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Glebe, county of Sligo (of which place is now called Coote Hall) is supposed

place he was rector), in April, 1832. to be the chief of the name of O'Mulloy. Mr. Mulloy d. 10th February, 1825, and when it recollected that William, commonly was s. by his eldest son, the present Coore called the Great O'Mulloy, was, as has been Mulloy, esq. of Hughstown.

already stated, present at a meeting of the The office of hereditary standard bearer to Roscommon gentlemen, held at Balintobber, the crown of England in Ireland, vests in in the year 1641, and that he was one of this family, and Mr. Mulloy, of Oak Port, those, who, upon that occasion, took ani is in possession of a drawing copied from an oath for maintaining the Roman Catholic original entry made in a record in the office religion (vide the above mentioned peerage, of arms (Dublin Castle), by Thomas Pres- vol. iv. p. 192), it becomes scarcely matter ton, esq. Ulster king at arms, in the year of surprise, that in the great rebellion which 1634, and attested by Sir William Betham broke out the following year, the possessions (the present Ulster), representing O'Mulloy of this chieftain (if such he may be denomiinvested with the coat armour proper to his nated) should have been forfeited. These office, mounted upon a steed richly capari- possessions consisted of the grant already soned, bearing in his hand the standard of stated to have been made to Captain AnEngland, and upon his shield the family thony Mulloy (ELIZABETH's reign), and

arms. The posterity were known by the name of Urthaheera,
of Hugh Mor (or which large tract of country fell, during the
great) O'Mulloy, rebellion, into the hands of the Cootes, of
Lord of Fircal, hav- whom the first that obtained a footing in
ing failed in the Connaught, was Sir Charles Coote, father
elder line, in the to the first Earl of Mountrath, and brother
person of Conall to Richard, Lord Colooney.
O'Mulloy, chief of A division of that part of the manor of
his name, and Lord Coote Hall, which still retains the name,
of Fercall (or Fir- has, by purchase, latterly become the pro-
cal) in the reign of perty of Hugh Barton, esq. from whom Mr.
Queen Elizabeth, Mulloy, of Oak Port, holds it by lease. An
(vide O'Mulloy pe- extensive portion of the former manor of
digree,office ofarms) Coote Hall, now simply called Ballyfer-
the honours of pri- moyle, has also by purchase come into the

mogeniture devolve possession of the Oak Port family. Thus
upon the posterity of Captain Anthony Mul- time has rendered to the descendants of the
loy, who, as we have already stated, was the original proprietors, the justice of restoring
first of the O'Malloys who settled in Con- to them part of the domains of their ances-
naught, and tenth in descent in the younger
line from the said Hugh Mor.
Coote Mulloy, esq. of Hughstown (the

Arms—Arg. a lion rampant sa. between lineal descendant of Captain Anthony) is three trefoils gu. therefore the present chief of his name, and consequently hereditary standard bearer to lar, running by an oak tree, ppr.

Crest-A greyhound, gorged with a colthe crown of England in Ireland. The present O’Mulloys in the King's county belong to a

Motto-Malo mori quam foedari: the branch junior to that of which Captain An- translation of the Irish motto is “Fortune thony was the founder, (vide O'Mulloy pe

and opportunity for ever.' digree, office of arms). Brewer, in his Estates- In the counties of Roscommon “ Beauties of Ireland,” adverts to this cir- and Leitrim. cumstance (see vol. ii. Leinster, King's Seat-Hughstown, county of Roscomcounty), by observing that “O'Mulloy, of mon. Wyhteheese, county of Roscommon, (which


MULLOY, WILLIAM, esq. of Oak Port, in the county of Roscommon, b. 27th
October, 1765, m. 12th December, 1796, Frances, youngest daughter of the late
Arthur French, esq. of French Park, M.P. and has issue,
J. Coote.

II. William.
11. Arthur-Edward.
1. Alicia.

Jl. Margaret.
III. Frances.

iv. Jane. v. Caroline-Adelaide. Mr. Mulloy succeeded to a portion of the real, and almost the whole of the personal property of his father, the late Coote Mulloy, esq. of Hughstown, 7th January, 1796. He is a magistrate for the county of Roscommon, and has twice been excused the office of sheriff.

Lineage. For descent and arms refer to MullOY Estates-In the county of Roscommov. of HughsTOWN, Mr. Mulloy, of Oak Port, Seat-Oak Port, in the county of Rosbeing uncle to the present head of the fa- common. mily.

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LESLIE, OF GLASSLOUGH. LESLIE, CHARLES-POWELL, esq. of Glasslough, in the county of Monaghan, b. 13th September, 1821, succeeded his father 15th November, 1831.


chelle and the expedition of the Isle of Rhee, with the Duke of Buckingham. He was all along conversant in courts, where he learned that address which gave a peculiar grace even to bis preaching. These accomplishments obtained him the favour of many princes abroad; and at home he was particularly happy in that of King CHARLES I., who admitted him into his privy council, both in Scotland and Ireland, in which stations he was continued by King CHARLES II. after the restoration of the royal family. His chief preferment in the church of Scotland was the bishoprick of Orkney, called the bishoprick of the Isles, from

whence he was translated to Raphoe, on the JOHN Leslie, the founder of the Glass-1st June, 1633, and was the same year adlough branch of the Leslie family, in Ire- mitted into the privy council of Ireland. land, a descendant of the house of Balquhuir, When he first came to Raphoe, he found in Aberdeenshire, was born in the north of the revenues of it engrossed into the hands Scotland, and educated first at Aberdeen of several gentlemen, who combined toand then at Oxford. Of this distinguished gether to maintain what they had gotten. divine we have the following interesting But, by an expensive lawsuit, he retrieved account in Sir James Ware's History of the rights and estate of the see, and inIreland, edited by Harris. “ John Leslie creased the income of it nearly one-third. spoke French, Spanish, and Italian, with He built a stately palace in his diocese for the same propriety and fluency as the na- himself and his successors, contriving it for tives; and was so great a master of the strength as well as beauty, which proved Latin that it is said of him, when he was in to be useful afterwards in the rebellion of Spain, “ Solus Lesleius Latine loquitur." 1641, and preserved a good part of that He continued twenty-two years abroad, and country, particularly those under his produring that time was at the siege of Ro- tection in his diocese. Yet he would not



take military command on him, as judging | istry, always on that side of the question it not suitable to his functions ; though up- which bears the golden fruit, that he reon occasions we are told that he performed linquished the legal profession, in 1680, the office of a general, and even ventured to entered into holy orders, and, in 1687, beexpose his own person, as particularly in came chancellor of the cathedral of Conthe case of Sir Ralph Gore, who was be

At the Revolution refusing to take sieged in Magherebes, and reduced to great the oaths to King WILLIAM, he was deprived extremities. When the Lagan forces, con of his preferment, and followed the forsisting of three regiments, refused to hazard tunes of the exiled monarch. Eventually, themselves for the relief of him and his however, after having undergone many diffiparty, yet this bishop with his company, culties through good and bad report, he tenants and friends, sallied forth amidst the returned to Ireland in 1721, and died the flames of the whole country, relieved the March following, at his seat Glasslough, besieged, and evidenced in the action as where, in the beginning of the year 1689, much personal valour as regular conduct. there had been a brisk skirmish, wherein

After the declension of the king's cause in nearly two hundred of the Irish were slain. England, he raised a foot company for his Mr. Leslie wrote a great number of theomajesty in Ireland, and maintained them, logical tracts and political papers, intended both officers and soldiers, at his own charge. to serve the cause and party he had emHe afterwards endured a siege in his castle braced. His son and successor, of Raphoe, before he would surrender it to Robert Leslie, esq. of Glasslough, m. Oliver Cromwell, and held out the last in Frances, daughter of John Rogerson, chiefthat country. After the king's restoration, justice of the Court of King's Bench, in he hastened with so much zeal to see him, Ireland, by Elizabeth Ludlow his wife, aunt that he rode from Chester to London in of the first Earl Ludlow, and had, with a twenty-four hours.

daughter, Annabella, m. to the late Robert He was translated to the see of Clogher Leigh, esq. of Rose Garland, in the county on the 17th June, 1661 ; and it is said, the of Wenford, a son and successor, king would afterwards have given him more CHARLES Powell Leslie. esq. of Glass profitable preferments, but he excused him-lough, who m. first, 22nd May, 1765, Pruself, resolving to end his labours among dence-Penelope, daughter of Arthur Hill those with whom he had suffered, and where Trevor, first Viscount Dungannon, and had his influence was most powerful.

issue, He was a person of great temperance, CHARLES-Powell, his heir. and so great a stranger to covetousness, John, D.D. consecrated bishop of Drothat he hardly understood money, which, more in 1812, and translated to the however, he employed to the best uses. He

see of Elphin in 1820. His lordship wrote on the art of memory, and several m. 1st August, 1808, Isabella, second other curious and learned treatises, which

dau. of the Hon. and Right Rev. were designed for the public, but were all Thomas St. Laurance, lord bishop destroyed with bis library, of many years of Cork and Ross, and by her, who collection, and several manuscripts, which d. 30th November, 1830, has issue, he had gained in foreign countries, partly

1. Charles, in holy orders, m. 8th by the rapine of the Irish, and partly by

April, 1834, the Hon. Frances King WILLIAM's army, in 1690, long after

King, third daughter of Viscount his death. He d. at his seat at Castlelesley,

Lorton, but became a widower alias Glasslough, in September, 1671, and

28th July, 1835. was there buried in a church of his own

2. John, of Christ Church, Oxford. building, which he had procured to be made

3. Thomas. a parish church by act of parliament, and

4. Arthur. consecrated to St. Salvator. He was reckoned at the time of his death the oldest bishop

1. Frances-Anne-Prudentia.

2. Emma. then in the world, having been so about

3. Charlotte. fifty years, from the time of his promotion

4. Isabella. to the bishoprick of the Isles till the time of his death." His lordship's son and suc

5. Harriet.

Cecil-Alexander, deceased. cessor,

Charles LESLIE, was admitted a fellow Anne, commoner in the college of Dublin in 1664, Frances, all d. unm. where he continued till he commenced mas Julia, ter of arts, and then entered the Temple, in Charlotte. London, where he devoted himself to the Mr. Leslie wedded secondly, Mary-Ame, study of the law; but after pursuing it some daughter of the Rev. Joshua Tench, of years, he at length declared himself so Bryanstoun, in the county of Wexford, and much disgusted with a professional casu- by that lady had,

Edward, in holy orders, m. Margaret, tiana, daughter of George Fosbery, esq. of

daughter of the Rev. Mr. Higginson, Clarence, in the county of Limerick, and
of Lisburne, in the county of An- by that lady had

1. CHARLES-Powell, his heir.

1. John. Emily-Jane, m. to the Rev. John Hallward, vicar of Assington, in Suffolk.

III. Thomas. Harriet, m. to the Rev. William Hall J. Christiana.

ward, rector of Minden, in Suffolk. Jl. Penelope. Mary-Anne, d. unm.

IIJ. Julia. Isabella, m. to Anthony Cliffe, esq. of iv. Emily. Belvien, in Wexford.

Col. Leslie d. 15th November, 1831, and Mr. Leslie represented the county of Mo was s. by his eldest son, who is the present naghan during five successive parliaments, CHARLES-Powell Leslie, esq. of Glassuntil 1800, when he died, and was s. by his lough.

eldest son,

CHARLES Powell Leslie, esq. of Glass Arms-Quarterly: First and fourth arg. lough, who was a magistrate for the county in base three thistle leaves conjoined vert, of Monaghan, and served as high-sheriff in on a fesse gu. three oval buckles or : second 1788. He commanded for many years, and third quarterly, 1st and 4th arg. on a until the period of his decease, as colonel of bend az, three oval buckles or; 2nd and 3rd the Monaghan militia, and represented the or, a lion rampant gu. over all a bendlet sa. county during seven successive parliaments.

Crest-A griffin's head ppr.
He m. first, Anne, daughter of the Rev.
Dudley Charles Ryder, of Merrion-square,

Motto-Grip fast.
Dublin, and had by her,

Estates—In the counties of Monaghan, Alicia-Maria.

Tyrone, Donegal, Kildare, Wicklow, and Charlotte, d. unm.

Meath. Anne, m. to John Gurdon, esq. of As

Town Residence-3, Upper Harley-street. sington, in Suffolk.

Seat—Glasslough, in the county of MoHe wedded secondly, 24th May, 1819, Chris- naghan.

CALLEY, OF BURDEROP. CALLEY, JOHN-JAMES, esq. of Burderop Park, in the county of Wilts, lieutenant in the 12th Royal Lancers, 6. 10th November, 1810. Mr. Calley succeeded to the estates in 1836.


John Calley, of the county of Hants, who m. Isabel, daughter and co-heir of Edmund Brydges, and niece of Sir John Brydges, lord-mayor of London in 1521, (of the Brydges of Coberley, afterwards Dukes of Chandos), and left a son and successor,

RALPH CALLEY, esq. of Highway, in Wiltshire, who m. first, Eleanor, daughter of Richard Woodcock, of Dyddenham, in Wiltshire, by whom he had issue; and, secondly, Agnes, daughter of Henry Lawrence, esq. of Tyeburie, in the same county, by whom he left, inter alios, a son,

William CALLEY, esq. who became seated

at Burderop Park, in the county of Wilts, The first of this ancient family of whom an estate purchased in the reign of ELIZAwe have an authentic account,

Beth from the family of Stephens. He m. WILLIAM Calley, originally from Nor- Judith, daughter of Richard Bowdler, of Lonfolk, but subsequently settled a merchant don, and was s. by his son, in London temp. Henry VII., is recorded WILLIAM Cawley or CALLEY, esq. of Buras having gone to law with the King of derop, b. in 1600, who was living at the visiSpain, and to have recovered the amount of tation of 1623. This gentleman, a violent his ships taken by that monarch. He was opponent of the royal cause during the civil father of

war, acted a prominent part among the

He m.


leaders of the parliamentary party, and his wards, having entered into orders, signature appears attached to the death war vicar of Chiseldon, Wilts), and has rant of the ill-fated CHARLES I.

one son and two daughters. Anne, daughter and co-heir of William Mary-Anne, d. in infancy. Bower, esq. of West Lavington, by whom Mr. Calley was s. at his decease by his he acquired a considerable estate at Laving- eldest son, ton, and dying in 1660, was s. by his eldest Thomas Calley, esq. of Burderop, b. 31st

May, 1780, m. 20th July, 1802, ElizabethSir William Calley, knt. of Burderop, Anne, only daughter of Anthony James who obtained from the restored monarch Keck, esq. of Stoughton Grange, in Leicesrestitution of the lands forfeited by his fa- tershire, by Elizabeth, his wife, second ther, received the honor of knighthood, and daughter and co-heir of Peter Legh, esq. of had a grant of full pardon, which document Lyme, in Cheshire,* (see vol. ii. p. 688,) and is still possessed by the family at Burderop. had issue, Sir William d. without issue, and was s. by Thomas-Benet, died unm. his brother,

JOHN-JAMES, his heir. OLIVER CALLEY, esq. of Burderop, who Elizabeth-Anne-Benet, m. 12th May, m. Mary, daughter of John Scott, esq. of

1827, to John Neale Nott, esq. R. N. Bromham House, in the county of Wilts, and d. 2012 August, 1827. and was father of

Arabella, m. 10th November, 1825, to Oliver Calley, esq. of Burderop, bapt. John Mathews Richards, esq. of Car. in April, 1672, who m. Isabella, daughter diff, and has issue. of — Codrington, esq. of Codrington, in the Mr. Calley succeeded to the estates, after a county of Gloucester, and left at his decease minority of eleven years, in 1801, and in a son and successor,

1803-4 served as high sheriff for Wiltshire. William Calley, esq. of Burderop, who He was a magistrate and deputy-lieutenant m. Arabella, daughter of Browne, esq. for that county, and represented the borough of Minty, in Gloucestershire, and had issue, of Cricklade in parliament. He died in William, who d. unm. in June, 1775.

1836, and was s. by his eldest surviving son, Thomas-Browne, of whom presently. the present John-JAMES CALLEY, esq. of Charles-Pleydell, d. April, 1778. Burderop.

Anne, d. unm. in November, 1809. The second but eldest surviving son,

Arms-Quarterly, arg. and sa. on a bend THOMAS-Browne Calley, esq. of Burde-gu. three mutlets of the first. rop, espoused in January, 1778, Elizabeth, Crest-A demi-lion rampt. arg. charged only daughter of John Rowlls, esq. of King- with a bend gu. thereon three mullets of ston-upon-Thames, in Surrey, by Elizabeth, the first, holding a battle-axe, handle of the daughter of Davenport, esq. and had second, head arg. issue,

Motto-Callide et honeste. Thomas, his heir.

Estates—In Wiltshire; Burderop and ChiWilliam-Peter, b. 25th May, 1781 ; d. seldon, purchased temp. Elizabeth; Overunm. in January, 1808.

town, acquired in the same manner in the John-James, b. 6th May, 1788; m. 25th 3rd Charles I. from John Sadler, esq. who

April, 1816, Elizabeth-Tunstall, dau. purchased the manor from Christopher Beynand co-heir of the Rev. James Wyld, ham, esq. who had bought it from William of Blunsdon House, in Wiltshire, Richmond, alias Webb, to whom King Henand has three sons and one daughter. RY VIII. in the 32nd year of his reign,

bad Arabella, m. in 1797, to Henry Bul- granted Overtown, with other large estates.

lock, esq. of Shepperton, in Mid Seat-Burderop Park, near Marlborough.
dlesex, and has five sons and seven

By Martha, his wife, daughter and heir of
Elizabeth-Poppæa, m. in 1807, to Cle- Thomas Benet, esq. of Salthorpe House, in Wilt-

ment Tudway, esq. of Wells, (after- shire.

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