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Jane Mayhood, by whom he had a rough Court estate. He m. at Haselwell, son, Charles, who d. s. p. and two in Cheshire, Mary, daughter and co-heir daughters.

of Charles KinAston, esq. of Oteley Park, John, b. 1st October, 1678; had issue. in Shropshire, and by her, who was buried Edward, b. 20th September, 1679. at Brombrorough, 8th February, 1786, had Roger, b. 17th July, 1685, who m. issue, Elizabeth, daughter and co-heir of Charles, his heir. Joseph Eaton, esq. of Stepney, Mid Thomas, b. in 1725, m. Elizabeth, daughdlesex, and their eldest son assuming ter of James Mason, esq. of Shrewsthe surname of Ellerker, was ances

bury, and had one daughter, tor of the family of that name seated

Mary, m. to Bulkeley Hatchett, at Risby, in the county of York.

esq. of Ellesmere. (See vol. ii. George, b. 16th December, 1688, d. s.p.

p. 511.) 1720.

Elizabeth, d. unm. 31st October, 1752. Randle, b. 25th February, 1695, d. unm. James Mainwaring, d. 23rd October, 1749, at Petersburgh.

and was s. by his son, William, b. 28th September, 1694, d. CHARLES MAINWARING, esq. of Brombro', unm. in the East Indies.

in Cheshire, b. in 1723, who m. at St. John's, Elizabeth, m. to Thomas Mason, esq. Chester, 24th June, 1754, Mary, daughter of Shrewsbury.

of William Falconer, esq. recorder of that Mary, d. unm.

city, and had by her, who died in 1789, with Henrietta, died young.

other issue, who died young, George Mainwaring, d. 14th August, 1695, James, of Brombro', b. 15th April 1757, was buried in Trinity, Chester, and s. by his died in February, 1827, leaving a son, son,

James, in holy orders, M.A. b. at JAMES MAINWARING, esq. alderman of

Avignon. Chester, bapt. 17th April, 1673, who


Charles, of whom presently. chased the estate of Brombrorough, in Che Elizabeth, m. 10th May, 1780, to the shire.

He m. 12th October, 1693, Mary, Hon. Booth Grey, second son of the daughter of Michael Johnson, esq. alderman Earl of Stamford, and had issue. of Chester, and had issue,

Mary, m. 15th May, 1786, to John Johnson, b. 8th May, 1696, m. first, 4th Smith, esq. and had issue.

April, 1714, Elizabeth, daughter of Harriot, d. unm.
John Acton, esq. of Gloverstone, in Mr. Mainwaring died 30th July, 1781, and
Cheshire, by whom he had a daughter, was buried at Brombro'. His second son,
Elizabeth, who d. an infant. He m. The Rev. CHARLES MAINWARING, of Ote-
secondly, Anne, daughter of Nicho- ley Park, in Shropshire, b. 7th September,
las Moore, esq. of Ansthorp, in York- | 1768, m. 24th June, 1800, Sarah-Susannah,

shire, by whom he had no issue. daughter of John Townshend, esq. of Hem, George, b. 3rd May, 1699, m. 22nd in the county of Denbigh, (see vol. iii. p.

June, 1735, Anne, daughter of John 314), and by her, who d. in December,
Walcot, esq. of Walcot, in Shrop-1829, had issue,
shire, and dying 30th March, 1741, CHARLES KINASTON, his heir.
left two surviving children,

Townshend, of Marchwiel Hall, Den-
Mary, b. in 1736, d. in 1753.

bighshire, b. in 1807. Anne, b. in 1740, m. first, to Mascie Susan, m. 22nd November, 1825, to the

Taylor, esq. of Lymme, in Ches Rev. Edward Duncombe, of Aldboshire, and secondly, to Thomas rough, in Yorkshire, and has issue.

Townshend, esq. of Chester. Mr. Mainwaring died in 1807, and was s. James, of whom presently.

by his son, the present CHARLES-KINASTON Robert, b. 13th December, 1705, died MAINWARING, esq. of Oteley Park.

upm. 1740
Edward, b. 5th January, 1708, preben Arms—Arg. two bars, gu.

dary of Chester Cathedral, m. in 1734, Crest-Out of a ducal coronet, an ass's
Elizabeth, daughter of John Pooke, head, couped, ppr.
esq. of Salehurst, in Sussex, and died Motto-Devant si je puis.
30th July, 1780, leaving a son,

Estates-In the county of Salop.
Edward, of Chester, who m. and Seat-Oteley Park, Shropshire.

had issue.
Elizabeth, m. to Joseph Clegg, esq. al-
derman of Liverpool.

Kinaston, of Oteley Yark. The third son,

This is a branch of the great house of JAMES MAINWARING, esq. (bapt. in Jan. Kinaston, now represented by Sir Edward 1701-2), one of the barons of the Exchequer, Kynaston, bart. whose elder brother Sir purchased from the Hardwares, Brombro- John-Kynaston Powel, bart. as did his an

part with

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cestor John Kynaston, esq. claimed the umberland, and, taking part with Hotspur,
ancient barony of Powys, by descent from his wife's brother, was slain at the battle of
Sir Roger Kynaston, knight, who m. Eliza- Shrewsbury in 1403. Of his son,
beth, daughter of Henry Grey, Earl of John KYNASTON, esq. (in consequence of
Tankerville, (in Normandy), and Baron the part acted by his father against Henry

IV.) we have no record, except that he
The family of Kynaston derives from received a pardon from the English mo-

BLEDDYN (son of Cynvyn) Prince of narch, and was father of Wales, and chief of one of the five royal GRIFFITH KYNASTON, esq., of Stocks, tribes. He m. Haer, daughter and co-heir Seneschal of the lordship of Ellesmere, of Cillin ap y Blaidd Rhudd, Lord of Gêst from 9 to the 22 of Henry VI. He wedded in Efionydd, North Wales, and d. in 1072, Margaret, daughter and heir of John Hoord, leaving a son,

esq. of Walford, in Shropshire, and had Meredith, Lord of Powys, who took three sons,

the English Barons against 1. Philip, of Walford, who was twice HENRY I., but afterwards submitted to him married; by Dorothy, his first wife, in 1113. He n. Eva, daughter of BLETTRWS, daughter of Robert Corbet, esq. of a chieftain of Ysceifiog, and left at his de Moreton Corbet, in Shropshire, he cease in 1132, a younger son,

had a son, Roger, whose line ended JORWERTH Gôch (i. e. Edward the Red) in co-heiresses temp. EDWARD VI. who was Lord of Mochnant, in Powysland, By Alicia, his second wife, daughter until he was driven thence by his kinsman of Thomas Banastre, he acquired the Owen Cyfeilioc and Owen ap Madoc, estate of Shotton, in Shropshire, Princes of Powys. He m. Matilda, daugh which went to his son (by this marter of Sir R. de Marley, of Marley, in

riage), Cheshire, and was father of

Thomas, of Fenemere and Shotton, SIR GRIFFITH Vychan, knight, of Cae

7 HENRY VIII., father of howel, in the parish of Kinnerley, Shrop

Thomas, of Shotton, who m. shire, who was a knight of Rhodes, and was

Alice, daughter of Richard styled by the Welsh “ Y Marchog Gwylt o

Harnage, esq. of Shineton, Cae Howel,” that is, “ The Wild Knight of

and left a son and successor, Cae Howel.” He m. Matilda, daughter and

ROGER KYNASTON, esq., of sole heir of Ievan Goch ap Griffith Goch,

Lighteach, of Sutton, and descended from Cadivor ap Dinawal, Lord

of Shotton, in 1584, who m. of Castle Hywel, in Cardiganshire, and had

Mary, daughter of Sir Thoa son,

mas Hanmer, knight of GRIFFITH, of Cae Howel, who m. Agnes,

Hanmer, and was s. by his daughter of Robert Bulkeley, Lord of

son, Bulkeley in Cheshire, and left a son,

FRANCIS KYNASTON, esq. of GRIFFITH, of Cae Howel and of Kynaston,

Lighteach, &c. who Barwho, by the name of “ Griffin de Kyneston,"

bara, daughter of Richard witnessed in 1313, a grant from Hugh Fitz

Sandford, esq. of the isle in Philip to Haghmond Abbey, of lands near

Shropshire, and dying in Oswestry. He m. Gwenllian, daughter and

1596, aged 51, left three heir of Jorwerth ap Griffith ap Heilin, of

sons, THOMAS, Charles, and Vrongoch in Powys, and was father of

Roger. The eldest sold the Philip KYNASTON, usually styled, after

estate of Shotton in 1629, the Welsh custom “ Philip ap Griffith,”

and the youngest, who m. Gwerfyl, daughter and heir of Ro

Roger KYNASTON, esq. was of ger Vychan, son of Sir Roger Powys,

Sutton, near Oswestry. He knight of Rhodes, and had by her a son,

d. in 1647, leaving by Alice, MADOCK KYNASTON, who m. Silotta,

his wife, a son, daughter and heir of Jenkin Frankton,

THOMAS KYNASTON, of Sutton, Lord of Welsh Frankton in Salop, by Jane,

b. in 1643, who d. in 1705. his wife, daughter and co-heir of James

His third son by Katharine Touchet, Lord Audley, and had a son,

his wife, John or JENKIN KYNASTON, of Stocks,

John KYNASTON, of Marton, near Ellesmere, who was in 1396, one of

who m. Hannah Guest, and the manucaptors (a kind of bail) of William

d. in 1759, leaving a son, Mainwaring, of Cheshire. He m. Agnes,

William KYNASTON, of Trefdaughter of Llewelyn Dhû (Llewelyn the

nanney, in the county of Black), descended from Tudwr Trevor, and

Montgomery, b. in 1717, was father of

who m. Sinah Hughes, and MADOCK KYNASTON, of Stocks, who m.

d. in 1793, leaving a son, Isolda, daughter of Henry, Earl of North

John KYNASTON, esq.of Poole,


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in Dorsetshire, formerly a , living temp. Henry VIII. who m. Elizabeth,
merchant in London, b. 20th daughter and heir of William Oteley, esq.
March, 1756 ; m. Elizabeth, of Oteley, in Shropshire, by whom he ac-
dau. of William Berrington, quired the estate of Oteley, and had a son
esq. of Eton, in Bucks, and and successor,
had surviving issue,

George Kinaston, esq. of Oteley and William of London, b. in Stocks, who m. Jane, daughter of Sir John 1791.

Grey, knight, of Enville, in the county of
John, of London, b. in Stafford, and d. 8th December, 1543, when

1794, m. first, Sarah, he was s. by his son,
daughter of John Shut FRANCIS KINASTON, esq. of Oteley, who
tleworth, of Aldbro' in m. Margaret, daughter of Francis Charlton,
Essex, by whom he esq. of Apley, in Shropshire, and relict of
had a daughter, Mary- Arthur Chambre, esq. by whom he left at
Anne; and, secondly, his demise, 4th August, 23 ELIZABETH, a
Elizabeth, daughter of son and successor,
Joseph Smith, of Bow, SIR EDWARD Kingston, knight of Oteley,
by whom he has three who served as sheriff for Shropshire in 1599.
sons and a daughter, He m. Isabella, daughter of Sir Nicholas
John, William, Robert, Bagnall, knight, marshal of Ireland, and
and Elizabeth.

dying in 1641, was. s. by his son,
Eliza-Mary, m. to Robert Sir Francis Kingston, knight of Oteley,

Price, esq. of London, a celebrated scholar and poet, who transmerchant.

lated the Troilus and Cressida of Chaucer Sarah, m. to William, son into Latin verse. He m. Margaret, daugh

of John Thompson, esq. ter of Sir Humphrey Lee, bart. of Langley,

of Ilford, in Essex. in Shropshire, and had a son EDWARD, his J. John, of whom presently.

heir. Sir Francis, who was an esquire of ul. Roger (Sir), knight, of Hordley, in the body to Charles I., d. in 1652, and

Shropshire, who was a steady adhe- was s. by his son,
rent to the White Rose in the con EDWARD KINASTON, esq. of Oteley, who
flicts of York and Lancaster, and m. Catherine, daughter of Sir John Han-
distinguished himself at the battle of mer, bart. of Hanmer, and dying in April,
Blore Heath, 23rd September, 1459. 1656, was s. by his son,
He held Middle Castle for life, hav Sir Francis Kinaston, knight, of Oteley,
ing m. for his first wife, Elizabeth, who m. Margaret, daughter of Sir Arthur
relict of Lord Strange, of Knockin, Mainwaring, knight, of Igbtfield, and dying
the owner thereof. By his second without issue in 1661, was succeeded by his
wife, Elizabeth, daughter of Henry brother,
Grey, Lord Powys, he was ancestor EDWARD KINASTON, esq. of Oteley, who
of the present

m. Elizabeth, daughter and co-heir of Sir SIR EDWARD KYNAston, bart., and Robert Brooke, bart. of Nacton, in Suffolk,

a family of Kynaston, formerly and was father of
of Moreton, near Oswestry. Sir CHARLES Kingston, esq. of Oteley, who
Roger d. at a very advanced age m. Jane, daughter of Sir Edward Lacon,
in 1517.

of West Coppice, in Shropshire, and had The second son,

issue, John or Jenkin KINASTON, esq. had the

EDWARD, of Oteley, who married thrice estate of Stocks settled upon him and his

but d. s. p. in 1781. heirs. He m. Johanna, daughter of John

Mary, m. to James MAINWARING, esq. Mainwaring, esq. of Peover, in Cheshire, of Brombrorough, in Cheshire. son of Sir John Mainwaring, knight, and

Penelope, m. to the Rev. EDWARD left a son and successor,

VAUGHAN, D. D. and had a daughter, Peter Kinaston, esq. of Stocks, who m.

Penelope Vaughan, d. unmarried. Margaret, daughter and heir of Edward Morgan, esq. of Alrhey, in Flintshire, and

Arms of KINASTON--Arg. a lion ramwas s. by his son,

pant sa.

Crest of KINASTON~A lion's head erased HUMPHREY KINASTON, esq. of Stocks, sa. guttée d'or.


HOBHOUSE, THE RIGHT HON. HENRY, of Hadspen House, in the county

of Somerset, b. 12th April, 1776, m. 7th April, 1806, Harriet, sixth daughter of John Turton, esq. of Sugnall Hall, Staffordshire, and has issue,

Henry, M.A. of Oxford, barrister-at-law, b. 13th July,

Edmund, b. 17th April, 1817.
Reginald, b. 15th March, 1818.
Arthur, b. 10th November, 1819.
Harriet, m. 31st March, 1834, to Henry Jenkyns, M.A.

professor in the University of Durham.

Mr. Hobhouse, who was under secretary of state of the Home
Department from 1817 to 1827, and sworn of the Privy
Council in 1828, succeeded his father, 2nd April, 1792. He
is a deputy lieutenant and magistrate for the county of

Lineage. The family of Hobhouse, originally of Elizabeth Freeman, m. to Joseph German extraction, first settled at Mine

Blisset, esq. of Letton. head, in Somersetshire, and thence removed

Abigail Freeman, m. to the Rev. towards the close of the 17th century to

William Domvile, rector of WinBristol, of which city several of its mem

forton. bers soon after became considerable mer- He m. secondly, in 1761, Mary, daughter of chants.

Michael White, esq. and had by her a son, BENJAMIN HOBHouse, esq. b. in 1682, m. Thomas, who d. unm. in 1820. Mary Spragge, an heiress, and by her, who Mr. Hobhouse died in 1773, his widow in d. in 1745, had issue,

1810, and was succeeded by his son, John, of Westbury College, Glouces Henry Hobhouse, esq.of Hadspen House,

tershire, grandfather of the present in the county of Somerset, b. in 1742, who

Sir John Cam Hobhouse, bart. m. in 1775, Sarah, daughter of the Rev. HENRY.

Richard Jenkins, M.A. canon-residentiary Betty, m. to John Maidman.

of Wells, and by her, who died in July, The second son,

1777, left at his decease, 2nd April, 1792, a Henry Hobhouse, esq. b. in 1714, m. daughter, Sarah, who died unm. in 1810, and first, in 1738, Jane, daughter of James Ban- a son, the present Right Hon. Henry Holister, esq. and by her, who died in 1756, had house. issue,

Arms—Party per pale az. and gu., three HENRY, his heir.

estoiles or, issuing out of as many crescents, Jane, who m. in 1774, John Freeman, arg.

esq. of Letton, in the county of Here Crest-Out of a mural coronet, party per
ford, and had three daughters, his co- pale as the arms, an estoile issuing or.
heirs, viz.

Motto-Mutare sperno.
Jane Freeman, m. to the Rev. John Estates—In Somersetshire.
Lilly, of Stoke Lacy.

Seat-Hadspen House, Somerset.


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WOODYEARE, FOUNTAIN-JOHN, esq. of Crookhill, in the county of York, m. Frances, third daughter and co-heir of John Woodyeare, esq. of the same place, and has issue,


Frances-Anne. This gentleman, whose patronymic is Elwin, adopted his present surname by sign manual in 1812.


county of Derby, and relict of Sir Paul
Jenkinson,t bart. of Walton, in that shire,
by whom he had issue,

John, his heir.
William, died unmarried, a student at

George, died in infancy.
Mary, m. to the Hon. Morgan Vane,

brother of Lord Darlington.
The eldest son,

John WOODYEARE, esq. of Crookhill, William Woodyeare, esq. born at Ro- baptized 27th February, 1727; m. in 1761, chester on St. Andrew's day, 1616; m. 18th Frances, daughter of Richard Turbutt, esq. July, 1649, Grace, daughter of Francis of Doncaster, and had four daughters, his Wood; and died 19th August, 1689, leaving

co-heirs, namely, a son,

MARY, m. in 1791, to Charles Tibbets, George Woodyeare, esq. of Crookhill, esq. of Berry Hall. sometime secretary to Sir William Temple, ELEANOR, m. to John Dod, esq. of Clowho m. Alice, daughter of the Rev. Richard verley Hall, in the county of Salop. Tatham, rector of Kirklington, and had FRANCES, m. to Fountain-John Elwin, issue,


William, his heir.

CATHERINE, died young.
Richard, baptized 12th April, 1694, a

divine ; died unm.
George, died unm.

Arms—Sa. three leopards' heads and nine Ellinor, died unm.

fleurs-de-lys arg.
Catherine, died unmarried; buried at
Coningsborough, 30th Sept. 1760.

Estate In Yorkshire.
Mary, who m. Francis Drake, esq. of
York, F.S.A. author of“ Eboracum."

Seat-Crookhill. George Woodyeare died 11th November, 1710, aged fifty-four, was buried at Conings- and co-heir, Mary, m. to Richard Turbutt, esq. borough, and succeeded by his son,

of Doncaster. WILLIAM WOOD YEARE, esq. of Crookhill, + By Sir Paul, Catherine had an only daughter, of the Middle Temple, baptized 27th March, ELIZABETH JENKINSON, who died before her mo1690, who m. Catherine, daughter and co ther, to whom she bequeathed her estate, and by heir of John Revel,* esq. of Oxton, in the that lady's second marriage it was conveyed to the

Woodyeares. Walton was sold by them to the * John Revel, esq. of Oxton, left another dau. family of Hunloke.

esq. the



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