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and fixed his residence there. Mr. Bankes Elizabeth, m. her cousin Capt. Richard died in 1587, leaving by his wife, whose Legh, a younger son of Legh, of name is not mentioned, a son,

Lyme. JAMES BANKes, esq. of Winstanley Hall, The eldest son, who m. in 1574, Susan, dau. of William

WILLIAM BANKES, esq. of Winstanley Sherrington, merchant of London, by whom Hall, b. 1658; m. in 1687, his cousin Letbe left issue,

tice, eldest dau. of Richard Legh, esq. of William, his successor.

Lyme, but by her (who survived him and Thomas, of Staples Inn, London, m. married, secondly, Thomas Fleetwood, esq.

Elizabeth, dau. of William Bispham, of Bank) he had no issue, and was conse-
esq. of Billinge, co. Lancaster, by quently succeeded by his nephew,
whom he had issue, (beside two
daughters,) a son, Thomas Bankes,

WILLIAM BANKES, esq. of Winstanley of Staples Inn, æt. thirty-three in Hall, b. 1695, who m. Elizabeth, third dau. 1664. Thomas Bankes the elder d. of Amos Meredith, esq. and sister and coin 1646.

beir of Sir William Meredith, bart. M.P. Robert, ? both London merchants, d. of Henbury, co. Chester, by whom he left James,

an only child, Margaret, m. George Hyde, esq. of William BanŘes, esq. of Winstanley Urmstone, co. Lancaster.

Hall, high sheriff of Lancashire in 1784; he The eldest son,

m. Mary-Anne, dau. of Joseph Bunney, WILLIAM Bankes, esq. of Winstanley esq. of Leicester, but dying s. p. in 1800, Hall, M.P. for Liverpool, m. first, Eliza- the male line of the Bankes' family became heth, dau. of Sir Thomas Ireland, knt. of extinct; but Mr. Bankes bequeathed his Bewsey, and by her had two sons, James property to his first cousin and nearest heir, and Thomas, who both died young. He

The Rev. Thomas HOLME, of Up-Holland m. secondly, Sarah, daughter of Walter House, and then of Winstanley Hall, the Jones, esq. of Chastleton, co. Oxon, and by son of Anne Bankes above-mentioned, b. her (who d. in 1668) had issue an only son, 1732; m. Mary, daughter of Richard MeyWILLIAM. Mr. Bankes d. in 1676, at the rick, esq. fourth son of Owen Meyrick, esq. age of ninety-two, and was s. by his sou,

of Bodorgan, co. Anglesea, and by her left William Bankes, esq. of Winstanley issue, (with other children, for whom see Hall, b. 1636, who m. Frances, only dau. the Holme pedigree), MEYRICK, his succesand (on the decease of her brothers and her

He m. secondly, in 1800, Miss Anne niece s.p.) eventually sole heiress in blood Leighton, sister of Sir Baldwin Leighton, of Peter Legh, esq. of Birch, co. Lancaster, bart. but by her (who survived him and died a younger son of Sir Peter Legh, of Lyme, his widow in 1820) he had no issue. Mr. (see vol. ii. p. 687), and left issue by her, Holme died at Winstanley 17th August, WILLIAM, his successor.

1803, and was succeeded by his third, but Thomas, of Wigan, m. Anne, daughter eldest surviving son,

of Thomas Cholmondeley, esq. of
Vale Royal, in Cheshire, (by his

MEYRick Holme, esq. of Winstanley first wife, Jane Tollemache, sister of Hall, who took the name and arms of Bankes the first Earl of Dysart of that fa- only in 1804; b. 12th August, 1768, was a mily), and had issue seven sons and lieutenant in the navy previous to the death three daughters, all of whom died

of his elder brothers; served the office of young, except

high sheriff of Lancashire in 1805. He m. Robert, b. 1699, high sheriff of the first, his first cousin Catharine, daughter county of Lancaster in 1742, m.

of the Rev. Edward Lally, vicar of WhiteElizabeth Morgan, but d. s. p.

gate, Cheshire, by whom he had issue an WILLIAM, who succeeded his uncle only son, who died an infant. He m. seat Winstanley.

condly, in 1810, Maria-Elizabeth, eldest Anne, eventual heiress of the fa- daughter of Thomas Langford-Brooke, esq.

mily, m. in 1731, Hugh Holme, of Mere Hall, Cheshire. (See vol. iii. p. esq. of Up-Holland House, Lan- 627). Mr. Bankes died 1st March, 1827, cashire, and had issue,

leaving issue by his second marriage, The Rev. THOMAS Holme, of 1. MEYRICK BANKES, esq. now of Winwhom hereafter.

stanley Hall. James, rector of Bury, Lancashire, ob. 11. Thomas-Holme Bankes, b. 2nd NoS. p. 1743.

vember, 1812, a cornet in the 6th Peter, d. unmarried.

Dragoon Guards, died at Cork, in Leigh, married, but d. s. p. 1764.

May, 1832, unmarried.
Sarah-Maria, b. 1693; d. unm. 1748.
Frances, m. Edward Morgan, esq. of Arms-Sable, a plain cross or,

between Golden Grove, and d. 1744. (See vol. four fleurs-de-lis arg. and a canton of the ii. p. 164).



Crest-On a stump. of a tree a stork sta- | liam Hodgkinson, esq. of Overton, in the tant, ppr. ducally gorged gu.

county of Derby, and had issue, Estates-Winstanley Hall and Holland Joseph, who died vitâ patris. House, in the parish of Wigan, and town WILLIAM, of whom hereafter. ships of Winstanley, Billinge, Pember Robert Hodgkinson, who succeeded to ton, and Up-Holland, Lancashire; Newton Overton by the will of his grandfaParks, near the ex-borough of Newton, in ther, when his brother William sucthe same county ;--and Lower Cudworth,

deeded to Revesby. near Barnsley, in Yorkshire, inherited from Mr. Banks m. secondly, Catherine, daughMiss Anne Meyrick, eventual heiress of the ter of - Collingwood, esq. and by her had Pitts, Earls of Londonderry.

two sons, Collingwood and George, who Seat-Winstanley Hall, near Wigan, both died, unmarried. He was succeeded Lancashire.

by Bankes, of Revesby Abbey.

William Banks, esq. of Revesby Abbey,

second but eldest surviving son, b: 1719, John Bankes, esq.of Bank Newton, elder who assumed, in the lifetime of his elder brobrother of the first Bankes, of Winstanley, ther Joseph, the name and arms of Hodgm. as above-mentioned, Elizabeth, daughter kinson, for the Overton estate, which he of William Clapham, esq. of Barnsley, and relinquished to his younger brother, in comhad issue,

pliance with the provisions of their grandThomas BANKES, esq. of Bank Newton, father's will, on succeeding to Revesby, m. son and heir, who left a son,

Sarah, daughter of William Bate, esq. of John Bankes, esq. of Bank Newton, m.

Fosson, co. Derby, and dying in 1761, was a sister of Lister, of Westby, and left a son,

succeeded by his only son, Henry Bankes, esq. of Bank Newton, b. 13th December, 1743 ; created a baronet

Joseph Banks, esq. of Revesby Abbey, wbo m. Isabella, daughter of William Lister, esq. of Thornton and Medhope, county the Royal Society in 1777 ; Knight of the

24th March, 1781; elected President of of York, and left issue, Henry Bankes, esq. the last possessor of Bank Newton, Bath, Privy Councillor, &c. &c. ; m. 29th and

March, 1779, Dorothea, daughter and co

heiress of William Weston Hugesson, esq. ROBERT Banks, esq. second son, an emi- of Provender, co. Kent, but by her, who nent lawyer in the reigns of ELIZABETH and survived him and died in 1828, he had no JAMES I. m. Anne, daughter and heiress of issue. The scientific distinctions attained Joseph Crayke, esq. of Beck Hall, in the by Sir Joseph Banks, as a traveller and parish of Giggleswick, Yorkshire, by whom naturalist, and subsequently by the munifihe had three sons and two daughters. The cent patronage which he extended during eldest son, Luke, was killed vitâ patris in his long life to every branch of scienoe and the civil wars, fighting ex parte regis, and art, have sufficiently perpetuated his meleft issue an only daughter, who m. Sir Ro- mory to render any eulogy superfluous. He ger Pepys, but d. s. p. 1641. Mr. Robert died 9th May, 1820, when his baronetcy Banks d. 1646, and was succeeded by his

expired. He had an only sister, Sarah Sosecond but eldest surviving son,

phia, who died unmarried. The Rev. Robert BANKS, of Beck Hall, heir to his niece, Lady Pepys, m. Anne,

Family of Holme. daughter of Stephen Pudsey, esq. by whom he had issue a daughter, who died unmar- Bankes, of Winstanley Hall, is paternally

The family of Holme, from which Mr. ried, and an only son,

descended, has been seated in Lancashire, Robert Banks, esq. of Beck Hall, b. in different branches, from a period shortly 27th March, 1630; m. Margaret, daughter subsequent to the Norman Conquest. The of John Frankland, esq. of Rathmell, by surname, which was originally and properly whom he had two sons, Robert, whose line spelt Hulme, is local, and derived from the failed, and

manor of that name between Trafford and Joseph Banks, esq. of Revesby Abbey, Manchester, formerly possessed by the faLincolnshire, second son, b. 6th September, mily. 1665, M.P. first for Grimsby, afterwards In the 3rd vol. of Holinshed's Chronicle, for Totness ; d. 27th September, 1727, leav- among the number of the Norman gentleing issue by his wife, Mary, daughter of the men attending on William the Conqueror, Rev. Rowland Hancock, of Shercliffe Hall, is mentioned the Seigneur de Houlme, but near Sheffield, an only son,

whether he was the father of Ranulph or Joseph BANKS, esq. of Revesby Abbey, Randulphus, who was possessed of Hulme b. 1695, high sheriff of Lincolnshire in 1736, about the end of the 11th century, is not and for some time M.P. for Peterborough ; clearly ascertained. The great-grandson of m. first, Anne, daughter and heiress of Wil this Randulphus,


John De Hulme, knt. “ occupied the an William Holme, (the name so spelt in cient manor house, temp. HENRY II.” the Cheshire Visitations), “ second son of

THOMAS DE HULME, of Hulme, son and Holme, of Holme, county of Lancaster," heir, anno 2 RICHARD I.

(Chesh. Vis. 1566, fol. 73.) settled at TilSimon de Hulme, of Hulme, son and heir. ston, in Cheshire, and left issue by a daughADAM DE HULME, of Hulme, son and heir.

ter of — Pygot(?), of Limme, county of

Chester, a son, THOMAS DE HULME, of Hulme, son ard

Hugh Holme, esq. of Tilston, who m. beir, temp. HENRY IIÍ.

Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Massie, esq. ADAM DE Hulme, of Hulme Hall, son and of Codington, by Dorothy, daughter of heir, living 34 EDWARD I.

Hugh Calveley, esg. of Lea, (see vol. iii. THOMAS DE Hulme, of Hulme Hall, son p. 45), and had issue, and heir, living anno 30 EDWARD I. left

Robert, eldest son, a priest. issue,

Hugh, who succeeded him. Geoffrey de Hulme, knt. eldest son and

Thomas, third son. heir, mentioned as tenant of Hulme

George, fourth son. in the Roll of those holding under Maude, m. John Bostock, of Churton.

the Earl of Lancaster in 1311, d. s.p. Elizabeth, m. Arthur Richardson, of JOHN DE HULME, who succeeded his Salop. brother.

The second son and heir,
Robert de Hulme, one of the Lanca- Hugh Holme, esq. of Tilston and Co-

shire gentlemen who made oath at dington, m. Elizabeth, daughter of Ralph
Preston, A.D. 1359, before Thomas Bostock, esq. of Bostock, and had issue, (be-
de Seton and others, touching certain side two daughters, Anne, m. Berkley,
differences between Roger le Ware, and Katharine, m. Adam Johnson, of Ches-
lord of Manchester, and the bailiffs ter), an only son,
of the Duke of Lancaster. (Corry's THOMAS Holme, sword-bearer of Ches-
Lanc. Part iv. p. 398.) From a son ter, who m. Jane, daughter of John Brere-
of this Robert a family of Hulme ton, esq. of Ecleston, and had issue,
claimed descent, which is mentioned
in the Visitation of 1664, and is sup-

Thomas, eldest son, b. 1580, mentioned

in Philpot's Visitation. posed to be still existing.

Brereton, of whom or his elder brother Felicia de Hulme, m. Ralph de Wil

no further account is to be found. burgham, lord of Radnor, ancestor Hugh. of Lord Skelmårsdale.

The third son, JOHN DE HULME, succeeded his elder bro

Hugh Holme, esq. m. in 1605, at Upther Geoffrey, and was father of

Holland, county of Lancaster, Elizabeth, Sir William (or Ralph) De Hulme, daughter (and apparently heiress) of

- Ireknt. of Hulme Hall, who obtained the land, esq. of Up-Holland, where Mr. Holme augmentation of the canton argent charged settled, and built a house, still remaining. with a chaplet gules, which his descendants He left issue by his wife, (who was buried still bear in their arms, for his services in at Holland, 24th November, 1621), beside France, where he received knighthood from two younger sons, Edward and Charles, the Black Prince; he afterwards served in who died v. p. Spain, and went on an embassy to the court BARTHOLOMEW Holme, esq. of Holland of Castile. He was living anno 46 EDWARD House, eldest and only surviving son and III. His son and heir,

heir, baptized 17th March, 1606; buried at JACOBUS, or James de Hulme, of Hulme Up-Holland, 11th Aug. 1662, and left issue, Hall, was living as late as the 9th year of 1. Hugh, who succeeded him. HENRY V., when he was one of the wit 11. Bartholomew, posthumous son, died nesses to the license for the foundation

an infant. of Manchester College by Thomas de la 1. Esther. Warr. He was succeeded at Hulme by his u. Elizabeth. son William, who either alienated or for II. Margaret. feited the manor of Hulme, as Radulphus Hugh Holme, esq. of Holland House, de Prestwyche appears seised of it anno son and heir, was buried at Up-Holland, 1434-9, and it continued in the Prestwyche 19th November, 1702, having had issue, family more than two hundred years. The Bartholomew, b. June, 1682; d. v. p. descendants of William de Hulme continued EDWARD, who succeeded his father. however to hold property near Hulme, till John, b. December, 1685; d. an in faut. the line terminated somewhere about the Hugh, b. March, 1686-7; d. 1692. end of the 17th century in an heiress, who Thomas, d. 1694. m. George Hope, esq. of Hope Hall. But John, b. and bapt. 27th August, 1695. the younger brother of James de Hulme, Bartholomew, d. young.

Another Bartholomew, b. 1700; d. 1703. u. Thomas, captain in the 18th foot,
Hugh, d. an infant.

d. at Porto Ferrajo 20th January, Elizabeth.

1797, unmarried. Margaret.

III. MEYRICK, who succeeded his faThe eldest surviving son and heir,

ther, and assumed the surname and EDWARD HOLME, esq. of Holland House, arnis of BANKES. His son is the preb. 4th June, 1683, and baptized the same sent Meyrick BANKES, esq. of Winday; m. 1706, Jane, daughter and eventually stanley Hall. co-heiress of Walter Hastings, esq. and by IV. Frederick-William, in holy orders, her (who died June, 1710, and was buried at B.D. ; b. 12th January, 1772; Fellow Up-Holland) had issue,

of Corpus-Christi College, Oxford, Hugh, who succeeded him.

and afterwards rector of Meysey William, b. 2nd December, 1708; m. Hampton, county of Gloucester; m. Elizabeth, daughter of Edward Che

1st May, 1811, Mary-Elizabeth, eldest tham, esq. of Mellor Hall, county of

daughter of Thomas Pigot, esq. of Derby, and had issue two sons and Almington Hall, Staffordshire, and four daughters.

has issue, The son and heir,

Frederick, b. 10th June, 1812, M.A. Hugh Holme, esq. of Holland House,

and F.Z.S., Fellow of Corpusb. 3rd September, 1707 ; m. 14th February,

Christi College, Oxford. 1731-2, Anne, dau. and finally sole heiress

Meyrick, b. 13th April, 1815, B.A. of Thomas Bankes, esq.of Winstanley Hall,

of Brasennose College, Oxford. (see the Bankes' pedigree), and by her

Mary-Elizabeth. (who survived him and d. his widow 2nd

Jane. June, 1799, æt. ninety-three) had issue,

v. Cholmondeley, b. 23rd January, THOMAS, his successor.

1779; d. 12th August, 1793. Edward, b. 25th October, 1733; m. a

1. Jane, m. Lieut.-Col. Burgh Leighdaughter of Mr. Shelmerdine, and

ton, who d. in 1836, s. p. had three sons, John, Edward, and

II. Anne, m. the Rev. George Borlase,
Hugh, none of whom married; and

who d. in 1809, s.p.
four daughters, Anne, Mary, Frances-
Bankes, and Elizabeth, all unmar-

Ji. Mary-Meyrick, died unmarried in ried except the last-named, who m.

1834; buried at Up-Holland. Thomas Woodcock, esq. of Wigan,

iv. Henrietta-Dorothy,

all died and has issue.

v. Harriet-Cholmondeley,
vi. Diana-Frances,

young. Diana-Frances, } both d. unmarried.

VII. Harriet, living unmarried.
Elizabeth, m. the Rev. Robert Prescot,

Arms of Holme-Barry of eight, or and and had two daughters, one of whom

az, on a canton argent a chaplet gu. In m. Mr.German, the other Mr. Single- one of the Cheshire Visitations the coat is ton.

given barry of six, and in the other, or, three Catharine, m. the Rev. Edward Lally, bars az. Three quarterings are given in

vicar of Whitegate, Cheshire, and the Cheshire Visitation of 1566, as having had issue, (with other children), CA- belonged to Hulme, of Hulme: 1. Arg. a THARINE, the first wife of her cousin chevron az. and a border engr. sable. 2. Meyrick Holme, esq. afterwards Gu. a cross engr. arg. and on a canton or, a Bankes, of Winstanley Hall. (See plain cross sable. 3. Or, three cocks gu. page 214).

--but the matches which brought these in The eldest son,

are not recorded. The Rev. THOMAS HOLME, of Holland CrestA lion's head erased gu. langued House, and afterwards of Winstanley Hall, az. ensigned with a cap of maintenance ppr. had issue by his first wife, Mary Meyrick, The crest of Hulme, of Hulme: the Up(married 21st August, 1759), daughter of Holland branch had latterly borne a gryRichard Meyrick, esq.

phon's head between two wings, but no au1. Hugh, b. October, 1762; d. August, thority appears for this. 1769.

Motto-Fide sed cui vide.




CLELAND-ROSE, JAMES-DOWSETT, esq. of Rath-Gael House, in the county of

Down, b. at Fort St. Davids, Cuddalore, in the East Indies, 24th March, 1767, s. his father, 7th June, 1768, and to the property of his paternal grandfather, Richard Rose, esq. of Abingdon, Berks, 14th Jan. 1784, and in compliance with the testamentary injunction of his cousin, Patrick Clealand, esq. of Ballymagee, in the county of Down, (to whose Irish estates he succeeded, 5th December, 1785), assumed the additional surname and arms of Cleland (his mother's name). He m. first, 14th August, 1790, Sarah, only child of William-Eaton Andrews, esq. of London,* and by that lady, who d. 2nd October, 1830, had son and daugh

ter, viz,

1. WILLIAM-NICHOLSON, b. 18th June, 1794, d. 20th No

vember, 1794. 11. Elizabeth-Hawkins, in. 3rd September, 1829, For

tescue Gregg, esq. of Knockcairn, in the county of Antrim, a magistrate for the counties of Down and Antrim, and has issue,

1. James-Vernon-Rose Gregg, b. 31st July, 1832. 2. John-William Gregg, b. 14th August, 1834.

1. Sarah-Andrews Gregg. He wedded, secondly, 10th December, 1832, Elizabeth, eldest daughter of WilliamNicholson Steele-Nicholson, esq. of Ballow House, and Isabella Hancock his wife (see vol. iii. p. 357), and by her has two other sons and a daughter,

11. James-Blackwood, b. 30th January, 1835. iv. Richard, b. 1st May, 1836.

v. Agnes-Elizabeth. Mr. Rose Cleland, is a magistrate and deputy-lieutenant for the county of Down. He commanded the Newtown Ards Yeomen Infantry at the battle of Saintfield, 9th June, 1798; in August following, raised the Rath-Gael Yeomen Infantry, and received repeated thanks from the government for his services; he also served the office of highsheriff for the county of Down in 1805, and presided at the contested election for that county, between Robert Stewart, Viscount Castlereagh, and Colonel John Meade, which lasted twenty-one days.

Lineage. The family of Cleland (formerly spelt | Earl Malcolm Lennox, Lord William DougKneland) is of great antiquity in Scotland. las, Sir John Graham, Sir Neil Campbell, Their coat of Arms, tradition states, was Sir Christopher Seaton, Sir John Ramsey, acquired by their being hereditary foresters Sir Francis Barclay, Andrew Murray, Wilto the ancient Earls of Douglas.

liam Oliphant, Hugh Hay, Robert Boyd, JAMES CLELAND, of that Ilk, in the county John Johnstoun, Adam Gordon, Robert of Lanark, ancestor of the Clelands of that Keith, Ronald Crawford, jun. James CrawIlk and of several other families of the same ford, William Crawford, Adam Wallace, surname,t joined his cousin Sir William Roger Kilpatrick, Simon Frazer, Alexander Wallace in the year 1296, for the relief of Frazer, Robert Lauder, Scrimeger, Alexbis country against the English, along with ander Auchinlech, Ruthven, Richard Lunthe following noblemen and gentlemen, viz. die, Arthur Bisset, James Lindsay, Robert

By his wife, Anne, daughter of William Haw- 1670,) in an heiress, Anne, daughter of George kins, ésq. of Abingdon, and his wife Henrietta Cleland, esq. of Gartness, by Margaret his wife, Baker.

daughter of Hamilton, of Wishaw : she m. George + Viz. Clelands, of Faskine, Monkland, and Weir, of Blackwood (see pedigree of Vere, of Gartness, which last family ended (about the year Blackwood, vol. iii. p. 320).

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