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THOMAS Cowper Hincks, esq. of Mare-
field, in the county of Leicester, and of
Mancetter and Baddesley, in Warwickshire,
who m. in 1787, Joanna, daughter of Colo-
nel R. Morris, and had issue,

THOMAS-Cowper, his heir.
John, Captain Royal Artillery, of Cow-,-

14.0'ct ling Hall, near Bedale, m. Henrietta, 1842. daughter of Henry-Percy Pulleine,

esq. of Crake Hall, in Yorkshire. Mr. Hincks died 4th March, 1819, and was 8. by his son, the present THOMAS-Cowper Hincks, esq. of Breckenbrough.

Arms-Gu. a lion rampant erm. within an orle of bezants and plates alternately.

Crest-A demi lion gu. gutté de larmes EDWARD Hincks, esq. who m. Hannah, daughter of Robert Murrey, and had, with gorged with a collar dancetté arg. the sinisthree other sons and two daughters,

ter paw resting on an annulet or. John Hincks, esq. who m. Arbella, daugh

Motto-In cruce et lachrymis spes est. ter of Thomas Cowper, esq. and bad, with

Estates In the counties of Leicester, a daughter, Esther, who died unmarried, a Warwick, and York. son,


BRADSHAW, FRANCIS, esq. of Barton Blount, in the county of Derby, m.

Elizabeth, fourth daughter of Sir Robert Wilmot, bart., of
Chaddesden, and has issue,

Francis, m. 18th December, 1823, Mary-Ann, daughter

of Robert Holden, esq. of Nuthall, in the county of
Nottingham, and has issue,

Francis, b. 13th September, 1827.
Henry, b. 19th March, 1829.

} twins.
Charlotte, m. 19th November, 1821, to R. S. Sitwell, esq.

of Kirk Hallam.
Maria, m. to the Rev. Charles Cotton, rector of Dalbury.

Mr. Bradshaw served as high sheriff of Derbyshire in 1806.

Lineage. Thomas BRADSHAW, of Alderwasley, son ANTHONY BRADSHAW, esq. of Belper, b. of Richard, grandson of Henry, and great- 12th April, 1585, who m. 16th July, 1608, grandson of Henry Bradshaw, living 1483, Anne, daughter of John Wall, of Ashleyall of the same place, m. Agnes, daughter of hay, and left at his decease in 1642, with John Vallance, and was father of

other issue, a son, RICHARD BRADSHAW, of Alderwasley, Henry BRADSHAW, esq. of Holbrook, b. who m. Ellen, daughter of Henry Spencer, in 1614, who m. Ellen, daughter of John of Bowman Lane, by whom, who d. in 1611, Hill, of Over Mayfield, in Staffordshire, he left at his decease in 1625, a son and and had by her, who d. in July, 1669, two successor,

sons and two daughters, namely,

Samuel, his heir.

Frances, b. in 1681, m. to John Dale. Anthony, of Belper, b. in 1653, m. Mr. Bradshaw d. 19th August, 1716, and

Anne, daughter of Henry Lowe, esq. was interred at Duffield.
of Park Hall, in Denby, Derbyshire, His third son,
and had issue,

The Rev. Samuel BRADSHAW, of UpminAnne, who m. Joseph Baggaley, ster in Essex, b. in 1683, m. Mary, daughesq. of Holbrook, and was mo

ter of the Rev. Mr. Ellis, of Gunningstone, ther of

Notts, and dying s. p. bequeathed his estate
Joseph BAGGELEY, who even to his cousin,

tually inherited the Brad-
shaw estate.

JOSEPH BAGGALEY, esq. of Holbrook, who
Mary, m. to Francis Radford, esq.

assumed, in consequence, anno 1767, the of Holbrook.

surname and arms of BRADSHAW, and served Dorothy, "m. to Henry Browne, Frances, daughter of the Rev. Francis

as sheriff for Derbyshire in 1777. He m. esq. of Alfreton. Ellen, d. young.

Bower, Rector of Barlborough, and had

issue, Lydia, b. in 1657. Anne, b. in 1662.

Samuel, d. young. Mr. Bradshaw d. 23rd May, 1679, was Francis, heir. buried at Duffield, and s. by his elder Joseph son,

Anne, m. to Thomas Porter Bonell, SAMUEL BRADSHAW, esq. of Holbrook, b. esq. of Duffield, and d. 20th October, in 1651, who was for thirty years Receiver

1821. general of Land-tax, in the county of Der

Elizabeth, m. 15th January, 1793, to by. He m. in 1676, Mary, daughter of John Edwin Biscoe, esq. Robert Fearne, gentleman, of Bonsall, and

Mary. had issue,

Henry, b. in 1677, d. unmarried, at
Gumberoone in Persia, 10th May,

1707, aged 31.

Mr. Bradshaw was s. at his decease by his
Anthony, b. in 1679, n. Martha, son, the present FRANCIS BRADSHAW, of

daughter of John Morewood, esq. Barton.
of Alfreton, and died soon after his
father, s.p:

Arms—Arg. two bends between as many Samuel, of whom presently.

martlets sa. Robert, d. in 1705, aged 18.

Crest-A hart gu. standing under a vine Thomas, b. in 1692, m. Frances, daugh- branch vert. ter of Henry Fearne, esq. of Snit

MottoQui vit content tient assez. terton. William, b. in 1695, living in 1716, d.

Estates—In Derbyshire. unmarried.

Seat-Barton Hall.


HENEAGE-WALKER, GEORGE-HENEAGE, esq. of Compton Basset, in the

county of Wilts, M.A. of Christchurch college, Oxford, b.
17th July, 1799; m. 7th August, 1824, Harriet-Sarah,
eldest daughter of William Webber, esq. of Binfield Lodge,
in the county of Berks, and has had issue,

1. Alan, b. in May, 1826; d. in August, 1828.
11. CLEMENT, eldest surviving son and heir apparent, b. 6th

March, 1831.
II. Michael, b. 20th December, 1835.
1. Matilda-Harriet.

II. Alice.
This gentleman, the eldest son and heir of the late Rev.
George Wyld, of Speen, in the county of Berks, M.A.,
vicar of Cheveley, in the same county, (who d. 1st January,
1837), inherited, under the will of Mrs. Arabella Walker-

Heneage, late of Compton Bassett, widow of his maternal great-uncle, John WalkerHeneage, esq. dated 25th May, 1813, all her manors, capital and other messuages, lands and hereditaments, in the several counties of Wilts, Berks, Somerset, Middlesex, and Surrey; and, in compliance with a proviso annexed to such possession, was authorized, by royal license dated 20th August, 1818, to take the surname and arms of the family of Walker-Heneage only. He is hereditary chief usher of the court of Exchequer, and chief proclamator of the court of Common Pleas, &c. &c. a magistrate and deputy-lieutenant for the county of Wilts, and served the office of high-sheriff in the year 1829.

Lineage. The genealogy of the ancient family of Thomas Heneage, esq. was of Battersea, Heneage is deduced by authentic evidences in the county of Surrey, where he died 9th from Sir Robert Heneage, who held consi- | August, 1641, leaving issue by Bridget his derable possessions in the county of Lincoln wife, daughter of George Woodward, esq. of in the reign of HENRY III.

Upton, in the county of Bucks, and relict of John Heneage, of Hainton, in that county, Sir Thomas Liddell, knt. of Ravensworth the seventh in lineal descent from Sir Rö- Castle, in the county of Durbam, a son, Sir bert, d. 4th April, 1530; having had issue, Michael Heneage, knt. of Gray's Inn, who by Katherine his wife, the daughter of Tho- died in December, 1711, leaving by Phebe, mas Wimbush, esq. of Nocton, in the same daughter of Samuel Foote, esq. four daughcounty, four sons, viz.

ters and one son, 1. THOMAS(Sir), who succeeded to Hain

Charles Hensage, esq. of London, who ton, and, by Katherine his wife, dau. 1. in 1738, leaving two daughters, Elizabeth of Sir John Skipwith, left an only ried, the latter in 1765, and the former in

and Cecil, his co-heirs; both dying unmardaughter, his heir, Elizabeth, who m. William Lord Willoughby, 'of Par- 1779, the inheritance of this branch of the ham.

Heneage family devolved to the issue of 11. John, whose descendants are in pos- Michael Heneage, and wife of John Walker,

their aunt, Cecil, eldest daughter of Sir session of Hainton. (See p. 103.) 111. George, archdeacon of Lincoln, i esq; of the Inner Temple, and of Hadley,

in the county of Middlesex. who d. 9th September, 1549.

The family of Walker is of great respecIV. ROBERT.

tability, being derived from Anthony WalThe youngest son,

ker, of St. Andrew's Wardrobe, in London, ROBERT HENEAGE, esq. of Lincoln, one who died 11th May, 1590, possessed of lands of the king's auditors, who d. 27th July, held in capite, as appears by his will, as 1556, married, first, Lucy, daughter and well as by the inquisitio post mortem taken co-heir of Ralph Buckton, esq. of Elms- 27th January following. He m. Elizabeth, well, in the county of York; and, secondly, daughter of Robert Dawbeney, of SharMargaret, daughter of George Manners, rington, in Norfolk ; by whom he had seLord Roos, sister of Thomas, Earl of Rut- veral children, and, amongst others, Thomas land. By the former he had several sons, Walker, esq. of Westminster, hereditary two of whom only left issue. Sir Thomas chief usher of the court of Exchequer, and Heneage, the elder, of Copt Hall, in the marshal proclamator and barrier of the court county of Essex, one of the privy council of Common Pleas and to the justices in and chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster Eyre. He d. 12th October, 1613, leaving to Queen Elizabeth, left an only daughter by Joan his wife, daughter of John Moore, and heir, Elizabeth, created Viscountess of Ipswich, his son and successor to his ofMaidstone and Countess of Winchilsea. She fices, married Sir Moyle Finch, bart., and is now CLEMENT WALKER, esq. of the Middle represented by her descendant and heir Temple, and of the Charterhouse, Hydon, male, George-William Finch-Hatton, Earl in the county of Somerset, who had special of Winchilsea and Nottingham.

livery of his father's lands on the 24th NoMICHAEL HENEAGE, esq. the younger son

vember, 1614. 'He married, first, Mary, of the above Robert Heneage, was keeper of eldest daughter of Sir William Button, the records in the Tower of London. He knt. and bart. of Alton and Tockenham, in was born 27th September, 1510, and died 30th December, 1600, leaving issue by Grace

* The ancient and knightly family of Button is his wife, daughter of Robert Honywood, derived from Sir Walter de Button or Bitton, who esq. of Charing, in Kent, four sons and tourished in the reign of Henry III, and whose three daughters. The eldest son,

descendants gradually augmente their estates by

the parish of Lyneham, in the county of

2. Arabella-Bridget, b. in 1773; Wilts, and sister of Sir William, Sir Robert,

m. in 1794, William - Thomas and Sir John Button, successively baronets,

Darby, esq. of Sunbury, in the who all died without issue. By this lady he

county of Middlesex, who, in had a son,

1795, took the surname and arms John WALKER, esq. who, as aforesaid,

of St. Quintin, upon succeeding married Cecil Hentage, and d. 1st March,

to the estates of Scampston, in 1703, leaving, by that lady, two sons, the

Yorkshire, and d. leaving issue. elder of whom,

3. MARY-DYONISIA, b. in 1776 ; HeneAGE WALKER, esq. of Hadley, chief

who m. 26th November, 1796, usher of the Exchequer, dying without issue

the Rev. George Wyld, and d. 15th May, 1731, was succeeded in his es

in May, 1831, leaving tates and offices by his only brother,

1. George-Heneage WalkerJohn Walker, esq. of Lyneham, who

Heneage, esq. now of Compd. 27th April, 1758, leaving hy Dyonisia

ton. his wife, eldest daughter of James Cole

2. The Rev. Thomas - John brooke, esq. and sister of Sir James and

Wyld, M.A. rector of North Sir George Colebrooke, baronets, succes

Wraxall, in the county of sively of Gatton, in the county of Surrey,

Wilts, b. 11th November, three sons and three daughters,

1801 ; m. 27th April, 1836, 1. John, bis beir.

Maria, daughter of the late 11. James-Button, ensign 1st Regt. of

Joseph Neeld, esq. of RockFoot, slain at St. Cas, on the coast of

stone House, in the parish France, in 1754.

of All Saints, in the county III. Colebrooke.

of Southampton.

3. The Rev. William-Thomas 1. Mary, b. in 1732; d. at Grantham, unmarried, in 1775.

Wyld, M.A. rector of Wood11. Dyonisia, b. in 1733; m. 27th Oc

boro', in the county of Wilts, tober, 1772, the Rev. Theophilus

b. 5th July, 1805. Meredith, of Ross, in the county of

4. Granby-Colebrooke Wyld, Hereford, younger brother of Sir

b. 27th March, 1808; died William Meredith, bart. of Henbury,

in June following: in the county of Chester, and had an

5. James - William Wyld, b. only daughter, Henrietta-Arabella,

9th September, 1812; d. in b. in 1774.

June, 1813. 1. Cecil-Ann, b. in 1734; m. 10th July,

6. John Wyld, b. in June, 1764, Thomas Calcraft, esq. a lieu

1818, now a cornet in the tenant-colonel in the army, and had

3rd Light Dragoons. issue an only son and three daugh

1. Mary-Cecil. ters,

2. Arabella-Elizabeth, m. and

has issue.
1. John Calcraft, esq. of Grantham,
b. in 1765, a general in the army,

3. Caroline-Patience, who d. who d. unmarried in 1830.

in 1828, having m. the Rev.

Thomas Michell, and left 1. Cecil - Mary - Elizabeth, 6. in

two children.
1768; d. unmarried in 1808.

4. Cecil-Catherine.
5. Elizabeth-Milward, died an

infant. alliances with the heiresses of Furneux, Bryan,

6. Elizabeth-Milward. Turberville, Basset, &c.

Sir William Button, knt. of Alton Priors, the The eldest son and heir, heir and representative of this house, was raised John Walker, esq. of Compton Basset, to the baronetage 18th March, 1621. He married chief usher of the Exchequer, &c. obtained Ruth, daughter of Walter Dunch, esq. of Ave a royal license, 8th March, 1777, to enable bury, in the county of Wilts, and died 16th Ja- him to take and use the surname, arms, and nuary, 1654, leaving four sons, 1. Sir William, who died without issue 8th quest of his cousin, Elizabeth Heneage,

crest of Heneage, in pursuance of the reMarch, 1659. II. Thomas, who died

spinster, above-mentioned. He died in 1806, young. 111. Sir Robert, who died without issue in leaving no issue by Arabella his wife, daugh1677.

ter of Jonathan Cope, esq. (son and heir apiv. Sir John Button, bart. of Ogbourne St. parent of Sir Jonathan Cope, bart. of Bre

George, in the county of Wilts, who died wern, in the county of Oxon), by the Lady also without issue in 1713,

Arabella Howard, eldest daughter of Henry, and three daughters; of whom Mary, the eldest, Earl of Carlisle, K.G. This lady, who was married Clement Walker, as above-mentioned. devisee of her husband's estates, died 26th

, ,

Crest of Heneage-A greyhound current them on the present possessor, GEORGE- | sable differenced as the arms). Heneage WALKER-HENEAGE, esq. and his heirs.

Crest of Walker -A demi heraldic tiger

per pale indented argent and sable, maned Arms—Quarterly : 1st and 4th, Heneage, and tufted or. viz. or, a greyhound current sable between three leopards' faces azure, within a bordure Motto-" Walk in the fear of God." engrailed gules (a mullet charged with a crescent for difference): 2nd and 3rd, Wal EstatesIn the county of Wilts, &c. ker, viz. azure a cheveron engrailed ermine between three plates, each plate charged

Seat-Compton Basset, Wilts. with a trefoil slipped vert.


WIGHTWICK, STUBBS, esq. of Bloxwich, in the county of Stafford, b. 31st October, 1794 ; m. 2nd May, 1829, Dorothea, third daughter of Richard Fryer, esq. of the Wergs, in the same shire. (See vol. iii. p. 490.) He is a magistrate and deputylieutenant for the county of Stafford.


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II. William, died 34 Henry VI. m.
Elizabetha, and had two sons,

1. John, who left a will, dated 1478.
2. Henry, of Compton, from whom

the Wightwicks of the city of

Coventry descended.
The elder son,

John Wightwick, m. Joanna, daughter
of Brooke, esq. of the city of Lichfield,
and had two sons, Richard and Henry.
The younger

HENRY WIGHTWICK, m. Thomasina, dau. of Milson, esq. of the Barnburst, and had two sons,

1. John, who died in 1539.

II. Thomas, who had a son, Richard This family derives its descent from the Wightwick, of Islesley, in the county same source as the Wightwicks of Surrey, of Berks, founder of Pembroke colBerks, and Coventry. It has been seated lege, in the university of Oxford. for many generations in the counties of Staf- | The elder, ford and Salop, for it is recorded in Dooms John WiGHTWICK, m. Margaret, daughday Book that a place called Westewike is ter of Brooke, esq. of Blakeland, and a member of the lordship of Tettenhall Re- had gis, in the county of Stafford, and hath given HUMPHRY, his successor. name to a family of Wyghtwiche, Wight Matthew. wycke, or Wightwick--the first is William Walter. de Wictewike, who had a daughter, Julian; The eldest, she had a son, Osbertus ad Portam, son of HUMPHRY WIGHTWICK, d. in 1594, having Julian de Wictewike, 30 EDWARD I., which

m. Margaret, daughter and heiress of Osbert had issue, Simon de Writewike, and Jenks, esq. (whose wife was the daughter be had John, son of Simon, from whom and heiress of Grosvenor, esq. in the William de Wightwyke, 42 EDWARD III.

county of Salop), and from whoun descended JOHN DE WIGHTWIKE, 20 RICHARD II.

George. m. Agnes, and had a son,

John, died in 1596, at Wolverhampton. JOHN DE WIGHTWICKE, who left a will, Francis, died 1616. dated 1420; he m. Alicia, and left

This 1. John, died temp. HENRY VI.

FRANCIS WIGHTWICK, having previously

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