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all d. s. p.

11. Peter,
JII. Thomas,
iv. John,
v. Nicholas, of Landcox, Osmonds,

Penslade, &c. married Mary,* daugh-
ter of George Colesworthy, esq. of
Mount Radford, in Devonshire, and
had issue,
1. Nicholas, formerly of Landcox,

in the county of Somerset, mar-
ried Frances Binns, and has issue
four sons and three daughters,

Thomas Narramore, an officer

in the East India service. Jonathan, m. in 1833, Sophia

Dunsford and has issue.
Frances-Anna, m. in 1818,

Captain J. Toup Nicolas,
C.B. K.H. and K.C. St. F.
and M., of the Royal Navy,
and has issue. (See the fa-
mily of Nicolas, of Busvar-
gus, at page 138 of this vo-

lume). Louisa.

Anna. 1. Sarah, m. Humphrey Langley, esq. and has issue as follows: William-Henry Langley, m. in

1836, Caroline-Susan, dau. of — Freebairn, esq. of By

fleet, in the county of Surrey. Charles Langley, m. Eliza

Harriet Reid, and has Al

bert-Gordon,and other issue.
Albert Langley.
Catherine Langley,
Mary-Were Langley, married

Franklin Bridge, esq. and
has issue, William-Anthony,

and other children.

Frances-Jane Langley, 2. Elizabeth, m. her cousin Wil

liam Were, as already stated

under the head of Robert. 3. Catherine.

4. Mary. vi. William,

} both d. s. p. VII. Berry, VII. Joseph, of West Leigh, Old

Baums, &c. m. Elizabeth, daughter of
George Colesworthy, esq. of Mount
Radford, Devon, and had issue,

1. Thomas, late of Ashley Court,

near Bristol, married Mary Ash,
and had issue,
Thomas Bonville, of Underley

Manor, in the county of


Elizabeth. 2. Joseph, m. Hester Ash, and had issue, Joseph, who married his cou

sin Sarah Were, daughter of Robert Were, of Poole, and

has issue, as before shewn. 1. Elizabeth, m. to William Matravers,

esq. of Westbury, in the co. of Wilts,
(a younger brother of John Matravers,
esq. of Melksham, whose sole daugh-
ter and heiress, Hester, married in
1767 the Lord William Seymour,
uncle of the present Duke of Somer-
set, see BURKE's Peerage and Baro-
netage), and had issue,
1. John Matravers, m. Mary Fow-

ler, and d. without issue.
2. Thomas Matravers, m. Elizabeth
Crosby, and had issue,
Elizabeth, m. Thomas White,

esq.of Clifton, and has issue. 3. William Matravers, m. Eliza

beth Fox, daughter of Edward
Fox, esq. of Wadebridge, by
Anna Were, and has issue,
William-Fox, married Caro-

line Howard, of Ipswich,
and has issue,

Edward, and two daugh-

John-Fox, an officer in the

king's household. 1. Elizabeth Matravers, m. Gais

ford Gibbs, esq. and by him had
issue a daughter and heiress,
Susan Gibbs, m. Abraham Lud-

low, esq.of Heywood House,
in the county of Wilts, by
whom she has,
Abraham Ludlow, of Hey-

wood House.
Susan-Ludlow Gibbs, m.

in 1817, Sir Ralph Franco Lopes, bart. M.P. of Maristow House, in the county of Devon, and has issue,

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* This MARY COLESWORTHY, and her sister EliZABETH, who married Joseph Were, descended maternally from the old family of Harford, thus :

CHARLES HARFORD was father of
EDWARD HARFORD, who left a daughter
and heiress,

ELIZABETH HARFORD, who m. in 1712,

Richard Summers, esq. of Bristol, (Her male heir, the present John-S. HARFORD, esq. of Blaize Castle, inherited her entailed estates). Her daughter and heiress, SARAH SUMMERS,M. George Coles

worthy, esq. of Mount Radford, and was inother of those ladies.

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Massey Lopez.
Ralph-Ludlow Lopez,

and other children,
(see Burke's Peers
age and Baronet-

age.) 2. Hester Matravers, m. Joseph Metford, esq. and has issue, Joseph Metford, M. Louisa.

Seymour,of Belmont House, in the county of Wilts, and

has several children.
Anne-Ellis Metford, married

William Wright, esq. of
Bristol, and has issue eleven

'children. 11. Anna, m. Edward Fox, esq. of

Wadebridge, in the county of Cornwall, and had issue, 1. George Fox, m. Frances James,

and has issue three sons and
three daughters,

George, m. Eleanor Rawes.
Frances, m. John Allen, esq.

of Liskeard, and had issue a

daughter, Frances. Anna-Fox.

2. Thomas Fox, of Tonedale House,

near Wellington, m. Sarah, dau.
of Thomas Smith, esq. banker in
London, and has issue,
Thomas, m. Catherine Alex-

ander, of Ipswich, and has

Thomas, and other issue. Edward, m. Hanna Alexander,

and has Edward - Dykes, Alexander, and other chil

dren. Sylvanus, m. Mary Sanderson, and has Sylvanus, and other

children. Samuel, m. Maria Middleton,

and has Middleton, and other

children. Henry, m. Rachel Crewdson,

of Kendal, and has issue. Charles, m. Sarah Crewdson, and has issue, Dilworth and

Anna, m. John Sanderson, a

merchant in London.
Mary, died young.

Elizabeth, m. James Charlton. 3. Edward Fox, m. Mary Brown, of Landrake, and has issue, Edward, m. Jane Mustrinick,

and has issue, George, m. Rachel Hingston,

of Plymouth, and has issue. Francis, m. Rachel Wormsley,

and has issue.


4. Robert-Were Fox, m. Dorothy
Hingston, and has issue,
Robert-Were, of Exeter, m.

Rachel Prideaux, of Kings

bridge, and has issue. Dorothy.

Rachel, died young. 1. Mary Fox, m. Sylvanus Bevan, of Swansea, and has issue, Paul, m. first, Rebecca Cap

per, and had issue, and se

condly, Judith Dillwyn.

Sylvanus, died without issue. 2. Elizabeth Fox, William Ma

travers, as already stated. II. Mary, m. George Croker Fox, esq. of Falmouth, and had issue, 1. George-Croker Fox, of Grove

Hill,near Falmouth,m. Catherine
Young, of Leominster, and had
George-Croker, of Grove Hill,

m. Lucy, daughter of Robert
Barclay, esq. of Bury Hill,

in the county of Surrey.

Catherine-Payton, died unm. 2. Robert-Were Fox, m. Elizabeth

Tregellis, of Falmouth, and had
Robert-Were, m. Maria, ano-

ther daughter of Robert
Barclay, of Bury Hill, and
has issue Robert-Barclay,
and two daughters, Anne-

Maria, and Caroline.
Joshua, married, and has issue

four children.
Alfred, m. Sarah Lloyd, of

Birmingham, and has seve

ral children.
Henry, died young.
Charles, m. Sarah Hustler, of

Yorkshire, and has issue.
Elizabeth, m.William Gibbins,

of Worcester.
Mary-Anna, m. Francis Tuck-

et, of Frenchay,near Bristol. 3. Thomas Fox, m. Mary Tregellis, of Falmouth, and has issue, Thomas-Were, a merchant at

Plymouth, m. Eliza Grigg,

and has issue, William, a merchant at Glou

cester, m. Elizabeth Win

deatt, and has issue.

Frederick, 1. Mary Fox, of Pengyrick, near


died young

The eldest son,

Crest-A demi lion, rampant, ppr. holdRobert WERE, esq.of Runnington Manor, ing a cross crosslet, fitchee gu. near Wellington, m. Elizabeth, daughter of

Motto (as assumed of late by some memElworthy, esq. and had issue,

bers of the family)-Fuimus. 1. Robert, bis heir. 11. William, who m. his cousin Eliza

Estates-In the counties of Somerset and

beth Were, and had five sons and
three daughters, viz.
1. William.

There is another branch of the family 2. Charles.

which still retain the original orthography 3. Thomas, d. s.p.

of the name, and were formerly possessed of 4. Samuel, m. Eliza Philips. Manox and Giddis Court, in Herefordshire. 5. Robert.

They also appear to have used the arms as 6. Elworthy.

annexed, for many generations, as is to be 1. Eliza, m. to William Rodham, seen on various old monuments in the parish esq. and has issue.

church of Goodrick. Of this branch the 2. Mary.

present representative is Lieutenant-colonel 3. Fanny

THOMAS WEARE, of Hampton Bishop, in the 11. Samuel, m. Anne, daughter of county of Hereford, knight of the Royal Fletcher, esq. and had a daughter, Hanoverian Guelphic Order, and a magisMary-Ann, m. to Richard Dawson, trate for the said county, (at present com

esq. of Frickley Hall, in the manding the provisional battalion at Chatcounty of York.

ham,) only son of the late Rev. Thomas 1. Sarah, m. to Walter Prideaux, esq. Weare, of Jesus College, Oxford, who reKingsbridge, and has

sided, and was a distinguished preacher, in 1. Walter Prideaux.

that university for many years, and des2. Robert Prideaux, m. Jane Bil- cended from the Weares of Manox, and ling.

Giddis Court, in the county of Hereford ; 3. George Prideaux.

where it appears, by reference to deeds, &c. 4. William Prideaux,who m. Eliza, they were residing previously to the year

daughter of William Reynolds, 1611.
esq. of Carshalton Park, and has Lieutenant-colonel Weare married Ann,

daughter of the late John Pugh, esq. of 5. Thomas Prideaux.

Lowes, Radnorshire, and has two sons and 6. Samuel Prideaux.

one daughter, Thomas-William Weare, B.A. 1. Elizabeth Prideaux.

one of the Westminster students of Christ 2. Sarah Prideaux.

Church College, Oxford ; Henry Edwin Mr. Were's eldest son is the present ROBERT Weare, and Charlotte-Maria Weare. WERE, esq. of Poole.

Manox and Giddis Court, in Hereford

shire, having descended to a female branch Arms—Arg. on a bend vert, between six of the elder son, has since passed from the cross crosslets, fitchee gu., three croysiers, family by sale.


LUCAS, OF CASTLE SHANE. LUCAS, EDWARD, esq. of Castle Shane, in the county of Monaghan, b. 27th Sep

tember, 1787, m. Anne, daughter of William Ruxton, esq.
of Ardee House, in the county of Louth, formerly Mem-
ber for Ardee, in the Parliament of Ireland, and has issue,


Mr. Lucas succeeded his father in 1796, and represents the
county of Monaghan in parliament. He is a magistrate and
deputy-lieutenant, and has served the office of sheriff.

Lineage. In the early part of the 17th century,

neskea, in the county of Ferseveral members of the Lucas family mi

managh. grated from England and settled in the

Elizabeth, m. to William Lee, esq. sister island, where their descendants still

of Corbollis, of the county of remain, in the counties of Clare, Cork,

Louth. King's County, and Monaghan. In the

Sarah, m. to Joseph Warren, esq. last named they acquired, partly by pur

Thomasine, m. to Joseph Hamchase and partly by royal grant, consider

mersley, esq. able estates, which were erected into a 11. Francis, of Grennan, who m. Mary, manor by patent of Charles II., in 1683, daughter of Hugh Savage, esq. of “ to be called the manor of Castle Shane, Ardkeen, in Downshire. and the principal part of which has ever since 1. Mary, m. to Francis Savage, esq. of continued in the family.

Ardkeen. FRANCIS LUCAS, esq. the first of Castle II. Aune, m. to John Skelton, esq. Shane, whose will, dated 15th October,

II. Jane, m. to the Rev. Joshua Pul1657, was proved 8th December, 1657, m. leine. Mary Pointz, and by her, who wedded se- Mr. Lucas d. in 1756, and was s. by his condly, Robert Moore, esq., had a dau. Lucy, grandson, the wife of Charles, son of Sir Toby Pointz,

EDWARD Lucas, esq. of Castle Shane, and five sons, Francis, Robert, William, who represented the county of Monaghan Richard, and Charles. The eldest,

from 1761 until 1775; in the latter year he Francis Lucas, esq. of Castle Shane, b. died, leaving, by Elizabeth Savage, his sein 1646, was returned to parliament by the cond wife, county of Monaghan in 1695, but subsequently unseated by petition. He d. about

CHARLES; } successively heirs. 1705, (administration granted to his son, Robert, a lieutenant-colonel. Francis, the 2nd May, in that year) and

Thomas. left, by Mary his wife, three sons and three

Edward, in holy orders. daughters, namely,

Mary. FRANCIS, his heir.

Alice. EDWARD, successor to his brother.

Abigail. Robert.

Elizabeth. Anne, m. to - Symes, esq.

Hester. Lucy, m. to Hugh Savage, esq. of the The eldest son and successor, county of Downe.

Francis LUCAS, esq. of Castle Shane, Jane, m. to Ennis, esq.

b. in 1749, unsuccessfully contested the The eldest son,

representation of the county of Monaghan, Francis Lucas, esq. of Castle Shane, sat in 1775, against Thomas Jenison, esq. He in parliament for the borough of Monaghan m. Florinda, daughter of — Norman, esq. from 1713 to 1747. He d. unm. in the of Legore, in Meath, and dying s. p. in latter year, and was s. by his brother, 1789, was s. by his brother,

EDWARD Lucas, esq. of Castle Shane, Charles Lucas, esq. of Castle Shane, who m. first, Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas barrister-at-law, who m. first, Sarah, dau. Smyth, esq. of Drumcree, in Westmeath, of Sir James Hamilton, knt., and secondly, and secondly, Abigail Hancock, widow of Louisa, daughter of Evatt, esq. of Mount

Brooke, esq. By the former he had Louise. By the former he left at his deissue,

cease, in 1796, a son and successor, the 1. THOMAS, who married the Hon. Alice present EDWARD Lucas, esq. of Castle

Blayney, daughter of William, sixth Shane, M.P.
Lord Blayney, and dying o. p. in
1727, left issue,

Arms-Arg. a fess between six annulets gu.
EDWARD, heir to his grandfather. Crest-Issuant from a ducal coronet a

Francis, in holy orders, rector of Motto-Stat religione parentum.

Dromgoar, in the county of Ca Estates—In the county of Monaghan.
van, m. Isabella Eccles, of Lis Seat Castle Shane.

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Standard-Bearer to the King in Jreland. MULLOY, COOTE, esq. of Hughstown, in the county of Roscommon, chief and

representative of the ancient Milesian family of O'Mulloy, “Standard Bearers to the Crowne of England in Ireland, m. in 1799, Mary, eldest daughter of William Lloyd, esq. of Rockville, in the same county, and has issue,

Coote, in holy orders, who wedded Alicia, eldest dau.

of the late Robert King Duke, esq. of New Park, in the county of Sligo, and has two sons,



Mr. Mulloy succeeded his father in 1825. He is a magis-
trate and deputy-lieutenant for the county of Roscommon.

Lineage. The family of O’Mulloy, * of acknow- O’NIALL, of the nine hostages, MONARCH OF ledged Milesian descent, enjoys the heredi ALL IRELAND, A. D. 371, characterized as tary honor of standard-bearer to the crown “one of the most gallant of all the princes of England in Ireland. It derives from of the Milesian race.”

* The following are some curious particulars re thee ; otherwise, I ratify the sentence ; that being lative to the early members of the family.

wrapped in thy sins, thou mayest remain damned Upon the death of O'Hethe, Girald Barry (com- for ever!” monly called Cambrensis, archdeacon of St. Da The king was displeased with the rigour of the vid's) having refused the see (that of Ferns) from bishop, but could not prevail with the young earl John, Earl of Morton (afterwards king), Albin to restore the manors. The young earl and his O'Mulloy was elected. He was first a monk, and four brothers died afterwards, without issue male, afterwards Abbot of Baltinglass, and appears to and the superstitious people thought it to be the have been a zealous but intemperate man. He effect of the excommunication. Our prelate died had a very angry dispute with Cambrensis in at an advanced age about the close of the year Mid-lent 1185. It was as follows:

1222, having governed the see of Ferns thirty-six John Comin (the Ai bishop) baving convened years. a synod in Christchurch, preached himself the first Curious circumstances attending the election of day on the Sacraments. On the second day, Albin two knights of the shire, to serve in parliament O'Mulloy (Abbot of Baltinglass, afterwards Bishop for the King's County, which election took place of Ferns) preached on clerical strictness of morals ; | 20th April, 1613. whereon he inveighed bitterly against the English Desiderata Curiosa Hibernica, vol. i. p. 349. clergy, who came into Ireland, and by their evil The freeholders assembled in Philipstown to examples had vitiated the probity and innocence elect knights, and some of the Irish having conof the clergy of Ireland, which drew upon him sulted together the same morning, attended the Cambrensis the moment he had ended.

sheriff to the shire-house, between eight and nine Albin engaged in a far more serious and reason o'clock, where the writ being read, Sir Francis able contest with William Marshal, Earl of Pem- Rushe, and Sir Adam Loftus, (ancestor of the broke, who had forcibly disseised him of two first Viscounts Ely), were propounded by some manors belonging to his bishoprick. The earl of the freeholders as the fittest men to be elected. being contumacious died under excommunication, But Philip O'Dagan delivered to the sheriff two and in 1220 the bishop went to London to com several lists of names in paper, who (he said) had plain of the injury done to the church. The king given their names for “Sir Jobn Mac Coughlan commanded him to go to the earl's tomb and ab- and Callagh O’Mulloy,” whom they had chosen solve him, and promised he would endeavour to already, and would have none others; and upon obtain him satisfaction from the young Earl Wil- delivering the list, they cried out" Mac Coughlan liam.

and O'Mulloy!" The other side, to the number Whereupon the bishop, accompanied by the of sixteen, gave their votes publicly for Sir F. king, (HENRY III.) went to the grave, and said, Rushe and Sir A. Loftus. The under-sheriff re“ O William, that here liest wrapped in the bonds ceived the papers, and made up the indentures for of excommunication, if what thou hast injuriously Mac Coughlan and O'Mulloy, (having the greatest taken be restored by the king, or thy heirs, or thy number of names in the list), which indentures friends, with competent satisfaction, I absolve were accepted by the high-sheriff; yet, notwith

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