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and by her, who died 5th July, 1760, Barrington, of Bradwall, in the county of had issue,

Chester, and by her, who died 9th April, 1. John, baptized 28th June, 1743, 1788, aged eighty-two years, left at his dedied young

cease, 15th May, 1789, an only son and 1. Joan, elder daughter and co

heir, m. to William Penlington, WILLIAM LOWNDES, esq. of Sandbach, M. D.

baptized 9th June, 1744, who m. 2nd De2. ANNE, youngest daughter and cember, 1789, at Astbury, in the county of

co-heir, baptized 8th February, Chester, Susanna Sydebothom, daughter 1732, m. to Edward Salmon, esq. and heir to John Kirkby, gent. of Congleton, of Sandbach, and had issue, (by Susanna, daughter and co-heir to John Richard - Lowndes - Salmon, Sydebothom, of Congleton, gent, descended

clerk, Vicar of Sandbach. from the Sydebothoms, of Northenden, in 3. Diana, baptized 9th November, Cheshire), and by her, who died 14th De1741, died young

cember, 1804, aged fisty, had issue, II. WILLIAM, of whom hereafter.

1. WILLIAM, his heir. II. John, baptized 23rd May, 1707, m.

II. John-Sydebothom, born 13th May, Mary, daughter of John Houghton,

1798, and died 23rd November, 1819, gent. of Baguley, and had issue.

aged twenty-one. iv. Charles, baptized 28th August,

1. Anne-Barington m. 22nd July, 1818, 1711. v. Christopher, baptized 19th June,

at Astbury, to William Reddall, of 1713, settled in America.

Liverpool, gent, and has a daughter, VI. Edward, baptized 6th October,

Susanna-Kirkby Reddall. 1717.

Mr. Lowndes was one of the deputy lieuteVII. Thomas, died unmarried.

nants for the county of Chester. He died 1. Margaret, baptized 21st September, 7th Nov. 1806, and was succeeded by his 1697.

eldest son, the present William Lowndes, 1. Katherine, baptized 7th October, esq. of Hassall Hall.

1699, died unmarried. 11. Frances, baptized 26th March, 1701, Arms-as given by William Smith, rouge

died 9th November, 1716, unmarried. dragon pursuivant in his alphabet of Cheshire iv. Ellen, baptized 16th August, 1709, arms, A. D. 1619. Argent fretty azure on

died 21st May, 1735, unmarried. a canton gules a lion's head, erased or. v. Anne, baptized 6th October, 1715.

Crest-a lion's head erased or. In the year 1726, Mr. Lowndes settled his

Estates—The Manor and Hall Estate of estate of Bostock House on his eldest son, Hassall; Creswellshaw; lands in SandRichard, for life, and his heirs general, in bach ; Betchton; Astbury; and Congleton ; consequence of which it descended to the two all in the county of Chester. daughters and co-heirs of Richard Lowndes, jun. esq. Weld House, and the Hall of Hassall he settled on his eldest son for life, and then on his heirs male ; in fault of

TUeld, of Eaton, Newbold Astbury, and which on his younger sons in tail male, but

Kushton, in Cheshire. reserving a power to trustees to lease, in order to raise portions for younger children. Edric, surnamed Stratton, or Streon, The trustees did so for 500 years, and created Duke of Mercia by Ethelred, King transferred the term to Richard Lowndes, of England, (whose daughter, Edina, he the son, who left the leasehold interest to married), A. D. 1003, and afterwards put to his daughters before mentioned. The free- death by King Canute, A. D. 1017, had a hold and reversion, however, remained with younger brother named Alfric, who bad William Lowndes, the second son, whose issue. grandson and heir, the present William EDRIC, surnamed Sylvaticus or Wild, a Lowndes, esq. in 1819 purchased the term, person of great power during the reign of and thus became possessed of the family es Harold and William the Conqueror. He tate.

had issue, Mr. Lowndes died 30th August, 1744. His Edric, surnamed Wild or Weld, living second son,

temp. HENRY I. father of WILLIAM LOWNDES, gent. of Sandbach, WILLIAM Weld, living temp. Stephen and baptized 17th August, 1705, m. 24th Sep- Henry II. father of tember, 1740, Anne, eldest daughter and John WELD, father of co-heir of William Berington, of Sandbach, WILLIAM Weld, living temp. HENRY III. gent. (by Anne, daughter and heir of Tho- | father of mas Fletcher, of Creswellshaw) descended EDWARD WELD, living temp. Henry III. from the ancient family of Berington, alias and EDWARD I. father of

left a son,

JOHN WELD, living temp. EDWARD I. and

Samuel, who died in the West II. father of

Indies. William Weld, Sheriff of London, 25th

John, who died in America. EDWARD III. 1352. He m. Anne, daughter

The eldest son, and heir of Nicholas Wettenhall, of the

JOSEPH WELD, who held under his county of Chester, and great grandaughter of

father's will lands and houses in Richard, Lord of Calverley, and settled at

Hawarden, m. Anne Corbin, of Eaton in the Hundred of Edisbury, and

Broad-lane, the descendant of a county of Chester. He had issue,

very ancient family, and dying 1. WILLIAM, his heir.

20th July, 1765, aged thirty-four, II. and mu. Two younger sons, settled in Bucks and Suffolk.

WILLIAM Weld, esq. of Twicken

ham, b. 17th January, 1762, who Mr. Weld was s. by his eldest son,

m. at Tarporley, in 1790, Miss WILLIAM WELD, of Eaton, who m. Mar

Jane Jones, died 21st January, garet, daughter of William Bostock, of Tar

1837, and was buried at the ceporley, in the county of Chester, and had

metery in the Harrow Road, left issue,

four sons, Samuel, Joseph, Wil1. John, his heir.

liam, and George-Henry. 11. Robert Weld, of Wistaston.

The eldest son is III. Richard Weld, of Rushton, great

SAMUEL Weld, esq. of Welbeck grandfather of

Street and Twickenham, in the RICHARD Weld, of Rushton, who

county of Middlesex, who m. at was buried in March, 1575, at

St. Marylebone Church, London, Tarporley, leaving a son,

23rd August, 1825, Jane-CharRICHARD WELD, of Rushton, bu

lotte, eldest child of Edward Gorried 1st December, 1593, whose

don, esq. of Sunning Hill, Berks, son,

a scion of the Gordons of LesRICHARD Weld, jun. of Rushton,

moir, and has an only surviving m. in December, 1582, Elizabeth,

child, daughter of John Adgett, of Rush

Gordon - Samuel, born 24th ton, and was buried 24th July,

March, 1827, baptized at 1614, leaving a son,

St. Marylebone Church, RICHARD WELD, baptized 18th Jan

London, 18th May. Qary, 1584, whowas buried in Au- William Weld, of Eaton, was 's. by his gust, 1653, and his will proved at eldest son, London, 8th March, 1654, where John Weld, of Eaton, who m. Ellen, in he mentions his wife, Eliza- daughter of John Bruen, of Tarporley, and beth, bis sons John, Joseph, had issue, a son and successor, Daniel, Nathaniel, and Samuel. EDWARD Weld, of Eaton, who m. MarHis youngest son,

garet, daughter of Thomas Cotgreave, of Samuel Weld, settled at Brough- Christleton, near Chester, and was father

ton, in the parish of Hawarden, of
in the county of Flint. His will, John Weld, of Eaton, who m. Elizabeth,
dated 30th November, 1707, and only daughter and heir of James Boton, of
proved at Hawarden, 11th De- Tiverton, in the county of Chester, and had
cember following, states that his a son,
lands were settled on his mar John Weld, of Eaton, gent. living temp.
riage on Joseph Weld. Sa- Henry VIII. who m. Johanna, daughter of
muel's son and heir,

John Fitz-hugh, of Congleton, and had
Joseph Weld, of Broad-lane, in issue,

Hawarden, was buried 8th Jan 1. Robert, of whom hereafter.
uary, 1717. His will, dated 3rd u. John, of London, who m. Dorothy,
August, 1714, and proved at dau. of Roger Greswold, (remarried
Hawarden, 27th January, 1717,

Hugh Offey). He settled at Wildevises his lands at Kennerton ley, and was ancestor of Weld, of and Rede Meadow, to his eldest WILLE Y Park, in the county of Salop. son,

ul. Richard, of Holt, in the county of SAMUEL Weld, whose will dated Chester, interred at Tarporley at

7th March, 1743, was proved, at night, as a papist recusant, 20th AuHawarden, 9th June, in the fol

gust, 1626. lowing year. Hem.Mary Bennett, IV. HUMPHREY, (Sir), of London, and and dying 26th March, 1744, Holdwell, in the county of Herts, aged forty-eight, left three sons, knight, Sheriff of London, A.D. 1599, JOSEPH, his heir.

and Lord Mayor A.D. 1602. He m.

Anne, daughter of Nicholas Wheeler, 1630, died unmarried, and interred esq. and dying 29th November, 1610, at Sandbach, 23rd October, 1688. left issue,

IV. Randle, born 6th and baptized 11th
Sir John Weld, knt. of Arnolds, March, 1631, died unmarried, 16th

who m. Frances, daughter of October, 1654.
William Whitmore, esq. and dy 1. Jane, (whose descendants became
ing 1622, was ancestor (see pe representatives of the Welds of Ea-
digree of Weld, of LULLWORTH ton) b. 27th July, 1623, m. to John

Lowndes, esq. of Bostock House, in
Thomas Weld, of Lullworth Hassall, and dying 2nd February,
Castle, who, after the death of 1690, left issue, (see previous pedi-
his wife, Lucy Bridget, daugh-

gree), amongst other children, ter of Hon. Thomas Clifford,

RICHARD LOwndes, of Bostock took orders in the Roman Ca

House. tholic Church, and obtained a II. Elizabeth, born 17th June, 1625, Cardinal's hat A. D. 1829.

m. to Thomas Whittingham, gent. of 1. Ellen, eldest daughter, m. John Brereton, and dying 26th July, 1696,

Wbittingham, of Middlewich, in the was interred at Brereton, in the county of Chester.

county of Chester. 11. Elizabeth, m. to Ralph Blackmore, III. Anne, b. 5th April, 1633. of Over.

iv. Mary, b. 2nd June, 1636, died unMr. Weld was s. by his eldest son,

married 22nd April, 1673. ROBERT Weld, of Eaton, gent. who m. Mr. Weld died 11th Jane, 1638, and was s. Ellen, daughter of Robert Oulton, of Wet- by his son, tenhall, in the county of Chester, and had William Weld, esq. of Weld House, in issue,

Newbold Astbury, and Hassall Hall, b. 5th 1. John, his heir.

March, 1626, succeeded to Hassall Hall by 11. Robert, of Congleton, m. Joan, dau. purchase, and other parts of the Liversage

of-, who died 25th March, 1627. estate by bequest. He married 11th May, Mr. Weld was living 1586, and succeeded 1649, Mary, daughter of William Hall, gent. by his eldest son,

of the city of London, and by her (who died John WELD, who removed from Eaton, 9th March, 1702, aged seventy-three years) and settled at Newbold Astbury, in the had issue, county of Chester. He m. 26th October, Audrey, born 30th April, 1651, and d. 1578, Anne, daughter of John Barlow, of an infant 24th June, 1652. Newbold Astbury, and had issue,

Mary, born 27th February, 1654, and J. John, his heir.

died an infant 27th January, 1655. II. William, baptized 6th November, Mr. Weld died at Hassall Hall, and was in1590.

terred at Sandbach, 23rd April, 1705, and 1. Edyth, baptized 13th May, 1583, m. having no surviving issue, he bequeathed 4th July, 1614, to John Rode, gent. his estates to his great nephew, RICHARD of Congleton. She was interred as a Lowndes, esq. of Bostock House and Hasrecusant papist at Astbury, 11th sall Hall. See page 333.

March, 1667, aged eighty-four.
II. Eleanor, baptized 17th May, 1593.
III. Hester, baptized 18th April, 1597,

died unmarried at Hassall Hall, and Berington, of Bradwall and Sandbach.

interred 20th June, 1674. IV. Margery, baptized 22nd August, HUMPHREY BERINGTON, of Bradwall, in 1600.

the county of Chester, a younger branch of Mr. Weld was s. by his eldest son.

Berington of Bradwall, born circa 1535, John Weld, of Weld House, in Newbold married and had issue, Astbury, baptized 9th une, 1587. He m. John, his heir. Eleanor, daughter of William Leversage, Thomas, b. in 1566. esq. of Whelock, (and eventually co-heir to Richard, b. in 1570. her niece, Audrey, daughter of her brother, Mr. Berington d. 18th September, 1591, William Leversage, esq. of Betchton, and and was succeeded by his son, wife of John Broughton, esq. of Broughton, John Berington, of Bradwall, b. in 1564, in Flintshire), and by her, who died 3rd who married and had issue, April, 1664, aged sixty-eight, had issue,

Philip, eldest son, baptized 2nd August, 1. Christopher, born 24th June, 1616, 1593, and died 22nd September, 1603.

William, his heir. II. William, his heir, of whom here- Mr. Berington died, and was interred at after.

Astbury, 3rd October, 1603, and was sucII. John, of London, born 26th June, ceeded by his only surviving son,

died young

and d. s. p.

William BERINGTON, gent. of Sandbach, to John Boult, gent. of Sandbach, baptized 24th March, 1599, who married and had issue,

Eleanor, third daughter and co-heir, URIAN, his heir.

baptized 23rd February, 1714, marJohn, baptized 1st May, 1642.

ried at Over, in the county of ChesRoger, of Smallwood and Arclid, bap

ter, 3rd March, 1735-6, to John Cootized 18th January, 1643, married 8th

per, gent. of Pickton, near Chester, April, 1677, Anna, daughter of

and had issue, Baylay, of Smallwood, and by her,

1. Samuel Cooper, gent. of Hoole, who died 6th August, 1708, had issue.

married Anne, daughter of John Mr. B. died 17th August, 1709, and

Edmondson, of Thornton, in is ancestor of Berington, alias Baring

Hough, and had issue. ton, of Arclid.

2. John Cooper, gent. of Pickton, William, baptized 1st February, 1645.

married Christian, daughter of Thomas, baptized 17th March 1649.

Samuel Brittain, and dying 1st Anne, born in 1629.

April, 1781, left issue. Jane, born in 1633.

William Berington died 26th July, 1727, Mary, born in 1636.

without surviving male issue, leaving his Ellen, born in 1649.

daughters his heirs, and the representative

of the eldest co-heir is now Mr. Berington was s. by his eldest son,

WILLIAM LOWNDES, esq. of Hassall Hall, URIAN BERINGTON, gent. of Sandbach,

1837. baptized 19th June, 1631, married Ellen, daughter of Humphrey Whittingham, of Arms-Quarterly of nine. Mooresbarrow, in the county of Chester (de LOWNDES—Arg. fretty azure, on a canscended from the Whittinghams, of Whit ton gu. a lion's head erased, or. tingham, in Lancashire), and by her, who Weld—Az. a fesse nebule, between died 14th May, 1700, left at his decease three crescents, ermine. 22nd February, 1703, an only son,

WeTTENHALL-Vert, a cross engrailed, WILLIAM BERINGTON, gent. of Sandbach

ermine. and Betchtow, baptized 28th October, 1659, LIVERSAGE-Arg. a chev, between three who married at Holmes Chapel, 11th De plough-shares erect, sable. cember, 1703, Anne, daughter and heir of WHELOCK —Arg. a chev. between three Thomas Fletcher, of Cresswellshaw, in the catherine wheels, sa. county of Chester, and had issue,

BERINGTON-Sa. three greyhounds couURIAN, only son, baptized 4th April,

rant in pale argent collared gu. a 1710, and died 26th February, 1711.

bordure of the second. Anne, eldest daughter and coheir, born

VENABLES—Az. two barrs arg. in chief 1705, married at Sandbach, 24th Sep

three plates. tember, 1740, to William Lowndes,

Fletcher-Arg. a cross engrailed, sa. gent. second son of Richard Lowndes,

between four pellets, each charged esq. of Hassall, and dying 9th April,

with an arrow head of the first: for 1788, left issue an only son,

diff. a canton, sa. William Lowndes, esq. of Sand

SYDEBOTHOM-Arg. a chev. az. between bach. See previous pedigree.

three lioncels rampant gu.. Sarah, second daughter and co-heir, Crest-A lion's head erased, as in the

baptized 24th March, 1711, married I arms.

ARMSTRONG, OF GALLEN. ARMSTRONG, ANDREW, esq. of Gallen, in the King's County, b. 19th October, 1786, m. 1st January, 1835, at South Stoneham, Frances-Fullerton, daughter of G. A. Fullerton, esq. of Westwood, in Hampshire, and of Ballintoy Castle, in the county of Antrim, (see page 298), and has a son,

EDMUND-FREDERICK, b. 27th May, 1836. This gentleman, who succeeded his father 12th December, 1827, was for some time a captain in the King's county regiment of militia, and has twice served the office of high sheriff, viz. in 1811 and 1836. He is a deputy lieutenant for the county, and was for upwards of ten years receiver-general of his Majesty's stamp duties in Ireland until the union of the English and Irish offices, when a large reduction was made in the latter department.


Hall, a strong castle situated on the west side of the river Eske, in the parish of Canaby, and county of Eskedale. This mansion is still known as the residence of this distinguished chieftain, and the spacious ruins that remain, even to the present day, evince how strong a position it must have been in former times. In this fortress, John Armstrong maintained for many years sumptuous state, and considerable forces, harassing, by continued incursions, the neighbouring counties of England, until, at length, delivered by treachery into the power of JAMES IV. he was executed, together with many of his retainers, by the king's orders,

at Carlingrig, about the year 1530. He left The family of Armstrong was in ancient a son Christopher, who succeeded as laird times settled on the Scottish border, and of Giliknock, and was living in 1530, and a springing from this parent stock several younger brother, branches, at a very early era became located CHRISTOPHER ARMSTRONG, laird of Manin the northern counties of England. One, gerton (a castle standing on the south-west established at Corby in Lincolnshire, had bank of the river Liddle, twenty miles northcontinued there for seven descents; and east of Carlisle), who had the good fortune another, at Tynedale in Northumberland, to escape the execution of Carlingrig. He for nine generations, at the period of the married and had two sons, the younger of Visitation in 1623. A third scion, Thoroton, whom, William, left Scotland some years in his History of Nottinghamshire, mentions after the death of Queen ELIZABETH, and as fixed at Thorpe, in that county, so early seated himself in the county of Fermanagh, as the eleventh year of RICHARD II, and where he became the founder of a numerous gives the pedigree, in an interrupted succes- family, whose branches flourished in those sion, to the year 1672 ; and Leland, in the parts. The elder son of the laird of Mangerfirst volume of his Itinerary, speaks of a ton was father of family of Armstrong settled in Yorkshire, ANDREW ARMSTRONG, born in the castle whose representative he calls a gentle of Mangerton in 1576, who, having disposed man of many lands.” Tradition affirms that of his patrimony in Scotland to one of his the original surname was Fairbairn, and kinsmen, migrated, in the commencement that it was changed to Armstrong on the fol- of the seventeenth century to the worth of lowing occasion: An ancient king of Scot- Ireland, and established himself near his land, having his horse killed under him in uncle in the county of Fermanagh. At the battle, was immediately remounted by Fair- breaking out of the rebellion in 1641, he bairn, his armour bearer, on his own horse. embraced a military life, and served as an For this timely assistance, the king amply officer of horse in the army of Charles I. rewarded him with lands on the borders, for several years with great reputation. He and to perpetuate the memory of so impor- m. first, a lady named Alexander, of Scottish tant a service, as well as the manner in descent, and had by her, one son and one which it was performed (for Fairbairn took | daughter, viz. the king by the thigh, and set him on the

1. Andrew, who m. and had one son saddle), his royal master gave him the ap

and three daughters, viz. pellation of Armstrong, and assigned him for crest an armed hand and arm, in the

Richard, who m. a daughter of hand a leg and foot in armour, couped at the

Mr. Armstrong, of Forelock, in thigh, all ppr.”

the King's County, and dying in The Armstrongs of the border were at the

1720, left, with several daughters, head of a numerous and warlike clan, who,

two sons, viz. upon all differences that arose between the

John, who m. and had several two crowns, made frequent inroads into the

children. northern counties of England, encountering

Thomas, was made an ensign the enemy wherever they met with them,

in Col. Philip's regiment of and were occasionally assisted by the other

Foot in North America in neighbouring clans of their alliance. The

1731, and became lieutenant most famed leader of these bold and adven

in 1737 ; he d. unm. turons men was

Rebecca, m. to Mr. Johnston. John ARMSTRONG, the laird of Giltknock

Mary, m. Thomas Robinson, of

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