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1747. He m. 6th May, 1693, Sarah,s daughter of Ambrose Crowley, esq.

of Stourbridge, and had issue, 1. CHARLEs, b. 16th November, 1697, d. 3rd November, 1767; m. 14th April, 1723, Jane, dau. of Richard and Sarah Wilkins, of Thornbury, and by her, who was born 19th August, 1707, had CHARLes-Exton, of Dolobran, b. 24th March, 1726, who d. in France, 18th December,


James, b. 15th November, 1743, who d. unm. 5th November, 1787. At the period of his decease he was a winemerchant at Coventry, having sold the Dolobran estate in 1710, which was bequeathed to him by his brother, Charles Exton Lloyd.

Jane, b. 24th November, 1728, m. to Lewis Owen, esq. of Tytha y Gareek, near Dollgelle, and had issue, Owen Owen, Charles Owen, Humphrey Owen, and Jane Owen, m. to John Lewis, esq. of Haverfordwest, and had several children, one of whom Sarah, m. H. Knight, esq. of London. Mary, b. 27th March, 1730, d. 21st June, 1753. Sarah, b. 6th April, 1732, m. to Thomas Robinson, of Coventry, and d. in 1816. Elizabeth, b. 28th March, 1734, m. first, to Edward Evans, of Welchpool, and secondly, to Oliver Jones, of the same place. Hannah, b. 21st June, 1735, m. to Robert Perkins, esq. of London, and had a daughter, Jane Lloyd Perkins, m. to Richard Harford, esq. of Elbevale, near Bristol, and had issue. Phoebe, i. 13th March, 1738, d. 20th February, 1747. Susannah, b. 26th April, 1739, d. 15th July, 1766.

2. Sarah, b. 7th August, 1694, m. 1719, to John England, esq. of Bridgnorth, and had issue, John, d. unm.; Charles, who m. Sarah,

f Her brother, Sir Ambrose Crowley, had a daughter, Elizabeth, m. in March 1724-5, to John, tenth Lord St. John, of Bletshoe, and her brother, John Crowley, had a daughter, m. in 1756, to John, Earl of Ashburnham.

daughter of John Gulson, esq. but had no child. 3. Elizabeth, died in infancy. II. SAMPso N, of whose line we have to treat. The second son, SAMpson Lloyd, esq. b. 26th February, 1664, m. first, in 1658, Elizabeth, daughter of Sybill Good, esq. and by her, who d. 10th April, 1692, had issue, 1. Elizabeth, b. 8th January, 1687, d. 30th March, 1697. ii. Sarah, b. 12th January, 1689, m. in 1713, John Gulson, esq. of Coventry, and had 1. William Gulson, b. 6th August, 1718. 2. John Gulson, b. 29th July, 1730, who had two sons, John, b. in 1761, and Joseph, b. 22nd November, 1769. The latter m. Sarah, daughter of E. Lythall, esq. and had one son and two daughters, viz. Edward, of Wick House, Abingdon, senior assistant poor law commissioner, b. 13th November, 1794, on. Anne Cooke, daughter of — Heywood, esq. and has issue, John-Reynolds, Sarah, and Helen-Mary.

Mary, m. to S. Burlingham, esq. of Worcester.

Sarah, m. to John Bradley, esq. of Worcester.

1. Elizabeth Gulson, b. 11th July, 1714, m. to John Fowler, esq. 2. Mary Gulson, b. 20th September, 1716, m. to John Harris, esq. of Branghurst, Hants. 3. Sarah Gulson, b. in 1720, m. to Charles England, esq. 4. Anne Gulson, b. 19th August, 1722. iii. Anne, b. 27th February, 1690, m. to B. Stretch, esq. of Bristol. iv. Mary, b. 28th February, 1691, d. 16th August, 1731. Sampson Lloyd married, secondly, in 1695, Mary, daughter of Ambrose Crowley, esq. and by her, who was born 15th September, 1677, had issue, 1. CHARLEs, b. 31st December, 1696, m. Sarah, daughter of Benjamin Careless, esq. and died 12th February, 1741, leaving Charles, b. 26th May, 1724, d. in 1760. Benjamin, b. 8th October, 1727, died in 1804, leaving one child, Sarah, who m. in 1788, William Brewin, and had a son, Charles, who m. in 1832, Sophia, daughter of Samuel Galton, esq. of Duddeston Hall, Warwickshire, a banker in Birmingham. 11. Ambrose, b. 18th January, 1698, d. 11th February, 1742, leaving a dau. Anna, m. to Alfred Lloyd, esq. her cousin. 111. SAM pson, of whom presently. The third son, SAMPsox Lloyd, esq. a banker in Birmingham, b. 15th May, 1699, married, first, 29th September, 1727, Sarah, daughter of Richard Parkes, esq. of Old Park, near Wednesbury, Staffordshire, and had by her 1. SAMPson, of Bordesley, in the county of Warwick, b. 2nd August, 1728, who m. Rachael, daughter of Samuel Barnes, esq. of London, and by her, who d. in 1814, left at his decease, 27th December, 1807, 1. SAM pson, b. in 1765, m. Hannah, daughter of – Harman, esq. of London, and d. leaving a son, Sampson, deceased. 2. SAMUEL, of Bordesley, in Warwickshire, a banker in Birmingham, b. in 1768, m. in 1791, Rachael, daughter of George Braithwaite, esq. of Kendal, in Westmoreland, and has issue, GEorg e-BRAITH waite, a banker in Birmingham, b. 5th January, 1794, m. Mary, daughter of John P. Dearman, esq. of Birmingham, and has issue, Sampson-Samuel, b. 10th November, 1820. George-Braithwaite, born 15th October, 1824. Samuel, an iron-master at Wednesbury, b. 20th July, 1795, m. in 1823, Mary, daughter of — Honychurch, esq. of Falmouth, and has issue, Samuel. Joseph-Foster. Wilson. Rachael-Jane. Mary. Amy-Elizabeth. Sarah. William, a physician in Birmingham, b. 10th February, 1798. Barnes, died in infancy. Isaac, b. 30th May, 1801, m. Mary, daughter of . Isaac Rigge, esq. of Kendal, and has issue, John-Sanderson. Henry. Edward.

Theodore, born 15th October, 1806, m. Anna, widow of Cornelius Ash, esq. of Bewd ley, and has a son, Theodore b. in 1834.

Sampson, b. 7th June, 1808.

Wilson, b. 9th February, 1811, d. 3rd September, 1835.

Deborah, m. to George Stacey, esq. of Tottenham, Middlesex, and has issue. Rachael, m. to Robert, son of Luke Howard, esq. of Tottenham, and has issue. Sarah, m. to Alfred Fox, esq. of Falmouth, and has issue. 3. David, a banker, at Hailsworth, in Suffolk, b. 12th September, 1769, m. first, Mary-Elizabeth, o of John Hanbury, esq. of Coggeshall, which lady d. in 1829, and, secondly, Miss Day, daughter of Day, esq. 4. Richard, b. 6th June, 1772, m. Elizabeth, daughter of J. Harman, esq. and had issue, Richard-Harman, b. 10th February, 1807, m. IsabellaMary, daughter of William Borrodaile, esq. of Balham, in Surrey.

Elizabeth-Beatrice, b. 7th November, 1798, m. to Richard Alsager, esq. M.P. for East Surrey. Frances. Charlotte, m. to the Rev. G. Echalez, of Appleby. 5. Alfred, a banker in Birmingham, b. 9th November, 1780, m. Anna, daughter of Ambrose Lloyd, esq. and has issue, Alfred, b. in 1811. Edgar, b. in 1815. Hubert, b. in 1820. Ambrose, b. in 1823. George, b. in 1825.

Ellen. 6. Henry, a banker in London, b. 30th December, 1784. 7. George, b. 3rd May, 1786, a captain in the 3rd Light Dragoons, d. in 1832.

1. Mary, d. 16th May, 1816. 2. Sarah, m. to Joseph Foster, esq. of Bromley House, Essex, and has issue. 3. Rachael, m. to W. P. Summerfield, esq. of Alleslry, in Warwickshire, and has issue. 4. Elizabeth, m. to John Biddle, esq. late of Neach Hill, Shropshire, now of Leamington, and

has a daughter, Rachael, m. to George Lloyd, M.D. of Albrighton. 5. Anne, m. to W. P. Summerfield, esq. and has, with other issue, Sampson Summerfield, a banker at Shiffnal. 6. Agatha, m. to Joseph Biddle, esq. of Birmingham. 7. Charlotte, m. to Thomas Phelps, esq. of Dublin, and has a son, Joseph Lloyd Phelps. 8. Catherine, m. to George Birkbeck, esq. F.R.S. a physician in London, and has a son, William Lloyd Birkbeck, barrister-atlaw. 9. Lucy, d. young. Sampson Lloyd married secondly, 17th September, 1731, Rachael, daughter of Nehemiah Champion, esq. of Bristol, and by her (who was born 30th March, 1712, and died 16th September, 1756,) had (with other children, who d. in infancy,) 11. Nehemiah, b. 16th January, 1745, d. 22nd February, 1801. 111. CHARLEs, of whom presently. iv. John, banker in London, b. 6th January, 1750, d. 22nd January, 1811, m. Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Corbyn, esq. of Laytonstone, Essex, merchant in London, and had issue, 1. Corbyn, a banker in London, b. 26th January, 1785; d. in 1828; m. Emily, daughter of J. Atlee, esq. of Wandsworth, and has three daughters, Emily, Rosaline, and Bertha. 2. Edmund, b. 25th January, 1787, d. at Madeira. 3. Ambrose, b. 22nd March, 1789, deceased. 4. Mark, b. 17th December, 1790, lieutenant in the Scots Greys. 5. Llewellyn, of Lapp Cottage, Dalecarlia, Sweden, author of “Field Sports in the North of England,” b. 27th July, 1792. 6. Joseph, of Lambeth, b. 11th August, 1796.

1. Rachael. 2. Lucy, m. to Halsey Janson, esq. of Stamford Hill, Middlesex, and has issue, Edward, b. 17th November, 1808, Henry, Louisa, Mary-Elizabeth, Emma, Clara, and Lucy-Matilda. 3. Elizabeth. v. Ambrose, b. 24th February, 1754; d. 16th July, 1787; m. Elizabeth, daughter of John Talwin, esq. of Royston, in Herefordshire, and had a daughter, Anna, m. to her cousin Alfred

Lloyd, esq. of Goldicot House, Warwickshire, and has issue.

1. Mary, b. 12th October, 1736; d. 18th November, 1770; m. 18th January, 1757, Osgood Hanbury, esq. of Holfield Grange, near Coggeshall, in Essex, and had issue, 1. John Osgood Hanbury, b. 23rd November, 1757; d. 23rd July, 1773. 2. Sampson Hanbury, died in infancy. 3. Osgood Hanbury, of Holfield Grange, Essex, a banker in Lon— don, b. 15th June, 1765, m. Susannah-Willett, daughter of John Barclay, esq. a banker in London, and has issue, Osgood, of Tulse Hill, a banker in London, b. 2nd July, 1794, m. Eleanor, daughter of W. Hall, esq. and has two sons and two daughters. Robert, of the firm of Truman, Hanbury, Buxton, and Co. brewers in London, m. and has issue. Henry, b. 30th June, 1798. Sampson, deceased. Arthur, b. in 1801, rector of Bewars. Philip, a banker in London, b. 30th June, 1802.

Susan, m. to Robert Field, esq. and has issue. Anna. Rachael, m. to Robert Barclay, esq. of Clapham, son of Charles Barclay, esq. M.P. and has issue. Mary. 4. Charles Hanbury, of Halsted, in Essex, a banker at Bury, Ipswich, b.26th September, 1766, m. the daughter of John Bland, esq. and d. in 1825, leaving issue, of whom Priscilla m. W. P. Honywood, esq. M. P. for Kent. 5. Richard Hanbury, b. 23rd November, 1767; d. 23rd May, 1768. 6. Sampson Hanbury, of Poles Hall, Herts, a brewer in London (Truman, Hanbury, Buxton, and Co.), . b. 12th March, 1769; d. in August, 1835; m. Agatha, daughter of Richard Gurney, esq. of Norwich, and sister of Hudson Gurney, esq. of Keswick Hall, in Norfolk, M.P. for Newton.

1. Anna Hanbury, m. 12th February, 1782, Thomas Fowell Buxtom, esq. of Berkensted Hall, in . Hertfordshire, and had a son, Thomas Fowell Buxton, esq. M.P. for Weymouth. 2. Rachael Hanbury, m. Richard Gurney, esq. M.P. for Norwich, and d. 1st June, 1825, leaving issue (see vol. i.). 3. Mary Hanbury, b. 24th August, 1770; d. in 1829; m. to her cousin David Lloyd, esq. of Kenilworth. 11. Rachael, m. to David Barclay, esq. brewer in London, (Barclay, Perkins, and Co.) and d. 2nd June, 1809. Sampson Lloyd's second son by his second marriage, CHAR les Lloyd, esq. of Birmingham, b. 22nd August, 1748, inherited by bequest his brother Nehemiah's estates in Warwickshire. He m. Mary, only daughter of James Farmer, esq. of Bingley House, Birmingham, and by her (who was born 23rd December, 1750, and d. 9th December, 1821,) had issue, 1. CHARLEs, his heir. 11. James, of Bingley House, in the commission of the peace for the county of Warwick, b. 16th March, 1776, m. 14th July, 1802, Sarah, daughter of Francis Hart, esq. of Nottingham, and has issue, 1. FRANcis, b. 25th June, 1803, high bailiff of Birmingham in 1833, a magistrate for Warwickshire, and an officer in the county yeomanry. 2. James, b. 15th March, 1806, a merchant at Gloster, m. Elmira, daughter of J. Page, esq. 3. Charles, of Birmingham, b. 9th March, 1807. 4. William - Reynolds, b. 30th March, 1808, a merchant at Gloster. 5. Nehemiah, of Birmingham, b. 9th August, 1810. 6. Thomas, b. 16th September, 1814. 1. Priscilla, b. 7th March, 1805. . Robert, b. 10th December, 1778, m. Hannah, daughter of Francis Hart, esq. of Nottingham, and d. 26th October, 1811, leaving issue, I. Robert, b. 2nd March, 1811. 1. Hannah, b. 11th March, 1805. 2. Mary, m. 5th May, 1832, to the Rev. John Geddes Crosbie, of Fenwick Manse, in Ayrshire, and has issue. 3. Sarah. iv. Thomas, a merchant in Birmingham, b. 5th November, 1779, m. Susannah, daughter of John Whitehead, esq. of Carford, in Warwickshire, a

banker in Warwickshire, and by her (who resides at the Brandies, Beddington, Surrey,) left at his decease, 28th December, 1811, three daughters, viz. Anne, b. 2nd July, 1806. Susan, b. 9th March, 1808. Agatha, m. to George Esgstrom, esq. a Swedish merchant in London. v. Plumstead, of London, b. 7th October, 1780, m. first, Frances-Isabella, daughter of J. Betenson, esq. of Ipswich, and by her (who d. 18th September, 1816,) has surviving isSue, 1. Mary-Elizabeth, m. to her cousin Edward Lloyd, esq. 2. Emma. 3. Isabella, m. to Henry Russell, esq. of Toronto, Upper Canada. Mr. Plumstead Lloyd m. secondly, Jane, daughter of John Howell, esq. and has by her a daughter, Jane-Howell.

. Priscilla, m. the Rev. Christopher Wordsworth, D.D. formerly dean of Bocking, and present master of Trinity College, Cambridge, author of the “Ecclesiastic Biography,” &c. brother of William Wordsworth, the poet, and has issue, 1. John Wordsworth, b. 1st July, 1805, fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge. - 2. Charles Wordsworth, scholar of Christ Church, Oxford, second master of Winchester College, b. 22nd February, 1806, m. Charlotte, daughter of the Rev. J. 1)ay. 3. Christopher Wordsworth, fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, late public orator of the university, and head master of Harrow, b. 30th October, 1807. 11. Olivia, m. to Paul Moon James, esq. of Wake Green, Worcestershire, a magistrate for that county, a banker in Birmingham, and high bailiff in 1834. 111. Mary, m. to George Braithwaite, esq. of Kendal, and d. 22nd November, 1822, leaving issue, 1. George Braithwaite, b. 21st July, 1810. 2. Thomas Braithwaite, b. 1st May, 1816. 3. Samuel Braithwaite, b. 25th April, 1820. 4. James Braithwaite, b. 25th April, 1820.

1. Mary Braithwaite, m. to Alfred II ingeston. M. D. of Plymouth.

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Thomas Lloyd, third son of Charles Lloyd, esq. of Dolobran, by Elizabeth, his wife, dau. of Thomas Stanley, of Knuckyn, in Salop, had by his first wife, 1. Mordecai, b. in 1669, lost at sea in 1694. 11. John, b. in 1671, d. in Jamaica unmarried. 111. Thomas, m. Sarah Young, and had issue, 1. Peter, who m. Mary Martin, and had a son, Thomas, who m. Mary Laurence, and had PeterZachary Lloyd, d. unm.; Thomas, lost at sea in 1778, unm.; and Charles, d. unm. . Thomas, who m. Susan Owen, and had - . Sarah, m. to W. Moore, and had Thomas L. Moore, who m. L. Stamper, and had two daughters, Mary Moore, m. to Richard Willing, and Elizabeth Moore, m. to M. Warbois. Susan, m. to Thomas Wharton, and had Lloyd Wharton, d. unm., Hannah Wharton, Moore Wharton, and Sarah Wharton. .

3. Mordecai, m. Hannah Fulbourn, and had a daughter, Hannah, who m. James Pemberton, and was mother of Rachael Pemberton, who m. Thomas Parke, and had two sons and a daughter,

viz. Thomas Parke, JamesPemberton Parke, and Hannah Parke.

1. Mary, d. unm. 1. Hannah, b. in 1666, m. first to J. Delavall, of Philadelphia; and secondly to Richard Hill, but d. s. p. Rachael, b. in 1667, m. George Purton, and had 1. Margaret Purton, who m. Richard Moor, and had issue, Samuel-Purton Moor, m. Hannah Hill. Richard-Mordecai Moor, m. Eliza Coleman. Thomas Moor, m. S. Emlin. Charles Moor, m. Mary Hill. 2. Hannah Purton, who m. Samuel Carpenter, and had issue, Samuel Carpenter, married in Jamaica. Purton Carpenter, Hannah Smith.

Hannah Carpenter, m. to S. Shoemaker, and had a son, Benjamin, who m. Elizabeth Warner, and had a daughter, Emma, m. first to Robert Morris, and secondly to John Bloodgood. 111. Mary, b. in 1674, m. Isaac Norris, and d. in 1748, leaving issue to survive her, 1. Isaac Norris, m. Sarah Logan, and d. in 1766, leaving a daughter, Mary, m. to John Dickenson, and had issue. 2. Charles Norris, m. Mary Parkes, and d. in 1766, having had issue, Isaac, d. unm. in 1802. Joseph-Parkes Norris, governor of the Bank of Pennsylvania, m. Elizabeth Hill Fox, and had issue, Charles, m. Dorothea Clapier, and had Lewis Clapier Norris, and Joseph-Parkes Norris. Joseph-Parkes, m. C. Thomson, and has issue, Anne, Elizabeth, and Richard. Samuel. Isaac. Thomas-Lloyd. George-Washington. Henry.


Mary-Parkes, m. to W.

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