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dochurst, Great Chart, and Kings

1. Barbara. north, which he left to his son,

2. Thomasine, m. John Davy, of Thomas, of Great Chart.

Udymere, county of Sussex. The elder son,

3. Mary. William TAYLOR, of Shadochurst, living II. John, of whom presently. in the time of RICHARD II., HENRY IV., 1. Joane. and Henry V., co-heir in gavelkind with II. Margaret, m. Giles Collins, of his brother John, as appears by several an

Hythe. cient deeds, was succeeded by his son,

JI. Alice, m. John Stringer, of Old John TAYLOR, of Shadochurst, who died

Romney, and left an only daughter, about the 5th year of EDWARD IV., and was

Susan, m. in 1601, to Sir Edward s. by his son,

Scott, of Scottshall, K.B. Their William Taylor, of Shadochurst, who purchased additional lands adjoining the

Edward Scott, of Scottshall, Little Green, 15 Edward IV. He m. Joane,

m. Lady Catharine Goring, daughter of Henry Gilbard, of Shadochurst;

daughter of George, Earl of his will was proved 20th August, 1493, and

Norwich, and left issue, he was s. by his son,

Sir Thomas Scott, of JOHN TAYLOR, of Shadochurst, in the

Scottshall, who m. Catime of RICHARD III. and HENRY VII., who

roline, daughter of Sir purchased More Court in Ivie Church ; he

George Carteret, bart. m. Margaret, daughter and sole heir of

proprietor of East New Humphry de Fairsted, of Shadochurst, (who

Jersey, under whom the bore for arms, argent a chevron ermine be

family of Taylor actween three greyhounds courant or), by

quired lands in that cowhom be left issue,

lony, now in possession WILLIAM, of Shadochurst, son and heir,

of their descendants. who d. 16 HENRY VIII.(1525), leav- The second son, ing a daughter,

John Taylor, lord of the manor of ShaJoane, who m. Robert Lucy, of dochurst, m. first, Elizabeth, eldest daughter Woodchurch.

of Philip Chute,* of Bethersden, county of John, of whom presently.

Kent, and had four sons,
Joane, m. William Dewer, about 22 John,


who all d. young. The second son,

Roger, John Taylor, of Shadockurst, m. Tho George, of Criels Court, who removed masine, daughter of John Isaac, of Seving

into Sussex, and d. in 1633. ton, and by her, who d. 1551, he left at his MATTHEW, of whom presently. decease 5 EDWARD VI.(1550), two sons and He m. secondly, Bridget, daughter of Richthree daughters, viz.

ard Rucke, of Rye, and by her (whose will 1. WILLIAM, of Romney, who m. Mary, was dated in 1619) he had issue,

daughter of Richard Taylor, of Cran 1. Thomas, of Wilsboro', lord of the broke, and bad

manor of Sbadochurst, who m. in 1. John, of Thurnham, who m. 1595, Agnes, daughter of Thomas

Anne, daughter and heiress of Miller, of Northfleet, and d. in 1611,
Henry Brockhill, of Allington, leaving
in Thurnham, leaving issue,

1. Thomas, of Willsboro', lord of Brockhill, of Ballyhaise, co.

the manor of Shadochurst, born of Cavan, who d. 1636, leav

1595, was of the king's body in ing issue,

ordinary; he m. first, Catharine, Elizabeth, m. to Humphry

daughter of Sir Thomas HoneyPerrott.

wood, knt. of Elmested; she d. Mary, m. to Thomas New

1625, and they left burgh.

John, of Willsboro', son and Thomas, second son, d. s. p.

heir, b. 1623; d. 1642, s.p.


* Philip Chute descended from Alexander Catherine Lennard, dau. of Lord Dacre, finished Chute, lord of the manor of Taunton, in the county with their grandsons, when the Vine, in the county of Somerset, in 1268, through Philip Chute, of of Southampton, purchased in 1653 by Chaloner Appledore, in the county of Kent, standard-bearer Chute, descended in the female line through Elito HENRY VIII., which branch became extinct on zabeth Chute, whose descendants assuming the the demise of Sir George Chute, bart, in 1721 : name of Chute, it vested in John Chute, who m. the other male line of the family through Chal- | Elizabeth, daughter of Joshua Smith, esq. of Earl loner Chute, who died Speaker of the House of Stoke Park, Wilts, and sister of the Marchioness Commons, whose only son, Challoner Chute, m. of Northampton.

Elizabeth, m. Norton Halke,

1. John, of Winchelsea, who m. of Bircholt.

Elizabeth, daughter of the Rev. Mary, m. Henry Johnson.

Henry Amy, of Hawkins, in the Katharine, m. Boys Owen.

county of Kent, and had Thomas Taylor, after the death

John, d. s. p: of his first wife, Catherine, m.

Anne, bis heiress, who m. Wilsecondly, Anne, daughter of Sir

liam Whitfield, of PatricksThomas Hendley, knt. of Cor

borne. shorne, county of Kent, and d.

1. Elizabeth, m. Thomas, son of in 1631, (described in his will as

Edward Roberts, brother of Sir of Linstead,) leaving by this se

Thomas Roberts, bart. cond marriage,

2. Anne, d. s. p. Sir Thomas Taylor, created a

3. Mary, m. Walter, son of Wigan BARONET 18th Jan. 1665, of

Bustian, of Shorne. Maidstone, also of Linstead, The youngest son of John Taylor, of Shadoclord of the manor of Shadoc- burst, by his first wife, hurst, co. Kent, heir to his Matthew TAYLOR, removed into Sussex, half brother John, of Wils- and settled in the neighbourhood of Chiboro'. He was b. in 1630, chester. By his first wife, Alice, who was and d. in 1665, having had by buried at Stoughton, 21st February, 1591, his wife, Elizabeth (who d. he had issue, in 1688), daughter and sole 1. Matthew, stated in his will to have heiress of George Hall, of been born at Stoughton, where his Maidstone,co. of Kent, (who baptism was registered 19th Februm. secondly, Percy Goring, ary, 1591, m. first, Margaret esq. of the Earl of Norwich's and by her had issue, family), four sons and four

1. Mary, to whom her father left daughters, viz.

the estates he inherited in Kent, Sir Thomas Taylor, of

m. her first cousin, John Brett, Leeds Castle, Maid

jun. son of John Brett, of Shipstone, second bart. lord

ley, by Elizabeth Taylor, and of the manor of Sha

had a daughter, Mary. dochurst, b. 10th Au

2. Margaret, b. at St. Dunstan in gust, 1657, and d. in

the East, 4th September, 1634; 1696. His wife Alicia,

m. there, in 1656, to Thomas dau. and sole heir of Sir

White, of St. Dunstan, in the Thomas Colpeper, of

West, and of Horsham, in the Preston Hall, Ayles

county of Sussex, and had issue, ford, wedded secondly,

Thomas White, who inherited John Milner, esq. and

the manor of Effingham, und. in 1734, leaving an

der the will of his grandfaonly child,

ther, Matthew Taylor; he Sir Thomas Taylor,

was under age at its date, third bart. b. in

1678: he m.Jane, dau. of his 1693, died

kinsman, William Pellatt. in 1720, when the

Margaret White, m. Robert title became EX

Michell, of Shipley, in the TINCT.

county of Sussex.

Jane White.

Elizabeth White.

3. Elizabeth, baptized at St. Mary
$. p.

Newington Butts, in the county Bridget,

of Surrey, 5th Sept. 1646, and Arabella,

predeceased her father, s. p. Elizabeth, b. 1656.

Matthew Taylor m. secondly, FranWilliam, youngest son, d. s.p.

-, by whom he had no issue, 1632.

and who survived him. He purchased 1. Jane, m. John Chapman, of Ay the manor of Effingham and other thorn.

lands in Surrey in 1660, (which were 2. Marie, m. Thomas Waller, of sold by his descendant, William Penshurst.

White, in 1790, to the late General II. John Taylor, of Momfords, m. Apne,

Oliver Delancy), and was buried at daughter and co-heir of William Aus

St. Dunstan in the East, 5th April, ten, of Goudhurst, and had by her,

1678. who died in 1623, at Kingsnorth, Matthew Taylor, sen. wedded, secondly,



all d. young


Margaret, daughter, and eventually co-heir EDWARD TAYLOR, succeeding to his bro(with her sister

Elizabeth, the wife of Richard ther Matthew's property, purchased a thouLove, esq. of Basing) of Richard Freeland, sand acres of land at Middletown, New Jeresq. of Greatham, Hants. By this lady he sey, in 1692; and by a deed, dated in 1710, had,

license was granted to George Taylor to 11. Richard, of Westharling, baptized administer to the estate of his late father,

at Grantham, 27th July, 1597, who d. | Edward Taylor, of Middletown.
in 1665, as appears by his will, leav George Taylor, succeeded his father,
ing by his wife, Ann,

having by special license from the governor 1. Richard, who was dead in 1678, of New York, dated in March, 1708, m.

as appears by his uncle Mat- Helena Johnstone, of South Hampton, Long
thew's will, leaving a son by his Island, by whom he left issue,
wife, Frances,

1. George.

11. Edward, b. 20th August, 1712. 2. Matthew,

II. John, of whom presently. 3. Edward.

1. Anne, who m. David, second son of 1. Ann, unm. in 1664.

Robert Barclay, of Urie, county of 2. Mary, m. Richard Matthews.

Kincardine, Scotland, governor of 3. Eleanor, m. John Dewes.

East New Jersey. Mr. David Bar11. Freeland, christened at Stoughton, clay entertained at his house in Lon

8th February, 1601, d. s. p.; alive in don Kings George I., II., and III., 1665.

and d. in 1769, aged eighty-seven, IV. JOHN, of whom presently.

leaving issue by his wife Anne, from 1. Elizabeth, m. John Brett, of London, whom is descended the representa

and of Shipley, in the county of Sus tive of the family of Barclay of Urie.
sex, and left issue,

The third son,
John Brett, married, as already John Taylor, b. at Middletown in 1716,

stated, his cousin, Mary Taylor, m. Mary, daughter of - Heard, esq. and
to whom her father left his heri- sister and heiress of General Heard, of the
ditaments in Kent, and had in army employed in the East Indies. This
1678 a daughter,

John was Sheriff of New Jersey, and for Mary Brett.

many years one of the Justices and one 11. Martha, m. William Yonge, of Mid- of the Judges of his Majesty's Court at

hurst, in the county of Sussex, who Monmouth, in that Colony. On Lord Howe died in 1651, leaving his estates in going out as Commissioner and CommanderVirginia, to his second son, William, in-Chief for the American colonies, Judge who was alive in 1678.

Taylor was appointed (1776) his Majesty's The fourth son,

Lord High Commissioner for New Jersey. John Taylor, b. at Shadochurst 1st De- In which influential station the conscientious cember, 1611; alive at the date of his bro- discharge of his duty, added to the fact of all ther Matthew's will; appears to have been his children having joined the British army, buried at St. Dunstan in the East on 21st brought down upon him the hostility of the November, 1683, leaving issue,

revolutionary party, and the Colonial AssoMatthew TAYLOR, who was employed ciation having declared in 1778, that any one with his cousin White, at New York, in who supported the British cause was guilty North America, in purchasing lands from of high treason, Judge Taylor was imprithe Indians in New Jersey, under the grant soned and tried for his life on several into his connection (through Sir Thomas Scott, dictments for high treason; his property as already shewn) Sir George Carterett, was at the same time seized and appropribart, the proprietor of East New Jersey. A ated to the use of the revolted state ; and be deed bearing date 19th November, 1681, was subsequently obliged to accept for that conveys from certain Indians therein named property, sold at the greatest disadvantage, to the Lady (Elizabeth) Carteret, in trust the bills of Congress, when those bills were for Matthew Taylor, of New York, a tract scarcely worth anything. Judge Taylor died of land on the Rariton river, beginning at at Perth Amboy, New Jersey, 23rd Novema place called Aqueckson and running to ber, 1798, aged eighty-two, leaving issue, Tuckaramochachinge, in depth on both sides 1. John, b. at Middletown about 1744; of the river four miles. Matthew Taylor, m. at New York, Miss Winthrop, by his will dated at New York in 1687, be leaving issue, three sons: one m. Miss qucathed ten guineas to his friend J. Man

Clinton; another m. Miss Ludlow; a ning, of New York, to buy a mourning third m. Miss Winthrop: one of his ring, and all the rest of his property to his daughters m. Mr. Delancey; another, brother Edward, they residing in London, a son of Mr. Winthrop, his majesty's with reversion to Edward's son, George governor of one of the Eastern states. Taylor.

11. William, of whom presently.

II. Joseph, born at Middletown about husband Lord Barrington, was lost at

1748 ; m. Harriet Waddell, and left sea), and of Mary, the wife of Sir two daughters.

Gilbert AMeck, bart. the mother of 1. Mary, b. at Middletown about 1745 ; Elizabeth, wife of Lord Holland, and m. Dr. Bainbridge, and had issue,

d. 4th April, 1830, having had issue, 1. John, who rr. Cornelia Ogden,

]. Benjamin, b. 24th August, 1818. the maternal aunt of his uncle

2. Clement, b. 3rd January, 1821. William Taylor's wife.

3. William-Taylor, b.8th Oct. 1823. 2. William, a commodore in the

1. Margaret-Elliott, m. in 1835, to American navy, and commis

Dr. Ogden. sioner of the naval arsenal and

2. Charity-Elizabeth, d. 14th Dedock-yard at Boston.

cember, 1829. 3. Joseph, a captain in the Ameri

3. Mary-Clarke. can navy, d. unm.

4. Catherine Van Cortlandt. 1. Mary, m. Dr. Maclean, Pre

5. Maria-Theresa Barrington. sident of Princetown college,

II. Susan-Helen, s. p. whose son s. to that office.

Arms—Ermine, a lion rampant guardant The second son,

azure, on a chief embattled gu, a fleur-deWILLIAM TAYLOR, who was born at Mid- lis or between two boars' heads couped erect dletown on 17th March, 1746, took an ac- argent. tive part in favour of the British Govern Crest-A dexter arm embowed in armour ment during the American war, and lost a the hand in a gauntlet grasping a javelin, considerable property, beside the emolu- all ppr. pendant from the rist by a ribbon, ments arising from his professional pursuits az. and resting on a wreath of the colour, as a barrister. He was eventually appointed an escocheon gu. thereon a boar's head Chief Justice of Jamaica, but retired from couped erect argent. that high office upon his marriage with Eliza, Motto-Consequitur quodcunque petit. dau. of Col. Philip Van Cortlandt. After Estates—Pennington, near Lymington the war he repurchased his estate at Perth Hants, Hordley in Jamaica, and Corlandt Amboy, New Jersey, and died there on the in King's County, Nova Scotia. 16th August, 1806, aged sixty years, leaving Seat-Pennington House, near Lyming

1. John-William, born at Halifax in ton, Hants.

1792; d. in the military service of the
East India Company in command of

Cortlandt Family. the Dacca Provisional Battalion, s.p. 11. Pringle, the present Major Pringle The Van Cortlandts are descended from TAYLOR, of Pennington.

one of the most noble families in Holland, III. Cortlandt, Captain in the Madras to which country their ancestors migrated

artillery, married at Bangalore in when deprived of the sovereignty of Cour-
the East Indies 2nd October, 1826, land.
Emily, daughter of Lieut. col. Peter The Rr. Hon. OLIVER-STEPHEN : VAN
Latouche Chambers, C.B. of his ma Cortlandt, a privy councillor, accompa-
jesty's 41st regiment, by whom he nied, in 1629, as Secretary to Government,
has issue,

the first Dutch governor sent out by the Emily-Eliza, born at Nagpore. States General of Holland to the colony now IV. George-Elliott, m. at New York called New York, which they bad settled

16th October, 1828, Laura, daughter some time previously,
and co-heiress of William Jephson, * As a compensation for large sums of mo-
esg. of the same city; d. 2nd Febru- ney advanced to the government of Hol-
ary, 1833, leaving issue,

land, he obtained a grant of two manors of 1. William Jephson, b. 15th Sep- great extent and fertility on the North River, tember, 1829.

not far from New York, one called the ma2. Cortlandt Mulcaster, b. 8th Fe nor of Yonkers, the other the manor of bruary, 1833.

Cortlandt, which have continued ever since 1. Maria Farquhar.

in the possession of his descendants. In 1662 | Catharine-Eliza, m. in 1814, Clement the colony capitulated to the British, and

Clarke Moore,son of Benjamin Moore, his signature was attached to the articles of
Bishop of New York, by Charity capitulation. He m. in 1642, Ann Locker-
Clarke, sister of Maria-Theresa, Vis- man, and d. in 1669, leaving issue,
countess Barrington, (who, with her 1. Stephen, of whom presently.

11. John, b. 16th October, 1618; d. in • Mr. Jephson is the only child of the late Col.

1667, s. p. unm. Jephson, of Mallow Castle, by his first marriage

ul. Jacob, b. 7th July, 1658; m. Eve at New York with Eliza, daughter of John Appy, Phillipse, and had of that city.

1. James, m. Elizabeth, daughter

of Cornelius Cuyler, and left no

Colonel Frederick Noble, issue, when the estate of Yon

d. in India, s. p.
kers devolved upon his brother,

Eliza Noble.
Augustus, in whose descendants

Charlotte, m. Colonel Webber, it still continues.

and had three sons. 2. Augustus, m. first, Elsie, dau.

Maria, m. Lionel, seventh Visof Cornelius Cuyler, and left no

count Strangford. issue. He m. secondly, C. Bar

2. Philip Phillipse, m. Margaret clay, and left two daughters,

Marston, and left issue,
Anna, whom. her cousin, Hen-

Frederick, who m. first, Miss ry White, and their descen

Marston; secondly, Miss dants assumed the name of

Van Cortlandt,

1. Susanna Philipse, m. Colonel Eleanor, who m. James Mor

Beverley Robinson, and had ris, of Morrisania, whose

Beverley Robin- both colo son,


nels in the GeneralStaats-Long Mor

Morris Robinson, army.
ris, m. first, the dowager

John Robinson.
Duchess of Gordon,

Frederick (Gen.Sir) Robinson. daughter of William,

William (Sir) Robinson. second Earl of Aber

2. Catherine Phillipse, s. p. deen ; and, secondly,

3. Anna Phillipse, m. George Miss Urquhart.

Chambers, and left issue. 1. Eva, d. unm.

4. Eva Pbillipse, m. John Lay. 2. Anna, m. Anthony White, and

5. Mary Phillipse, m. Colonel Ro bad


Morris of York, and had
Henry White, m. his cousin, The eldest son,
Anna Van Cortlandt.

General Frederick Cortlandt Landt, b. 7th May, 1643; m. Gertrude

White, late of the Guards. Schuyler, by whom he had
Admiral John C. White, m. 1. John, b. 24th Oct. 1672; m. Anna-

first, Cordelia Fanshaw; and Sophia Van Schaach, and left an only

secondly, C. E. Dalrymple. daughter, Francisca White, m. Dr.

Gertrude,whom. Philip Ver Plank. Bruce.

1. Philip, of whom presently. Anna White, m. Sir John III. Stephen, b. 11th August, 1685 ; m.

Hayes, bart. and left issue. Catalina Staats, and had issue, John, Margaret, m. Peter Joy.

m. Miss Bayard; Philip, d. s. p. and 1. Mary, b. 20th July, 1645; m. Col. Samuel, d. 8. p., and a daughter, Van Ransolier.

Anna, m. to John Abeel : Stephen's 11. Sophia, b. 31st May, 1651 ; m. An family in the male line are extinct. drew Teller.

IV. Gysbert, b. 1689, 8. p. II. Cornelia, b. 21st November, 1655 ; 1. Margaret, b. 12th August, 1674 ; m. m. Brent Schuyler.

first, Colonel Samuel Bayard, and had IV. Catherine, b. 25th October, 1652;

1. Colonel William Bayard, who m. first, John Derval; and, secondly,

m. N. M'Ivers, and left Frederick Phillipse, by the latter of

Stephen Bayard. whom she had

William Bayard. 1. Frederick Phillipse, m. Eliza

Col. John Bayard. beth, daughter of Charles Wil

Catharine, m. Colonel Johnliams, and widow of — Rutgards,

stone. and had

Margaret, m. D. Roberts.
Frederick Philipse, m. Miss

Mary, m. - Arnott.
Griffiths, of Rhent, North

Wales, niece of General

2. Nicholas Bayard.
Sir Alured Clerke, and had

3. Robert Bayard, m. Miss ApFrederick, a colonel in

thorpe. the army, m. a dau. of

4. Samuel Bayard, m. Jane MilSir Hugh Palliser, bt. Charlotte Philipse, m. Sir

1. Margaret, m. General Sherriff. Henry-Allen Johnson, After the demise of Colonel William bart. both have issue,

Bayard, Margaret m. secondly, Peter Eliza-Maria.

Kemble, President of His Majesty's Louisa, m. to Col. Mongo No Council of New Jersey, and had by ble, and had issue,

him a daughter,


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