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said son,

de Massy, Baron of Dunham Massy. The JOHN, (Sir) bis heir.

Joan, m. first, in 1439, to James Byron, ROBERTUS FIL RADULPHI, was living temp. grandson of Sir John Byron, and seWilliam Rurus and HENRY I. and left a son, condly, in 1443, to William, son and

HENRY FIL Roberti, who died circa 1130, heir of Sir Alexander Radcliffe, of and was s. by his son,

Ordsall. HENRY DE TRAFFORD, of Trafford, occur Dulcia, m. in 1438, to Sir John Ashton, ring in several deeds, who lived in the reigns of Ashton. of Henry II. and RICHARD I., and died after Sir Edmond lived until 1457, when he was s. the year 1200, leaving a son,

by his son, RICHARD DE TRAFFORD, who received lands Sir John TRAFFORD, knighted about the from Hamon Massey and Margery his daugh- year 1444, who m. Elizabeth, daughter of ter, viz., the whole lordship of Stretford, to Sir Thomas Ashton, kvight, of Ashton, and be holden of William de Ferrers, Earl of had issue, Derby, about the year 1200, and in the EDMOND, (Sir) bis heir. troubled times of the Baronial wars with King William, wbo had lands given him by John, divided his lands between his two sons, his mother and nephew. He died in Henry and Geoffrey. To Geoffrey he as

1518. signed the manor of Catherton and Foxden Thomas. ton, “ which he and his ancestors possessed Dulcia, m. to Hugh Bulkeley, of Whatlong,” and to the elder son,

croft, ancestor to the Lords Bulkeley. Henry DE TRAFFORD, living temp. Henry Sir John died in 1488, and was s. by his son, III., he left Trafford, Stretford, and all his other lands near Manchester. This Henry knight of the Bath in 1495. He m. Mar

Sir EDMOND TRAFFORD, who was made a was father of

Sir Henry de TRAFFORD, who was knighted garet, daughter of Sir John Savage of Clifbefore the year 1284. He died circa 1288, ton, and widow of John Hanford, of Hanford,

and had issue, and was s. by his eldest son, SIR HENRY DE TRAFFORD, knighted before

EDMOND, (Sir) his beir. 1309. He died in 1334, leaving a son,

William, under-sheriff of Cheshire in John, who predeceased his father, leav

1540. He m. Margery, daughter of ing a son,

Sir Ralph Longford, of Longford. HENRY, successor to his grandfather.

Henry, D.D., rector of Wimslow, in Sir Henry's grandson,

Cheshire, and Bolton Percy, in the Sir HENRY DE TRAFFORD, who came of county of York, chancellor of York age in 1336, was father, by Agnes, his wise, from 1528 to 1557, when he died. of another

Alice, m. to Thomas Butler, esq. heirSIR HENRY DE TRAFFORD, knight of Traf apparent of Sir Thomas Butler, knt. ford, who m. Margery, daughter of Robert

of Bewsey. Ince, and dying in 1386, left by her, who

Margery, m. first, in 1492, to Nicholas wedded, secondly, Sir Ralph Radcliffe, and Longford, esq. son and heir of Sir Ralph died in 1416, two sons, Henry and John, with Longford, knight, of Longford, and one daughter, Joanna, m. to Sir John Booth, secondly, to Thomas Gerard, esq. of of Barton. The elder son,

Bryn. HENRY DE TRAFFORD, succeeded his father Sir Edmond died in 1514, and was s. by his in 1386, and marrying Elizabeth, daughter of son, Sir Ralph Radcliffe, knight, had two sons and Sir EDMOND TRAFFORD, knight, of Trafford, three daughters, namely,

who m. Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Ralpb HENRY,

Longford, of Longford, in Derbyshire, and successive heirs. Edmond,

Houghe, in Lancashire, and had by her five
Elizabeth, m. 1435, to John Pilkington sons and five daughters, viz.
of Pilkington.

EDMOND, (Sir) his heir.

George, d. s. p.

Thomas, of Langham, in Rutlandshire, The elder son,

m. Elizabeth, daughter of James HENRY TRAFFORD, married Agnes but Fawkerer, of that county, and was by her, who wedded, secondly, Sir Robert ancestor of the Traffords of Essex. Sturley, of Nottinghamshire, having no issue, Henry, a priest. was s. about the 2nd year of HENRY V. by

Richard. his brother,

Margaret, m. to Sir William Radcliffe, EDMOND TRAFFORD, who was knighted by knight, son and heir of Sir Alexander HENRY VI. at Whitsuntide, in 1426. Hem. Radcliffe, knight, of Ordsall. Alice, eldest daughter and co-heir of Sir Wil Cecily, m, first, to Sir Robert Langley, liam Venables, knight of Bolyn, by Joan, of Egcrost, county of Lancaster,knight, his wife, daughter of John Massey, of Tatton, and secondly, to Edward Holland, esq. and had issue,

of Denton,

Alice, m. first, to Sir William Leyland, Anne, daughter and co-heir of Richard

knight, of Morley, and secondly, to Ashton, esq. of Croston,(son of Richard Sir Urian Brereton, knight.

Ashton, esq. of Croston, by Anne, his Helen, m. to Thomas Willett, gent., of wife, daughter and co-heir of Barnaby Manchester.

Kitchen, esq. of North Meales,) and Elizabeth, m. first, to George Booth, esq. dying 28th February, 1686, aged 52,

of Dunham, and secondly, to James left, inter alios, a son and successor, Donne, esq. son of Richard Donne,

John, of Croston, who m. 10th esq. of Utkington.

February,1688,Catherine, daughSir Edmond died 28th June, 1533, aged 48,

ter and eventual co-heir of Thomas and was s. by his son,

Culcheth, esq. of Culcheth, in SIR EDMOND TRAFFORD, knight, of Traf

Lancashire, by Anne his wife, ford, who received the honour of knighthood

daughter of James Bradshaw, esq. from the Earl of Hertford in Scotland, 36

of the Haigh, and dying 25th AuHENRY VIII., and was also with the king at

gust, 1727, left the siege of Boleyn. He m. Anne, daughter

1. John, of Croston, b. 18th of Sir Alexander Radcliffe, knight, of Ord

February, 1689, who m. first, sall, in Lancashire, and dying in 1564, left,

Elizabeth Thornbury, an heiinter alios, a daughter, Ellen, wife of John

ress, and secondly, 18th AuGriffin, of Batherton, in Cheshire, and a son

gust, 1756, Alice, daughter and heir,

of James Sharrock, of PresSır EDMUND TRAFFORD, of Trafford, b. 3rd

ton and Fulwood, and dying June, 1526, whom. first, Mary, third daughter

5th December, 1760, left a of Lord Edmond Howard, and sister of Queen

son, John, whod. 10th March, CATHERINE HOWARD, by whom he had no

176), and an only daughter, issue. He wedded, secondly, Elizabeth,

Catherine-Eloisa, m. to Laudaughter of Sir Ralph Leicester, knight, of

rence Nihell, M.D. Toft, and left by her, at his decease in 1590,

2. Thomas, d. unm. about 1757. with two daughters, Margaret, wife of Sir

3. William, d. an infant. Urian Legh, knight, of Adlington, and Eliza

4. Humphrey, of Croston, b. beth, wife of Sir John Michel, knight, bar

15th November, 1698, m. rister-at-law, a son and successor,

Frances, daughter of John Sir EDMOND TRAFFORD, of Trafford,

Dalton, esq. of Thurnham, knighted at York, 17th April, 1603, who

in Lancashire, and dying 11th served three times as sheriff of Lanca

December, 1773, left issue, shire. He m. first, Margaret, daughter and

John, of Croston, who heir of John Booth, of Barton, in Cheshire,

eventually inherited and had by her three sons, who all d. s. p.,

Trafford, in 1779: of this and one daughter, Elizabeth, m. to Richard

gentleman presently. Fleetwood, of Penwortham, in Lancashire.

Frances, Henry LiveHe m. secondly, Lady Mildred Cecil," second

say, esq. of Ormskirk, daughter of Thomas Lord Burghley and Earl

and had issue. of Exeter, by Dorothy, his wife, daughter

1. Catherine, m. to - Bamber, and co-heir of John Nevile, Lord Latimer,

of Ormskirk, and d. s. p. and dying in May, 1620, left by her a son

2. Anne, a nun at Burges. and successor,

3. Frances, d. unm. Sir Cecil TRAFFORD, of Trafford, b. 15th 1. Mildred, m. to William Massey, esq. August, 1599, knighted at Houghton Tower, of Puddington. 16th August, 1617, whom. Penelope, daugh 11. Penelope, m. to John Downes, esq. ter of Sir Humphrey Davenport, knight, of of Wardley, in Lancashire. Sutton, in Cheshire, chief baron of the Ex-Sir Cecil Trafford's third son, chequer, and had issue,

Humphrey TRAFFORD, esq. of Trafford, m. 1. EDMOND, b. 27th May, 1652, m. Fran- first, the daughter and heir of Holland, of

ces, daughter of Philip Draycot, esq. Clifton, in Lancashire; and secondly, Catheof Painsley, in Staffordshire, but d. rine, daughter of Sir George Warburton,

baronet, of Arley, in Cheshire, by the latter

he left a son and successor, JII. HUMPHREY, of whom presently. HUMPHREY TRAFFORD, of Trafford, who m. iv. Henry.

at Manchester, 15th August, 1701, Anne, v. William.

eldest daughter and co-heir of Sir Ralph vi. John, of Croston, in Lancashire, m. Assbeton, baronet, and had issue,

1. HUMPHREY, his heir. Through the families of Cecil, NevilE, VERE, 11. Sygismond, STAFFORD, BEAUCHAMP, BERKELEY, and WARREN, III. Assheton, the Traffords shew a direct descent from WILLIAM iv. Vavasour, the CONQUEROR,

1. Mary, d. young.

8. p.

II. Cecil.


all d. s. p.

the pre

11. Catherine-Maria, d. young.

Edmond, b. 6th September, 1786, d. 9th III. Anne, m. to Philip Barnes, esq.

December, 1813. iv. Elizabeth, m. to Mail Yates, esq. Elizabeth, d. 3rd March, 1828, úpm. Mr. Trafford was 8. at bis decease by his son, Clementina, d. 30th March, 1834.

HUMPHREY TRAFFORD, esq. of Trafford, Maria, m. to John Clifton, esq., second who m. Elizabeth, only dau. of Sir Oswald son of John Clifton, esq. of Lytham, Mosley, baronet, of Rolleston, and dying s.p. and has issue. Ist July, 1779, was buried in the old church, Mr. Trafford d. 29th October, 1815, and Manchester, when the estates passed to his was s. by his eldest surviving son, kinsman, the heir male of the family, sent Thomas-JOSEPH TRAFFORD, esq. of Traf

JOHN TRAFFORD, esq. of Croston, who then ford. became “ of Trafford.” He m. 21st Sept. 1773, Elizabeth, daughter of Stephen-Walter Arms---Arg. a griffin segreant gu. quarterTempest, esq. of Broughton, in the county of ing Venables, Fitton, Massey, Thornton, York, and by her, who d. 28th September, Kingsley, Stourton, Sylvester, Hellesby, 1813, had issue,

Hatton Crispin, Ashton, Lee, Delamare, HUMPHREY, b. at Croston, 5th February, Kitchen, Aughton, Culcheth and Hindley.

1776, d. in London, 17th June, 1801. Crest-A thrasher ppr., his hat and coat John, b. 2d March, 1777, d. Ist January, per pale, arg. and gu. sleeves counter1795, buried at Manchester.

changed, his breeches and stockings of the Thomas-Joseph, successor to his father. second and third ; his fail of the first; over William, b. 12th August, 1781, d. 21st the flail a scroll, with this motto,“ Now thus.” August, 1829.

Motto-Gripe Griffin hold fast. Henry, b. 18th July, 1785, d. 16th Fe Estates-In Lancashire. bruary, 1816.

Seat-Trafford Park.

HOLME, OF PAULL-HOLME. HOLME, THE REV. HENRY JAMES, of Paull-Holme, in the county of York,

B.A. of Trinity College, Cambridge, b. 11th September,
1793, m. 20th November, 1817, Margaret, only daughter
and heiress of Captain George Mangles, of the 60th regi-
ment, brother of John Mangles, esq. of Bath, and of James
Mangles, esq. of Woodbridge, in Surrey, M. P. for Guild-
ford. By this lady he has issue,

BRYAN-Holme, b. 4th May, 1821.
Edward-Ferdinand-Holme, b. 26th September, 1827.

This gentleman, whose patronymic is Torre, succeeded his
uncle, the Rev. Nicholas Holme, 1st September, 1833, and
assumed, by sign manual, 1st February following, the sur-
name and arms of Holme.


Lineage. This family has been established in the John HOLME, of Paull-Holme, living temp. county of York since the period of the Nor- Henry II. m. Sebastiana, daughter of John man Conquest.

Lord Lassils, Baron of Sayer, and had four John Holme,of Paull-Holme, living then, sons, Stephen, John, Thomas, and Anthony. was father of

The eldest, Robert Holme, of Paull-Holme, whose

Sir STEPHEN Holme,of Paull-Holme, was

knighted by King John, in the ninth year of OLENOR HOLME, was comptroller to the

his reign, at Berkhamsted, in Berkshire. He Empress Maud, and received the honour of succeeded by his son,

m. a daughter of Sir Richard Sutton, and was knighthood from that Princess. He m, the

John Holme, of Paull-Holme, who m. daughter of John Rysom, and had a son,

Annetta, daughter of Peter Twyer, and had, Robert Holme, of Paull-Home, who m. with four daughters, Anne, m. to Sir WilUrsula, daughter of Sir John Swishmarsh, liam Atton, Elizabeth, m. to Robert Thorpe, and had issue John, his heir, Olenor, who Ursula, m. to Roger Welwick, and Helen, m. a daughter of Sir John Ramsay, Robert, m. to Sir Stephen Burstwicke, a son and sucThomas, and Henry. The eldest son,


His son,

SIR RICHARD HOLME, of Panll-Holme, m. Anne, daughter of Ralph Aslaby, esq. of who received the honour of knighthood from South Dalton, and had issue, EDWARD II. in 1307. Hem. Jane, daughter 1. EDWARD, his heir. of Sir William St. Quintin, Lord of Brans 11. John, whose daughter, Katherine. m. burton, and was father of

Marmaduke Constable, esq. of WasSir Bryan Holme, of Paull-Holme, who sand, in the county of York. (See vol. was knighted by EDWARD III. and appointed i. p. 550.) master of the King's buckhounds in 1328. 1. Joan. He m. Dame Helen, of Blois, and had a son,

II. Katherine. Robert, his heir. At the taking of the JII. Frances. King of Scots prisoner, in 1346, Sir Bryan IV. Elizabeth. had given him for his crest a hound's head, The elder son, erased, or, out of a coronet embattled gu.

EDWARD HOLME, esq. of Paull-Holme, m. He died soon after.

first, daughter of Philip Tyrwhilt, esq. of Robert HOLME, of Paull-Holme, was

Barton on the Humber, by whom he had a seized thereof in 1347. He m. Julian, one

daughter, of the daughters of Sir John Rockley,*

Margaret, m. to George Twiselton, esq. knt., and left a son and successor,

of Barley, in the county of York, anWILLIAM Holme, of Paull-Holme, living

cestor of the present Lord Saye and

Sele. (See Burke's Peerage.) temp. HENRY IV. who m. the daughter of

Edward Holme m.secondly, Anne, daughter Sir W. Marslett, knt. and was father of

of Sir Walter Strickland, knt. by whom he John Holme, of Paull-Holme, who m. Elizabeth, daughter and co-heir of Sir Adam daughter of Ralph Reasby, esq. by whom he

had a son, Henry, his heir; and thirdly, the A'Washlin, and had three sons and one

had no issue. The only son and successor, daughter, viz.

Henry Holme, esq. of Paull-Holme, m. John, his heir.

Dorothy, fourth daughter of Thomas GrimRichard.

ston, esq. of Grimston Garth, in Yorkshire, William, (Sir) knt.

living in 1540, by his wife, the daughter and Maryon, m. to Mr. Ingleby.

heiress of Marmaduke Thwaites, esq. of The eldest son,

Little Smeaton, (see vol. iii. p. 71), and was John Holme, of Paull-Holme, living s. by his son, temp. HENRY VI. espoused the daughter of CHRISTOPHER Holme, esq. of PaullJohn Elliker, of Risby, in the county of Holme, who m. Margaret, daughter of Sir York, and had, with two daughters, Jane, m. John Langton, knt. of Langton, in Lincolnto Constable of Swishmarsh, and Anne, m.shire, and had, with other issue, a son and to William Hodgan, a son and successor, successor,

Robert HOLME, of Paull-Holme, who Henry Holme, esq. of Paull-Holme, livwedded Marian, daughter of Sir John Con- ing about the middle of the seventeenth censtable, knt. of Hawsome, and had issue, tury, who m. Penelope, daughter of Sir

John, whose daughter and eventual Francis Rodes, knt. and bart. of Barlbo

heir, Joan, m. Ralph Rokeby. rough, in the county of Derby, (see vol. iji. ROBERT, whose daughter and heir, p. 564,) and had two daughters, Anne and Anne, m. Mr. Cheyney.

Margaret, and a son, WILLIAM, of whose line we have to treat. The Rev. HENRY Holme, of PaullThe third son,

Holme. This gentleman espoused Beatrice, William Holme, esq. of Paull-Holme, daughter of the Rev. Christopher Stone, living temp. Henry VII. married Catherine, D.D. chancellor of York Cathedral, and had daughter of Sir Christopher Hillyard, knt. two sons and two daughters,

1. STEPHEN. of Winestead, in Holderness, and left a son and successor,

11. John, who had two sons and two John Holme, esq. of Paull-Holme, who daughters, viz.,

Henry,* ? who both d. s. p. leaving

John, their property to their After detailing the descent of the Rockley

grand-nephew, Nicholas Torre. family in his History of South Yorkshire, Mr. Hunter thus concludes : “ Such is the long line of one of the best attested pedigrees in the whole * The following are the inscriptions on the monurange of our genealogical antiquities, the chief of ments of these two brothers : which never forsook the valley in which the first “ Here are deposited the remains of the Rev. ancestor settled himself soon after the Conquest, John Holme, B.D., son of John and Dinah Holme, (if they had not even resided there before that late of Paull-Holme and Skefling, rector, rector event,) till they were driven thence by the effects of Brandsbarton and Barnston, descended from a of the civil wars, and by some rather extraordinary long line of respectable ancestors. He graced that misfortunes which fell upon Francis Rockley, the line by the lustre of bis virtues. The social ones last male in the eldest line.”

he possessed in an eminent degree. Benevolence,

Margaret, m. to - Reaston, esq.

1792, Eliza, daughter of the Rev. Dinah.

John Cox,* of Oxford, and had issue, 1. Penelope.

Henry-James, heir to his uncle, 11. Elizabeth.

Nicholas, and present proprietor The elder son,

of Paull-Holme. STEPHEN Holme, esq. of Paull-Holme,

Bryan-Stephen, b. 13th August, barrister-at-law, conveyed Paull-Holme to

1799. his brother John. Hem. Elizabeth, daugh

Robert, b. 19th September, 1807, ter of Henry Iveson, esq. of Blackbank, in

m. a daughter of

Dodd, esq. Leeds, and had two sons, Henry and Chris

and has issue. topher, who died young, and one daughter,

Jane-Charlotte, m. to C. Cracroft, Betty Holme, who wedded 5th October,

esq. of Sunnybank, near Aber1747, at Ledsham, in Yorkshire, the Rev.

gavenny, and has issue. JAMES TORRE, of Snydall, in that county, and

Eliza-Anne. had issue,

John Torre, b. in 1760, who m. in 1792,
JAMES Torre, of Snydall, b. 1748, who Harriet, third daughter of John Leigh,

m. first, in 1774, Esther, youngest esq. of Oughtrington, in the county of
daughter of John Milnes, esq. of Chester, and d. s. p. 13th April, 1808.
Wakefield, and died in 1816, leaving Betty Torre, died unm.

The third son,
JAMES, whose son is the present The Rev. Nicholas TORRE, rector of
JAMES Torre, esq. of Snydall, in Rise, in Holderness, b. 14th December, 1756,

eventually inherited the Paull-Holme estate, John Torre, an officer, 60th regiment, and assumed in consequence the surname d. unm. 1804.

and arms of Holme. He m. first, in June, Henry Torre, rector of Thornhill, in 1783, Isabella, daughter of the Rev. Mr.

Yorkshire, who m. first, Mary-Ellen, Barber, vicar of Kippax, which lady died eldest daughter of Ellis Leckonby without issue, 18th April, 1808, and secondly, Hodgson, esq. of Stapleton Park, and 10th May, 1809, Dorothy, daughter of the secondly, Caroline-Sarah, daughter of Rev. James Worsley, who also had no Sir John Kaye, bart. of Denby child. Mr. Holme died at Rise, 1st SepGrange. By both marriages he has tember, 1833, and was succeeded by the son issue.

of his next brother Henry,) his nephew, Hannah-Maria Torre, m. to James Fa- Henry-James Torre, who assumed, on invell, esq. of Normanton.

heriting, the surname and arms of Holme, He wedded, secondly, in 1792, Caroline, and is the present Rev. HENRY-JAMES daughter of the Rev. R. Cotes, D.D. and Holme, of Paull-Holme. had by her further issue,

Arms-Barry of six or and az, on a canton
Kirkby Torre, b. in 1750, died s. p. at arg. a chaplet gu.
York, in 1833.

Crest-First, a holly tree fructed ppr.
Nicholas Torre, of whom presently. condly, out of a mural coronet gu, a
Henry Torre, b. in 1758, m. 28th June, hound's head erased, or.

Motto-Holme semper viret. fidelity, and truth, were the great moving princi: the

East Riding of Yorkshire.

Estates-Paull-Holme and Skeflling, in ples of his life. By his learning, and a strict attention to the duties of his sacred functions, he

Seat-Paull-Holme, the ancient residence adorned the clerical character, and hath left a pat- of the family, was burnt down, but there is tern worthy of imitation. These excellent quali- still remaining a tower of great antiquity, ties have caused his death to be deeply lamented, with the arms of Holme carved thereon, and will render bis memory long dear to his quarterly with those of Sir Richard Sutton, friends and relations. He died November 25th, in 1234. 1775, aged 64."

“In memory of a sincere and worthy man, this * Jane Cox, another daughter of the Rev. John monument is erected near the remains of Henry Cox, of Oxford, married Henry-Lancelot Lee, esq. Holme, of Skefling, esq. the eldest son of John of Coton Hall, Shropshire, and has a daughter and Dinah Holme, of this place, whose respectable and heir, Catherine-Anne-Harriet Lee, m. to Johnancestry, and general benevolence, made his death | Muxloe Wingfield, esq. of Tickencote, in the lamented by those who knew him. He died 23rd county of Rutland. (See vol. ii. p. 476.) December, 1778, in the 72nd of his age.”

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