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esq. of

conjunction with his brother Sir Rich- | Mr. Bingham died in 1656, and was s. by his
ard, cut a way through the Curlow eldest son,
mountains in the county of Roscom John BINGHAM, esq. of Melcomb, who
mon, before impassable. He m. Ci- was, during the civil war, colonel of a regi-
cely, daughter of Robert Martin, esq. ment, governor of Poole, and commander at
of Athelhampton in Dorsetshire, and the last siege and demolition of Corfe castle.
was ancestor of the Binghams settled Through these services in the cause of roy.
in Ireland, whose chief is Earl of alty, he suffered severely, and the family

estate became much impaired. He m. first, v. Roger, d. s. p.

Frances, daughter and co-heir of John Trenvi. John (Sir), knt. an officer in Ireland. chard, esq. of Warmwell, and secondly, VI. Thomas.

Jane, daughter of Norwood of GloucesterVII. Charles.

shire, but had issue only by the former, viz. 1. Cicely, m. first, to Christopher Mar- five daughters, tyn, and secondly, to George Paulet.

1. Elizabeth. 11. Joan, m. first, to John Willoughby,

Jl. Jane. and secondly, to Goldesborough. Robert Bingham died in 1561, and was s. by

Penelope, m. to John Michel, esq. his eldest son,

of Kingston Russell. (See vol. ii. p.

651.) Robert Bingham, esq. of Melcomb, who

sv. Frances, d. in 1681. m. Jane, daughter of Robert Williams, esq. v. Grace, m. to Thomas Skinner, esq. of Herringston, in Dorsetshire, (see vol. i.

of Divelish. p. 615,) and by her, who died in 1599, had Colonel Bingham died in 1673, and was suc1. Robert, who m. Anne, daughter of

ceeded by his nephew, William Chaldecot, esq. of Quarrel.

RICHARD BINGHAM, esq.of Melcomb Bingston, and d. vitâ patris, in 1587, (his heir of John Potenger, esq. by Philadelphia,

bam, who m. Philadelphia, daughter and widow wedded John Strode, Parnham,) leaving a son,

his wife, daughter of Sir John Ernle, knt. RICHARD, successor to his grand-chancellor of the exchequer, (see vol. iii. father.

p. 621,) and by her, who died in 1757, aged 11. John,

79, had issue, III. Thomas.

1. RICHARD, his heir. IV. Francis.

11. John, M.A. student of Christchurch, 1. Mary.

Oxford, d. in 1735. 11. Joan.

ini. Thomas, d. in 1710. J. Cicely.

IV. Robert, d. in 1713. JV. Anne.

v. William, buried, as were his brothers, Mr. Bingham died 36 ELIZABETH (1593,) and

at Melcomb. was s. by his grandson,

vi. George, B.D. fellow of All-Soul's Richard Bingham, esq. of Melcomb, who College, Oxford, rector of Pimperne, m. Jane, daughter of Sir Arthur Hopton, kut. and More Crichel, a distinguished and of Witham Abbey, in Somersetshire, and by

learned divine, author of a “ Vindiher, who died in 1635, had issue,

cation of the Doctrine and Liturgy of 1. JOHN, his heir.

the Church of England ;” “ An Essay JI. Richard, d. 1659.

on the Millennium,” &c. &c.m. in 1748, lii. Robert, b. 1612.

Sarah Beale, and by her, who died IV. Arthur, b. 1613.

in 1756, left at his decease, 11th Ocv. Christopher, of Howton, d. 1679.

tober, 1800, aged 85, a daughter, vi. Henry, b. 1619.

Sarah, and one surviving son, vii. Strode, bapt. 24th February, 1621,

Peregrine, L.L.B. fellow of New d. at Henstridge, where he had pro

College, rector of Edmundesham, perty, leaving, by Cicely, his wife,

and of Radclive, m. Amy, daughdaughter of Thomas Chapman, esq.

ter of William Bowles, esq. and of Genson, in Somerset, (beside three

died in 1826, having had two sons, daughters,Jane, Dorothy, and Rachel,

Peregrine, b. in 1788, of the the wife of George Mullens, M.D. of

Middle Temple, barristerSalisbury,) a son,

at-law ; m. in 1816, Eliza, RICHARD, successor to his uncle.

daughter of James Bolton, VIII. Francis, b. 1625.

and sister of the late Lady 1. Dorothy, b. 1614, m. to Delalind Hus

Thurlow, and has issue, sey, esq. of Thomson.

Peregrine, b. in 1820. II. Rachel, 6. 1615, m. to William Sber

Eliza. gall, gent.

Edward, b. in 1789, a Lieut. III. Anne, m. to the Rev. Mr. Clark,

R.N.; died at Lima, in Peru, rector of Todbere.

in 1823, s.p.


1. Philadelphia, m. to Borlace, esq.

Charles-Cox, born 1772, died at the of Penzance.

Royal Arsenal, Woolwich, in 1835, II. Rachel, d. in 1740.

colonel R.A. m. Sarah, daughter of III. Annabella, m. to Robert Hann, esq. Samuel Hayter, esq. and had issue, of Corfe Castle.

1. George-William, R. Artillery,b. Susannah.

15th September, 1801. v. Elizabeth, d. 1750.

2. Richard-Clavell, an officer in the vi. Leonora, m. to John Wheler, esq. of

army, b. 10th May, 1810. Worcestershire.

3. Charles, royal artillery, b. 1815. vii. Mary, d. 1742.

4. Edmund-Hayter, b. in 1820. Mr. Bingham, for more than forty years in

1. Mary-Frances, m. in 1833, to the the commission of the peace, represented

Rev. Henry Stevens, eldest son Bridport, and subsequently the county of

of the Dean of Rochester. Dorset in Parliament. He died in 1735,

2. Emma. aged sixty-nine, and was s. by his eldest son,

3. Sophia. RICHARD BINGHAM, esq. of Melcomb Bing Sophia, m. to William Richards Clavell, ham, barrister-at-law, whom. Martha, daugh

esq. of Smedmore. ter of William Batt, esq. of Salisbury, and Mr. Bingham, m. secondly, 26th October, by her, (who wedded secondly Perry Buck: 1775, Elizabeth, daughter of John Ridout, ley, esq. of Winkfield Place, Berks, and d. esq. of Dean's Lease, and had by her in 1765,) had three sons, namely, RICHARD, bis heir.

George-Ridout (Sir), K.C.B. & T. S. of William, D.D. archdeacon of London,

Dean's Lease, b. 21st July, 1777, mawho m. Agnes, daughter of Dor

jor-general in the army, and colonel rien, esq. and had issue,

of the rifle corps. This distinguished 1. Robert-Turberville.

officer commanded the second bat2. Arthur.

talion of the 53d regiment under the 3. John-Batt.

Dukeof Wellington, during the whole 1. Martha-Buckley.

of the campaigns in Portugal, Spain, 2. Mary.

and France. Sir George had the John, died at Calcutta, in 1760.

charge of Buonaparte from England Mr. Bingham died in 1755, aged fifty-eight,

to St. Helena, and in that Island he and was s. hy his son,

remained several years as lieutenantRICHARD BINGHAM, esq. of Melcomb Bing

colonel of the 53d. He m. in Sepham, colonel of the Dorsetshire militia, b. in

tember, 1814, Emma-Septima, young1740, who m. first, in 1766, Sophia, daughter

est daughter of Edmund-Morton Pleyof Charles Halsey, esq. of Great Gaddesden,

dell, esq. of Whatcombe House, in in Herts, (see vol.ii. p. 620,) and had by her,

Dorsetshire, but d. s. p. 3rd January,

1833. who died in 1773, two sons and one daugh

John, b. 18th March, 1785, lieutenant, RICHARD, his heir.

R.N. m. Fanny, daughter of C. WoolWilliam, fellow of New College, Ox

combe, esq. and has issue. ford, b. 1771, rector of Cameley, in

Mary, m. to Nathaniel-Tryon Still, esq. Somersetsbire, and of Melbury Bubb,

captain in the army, and had issue. in Dorsetshire, m. at Langley, Berks,

Leonora, m. twice, without issue. 20th April, 1797, Emily, daughter of Mr. Bingham died in 1823, and was s. by his General William Wynyard, and d. eldest son, at Kensington, 27th May, 1810, leav RICHARD BINGHAM, esq. of Melcomb ing issue,

Bingham, b. in 1768, who attained the rank 1. William-Wynyard, b. 18th Jan- of lieutenant-general in the army. He m.

uary, 1798, fellow of New Col- Miss Priscilla Carden, a relation of Sir John lege, died unm.

Carden, bart., but dying without issue in 2. GEORGE, b. in 1803, in holy or- | 1829, devised all his estates to his widow for

ders, present head of the family. | life, with remainder to his nephew, the Rev. 3. Richard-Hippesley, b. in Octo- George BINGHAM, the present representa

ber, 1804, in the East India Com- tive of the family.
pany's military service.

Arms—Az. a bend cotized between six 4. Charles-William, born, after his crosses patee or.

father's death, 15th October, Crest-A spread eagle rising from a rock,

1810, fellow of New College. ppr.
1. Amelia-Georgiana, deceased. Motto-Spes mea Christus.
2. Sophia-Matilda, m. in 1826, to Estates—In Dorsetshire.

Robert-Francis Wright, esq. Seat-Melcombe Bingham, Dorset.

ter, viz.

MASON, HENRY-JOSEPH-MONCK, esq. of Dargle Cottage, in the county of

Dublin, L.L.D. b. 17th July, 1778, m. in April, 1816,
Anne, third daughter of Sir Robert Langrishe, bart. of
Knocktopher, in the county of Kilkenny, by Anne, his
wife, daughter of Bellingham Boyle, esq. of Rathfarnham
Castle, and has issue,

HENRY-MONCK, b. in 1822.
Robert Boyle, b. in 1823.

Mr. Monck Mason is author of an Essay on the origin, authority, and constitution of Parliaments in Ireland; of a work on the Introduction of Christianity into that county, and the religious doctrines of her primitive saints, &c. &c.

Lineage. CAPTAIN CHRISTOPHER Mason, nearly al- ; of Robert first Viscount Molesworth, and by lied to or immediately descended from Sir this lady, (the authoress of some elegant John Mason, of Sion, in Middlesex, is the poetical pieces which, after her decease, were acknowledged ancestor of the different published by her grandfather, Lord Molesbranches of the family which became settled worth, under the title of “ Poems by Miin Ireland. From his eldest son derived randa,) Mr. Mason had issue, Sir John Mason, knight, of Waterford, M.P. JOHN-MONCK, his heir, of Masonbrook, whose grandson, Aland-John Mason, esq. M.P.. barrister-at-law, a commisM.P. for the county of Waterford, in 1749, sioner of the revenue, and a memmarried in 1739, Lady Elizabeth Villiers, ber of the privy council in Ireland. who was created in 1767 Countess GRANDI

The right honourable gentleman was son, and was father of George, late Earl of known as a commentator on ShaksGrandison.

peare, and editor of Massinger. He From a younger son of Captain Christo m. in 1766, Catherine, second daughpher Mason, sprung

ter of the late Henry Mitchell, esq. CHRISTOPHER MASON, esq. whose son,

of Glasnevin, in the county of DubRobert Mason, esq. became seated at lin, but died without issue, having preMasonbrook, in the county of Galway. He viously sold to the Right Hon. Denism. Mary Watson, of the Rockingham fa Bowes Daly, the family estate of mily, relict of Jonathan Aland, esq. of Wa Masonbrook. terford, and grand-daughter, maternally, of Henry-MONCK, of whom presently. John De Witt, the celebrated but unfortu William,lieutenantinOtway's regiment, nate Pensionary of Holland, who with his killed at Quebec. brother, was massacred by the populace in

Robert-Watson, died young. 1672. By this lady, Mr. Mason had issue, Judith, m. 1753, Thomas Monck, esq. ROBERT, his heir.

barrister-at-law, M.P. and had issue, Margaret, m. to Charles Lyons, esq. of

Charles-Stanley Monck, who was Ladiston, in Westmeath, and dying

elevated to the Peerage as BARON in 1749, aged 70, left issue,

MONCK, in 1797. His son is the Charles Lyons, of Ladiston, m.and

present EARL of RATHDOWNE. had issue.

(See Burke's Peerage.) John Lyons, father of Hugh Mont

Thomas-Stanley Monck, who m. gomery Lyons, esq. of Drogheda.

Jane, daughter of the Rev. A. Samuel Lyons, of Antigua.

Staples. The son and successor,

William-Domville-Stanley Monck, ROBERT MASON, esq. of Masonbrook, m. Sarah, eldest daughter of George Monck,

Anne-Isabella Monck, m. in 1777, esq. of St. Stephen's Green, Dublin, by the

to Cornwallis, Ist Lord HawarHon. Mary Molesworth, his wife, daughter



Alicia, m. to the Rev. John Campbell, of Dublin, m. Miss Jane Winder, and rector of Carrickmacross, and had

has issue,

Robert Campbell, in holy orders.

Alicia, m. to Major Wallington, of
John-Garnet Campbell, barrister-

the 10th Hussars. at-law.

Mr. William Monck-Mason is the Thomas Campbell.

author of the History of St. PaRose-Amarintha Campbell.

trick's Cathedral, &c. being the Elizabeth Campbell.

first volume of an intended TopoCatherine Campbell.

graphical History of Ireland, to be Christian, m. 1st to Joseph Ormsby, esq.

entitled “Hibernia.” of the county of Mayo, by whom she HENRY-Joseph Monck, L.L.D. of Darhad one son, Joseph-Mason Ormsby, gle Cottage. and one daughter, Sarah Ormsby. Thomas-Monck, Captain R.N. m. first, She wedded, secondly, the Rev. Dorothea, daughter of Thomas Burgh, Richard Radcliffe, D.D. rector of esq. of Oldtown, by whom he bas a Lisneskea, by whom she has a son, daughter, Frances; and, secondly, the present Right Hon. John Rad Mary, daughter of Sir George Grey, cliff, L.L.D. judge of the Prerogative bart. by whom he has one son and Court in Ireland.

four daughters, viz.
Charlotte, d. young.

Robert Mason died in April 1739. His se-

cond son,


HENRY-MONCK Mason, esq. lieutenant-

colonel of engineers, m. first, in 1762, Jane,
daughter of James Dillon, esq. of Johns-

Jane-Letitia, m. to the Rev.J. Copinger. town, Athlone, and had by her one son and

Anna-Maria, m. to the Rev. George

two daughters, namely,

John-Monck, who m. Jane-Desmond

Sunderland, of Montreal, in Canada, The second son of the second marriage is the
and left at his decease a son,
John-Monck, lieutenant 24th in- present HENRY - JOSEPH - MONCK - Mason,

LL.D. of Dargle.
Elizabeth-Penelope, m. to William Arms—Or, a lion rampant with two heads

Domville-Stanley Monck, esq.

Crest.-A mermaid, with a comb in her
Colonel Mason espoused, secondly, in 1774, dexter, and a mirror in her sinister, ppr.
Jane, daughter of the celebrated Bartholo Motto-Dum spiro spero.
mew Mosse, M.D. of Dublin, founder of the Estates—In the counties of Dublin, Car-
Lying-in-Hospital there, and had by her, low, Limerick, and Tipperary.

WILLIAM-CHARLES MONCK, of the city Seat-Dargle, Bray.



CHARLETT-NEWPORT, JAMES WAKEMAN, esq. of Hanley Court, in the

county of Worcester, b. 14th May, 1764. This gentleman, whose patronymic is Newport, succeeding on the demise of his cousin, Richard Bourne Charlett, esq. of Elmley Castle, in July, 1821, to that part of Mr. Charlett's property in which there was a reversionary interest, assumed the additional surname and arms of CHARLETT.

Colonel Newport-Charlett entered the 28th regiment of infantry in 1781, and exchanged subsequently into the 6th or Ennis killen Dragoons, in which he held a commission for some years.

On retiring from the line, he was appointed in 1792 to the lieutenant-colonelcy of the Worcestershire Militia, and succeeded, as colonel, to the command of the regiment, 6th May, 1794.

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d. s.p.

Lineage. The family of Newport, one of great an Ann, baptized 17th May, 1725, died tiquity, has been settled at its present place of residence for nearly three hundred years, Elizabeth, of whom presently. enjoying considerable landed estates, and Cecilia-Maria, m. to Thomas Bury, and maintaining, for that lengthened period, a distinguished position in the county of Wor- Mr. Newport died in 1760, and was buried cester. The manor of Hanley Court was

25th May in that year, at Hanley. His conveyed to the Newports in the reign of only surviving daughter and heiress, EDWARD VI. by John de Hanley, and has continued in their possession to the present time.

ELIZABETH NEWPORT, of Hanley Court, EDMUND NEWPORT, esq. of Hanley Court, baptized 14th April, 1728, married 20th living at the close of the 16th century, who November, 1760, James Wakeman, esq. married Anne, daughter of John Lyttelton, who assumed in consequence the surname esq. of Frankly, by Elizabeth, his wife, and arms of Newport, and left a son and daughter and co-heir of Sir Gilbert Talbot, successor, the present Colonel NewPORT knight, of Grafton, sprang

CHARLETT, of Hanley Court. John NEWPORT, esq. of Hanley Court, who m. Anne, daughter of Arthur Charlett, esq. Arms—Quarterly Ist and 4th, gu, a lion (by Anne Bourne, his wise), grandaughter of rampant, within a bordure engr. arg. for John Charlett, and great-grandaughter of CharletT; 2d and 3rd arg. a fess between the Rev. John Charlett, D.D. who made his three crescents sa. for NewPORT. will, 26th June, 1639. By this lady he had,

Crests—1. A stag's head. 2. A fleur-dewith a daughter, Anne, who died unmarried,

lys. a son, John NEWPORT, esq. of Hanley Court,

Estates-Situated in the parishes of Hanwho m. Cecilia Savage, and had issue,

ley William, Hanley Child, Eastham, SaEdward-Thomas-Oldys, baptized 27th pey, Red Marley, Fladbury, Stoke Prior,

February, 1723, and buried 31st Bell Wroughton and Feckenham, in the
March, 1724.

counties of Worcester and Hereford. John, baptized 16th March, 1726, died Seat--Hanley Court, Worcestershire.

in minority.


MAINWARING, CHARLES-KINASTON, esq. of Oteley Park, in the county of Salop, b. 16th September, 1803, m. 2nd October, 1832, Frances, second daughter of John Lloyd Salusbury, esq. of Galtfaenan, in Denbighshire.

Mr. Mainwaring succeeded his father in 1807, and served the office of Sheriff of Shropshire in 1829. He is in the commission of the peace for that county.


RANDLE MAINWaring, esq. b. in 1588, (third son of Edward Mainwaring, of Whitmore, by Jane, bis wife, daughter of Matthew Cradock, esq. of Stafford,) adhered faithfully to King CHARLES I. during the civil war, and was a colonel in the royal army.

He m. Eliza, daughter of Humphrey Haws, of London, and was father of

GEORGE MAINWARING, esq. baptized at St. Mary Cole, 10th December, 1642, who was Mayor of Chester, in 1681-2, and M.P. for that city in 1689. He m. at St. John's, 25th April, 1672, Elizabeth, daughter of Edward Bradshaw, esq. of Chester, and by her, who was buried 12th December, 1725, had issue,

James, his heir. This is a branch of the ancient family of Thomas, died young, buried 8th SepMainwaring, of which we have given an ac tember, 1679. count in volume iii. p. 590,

Robert, b. 11th Novem 1677, m.

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