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King's county, and had by her two sons County militia, he became major. He and two daughters, namely,

died in 1806. 1. Edmund, his heir.

1. Constantia-Maria, m. to George Arm11. Philip, m. Elizabeth, daughter of strong, esq. of Ballycumber.

Peter Judge, esq. and sister of Samuel u. Elizabeth,
Judge, esq. of Ballyshaile, in the Ill. Fanny, d. young.
King's County, by whom he had one iv. Belle, d. at Gallen, unm.
daughter, Elizabeth, m. to Captain v. Mary, m. in Scotland, 28th January,
William Despard, of Coolrane, in the 1782, to Charles Robert Sherrington,
Queen's County.

esq. and had issue. 1. Elizabeth, m. in 1731, to John Cusack, VI. Alicia.

esq. of Rathgar, in the county of VII. Anne, m. in 1793 to Andrew Arm-
Dublin, and had a daughter, Anne, strong, esq. and died in 1824.
m. to Mr. Fitzgerald.

viii. Lucinda, m. in 1795, to Robert II. Barbara, m. to the Rev. Wm. Smith. Mills, esq. of Malahide, fifth son of William Armstrong died in 1717 or 1718,

the Rev. Richard Mills, rector of in the 80th year of his age, and was s. by his

Annaclone, in Downshire, and had

issue. son,

EDMUND ARMSTRONG, esq. of Gallen, in ix. Fanny, m. to Joseph Barnes, esq. the King's County, who not only inherited his captain in the artillery, and had issue. father's fortune, but was also heir to his The eldest son and heir, uncles Andrew and Charles, who had pur

EDMUND ARMSTRONG, esq. of Gallen, b. chased estates in the county of Kildare. He 14th December, 1754, was called to the bar acted as a magistrate and served the office in 1779. He m. 4th February, 1783, Elizaof sheriff for both counties. He m. in 1722, beth, sister of Lord Ashtown, third daughter Elizabeth, second dau. of George Holmes, of Frederick Trench, esq. of Woodlawn, in esq. of Liscloony, M.P. for Banagher, and the county of Galway, by Mary, his wife, bad issue,

eldest daughter and co-heir of Francis SadANDREW, his heir.

leir, esq. of Sopwell Hall, in the county of Anne, m. 22nd April, 1750, to Dennis Tipperary, and had, by her, who died in 1825,

Kelly, esq. of Castle Kelly, in the five sons and three daughters, viz.
county of Galway, and had a nume-

1. ANDREW, his heir.
rous family.

11. Edmund, b. 25th September, 1786, Ally.

an officer in the army, died unmarried The son and heir,

at Castel Branco, in Portugal, where Andrew ARMSTRONG, esq. of Gallen, b. at

he was serving with his regiment, the Kilcolgan Castle, 2nd May, 1730, was in the

4th Dragoons. commission of the peace for the king's

ul. Frederick (Sir), knt. b. 25th June,

1789, an officer in the army, who county, served the office of sheriff in 1751, and was colonel of two volunteer corps, one

served with great gallantry under the of cavalry and one of infantry. He m. in

Duke of Wellington in the Penin

sular war, had the order of the Tower the following year Constantia Maria, daughter of John Pigot, esq. of Prospect, in the

and Sword conferred upon him by Queen's county, by Constantia-Maria, his

the King of Portugal, and was made wife, daughter of Sir Roger Burgoyne (said

a British knight upon his return to to have been the “Sir Roger de Coverly” of

Ireland. He died in London, in Oc

tober, 1821. the “Spectator,”) and had six sons and nine daughters, viz.

iv. John, b. in June, 1791, in holy or

ders, inducted rector of the Union of 1. EDMUND, his heir.

Lickmolash, Ballenabrill, and Lei11. John, b. 29th August, 1758, d. unm. trim, in the county of Galway in

a lieutenant in the 35th regiment at 1818; m. 25th July, 1822, Ellen, dau. St. Lucia,

of Jacob Willan, esq. of Carrighill, III. Andrew, b. 13th July, 1762, d.young. in the county of Dublin, and has suriv. William, b. 14th September, 1763, viving issue,

Edmund - Ashtown, b. 5th July, v. Dennis, b. 12th July, 1766, lieutenant

1823. 36th foot, killed at Sattimungulum, in

Andrew, b. 21st February, 1829. the East Indies, about the year 1791,

John-Kelly, b. Ist November, 1832. unmarried.

Frederick-William, b. 12th June, vi. Pbilip, b. 13th December, 1767, who

1834. served sometime in the 8th foot, but

Elizabeth. subsequently entering the King's


Constantia-Maria. Coughlan, and a portion of the county was called v. William, b. in 1797, died

young. Coughlan's Country.”

1. Mary, m. to Henry-Anthony Hard

d. young:

man, esq. of Bellevue Lodge, Hants, Arms--Quarterly, 1st and 4th, arg. issuing and has issue.

from the sinister side a dexter arm habited 11. Constantia-Maria, m. 31st October, gu. the band grasping the trunk of an oak

1815, to the Rev. William Hervey, tree eradicated and broken at the top ppr. ; and had issue.

2nd and 3rd, arg. three pallets az.

Crest-An armed arm embowed, the hand ui. Fanny, m. to George Parkhouse,

grasping the broken trunk of an oak tree esq. and has a daughter.

eradicated, all ppr. Mr. Armstrong died 12th December, 1827,

Motto-Invictus maneo. and was succeeded by his eldest son, the EstatesIn the King's County and county present ANDREW ARMSTRONG, esq.of Gallen. of Kildare.

Seat-Priory of Gallen.



ARMSTRONG, JOHN-WARNEFORD, esq. of Ballycumber, in the King's County, b. 28th August, 1770, m. Anne, daughter of William Turner, esq. of the city of Gloucester, and has two daughters, Mary.

Anne-Frances. Mr. Armstrong, who succeeded his father in 1780, is a magistrate for the King's County, and was a deputy governor until the extinction of that establishment.

Lineage. This is a branch of the family of Arm- / lutely defended himself until he was strong, deriving from a common progenitor lieved by a troop of horse from Mullingar. with the Armstrongs of Gallen.

In the action, er, he received a ball THOMAS ARMSTRONG, esq. (second son of in his thigh, and the wound, being unskilAndrew Armstrong, esq., by Elizabeth, his fully dressed, brought on a fever, of which second wife, daughter of M. Johnston, esq., he died at Kinnegad a few days after. and younger brother of Edmund Armstrong, He m. Grissel, sister of Captain Charles ancestor of the Armstrongs of Gallen) was Beatty, of the county of Longford, and had, born in the county of Fermanagh, in 1639, and by her, who d. in 1680, three sons and four accompanying his brother Edmund, was with daughters, viz. him and many other Royalists taken priso 1. John, who engaged early in a miliner at the battle of Worcester, 3rd Septem

tary life, and was a lieutenant in ber, 1651, and conveyed to London. He Lord Barrymore's regiment of foot subsequently returned to Ireland and settled in garrison at Gibraltar, then closely at Banagher in the King's county, of which besieged by the Spaniards. It haphe was one of the Burgesses, and several pened that, while walking with the times sovereign of the corporation. In his Prince of Hesse (the governor) and time a new stone bridge over the Shannon several other officers that were off at Banagher was commenced and Mr. Arm

duty, a party that had been ordered strong had the principal share not only in to burn the enemy's fascines, apobtaining the presentment for raising the peared, but the officer, under whose money in the county, but also in conduct command they were to act, not being ing the progress of the work. It was finished ready, Mr. Armstrong volunteered in the reign of James II., and Margaret, to perform the arduous duty. His offer Mr. Armstrong's eldest daughter was the was readily accepted and marching first female that passed over it.

directly to the ground set the fascines During the troubles which ensued after

on fire.

He received however a JAMES's abdication of the throne, Mr. Arm

wound from a cannon ball in the strong, suffering much from the attacks of head, of which he died in 1704, in the the native Irish, deemed it prudent to retire to some place of security. Accordingly II. ANDREW, heir to his father. with only seven followers, chiefly his own . James, died at Ghent, in the 23rd servants, all well armed, he set out with

year of his age. the intention of throwing himself into Mul 1. Margaret, b. in 1671, m. in 1701, lingar, then strongly garrisoned for King Captain William Charleton, of CurWilliam, but was attacked near New Town, raghstoun (afterwards Mount Charlea castle belonging to the family of Low, by ton, in Meath, and had a son Thomas a portion of Geoghegan's regiment, where Charleton, and a daughter Elizabeth upon he retired with his little party into Charleton, m. to Theobald Wolfe, the court-yard of the castle, and there reso esq. barrister at law.

37th year

of his age.

U. Catherine, m. to Oliver, youngest

Andrew Wallen, who m. Elizabeth son of Sir Edward Crofton, bart. and

Philips, and d. s. p. in the island survived his widow, with an only son

of Jamaica. His widow wedded Sir Oliver Crofton, bart.

George Armstrong, esq. II. Anne, m. to William Beatty, esq.

George Wallen, died in Jamaica. and had issue.

Lucy Wallen, m. to Samuel Handy, iv. Elizabeth, m. to Mr. Courts.

esq. of Coulalough, in WestThe second but eldest surviving son,

meath, and had issue. ANDREW ARMSTRONG, esq. of Ballycum

Grissel, b. at the castle of Ballykealy, ber, in the King's County, b. in 1669, who

in 1701, m. to Alexander Armstrong, m. 9th June, 1697, Lucy, widow of William esq., second son of Colonel Robert Mason, an officer in King William's army, Armstrong, and had issue. and eldest daughter of George Charnock,

Jane, m. to Captain Supple, and d. s. p. esq. eighth son of Sir George Charnock, Letitia, m. first, Mr. Slaughter, by knight, of Gloucestershire, by Jane, bis

whom she had an only son, and wife, sister of William Clent, esq. of the

secondly, in 1753, the Rev. George

Wallen. city of Worcester; and had. by her who d. 15th September, 1733, aged 62, and was

Andrew Armstrong ed, greatly lamented, buried in Raban church,

14th May, 1717, aged 48, and was s. by his

eldest son, WARNEFORD, his heir. Thomas, b. 22nd August, 1702, who, cumber, h. at the castle of Ballykealy, 27th

WARNEFORD ARMSTRONG, esq. of Ballyentering the engineers, became eventually first director of his Majesty's of the peace, and served the office of sheriff

September, 1699, who was in the commission Engineers, Chief Engineer of Mi- for the King's County, in 1738. He m. first, norca, and Senior Engineer in the 15th March, 1719, Elizabeth, eldest daughservice. He purchased the estate of Murock and erected a house there.

ter of Milo Bagot, esq. of Newtown, by

Margaret, his wife, younger daughter of He d. unmarried. George, b. in January, 1704-5, first had by her, who d. 23rd October, 1739,

Edmund Armstrong, esq. of Stonestown, and clerk in ordinary to Colonel John

1. ANDREW, b. 28th May, 1727, upon Armstrong, Surveyor-general of the

whom his father settled the town and Ordinance. He m. 17th November,

lands of Clara, (except the house and 1740, at St. Paul's, Covent Garden,

demesne) and the lands of Raheen Isabella, widow of Mr. Lucas, and

(except the deer park), to hold to him daughter of S. Holmes, esq. an emi

and his heirs for ever. He m. 9th nent distiller in Thomas Street, Lon

September, 1756, Deborah, daughter don, but d. s. p. 27th July, 1752, in

and heiress of Samuel Simpson, esq. the 48th year of his age, when his estate went to his eldest brother,

of Oatfields, in the county of Galway,

and by her, who d. in April, 1808, Warneford.

and was buried at Liss, left at his John, b. 2nd February, 1705-6, who became highly distinguished as a

decease, 16th July, 1802, two sons

and two daughters, viz. military engineer, and was likewise

1. ANDREW, of Clara, a magistrate a lieutenant in the army. He was

for the King's County, and Capfor a period governor of Minorca,

tain of the Kilcourcy Corps of and published a history of that island in 1752. He d. unmarried about

Yeomanry Cavalry; m. Eleanor,

daughter and heir of Edward forty-two years of age.

Briscoe, esq. of Scraggan, and Mary, b. in 1700, m. in 1718, to Ed

dying 25th August, 1798, left ward Wallen, of Snugborough, in the

issue, King's County, and had issue,

EDWARD-GEORGE, 6. in 1788, Matthew WALLEN, who m. Miss

d. 23rd July, 1834. Catherine Phillips, of Jamaica,

Eliza, m.

to the Rev. Mr. and had two sons and one daugh

Jones, rector of Macroom. ter, viz. John-Weller Wallen,

R. N. Edward-Pleyer Wallen,

2. Samuel, b. 16th September, Major in the 20th Dragoons, and

1762, who resided for some time Eleanora Gregory Wallen, m. to

at Clara House, and subsequently Henry Browne, next brother to

at Spring Garden, and was in Lord Kilmaine.

the commission of the peace for Thomas Wallen, who m. in 1750,

the King's County. He m. EuMiss Gaultier, daughter of Ze

phemia-Frances Wright, of the chariah Gaultier, esq. and had a

county of Longford, and d. at daughter Elizabeth, m. to James

Erry, 16th March, 1832, leaving Stevens, esq.

two sons and two daughters.

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Phæbe Drought, m. in 1804

to Major General HenryGreen Barry, of Ballyclough House, in the county of

Cork, and had issue. Caroline Drought, married. Letitia Drought, m. to Mr.

Elliott, who survives his

widow. Maria Drought. Eliza Drought, d. unmarried,

20th February, 1829. 1. Elizabeth Drought, d. unmar

ried. 2. Ally, m. and d. 3. Caroline Drought, m. Mr.

Armstrong, and d. s.p.

4. Mary Drought. v. Isabella, d. unmarried. vi. Elizabeth, d. young. VII. Elizabeth, b. 28th June, 1736, m.

to Richard, son of Richard Vicars, esq. of Levally, in the Queen's County, and d. at Clifton, 19th January, 1810, leaving issue,

1. Richard Warneford Vicars, d.



1. Margaret, m. to William Hod

son, esq. of Dublin, brother to Sir Robert Hodson, baronet, of Holly Park, in Wicklow, and

had issue. 2. Elizabeth, m. to John Hardi

man Burke, esq. of St. Clerans, in the county of Galway, and d. at Castle Hacket, 3rd January,

1835, leaving issue. II. Milo, b. 19th March, 1729, of the

East India Company's service, d. at

Bengal, 27th September, 1751. III. Thomas, b. 23rd October, 1731,

who made two voyages to China. He d. at Clara unmarried, and was

buried at Banagher. IV. George, of whom presently. v. John, b. 28th June, 1736, d. in in

fancy. 1. Margaret, b. 8th January, 1720, m.

to Frank Brown, esq. of Riverstown, in the county of Kildare, barrister

at-law, and had issue. 11. Lucy, b. 18th March, 1721, d. in

infancy. II. Jane, also d. an infant. iv. Caroline, b. 14th November, 1728,

m. in 1752 to Thomas Drought, esq.
eldest son of John Drought, esq. of
the Heath, in the King's County, and
had issue,
1. Thomas Drought, b. 16th Au-

gust, 1755, who Fanny,
daughter of Thomas Wallen,
esq. and d. in 1833, at Drought-
ville, in the King's County, the
last colonel of the Irish Volun-
teers of 1782, leaving issue,
John Drought, b. in Novem-

ber, 1780, d. s. p.
James Drought, b. in June,

1785. Fanny Drought. Jane Drought, m. 29th April,

1804, to William Pigot, esq. of the 38th Regiment, and dying 20th May, 1810, in the 24th year of her age, left a son Henry Pigot, b. at Loughrea, in 1805, who has succeeded under his uncle John's will to the

estate of Droughtville.
2. John-Armstrong Drought, b. in

1761, m. Letitia Head, and had
three sons and five daughters,
John - Head - Daly - Vaughan

Drought, who served for
some time in the 13th Light

Michael Drought, barrister-at-

Thomas Drought, Major in the

15th Foot.


2. Robert Vicars, in holy orders,

rector of Coolbanagher, in the

Queen's County, died s.p. 3. Edward Vicars, a major-general

in the army, d. unm. 4. Thomas Vicars, barrister-at

law, who m. in 1796, Elizabeth

Gorge, and had issue. 5. George Vicars, barrister-at-law, .chairman of the quarter sessions for the Queen's County, who m. 24th November, 1792, Deborah, daughter of John Hedley, esq. of Newcastle-on-Tyne, and had six sons and one daughter, viz. Richard-Johu Vicars, captain

of engineers, m. in 1819,
Marianne, daughter of T.

Williams, esq.
George Vicars, lieutenant R.

N. d. in 1820.
Robert-Shafto Vicars, captain

56th foot.
Hedley Vicars, barrister-at-

law. Edward Vicars, first lieutenant

royal engineers. William Henry Vicars, lieu

tenant 61st regiment. Caroline-Danby-Elizabeth Vi

cars. 6. Andrew Vicars. 1. Elizabeth Vicars, m. to Peter

La Touche, esq. of Bellevue, in the county of Wicklow, M.P.

son of David La Touche, esq. 2. Grace Vicars, m. to Alexander

Boy! ?, esq. and had several chil. dren. The eldest soli, Vicars

Armstrong Boyle, is married, regiment. He was afterwards apand has issue, and the second pointed inspecting field officer of yeodaughter, Catherine - Francis manry for the county of Longford. Boyle, wedded 11th October, Major William Armstrong m. in Au1832, the Rev. James - John gust, 1791, Charlotte, fifth daughter Hornby, rector of Winwick in

of the Venerable Dean Arthur ChamLancashire, nephew to Edward, pagne, of Portarlington. twelfth Earl of Derby. (See III. James, died in infancy. vol. iii. p. 698.)

1. Fanny, died at Bangor, North Wales, 3. Fanny Vicars, died unm.

in 1834, unm.
4. Anne Vicars, widow of the Rev. 11. Lucinda, d. an infant.
Mr. Caniford.

Warneford Armstrong's fourth son,
5. Charlotte-Jane Vicars.

George ARMSTRONG, esq. b. 19th June, 6. Caroline-Vicars, d. unm.

1734, wedded Constantia-Maria, eldest dau. Warneford Armstrong m. secondly, Jane, / of Andrew Armstrong, esq. of Gallen, and eldest daughter of Lewis Jones, esq. of by her, who died in April, 1826, and was Dublin, by whom he had two sons, who buried at Liss, had issue, both died in infancy; and thirdly, in Janu

1. JOHN-WARNEFORD, his heir. ary, 1760, Fanny, daughter of William II. Andrew-George, b. 12th September, Grey, esq. and by whom, who died in Dub

1773, a captain in the 104th regiment, lin, November, 1807, he had three sons and

from which he sold out, and returntwo daughters, namely,

ing to Ireland, purchased from John

O'Connor, esq. the house and demesne 1. John, b. 15th September, 1761,

of Ballycumber. He died unmarried military officer, a captain in the 8th

26th September, 1821. foot, and subsequently major in the

1. Constantia.
5th dragoon guards. He m. 6th

II. Elizabeth, d. unm. in 1799.
March, 1806, Mary-Anne, daughter

11. Frances, m. at Parsonstown 25th and co-heir of Jonathan Gurnell, esq.

April, 1805, to Samuel John Bever, of Ealing House, Middlesex, and

esq. then a lieutenant in the 38th redying in Cornwall in May, 1835, left

giment, and had issue. issue, 1. John, of Baliol College, Oxford, 1780, was buried at Liss, in the King's

Mr. Armstrong died at Leixlip 23rd August, b. 2nd April, 1810, in holy or

County, and succeeded by his son, the preders, curate in the diocese of

sent John WARNEFORD ARMSTRONG, esq. Wells.

of Ballycumber.
2. Mary-Anne-Gurnell.
3. Fanny.

Arms, Crest, and Motto-As Armstrong 11. William, b. in 1763, a military offi- of Gallen.

cer, who served in America and India, Estates-In the King's County.
and obtained a majority in the 80th Seat-Ballycumber.



ARMSTRONG, THOMAS-ST.-GEORGE, esq. of Garry Castle House, in the King's County, b. 14th November, 1765, m. 14th February, 1792, Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Priaulx, esq. of the island of Guernsey, of an ancient Norman family, and has surviving issue,

CARTERET-ANDREW, barrister-at-law, b. in 1796.
Thomas-St.-George, b. at Garry Castle in 1797, m. Donna Justa de Villanueva,

daughter of Don Pedro de Villaneuva, a Castilian of noble descent, settled in

Buenos Ayres.
William-Bigoe, b. 13th April, 1800.
John-Priaulx, m. his cousin-german Emma, daughter of Thomas Priaulx, esq.

of Montill House, in Guernsey, and has issue. This gentleman, who was formerly a captain in the 8th regiment of foot, and commanded the Garry Castle yeomanry, is in the commission of the peace for the King's County, and was a deputy-governor, until the reduction of that establishment by the appointment of deputy-lieutenants. He served the office of sheriff for the same county in 1809.

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