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ST. ALBYN, OF ALFOXTON. ST. ALBYN, LANGLEY, esq. of Alfoxton, in the county of Somerset, M.A. of Bal

liol College, Oxford, b. 13th August, 1785, m. 10th Feb-
ruary, 1810, Frances, only surviving daughter of the Rev.
Lawrence Heard Luxton, B. A. of Ash Priors, in the same
county, by Frances, his wife, only daughter of Thomas
Cridland, esq. of Weacombe, in the same county, and widow
of Robert Blake, esq. of Ash Priors, and has issue,

LANCELOT, b. 8th April, 1811.
Henry, b. 20th December, 1819.

This gentleman, whose patronymic is GRAVENOR, succeeded
to the estates, in Somerset and Devon, of his paternal great
uncle, the Rev. Lancelot St. Albyn, M. A. (who died 22nd
January, 1791,) on coming of age, 13th August, 1806, and
on the 19th of the same month, in compliance with the will
of the said Lancelot St. Albyn, assumed, by royal license,

the surname and arms of St. Albyn only. Mr. St. Albyn is a magistrate and deputy-lieutenant for the county of Somerset, and was for some years' a captain in the West Somerset Local Militia, on the first enrollment of that force, commanded by Thomas Buckler Lethbridge, esq.

Lineage. The St. ALBYNS deduce their origin from George St. ALBYN, of Alfoxton, who m. Saint Albine in Normandy, and having fol- Margaret, daughter of John Acland, esq. of lowed William the Conqueror into England, Acland, in the county of Devon, and to him were for many centuries settled in the

north s. the elder of his three sons, viz. of Devon, possessed of considerable estates John St. ALBYN, of Alfoxton, who m. in the several parishes of George Ham, Alice, daughter of John Lyte, esq. of Lyte's Berynarber, and Paracombe.

Cary, in the county of Somerset. From At Pickwell, an ancient seat of the family, this marriage was an issue of nine sons and in the parish of George Ham, are to be seen eight daughters; of which sons, the third, the horse-lance and quoit of Maugre St. LANCELOT St. Albyn, inherited Alfoxton, Albyn, and in the church of that place is and m. Elizabeth, sister of Sir Nicholas his effigy, in a recumbent position, on his Halswell, knt. of Halswell, in the county of tomb.

Somerset. This union produced seven sons In 1439, John St. Albyn, esq. of Para- and five daughters: the eldest son, combe, married Joan, daughter and heir of John Sr. ALBYN, of Alfoxton, m. MarRichard Popham, esq. of Alfoxton, in the garet, daughter of John Dodington, esq. of county of Somerset, and widow of John Sy- Dodington, in the county of Somerset, and denham, esq. of Badialton, in the same had four sons and four daughters: the eldest county. This lady, having survived both son, her husbands, gave Orchard (now Orchard John St. ALBYN, succeeded to the estates, Wyndham), and the lands she had from her but d. without issue; and the second son, mother, to her son by Sydenham, and Al- Christopher St. Albyn, never having marfoxton, and the lands she had from her ried, the family succession was maintained father, to her son by St. Albyn; which by the third son, latter

LANCELOT St. Albyn, of Perry, in the John St. AlBYN, of Alfoxton, m. Eliza- parish of East Quantockshead, who m. Elibeth, daughter and co-heir of John Trevitt, zabeth, daughter of John St. Albyn, esq. of esq. of Chilton Trevitt, in the county of So- Nether Stowey, in the county of Somerset, merset, and by her was father of two sons, and by her he had two daughters, and an the elder of whom,

only son, John St. ALBYN, of Alfoxton, m. Cicely, John St. Albyn, of Holford, who m. daughter of John Emmerford or Hyndford, Amy, daughter of Francis Bawden, esq. of esq. of Coker, in the county of Dorset, by Stogursey, in the county of Somerset, by whom he had five sons and six daughters. whom he had four sons and four daughters : The eldest son was

the eldest son,

John St. Albyn, inherited Alfoxton and dying however without issue, and being the the other estates belonging to his great uncle, last of his family in the male line, he bebut dying without issue, the family line was queathed his estates on the death of his wife, continued by his next brother,

which took place 1st July, 1803, to the elder LANCELOT ST. ALBYN, of Nether Stowey, son, when he should attain the age of twentywho wedded Joan, daughter and heir of one years, of his nephew, William Collard, esq. of Dodington, in the ST. ALBYN GRAVENOR, who was the elder county of Somerset, and had two sons and son of his eldest sister, Elizabeth St. Albyn, three daughters, viz.

who had m. William Gravenor, merchant, John, his heir.

of Bristol. St. Albyn Gravenor m. Mary, Lancelot.

the only surviving daughter of Joseph LangElizabeth, m. to William GRAVENOR, , ley, esq. of Great Farringdon, in the county merchant at Bristol.

of Berks, of which marriage, Ann.

Langley (now LANGLEY St. AlBYN) is Jane.

the only surviving son, and as such became The elder son,

entitled, on the 13th August, 1806, to the John St. ALBYN, on the death of his estates of his late paternal great uncle, the uncle, s. to Alfoxton, and m. Ann, daughter Rev. Lancelot St. Albyn, and from that of Nathaniel Poole, esq. of Dulverton, in time he has been the representative of the the county of Somerset ; but dying without ancient family at Alfoxton. issue, 10th November, 1768, aged fifty-two, bequeathed his estates to his wife, who, with Arms-Erm. on a bend sa. three bezants. a feeling as honourable as just, gave them Crest-A wolf, sejant, erm. collar, ring by her will to the brother of her deceased and line reflexed over the back or. husband,

Motto-Deus meus Dux meus. The Rev. Lancelot St. ALBYN, who m. Estates—In the counties of Somerset and Anna-Maria, daughter of Henry Selleck, Devon. esq. of Walford, in the county of Somerset; Seat-Alfoxton.


HOOD-JACOMB, ROBERT, esq. of Bardon Park, in the county of Leicester, b. 8th July, 1794, m. 29th March, 1821, Susan, daughter of John Kemp, esq. of Broom Hills, Essex, and has issue,

Robert, b. 25th January, 1822.
John-Kemp, b. 3rd February, 1823.
George-Frederick, b. 19th May, 1831.

Emma. This gentleman, whose patronymic is JACOMB, inherited Bardon Park in 1833, at the decease of William Hood, esq. and assumed, by that gentleman's desire, the additional surname and arms of HOOD.


In 1569 Bardon Park was granted by Queen Elizabeth to Sir Henry Hastings, knt. and Henry Cutler, gent. from whom it was alienated to the fam of Hood, originally settled at Wilford, near Nottingham.

Thomas Hood, esq. of Bardon Park, son of John Hode, of the same place, by Elizabeth, his wife, married in 1574, and had


Richard, who m. in 1602, Jane, daugh

ter of Thomas Knightley, esq. of Preston Capes, in Northamptonshire, and had three sons, Thomas, Henry,

and George. THOMAS, of whom presently. John, living in 1668, married Bridget,

Suell, esq.

daughter of George Lyttleton, esq.of

Daniel, captain of marines, d. Holbeach, in Staffordshire, tbird son

unm. in 1807. of Sir John Lyttleton, knt. the great

Charles. grandson of Sir Thomas Lyttleton,

John, married and had issue. the judge, and had a daughter, Mar

Mary, d. unm. garet.

Elizabeth, Samuel Howse, Paul, D. D. born at Bardon Park in

esg. of Bath, and d. s. p. in 1586, entered at Lincoln College,

1787. Oxford, in 1602, rector thereof in

Sarah, who m. the Rev. Ro1620, vice-chancellor in 1661, d. in

bert Jacomb, of Laurence 1668, aged eighty-two, leaving by

Pountney Hill, London, and Dorcas, his wife, a son and daugh

d. s. p. in 1791. Mr. Jater,

comb's son, by his second Job, of St. Martin's Ludgate, Lon

wife, Elizabeth, daughter of don, died intestate about the year

William Hillhouse, esq. of 1676.

Elizabeth, m. to the Rev. John


herited Bardon Park, Parkes, rector of Clagdon, Northamptonshire.

and having assumed the Judith, who married (without her fa

surname of Hood, is the ther's consent) - Siston, and had

present Mr. Hood, of

Bardon. issue. Anne, m. to James Boyle, esq. and had Mr. Hood d. 19th January, 1714-15, and

Mary, d. unm. in 1707. issue. Catherine, m. to — Jones, esq. and had

was s. by his son, issue.

John Hood, esq. of Bardon Park, who Thomas Hood died about the year 1623, and m. Cecilia, sister and co-heir of William was buried in Markfield Church. His second her, who died 18th October, 1799, in her

of Clapham, in Surrey, and by son, Thomas Hood, esq. married in 1625,

eightieth year, had

William, his heir.
Anne Handley, widow, daughter of Thomas
Charlton, esq. of Sandiacre, in Derbyshire,

John, died unmarried, 3rd February, and sister of Nicholas Charlton, esq. of

1792, aged thirty-seven. Chilwell, Notts, by whom he left at his de

Edmund, who died unmarried, 16th cease (with two daughters, Elizabeth, who

February, 1832, in his seventyd. in 1715, and Frances, m. to Philip Prime, esq. of Normanton,) a son and successor,

Mary, died unmarried in 1758.

Mr. Hood d. 25th August, 1756, and was s. Thomas Hood, esq. of Bardon Park, who by bis eldest son, m. first, Anne, eldest sister of John Stratford, esq. of Horston, in Warwickshire; in 1744, barrister-at-law, and, at the period

WILLIAM Hood, esq. of Bardon Park, b. and secondly, a lady named Eleanor. By of his decease, senior bencher of the Inner the latter he left an only daughter, Eliza- Temple. He m. in 1782, Mary, daughter beth, m. to William Willington, esq. of Not- of Charles Buxton, esq. of Braxted, in Estingham ; and by the former, with two daughters, Penelope, and Anne, the wife of 1833, devised his estates to (his mother's

sex, but dying without issue, 16th May, - Foxcroft, a son, John Hood, esq. of Bardon Park, who grandnephew) his cousin, Robert JACOMB,

who has assumed the surname and arms m. about 1704, Mary, daughter of William of Hood, and is the present ROBERT-JACOMB Coape, esq. of Farnoe, in Derby, and had Hood, esq. of Bardon Park. one son and two daughters, viz. John, his heir.

Families of Snell and Jacomb. Elizabeth, who was killed by the fall

of a chimney at her house in Bath, NATHANIEL Fiennes, younger brother of occasioned by the high wind 14th James, second Viscount Say and Sele, comMarch, 1757, called “ Byng's wind," missioner of the great seal in the time of from the circumstance of its prevail- OLIVER CROMWELL, m. first, Elizabeth, ing at Spithead on that day, when daughter of Sir John Elliot, of Port Elliot, Admiral Byng was shot.

in Cornwall, and had a son, William, third Daniel Danvers, esq. of Liverpool, Viscount Say and Sele ; and secondly, and had a son,

Frances, daughter of Richard Whitehead,
DANIEL DANVERS, of Bath, who m. esq. of Siderley, in Hants, by whom he left

Mary, daughter and heir of Mat a daughter,
thias King, esq. of Hackney,

MARY FIENNES, who became heiress to and dying 19th October, 1779, her father at the decease of her nephew, aged forty-eight, left issue, Nathaniel, fourth Viscount Say and Sele.

seventh year.

She m.

She wedded, in 1684, Sir Edmund Harrison, Pountney Hill, and dying 10th Deknt., of Laurence Pountney Hill, in the city cember, 1784, left issue, of London, and died in 1731, aged seventy

The Rev. Robert JACOMB, of seven, leaving issue,

Wellingborough, in NorthampFiennes Harrison, d. unm.

tonshire, who m. first, Sarah, Mary Harrison, m. to Samuel Read,

daughter of Daniel Danvers, esq. esq. of Hackney, in Middlesex.

but by that lady had no issue, Cecilia HARRISON, of whom presently.

and secondly, in 1793, Elizabeth, Sarah Harrison, m. to Joel Watson,

dau.of William Hilhouse, esq. of esq. of Clapham, in Surrey.

Clifton, by whom, who died at Jane Harrison, m. to Matthias King,

Bath, 13th October, 1806, he bad esq. of Hackney, in Middlesex.

ROBERT JACOMB, who assumed The second daughter and co-heir,

the surname of Hoop. Cecilia Harrison, m. William Snell,

Thomas Jacomb, who m. Janet, esq. of Laurence Pountney Hill, and of Wal

fourth dau. of Nathaniel thamstow, and by him, who d. 4th July,

Pierce, esq. of Wellingbro' 1759, aged sixty-seven, had issue,

in Northamptonshire, and William Snell, of Clapham, many

has three sons and one dau. years a director of the East India


Company, and afterwards of the

Bank of England ; m. Elizabeth,

daughter of Benjamin Bond, esq. of

London, and relict of Joseph Brooks-
bank, esq,of Healaugh Manor, York-

Cecilia-Lucy Jacomb, m. to Wilshire, but d. without issue, 16th Ja

liam-Wilkin Wilkin, esq. of Cosnuary, 1789, aged sixty-nine.

tessy, in Norfolk, and had issue. Cecilia Snell, co-heir to her brother,

Arms—Az. a fret arg. on

a chief sa.
m. John Hood, esq. of Bardon Park, three crescents or; quartering Snell, HAR-
and died in 1790, leaving, with other
issue, a son,

RISON, Fiennes, &c. &c.
WILLIAM Hood, esq. of Bardon

Crest- A demi-talbot, collared and lined.

Motto-Manners maketh man.
MARY Snell, co-heir to her brother, m.

Estates-In Leicestershire.
William Jacomb esq. of Laurence Seat-Bardon Park, Leicestershire.


SPENS, ARCHIBALD, esq. of Manor House, Inveresk, North Britain, lieutenant

colonel in the Hon. East India Company's service, b. 22nd June, 1765, m. 7th December, 1797, Charlotte, second daughter of Arundel Phillip, esq. of Exeter, and has had issue,

ARCHIBALD, in the East India Company's civil service,

Bombay establishment, b. 17th August, 1809, m. 18th
November, 1829, Harriet-Ochterloney, eldest daughter
of Colonel Thomas Valiant, of the 48th regiment, and

Archibald-Lockhart, b. 28th February, 1834.
Arundel-Thomas, b. 16th May, 1835.

Thomas, an officer in the East India Company's service,

b. in 1810, and d. in January, 1832.
Arundel, b. 19th January, 1813, d. in April, 1820.
Mary, d. in infancy.
Margaret- Hope, } d. young.

Lieutenant-Colonel Spens succeeded to the representation of the ancient family of
Spens of Lathallan on the demise of his brother in 1800.


Lineage. The family of Spens is of very high anti- of the liberties of his country, at the disasquity in Scotland, and in the opinion of some trous battle of Duplin. Thomas de Spens authors, descended from a younger son of died shortly after, and was succeeded by his the Earl of Fife, as it had been in the use of son, carrying in its armorial bearings the lion WILLIAM DE SPENS, who is mentioned in rampant of the great Macduff, which denotes an authentic writ in favour of his son, heredescent from that illustrious house.

after narrated. He left issue, two sons, There were many considerable free barons WILLIAM, his heir. of the name of Spens, who made a good Walter de Spens, who is witness in a figure both at home and abroad, several cen

will of the Bishop of Aberdeen, togeturies ago, but that of Lathallan is docu

ther with Robert, Earl of Fife and mented for three or four generations before Monteath, anno 1382, but we any of the others existed.

give no account of his posterity. The Spenses of Kilspindy, who are un William died in the end of the reign of doubtedly descended of Lathallan, made a David Bruce, and was succeeded by his considerable figure in the reigns of Kings eldest son, James I. and II. but are now extinct.

WILLIAM DE Spens, who was proprietor of The Spenses of Bodham, in Aberdeen- the lands and barony of Lathallan, in Fifeshire, which still exist, have been free shire, and several others, of which the Earls barons ever-since the time of James III. and of Fife were superiors, till the forfeiture of several other Spenses in the same county; Murdock, Duke of Albany and Earl of Fife, also the Spenses of Berryhole, in Fife, &c. in 1425, after which this family held these &c. are all descended of Lathallan, which lands of the crown, and Lathallan hath been their armorial bearing testifies.

their chief seat and title ever since the reign The family of Wolmerston, another great of ROBERT II. He married Isabel, daughbranch of the name of Spens, produced ter and heiress of Duncan Campbell, of many worthy patriots, who did honour to Glen-Douglas, Tarbit, &c. in Dumbartontheir country, both in the cabinet and in the shire. This is instructed by a precept for field, and had also the lion rampant in their infefting “William de Spens (therein dearmorial bearings.

signed son of William) and Isabel CampCount de Spens, who ranked amongst the bell, his spouse, in the lands of Athaland, first of the Swedish nobility, and was gene- Kittedie, and Craig-Sanguhar, in the county ralissimo of their forces, descended from the of Fife, also the lands of Glen-Douglas, &c. house of Wolmerston, but that branch of the in Dumbartonshire, and some tenements in family is now entirely extinct in Scotland. and about the town of Perth, &c.” The pre

The immediate ancestor of the family of cept is dated the 5th, and the sasine followLathallan,

ing thereon, the 16th May, 1385. HenRY DE Spens, who ned in the In consequence of this marriage the family reign of King ALEXANDER III. was compelled of Lathallan, with several of their cadets, with most of the nobility and gentry of Scot- added to their arms girony of eight, the paland, to submit to King EDWARD III. in ternal coat of the family of Argyll. 1296. Contemporary with this Henry lived We shall only further observe that many Nicol de Spens, who was also forced to descendants of this family have carried loswear fealty to King EDWARD, when he had zenges or mascles, as well as the lion, in overrun Scotland in the same year, 1296. their armorial bearings. What connexion Henry and Nicol had with This William entered into an indenture one another does not appear. Henry died with Duncan, Earl of Lennox, and with the soon after the year 1300, and was succeeded consent of the said Isabel Campbell, his by his son,

spouse, lets to the said earl for his lifetime, THOMAS DE SPENS, who in the reign of allenarly, part of the lands of Glen-DougRobert Bruce, is mentioned in a charter of las, Tarbit, &c. for six merks yearly of lackdonation to the monastery of Soltray, toge- duty, &c. This curious deed is dated at ther with Sir Robert Keith, great marishall Strealing, the 25th of July, 1392, to which of Scotland, Sir Richard Keith, his brother, Robert, Earl of Fife and Monteith, Sir Paand John Keith, his son, &c. &c. This trick de Graham, Sir Walter Buchanan, charter has no date, but appears to have been Duncan Campbell, &c. &c. are witnesses. granted about the year 1320. He is witness William de Spens afterwards got a charin another charter to the same monastery, ter from the Earl of Fife, which was ratified with the said Sir Robert Keith, &c. This and confirmed in plerio parliamento, by a charter also wants a date, but must have charter under the great seal from King been in or before 1332, in which year Sir JAMES I. Willielmo Špens et Isabella CampRobert Keith lost his life fighting in defence bell ejus sponsa, terrarum de Lathallan,

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