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and heiress, Elizabeth, wedded Sir Ri

Charles, second Viscount chard Graham, bart. of Norton Con

Clermont. yers, and from this marriage lineally

James, of Ravensdale Park, descends the present SIR BELLING

in the county of Louth, M.P. HAM GRAHAM, bart.

for that county, and member 11. John, d. unmarried.

of the privy council, m. III. THOMAS (Sir) successor to his father.

Henrietta, eldest daughter iv. Roger.

of Thomas Orby Hunter, v. Garrett,

esq. of Crowland Abbey, in VI. William.

Lincolnshire, and dying in 1. Lettice, m. to Sir John Thomas Me

1782, left issue, redyth, knt. of Dollardstown, in the

THOMAS, M. P. d. in 1795. county of Meath.

WILLIAM-CHARLES, who s. II. Elenor, m. first, to Thomas Barnet,

his uncle second esq. of Ballyleck, in the county of

VISCOUNT CLERMONT, Monaghan, and secondly, to Brent

but dying unmarried, Moore, esq. of Melefont.

the title became EXJII. Mary.

TINCT, while the estates IV. Elizabeth.

passed, under his lordV. Alice.

ship’s will, to his neSir Faithful's eldest surviving son,

phew, Sir Harry GoodSir THOMAS FORTESCUE, knt. of Dromis

ricke, bart. and are ken, lieutenant-colonel of Prince CHARLES's

now possessed by ThoHorse Guards, was restored, after the king's

MAS Fortescue, esq. of return, to his patrimonial estates, and con

Dromisken. stituted 11th March, 1661, on the resignation

Maria, m. in 1781, to of his father, governor and constable of the

Captain Roper. castle of Carrickfergus. He was afterwards,

Charlotte, m. in 1796, to however, removed from those appointments

Sir Henry Goodricke, by Tyrconnel, King James's deputy, and com

bart. of Ribston, and mitted prisoner to Dublin Castle, whence,

was mother of the late with many of the nobility and great officers,

Sir Harry Goodricke, he was released by the victory at the Boyne.

bart. who inherited the He m. two wives, and by the second, Syd

Fortescue estates from ney, daughter of Colonel Kingsmill, had

his uncle, the second two sons, namely,

Viscount Clermont. 1. Chichester, his heir.

Emily, m. in 1811, to CapII. William, of Newragh, in the county

tain Charles Grantham, of Louth, a distinguished military

R. N. of Ketton. officer, who m. in 1681, Margaret,

Matthew, b. 7th November, only daughter of Nicholas inon,

1726. esq. of Miltown, by Elizabeth, his

John, b. 28th February, 1730. wife, daughter of Matthew, Lord

Margaret, m. in 1751, to Sir Louth, and d. in 1733, leaving issue,

Arthur Brooke, bart. 1. THOMAS, of Randalstown, M.P.

2. Chichester. for Dundalk, m. Elizabeth Ha

3. Matthew, lieutenant R. N. 1720. milton, sister to James, Earl of

4. Faithful, of Corderry, M.P. for Clanbrassil, and dying in Febru

Louth, and recorder of Derry, ary, 1769, aged eighty-six, left

m. Elizabeth, daughter of Thofour sons and one daughter, viz.

mas Tipping, esq. of Castletown, WILLIAM-Henry, M. P. for

and had two sons, who both d. the county of Louth, b. in 1722, who was created EARL

5. John, of Whiterath, rector of of CLERMONT in 1778, having

Haynestowne, in the diocese of previously obtained the dig

Armagh, m. Elizabeth, eldest Dities of Baron and Vis

daughter of Henry Bellingham, count Clermont, with re

esq. of Castle Bellingham, and mainder to his brother, the

had issue, Right Hon. James Fortes

1. Alice, m. to George Vaughan, Lord Clermont m. in

esq. of Brincranagh. 1752, Frances, eldest daugh

2. Mary, m. to John Foster, esq. ter of Colonel John Murray,

of Dunleer. of the county of Monaghan, Sir Thomas Fortescue d. in 1710, aged but dying s. p. in 1806, was ninety, and was s. by his elder son, s. by his nephew, William CHICHESTER FORTESCUE, esq. of Dromis

s. P:


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ken, colonel of a regiment of Foot, who April, 1787, but d. 27th October folraised a troop of dragoons at his own ex lowing, leaving by Elizabeth, his pense, and marched with them into the city wife, daughter of Alexander Tew, of Londonderry during the conflict between esq. of the city of Dublin, one son James and WILLIAM. He m. in 1681, Tudes and one daughter, namely, wood, daughter of Francis Hall, esq. and

Thomas, late civil commissioner at had issue,

THOMAS, his heir.

Anne, m. to William Richard
Sidney, m. to Thomas Bolton, esq. of

Hopkyns Northey, esq. of SufKnock, in the county of Louth, bro

folk Lawn, Cheltenham, son and ther to Dr. Theophilus Bolton, Arch

heir of Lieutenant-General Norbishop of Cashel, and d. in 1749,

they-Hopkins, of Oving House, leaving two sons, Thomas-Chichester

Bucks, and has issue, (see page Bolton and Richard Bolton, and one

119). daughter, Sidney Bolton, m. to Theo 1. Elizabeth, m. to William John, Marphilus Shaw, esq.

quis of Lothian, grandmother of the Gertrude, m.-in 1707, to Thomas St. present marquis. Leger, esq.

Mr. Fortescue d. at Dangan, 16th July, Lettice, m. to the Rev. Thomas Tisdall. 1757, was buried at Dromisken, and s. by Anne.

his eldest son, Colonel Fortescue was s. at his decease by Thomas Fortescue, esq. of Dromisken, his only son,

b. Ist May, 1744, M. P. for Trim, who m. Thomas Fortescue, esq. of Dromisken, first, in 1770, the Hon. Mary Pakenham, who espoused, in September, 1716, Anne, daughter of Thomas, first Lord Longford, eldest daughter of John Garsten, esq. of and by her, who d. in 1775, had one son Braganstown, in the county of Louth, and d. and two daughters, viz. 19th May, 1725, leaving two sons and a Chichester, d. young: daughter, viz. CHICHESTER, his heir ; John, Elizabeth, d. unmarried. b. in 1719; and Anne, who d. unmarried. Anna-Maria, m. 18th January, 1802, to The elder son,

W. P. Ruxton, esq. of Redhouse, in CHICHESTER Fortescue, esq. of Dromis the county of Louth, barrister-at-law, ken, b. 5th June, 1718, served as high she

and M. P. for Arder. riff of Down in 1744, and represented the He wedded secondly, Mary, daughter of borough of Trim in parliament. He m. 9th Edward Nicholson, esq. by Henrietta, his April, 1743, the Hon. Elizabeth Wellesley, wife, daughter of Robert Sandford, esq. of eldest daughter of Richard, first Lord Mor- Castlerea, in the county of Roscommon, and nington, and aunt of Arthur, Duke of Wel- granddaughter of the Earl of Inchiquin, lington, by whom (who d. October, 1752) and had issue, he had

Chichester, his heir. 1. THOMAS, his heir.

Harriet, m. 12th November, 1812, to chard, b. in 1749, d. in 1774.

the Right Hon. George Knox, fifth 11. CHICHESTER (Sir), knt. b. 7th June, son of Viscount Northland, and d.

1750, appointed post captain R. N. 21st January, 1816, leaving issue.
2nd November, 1780, and commis- / Mr. Fortescue d. in 1779, and was s. by his
sioned as rear admiral 5th March, only son,
1799; s. his brother, Gerald, as CHICHESTER FORTESCUE, esq. of Dromis-
Ulster King of Arms, and thereupon ken, b. 12th August, 1777, M. P. for Hills-
received the honour of knighthood. borough, and lieutenant-colonel of the Ifouth
He had previously sat in parliament Militia, who m. Martha-Angel, daughter of
for the borough of Trim. Sir Chi- Samuel Hobson, esq. of the city of Water-
chester m. 10th March, 1791, Fran- ford, barrister-at-law, and chairman of the
ces-Anna, third daughter of David county of Cork, and left at his decease, ,
Jones, esq. of Bensfort, in Meath, by with other issue, a son and successor, the
Sidney, his wife, daughter of Theo- present Thomas Fortescue, esq. of Dro-
philus Shaw, and left at his decease, misken and Ravensdale Park.
Chichester, b. 28th November,

Arms—Az. a bend engrailed arg. cotised

Crest“A tiger ppr. maned and crested.

Motto-Forte scutum salus ducum.

EstatesIn the county of Louth.
IV. Gerald, b. 15th November, 1751, Seats-Dromisken, and Ravensdale Park,

appointed Ulster King of Arms in both in the county of Louth.




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BROWN, WILLIAM, esq. of Brandon, in the county of Warwick, and of Rich. mond Hill, in the county of Lancaster, b. 4th May, 1784, m. 1st January, 1810, Sarah, sister of William Gihon, esq. of Ballymena, in the county of Antrim, a magistrate of that shire, and has issue,

ALEXANDER, b. 13th July, 1815, student of the university of Oxford.
Grace, m. 16th November, 1831, to John Hargreaves, esq. of Broad Oak, and has

one son and one daughter, viz. Thomas Hargreaves, b. 21st December, 1832, and

Sarah Hargreaves, b. 1st June, 1834. This gentleman, one of the most eminent merchants of Liverpool, is an alderman of that borough.



John, b. 21st May, 1788, m. first,
Isabella Patrick, and has issue,

Alexander, b. 13th January, 1815.

Mr. John Brown, married, secondly,
9th September, 1823, Miss Grace
Brown, and has by her two daughters,

ters, Rose-Ann and Mary.
James, b. 4th February, 1791, m. Louisa
Kirkland, and has issue,
George-Davison, b. 25th August,

James-Alexander, b. 23rd July,

1823. WILLIAM Brown, of the county of An

William-Benedict, b. 23rd April, trim, had three sons,

1825. John, of the city of London, insurance

Sarah. broker, d. leaving two children, a

Mary-Louisa. son and daughter, who both have

Margaret. families.

Mr. James Brown married, secondly, ALEXANDER, of whom presently.

14th September, 1831, Maria Stewart, of Baltimore, merchant, who and has by her one son, George

married twice, and had issue by both Hunter, and one daughter, Maria.

Mr. Brown died in Baltimore, 6th April, The second son,

1834, and was succeeded by his eldest son, Alexander Brown, esq. leaving his na the present WILLIAM Brown, esq. of Brautive country towards the close of the year don, in Warwickshire, and of Richmond 1800, settled as a general merchant at Balti- Hill, Lancashire. more, in Maryland, and associated with him his four sons, whom he had sent to England Arms-Gu. a chev, or, between two lions' to be educated. Mr. Brown married 17th gambs in chief arg. and four hands conjoined June, 1783, Grace, daughter of John Davi- in base of the second; on a chief engrailed son, esq. and had issue,

gold, an eagle displayed sa. WILLIAM, his heir.

Crest-A lion's gamb erect, and erased, George, b. 17th April, 1707, now resid- arg. holding a hand ppr.

ing in Baltimore, m. 17th December, Motto-Est concordia fratrum.
1818, Isabella Maclanigan, and has Estates- In the counties of Lancaster and

Warwick. The lordship of Brandon, in the Alexander-Davison, b. 30th May, latter shire, was recently purchased from 1823.

the Marquis of Hastings, by WILLIAM George-Stewart, b. 7th May, 1834. Brown, esq. Isabella.

Seat-Richmond Hill, near Liverpool.

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BULLOCK, OF SHIPDHAM. BULLOCK, DIANA, CATHERINE, MARY, and SUSANNA, of Shipdham, in the county of Norfolk; an estate which, with other lands in the same shire, they inherited as CO-HEIRS at the decease of their father, the Rev. Colby Bullock, 28th September, 1817. The youngest co-heir, SUSANNA, M. 20th June, 1820, the Rev. WilLIAM GERLING, of Scarning, in Norfolk, a magistrate of that county, and has issue,

William Gerling, b. 4th November, 1825.
Diana Gerling
Mary Gerling


Miss Mary Fleade, and died 8th February, 1740, aged sixty-four, leaving three sons and two daughters,

1. Thomas, his heir, of whom presently. II. Colby, in holy orders, rector of Ship

dham, who m. Elizabeth (she d. s. p. 7th February, 1790) daughter and coheiress of the Rev. Thomas Townshend,t rector of Tacolneston and Shipdham, by Elizabeth, daughter of the Rev. Samuel Needham,I rector of West Bradenham, Norfolk, and sister and sole heiress of the Rev. Peter Needham, D.D. rector of Stanwick, Northamptonshire. The Rev. Colby

Bullock d. s. p. 16th November, 1804.

III. Robert, died an infant, 6th May, In the 12th of Henry VI. anno 1434, the

1739. name of John BULLOCK, esq. occurs, among 1. Mary, m. Edward Sharpin, M.D. of those returned as gentlemen of Norfolk, Transham, Norfolk, and had issue, and in the year 1617, we find another JOHN

1. Edward Sharpin, in holy orders, BULLOCK, who left a donation to the parish

m. Ann, daughter of Taylor, of Shipdham. (See BLOOMFIELD's Norfolk).

esq. of Lynn, and had issue. WILLIAM BULLOCK, esq. of Shipdham, died

2. Mary Sharpin, m. first, to George in 1673, aged seventy, and was succeeded

Hogge, esq. of Lynn, and had an by his son and heir,

only child, Thomas Hogge, died THOMAS BULLOCK, esq. of Shipdham, who

11th April, 1781, aged eleven ; married Mary, eldest daughter and co-heir

secondly, to James Hewett, esq. of ess of William Llewellin, esq. an alderman

Holt, Norfolk, who d. s. p. 30th of the city of London, by whom, who died

March, 1799. She d. 21st July, 1st November, 1683, he had three sons and

1818, aged seventy-five. one daughter,* viz.

3. Susanna Sharpin, m. the Rev. 1. THOMAS, of Shipdham, eldest son and

Stephen Allen, minister of St. heir, d. s. p. 1736.

Margaret's, Lynn, and rector of 11. WILLIAM, of Stenston Hall, of whom

Wickmere, and had issue. presently.

Dr. Sharpin d. 27th December, 1782, III. Robert, who left an only child, Ro

aged seventy bert; he d. s. p. 1715.

II. Diana, m. to Henry Loftus, esq. of J. Diana, m. first to John Lane, esq. Sackville-street, Dublin, member in who died December, 1732; and, se

the Irish Parliament for Fethard, condly, to William Clemence, esq. &c. They both died in 1792, having She d. s. p. 12th May, 1739.

had issue, The second son,

1. Thomas Lostus, esq. M.P. m. WILLIAM Bullock, of Stenston Hall, m.

Mary, daughter of the Rev. Dr.

Who succeeded in September, 1729, to the property of Sir Thomas Colby, bart. the only son and heir of Elizabeth, the second daughter and coheiress of Alderman Llewellin. March, 1715.

+ A descendant of Thomas, fifth son of Sir Roger Townshend, knt. of Raenham.

# A descendant of the family of Needham, Viscount Kilmany, since created Earls of Kilmory.

He died 20th


Palliser, of Palliser Park, Rath third son of Guy Lloyd, esq. of the farnham, county of Dublin, and county of Roscommon.

She d. s. p. d. s. p. 24th January, 1792.

17th July, 1835, aged eighty-seven. 2. William Loftus, general in the III. Elizabeth, m. the Rev.John Beaver,

army, colonel of the 2nd Dragoon rector of Scarning, Norfolk, and ne-
Guards, and lientenant of the phew of the first baronet of that name.
Tower of London. He m. first, She d. s. p. 28th April, 1799, aged
Margaret, daughter and co-heir-

ess of M. King, esq. of Lisson, The third son,
in the county of Dublin ; and The Rev. COLBY BULLOCK, of Shipdham,
secondly, Lady Elizabeth Town- who sncceeded to that and other estates in
shend, dau. of George, first Mar- Norfolk, was a magistrate and deputy-lieu-
quess Townshend; and left issue tenant of that county. He m. Elizabeth,
by both marriages. General daughter of Capel Brengloe, esq. of Hing-
Loftus d. 15th July, 1831, aged ham, whose mother was Elizabeth, sister

and co-beir of George Bedell, esq. of Wood3. Arthur Loftus, in holy orders, rising, Norfolk, a descendant of the family

m. Ellen, daughter of Sir Duke of Sir Capel Bedell, bart. of HuntingdonGifford, bart. of Castle Jordon, shire. The Rev. Colby Bullock d. 28th county of Meath. He d. in 1791, September, 1817, leaving four daughters, leaving three sons.

1. DIANA, 4. Diana Loftus, died young.


his co-heirs. (See Loftus of Kilbridge, vol. i. p. 212). II. Mary, The eldest son,

IV. Susanna, Thomas BULLOCK, esq. resided at Hingham Hall, and succeeded to the estates. He Arms—Gules between a chev. erm. three m. Catherine, daughter and sole heiress of bulls' heads caboshed arg. armed or, quarJohn Barney, esq.* of Lynn, by his first terly with BERNEY, TOWNSHEND, BALDOCK, wife, Catherine, second daughter of George Bacon and FLEWELYN. Townshend, esq. of Wretham, by Mary, Estates-Norfolk. daughter of Sir Robert Baldocket knt. and

heiress of her brother, Robert Baldock, esq.
Mr. Bullock died in Noveniber, 1768, leav-
ing four sons and three daughters,
1. Thomas, d. an infant.

Townshend of Wretham.
II. Flewelyn, died unmarried.
IIJ. Colby, in holy orders, of whom pre-

Sir Roger TOWNSHEND, knt. of Rainham,
sently, heir to the Townshends of judge in the Common Pleas, knighted by
Wretham, and also to Bacqueville HENRY VII. (constituted by RICHARD III.
Bacon, esq. of Hockham, third son of and the patent renewed by HENRY VII.) m.
Sir Nicholas Bacon, bart.

Ann, daughter and co-heir of Sir William iv. Thomas, m. Catherine, daughter of Brews, of Wenham, in the county of SufMorris, esq.

folk, by whom he had six sons and six 1. Catherine, died unmarried.

daughters, viz. II. Diana, m. the Rev. Henry Lloyd,

1. Roger, d. s. p. in 1551.
IT. JOHN, ancestor of the present MAR-

QUIS TOWNSHEND. (See family of BARNEY, barts.)

. Robert, ancestor of the family, late + See family of BALDOCK ; BLOOMFIELD's Nor

of Brackmash, Norfolk, and the famifolk). Sir Robert Baldock, knt. m. Mary, daughter and co-beir of Bacqueville Bacon, third son of

lies of Shropshire and Gloucester

shire, Sir Nicholas Bacon, bart. of Redgrave, Suffolk. Richard Baldock, of Necketon, owned a good

George, who by the daughter of Sir estate in 1262 and in 1683. Sir Robert Baldock,

Richard Thurston, knight, sheriff for knt. was appointed king's sergeant, by patent, and

London in 1516, had issue a being an active man in King James II.'s time, he

Gyles. was one of the King's counsel at the trial of the v. Thomas, ancestor of the families late seven bishops, in 1688. In the same year he was of Testerton and Wretham, of whom made one of the justices of the King's Bench. presently. Sir Robert built a house called Tacolnston Hall, in vi. Gyles. which he resided. (See Tacolneston parish, BLOOMFIEI D's Norfobk, vol. iii.)

1. Thomasin, m. to Sir Thomas Wode§ His mother was sole heiress to her cousin

house, knt. of Kimberly. Elizabeth, daughter of the Rev. Thomas Town

II. Ann, m. to Ralph Castell, esq. of shend, and wife of his uncle, the Rev. Colby Bul

Raveningham. (See BloomFIELD). lock, rector of Shipdham. (See TOWNSHEND of

m. to Philip Cressoner, esq. Wretham and Woodrising).

of Attleburgh.

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