. of KingsThe elder son,

low, in the county of Salop, and had an Alexander WightWICK, who d. in 1658, only son, married, for his first wife, Anna, dau. of

Thomas-Devey WIGHTWICK, esq. b. in John Hunt, esq. of Shrewsbury, by whom

1758; who d. 25th March, 1828. He m. he had two sons and two daughters, viz. Lucy, youngest dau. of Humphry Stubbs,t

FRANCIS, his successor, d. in 1692. esq. and one of the four co-beiresses of her
Samuel, d. unmarried in 1684.

uncle, Mathew Stubbs, esq. of Water-eaton Sarah, wife of Richard Bracegirdle, and Bloxwich, both in the county of Stafesq.

ford, and left three sons and a daughter, Margaret, wife of Edward Jorden, esq.

viz. Alexander m. for his second wife, Alicia,

1. Henry, who d. young. daughter of John Lane, esq. of Bentley,

11. John, who d. young. and had two daughters; Jane, who d. unm.

III. STUBBS, his successor. and Maria, m. first, to James Beverly; and

1. Lucy, m. to Samuel-Hall Lord, esq. secondly, to Edward Dobson, esq. who d.

of Pool Castle, in the island of Bar

badoes. 22nd July, 1764.

Alexander's elder son,
Francis WightWICK, who d. in 1692,

Arms—Az. on a chevron ar. three crosses was of Wightwick and Tunstall. He m.

formée gu. betwixt three pheons or. Eliza, daughter of Richard Pyott, esq. and

Crest-An heraldic tyger ar. mane,

beard had three sons and one daughter, viz.

and tail crained sa. holding in his paws a Francis, m. to Elizabeth, daughter of pheon or. Walter Fowler, esq. of Pendeford,

Motto-Aut viam inveniam aut faciam. in the county of Stafford.

Seut-Great Bloxwich.
John, m. Mary, another daughter of
Walter Fowler, esq.

Stubbs, of TWater-eaton and Blorwich.
Elizabeth, m. to Rowland Fryer, esq.

of Thornes, in the county of Staf

ford. The third son,

RICHARD WIGHTWICK, m. to Martha-Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Willet, esq. of Fulham, in the county of Middlesex, and had three sons and a daughter,

1. Thomas.
Ji. Francis.
III. WILLIAM, b. in 1647.

1. Martha. The third son,

William WightWICK,* esq. of Albrighton, b. in 1647 ; m. Catherine, daughter of · Luttyge, esq. and had an only son, THOMAS WIGHTWICK, esq. his successor,

The Stubbs are an ancient family in the * In the year 1662, when CHARLES II, renewed

county of Stafford, and have resided on an the charter of incorporation to Albrighton, William Wightwick's name appears among the six first burgesses.

Refer to pedigree of Stubbs.



estate at Water-eaton, in the parish of HI. Mary, b. 4th January, 1741. Penkridge time immemorial; their resi IV. Eleanor, b. 17th July, 1745. dence was formerly surrounded by a moat, The third son, but has been lately filled up and the house HUMPHRY STUBBs, esq. m. 22nd October, modernized.

1756, Mary, daughter of Benjamin CrutchJohn STUBB5 m. Jane, daughter of — Gif- ley, esq. of Bloxwich, and had four daughfard, esq. and had four sons, viz.

ters, (co-heiresses of their uncle, Matthew 1. John, b. 9th November, 1676. Stubbs, esq. of Water-eaton, from whom II. HUMPHRY, his successor, b. 15th they inherited large estates in Penkridge, October, 1685.

Walsall, Wolverhampton, Pelsall, Shel-
M. Matthew, of Walsall, m. Mary, field, and Great and Little Bloxwich, in the

daughter of Slaney, esq. of Bes-county of Stafford), viz.

1. ELIZABETH, m. 9th June, 1778, to iv. Benjamin, in holy orders, b. 5th James Rann, esq. of Ladywood, near January, 1691.

Birmingham. The second son,

II. MARY, m. to the Rev. Jonas Slany, HUMPHRY STUBBS, m. Hester, daughter of Bescot Hall, near Walsall. of - Shutt, esq. and left ten children, six 111. MARTHA, m. 18th December, 1788, sons and four daughters, viz.

to Joseph Brearley, esq. of Newinn 1. Giffard, b. 3rd April, 1724.

Hall, Handsworth, in the county of 11. Matthew, b. 25th February, 1725.

Warwick. JII. HUMPHRY, his successor, b. 11th iv. Lucy, m. in 1783, to THOMAS-Devey March, 1732.

WiGHTWICK, esq. and was mother of iv. Matthew, of Water-eaton, b. 11th STUBBS WiGHTWICK, esq. of Blox

June, 1735; d. 21st July, 1768, and wich.

buried at Penkridge. V. John.

Arms-Sa. on a bend ar. three buckles vi. Benjamin, b. 14th August, 1740. or, betwixt two pheons or. 1. Jane, b. Ist March, 1728.

Crest—A demi eagle, wings extended ppr. II. Hester, b. 8th September, 1731. holding in the beak a branch slipped ppr.


ENYS, JOHN SAMUEL, esq. of Enys, in the county of Cornwall, b. 21st September, 1796, m. 17th April, 1834, Catherine, eldest daughter of Davies Gilbert, esq. of Tredrea and East Bourn. (See vol. i. p. 323.) Mr. Enys is in the commission of the peace, and was high sheriff of Cornwall in 1824.


Enys, the then proprietor, descended, in a direct male line,

John Enys, esq. of Enys, in the parish of Gluvius, and county of Cornwall, son of Thomas Enys, of Enys, by Katherine, his wife, daughter of John Reskimer, of Merthen, was living 1620. He m. Winifred, daughter and co-heir of Thomas Rise, esq. of Trewardenick, in the same shire, and had issue,

THOMAS, his heir, of Enys, aged 15 in

1620, m. Mary, daughter of Richard

Challons, and had issue.
JOHN, of Penryn, in Cornwall, m. Eliza-

beth Wheston, but d. s. p. His will,
dated 6th December, 1651, was

proved, 13th February, 1651-2. This ancient family was seated at Enys

Samuel, of whom presently. in the time of EDWARD III. and from De



Renatus, mentioned in the will of his John Enys, esq. of Enys, b. in 1710, á brother John, 1651.

magistrate for Devon, who m. Lucy, second Grace.

daughter of Francis Bassett, esq. of Tehiddy, Katherine.

in Cornwall, and by her, who d. 1st Japuary, Gertrude, m. to Thomas Amey, esq. and 1758, had issue,

had a daughter, Ampe, mentioned in SAMUEL, his heir.
the will of her uncle, John Enys.

Francis, LL.B. of Exeter College, OxThe third son,

ford. SAMUEL Enys, esq. purchased the Barton John, Captain, 29th regiment. of Enys, and other lands of his brother Dorothy, b. Ist November, 1746, died Thomas. He m. Elizabeth, daughter of unm. 30th January, 1784. Samuel Pendarvis, esq. of Roscrow, in Catherine, b. 6th February, 1754, m. to Cornwall, and had issue,

the Rev. John Basset Collins, of Ill Samuel, who predeceased his father, Loggan, in Cornwall, rectory Cam

borne, and d. in 1772. John, his heir.

Mary, d. 1st November, 1775. Valentine, of Penryn, in Cornwall, will John Enys, who served as sheriff of Corn

dated 5th April, 1710; codicil 3rd wall, died 19th April, 1773, was buried at
December, 1718; administration Gluvius, and succeeded by his son,
granted 10th March, 1719.

SAMUEL Enys, esq. of Enys, b. 6th OctoRichard, of Penryn, administration ber, 1749, who m. at Sbaw, in Berkshire, in granted 29th April, 1712.

1771, Sarah, daughter of the Rev. Thomas Grace, mentioned in the will of her | Penrose, rector of Newbury, in that county,

uncle, 1651, m. first to William Gre- and had issue,
gor, of Truro, and secondly to An John, b. 23rd January, 1772, who d. s.p.
drew May, M.D. of Truro.

LUCE-Anne, of whom presently.
The eldest surviving son,

Mr. Enys died 1st January, 1776, and his John Enys, esq. of Enys, mentioned in widow wedded, secondly, in 1779, the Rev. the will of his uncle John, 1651, and in that John-Hersent Thorpe, of Embly, in Hants ; of his brother Valentine, in 1710, married and thirdly, the Rev. Henry Eyre, of LanAnne, daughter and heir of Henry Gregor, ford. Samuel Enys's daughter, esq. of Truro, in Corrwall, and left, with a

LUCE-ANNE Enys, became eventually heidaughter, Elizabeth, wife of Clement War- ress, in a direct line, of the family. She ren, esq. of Exeter, a son,

m. Samuel-Oliver Hunt, esq. of Houndshill, Samuel Enys, esq. of Enys, whose will, Worcestershire, and had issue, dated 20th March, 1737, proved 25th Sep

JOHN-Samuel, her heir. tember, 1744. He m. Dorothy, daughter of

Jane. Thomas Willys, esq. of London, and sister

Frances-Anne, m. in 1828, to Otho and co-heir of Sir William Willys, bart. of Fenn Ditton, in the courity of Cainbridge ; Mrs. Hunt assumed, in 1813, her original and by that lady, who died in 1752, and was buried at St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, Mid- family name of Enys. Her only son is the dlesex, had issue,

present John-SAMUEL Enys, esq. of Enys. John, his heir. Samuel, of Richmond, in Surrey, who Arms—Quarterly, within a bordure com

m. Sarah, daughter of Jonathan pony, or and sa. first and fourth, arg. three Woodley, of London, and d. s. p. wyverns volant in pale vert, a bordure gu. 28th May, 1783, aged 66, and was second and third gu. on a fess embattled

buried at St. Martin's-in-the-Fields. counterembattled, between three birds arg. William, died unm. 1739.

as many cinquefoils, sa. Katherine, d. unm. 1778.

Crest—Three white feathers erect. Anne, d. unm. at Nackington, in Kent. Motto-Serpentes velut et columbæ. Jane, d, unm.

Estates-In Cornwall. Samuel Enys, who was sheriff of Cornwall Seat-Enys, near Penryn. in 1709, was s. at his decease by his son,

Cooke, esq.


SAUNDERS, ROBERT-FRANCIS, esq. of Saunders' Grove, in the county of Wicklow, succeeded his father in March, 1825, is a magistrate for the counties of Wicklow, Kildare and Carlow, and was sheriff of the first in 1822. He served with the 67th Regiment in the Peninsular, and with the 68th in North America.

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MORLEY SAUNDERS, esq. of Saunders' Grove, a magistrate and grand juror for the county of Wicklow, m. Ellen-Katherine, daughter and beiress of James Glascock, esq. of Music Hall, in the county of Dublin, of a family of considerable antiquity, and had issue,

Morley John-Stratford, died under age

in September, 1809. ROBERT-FRANcis, heir to his father. Edward-Henry-Conyngham, a midship

man on board Sir Michael Seymour's frigate the Niemen; killed by the captain of an American prize (the Purse) with which he was sent home

as prize-master, November, 1811. This family is of very ancient descent, James-Thomas-Conolly, in holy orders, and has been clearly ascertained by docu m. Augusta-Sophia, daughter of Johnments from the Heralds' College to be de Lloyd Williams, esq. of Alderbrook rived from the lords of Insbruck, in Ger Hall, in Carmarthenshire, and has many:

" Sir Harloven SAUNDERS,” says issue. the old family pedigree, came into Eng Albert-Wingfield, an ensign in the 88th land in or about the year 1370, deriving his regiment, killed at Vittoria. origin from Robert, Lord of Insbruck, who Katherine-Martha, m. to Thomas-Stratwas second brother of Rodolph, Count of ford Dennis, esq. of Fort Granite, in HAPSBURGH, and subsequently Emperor.' the county of Wicklow, and died in For a series of many generations, the des 1825, leaving issue. cendants of Sir Harloven maintained a Ellen. knightly rank in the land of their adoption, Charlotte-Hannah-Maria. and since the reign of Charles II. (about Mr. Saunders died in 1825, and was s. by which time the family first settled in Ire- his son, the present ROBERT-FRANCIS SAUNland) have held a distinguished position in DERs, esq. of Saunders' Grove. that country. One of the early members of this ancient line, after its establishment in Ireland, attained great distinction in the Arms—Arg. a chev. between three eleprofession of the law, viz.

phants' heads erased sa. on a chief gu. a Morley SAUNDERS, who was doctor of sword erected broken pointed ppr. between laws and prime serjeant to Queen ANNE. two plates. His grandson, Morley-PendreD SAUNDERS, esq. of

Crest-An elephant's head issuing out of

a mural crown, charged with an ogress. Saunders' Grove, in the county of Wicklow, m. Lady Martha Stratford, daughter of John Motto-Nil conscire sibi. Stratford, esq. M.P. for Baltinglass, who

Estates-- In the counties of Wicklow, was created Earl of Aldborough in 1777, Queen's County, Kildare, and Meath, and (see Burke's Peerage), and had, with se- in the city of Dublin. veral daughters, two sons, MORLEY, his heir, and John-Stratford, a lieutenant-general in Seat-Saunders' Grove, county of Wickthe army. The elder son,



GORDON, DAVID, esq. of Florida, in the county of Down, b. 1st June, 1759;

married Ilth September, 1789, Mary, youngest daughter of James Crawford, esq. of Crawfordsburn, in the same county, and sister of Anne, Countess of Caledon, and had issue,

Robert, b. 8th September, 1791 ; high sheriff of Down

sbire in 1833; m. 25th August, 1825, Mary, fifth daugh-
ter of the late William Crawford, esq. of Lukelands, in

the county of Cork.
John, d. in 1816.
James, d. young
James, b. 28th April, 1796, in holy orders.
Arthur-Johnston, d. in infancy.
Mabella, d. in 1800.
Alicia, d. in infancy.

Harriet, d. in 1826. Mr. Gordon, a magistrate and deputy lieutenant for Downshire, succeeded his brother 19th November, 1797. He served the office of sheriff for that county in 1812.


This family, a branch of the ancient and Mr. Gordon d. in 1720, and was s. by his ennobled line of the same name in Scot- son, land, is stated to have gone from Berwick John GORDON, esq. of Ballinteggart, b. in shire to Ireland during the period of the 1690, who m. first, in 1720, Jane, daughter civil wars in North Britain. From the im- of Alexander Hamilton, esq. of Hampton perfect state of the Scotch records, and the Hall, in the county of Dublin, and by her, destruction of family papers, the particulars who d. in 1726, had issue, of the descent cannot be traced with accu Robert, his heir. racy, but we find a friendly intercourse and Jane, m. to David Johnston, esq. acknowledgment of consanguinity subsisting John Gordon wedded, secondly, Grace, between the Irish branch and the parent daughter of Thomas Knox, esq. of Dunganstock. Many years after the period of the non, in the county of Tyrone, father of the settlement of the former in the sister island, first Viscount Northland, and had by her, Lord Adam Gordon, a general in the army,

Thomas-Knox, b. in 1728; appointed fourth son of Alexander, second Duke of in 1771, chief justice of South CaGordon, during a visit to that country, re rolina, who died in 1796, and was s. sided with his cousin, John Gordon, of Flo at Ballinteggart by his son, Major rida, and at a subsequent epoch, in the year John GORDON. 1783, the intercourse was renewed upon the John, b. in 1730, lieutenant-colonel 50th occasion of some members of the Gordon regiment (in which regiment his family visiting Scotland, when they were three nephews, Major John Gordon received with much kindness by Alexander, Staven, Captain John Craford Gorfourth Duke of Gordon, who fully recog don, and Captain Robert Wallace, nized the relationship. The representative held commissions). Colonel Gordon of the Irish branch, at the close of the 17th m. Elizabeth, sister of Sir Charles century,

Bampfylde, bart. of South Molton, in ROBERT GORDON, esq. of Ballinteggart, Devonshire, but d. s.p. in 1782. in the county of Down, m. in 1689, a sister Margery, m. to William Staven, esq. of Robert Ross, esq. of Rosstrevor, in the Elizabeth, m. to Joseph Wallace, esq. same county, ancestor of the late General Mr. Gordon d. in February, 1771, leaving Ross, who fell at the battle of Bladenburg, his estate of Ballinteggart to Thomas Knox and had issue,

Gordon, his eldest son by his second marJohn, his heir.

riage. His eldest son by his first wife, Robert, in holy orders.

ROBERT GORDON, esq. b. in 1722 ; m. in

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