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Margaret Kemble, m. to the Hon.
General Gage, and left by him,
Henry Lord Gage, who m. his

cousin, Susanna Skinner,
(the granddaughter of two
other sisters, Elizabeth Van
Cortlandt and Anna Van
Cortlandt, as will subse-
quently appear), and by her
he left issue,
Henry Hall Visc. Gage,

and others.
William Hall Gage.
John Gage, m. Mary Milbank.
Emily Gage, m. her cousin

Montague, fifth Earl of
Abingdon, the great-grand-
son of Anna Van Cortlandt,

as will appear. Maria-Theresa, m. Sir James

Craufurd, bart.

Louisa, m. G. H. Blake, esq. 11. Ann Van Cortlandt, b. 13th Fe

bruary, 1674; n. Stephen De Lancy,
and left issue,
1. General Oliver De Lancy, who
m. Miss Franks, and had
Governor Stephen De Lancy,

whom. Miss Barclay, having

Sir James De Lancy,
Susan, m. first, Colonel

Johnstone ; and second-
ly, General Sir Hudson

Charlotte, m. Col. Child.

General Oliver De Lancy, co-

lonel 17th Lancers.
Charlotte, m. Gen. Sir David

Dundas, commander-in-chief

of the army:
Susan, m. Sir William Draper.
Anna, m. Henry Cuyler, esq.

Phila, m. Payne Galloway.
2. Governor James De Lancy, m.
and left a son,
James De Lancy, who m. Miss
Allen, and left issue,

Mary, m.


Anna, m. Thomas Jukes.
3. Peter De Lancy, m. Miss Cal-

1. Anna De Lancy, m. Admiral

Sir Peter Warren, K. B. and
Anna Warren, m. to Lieute-

pant-General Charles Fitz-
roy, (grandson of Charles,

second Duke of Grafton), created BARON SOUTHAMPTon. (See Burke's Peerage

and Baronetage). Charlotte Warren, m. Wil

loughly Earl of Abingdon, and had, with others, Montague Earl of Abing

don, who m. his cousin, Emily Gage, the granddaughter of Margaret Van Cortlandt, as al

ready shewn.
Susan Warren, m. her cousin,

Colonel William Skinner,
the grandson of Elizabeth
Van Cortlandt, and their
Susan, m. her cousin, Vis-

count Gage, the grand-
son of Margaret Van

2. Margaret De Lancy, m. John
Watts, esq. and had issue,
Stephen Watts, who m. and

John Watts.
Anna, m. J. Johnstone.
Maria, m. Augustus Le


Robert Watts.
Margaret, m. Colonel Lake.
Maria, m. Sir John Johnsone,
bart. and had
William, m. Susan De

Lancy, as already men

tioned. Adam-Gordon (Sir), the

present baronet. Charles C. Johnson (Lt.

Maria, m. Gen. Bowles.
Anna, m. Col. Macdonald.

Anna, m. Archibald, eleventh

Earl of Cassilis, and had,
with other issue, Archibald,

Marquess of Ailsa. II. Mary Van Cortlandt, b. 4th April,

1680 ; M. Colonel Killian Van Ren

selear. IV. Gertrude Van Cortlandt, b. 10th Ja

nuary, 1681 ; d. unm. v. Gertrude Van Cortlandt, b. October,

1688; m. Colonel Henry Beekman. vi. Elizabeth Van Cortlandt, b. in 1691,

d. young.

vil. Elizabeth Van Cortlandt, b. 24th

May, 1694 ; m. the Rev. William Skinner, and had issue,

1. Cortlandt Skinner, Attorney

General of New Jersey, m. E.

Anna, mn. William Tyrrell.
Kearney, and had

Gertrude, m. to Mr. Barbarie.
Cortlandt Skinner, m. first, ix. Cornelia Van Cortlandt, b. 30th

Miss Kingsmill; and second July, 1698; m. Colonel John Schuyly, Miss J. Macartney. He

ler. had issue,

The second son of the Rt. Hon. Stephen

Van Cortlandt,

Philip VAN CORTLANDT, b. 9th August,

1683; m. Catharine De Peyster, and on the Maria.

failure of heirs male to his elder brother Elizabeth.

John, as already shewn, continued the line
Isabella, m. J. M‘Kenzie. of the family ; he d. September, 1748, leav-
General Philip Skinner, s. p.

ing issue,
Captain John Skinner, C.B. 1. Stephen, of whom presently.
Royal Navy, s. p.

II. Abraham, b. 19th October, 1713; d.
Susan, m. Colonel Farmar.

unm. aged thirty-three.
Downs, m. and had a daugh ul. Philip, b. 29th February, 1715; d.

ter, Prunella, m. the Rev. unm. aged thirty.
Mr. Simpson.

iv. John, b. 9th September, 1718; d.
Efiginia, m. Major Barberie, unm. aged twenty-nine.
and left

v. Governor Pierre, b. 10th January, John.

1721 ; m. Catharine Livingstone, and Cortlandt, in the military left issue, service in the East In

1. Pierre, who espoused at the Redies.

volution the American cause, and Elizabeth, m. John Tyrrell.

became a general officer ;, he m. Isabel, m. Dr. Fraser, and had

first, Miss Clinton; and, secondMajor John Fraser.

ly, Miss Stevenson, leaving issue, Thomas.

Pierre, heir to the manor of

Cortlandt, &c. &c.

2. Philip, also espoused the cause Anna.

of Independence, and was also a Gertrude, m. Colonel Mere

General; died s.p. dith.

3. Rene, m. Miss Clinton. Catharine, m. Sir William Ro

4. Gilbert, d. s. p. binson, and had

5. John, d. s. p. William.

1. Catharine, m. Theodosius Van Catharine, m. Col. Smelt.

Elizabeth, m. her first

2. Cornelia, m. G. Beekman. cousin, William, son of 1. Catherine, b. 1725; killed 1736, by General Sir Frederick the accidental bursting of a cannon. Robinson, K.C.B.

The eldest son,
Maria, m. General Sir George Stephen Van Cortlandt, b. 26th Octo-

Nugent, bart. G.C.B. and ber, 1711; m. 1738, Mary-Walton Ricketts,

first cousin to William-Henry Ricketts, the George.

father of Viscount St. Vincent and the CounEdmund.

tess Northesk. They had issue, Louisa, m. Sir Thomas 1. PHILIP, of whom presently. Freemantle, bart.

H. William-Ricketts, b. 13th March, Emily.

1742; m. Elizabeth Kortright, and 2. William Skinner, m. his cousin, had, with other issue, a daughter, (as already shewn), Susan War

Lena, m. her cousin, George Ricren, they had a daughter,

ketts. Susan, m. to her cousin, Vis 1. Catharine, b. 25th August, 1745; d. count Gage.

an infant. 3. Stephen Skinner, m. his cousin, The eldest son, Catherine Johnsone.

Col. PHILIP VAN CORTLANDT, b. 10th No1. Elizabeth, m. Mr. Parker. vember, 1739; d. 1st May, 1814. He took yili. Catharine Van Cortlandt, b. 24th an active part against the revolutionary

June, 1696; m. Andrew Johnson, and party, and was frequently engaged against had

their armies in the field, and in consequence Stephen, m. to Miss Kearney. he lost an ample fortune in actual possesJohn, m. to Isabel Hooper. sion, as well as in reversion, and his claims Catharine, m. her cousin, Stephen as the eldest son of the representative of Skinner.

the family, in the manor of Cortlandt, &c.


became forfeited. He m. 2nd August, 1762, Cowley House, WILLIAM TAYLOR, Catharine, (who died at Torquay, Devon, esq. mentioned already. 22nd February, 1828), daughter of Jacob JII. Catharine Van Cortlandt, twin with Ogden, (by Elizabeth Bradford, whose only Mrs. Taylor, m. Dr. William Gourbrother claimed to be entitled to the earl Jay, of Kincraig, Scotland, and of dom of Bradford at the demise, in 1762, of Madeira, and had the fifth earl, but died before his title was

1. John, died s.p. established), by whom he had twenty-three

1. Jane, m. John Austin, Lieutechildren, of whom the following lived to

nant Colonel in the British army years of maturity,

and Brigadier General of the Major Philip Van Cortlandt, b. 30th

Portuguese army during the Pe

ninsular war under the Duke of July, 1766 ; m. Mary Addison; they d. issueless.

Wellington. They have issue,

John Austin. II. Stephen Van Cortlandt, twin with his brother. He died young, s. p.

Eliza Austin.

Susan Austin.
II. Jacob Ogden Van Cortlandt, was

Anna-Maria Austin.
Major of Brigade in the north-west

2. Eliza.
district, and senior Capt. in the 23rd
Fusileers, with which regiment he

3. Catharine, m. first, Captain R. was killed in Spain in 1811. He m.

Douglas, R.N. by whom she had Ann, daughter of the Rev. Dr. War

no issue; she m. secoudly, J. rington, of Wrexham, and left issue,

Bean, by whom she has issue.

4. Gertrude.
George Warrington Van Cortlandt,
died young.

iv. Margaret-Hughes Van Cortlandt, Emma, m. her first cousin, W. H.

m. O. Elliott Elliott, esq. of Binfield Warrington, esq. and has issue,

Park, Berks, and of Portland Place, Emma-Gertrude-Anne War

London. rington.

v. Gertrude Van Cortlandt, m. ViceCharlotte-Jane Warrington.

admiral Sir Edward Buller, bart. iv. Henry-Clinton Van Cortlandt, ma

M.P. recorder of East Looe, of Trejor 31st Regiment, now living unm.

nant Park, Cornwall, and had

John St. Aubin, died young.
in the East Indies.
v. Arthur-Ahmuty Van Cortlandt, a

Anna-Maria, m. to Lieutenant-cocaptain 45th Regiment, died at Ma

lonel James-Drummond-Buller dras unmarried s.

Elphinstone, third son of the S.p.

Hon. Fullerton Elphinstone, of 1. Mary - Ricketts Van Cortlandt, m.

East Lodge, Middlesex, (vide John M. Anderson, and left issue,

Burke's Peerage), and have 1. John-Mackiel, died in the East

Indies, a lieutenant in the 17th

Light Dragoons.

2. Philip-Cortlandt, major in the

Bengal army, m. Lucy, daughter

of Harry Younge by his first vi. Sarah-Ogden Van Cortlandt.
wife, and has issue,

VII. Charlotte Van Cortlandt.
Henry Cortlandt.

VIII. Sophia-Sawyer Van Cortlandt, m. 3. James, died s. p.

Captain Sir William-Howe Mulcas1. Mary-Ann, the second wife of ter, R. N. companion of the Bath,

Harry Younge, and has issue knight commander of the Guelphic one child,

order, knight commander of the Elliott Young

Tower and Sword, naval aid-de-camp 2. Elizabeth, m. Alexander Trotter. to the king, by whom (who d. 10th 3. Catharine, m. Captain Frederick March, 1837) she has issue, Angelo, of the Bengal Cavalry,

William-Edward Mulcaster.
and had,

William-Sydney Mulcaster.
Frederick Cortlandt.

Gertrude-Elizabeth Mulcaster. 4. Margaret Douglas, m. Captain

Georgiana Mulcaster.
N. Freer, and has

Arms-Arg. the wings or arms of a windGertrude Cortlandt, d. young. mill saltierways sa. voided of the field, five 11. ELIZABETH Van Cortlandt, m. at l estoiles gu.

FARDELL, OF LINCOLN. FARDELL, JOHN, esq. of Holbeck Lodge, in the county of Lincoln, barrister-at

law, F.S.A. & F.A.S., 6.4th May, 1784, m. 26th September, 1809, Mary, youngest daughter of John Tunnard, esq. of Frampton House, in the same shire, and has issue,

JOHN-GEORGE, b. 26th September, 1810, in holy orders,

B.A. of Christ's College, Cambridge, and rector of Sprotborough, in the county of York, to which he was presented by his father, John Fardell, esq. in 1837. Charles, b. 30th March, 1813, B.A. of St. John's College,

Cambridge, and of the Middle Temple. Mr. Fardell, who succeeded his father, 16th February, 1805, is a magistrate, and deputy-lieutenant for the county of Lincoln, and represented the city of Lincoln in Parliament, in the Session of 1830.

Lineage. The family of Fardell came originally 11. William, 6.31st March, 1785, d. 10th from Northamptonshire, and has been settled June, 1786. in Lincolnshire for more than a century.

jui. George, b. 6th September, 1789, d. WILLIAM FARDELL, esq. b. in 1707, m. 21st February, 1791. Catherine, daughter of — Hubbert, and by iv. Thomas, b. 1st November, 1791, of her who d. 26th November, 1778, left, at his Queen's College, Cambridge,

in holy decease, 23rd October, 1745, a son,

orders, L.L.B. Rector of Boothby John FARDELL, esq. of Lincoln, b. 27th Pagnell, in the county of Lincoln, m. December, 1744, who m. 7th July, 1783, 21st January, 1819, Emma-ClaraEleanor-Penelope, daughter of John Hay Anne, only daughter of William Meyward,* esq. of the same city, and had issue, rick, esq. of Bodorgan, in the county 1. John, his heir.

of Anglesea, and has had issue,

Thomas-Meyrick,b. 4th May, 1824, * ABRAHAM HAYWARD, of Lincoln, left by Eleanor his wife, a son,

d. 26th February, 1825. John HAYWARD, esq. of Lincoln, who m. Mary,

Thomas-John, b. 15th April, 1827. eldest daughter of Thomas Rogers, merchant of

Henry-William-King, b. 4th SepLondon, and had issue,

tember, 1831. Thomas, supposed to have died unmarried.

Emma-Eleanor, Abraham, died a widower, leaving two daugh

Mary-Martha, 3

} twins.

Clara. John, died leaving a daughter, Margaret.

v. Richard, twins, b. 10th July, 1793, Charles, who m. Jane Knight, and had issue, vi. Charles, S both d. 30th August, 1793. William-Knight.

VII. Henry, b. 6th March, 1795, late of Charles, deceased.

St. John's College, Cambridge, in Thomas, married and had issue.

holy orders, M. A. magistrate for the John, married. Robert, who m. Dorothy, daughter of the Rev.

Isle of Ely, and counties of Cambridge, Richard Rudd, Prebendary of Winchester,

Norfolk, and Lincoln, Prebendary of and had one daughter, Mary-Ann.

Ely, and Vicar of Waterbeach and ELEANOR-PENELOPE, m. to John FARDELL, esq.

Wisbeck, in the Isle of Ely, m. 6th of Lincoln, and died 16th April, 1834.

January, 1820, Eliza Sparke, eldest Mary, m. to William Turington, of London, daughter of Bowyer Edward, Lord merchant, and left issue,

Bishop of Ely, and has issue,
William-Walmsley Turington.

Edward, b. 27th September, 1825.
Charles Turington, died a lieutenant in a

Thomas-George, b. 26th October, native regiment in India.

1833. Marmaduke Turington, in holy orders, Vi

car of Worton, in Oxfordshire.

John-Fardell Turington, deceased.

1. Catherine, n. 1st October, 1811, the
Mary Turington, m. to Michael Gibbs, esq.
Elizabeth Turington.

Rev. Henry Bassett, B.A., Rector of Charlotte Turington, m. to Colonel Aitche

North Thoresby, and Vicar of Glent

worth and Saxby, in Lincolnshire, and Rebecca Turington, widow of Colonel

has had issue, Leighton, in the Bombay Establishment.

Henry-John Bassett, b. 1812, d. Sarah Turington.




Richard - Edward Bassett, b. Ist was s. by his eldest son, the present JOHN

July, 1815, of Lincoln College, FARDELL, esq. of Holbeck Lodge.

Arms- Az. on a bend erm. between a Uni-
Henry Bassett, b. 18th January, corn's head erased and a lion rampant erm-

1818, of Lincoln College, Oxford. inois, an open book ppr. clapps or, between John-Fardell Bassett, b.24th March, two roses, gu. barbed and seeded vert. 1827.

Crest-On a mount vert, a demi lion erCatherine-Mary Bassett.

minois, charged on the shoulder with a rose, 1. Mary, m. 19th August, 1823, to the and holding between the paws an open book,

Rev. George Moore, B. A. minister as in the arms.
of the United Parishes of St. Peter's Motto-Non nobis solum.
in Eastgate, and St. Margaret's in Estates--In Lincolnshire, &c.

Seat-Holbeck Lodge, in the county of Mr. Fardell died 16th February, 1805, and Lincoln.


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TRAFFORD, THOMAS-JOSEPH, esq. of Trafford Park, in the county of Lancaster,

b. at Croston, 22nd March, 1778, m. 17th August, 1803,
Laura-Anne, third daughter and co-heir of Francis Colman,*
esq. of Hillersdon, in the county of Devon, and has had

HUMPHREY, b. 1st May, 1808.
Thomas-William, b. 23rd August, 1813.
John-Randolphus-de-Trafford, b. 11th April, 1820.
Charles-Cecil, b. 28th December, 1821.
Augustus-Henry, b. 12th April, 1823.
Elizabeth-Jane, died unm. 1813.
Jemima, m. in 1829, to Henry Tempest, esq. second son

of Stephen-Walter Tempest, esq. of Broughton, in the

county of York, and has issue.
Maria, died unmarried, 1826.

Mr. Trafford succeeded his father, 29th October, 1815. He is a magistrate and deputy-lieutenant for the county Palatine of Lancaster, and served as high-sheriff in 1834.

Lineage. The old and knightly family of Trafford, father, “was then dead and had flourished: seated at Trafford, in the county Palatine in King CANUTE the Dane his time, about of Lancaster, from a period antecedent to the yeare 1030, and perhaps died after in the Norman conquest, has preserved time St. Edward the Confessor his time, about immemorial an unbroken male-descent. The the year 1050: hee bad noe surname, as first recorded ancestor,

then few of our Saxon nobilitie or gentry RANDOLPHUS DE TRAFFORD, who flourished bad.”. Randolphus was Lord of this family “ante Conquestum,” as the family pedigree and in age, (his son Robert, grandchild to sets forth, was father of another

Randle, being then at man's estate), at or RANDOLPHUS, of whom mention is made in immediately after the conquest, and about the two deeds to “Radulphus filius Radulphi,” year 1080, Radulph and his son, received the by which it appeareth that Radulphus, the King's peace and protection from Sir Hamon

* William Colman, esq. of Gorney, in the county of Devon, representative of the ancient family of the name so long settled in that shire, married Jane, sister of Edward, 8th Duke of Somerset, and had (with a daughter, Jane, mn. first, Sir John Fleming, bart. ; and, secondly, Edwin Lord Harewood) à son and successor, Francis Colman, esq. of Hillersdon, who died in 1820, leaving three daughters, his co-heirs, of whom the eldest m. first, Collins, and secondly, Shiell; the second wedded Pettiward, of Finborough Hall; and the third became Mrs. Trafford.

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