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9. CHALBONS, gules, two bars and an orle Motto-Bear up. of martlets arg.

Estates—The manors of Fulford, DunsCrestA bear's head erased sable, muffled ford, Melhuish, Hackworthy, Eggbean, situ

ated in the parishes of Dunsford, Cheriton Supporters—Two Saracens ppr. wreathed Bishop, and Tedbourne St. Mary. about the head and loins.

Seat-Great Fulford.


PHILLIPPS, OF EATON BISHOP. PHILLIPPS, JOHN, esq. of Eaton Bishop, in the county of Hereford, b. 26th Sep

tember, and baptized at Eaton 19th October, 1795, m. 7th
May, 1818, his first cousin, Harriet, second daughter of
James Phillipps, esq. of. Bryngwyn, and has issue,

John, b. 18th October, 1820.
Thomas-Henry, b. 13th March, 1826.
Charles-James, b. 18th October, 1829.
Robert, b. 7th March, 1831.
Richard, b. 5th June, 1832.
Owen, b. 28th April, 1834.

Mr. Phillipps s. his father 20th November, 1812. He is
a justice of the peace for the county, and an alderman for
the city of Hereford.

Lineage. The constant tradition of this family has | Kilgainvin, in that parish, were disposed of been that they descend from a younger in 1753, by Thomas Phillipps, esq. The branch of the Picton House, but after much first settler in Herefordshire, laborious investigation, nothing has been Owen PHILLIPPS, of the city of Hereford, ascertained capable of throwing any light younger brother of John Phillipps, of Kilon the point in question. That they are of gainvin, in the parish of Disserth, RadnorWelsh origin is however certain, it having shire, held lands in Disserth, about the year been proved by family evidences still in 1595. He m. Joane — (whose will, dated existence, that they were possessed of 19th April, 1639, was proved 16th July, lands in the parish of Disserth, in Radnor- | 1641) and had, with other issue,* a son, shire about the middle of the reign of Eli WILLIAM PHILLIPPS, of Madley, in the ZABETH, whence, later in the same reign, county of Hereford, and afterwards of they removed into Herefordshire, still re- Huntington, in the parish of Holmer, in the taining possession of the Radnorshire pro same shire, who settles Kilgainvin on his perty till the middle of the last century, marriage in 1631. He m. in that year, when the estates called Upper and Lower Anne, daughter of Henry Melling,+ mayor


The eldest son, Walter Phillipps, baptized at

CHARLES R. St. Peters, 14th November, 1595, m. Margerie Trusty and wel-beloved, we greet you well. and was living in 1639, having then one son and Whereas all our subjects of the kingdome of Engfive daughters.

land and dominion of Wales, are both by their + Mr. Melling was a royalist, and one of the allegiance and the act of pacification, bound to recontributors to the distresses of the king when at sist and suppresse all such of our subjects of ScotOxford in 1644, at the period of the invasion of land, as have in a hostile manner already entred, the Scots, as appears from the subjoined document or shall hereafter enter into this kingdome. And in the possession of Mr. Phillipps, of Longworth. by lawe your personal service, attended in a warIt is curious, as containing the king's sign manual, like manner for the resistance of the invasion, may as well as the autograph of the lord keeper (Lyt- be required by us, which we desire to spare, chutleton) and Sir Henry Lingen, then high sheriff, sing rather to invite your assistance for the mainand one of the principal sufferers in the royal tenance of our army in a free and voluntary ercause in the county of Hereford. The following is pression of your affections to our service and the copy of the original docume

safety of this kingdome. And whereas the mem

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of Hereford, in 16:38, and by her, whose ford, and afterwards of Huntington, and will, dated 6th September, 1694, was proved Kilgainvin, baptized at St. Peter's, 26th 6th April, 1703, had issue,

April, 1636. This gentleman m. 26th NoJAMES, his heir.

vember, 1674, Mary, daughter of Anthony John, of St. Peter's, d. s. p. 13th July, Smyth, of Huntless, in the parish of Much

1721, and was buried in the cloisters Marcle, Herefordshire, and by her, who d. of Hereford cathedral.

17th June, 1699, had issue,
William, of St. Peter's, d. s. p. 24th JAMES, his heir.
December, 1698.

William, of Hereford, b.5th July, 1680,
Edmond, baptized at St. Peter's, 13th living 1st September, 1705.
March, 1640.

John, also of Hereford, 24th June, William Phillipps was mayor of Hereford 1682, d. in 1760. in 1646, and compounded for his estate at Owen, b. 6th July, 1684, and d. in Madley in 1650, at €68.+ He d. 26th May, 1725, leaving, by Anne, his wife, 1666, and was buried in the cloisters of

four sons. Hereford cathedral. His will, dated 15th Anne, m. (articles dated 29th of SepMay, was proved 29th June, 1666. He was tember, 1705) Benjamin Phillips, s. by bis eldest son,

mayor of Hereford in 1703, and had James PHILLIPPs, esq. of the city of Here two sons and one daughter.

bers of both houses of parliament assembled at not faile to expresse your affection herein, we bid Oxford, have taken into their consideration the you farewell. Given at our court at Oxford, the necessity of supporting our army, for the defence 14th day of February, in the nineteenth year of of us and our people against this invasion, and for our raigne, 1640. the preservation of the religion, lawes, and liber

By the advice of the members ties of this kingdome, and thereupon have agreed

of both houses assembled at upon the speedy raising of the summe of one hun

Oxford. dred thousand pounds by loane from particular Septimo die Octobris, 1644. persons, towards the which themselves have ad- Received then the some vanced a very considerable proportion, and by of twenty pounds in their examples hope, that our well-affected sub plate, in full satis

Ld. Littleton, Cs. jects throughout the kingdome will in a short time faccion of the mony make up the remainder, whereby we shall not only mencioned in this let.

£. be enabled to pay and recruite our army, but like

tre for his majesties, xx. wise be enabled to put our armies in such a con say received the dition, as our subjects shall not suffer by free said some of quarter or the unrulinesse of our soldiers, which is

by me, now in present agitation, and will, (we no way

Hen. Lingen, Vic. doubt, by the advice of the members of hoth houses Hereford. assembled) be speedily effected. We doe towards To Henry Melwyn, of so good a worke, by the approbation and advice of the citty of Hereford. the said members of both houses here assembled,

Addressed, desire you forthwith to lend us the summe of To our trusty and well-beloved twenty pounds, or the value thereof in plate, toucht

Henry Melwyn, of our citty plate at five shillings, untoucht plate at foure

of Hereford. shillings foure pence per ounce, and to pay or de

(Seal gone.) liver the same within seven daies after the receipt hereof, to the hands of the high-sheriffe of that our

+ The release, copied from the original papers, county, or to such whom he shall appoint to re

is as follows: ceive the same, (upon his acquittances for the By the committee for compounding, &c. receipt thereof) who is forthwithe to returne and

Vicessimo septimo die May, 1650. pay the same at Corpus Christi Colledge in Oxford, Westminster,. to the hands of the Earle of Bath, the Lord Sey Whereas by an act of Parliament of the 15th of mour, Mr. John Ashburnham, and Mr. John Fet- April last, this committee, or any four of them, tiplace, or any of them, who are appointed treasu are authorized to putt in execucion all and every rers for the receiving and issuing thereof by the the powers and authorities heretofore given, and said members (by whose order only the said money

now in force unto the late committee for comis to be disposed) and to give receipts for the pounding. And whereas by an act of parliament same, the which we promise to repay as soone as of the nynth of Aprill, 1649, the said committee God shall enable us ; this summe being to be ad were authorized to discharge the estates of any vanced with speed, we are necessitated to apply such delinquent, who having had fines sett upon our selves to such persons as your selfe, of whose them, shall satisfie the whole sumes soe imposed, ability and affection we have confidence, giving which discharge is by the said act declared to you this assurance, that in such further charges, bee effectuall. And whereas William Phillipps, that the necessity of our just defence shall inforce of Mudley, in the county of Hereford, gentleman, is to require of our good subjects, your forward. hath accordingly satisied the whole fine which nesse and disbursements shall be considered to

was imposed on him, and hath applyed hin selse to your best advantage, and so presuming you will this committee for a full discharge thereupon. It

Mary, b. 7th May, 1691, m. at Hunting JAMES PHILLIPPS, esq. of Huntington and

ton, 4th November, 1714, to Henry Dissert, b. 27th November, 1677, who m. Caldecott, of Holmer, whose son, (settlement before marriage dated 20th DeJohn Caldecott, m. the sister of Sir cember, 1699) Mary, daughter of Thomas James Hereford, and was ancestor of Alderne, of Norton Canon, in Herefordshire, the present family of Hereford, of and by her, who was living in 1753, as apSupton, (see vol. i. p. 88.)

pears by the agreement for selling Dissert, Mr. Phillipps, who was living in December, had three sons, James, of Trinity College, 1690, but dead before September, 1705, was Oxford, b. 27th January, 1702, d. o. p. s. p. s. by his eldest son,

before 1737 ; William, d. an infant; and

Thomas, heir to his father. Mr. Phillipps is therefore ordered that the said William Phillipps June in that year, and s. by his son,

d. in 1744, was buried at Huntington, 19th his estates, according to the particular and value thereof formerly returned from this committee,

Thomas PHILLIPPS, esq. of Huntington with his letters of suspencion, shall bee from hence and Lower Eaton, in the parish of Eaton forth cleerly freed and discharged from sequestra- Bishop, Herefordshire, barrister-at-law, b. cion, with an excepcion to the right or estate of 16th April, 1707. This gentleman, who was the said William Phillipps, in or all advowsons, of Trinity College, Oxford, and entered of presentacions, and right of patronage to any church the Middle Temple, 29th April, 1724, was or chappell; and the said William Phillipps per- appointed deputy Steward of the city of mitted to dispose of it, or any part thereof, as Hereford in 1753, and for many years acted freely and fully as att any tyme before the seques as chairman of the quarter sessions. He m. tracion hee might or would have done; and that first, (settlement dated 5th July, 1737) Lucy, hee bee not further troubled, molested, or pro- daughter and co-heir of Edward Strong, esq. ceeded against in the way of sequestracion, for

of the Hide, in Abbott's Langley, Herts, any thing said or done in relacion to the first warr against the parliament, unlesse the said William and afterwards of Greenwich, Kent, by Phillipps have been since engaged in the latter whom he had three daughters, viz. warr, and have incurred a re-sequestracion by any

Susanna, d. in infancy, 1738. such act or engagement. And hereof all commis Lucy, d. unmarried 4th March, 1753, sioners for sequestracions, and other officers what

buried at Greenwich. soever, are to take notice and observe the same, Mary, heir to her mother, b. in 1740, and yield obedience hereunto, notwithstanding the m. in 1768, to Powell Snell, esq. of said William Phillipps shall not produce a pardon Guiting Grange, in Gloucestershire, in forme, or any particular ordinance or act for his

but d. s. p. Ist August, 1812. discharge, as they will answer the contrary at their Mr. Phillipps m. secondly, 5th July, 1743, perills.

Sam. Moyer. To the committee for sequestracions

Sarah, only daughter and heir of Robert

Ravenhill, of Eaton Bishop, and by that lady, in the county of Hereford, and all others whom it may concern.

who d. 17th September, 1789, had issue, Jo. Berners.

1. THOMAS, b. 24th October, 1745, enWillm. Molins.

tered of the Middle Temple 11th Hr. Squibb.

February, 1760, d. at Vernon in Nor

mandy, during his father's lifetime, From another paper also in my possession.

unmarried. By the committee for sequestracions II. John, heir to his father. for the citty and county of Here ul. ROBERT, (see PHILLIPPS, of Longford aforesaid, the 2nd of July, WORTH.) 1650.

iv. James, (see PHILLIPPS, of BRYNHerefordshire.

GWYN.) Whereas William Phillipps, of Madley, in the county afforesaid, gentleman, hath produced an

1. Sarah, b. 7th October, 1744, m. at order from the commissioners for compounding,

All Saints, Hereford, 3rd February, &c. dated vicessimo septimo die Maii, 1650,

1767, to James Walwyn, esq. of whereby it appeares that his estate, according to a

Longworth, M. P. for Hereford, and particuler and value formerly retorned, with his sheriff of Herefordshire in 1784, (see letters of suspencion, is discharged, which order

vol. iii.) wee have perused and recorded, and do observe 11. Eleanor, b. 12th July, 1750, m, at the same, and in obedience thereunto wee do here

Eaton Bishop, 25th August, 1785, to by require all offisers belonging to us whatsover, to John Evans, esq. of the Byletts, capforbeare further demandinge any of the rents or tain in the Hereford Militia, and d. payments due or payable out of the estate afore

1788. said, or any way to molest or trouble the said William Phillipps, or his undertenants, receavinge

lii. Frances, b. 30th December, 1752, and enjoyinge the rents and profits thereof, or doe

m. at Eaton Bishop, 28th September, any thinge whatsoever without speciall order given,

1774, to the Rev. Reginald Wynniatt, to molest or trouble the said William Phillipps or

of Stanton and Dymock, in Glouceshis undertenants. Math. Barrow.

shire, rector of the former place. Walter Merick.

She d. 10th December, 1831.

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iv. Lucy, b. 7th May, 1754, d. unm. at Birch, in Herefordshire, b. 16th AuBath, 7th March, 1810.

gust, 1801. v. Anne, b. 19th July, 1755, m. first, iv. Henry, b. in January, 1806, captain

at Eaton Bishop, 29th July, 1785, to third Light Dragoons.
Frances-William-Thomas Brydges,

Robert, b. 6th August, 1807, lieute-
esq. of Tiberton, high sheriff in 1782, nant R.N.
and by him, who d. 30th November, 1. Anne-Isabella, m. at Walcot church,
1793, aged forty-three, had two

Bath, 11th December, 1827, to the daughters and co-heirs. She married,

Rev.James Grasett, second surviving secondly, at Queen's-square chapel,

son of the late Elliott Grasett, of Bath, 27th June, 1798, Joshua Scrope,

Golden Grove, Barbadoes, and has esq. of Long Sutton, in Lincolnshire, issue. who d. s. p. in London, November, II. Frances-Anne. 1820. She died at Bath, 1st April,

III. Lucy, d. at Bath, in May, 1819. 1829, and was buried at Tiberton.

iv. Mary, m. 3rd May, 1831, to the vi. Isabella, living unm. in 1836.

Rev. Edward Hansford Daniell, of Mr. Phillipps, who sold the estate of Upper

Christ College, Cambridge, and has and Lower Kilgainvyn, in Disserth, in 1753,

issue. d. 8th March, 1784, was buried at Eaton

v. Sarah-Catherine, d. at Bath, 29th Bishop, and succeeded by his son,

March, 1819. The Rev. John PhilliPPS, of Lower

VI. Isabella. Eaton, rector of Stoke St. Milborough, in Mr. Phillipps d. 20th November, 1812, and the county of Salop, b. 25th August, 1747, was succeeded by his son, the present JOHN who m. 3rd August, 1793, at Queen’s-square PHILLIPPs, esq. of Eaton Bishop. chapel, Bath, Anne, fourth daughter of Charles Pye, of Wadley, in Berkshire, of Arms-Quarterly: 1st and 4th or, a lion the family of Pye, of Faringdon, and had rampant sa. collared and chained of the first, issue,

within a bordure of the second, charged with 1. John, his heir.

eight cross crosslets gold for PHILLIPPS ; 2nd II. Charles, b. at Eaton Bishop, 1st Fe- and 3rd, erm. three ravens, two and one,

bruary, 1797, sometime of Oriel Col- ppr. each standing on a mount vert, for RA-
lege, Oxford, captain third regiment venhill.
Light Dragoons, m. 19th August,

Crest-A demi-lion sa collared and
1834, Mary, second daughter of John chained holding between the paws a leo-
Bolton Smyth, esq. of Stoke Hall, pard's face jessant de lis or.
near Ipswich, in Suffolk, and has a
son, Charles-Burch, born at Geneva,

Estates-Lower Eaton, in the parish of in 1835.

Eaton Bishop; and Shelwick, in the parish III. Thomas, in holy orders, of St. John's of Holmer, Herefordshire.

College, Cambridge, rector of Little Seat-Eaton, Herefordshire.

PHILLIPPS, OF LONGWORTH. PHILLIPPS, ROBERT-BIDDULPH, esq. of Longworth, in the county of Hereford, of the Middle Temple, barrister-at-law, and M.A. of Trinity College, Oxford, b. 30th July, 1798, m. at St. Marylebone, 5th August, 1834, Elizabeth, only daughter of John Barneby, esq. of Brockhampton, in Herefordshire, by Elizabeth, his wife, daughter and heir of Robert Bulkeley, esq. of Bulkeley, in Cheshire, and has a daugh


ELIZABETH-BULKELEY, Mr. Phillipps is a justice of the peace and deputy-lieutenant for the county of Hereford. He succeeded his father 1st February, 1822.

Lineage. This is a branch of the family of Phil- | parish of Lugwardine, in Herefordshire. He LIPPS, of Eaton Bishop.

represented Hereford in parliament, in 1784, ROBERT PHILLIPPs, esq. barrister-at-law, and was mayor thereof in 1797, and recorder b. 220 June, 1749, 0. s. third son of Thomas or deputy-steward, in 1800. He m. 18th Phillipps, esq. of Huntingdon and Lower September, 1794, at Chiselhurst, in Kent, Eaton, purchased from his nephew, jor Mary-Anne, second daughter of Michael Walwyn, the estate of LONGWORTH, in the Biddulph, esq. of Ledbury, in Hereford

shire and Cofton Hall, Worcestershire, and nard, first Viscount Bangor. Mr. had issue,

B. J. Ward d. 24th January, 1832, Robert Biddulph, his heir.

aged thirty-three, leaving three sons Thomas-Alfred, d. an infant in 1808.

and one daughter. Marian, m. at Lugwardine, 22nd April, Mr. Phillipps d. 1st February, 1822, and was

1819, to Charles David Gordon, esq. s. by his only son, the present Robert BID-
of Denmark Hill, Surrey, eldest son DULPH PHILLIPPs, esq. of Longworth.
of David Gordon, esq. of Abergeldie,
in Aberdeenshire, and by bim, who d. Arms and Crest-See PHILLIPPS of Eaton

in October, 1826, has four daughters. Bishop. Lucy-Penelope, d. unm. at Chelten Estates—The manor and estate of Longham, 22nd September, 1822.

worth, in the parishes of Lugwardine and Harriet-Sarah.

Dormington, and in right of his wife, the Isabella - Frances, m. at St. Mary's, estate of Buckenhill, in the parishes of

Lambeth, 31st August, 1824, to the Bromyard and Ediorn Ralph, with the manor
Rev. Bernard Joho Ward, Vicar of of Hodgebatch (otherwise Hosbatch) and
Peterchurch, third son of the right Clater, and the estate of Hodgebatch, all in
hon. Robert Ward, of Bangor Castle, the county of Hereford.
in Downshire, youngest son of Ber Seats-Longworth and Buckenhill.

PHILLIPPS, JAMES, esq. of Bryngwyn, in the county of Hereford, b. 23rd
May, 1798, and baptized at Much Dewchurch 12th September following, m. at St.
Marylebone, May, 1826, Lucy-Mary-Ann, only child (by his first marriage) of Lieu-
tenant-General Daniel Duval Burr, of Portland Place, and has surviving issue,

James, b. 3rd August, 1827.
Reginald, b. 14th January, 1831.
Henry, b. 3rd December, 1833.
Another son, b. Ist February, 1836.

Harriet-Elizabeth. Mr. Phillipps, some time a captain in the Hereford militia, and one of the justices of the peace for that shire, succeeded his father 9th August, 1809.

Lineage. James Phillips, esq. of Bryngwyn, in the of Llanwarne, and survives a widow parish of Much Dewchurch, Herefordshire, with two sons and two daughters. captain in the Hereford militia, b. 23rd Sep Harriet, m. to her first cousin, John tember, 1751 (youngest son of Thomas Phil Phillipps, esq. of Eaton Bishop. lipps, of Huntingdon and Lower Eaton, by Catherine, m. at Llanwarne, 14th JaSarah, his second wife, daughter and heir of nuary, 1830, to Daniel Sykes, esq. Robert Ravenhill, esq.) married at Great second surviving son of Nicholas St. Helen's, Bisbopsgate-street, 20th June, Sykes, esq. of Cottingham Hall, in 1793, Mary, second daughter of Samuel the county of York, and has issue. Beachcroft, esq. of Croydon, in Surrey, and Mr. Phillipps d. 9th August, 1809, and was by her, who d. 23rd March, 1816, had issue, s. by his elder son, the present JAMES PHILJAMES, his heir.

LIPPS, esq. of Bryngwyn.
both d. infants in 1801.

Arms and Crest-See PHILLIPPS of Eaton Richard, bapt. at Much Dewchurch, Bishop. 29th March, 1804.

Estates-In the county of Hereford. Mary, m. to the Rev. Ralph Lockey, Seat-Bryngwyn.

vicar of Much Dewchurch, and rector

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