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of Beaumont's life, and the Trent, aged seven, in 1662, who m. first,
productions of which they Cecily, daughter and co-heir of Sir Thomas
were jointly authors, have Beaumont, bart. of Gracedieu, and had by
ever held a very high place in her, who d. in 1697, a son and daughter, viz.
English literature. Francis JOHN, his heir.
Beaumontm. Ursula, daugh Barbara, abbess of a convent in Flanders.
ter and co-heir of Henry Mr. Beaumont m. secondly, Jane, widow of
Isley, esq. of Sundridge, in Francis Lowe, esq. of Old Greaves, and
Kent, and died 9th March, daughter and heir of John Middleton, esq.
1616, aged 30, leaving of Wandesley, Notts, by whom be had a
Elizabeth, whom. a Scotch son, Frances, who died unm., and thirdly,

colonel, and was resi- Winifred, daughter of Francis Lowe, esq.

dent in Scotland in 1682. by whom he had no issue. He died 2nd Frances, living unm. in January, 1726-7, and was s. by his son,

1700, at a very advanced JOHN BEAUMONT, esq. of Barrow-upon-
age, at which time she Trent, b. in 1694, who m. Miss Joyce
enjoyed a pension from Johnson, niece of Thomas Allestree, esq.
the Duke of Ormond, of Alvaston, in the county of Derby, and by
in whose family she had her, who d. 11th June, 1780, aged 79, and
lived as a domestic.

was buried at Barrow, had issue,
1. Elizabeth, b. 1589, m. to John, his heir.
Thomas Seyliard, esq.

Robert, b. in 1731, m. Ann Wild, and II. EDWARD, of whose descendants we by her, who died 5th September, have now to treat.

1784, aged 32, left at his decease, 14th The second son of Thomas Beaumont,

September, 1796, aged 64, one son EDWARD BEAUMONT, esq. settled at Bar

and two daughters, viz. row-upon-Trent, in the county of Derby,

John, successor to his uncle. about the year 1550. Hem. Anne, daughter

Anne, widow of the late Rev. C. and heir of Milgate, of Lockington, in Lei

Allsop, vicar of Sheepshead. cestershire, and had a son and successor,

Mary-Joyce. WILLIAM BEAUMONT, esq. of Barrow

Edward, in holy orders of the church upon-Trent, who m. Elizabeth, daughter of

of Rome, b. in 1732, d. at NorSutton, esq. of Derby, and by this lady

wich, in August, 1820. (who had the honour of entertaining Mary Francis, b. in 1737, d. 28th June, Queen of Scots,) had issue,

1806, leaving, by Elizabeth Hibbert, 1. Edward, died young.

his wife, a dau., Joyce, wife of Rev. 11. FRANCIS, successor to his father.

Christopher Dodsley, rector of SwinIII. Edward. iv. William,

nerton, in the county of Stafford. v. Christopher. vi. Thomas.

Barbara, 1. Elizabeth, m. to I. Bennet, of Derby.

Joyce, 11. Dorothy, m. to W. Neale, of Derby. Catherine, II. Helen.

Iv. Mary. Mr. Beaumont d. 11th October, 1763, aged v. Anne.

VI. Jane,

72, and was s. by his eldest son, Mr. Beaumont died 30th July, 1592, and was John BEAUMONT, esq. of Barrow-upons. by his son,

Trent, who d. unm. 21st July, 1806, aged 75, Francis Beaumont, esq. of Barrow-upon- and was s. by his nephew, Trent, a major in the service of Charles I. JOHN BEAUMONT, esq. of Barrow-upon who m. Elizabeth, daughter and heir of Trent, b. 23rd January, 1779, a magistrate Simon Bracebridge, esq. of Twiford, in the and deputy-lieutenant for the county of county of Derby, and had issue,

Derby, who m. 29th August, 1825, the Hon. Edward, who was disinherited, and d. Mary-Elizabeth Curzon, third daughter of unm. in France, in 1660.

Nathaniel, second Lord Scarsdale, and had, John, successor to his father.

John, his heir. Anne.

Robert-Curzon, b. 10th December, 1827. Major Beaumont died 2nd January, 1661, Edward, b. 25th July, 1829. aged 92, and was s. by his son,

Henry. John BEAUMONT, esq. of Barrow-upon Mr. Beaumont d. 11th March, 1834, and was Trent, who m. first, Dorothy, daughter of s. by his eldest son the present John BEAUJohn Powtrell, esq. of West Hallom, in MONT, esq. of Barrow-upon-Trent. Derbyshire, by whom he had issue, and Arms-Az. semée of fleurs-de-lis, a lion secondly, Barbara, daughter of Edward rampant, or. Willoughby, esq. of Cotham, in Notting CrestOna chapeau erm. a lion passant,or. hamshire, by whom he left at his decease, Motto-Erectus non elatus. with other issue, a son and successor,

Estates-In Derbyshire. Robert BEAUMONT, esq. of Barrow-upon Seat-Barrow-upon-Trent.


all died young.


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Park, in the county of Dorset, and of Ellerton Abbey, in Yorkshire, b. 6th October, 1800, m. 1st May, 1827, at St. George's Church, Hanover Square, London, JaneFrances, only daughter of Richard-Erle-Drax Grosvenor, esq. and has issue,


Sarah Frances-Elizabeth. This gentleman, whose patronymic is SAWBRIDGE, succeeded to the estates in right of his wife, upon the demise

of that lady's brother, Richard-Edward Erle-Drax, esq., 600

13th August, 1828, and assumed in consequence, the surnames and arms of ERLE-DRAX. He is Captain in the East Kent militia, and Captain Commandant of the Charborough Yeomanry Cavalry, which troop he raised and maintained at his own expense during the disturbances in the year 1830.

Lineage. The Erles are of ancient and knightly St. Maur, conveyed to her husband the descent. The first ancestor that occurs in manor of Beckington. the pedigree is Henry de Erle, Lord of The descendant of a branch of this ancient Newton in Somersetshire, 35 HENRY III., line, but the family was long previously settled WALTER ERLE, esq. (son of John Erle in that county : so far back as the 7th of Culhampton in Devon, by Thomasine, HENRY II. John de Erlegh paid five marks daughter of - Beare, of Somersetshire, and for the scutage of his lands at Beckington grandson of John Erle of Culhampton, who in Somersetshire. He died 11 HENRY II. was son of John the second son of John Erle and was succeeded by WILLIAM DE ERlegh, of Ashburton in Devon,) became possessed his son, who is certified to hold a knights of Charborough, in the county of Dorset, by fee in capite of the King, by which he had his marriage with Margery, daughter and coa right to be his Chamberlain. This Wil- heir of Richard Wikes, of Charborough, who liam founded Buckland Priory, and was had inherited Charborough from the family father of John de Erlegh, who paid scutage of Camel of Shakwycke and Charborough. 6 RICHARD I. and 1 John, holding the manor Walter Erle d. in 1581, leaving issue, and hundred of North Petherton, in the THOMAS, his heir. county of Somerset. He left a son and Honor, m. to John Giffard, esq. of successor, William de Erlegh, who had Brightley. (See p. 293.) issue, John, who d. s. p. 12 HENRY III. and The son and heir, HENRY, sheriff of Dorset and Somerset in THOMAS ERLE, esq. of Charborough, who

The descendant of the latter, m. Dorothy, daughter of William Pole, esq. John de Erle, served in the Scottish wars of Columpton, in the county of Devon, and of that monarch's reign. He was sheriff of by her, who m. 2ndly, Sir Walter Vaughan, the two counties, and knight of the shire knt. had issue, temp. EDWARD II. His grandson, Sir JOHN 1. WALTER, his heir. DE ERLEGH, attended the Black Prince at 11. Christopher, of Stourminster Marshal. the battle of Najara, and participated in

J. John, d. young. several other engagements in Spain, in one of IV. Thomas, d. young in 1592. which he was wounded and taken prisoner, 1. Elizabeth, m. to Sir Richard Strode, and as ransom, was obliged to sell a consi

knt. of Devon. derable portion of his ancient inheritance. II. Dorothy, d. young. He was succeeded in the remainder by his Thomas Erle died 16th March, 1597, and eldest son, Sir JOHN DE ERLEGH, whose was interred at East Morden, where a handonly daughter, Margaret,* marrying John some monument is erected to his memory.

His son and successor,

Sir Walter Erle, of Charborough, reThis Margaret wedded 2ndly, Walter Sandys, ceived the honour of knighthood in 1616, and 3rdly, Sir William Cheney, knt.

and in 1641, was one of the managers against


that year.

the Earl of Strafford at his trial. On the march to the lowest of the ditches adjoinbreaking out of the civil wars he sided ing to the side of the bog, and there to post with the parliament, and the active part he themselves till the horse should come about bore in those unhappy times, may be seen by Aghrim Castle and sustain them, and till in Rushworth and Whitlock. He was go- the other foot had marched over the other vernor of Dorchester and lieutenant of the bog before, where it was broader, and were Ordnance, in which latter appointment he supported by Foulks and Brigadier Stuart's succeeded Mr. Pym in 1643. In 1645 he regiment. Erle’s, and the other three redeciphered some important letters which giments, pursuant to their orders, advanced had been intercepted, and received for over the bog, most of them passing up to the this service the thanks of the House of middle in mud and water; and upon their Commons. In 1646, he was one of the four near approach to the ditches, received the commissioners to the King for peace; and in enemy's fire, which yet did not hinder them 1647, a commission passed for him to be from marching to the lowest hedge, and master of the Ordnance. Sir Walter, toge-beating the Irish from them, and so on from ther with Mr. Hollis, and other Ephori, (as hedge to hedge, till they were got very Lord Clarendon styles them), and 7000 foot, near their main body. But the Irish had 800 horse, and four pieces of cannon, came so well ordered the matter, that they had from Wells to Sherbourne to oppose the an easy passage for their horse among all Marquis of Hertford. On the approach of these hedges and ditches; which yet being the Earl of Caernarvon, he raised the siege observed by the valiant Colonel Erle, he of Corfe Castle.

encouraged his men by telling them, “there Sir Walter m. Anne, daughter and heir of was no way to come off but to be brave.” Francis Dymoke, and sister of Sir Henry However, the English being both flanked Dymoke, knt. and with her acquired the and fronted, and exposed to all the enemy's manors of Erckington and Pipe, in the fire from the neighbouring hedges, were county of Warwick, which he sold, 1 forced from their ground, and obliged to reCHARLES I. to Sir Walter Devereux, bart. treat again to the bog with considerable By this lady, who d. in 1665, he had issue, loss. And amongst others, the brave colo

THOMAS, aged 2, in 1623, who m. Susanna, nels Erle and Herbert being made prisoners,

4th daughter of William Fiennes, 3rd the former, after being twice taken and
Viscount Say and Sele, and by her, retaken, at last got clear of the enemy; but
who m. 2ndly, Robert Hawley, esq. the other (as was reported), was barbarously
left at bis decease, which occurred murdered by the Irish, when they saw he
during the lifetime of his father, two was likely to be rescued.”*
sons and two daughters. The former General Erle commanded as lieutenant-
were Walter, who m. Anne, daughter general the centre of the army at the battle
of Thomas Trenchard, esq. and Tho- of Almanza in 1709, as the Earl of Galway
MAS, of whom presently, as successor did the left wing, and lost his right hand in
to his grandfather.

the engagement. Anne, m. to Norton of Hampshire. This gallant officer m. Elizabeth, 2nd Sir Walter died in 1665, and his son having daughter of Sir Wil Wyndham, bart. of pre-deceased him, the estates eventually de- Orchard Wyndham in Somersetshire, and volved on his grandson,

dying in 1720, left an only dau. and heir, GENERAL THOMAS ERLE, of Charborough, Frances Erle, of Charborough, who a military officer of high reputation, who espoused Sir Edward Ernle,t bart. of Madcommanded in Ireland and Flanders in the dington, in the county of Wilts, M. P. for wars of King William and Queen Anne: Wareham, and dying in 1728, left an only in 1714 he was appointed lieutenant-general daughter and heir, of the Ordance, governor of Portsmouth ELIZABETH ERNle, of Charborough, who and Southsea Castle, and in 1716 made m. Henry DRAX,I esq. of Ellerton Abbey general of foot. He was likewise privy councillor to Queen Anne and George İ. * Kennet's History, Vol. iii. p. 120. Tindal's “At the battle of Aghrim in 1691, Major- Continuation, Vol. i. p. 178. general Mackay, observing several bodies + See family of ERNlf of ETCHILHAMPTON, at of the enemy's horse and foot draw off conclusion, from the line and move towards the road,

# The family of Drax appears to have been anwhere they were hard put to it by the Eng- ciently seated in the county of York. In 1647, lish, laid hold of the opportunity, and rond, and other cavaliers, having converted their

Colonel Drax, Colonel Modiford, Colonel Walordered bis troops to march over the bog estates into money, and not being able to reside in which fronted

the enemy's main body. The England under the usurpation, retired to Barbaregiments of Erle, Herbert, Creighton, and does, where Colonel Drax acquired, in a few Brewer, going over the narrowest place, years, an estate of 8 or £9,000 per annum, and where the hedges on the hostile side ran married the daughter of the Earl of Carlisle, then farthest into the bog, they had orders to proprietor of the island.

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in Yorkshire, M. P. for Lyme Regis and Michael Ernle, esq. of Bourton, lineally Wareham, and secretary to Frederick, descended from Richard de Ernle of Ernle, Prince of Wales, and by him, who died in living temp. Henry III. served as sheriff 1755, had issue,

of Wiltshire 22nd ELIZABETH. He m. Ist, Thomas ERLE-DRAX, heir to both his Mary, only daughter and heir of Roger parents.

Finnamore, esq. of Wetham House, in the Edward, of Melcombe Regis, successor parish of Calne, Wilts, and by her had two to his brother.

sons and two daughters, Frederick, died aged 7.

John (Sir), knt. of Whetham, ancestor Elizabeth, m. 1st to Augustus, fourth of the ERNles of WHETHAM, in Wilt

Earl of Berkeley, and 2ndly, to Ro shire, who are now represented by bert Viscount Clare. Her ladyship Major-general JAMES KYRLE-MONEY d. 29th June, 1792.

of Much Marcle in Herefordshire, Mary, m. to John Durbin, esq. of and of Whetham in Wiltshire. (See Bristol.

vol. iii. p. 615.) Harriot, m. to Sir William Hanham,

Richard. bart.

Mary, m. to William Blacker, esq. of Susannah, m. 1st to William Cracraft,

New Sarum. esq. alderman of London, and 2ndly, Cecilia, m. to William Daniel, esq. in 1777, to John Touchet, Earl of Michael Ernle wedded 2ndly, Susan, eldest Castlehaven. The countess d. 31st July, 1789.

daughter and co-heir of Sir Walter HungerFrances, d. in 1751.

ford, kpt. of Farley Castle, in Somersetshire, The heiress of Ernle and Erle d. in 1759, by her, who m. 2ndly, Sir Cary Reynolds,

eldest son of Walter, Lord Hungerford, and and was s. by her eldest son,

knt. was father of THOMAS ERLE-DRAX, esq. of Charborough, who m. Mary, daughter of Lord St.

EDWARD ERNLE, esq. of Etchilhampton in John of Bletshoe, but d. without issue in Wiltshire, baptized at Calne 4th December, 1790, aged 67, when he was s. by his bro- 1587, who m. Gertrude, daughter of John

St. Lowe, esq. of Knighton, in the same EDWARD DRAX, esq. of Charborough, who county, and by her, who d. 21st April, 1662, m. 16th April, 1762, Mary, daughter of

had two sons, viz. Awnsham Churchill, esq. of Henbury, and

WALTER (Sir), his heir. had an only daughter and heiress,

Michael, of Brimslade, in Wiltshire, SARAH-FRANCES Drax, of Charborough,

who m. Mary, daughter of William who m. 11th March, 1788, Richard Gros

Wither, esq. of Manydown, in Hants, venor, esq. M.P. for West Looe, nephew

and was ancestor of the Ernles of of Richard, Earl Grosvenor, and that gen

Brimslade, now represented by Sir tleman assumed in consequence of his mar

FRANCIS BURDETT, bart. riage, the surname and arms of Erle-Drax. Mr. Ernle d. 30th November, 1656, was The issue were one son and a daughter, buried at Bishop's Cannings, and s. by his viz.

son, RICHARD-EDWARD, the heir.

SIR WALTER ERNLE, of Etchilhampton, JANE-FRANCES, successor to her brother. who was created a BARONET 2nd February, Mr. Erle-Drax Grosvenor d. 8th February, 1660-1. Hem. Martha, daughter of Edward 1819, aged 58, and his widow (the heiress Tooker, esq. of Maddington, and sister and of Charborough), on 15th June, 1822. They co-heir of Sir Giles Tooker, bart. and had were s. by their only son,

by her (who was buried at Maddington 14th RICHARD-EDWARD ERLE-Drax, esq. of May, 1688) two sons and a daughter, viz. Charborough and Ellerton Abbey, d. unm.

1. EDWARD, b. 17th October, 1649; m. 13th August, 1828, and was s. by his sister, JANE-FRANCES ERLE-DRAX, who had m.

Anne, daughter of Edward Ashe, in

esq. of Heytesbury, in Wiltshire, and the previous year, JOHN-SAMUEL-WANLEY SAWBRIDGE, esq. and that gentleman having

dying v. p. 21st June, 1675, left

issue, assumed the surname and arms of ERLE

WALTER, successor to his grandDRAX, is the present possessor of CHAR

father. BOROUGH PARK, &c.

EDWARD, heir to his brother.

Michael, buried at Bishop's CanErnle of Etchilhamptoir.

nings 13th November, 1674. The Ernles of Etchilhampton and Mad

Elizabeth, m. to Thomas Stratterdington, were a branch of the ancient and

den, esq. who took the surname knightly house of the same name, so long

of Drax, and 2ndly, to John seated in the counties of Sussex and Wilts.

Colleton, esq.

By the former (See vol. iii. p. 619.)

she left a soil,

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Henry Drax, esq. of Ellerton | George I. and dying 31st Jan. 1728-9, left

Abbey, who m. Elizabeth, an only surviving daughter and heir,
only surviving daughter and

ELIZABETH ERNLE, who m. Henry Drax,
heir of Sir Edward Ernle, esq. of Ellerton Abbey in Yorkshire, and

was great grandmother of the present Mrs. II. Walter, of Conock, in Wiltshire, SAWBRIDGE ERLE-DRAX of Charborough.

high sheriff of that county in 1710;
m. Mary, sister and co-heir of An-
thony Hungerford, esq. of the Leigh, Family of Sawbridge, of Olantigh.
near Chricklade, and dying 27th
January, 1720-1, left issue,

George SAWBRIDGE, esq. of Hill Morton 1. WALTER (Sir), of Conock, who in Warwickshire, who d. 23rd August, 1637,

inherited the BARONETCY on the left by Agnes, his wife, with other issue, two
demise of his cousin, Sir Ed- sons,
ward Ernle, bart. of Madding John, (his 2nd son), of North Kilworth,
ton. Sir Walter d. s. p. 16th

in Leicestershire, ancestor of the July, 1732, aged 56.

family of SAWBRIDGE, of East HAD2. John (Sir), of Conock, bart. Don, in the county of Northampton. rector of All Cannings, Wilts,

Isaac, (his 4th son), of whose line we

have to treat.
m. Elizabeth, daughter of John
Smith, esq. of Alton, and d. 30th The younger son,
March, 1734, leaving an only ISAAC SAWBRIDGE, esq. of London, bap-
surviving daughter and heir, tized 7th March, 1627, at Hill Morton, m.
ELIZABETH, b. 30th April, Katherine Bathrom, and dying in 1679, lest

1718, who m. Gifford War- | issue,
riner, esq. and d. 17th No-

J. JACOB, his heir.
vember, 1757, leaving a son II. Isaac, d. 1680.
and successor,

III. John, d. 1685.
GIFFORD WARRINER, esq. iv. Joseph, b. 1672, who d. 7th May,

of Conock, who m. Eli 1719, leaving by Penelope, his wife,
zabeth, daughter of Ga two daughters,
briel Hutfield, esg. of

Alice, d. unmarried 1723, aged 21.
Hays, in Kent, and d.

Elizabeth, m. to Brook Taylor, esq. 30th January, 1820,

of Bifrons, in Kent, D.Č.L. (see aged 74, leaving two

vol. iji. p. 108).
Gifford Warriner.

v. James, b. 1675.

1. Mary.
of Conock Manor

JI. Anne.
House, Wilts, m. The eldest son,
Susan, 2nd dau. JACOB SAWBRIDGE, esq. M. P. for Crick-
of the Rev. John lade, in the county of Wilts, and one of the
Amyet, of South directors of the South Sea Company, in the
Brent in Devon, memorable year 1720, purchased, temp.

and has issue. Queen Anne, from the Thornhill family, the 3. Gertrude, m. to Isaac Warri- estate and seat of Olantiyh, in the county of

ner, esq. and d. 21st December, Kent. He d. 10th July, 1748, leaving issue 1709.

by Elizabeth his wife, daughter and heir of 1. Susan, baptized 24th November, John Fisher, esq. three sons and a daughter,

1665, m. at Maddington 14th Septem- viz.
ber, 1685, to William Whitaker, esq. John, his heir.
of Motcomb, in Dorsetshire.

Jacob, of Canterbury, who m. Anne,

daughter of William Broadnax, esq. Sir Walter d. 25th July, 1682, was buried and sister of Thomas Knight, esq. of at Bishop's Cannings, and s. by his grand

Godmersham Park in Kent, and had son,

issue a son, Colonel Jacob Sawbridge, SIR WALTER ERNLE, bart. of Maddington, and a daughter, Catherine, m. to who d. in minority in 1690, and was s. by Thomas Heron, esq. of Chilham Cashis brother,

tle, Kent. Sir EDWARD ERNLE, bart. of Maddington,

John-Elias, of Canterbury, d. unm. who m. (as already shewn), FRANCES, only

1789. daughter and heir of General the Rt. Hon. Catherine, m. 1739 to George MontgoThomas Erle, of Charboroagh, member of mery, esq. of Hanover Square, Lonthe privy council temp. Queen Anne and don.

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