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the good man retiring presently from the iv. Mary, b. 1680, d. 1739. window and recovering his chair, for extre v. Isabella, m. Thomas Hutchinson, of mity of joy which he conceived for the de Owthorpe, in the county of Nottingliverance of the saints of God, he suddenly

ham. expired. And this was his nunc dimittis vi. Penelope, d. 1691. Domine. But neither was the storm of per VII. Another daughter, m. to John Vansecution so quite blown over hereby, but derbembe, of Westminster, esq. that still some scatterings did fall upon the The eldest son, servants of God, for they suffered some ROBERT BURTON, esq. of Longner, was grievances still, among which was their sheriff of Salop, 1709 : he m. Elizabeth, being debarred from Christian interment in daughter and co-heir of Martin Ballard, esq. churches. But facilis jactura sepulcri. of Evesham, and had issue, His friends made a shift to bury him in his 1. THOMAS, his heir. garden by the fish ponds, and set a monu 1. ANNE, b. 1702, m. Thomas Lingen, ment over him, which being defaced by time esq. of Sutton Court, Herefordshire, and rain, it happened in the year Miɔcxiv. and of Radbrook, Gloucestershire, that Edward Burton, esq. his grandson, in

and d. 1737, leaving issue, viting to dinner the noble Sir Andrew Cor

1. Robert Lingen, who took the bet, then lieutenant of the shire, with divers

name of Burton, and was father other gentlemen of quality ; that the good

to the present possessor,

of whom baronet desirous to see the place which pre

more hereafter. served the reliques and memory of that ex

2. Thomas Lingen, d. an infant. cellent man, as good men are still inquisi

3. Roger Lingen, d. an infant. tive after them, whose virtues they honour;

4. John Lingen, d. an infant. but finding it much decayed by the weather

5. Thomas Lingen, b. 1730, d. after a friendly correption of his host, and

1764, s. p. serious injoynment to repair the tomb,

6. Edward Lingen, d. an infant. whereby the memory of his most deserving

7. Henry Lingen, b. 1734, d. grandfather was kept alive; he without any

1804, s. p. ado, effected what he spake for, and pro

1. Ann Lingen, m. Rev. J. Airson, mised himself to become the poet for an

of Canterbury, M.A. She was b. epitaph, which he accordingly wrote.” This

1724, and d. 1786. Edward Burton d. in 1558, and left a son

2. Elizabeth Lingen, m. Rev. Wiland successor,

liam Allen, of Hereford, D.D., Thomas Burton, esq. of Longner, b.

She was b. 1729, and d. 1796. 1542, who m. Catherine, daughter and co

3. Frances Lingen, b. 1732, d. heir of William Biest, esq. of Atcham

1789. Grange, and d. 1619, leaving a son,

4. Blanch Lingen, b. 1735, d. EDWARD BURTON, esq. of Longner, who

1742. m. 1601, Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Fran

5. Rachael Lingen, m. Rev. J. eis Newton, of Heightley, and d. 1642, Mr. Burton d. in 1725, and was s. by his

Guest, b. 1737, d. 1788. when he was succeeded by his son,

FRANCIS Burton, esq. of Longner, who son: m. Catherine, daughter of Jacob and Cathe

THOMAS BURTON, esq. of Longner, who rine Walton, of Doveridge, in the county of

was born in 1705, and d. at Shrewsbury in Derby, and Fail, in the county of Stafford,

1730. His nephew, and d. 1680, leaving a son,

ROBERT LINGEN, christened 24th June, Thomas Burton, esq. of Longner, jus- of Radbrook, Gloucestershire, assumed

1725, at Quinton church, the parish church tice of the great sessions for North Wales, the name of Burton, pursuant to the will b. 1637, who d. 24th and was buried at At- of his great-uncle Thomas Burton, by act cham 27th April, 1695; he m. Elizabeth, of Parliament, 1748. He m. 7th June, 1748, dau. of Thomas Berkeley, esq. of Spetchley at St. James's Chapel, London, Anne, daughand Ravenshill, in the county of Worcester, ter of Thomas Hill, esq. of Tern Hall, now and by her, who d. 1693, had issue,

called Attingham, (by Anne, only daughter 1. Robert, of whom hereafter.

of Richard Powys, esq., of the treasury, a 11. Thomas, b. 1683, d. 1736, s. p. branch of the Lilford family), and sister to III. Edward, d. 1692, s. p.

Margaret, wife of Bennet, third Earl of 1. Ann, m. Sir Walter Wrottesley, bart. Harborough, and half-sister to Noel Hill,

of Wrottesley, in the county of Staf- first Lord Berwick, by whom (who d. 1771) ford, and d. 1732.

he had issue, 1. Elizabeth, m. Joseph Jones, esq. of

1. Thomas Lingen, d. young. Chilton, Shropshire, b. 1675, d. 1733. 11. ROBERT, the present proprietor.

Catharine, b. 1679; m. Thomas III. Henry, b. 1755, vicar of Atcham, of
Wright, esq. of Coventry.

Madeley, and for some time of the

Holy Cross and St. Giles, all in

3. Jobn, d. an infant. Shropshire, d. January, 16th, 1831,

1. Eliza, deceased. leaving issue by his wife Mary,

2. Anna-Maria, m. 1821, to the daughter of William Gittins, esq. of

Rev. Charles-Gregory Wade, Chilton, in the county of Salop,

rector of Hanwood, by whom, 1. Robert, b. 1796, m. first, 1821,

who d. 1835, she has two sons Catharine, daughter of William

and two daughters. Walcot, esq. of Moor Park, near

3. Anne. Ludlow, by whom, who d. Aug.

4. Mary, d. 1834. 22nd, 1830, he has an only dau.

5. Emily, d. young. Jemima-Anne, b. 1824.

6. Eliza, d. 1832. He m. secondly, in 1835, Catha v. John. rine, eldest daughter of the late 1. Mary, d. 1775. Rev. Herbert Oakeley, D.D. of U. Anna-Maria, m. 1786, Edmund Oakeley, in Shropshire, rector Plowden, of Plowden, in the county of Lydham and Prebendary of of Salop, and of Aston - le-Walls, in Worcester, by whom he has a son, the county of Northampton, esq. and Robert-Lingen, born in Octo d. 1830, having had one only daughber, 1836.

ter, 2. Henry, M.A. rector of Upton

Anna-Maria, m. in 1805, to the Cressett, and vicar of Atcham,

Rev. John Eyton, vicar of Weland of Condover, Salop.

lington, and rector of Eyton, in 1. Anne.

the county of Salop, who d. 1823; 2. Elizabeth Blanche.

she d. 1825, leaving eight chiliv. Edward, b. 1756, d. April 18th, 1827,

dren. leaving issue by his wife Dorothy

III. Anne, d. young. Eliza, daughter of Joshua Blake iv. Elizabeth, d. young. way, esq.of Lythwood, in the county of v. Anne, d. young. Salop, (and sister to the late learned Mr. Burton served the office of sheriff of Rev. John Brickdale Blakeway, vi- Salop, 1763, and dying 1803, was s. by his car of St. Mary's, Shrewsbury, au- eldest son the present ROBERT BURTON, esq. thor of several valuable works par- of Longner. ticularly on the local antiquities of Shropshire) 1. Edward, b. 1794, m. 1825, Helen,

Collateral Branches. daughter of the Rev. Joseph Corbett, of Longnor, Archdeacon of TIMOTHY BURTON, fourth son of the EdSalop, and d. without issue, Ja- ward Burton who is buried in the garden at nuary 19th, 1836, universally Longner, was of Cædgogan, county of Radregretted and esteemed. He was nor, and d. 1624. He m. Joan, daughter of possessed of uncommon attain James Jordan, of Honeycorse, Co. Pemments, and was the author of broke, and had issue, many most valuable Theological Thomas BURTON, who d. 1696, leaving by works; being at the time of his Deborah his wife, sister to Thomas Wooddeath Regius Professor of Divi- roffe, M.D. who d. 1710, aged 81, two sons, nity in the University of Oxford, J. SAMUEL Burton, of Vronlace, in the Doctor in Divinity, canon of county of Radnor, d. 1724, having m. Christ Church, and rector of Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Mime, Ewelme, Oxon.

of Lawton's Hope, in the county of 2. Robert-Lingen, M. A. vicar of Hereford, leaving one son, EDWARD

the Holy Cross and St. Giles's, Burton, of Llandewy, county of RadShrewsbury, m. first, 1829, Eve nor, who m. Mallett, only daughter rilda, daughter of the Rev. Rig

of Richard Stedman, of Strata Flobye Rigbye, of Harrock Hall, rida, and dying without issue, 1774, in the county of Lancaster, which bequeathed his estate of Llandewy lady d. April 22nd, 1833; and to his namesake Edward Burton, secondly, in 1835, Mary-Anne third son of the late Robert Burton, Elizabeth, daughter of the Rev. esq. of Longner, from whom it has C. Pyne Coffin, of Eastdown reverted to the Rev. Robert-Lingen House, in the county of Devon, Burton, his only surviving son. and relict of the Rev. Orlando II. Thomas Burton, D.D. canon of Hamlyn Williams, of Clovelly, Christchurch, rector of Burthorpe, in the same shire, by whom he county of Gloucester, d. 1733, hav

ing m. Anne Allen, of Finchley, by Edward Lingen, b. 1836.

whom he had issue three sons, viz.

has a son,

1. Daniel Burton, D. D. canon of atteigne unto the perfeccions of grete ho

Christchurch, rector of Slapton, nour of noblesse of which psones one ther
Bucks, and St. Peter-le-Poor, is in special. named Robert Burton, of the
London, m. Harriet, daughter of courte of Yorke, which hath instantly de-
John and Philippa Rooper, of sired and he onered to have to him and to
Great Birkhamstead Castle, his heires for evermore, the tokings and
Herts, esq. and d. in 1775, hav- markys of noblesse, wherfor I the said
ing had

king of armes, not only by comun, renoine Thomas Burton, d. an infant, and report of dyvers nobles personnes that 1749.

the said Robert Burton bath long contynued Harrjet, sole daughter and wt. the king our Souveraig. Lord and comas

heir, m. 1773, Right Hon. of Guij in alle his warres and in the disciJohnTrevor ViscountHamp- plyne of the actes of noblesse worthy to be den, who d. 1824, without reputed amytted among oder noble men for issue.

the causes above said by the power to myn 2. Thomas Burton, d. an infant, office annexed and attributyd have denysed, 1707.

orderyd, and assigned unto the fforesaid 3. Thomas Burton, D.D. rector of Robert Burton, and unto the pseid of him

Batsford, county of Gloucester, wyth the dew difference as hit shall and ap-
Prebendary of Durham, and perteyn. That is the said, a shild of azure
Archdeacon of St. David's, d. and pompll. parted in pall, a cross engrayled
1767, without issue.

gold or. bythwen foure rosses silver, and to This branch expired in the Viscountess his tymbre a gauntellet sillver sette in a Hampden.

wrethe gold and azure: de lapkyns of goules doublett silver as hit apperit in the

margyn her. of, which armes he and his Francis NATHANIEL, present MARQUIS OF

heires shall now use and enjoye for everCONYNGHAM, is sixth in descent from Tho- more wythoutyn any prejidice or empeachmas Burton, (grandson of the Edward Bur- of armes to these pntes. have sette my seall.

ment. In wyttnesse wherof I the said king ton interred in the garden at Longner), who emigrated to Ireland about 1610, at the of armes and signed wt. my hand. Giveen same time with many young men of family at the cite of Yeorke, the 22 day of May, from Shropshire. He m. Ånne Sheppard, the 18 yeere of the reigne of our Souuaraig. of Balcot, heir to a large estate in Ireland, Lord King Edward the Fourth, 1478. acquired by her brother who distinguished

Norrey, Roy de Armes.

The above curious document is preserved himself in the wars, and the fortune thus acquired by Mr. Burton laid the foundation among the records at Longner. of the opulence of this ennobled branch. Crest— A dexter gauntlet ppr. couped at His descendant, Francis Burton, m. Mary, the wrist. daughter of Lieutenant-general Henry Co

Motto-Dominus Providebit. nyngham, youngest son of William, fourth Earl of Glencairn, and sister to Henry, first

The family have since the Lingens merged Earl of Conyngham. She d. 1737, leaving in the name of Burton, borne the arms and issue Francis Pierrepont Burton, who s. to

crest of that ancient family in addition and the title of his uncle, and dying 1787, was s. quarterly with their own shield. by Henry Burton, first Marquis Conyng

Arms of Lingen-Barry of six or and az: ham, who dying 1832, was s. by the present over all a bend gules charged with three Marquis.

roses arg. Arms—Party per pale azure and purpure,

Crest of Lingen-Out of a ducal coronet

or: a bunch of leeks proper. a cross engrailed or, between four roses argent.

Quarterings now used by the family in

addition to Burton and Lingen: Copy of the Grant of Arms to Sir Robert


Mouthe Burton, Knight, May 22nd, 1478.—To alle


Corbet true and Xtian. people, their partes. bres.


Milewater heryng, seeyng, or redyng, 1, Johan Wrythe,


Maddocks oderwyse called Norrey, King of Armes, of


Ballard the Northe partyes of Ingland, due and


Smitheman humble recomandacion in our Lord everlasting fore soo moche as ther.bee many per Estates-Longner, of which no certain sonnes sette and disposed of their said noble account can be given as to the date of the and gentyll couraige to exercise and use family being first possessed of it; but there vertuous manes and nobles condicions, by are no records of its ever having been purthe which wt. godd grace they shall more chased, and it seems certain the family have

for centuries been seated there. Preston, founded a college at Tonge in 1411, and was Shelton, Chilton Grove, Atcham Grange, thrice married: first, to her cousin, Fulke (inherited from a marriage with a Biest, Pembruge ; secondly, to Sir John Ludlowe; heir of that property in the sixteenth thirdly, to Sir Thomas Peytevine. The son century), Lawley, and Dawley, all in county Ralph de Lingeyne, was resident at Sutton, of Salop; Radbrook, county of Gloucester, and by his will dated 1452, had four sons, the ancient family seat of the Lingens. and a daughter Isolda, m. in the reign of

Advowson of Atcham vicarage, in the Henry IV. to * Brian Harley, ancestor of county of Salop.

the Earls of Oxford; while the eldest son, SeatsLongner Hall, near Shrewsbury,

Sir John LINGEYN, of Lingeyn and SutRadbrook, Gloucestershire.

ton, who was sheriff for Herefordshire, in the reigns of EDWARD IV. and HENRY VII.

m. Isabel, third daughter and co-heir of Lingen, of Kadbrook, Gloucestershire. Sir John Burgh, by Jane, daughter and co

heir of Sir William Clopton, of Clopton, The family of Lingen is of extreme anti- Warwickshire, and Radbrook, Gloucesterquity, and was originally seated at a small shire, which last property is now in the village of that name, about two miles from possession of Robert Burton, esq. represenWigmore, in Herefordshire; the lord of tative of the Lingen family. which castle, Ralph de Mortimer, held also We must deviate awhile from tracing the at the time of Domesday, Lingham (as it is descent of the Lingens, to speak of the there written). The occupant of Lingham magnificent pedigree of the Lords of Mounder Mortimer was Turstin, a native of rothwy, the heiress of whom m. Sir Hugh Flanders, usually styled Turstin de Wig- | de Burgh, whose grand-daughter Isabel, m. more. There is a town called Lingen in the above named Sir John Lingeyn. This Westphalia, not far removed from the limits pedigree, now in possession of Robert Burof ancient Flanders, and it is not improbableton, esq. of Longner Hall, carries up the that Turstin, who is called the Flandrian in descent through many illustrious and royal Domesday, may have come thence, and names to the ancient princes of Powis, have given its name to the village he ac from whom it seems the historical house of quired near Wigmore. One of the name Burgh derived the principal part of their Richard de Lingen, was among the northern vast estates. Sir John Burgh, son of the adventurers who settled in the south of above Sir Hugh, had issue by his wife, Jane Italy, and became Count of Andria in Apu Clopton, four daughters only, viz. 1. Elizalia. (See Chron. Normaun. ap. du Chesne, beth, m. Thomas Newport, esq. ancestor sub. anu. 1154.) This Turstin m. Agnes, of the Earls of Bradford, a title which bedaughter of Alured de Merleberge, and was came extinct in 1762, in the person of Earl the ancestor of Ralph de Wigmore, from Thomas, and was revived in 1794, when his whom the Lingens descend. Sir John de nephew Sir Henry Bridgeman, bart. was Lingeyne, who had a grant of free warren created Lord Bradford. 2. Ancreda, m. in the 40th of HENRY III., had a daughter John Leighton, esq. ancestor to the present Constance, m. to Grimbald, son and heir of Sir Baldwin Leighton, bart., of Loton Park, Sir Richard Pauncefort, who distinguished county of Salop. 3. Isabel, m. Sir John her conjugal attachment by cutting off her Lingen, knight: and 4. Elenor, m. to Thoright hand to rescue her husband from cap mas Mitton, esq. ancestor of the Myttons tivity. Ralph de Wigmore, Lord of Lin- of Halston, county of Salop. gayne, was founder of the priory of Lyng Of the issue of the marriage of this Sir broke, though Leland attributes that foun- John Lingeyn with Isabel de Burgh, the dation to a Mortimer; and was ancestor to pedigree of the family preserved in an Harthree John de Lingains in lineal succession. leian Manuscript, gives but one daughter; In the 44th of HENRY III. John Lingain but the manuscript of Simwnt Vychan (a was one of the “ dictators” on the king's distinguished bard in the reign of Elizapart of the truce between him and Llewelin, beth) written in the Welsh language, and Prince of Wales. The last of the three

now in possession of John Vaughan, esq. Johns, was father to a Ralph Lingain, M.P. gives as issue, fifteen children, of whom, for Herefordshire, in EDWARD III., who m. Jane, m. Thomas Acton ; Margaret, m. RydMargery, daughter of Fulke de Pembruge, derch ap Rys, Lord of Tywyn, South Wales; of Tong Castle, by whom, besides a son and Mary, m. John Wigmore, heir to the Ralph, he had a daughter Isabel, who lands of Walter Wigmore, while

*“ Bryan de Harley, esq. succeeding his fa- return from them, in memory of which he changed ther was denominated of Brampton Castle, in He- his crest from a buck's head proper to a demi-lion refordshire ; he was governor of Montgomery and gules, issuing out of the top of a tower, triplo Dolverin Castles in the reign of HENRY IV. towered proper. He m. Isolda Lingayne.”- Vide which he bravely defended against the famous Collin's Peerage, vol. iv. p. 238, 5th edition. Owen Glendowr, who was forced by his valour to

Sir John Lingeen the son, sheriff of He- | numerous family left issue, Frances, m. to refordshire, 21 HENRY VII. and 8 and 12 John Unett, and Alice to Herbert Herring ; HENRY VIII., and who died 1530, m. 1514, and by their descendants part of Sutton is Eleanor, daughter and heir of Thomas Mile- still enjoyed. The male line of the family water, esq. of * Stoke Edyth, in the county was continued by Sir Henry's brother, of. Hereford, by whom he had a son,

Roger LINGEN, esq. who bought RadJohn LING EYN, who m. Margaret, daugh- brook, the inheritance of his ancestors, from ter of Sir Thomas Englefield, of Englefield Lord Dingwall : he m. Anne, daughter of in Berkshire, and Rossall near Shrewsbury, Fulk Walwyn, esq. of Much Marcle, county speaker of the house of Commons, chief of Hereford, and had a son, I justice of Chester, and knight of the bath ;

ROGER LINGEN, esq. who m. Rachel, by whom he had a son, John Lingen, M. P. for Herefordshire, lis, and aunt of Browne Willis, M.P. of

daughter of the great physician, Dr. Wilwho d. 1554, leaving by Isabel his wife, whaddon, county of Bucks, the celebrated daughter of John and Sibell Bryenton, of antiquarian, and had a son, Stretton, county of Hereford, one only daughter + Jane, who m. William Shelley, d. 1742, leaving by Aun his wife, only dau. of

Thomas Lingen, esq. of Radbrook, who esq. of Michel Grove, Surrey, and d. with Robert Burton, of Longner, county of Salop, out issue 1610, bequeathing her family inheritance of Sutton Court, to her cousin- esq. (and sister and heir to her brother Tho

mas Burton, as well as to her uncle,) a son, german, EDWARD LINGEN, who was son of William

ROBERT LINGEN, who assumed the name Lingen, the second son of the above John of Burton, and the arms of Burton in conand Sibell Lingen, by Cicely, daughter junction with those of Lingen. of Richard Ingram, of Walford, in the

The collateral branches of the Lingen facounty of Warwick. This Edward Lingen, mily are exceedingly numerous and intem. Blanch, only daughter of Sir Roger Bo- resting. In the collection of Mr. Owen denhạm, K. B. of Rotheras, county of He- Salusbury, of Rûg, and Mr. John Salusreford, and had a numerous family ; one son, bury, of Erbistock, made in the seventeenth John Lingen, captain in the royal service, century, and now in possession of Sir Watwas killed at Ledbury; and the eldest son,

kin Williams-Wynne, bart., there is a long Sir Henry LINGÉN, knight of Sutton descent traced from a William Lingen, of the and Stoke Edith, was greatly distinguished county of Hereford, to a William Lingen, for his attachment to Charles I. in whose esquire of the body to HENRY VII., who m. service he maintained a regiment of horse ; Margaret, daughter to William Sutton, and besides the vast expenses he incurred Lord Zouch, to Augustin Lingen, who acin the course of his active services com- quired Bettws by marriage with the sole pounded for his estates with the Parliament daughter of John ap David Lloyd, from by a fine of £6342. He was M.P. for He- whom descended in the female line the late reford, 1661, and d.January, 1662. He m.

learned Archdeacon Hugh Owen, of ShrewsAlice, daughter of Sir Walter Pye, knight, bury, whose son, the Rev. Edward Pryce of the Meend, by whom he had two sons Owen, is the present possessor. and fifteen daughters, but only two of this

another letter to her in the same collection speaks * Stoke Edith was afterwards sold by Henry in affecting terms of the attachment of the neighLingen to Paul Foley, ancestor of the present bourhood to the Lingen family, and of their dispossessor.

quietness in having heard a false report that "the + This Mrs. Shelley, in the stormy times of the Lingen's lands would be gone from the name of Reformation, was a firm adherent to the ancient Lingen for ever.” Great part of her rich inheritfaith, and her husband was attainted in 1583, and ance, including Radbrook in Gloucestershire, and she was for some time confined in the Fleet. An her Shropshire estates, passed on her death to a Harleian Manuscript (No. 2050) contains mamy hungry Scot of the court of James I., Sir Richard curious letters to her there, particularly one of an Preston, Lord Dingwall, but Radbrook was reoffer of marriage in her widowhood, from Francis, purchased. Mrs. Shelley founded Shelley's Hosyoungest son of the first Lord St. John. Queen pital in Hereford. ELIZABETH had certainly a kindness for Mrs. Shel This Roger Lingen had a sister Frances, m. ley, as evinced by some memorials (Harl. MSS. to the Rev. – Hanbury, of Much Marcle, county 2120, p. 8. B.), and restored her a house and de- of Hereford, who d. in 1758, at the advanced age mesne, which seems to have been Sutton ; for of 106,

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