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Riding of the county of York, b. 19th November, 1762; m. 26th May, 1803, Louisa, third daughter of the late Henry Cholmley, esq. by Katharine his wife, eldest daughter of Nathaniel Cholmley, esq. of Whitby Abbey and Howsham, and has issue,

William-HENRY, A.M. F.L.S. F.H.S. of Lincoln's Inn,

barrister-at-law, b. 14th May, 1808. George, M.A. rector of Sutton on Derwent, in the East

Riding of the county of York, b. 24th February, 1810; m. in 1836, Theresa, eldest daughter of the late Rev.

W. Wheler, youngest son of Sir George Wheler, bart. Thomas-Frederick, M.A. in holy orders, b. 4th June,

Edward, Lieut. 13th regiment of Light Dragoons, b. 13th

October, 1812.
Charles, R.N. b. 16th May, 1818.
Walter, b. 20th March, 1820; d. 27th October, 1829.
Louisa, died young 19th May, 1808.
Maria-Christiana, d. 25th December, 1821.

Elizabeth-Amelia. This gentleman, whose patronymic is Rudston, assumed by sign manual the additional surname and arms of Read, in compliance with the testamentary injunction of the late William Read, esq. of Sand Hutton, in the county of York. He is in the commission of the peace for the three ridings of that shire.

d. s. p.

third son,

Lineage. Sir John Rudston, lord of the manor of John, who m. Dorothy Glascock, and Hayton, in the East Riding, who was living in the 6th year of the reign of King John, Margaret, m. to Jeffrey Hotham, of had a son and successor,

Hutton Cranswick. Walter RudsTON, of Hayton, who m. Alice, Thomas Middleton, of York. Oswyn, daughter of Stephen Shalleros, and Joan, m. to Thomas Brigham, of Brighad three sons: Walter, who died issue

ham. less; Robert, a monk at Selbie, in York- The elder son, shire; and John, his father's heir. The Thomas RudstOn, m. Denys, daughter of

Edward Ripplingham, esq. and was father of John Rudston, of Hayton, m. a daughter John RUDSTON, who m. Armitude, daughof Thomas Wilberforce, and was s. by his ter and heir of Gregorie Haton, of Haton, son,

and had five sons, ROBERT, Richard, John, GREGORY Rudston, of Hayton, father, ancestor of the Rudstons, of Elie and Swaffby his wife, a daughter of Sir John Elliker, ham, James and Ralph. The eldest son, knt. of Elliker, of

Robert RudsTON, esq. of Hayton, esWALTER RUDSTON, of Hayton, who m. a poused Elizabeth, daughter of Edward Kighdaughter of Sir John Berron, of Colwicke, ly, esq. and was s. by his son, in the county of Nottingham, and had a son Mathew Rudston, esq. of Hayton, living and successor,

at the close of the 15th century, who m. a Nicholas Rudston, who m. Bridget, dau. daughter of Thomas Studham, esq. of Pockof Nicholas Cliffe, of Cliffe, and was s. by lington, and had issue,

1. WALTER, his heir. John Rudston, who m. the daughter and II. John (Sir), lord mayor of London heiress of Thomas Barwick, esq. of Pock

in 1528, who m. first, Agnes, daughlington, in the county of York, and had ter of Henry Seirson, esq. and had issue,

issue. The eldest daughter m. Sir THOMAS, his heir.

Christopher Hilliard, knt.; and the

his son,

second, Sir Thomas Wotton, knt. of 1. Ursula, m. to Robert Wright, esq. Kent. Sir John wedded, secondly,

of Plowland. Ursula, daughter of Sir Robert Dy II. Frances, m. to Stephen Thorp, esq. moke, knt. and had by her (who m. and had a son, Thomas. secondly, Sir Edward Wotton, knt.) The second but eldest surviving son, a son,

John Rudston, esq. of Hayton, living in
Robert, who purchased from Sir 1584, the period of Glover's Yorkshire visi-

Thomas Wyatt the manor of tation, wedded Margaret, daughter of Tho-
Boughton Monchensie, in Kent, mas Trollop, esq. of Thornley, in Durham,
and in the 2nd and 3rd year of and had issue,
EDWARD VI. procured his lands 1. Walter, his heir.
in that county to be disgavelled 11. Nicholas.
by the act then passed for the II. John.
purpose. Engaging temp. Queen 1. Ursula, m. first, to Christopher Lang-
MARY, in Sir Thomas Wyatt's ley, esq. of Willington, in the county
rebellion, he was condemned to of Durham ; and, secondly, to Mar-
be executed, but ber majesty was maduke Dolman, esq.
pleased to respite the sentence. II. Grace.
In the 1st of ELIZABETH he was III. Johanna, m. to Sir Philip Monkton.
by act of Parliament restored in The eldest son,
blood, and resided on his manor WALTER Rudston, esq. of Hayton, suc-
of Boughton, to the mansion of ceeded his father in 1618. He m. Frances,
which he made considerable ad- daughter of Marmaduke Constable, esq. and
ditions. He m. Anne, daughter sister of Sir Philip Constable, bart. of Eve.
of Sir Edward Wotton, knt. and ringham, by whom he had issue,
had issue,

1. WALTER, his heir.
1. ISAAC, of Boughton Mon II. WILLIAM, who m. Hester, daughter

chensie, whose only daugh of Francis Saville, esq. of Barnesley
ter and heir, Anne, m. first, (1656), and had a daughter,
Samuel Michel, esq. of Old

HESTER, who m. William Calver-
Windsor; and, secondly,

ley, and was mother of William Duke, esq. of Rich


son, by Catherine Mitchell 2. BelKNAP, who inherited

his wife, Boughton Monchensie upon

William CALVERLEY, m. the demise of his brother,

Jane Binnington, and but dying s. p. devised it by his will, dated 1613, to Sir

Rudston CALVERLEY, Francis Barnham, knight, of

who eventually inHollingborne, by whose de

herited the estates scendant the present Tho

of the Rudston faMAS RIDER, esq. of Bough

mily upon the deton, it is now enjoyed.

mise of Mrs. Eli3. Ursula, m. Sir Martin Barn

zabeth Cutler.
ham, knt. of Hollingbourne, III, Charles.
high sheriff of Kent 40 ELI IV. Samuel.

v. Matthew.
4. Emma, m. to Martin Hill VI. Marmaduke.

vii. Philip. III. Anne, m. to William Wensley, esq. 1. Barbara, m. to Samuel Saltonstall, of Brians Burton.

esq. of Rogerthorpe, in the West The elder son,

Riding of Yorkshire. WALTER Rudston, esq. of Hayton, living I. Marie, m. to John Rudston, esq. of in the commencement of the 16th century, Bissanbie, and had a son, John. m. Dorothy, daughter and heir of Thomas III. Katherine. Gunhouse, esq. and had a son and successor, The eldest son,

Nicholas Rudston, esq. of Hayton, who Sir WALTER Rudston, of Hayton, was m. first, Beatrice, daughter of Sir Marma- created a BARONET 16th August, 1642, by duke Constable; and, secondly, Jane, dau. CHARLES I., which monarch he hospitably of Sir William Mallory, knt. of Studley; entertained at Hayton, when proceeding to by the latter of whom he had issue, demand possession of Hull, then occupied

1. Walter, who died without issue. by the parliamentary forces under Sir John II. John, heir.

Hotham. Persevering, with steady zeal, in III. James, d. s. p.

his attachment to his royal master, Sir WalIv. Martin.

ter participated in the misfortunes of the

had a son,

bis son,

cause, and had his estates confiscated. He perty at Hayton and elsewhere to her cousin m. Margaret, daughter of Sir Thomas Daw- and heir-general, ney, bart. of Cowick and Sesay, (by whose Rudston Calverley, esq. (the greatexertions and activity the property was ulti- grandson of Hester, daughter of William mately restored to her son), and had issue, Rudston, and niece of Sir Walter Rudston, 1. THOMAS, his heir.

the first baronet). This gentleman, on in11. Walter, baptized at Hayton, 12th heriting Hayton, assumed the surname and January, 1642.

arms of Rudston. He m. at Scarborough, 1. Faith, baptized at Hayton, 8th No-1st October, 1761, Anne, daughter of Wilvember, 1632.

liam Stockdale, esq. of that town, and had 11. Barbara.

issue, III. Margaret, baptized at Hayton, 6th Thomas-Cutler, his heir. January, 1637.

William-Stockdale, Midshipman R.N. iv. Elizabeth, baptized at Hayton, 27th

lost at sea. January, 1644.

George, a merchant at Hull, married,

and has issue. Sir Walter died about 1655, and was s. by

Henry, lost at sea. Sir Thomas Rupston, second baronet, of

Charles, a merchant at Hull.

John, died young. Hayton, baptized there 8th August, 1639, who m. Katherine, daughter and co-heir of Elizabeth, died

young. George Mountayne, esq. of Westow, in Charlotte, m. to Richard Vawser, esq. Yorkshire, and had issue,

and had issue.

Anne. 1. THOMAS, his heir. 11. Walter, died s. p.

Mr. Calverley Rudston died 15th June, 1806, 1. ELIZABETH, successor to her brother. was buried at Hayton on the 19th of that The elder son and successor,

month, and succeeded by his eldest son, the Sir Thomas RUDSTON, third baronet, of present Rev. Thomas -Cutler RudstonHayton, dying without issue, the baronetcy

Read, of Hayton. ecame extinct, but the estates devolved

Arms—Arg. three bulls' heads erased upon his sister, ELIZABETH Rudston, of Hayton, who m.

pean, each charged on the neck with a cross

moline or. Henry Cutler, esq. eldest son of Sir Gervais Cutler, knt. of Stainborough Hall, (now

Crest— A lion's gamb erect pean, graspWentworth Castle), in the West Riding, but ing a cross moline or erminois. had no issue. She survived her husband, Estates-In Yorkshire. and at her decease devised her family pro Seat-Hayton, in the East Riding.


CHRISTY, JOHN, esq. of Aperfield, in the county of Kent, m. 20th October, 1812,

Sarah, second daughter of the late Abraham De Horne,
esq. of Surrey Square, and has had issue,

John-de Horne, b. 25th August, 1814, of Aperfield.
Alfred, b. 14th January, 1817.
George, b. 11th April, 1819.
Edward, b. 6th June, 1820.
Frederick-Collier, b. 9th September, 1822.
Arthur, b. 6th August, 1828.
Albert, b. 21st March, 1830.
Sarah, died young;
Emma, m. 2nd February, 1836, George-Steinman Stein-

man, esq. F.S.A. F.L.S. &c. of Priory Lodge, Peck

ham Rye, Surrey. Ellen, died an infant.


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Lineage. This is a branch of the family of Christie, June, 1707 ; and espoused Mary, daughter of Dundee, N.B.

of Miller, of Craigentennie, in the parish of ALEXANDER CHRISTY, born in Scotland in North Leith, in the county of Edinbro', 1642, past over into Ireland, and purchasing (whose ancestors were gardeners to the an estate at Moyallan, in the county of kings of Scotland), aunt to William-Henry Down, died there 29th February, 1722. By Miller, esq. M.P. and died in 1761, leaving Margaret his wife, who died at the same issue, place 30th June, 1717, he had issue,

1. John, who died

young. John, his successor.

JI. William, his successor, m. first, Jane, Sarah, m. 10th December, 1697, Sa

daughter of Erskine, esq. and had muel Morton, esq. from whom the issue, Mortons, of Philadelphia.

Mary, m. Alexander Cruikshank, Mr. Christy was succeeded on his death by

of Launceston, in the county of his only son,

Edinbro', and died s. p. John Christy, of Moyallan, who m. Mary, He m. secondly, Alice, dau. of daughter of — Hill, esq. and had issue,

Dunn, esq. by whom he had,
I. Alexander, who went into Scotland,

1. John, who married.
and died there 1763, s. p.

2. William, married and had issue. II. John, of whom presently.

3. Edward,


young. Ill. James, b. 19th January, 1708-9;

1. Lilias, m. Edward Hume. m. 4th May, 1733, Margaret Morton,

2. Prudence, m. to Dr. Shepherd, and had issue,

M.D. 1. John, b. 19th April, 1735; m.

3. Ann,m. Alexander Nimmo, esq. 15th April, 1759, Deborah, dau.

and had issue. Thompson, esq. and died

4. Jane, m. Robert Troyle. 13th August 1771, leaving issue.

5. Elizabeth, m. James Smith, and

has issue. 2. James, m. Lucia Shaw, and died

Ill. Hill, a captain in the king's ser1. Mary, b. 31st January, 1734 ;

vice, m. Helen, daughter of — Cuthm. 29th April, 1753, Thomas bertson, esq. and had issue, Dawson, esq. and died 22nd Ja

John, died young: nuary, 1785. Mr. Dawson died

Archibald, of the R.N. drowned s.p. 15th January, 1785.

Mathew, surgeon R.N. m. a daugh2. Margaret, b. 18th October, 1737;

ter of — Millard, esq. who rem. 29th September, 1756, Tho

married, and died in India, leavmas Sinton, esq. and had issue.

ing issue, 3. Sarah, b. 20th August, 1740 ;

Ann. m. her cousin, John Christy, and

John, of Fort Union, Adair, near had issue.

Limerick, m. Eliza Mullock, of iv. Thomas, b. 22nd November, 1711 ;

Limerick, and has issue. succeeded to the estate of Moyallan;

Agnes, m. William Ramage, esq. and m. Mary, daughter of Bra

a captain R.N. and had issue, mery, esq. His children were,

William, R.N. 1. John, drowned 27th October,

Mathew, (twin with William)

lieutenant R.N. 1. Hannah, b. 3rd March, 1748 ;

James, M.D. surgeon R.N.

Hellen. m. John Wakefield, esq. to whom

Agnes. she carried the estate at Moy

iv. John, m. 1766, Sarah, daughter of allan; and died 1780, leaving

James Christy, esq. and had issue, issue,

Thomas - Christy Wakefield,

James, of Ireland, m. Ann Murphy, m. Jane, daughter of

and has issue. Goff, esq. and has issue.

Margaret. 2. Mary, b. 9th January, 1750 ; m.

v. Miller, of whom presently. John Philps, esq;

1. Ann, who died young. Joseph, who married and had issue,

U. Euphemia, m. William Miller, esq. Mary, m. Archibald Horne, esq.

of Edinbro'. The second son,

III. Ann, died unmarried. John Christy, esq. also went to Scot iv. Margaret, b. 1750; m. 1768, Alexland, and resided at Ormeston Lodge, in ander Sinclair, esq. and has issue. the county of Edinbro'. He was born 29th v. Mary, b. 1755; m. first, 1775, John

1758, s.p.


Dollen, of London, by whom she had an only son, William-Miller Dollen, esq.; secondly, Thomas Jeffrys, esq.

surgeon, of London. The fifth son,

Miller Christy, esq. purchased the estate of Patching Hall, in the parish of Broomfield, Essex, and resided at Stockwell, Sur.rey. He m. in 1773, Ann Rice; and died 12th June, 1820, leaving issue,

1. Thomas, of Brooklands Hall, in the

parish of Broomfield, Essex, m. Re-
berca, Hewlins, (who died 14th Jan-
uary, 1837), and has issue,
1. Thomas, of Clapham, Surrey,
m. Jane, daughter of Thomas-
Christy Wakefield, esq. of Moy-
allan House, Moyallan, and has


2. Samuel, of Stockport, Cheshire.
1. Rachael, m. Daniel Hanbury,
esq. of Clapham, and has issue,


8. Edmund.
1. Mary-Ann.
2. Elizabeth.

3. Rebecca. III. John, of Aperfield. iv. Joseph, of Stockport, m. Elizabeth,

daughter of Johnson, of Halifax. v. James, succeeded to Patching Hall,

m. Charlotte, youngest daughter of John Fell, esq. of Peckham Rye, and has issue,

1. James.
2. David.
3. Robert.
4. Fell.
1. Mary.
2. Sophia.
3. Caroline.
4. Charlotte.

5. Ellen. 1. Anne, m. Alexander Cruikshank, of

Launceston, in the county of Edinbro', (who had before married her cousin), and died 31st December, 1836, leaving issue,


2. Charlotte, m. Edmund Ash

worth, esq. of Edgerton Hall,

and has issue. 3. Anne, m. Thomas Ashworth, esq.

of Tarton, in Lancashire,

4. Rebecca, died young. II. William-Miller, of Stockwell, Sur

rey, m. Ann, daughter of John Fell, esq. of Peckham Rye, Surrey, and has issue,

1. William, F.L.S. F.Z.S. &c.
2. Charles, died young.
3. Henry, of Stockport.
4. John-Fell.
5. Alexander.
6. Richard.
7. Joseph.

Arms-Or, a saltier between four mullets sable.

Crest—A holly stump leaved and fructed proper.

Motto-Sic viresco.

Estates-Manor and estate of Aperfield -formerly Apuldrefeld-in the parish of Cudham, Kent, by purchase of Sir W. R. P. Geary, bart., an estate at Stanway, in Essex ; estates in Bermondsey and New Cross, Surrey.

Residence-Hatcham Manor House, New Cross.


HINCKS, THOMAS-COWPER, esq. of Breckenbrough, in the county of York, b. 17th January, 1788; m. 17th September, 1835, Marianne, daughter of HenryPercy Pulleine, esq. of Crake Hall, in the same shire.

Mr. Hincks succeeded to his estates in Leicestershire and Warwickshire, demise of his father, 4th March, 1819, and purchased Breckenbrough, in Yorkshire, of T. L. Armitage, esq. in 1835.

upon the

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