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Michael-Cope, of Croydon, in Surrey, bapt. 29th November, 1720, m. Mary Jones, but died s. p. 3rd March, 1808, in his eighty-eighth year.

Ralph-Cope, in holy orders, prebendary of Hereford, vicar of Bishop's Frome for nearly fifty years, and rector of Moccas. He m. first, Anna-Maria Huxley, who d. s. p. 18th April, 1793, and, secondly, Mary, daughter of the Rev. Edward Poole, of Ludlow, and widow of the Rev. Benjamin Biddulph, of Burghill. He died 13th June, 1797, aged seventy-one.

DEBorAH, bapt. at Canon Frome, 19th February, 1708, m. at the same place, 1st October, 1730, John PARsons, esq. of Kemerton Court, in the county of Gloucester, son of John Parsons, esq. of Kemerton, and a descendant of Conan Parsons, who possessed the estate of Kemerton, m. 1584. By this gentleman she had an only surviving SOn, The Rev. Willi AM PARso Ns, of whom presently, as inheritor of CANoN FROMe. Elizabeth, d. unm. in July, 1767. Frances, bapt. in 1716. Mr. Hopton d. 21st February, 1764, aged eighty, was buried at Canon Frome, and s. by his grandson, Richar D-Cope Hopton, esq. of Canon Frome, bapt. at Worcester cathedral, 30th June, 1738, who served the office of highsheriff of Herefordshire, in 1787. He m. Dorothy, daughter and heir of James Nelson, esq. of London, which lady d. at Canon Frome, in January, 1817, without issue. Mr. Hopton d. himself at Bath, 13th January, 1810, and was buried at Canon Frome. By will he devised the Canon Frome estates to (the son of his aunt Deborah) his first cousin,

THE Rev. WiLLIAM PARSONs, of Kemer– ton Court, in Gloucestershire, who assumed, in consequence, by sign manual, the surname and arms of Hopto N, 21st March, 1817. He m. first, Mary, daughter of Morgan Graves, esq. of Mickleton, in the county of Gloucester, and by her, who d. in 1800, has issue, John, his heir. Charles, captain 27th Regiment of Foot, died of a wound received in Spain, buried at Stretton Grandsome, 13th September, 1813, unm. Mary-Anne. Mr. (Parsons) Hopton wedded, secondly, 25th August, 1801, Anne, daughter of James Poole, esq. of Homend, in Herefordshire, barrister-at-law, and has by her, William, in holy orders,vicar of Bishop's Frome, in Herefordshire, in the commission of the peace for that county, m. 8th September, 1830, Diana-Christian, second daughter of the Rev. Charles Shuckburgh, of the Moat, in Wiltshire, and has an only surviving child, Diana. James-Michael. Charlotte. Elizabeth. Catherine. Deborah. Mr. Hopton, retiring to his paternal estate at Kemerton, resigned in 1825 the Canon Frome property to his eldest son, and that gentleman is in consequence the present Rev. John Hopton, of Canon Frome.

Arms—Gu. between nine crosses patée fitchee or, a lion rampant of the second.

Crest—On a ducal coronet a gryphon's head, holding in his mouth a bleeding hand.

Estates—In the counties of Hereford and Worcester.

Seat—Canon Frome Court.


ASHBY, WILLIAM-ASHBY, esq. of Quenby Hall, in the county of Leicester, b. 6th February, 1775, m. 15th July, 1797, Mary, daughter of Michael Miller, esq. of

Bristol, and has issue,

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Edward-Quenby, bapt. at Hungerton.

Agnes-Eliza, bapt, at Hampstead, Middlesex. This gentleman, whose patronymic was LATHAM, assumed the surname and arms of Ashby only, on inheriting the estates of that family. He is in the commission of the peace for the counties of Leicester and Derby. '


Richard de Ashby, lord of the manors of South Croxton and Quenby, in Leicestershire, in 1297, d. in 1304, leaving by Alice, his wife, a son, William Ashby, of Quenby, whose son, another William Ashby, of Quenby, was assessed in 1346 (on the aid then granted for knighting Edward of Woodstock, the King's eldest son), three shillings and fourpence, for a twelfth part of one knight's fee. He was father of Thomas Ashby, of Quenby, living in 1442 and 1458, who m. Catharine, daughter of William Hesilrige, of Noseley, in Leicestershire, and was s. by his son, William AshBY, of Quenby, living in 1489, who d. in 1514, when it was found by inquisition that he died seized of the manor of Quenby, and of lands there, and in Houghton and Newton Burdet. He left three sons; George, who d. s. p.; William, his ultimate heir; and Robert, father of Robert, who succeeded eventually to Quenby. The second son, Willi AM Ashby, of Quenby, m. a daughter of — Curson, of Croxhall, in Derbyshire, and left an only daughter and heiress, ANNe Ashby, of Quenby, who wedded George Skevington, of Skevington, in Leicestershire, but had no issue. She d. 12th May, 1536, when it was found that she was

* Barbara's brother, Edward Ashby, esq. of Loseby, m. Mary, dau. of William Bawcle, of Somerby, and had two sons and one daughter, viz. WILLIAM, Queen Elizabeth's ambassador to JAMEs VI. d.s. p. in Scotland, in 1589. Francis, who m. the widow of — Browne, of Walcot, but d.s.p. Elizabeth, m. to Henry Naunton, esq. of Alderton Hall, in Suffolk, son of William Naunton, esq. by Elizabeth, his wife, dau. of Sir Anthony Wingfield, K.G. and had issue,

seized of the manor of Quenby, and of lands
there and at Houghton, and that her cousin,
Robert Ashby, then of the age of nine-
teen years, was her next heir. This gentle-
man united by marriage with Barbara,”
daughter of George Ashby, esq. of Loseby,
in Leicestershire, the two families of the
name. By her, who died in 1598, aged one
hundred and five, he had issue,
George, his heir.

Joyce, m. to William Pell, of Kettleby and Rolleston, in the county of Leicester, but had no issue. Dorothy, m. first to Parr Lane, and, secondly, to Robert Bradshaw, of Morebarne. Elizabeth, m. to John Ward, of Carleton Curlieu. Margery, m. to Ambrose Nedham, of Aliexton. Mr. Ashby d. 24th August, 1557, and was s. by his son, George Ashby, esq. of Quenby, who became possessed of Loseby, most probably by purchase, on the death of his cousin Thomas, in 1604, and served the office of sheriff in 1601. He m. Mary, daughter of Andrew Gedney, of Enderby, in Lincolnshire, and had issue, I. GeoRGE, his heir. 11. Henry. iii. William, fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, 1610. IV. Thomas.

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1. Elizabeth, m. to Richard Inge, esq. of Thorpe Constantine, in Staffordshire. 11. Mary, d. unmarried. iii. Sarah, d. unmarried. Iv. Anne, m. to Robert Cotton, esq. of London. v. Mabel, m. to Sir John Onebye, of Hinckley, in Leicestershire. Mr. Ashby d. 1st July, 1653, aged seventytwo, and was s. by his eldest son, George Ashby, esq. of Quenby, b. 29th July, 1629, high sheriff of the county of Leicester, 18th and 19th CHARLes II. who m. 24th June, 1652, Mary, only daughter and heiress of Euseby Shuckbrugh, esq. of Naseby, in Northamptonshire, and by her, who wedded secondly, George Hewett, esq. of Rotherby, and d. 15th April, 1721, aged ninety-three, had issue, 1. George, of Quenby, b. 16th July, 1656, M.P. for Leicestershire, in 1695 and 1707, and high sheriff in 1688-9. This gentleman, usually styled “honest George Ashby, the planter,” from his attachment to that rational and pleasing pursuit, was known to Mr. Evelyn from this circumstance,

who paid him a visit at Quenby. Nine fine cedars of Lebanon were planted by him, probably from a cone brought over or procured by his uncle, William Ashby, the Turkey merchant. These fine trees were in a flourishing condition when Mr. Shukbrugh Ashby came to the estate, but being blocked up by the other trees from sight, he laid them open to view, which they took so ill, that they all io, died, when they were very properly applied to the wainscotting of the east end of Hungerton chapel. He m. Hannah, daughter and co-heir of Edmund Waring, esq. of Umphriston, in Shropshire, and dying in 1728, left issue, 1. Richard, b. in 1686, captain in the Welsh Fusileers. 2. John, of the Lynches, near Shrewsbury, b. in 1687, who d. 20th July, 1756, leaving issue, John, of the Lynches, b. in 1722, one of the esquires to Lord Clive on his installation as a knight of the bath. He m. Jane Wingfield, relict of Anthony Kinnersley, esq. of Leighton, but d. s. p. in 1779. Edmund, m. Elizabeth, daughter of William Ash, esq. and d. in 1785, leaving two daughters, Elizabeth - Freeman, m. in 1783, to Robert Hale, esq. Hannah-Maria, m. in 1787, to John Maddock, esq. of Shrewsbury.

Hannah, m. to Charles Stamford, of Wellingborough. 3. Edmund, b. in 1690, m. in 1720, Elizabeth Judith, daughter and heir of Robert Locke, of Dinton, Wilts, and dying in 1775, leftsurviving issue, George, B. D. F. A.S. b. in 1724, president of St. John's College, Cambridge, vicar of Hungerton, and rector of Barrow.


Mary, m. to Benjamin Mather,

esq. of Wellingborough. 4. WARING, b. in 1697, who s. his father at Quenby, and was high sheriff of Leicestershire in 1733. He m. Elizabeth, daughter of Richard Cumberland, esq. of Peakirk, and sister to Dennis Cumberland, Bishop of Kilmore,

and d. in 1770, leaving a son,

George, of Hazlebeech Hall, in Northamptonshire, b. in 1725, m. Deborah, daughter of John Sparke, of Cambridge. 1. Elizabeth, m. in 1706, John Freeman, esq. of Wellingborough, in Northamptonshire, high sheriff of that county, and had two daughters, viz. Elizabeth Freeman, m. to Pudsey Jesson, esq. of Langley Hall, Warwickshire, and had a son, William Jesson, esq. and a daughter, Anne Jesson, m. to Sir Charles Holte, bart. Hannah Freeman, m. to William Ash, esq. of Paston, near Peterborough, and had four daughters, Hannah Ash, m. to William Jesson, esq. of Sutton Coldfield. Ann Ash, d. unmarried. Elizabeth Ash, m. first, to Edmund Ashby, esq. of the Lynches, and secondly, to Amelian Holbeck, esq. of Slowley Hill. Mary Ash, m. to the Rev. Richard Bisse Ryland, rector of Sutton Coldfield, and had two daus. Lydia, m. to William Bedford, esq. and Phoebe, m. to the Rev. Edmund Williamson.

2. Mary, m. to Henry Hall, of London.

3. Hannah, m. to George Cheselden, M. D.

4. Anne, m. to Robert Norton, of Leicester.

11. Shukbrugh, of whom presently. iii. Euseby, b. 15th July, 1662, fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, m. Mary, daughter of William Major, of Leicester, but dying s. p. left his estate to his nephew, Shuckbrugh. 1. Mary, m. to John Ekins, esq. of Rushden. II. Elizabeth, m. to Sir Nathan Wrighte, knt. of Barwell, the lord keeper. iii. Dorothy, d. in 1681, unmarried. Iv. Lucy, d. young. v. Margaret, m. to William Boothby, esq. of Marston, in Leicestershire. Mr. Ashby d. 29th May, 1672, and was buried at Hungerton. His second son, ShUKBRUGH Ashby, esq. b. 10th April,

1660, m. Mary, daughter of Nele Hewet, esq. of Dunton Basset, in Leicestershire, and by her, who d. 30th November, 1743, left at his decease, 4th May, 1750, aged ninety, a son and successor, SH UKBRUGH AsHBY, esq. b. 14th September, 1690, who m. Mary, daughter and heir of Nathaniel Cradock, esq. of Cossington, in Leicestershire, by Mary, his wife, daughter of Thomas Saunders, esq. of Sibbertoft, in North Hants, and had issue, 1. SHUKBRUGH, his heir. 11. Nathaniel, b. 9th December, 1730. 111. George, d. 7th August, 1760, at Cambridge, aged twenty-two, s. p. 1. Mary, m. to the Rev. William Brecknock Wragge, vicar of Frisby. 11. Dorothy, m. to the Rev. Thomas Myddleton, vicar of Melton Mowbray. Mr. Ashby d. 14th January, 1752, and was s. by his eldest son, ShUKBRUGH Ashby, esq. F.R.S. b. 6th October, 1724, M. P. for Leicester, who served as high sheriff of the county in 1758, and in the following year purchased from his kinsman the ancient family estate of QUENB.Y. He m. Elizabeth, daughter and heir of Richard Hinde, esq. of Cold Ashby, in Northamptonshire, and by her, who died 8th November, 1795, had two daughters, MARY-Elizabeth, m. to William Latham, F.R.S. and F.S.A. of Eltham. DoRoth EA, m. to Sir Thomas Hussey Apreece, bart. Mr. Ashby, d. 27th January, 1792. His elder daughter, MARY-Elizabeth Ash BY, b. in 1747, m. as stated above, in 1770, William Latham, esq. of Eltham, F.R.S. and F.S.A. and by him, who d. about 1805, and was buried at Hungerton, had issue, Willia M-Ashby LATHAM, his heir.

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FITZGERALD, JOHN-FRAUNCEIS, itnight of Glyn, of Glyn Castle, in the county

of Limerick, b. 28th June, 1791, baptized at Taunton, in Somersetshire, 6th July, 1791, m. at Reading, Berkshire, 28th July, 1812, Bridget, fifth daughter of the Rev. Joseph Eyre, of Westerham, in Kent, and has issue,

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for the county of Limerick, for which he served the office

of sheriff in 1830.

He is also master of arts of the univer

sities of Cambridge and Dublin.

Otho, or Other, a rich and powerful lord in the time of King Alfred, descended from the dukes of Tuscany, a baron of England, according to Sir William Dugdale, in the 16th of King Edward the Confessor, was father of WAlter Fitz-Otho, or Fitz-Other, who, at the general survey of the kingdom in 1078, was castellan of Windsor, and was appointed by Willi AM the Conqueror warden of the forests in Berkshire, and having m. Gladys, daughter of Ryall ap Conyn, had issue, 1. GERAld, or Gerard Fitz-Walter, of whom presently. 11. Robert, Baron of Easton, or Estaines, in Essex. iii. William, ancestor of the Lords Windsor and Earls of Plymouth. Gerald, or GERARD Fitz-WAlter, the eldest son having m. Nesta, daughter of Rees, son of Theadore the Great, Prince of South Wales, had issue, I. MAUR1ce Fitz-GERALD, of whom presently. II. William Fitz-Gerald, of the castle of Kerrin, in Carmarthenshire, who died in 1173, leaving issue, 1. Odo, ancestor of the Carews. 2. RAY Mond-CRAPUs, went to Ireland, and had a principal share in the conquest of that kingdom, ancestor of the Graces, Baronets, and the Fitzmaurices, Earls of Kerry. 3. Willi AM, ancestor of the Gerards of Brynn, Lancashire,

Lords Gerards of Ince, Earls of Macclesfield, &c. III. David, Bishop of St. David's, in 1148, d. 1176. MAURice Fitz-GERALD, the eldest son, one of the first invaders of Ireland in 1168, d. 1st September, 1177, and lies buried in the friary of the Grey Friars, at Wexford, leaving issue, 1. GERALD FitzMAURice Fitz-GerAld, justice of Ireland, built the castle of Sligo, and d. in 1205; ancestor to the DUkes of LEINSTER. II. THOMAS. The second son, Thomas FitzMAURice Fitz-GERALD, m. Ellinor, daughter of Jordan de Marisco, and sister to Hervé de Monte Marisco, constable of Ireland, and of Geoffrey de Marisco, lord justice of Ireland in the reign of King John. He d. in 1207, and was s. by his son, John Fitz-Thomas Fitz-GerAld, Lord of Decies and Desmond, jure uxoris primae. These lands were confirmed to him as amply as they were held by Thomas Fitz-Anthony, his father-in-law, 44th HENRY III. He m. first, Margery, daughter and sole heir of Sir Thomas Fitz-Anthony, Lord of Decies and Desmond, and had issue, MAURice Fitz-Jo HN Fitz-GERALD, grandfather to the first Earl of Desmond. He m. secondly, Honora, daughter of Hugh O'Connor, of Kerry, and had by her, 1. Gilbert Fitz-John, ancestor to the White Knight.

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