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tion to generation as the bishop's

d. 3rd November, 1719, and lady's wedding-ring. It is of massive

was s. by his eldest son, gold, with a hand, a heart, a mitre,

D'Ewes, who m. Frances, and a death's head, embossed upon

daughter and co-heiress it, with the following couplet on the

of William Coke, of inner circle,

Trusley: of him preThese three I give to thee

sently. Till the fourth set me free.

2. John, second son of the Bishop

of Hereford, was rector of WhitHe has also a blood-stone necklace,

born and Ross, in the county of once the property of the above lady,

Hereford, and prebendary of which bears a great name in the pa

Moreton Magna. He was derish where its owner resides, as pos

prived of the former of these sessing the charm of stopping violent

livings by the committee of Herebleeding, for which purpose its aid is

ford, 24th Sept. 1646, as related often requested, and the application

by Walker in his Sufferings of is still supposed never to fail. Bishop

the Clergy (p. 36, fol. edit.), but Coke had issue,

so warmly were his flock attached 1. Richard, B.D. of Suckley, in

to their pastor, that forcible the county of Worcester, vicar

means were ultimately resorted of Eastnor, in the county of Here

to to dispossess him. The crimes ford, prebendary of Bullinghope,

alleged against him were scandal and chancellor of the diocese.

and being an incendiary against He m. Mary, daughter of John

the Parliament. He lived howKayse, of the county of Glou

ever to be restored to his living cester, and was s. by his only son,

at Whitborn, and died there at a Heigham, who m. Mary, dau.

good old age; his successor at of Sir Nicholas Lechmere,

Ross being the celebrated Mr. one of the barons of the ex

Tombs. His widow Eleanor at chequer, by whom he had

her death bequeathed the proissue one daughter. He m.

perty to his nephew, Heigham, secondly, Elizabeth, dau.

son of Richard Coke, of Suckley. of Sir Willoughby D'Ewes,

3. William, of Quistmoor, in the of Stow Langtoft Hall, in

county of Hereford, prebendary the county of Suffolk, a des

of Colwall, vicar of Bosbury and cendant of Sir Symonds

portionist of Bromyard, who left, D'Ewes, the great antiqua

by Elizabeth his wife, five daughrian and topographical col

ters and one son, Francis, of lector, whose very curious

Quistmoor and Lower Moor, anlife, written by himself, is

cestor of the Cokes of Lower to be seen in the British

Museum. His ancestor,
Adrian D'Ewes, descended
from the ancient stem of Des

* Lower Moor Branch.
Ewes, dynasts or lords of

FRANCIS Coke, of Quistmoor and Lower Moor, the Dition of Kessel, in the (the son of William, the Vicar of Bosbury), m. dutchy of Gelderland, had Lucy, daughter of Thomas Coucher, of Parton, in settled in England not many the county of Hereford, and had issue by her one years after the beginning of son and three daughters. She d. in 1692 ; and he HENRY VIII., when that m. secondly, in 1725, Barbara, relict of — Harper, duchy had been so much by whom he had no issue. Dying in June, 1750, wasted and depopulated by at the age of ninety, he was s. by bis only son, the intestine wars which GEORGE Coke, who m. Elizabeth, daughter of raged there between Charles Richard Bytheway, of the ancient family residing the Duke, Philip the Arch

at Leintwardine, in the county of Hereford, through

which alliance a considerable property in the paduke, and Charles his son.

rishes of Llancrril, Hirnant, and Llanrhayder, in Weever, in his ancient funeral monuments (1631), of male issue in the other lines) into the Lower

Montgomeryshire, eventually fell (by the failure gives descriptions and draw- Moor branch of the Coke family. He left at his ings of some curious monu decease (his widow dying 1st September, 1781, ments and testimonials to at the advanced age of ninety-six) a son and sucGeeradt D'Ewes and others cessor, of the same family, in Richard Coke, vicar of Eardisley for the period churches within the diocese of forty years, a man of good scholarship and. of London. Heigham Coke of original wit, excelling in the composition of

4. Thomas, fourth son of George, and heir of Sir William Holles, and sister

Bishop of Hereford, d. s. p. of Sir William Holles and sister to John 5. Robert, was killed in action at Lord Haughton's first wife.* He m. se

Newport, temp. Elizabeth. condly, Elizabeth, daughter of George CurThe eldest son,

zon, of Croxhall, in the county of Derby, Sir Francis Coke, of Trusley, m. st, and relict of Thomas Leigh, of Eg: ston, Frances, daughter of Denzell Holles, son whose ancestor, Robert, son of Reginald

brief allegories and fables in verse. His memory

3. William, B. A. of Trinity college, too was an extraordinary one-such as to enable

Cambridge, b. 2nd November, 1803, him, though for many years afflicted with blind

is perpetual curate of the parishes of ness, to repeat long passages from the classics,

Marstow and Pencoyd, in the county amongst whicb Juvenal was his favourite author.

of Hereford. He was an active magistrate for the county of

4. John, b. 17th November, 1806, lieuHereford. He m. Jane, daughter of Jeremiah Grif

tenant and adjutant of the 10th Regifiths, rector of Disserth, and dying 27th December,

ment of Bengal Native Infantry. 1793, aged seventy-five, left two sons and three daughters,

1. Anne, m. 15th October, 1823, to Wil1. Richard, who d. s. p.

liam Sarsfield-Rositer Cockburn, esq. 11. Francis, B.A. of Baliol college, Oxford,

(only son of Lieut.-Gen. Sir William and admitted ad eundem at Cambridge,

Cockburn, bart. of Cockburn and Ryswhere he took his master's degree. He was

law, Berwickshire) who, on his "fa

ther's death in March, 1835, succeeded rector of Gladestry, in the county of Radnor, vicar of Sellack and Caple, in the county

to the title and estates. The common

ancestor of this line, and of Sir James of Hereford, magistrate for the county, and prebendary of Piona Parva, in the cathe

Cockburn, of Langton, was Sir Wildral church of Hereford. In 1791 he m.

liam Cockburn, knt. and Baron of Anne, daughter of Robert Whitcombe, esq.

Langtoun, who fell at the battle of

Flodden Field, and was descended from of Kington, (of the ancient family of Whit

Sir William Cockburn, of Langtoun, combe, of Eastham, in the county of Worcester), by Winifred, eldest daughter of

keeper of the great seal of Scotland in

1389. Sir William Cockburn has issue, Richard Hooper, esq. of the Whittem, Herefordshire, descended from Hooper,

Devereux Plantagenet, b. 9th June,

1828, and other children.
Bishop of Gloucester, who suffered at the
stake in Queen Mary's reign. She died in

2. Jane.
1826, and the Rev. Francis Coke, in 1831,

3. Lucy.
having had issue fifteen children, seven
only of whom survived their parents, viz.

1. Elizabeth,
1. George, b. 8th January, 1797, of

11. Jane, m. to the Rev. James Hodgson,

M.A. of Christchurch college, Oxford, and St. John's College, Cambridge, ordained in 1821, and afterwards ap

of Humber, in the county of Hereford, and

died 15th February, 1790, having had issue, pointed to the rectory of Aylton, in the county of Hereford.

James-Coke Hodgson, who died in his ceeded to the family estate at Lower

fifteenth year, having been blind seveMoor on his father's death, and m. in

ral years, but still having attained 1825, Anne-Elizabeth, only daughter

much knowledge for his early age. of the Rev. James Hodgson, rector

John-Richard-Henry Hodgson,d. young. of Barwick, in Yorkshire, (by his

Francis Hodgson, b. 16th Nov. 1781, second wife, Winifred, eldest daughter

formerly of King's college, Cambridge, of Robert Whitcombe, esq. of King

archdeacon of Derby, and vicar of ton), and by her, who d. 28th March,

Bakewell, in the same county, a gen'1831, had one son and two daugh

tleman well known in the literary world ters,

as the translator of Juvenal and author George-Francis, b. 15th January,

of the Friends, and other poems. He 1830.

enjoyed the warm friendship of the Anne-Elizabeth.

late Lord Byron. He m. 15th August, Lucy-Elizabeth Hodgson.

1815, Susanna-Matilda, daughter of The Rev. George Coke holds a com

Archdale-Wilson Tayler, esq. of Barmission of the peace for the county of

ham Wood, in the county of Hertford, Hereford.

which lady d. 6th October, 1833, s. p. 2. Robert Coke, b. 2nd September, 1801;

Jane Hodgson, d. young. m. in 1832, Isabella, only daughter of

II. Lucy, third dau. of Rev. Richard Coke. Walter Hill, esq. formerly of Rock * From this marriage the Cokes derive their lands, in the county of Hereford, im- descent of founder's kin to Archbishop Chichele mediately descended, on her mother's at All Souls' college, Oxford, Denzell Holles side, from Colonel Hutchinson, who having married Eleanor, daughter of Edmond Shefheld so distinguished a command un field, Lord Sheffield, son of John Vere, fifth Earl der Parliament in the civil wars. of Oxford.

He suc

$. p

Leigh, of Annesley, in Nottinghamshire, 11. Mary, m. to John Fitzherbert, of descended from the Leghs of Adlington, in Somersall, in the county of Derby. Cheshire, m. a co-heiress of Lathbury, and The Somersall Fitzherberts were the settled at Eggington in the 15th century. elder branch of the family which has Croxhall (Crocheshalle in the Domesday long resided at Tissington, but besurvey) was one of the knight's fees held by came extinct by the death of Richard Richard de Curcun in the reign of HENRY Fitzherbert, of Somersall, in 1803. I. and continued to be the property and Somersall Hall, the old seat of the seat of this ancient family until the reign of family, time out of mind, was purCharles I., when Mary, niece to Elizabeth, chased by Alleyn Fitzherbert, Lord wife of Sir Francis Coke, and daughter and

St. Helens, descended from the Tisheir of Sir Richard Curzon, brought it to sington branch, who was created a Sir Edward Sackville, afterwards Earl of baron in 1801. Dorset. Sir Francis Coke was one of the three commissioners (the other two being

II. Alice, m. to William Harpur, of Sir Gilbert Kniveton and Sir Richard Har

Bilson, in the county of Derby, son pur) appointed in the 1st of King CHARLES

to Sir Henry Harpur, bart. of Calke. 1. (1625) for the collection of the subsidies

In the year 1808 the Harpurs, of in the hundred of Morleston and Litchurch.

Calke Abbey, took the name of Crewe, He d. 1539, at the age of seventy-eight,

by the king's sign manual, in conseleaving three sons and four daughters, viz.

quence of their descent from Lord

Crewe. 1. WILLIAM, his heir.

iv. Isabel, died young. 11. Gilbert, a captain serving with the His second wife, who died without issue,

army in Holland, m. Elizabeth, dau.
of Thomas Gilbert, of Locko, and

was Dorothy, daughter of Francis Saunders, left a son and daughter,

of Shankton, in Northamptonshire. He d. Charles, who d. 24th May, 1720, in 1641, and is interred with one of his two

wives in the chancel of Kirkby* church.

He was s. by his eldest son,
Frances, m. to William Mundy, of
Darley, and d. in 1672.

RICHARD Coke, esq. of Trusley, who m. Jl. Francis, rector of Yoxall, in the Catherine, daughter of Robert Charlton, of

county of Stafford, and archdeacon Whitton, in Shropshire, and lord of Powys of Stafford, m. Margaret, daughter Land, sister to Sir Job Charlton, speaker of of Evans, of Wiltshire, and had the house of commons. Richard Coke was four sons, all of whom d. s. p.

one of the eight whose names are found on 1. Eleanor, died unm.

the list of persons in Derbyshire who were 11. Susanna, m, to Roger Bates, D.D. the Royal Oak in 1660. In the same list

“ fit and qualified" to be made knights of chaplain to King Charles I.

was also returned the value of the respecJU. Elizabeth, m. to Percival Wil, tive estates of those people who were deemed

loughby, M.D. son of Sir Percival
Willoughby, of Wollaton, county of
Nottingham, the ancestor of the pre * They are buried with two of their children,
sent Lord Middleton. This Dr. Wil- Isabella and Henry, on the south side of the chan-
loughby was brother to the great na-

cel, just below the steps of the altar. The inturalist who died in 1672.

scription is nearly effaced on the slabs which are I. Anne, m. to John Mundy, of Mark- placed over their graves, but there is a singular eaton, in the county of Derby.

memorandum made at the beginning of the first

register kept in the parish, (the first entry in which The eldest son,

is “ Maria, filia Gulielmi Coke, A.D. 1628 )," it is WILLIAM COKE, esq. of Trusley, m. first, a drawing of the monumental stones, with the inMaud, daughter and co-heiress of Henry scriptions which were placed over William Coke Beresford, of Alsop in the Dales, in the and Maud his wife. They run as follows: “ Here county of Derby, and lineal descendant of lieth the body of William Coke, esq. son and beir Jobo de Beresford, lord of Beresford, in the of Francis Coke, of Trusley, in the county of county of Stafford, in the reign of William Derby, knight, who married Maud, eldest daughRufus, and whose ancestor's name appears he had issue four sons and four daughters. He

ter of Hen. Beresford, of Alsop, &c. by whom in the train of William the Conqueror. By being of the age of forty-seven years, March 27, this lady he had four sons and four daughters, Anno Dom. 1641. Lived godly and died com1. RICHARD, bis heir.

fortably.” The other: “ Here lieth interred the 11. Francis, died vitâ patris.

body of Maud Coke, wife of William Coke, of [11. Henry, died v. p.

Kerkby Hall, in the county of Nottingham, esq.,

daughter and co-heir of Henry Beresford, of Alsop iv. Timothy, d. unm.

in Le dale, in the county of Derby, who lived reli1. Elizabeth, m. to Thomas Sherman, giously and died 16th March, 1628, aged thirtyLondon.


d. s.p.

worthy of having such a mark of distinction

baried* in All Saints' church, conferred upon them. This honorary reward

Derby. He left issue, to be bestowed upon the loyal and firm ad

1. Daniel Parker, fellow of berents of royalty in its darkest days was

All Souls, Oxford, barristernever carried into effect; the advisers of

at-law, representative of the CHARLES II., prudently considering that such

borough of Derby in Para step would only have a tendency to keep

liament from the year 1774 alive those dissensions and party feuds which

to 1780, and of Nottingham every true patriot would wish to consign to

for a period of thirty-five oblivion. Richard died 12th March, 1664,

years. He died in 1825,7 leaving eight daughters and one son,

and his sisters dying also 1. Robert, his heir.

8. p. his property devolved 1. Anne, m. to Paul Ballidon, of Derby,

upon the heirs at law, whose daughter, Catherine, was m.

D'Ewes Coke, the present

owner of Brookbill, and Suto William Coke,of Trusley, of whom presently.

sanna, daughter of FrancisJl. Susanna, m. to Edward Wilmot, of

Ballidon Wilmot, of SponSpondon, in the county of Derby,

don, and wife of John Coke, barrister-at-law, son of Edward Wil

of Debdale, county of Notmot, D.D. and bad issue,

tingham. 1. Robert Wilmot, who rebuilt the

1. Emma-Matilda, m. Colonel family seat at Chaddesden.

Heathcote, and d. s. p. 2. Edward Wilmot, m. to Cathe

2. Dorothy, m. to Thomas Harine - Cassandra - Isabella Coke,

trell, d. s. p. of whom presently.

3. Sarah, m. to Henry Hatrell, 3. Richard Wilmot, m. to Hen

rietta, daughter of William Ca v. John, doctor in physic, d. 18th Novendish, of Doveridge, in the

county of Derby. III. Emma, died unm.

The following inscription is to be seen in the iv. Elizabeth, m. to John Ward, rector mediate vicinity of the college, the residence of

church of All Saints', Derby, which is in the imof Mickleover, near Derby,

the late Daniel-Parker Coke: “In a vaalt near v. Catherine, died unm.

this pillar are deposited the remains of Thomas vi. Isabel.

Coke, esq. and Matilda his wife. He departed VII. Frances, died young.

this life on the 15th November, 1776, aged seventyviii. Matilda, m. to Thomas Bull, and six. She on the 1st of Aug. 1777, aged seventyd. in 1719.

one. They lived together man and wife more than The son and successor,

forty years, (in times not abounding with such inRobert Coke, esq. of Trusley, m. Eliza- the evening of their days, when this world could

stances), in perfect harmony and affection, and in beth, daughter of Anthony Samwell, fourth afford nothing to them but what is inseparably the son of Sir William Samwell, bart. of the lot of humanity in so advanced a period, infirmicounty of Northampton, auditor to Queen ties, they followed each other to a better and more ELIZABETH, and descendant of the very an- perfect state, where they will receive the reward cient family originally seated at Restormel of their virtues. Out of filial gratitude and from Castle, in Cornwall. Robert Coke's name sincere respect, this monument was erected to their appears at the head of the grand jury ad memory by their only son, Daniel-Parker Coke, dress for the county of Derby in 1682 to esq." CHARLES JI., expressive of their detestation

† He was buried in All Saints' church, where of the association which had been formed

a white marble monument, bearing the following to set aside the succession to the crown from

inscription, is erected :the Duke of York. Robert d. 22nd January, barrister-at-law, and for thirty-five years represen

Sacred to the memory of Daniel-Parker Coke, 1713, aged sixty-seven, leaving issue, tative in Parliament for the town of Nottingham; 1. William, his heir.

in discharge of which trust his devoted attention barrister-at-law, purveyor

to the interests of his trust, was no less conspiof wheat and groom of the closet to cuous than was, in the whole of his political and

Charles II. was married three times. private life, the most disinterested independence III. Francis, died in v. p.

and thoughtlessness of self. In the unpaid and iv. Thomas, B.D. rector of Trusley, m.

voluntary duties of the magistracy, sedulous and Sarah, daughter and heir of William

constant in attendance, high-minded, and in its Willet, of Derby, and had one son,

true and just sense liberal, and by his mild and

engaging manners endeared to all. In a state of Thomas, barrister-at-law, who m.

protracted and hopeless infirmity, he sunk at last Matilda, daughter and heir of regretted by all, closing an active and useful life Thomas Goodwin, of Derby. He on the 6th day of December, in the year of our d. 16th November, 1776, and is Lord 1825, aged eighty."

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died s.p.

vember, 1720, s. p. having m. Eliza Trusley church, and was s. by his
beth, daughter of Colonel Richard son and heir,
Fowler, of Harnage Grange, in the

Francis Ballidon Wilmot, who m. county of Salop.

Elizabeth, daughter of Richard vi. Gilbert, died young.

Wilmot, of Derby, by Henrietta, VII. Richard, m. Elizabeth, daughter of

daughter of William Cavendish, Thomas Robie, of Donnington, in the

and left issue one son and one county of Leicester, and had issue,

daughter, viz. 1. Richard, m. Anne, daughter of

Francis, rector of Trusley and Thomas Walker, of Dalbury, in

Pinxton, who dying 21st the county of Derby.

April, 1818, unmarried, the 2. Robert, died young.

Trusley and Spondou pro3. John, emigrated to Virginia, and

perties devolved upon his married there. In 1832 a mem

only sister and heir. ber of this family was one of the

Susanna, m. to John Coke, of representatives of that state in

Debdale, county of Nottingthe house of assembly at Wash

ham, of whom presently. ington, and has issue.

II. Frances. 4. Edward.

The second daughter and co-heir, 5. Thomas, m. Anne, daughter of Frances Coke, m. in 1720, D'Ewes Coke,

John Harrison, of Derby. esq. of Suckley, son of Heigham Coke, des1. Frances.

cended from the Bishop of Hereford. (See 2. Elizabeth, m. to Grosvenor. p. 273.) She died, leaving issue three sons. 3. Catherine,

He m. secondly, Catherine, daughter of 4. Dorothy,

Frances Hurt, of Alderwasley, in the county 5. Mary,

of Derby, by whom he had two sons and 6. Isabel,

three daughters. By his first marriage, The eldest son,

1. D’Ewes, died in vitâ patris. WILLIAM Coke, esq. of Trusley, m. Ca

11. Balidon, d. s. p. tharine, daughter of Paul Ballidon, esg. III. George, of whom presently. of Derby, by whom he acquired a moiety of By the second, the manor of Stanley, in Derbyshire, (now

1. Charles, died in the West Indies. in the possession of Sir Hugh Bateman, 11. D’Ewes, m. Deborah, daughter of bart.), and dying the 20th of January, 1718,

Stokes, of Birmingham, in the at the age of thirty-nine, without male issue, county of Warwick. He was somethe elder branch of the family became ex

time resident in Newfoundland, where tinct. Of his daughters,

he filled an official situation, and was 1. CATHERINE-CASSANDRA-ISABELLA, was

shipwrecked off that coast, but his m. to her cousin Edward Wilmot, of

life was preserved. He subsequently

settled at Poole, in Dorsetshire, and Spondon, barrister-at-law, second son of Edward Wilmot. Her husband, who thus became inheritor of the

III. Jane, m, and had issue. patrimonial estate of the Trusley

m. and had issue. branch of the Cokes, was descended

v. Bridget, from one of the most ancient families D'Ewes dying in 1751, was s. by his son, in the land. Speed, in his succession George Coke, esq. for some time an offiof Saxon Monarchs, mentions a no cer of dragoons, who m. Elizabeth, daughter bleman of that name so early as the of the Rev. Seth Ellis, of Brampton, in the reign of ETHELRED (A.D. 1008). At county of Derby, and d. 17th November, the time of the conquest the family 1759, leaving one son, was settled at Sutton-upon-Soar, in

The Rev. D’Ewes Coke, rector of Pinxthe county of Nottingham, and re

ton and South Normanton, in the county moved to Derbyshire in the reign of of Derby, a botanist of some celebrity in HENRY VIII.; part of the family re his native county, where he added greatly siding at Spondon, and part at Chad to the list of discoveries of indigenous plants. desden, in the immediate vicinity of He m. Hannah, daughter and heiress of the former place. The present Sir George Heywood, of Brimington, in the Robert Wilmot, of Chaddesden, whose county of Derby, and had issue, grandfather, Edward, was created a 1. D’Ewes, his heir. baronet in 32 George II. is lineally II. William (Sir), one of the judges in descended from Edward Wilmot who the supreme court in the island of m. Susanna Coke, of Trusley, on 30th Ceylon, d. at Trincomallee 1st SepMay, 1667.

Edward Wilmot dying tember, 1818, aged forty-two. the 1st January, 1748, was buried in III. John, high sheriff for the county of

d. s. p.


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