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HENEAGE, GEORGE-FIESCHI, esq. of Hainton, in the county of Lincoln, b. 22nd November, 1800, m. 16th January, 1833, Frances, daughter of Michael Tasburgh, esq. of Burghwallis, in Yorkshire.

Mr. Heneage, who succeeded his father 16th June, 1833, is a deputy-lieutenant for the county of Lincoln.


II. Thomas.
III. John, of London.
1. Anne, m. to John Thorowgood, of

The eldest son,

William Heneage, of Hainton, married two wives; by the second, Joan, daughter of John Diggs, he had a daughter, Ethelred; and by the first, Margaret, daughter of William Cawood, he had two sons,

1. John, his heir.
11. Robert, auditor of the Duchy of

Lancaster, and surveyor of the Queen's
Woods beyond the Trent. He m.
first, Lucy, daughter and co-heir of
Ralph Burton, esq. of. Hemswell, in

the county of York; and secondly, The period of the first settlement of the Margaret, widow of Sir Henry family of Heneage in Lincolnshire may be Strangwayes, knt. and daughter of nearly defined by the circumstance of Sir George Manners, Lord Roos. Of the Robert de Heneage being witness, together latter marriage there was no issue, with Sir Richard de Angemine (of the same but by his first wife he left at his decounty) and several others, to a grant of cease 4th July, 1556, (being buried lands from Nicholas Basset to the monks of with her in St. Catherine Cree Church, Brucria. The deed, a very short one, is London,) four sons and two daughaddressed to Robert, Bishop of Lincoln,

ters, viz. and all the sons of the church setting forth

1. Thomas (Sir), who was knight the grant. This document is without date,

of the shire for the county of but must have been either in the time of

Lincoln in the parliament held Robert Bloet, who was chancellor to WIL

at Westminster in 8 ELIZABETH. LIAM Rufus, or of Robert Chesney, conse

He was also captain of her macrated in the 13th King STEPHEN; for, when

jesty's guards, treasurer of her Robert Grosshead was made Bishop of Lin

chamber, vice-chamberlain of coln in 1235, the dating of deeds was in use.

her household, chancellor of the JOHN DE HENEAGE (son of Sir William

Duchy of Lancaster, and one of de Heneage, knt. grandson of Walter de

the privy council. Sir Thomas Heneage, and great-grandson of John de

possessed Copt Hall, at that Heneage, living temp. Henry III.) appears

period the noblest house in Esby deed to have been possessed of the manor

sex, and was lord of the manor of Haynton, in Lincolnshire, 10 EDWARD

of Brightlingsea, in the same III. That estate was, however, subsequently

county. He m. Anne, daughter sold, and passed into the possession of Lord

of Sir Nicholas Poyntz, of Iron De la Ware, but was re-purchased in the

Acton, in Gloucestershire, by 21 Richard II. of John, Lord De la Ware,

Joan, his wife, daughter of Thoby John de Heneage's son,

mas, Lord Berkeley, and dying John Heneage, of Hainton, who married

17th October, 1594, left an only Alice, daughter of Walter Goddard, of

daughter and heiress, Swetesham, in Norfolk, and had, with other

ELIZABETH, m. to Sir Moyle issue, a son and successor,

Finch, bart. of Eastwell, in WILLIAM HENEAGE, of Hainton, who m.

Kent. Her ladyship surGrace, daughter of Stamford, and had

vived her husband, and was issue,

created VISCOUNTESS 1. WILLIAM, his heir.

MAIDSTONE in 1623, and


Countess of WINCHELSEA , Catherine, m. to William Ascough,) two in 1628. From this lady sons, Thomas (Sir), his heir; and George lineally descends

(Sir), who m. Mary, dau. of John Bussy. George Finch-HATTON, The elder son,

present EARL OF WIN Sir Thomas HENEAGE, knt. of Hainton, CHELSEA. (See Burke's espoused Barbara, daughter of Sir Thomas Peerage and Baronet- Guilford, knt. of Leamstead, in Kent, and age.)

had four sons and two daughters, viz.
2. Michael, appointed keeper of 1. GEORGE (Sir), his heir.

the Records in the Tower of II. Guilford.
London in 1581, buried in the III. Henry.

cathedral cburch of St. Paul's. IV. William.
3. Robert.
4. Edward.

1. Mary, m. to Andrew Boyd, of Scot

land. 1. Margaret, m. to Andrew Billes

11. Jane, m. to Patrick Plunkett, Lord by, of Billesby, living in 1562.

Dunsany. 2. Mary.

The eldest son, The eldest son,

Sir George HENEAGE, knt. of Hainton, John Hensage, esq. of Hainton, married wedded Elizabeth, daughter of Francis Elizabeth, daughter and heir of John Pres- Tresham, of Rushton, in Northamptonshire, ton, of Sothereston, in Lincolnshire, and and was s. by his son, dying in 1477, was succeeded by his son,

GEORGE HENEAGE, esq. of Hainton, who JOHN HENEAGE, esq. of Hainton, who m.

m. Faith, daughter of Sir Philip Tyrwhitt, Katherine, daughter of Thomas Wymbush, of Stainfield, and was succeeded by his son, of Nocton, and had four sons and a daugh

GEORGE HENEAGE, esq. of Hainton, who ter, viz. 1. Thomas (Sir), who m. Katherine, Thomas Kemp, esq. of Selindon, in Sussex,

m. Mary, only daughter and beiress of daughter of Sir John Skipwith, knt. and was father of and left an only daughter and heiress,

George HENEAGE, esq. of Hainton. This ELIZABETH, m. to William, first gentleman espoused Elizabeth, daughter of Lord Willoughby, of Parham.

Sir Henry Hunloke, bart. of Wingeworth, 11. John.

by Catherine, his wife, daughter and heir of II. George.

Francis Tyrwhitt, esq. of Kettleby, and had IV. Robert.

six sons and two daughters. He was s. at

his decease by his eldest son, 1. Margaret, m. to John Bohun, of

THOMAS-HENRY HEneage, esq. of HainDryby. The second son,

ton, who m. first, 14th July, 1728, AnnaJohn Heneage, esq. who inherited Hain- Count' De Lavagna, in Genoa, by whom he

Maria, only daughter of Roboaldo Fieschi, ton from his brother, Sir Thomas Heneage, had issue, knt. married Anne, daughter and sole heir of Edward Cope, esq. of Helmeden, in

George-Fieschi, his heir. Northamptonshire, and had issue,

Elizabeth-Maria. 1. John, of Kirkby, who m. Jane, dau. He espoused, secondly, Katherine, eldest

of Ludovick Wingfield, esq. of the daughter of John Francis Newport, esq. of Isle of Wight, and had three daugh- St. John's, Pelham, in Herts, by whom he ters,

had issue,
Mary, m. to Roger Dakins.

Catherine, m. to John Chilton.

Anne, in. to William Biesby. The eldest son and successor,
11. GEORGE (Sir), of Hainton, m. Eliza-

George-Fieschi Hentage, esq. of Hainbeth, daughter and sole heir of Sir Richard Southwell, but d. s. p.

ton, married 18th September, 1755, the Hon. III. WILLIAM, of whom presently.

Catherine Petre, eldest daughter of Robert

James, Lord Petre, and had issue, 1. Mary, m. first, to Thomas Andrews; GEORGE-ROBERT, his heir.

and secondly, to Sir Robert Lane, of Thomas-Fieschi, b. in London 28th Horton.

September, 1771, m. in July, 1802, 11. Katherine, m. to John Hankford.

at St. George's, Hanover Square, the The third son,

Hon. Arabella Pelham, daughter of WILLIAM Hentage, esq. of Benworth, Charles, Lord Yarborough, and has married Anne, daughter and co-heir of issue, Ralph Fishbourne, of Fishbourne, in Dur

Charles-Fieschi, m. in August, ham, and had (with two daughters, Anne,

1827, Louisa, daughter of Lord m. to Nicholas Wilson, of Sheepwash ; and

Graves, and has issue,

1. Algernon.

of Lieut.-General George Ainslie, colonel 2. Cecil.

of the 13th regiment of foot, and had issue, 1. Mary.

GEORGE-Fieschi, his heir.
2. Louisa.


Frances-Anne, m. 11th November, 1826,

to Edward Howard, esq. of the 2nd Windsor.

Life Guards, nephew to the Duke of Arabella-Sophia, m. in December,

Norfolk. 1834, to George, third son of

Catherine, m. 19th December, 1833, to Charles Elwes, esq. of Billing,

William Beresford, esq. of the county Northamptonshire.

of Wicklow. Georgiana.

Mr. Heneage d. 16th June, 1833, and was s. Edward, b. in London 21st July, 1775.

by his elder son,

the present GEORGE-FIESCHI

HENEAGE, esq. of Hainton. Mary-Anne-Winifred, m. March, 1797, to F. Aicken, esq.

Arms—Or, a greyhound courant sa. beTeresa, m. in March, 1797, to John Carpenter, esq.

tween three leopards' heads az. a border en

grailed gu. Barbara, deceased. The eldest son,

Crest—A greyhound courant sa. George-Robert Heneage, esq. of Hain

Motto-Toujours firme. ton, b. in London 21st December, 1768, Estates-In the division of Lindsay, Linmarried at Richmond, in Surrey, 18th Au- colnshire. gust, 1798, Frances-Anne, second daughter Seat-Hainton, Lincolnshire.


GREAVES, JOHN, esq. of Irlam Hall, in the county of Lancaster, born 15th April, 1793, succeeded his father, the late John Greaves, esq. on the 10th December, 1815.

Mr. Greaves is a magistrate and deputy-lieutenant of the county of Lancaster, and major of the local militia. He is a patron of the fine arts, and his collections of pictures, coins, medals, and curiosities, have been chosen with great judgment, and are esteemed of considerable value.


of Greaves, was located in the county of Derby, so early as the time of Henry I. and remained there until the close of the seventeeth century, when its principal seat, that of Beely, was alienated to the house of Rutland. From the parent stock numerous branches diverged through the adjacent districts of Stafford and Lancaster, and acquired both opulence and distinction. (See vol. i. p. 386.)

The following descent is founded on the visitations for Derbyshire and family evidence.

John Greaves, of Greaves, in the county

of Derby, the first in the visitation, married A very ancient family* bearing the name Alice, daughter of William Boune,of Holme,

From the visitation of Derbyshire, in the College of Arms, the following descent of the early Johannes de les Grevis fil. Thom: fil. Egidii : founders of the family is extracted :

31 EDWARD III. Hugo le Grevis, vixit temp: Hen. III. The family derived its name from a place called

the Greaves or Greves, in the parish of Beeley, William le Grevis, filius Hugonis : EDWARD I. where they resided as early as the reign of HENRY

III. John Greaves, their descendant, in the reign

of Queen ELIZABETH, was a joint purchaser of the Egidius de le Grevis et Letitia uxor ejus. manor of Beeley, at which place they continued to

reside till about the year 1700. Thomas le Grevis, filius Egidii : EDWARD III.

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in the same county, and was succeeded by shire, * esq. of Polefield, in the parish of his eldest son,

Prestwich, and had issue, John Greaves, of Greaves, and of Bee John, his heir. ley, who married Ellen, daughter of John Thomas, died unm. in March, 1824. Slack, of Brough, in Derbyshire, and had Mary. issue,

Sarah, ed in infancy. 1. John, bis heir.

Mr. Greaves realized great wealth by 11. Richard, of Birchover, in Derby-commercial pursuits, and was a partner with

shire, m. Margaret, daughter of Henry the late Sir Robert Peel, bart. in the bankSupper, of Darley.

ing house of Peel, Greaves and Co., of ManIII. William.

chester, now the firm of Scholes, Tetlow and IV. Edward.

Co. Hed. 10th December, 1815, was buried v. Charles.

at Eccles, the 18th of that month, and was vi. Abraham.

succeeded by his elder son, the present JOHN 1. Mary.

Greaves, esq. of Irlam Hall. The eldest son,

Arms-Quarterly, First and fourth per salJohn Greaves, esq. of Greaves, Beeley, tier vert and gu. an eagle displayed or, holdand Woodhouse, living in 1634, wedded Do-ing in its beak a cross crosslet fitchee arg. rothy, daughter of George Allen, of Wood- for GREAVES; Second and third ermine, two house, and had eight sons and three daugh- bars engr. one az. the other gu. in chief three ters, viz.

red roses : op a canton of the third a lion 1. John, of Rowsley, in Derbyshire, passant or, for LANCASHIRE. These quarwho was father of

tered armorial ensigns have been duly regisJohn, of Stanton, in Derbyshire, tered at the College of Arms by the present

from whom descends the Derby- John Greaves, esq. of Irlam Hall (1836). shire family.

Crest-Out of battlements ppr. a demi 11. George.

eagle displayed or, wings gu. the breast II. Richard.

charged with the red rose, bolding in its IV. Gilbert.

beak a cross crosslet fitchée, arg. v. Robert.

Motto--Spes mea in Deo. vi. Roger.

Estates—In the counties of Lancaster, VII. Joseph, who left a son, Charles, of Middlesex, Surrey, Derby, and Chester. Woodhouse, living in 1713, who m.

Residence- The Crescent, Salford. Eliza, daughter of William Taylor, Seat-Irlam Hall, near Warrington.

esq. of Southwell. vill. Thomas, of whom presently.

* The family of Lancashire or Lancaster, has 1. Barbara, m. to Thomas Bagsbaw.

been seated in the palatinate from a very early peII. Ann.

riod, and is fully recorded in the Visitations. ui. Dorothy.

JAMES LANCASHIRE, esq. of Unsworth, in Prest

wich, married Miss Heaton, of Heaton Gate, in the The youngest son,

same parish, and was father of Thomas GREAVES, esq. of Hurlston Hall, in Lancashire, was father of three sons, John, who married Miss Clegg, of the ancient family of

John LANCASHIRE, esq. of Polefield, Prestwich, Thomas and William, of whom the eldest,

that name, and had issue, John Greaves, esq. of Shawe Hall, in 1. John, who d. leaving a son, John, who died Lancashire, purchased an estate and en intestate, without issue. tailed it on his descendants. He m. Han II. Ann, m. to Thomas Scholes, esq. of High nah, daughter of Langley, esq. of Age

Bank, Prestwich, and has issue, croft Hall, near Manchester, the represen

George Scholes, who inherits from his

cousin, John Lancashire, esq. that gentative of a very eminent family, and had two

tleman's property. sons, Thomas, his heir, and John, who hav

Thomas Scholes, an officer in the army, ing sold his property in England, settled

d. unm. in Jamaica, and there gained a considerable

Betsy Scholes, m. to Major Cole, of the fortune ; he died unmarried. The elder son,

Royal Marines. THOMAS GREAVES, esq. wedded Mary

Mary Scholes, m. to the Rev. Mr. FarBirch, related to the celebrated Colonel

quhar. Birch, the proprietor of very large estates

Sarah Scholes, m. to her cousin, John in the neighbourhood of Manchester, and had

Tetlow, esq. of Alkrington Hall. with two daughters, Amy, m. to R. Hall, esq.;

11. BETTY, m. to John Tetlow, esq. of Barton and Alice, m. to N. Hartley, esq. an only son,

Lodge, in Eccles, and had

Edmund Tetlow, d. unm. John. Mr. Greaves d. in 1793, was buried

John Tetlow, m. his cousin, Miss Scholes. at Eccles, and s. by his son,

William Tetlow. John Greaves, esq. of Irlam Hall, in the

iv. Mary, m. as in the text, to Joun GREAVES, county of Lancaster, who m. about the year

esq. of Irlam Hall. 1789, Mary, third daughter of John Lanca

V. SARAH, d. unmarried.

LLOYD, OF DOLOBRAN. LLOYD, CHARLES, esq. of Birmingham, in the county of Warwick, b. 12th Feb

ruary, 1775, m. 24th April, 1799, Sophia, daughter of
Samuel Pemberton, esq. of Birmingham, and has issue,

CHARLES-GROSVENOR, b. 31st July, 1800.
James-Farmer, b. 11th October, 1801, m. Juliania,

daughter of Ormsby, esq. and has with a daugh-
ter, a son, Charles-Arthur, born at Versailles 2nd

April, 1834.
Owen, b. 31st March, 1803, M. A. in holy orders, cu-

rate of Ambleside, and vicar of Langdale, West

moreland. Edward, b. 9th July, 1804, m. Mary-Elizabeth, daugh

ter of Plumstead Lloyd, esq. and had a daughter,

who d. in infancy. Arthur, b. 17th July, 1807, d. 18th May, 1810. Mary-Sophia, m. to William Thompson, esq. of Leam

ington, and has a daughter, Sarah-Sophia. Priscilla, m. to Charles Romain Millett, of Versailles,

and has a daughter, Sophia. Agatha, m. to Ernest Camille du Vallon, captain in

the French 8th Dragoons, and has issue.

Louisa. Mr. Lloyd succeeded his father in 1828.

Lineage. This family was established in the shire of daughter of Llewellyn ap Gwrgant, prince Montgomery so early as the middle of the of Morganwg and Glamorgan, and was ansixth century. From MEIRIG, the first on cestor oft record, descended *

LLEWELLYN AP Enion, of Lloydiarth, who ALETH, lord of Dyfed, who was living in married Llenci (or Lucy), daughter of Grifthe eleventh century. He m. Nest (Agnes), fith Lloyd, of Bromfield, in Flintshire, son

The intervening descent was as follows : of John ap Cynric Vyehan ap Cynric ap Llawarch Meirig, who was succeeded by his eldest son. ap Keilin, descended from Maerchweithian, chief Sawl.

of one of the fifteen tribes of Wales, and by her Lynam.

had a son, Owen Noel, of Pencelli, in South, and Llewelyn.

of Arwysth, in North Wales; m. secondly, Eva, Seissyltt.

daughter of Sir Aron ap Rys ap Bledri, knight of Lowarch.

the Sepulcbre. Sir Aron was a crusader under Collwyn, Prince of Demeca, or Dimetia, a tract Richard Cæur de Lion, and by that lady was faof country around Myvod, consisting of part of ther of Merionethshire and Montgomeryshire. He bore az. Cynddelw, m. Jane, daughter of Gwrwared, three cocks arg. armed, crested, and jilloped, or. Lord of Cemes, in South Wales. Gwyn, Prince of Dyfed.

Rivid ap Cynddelw, m. Gwladys (Claudia) Gwrgant.

daughter and heiress of Rivid, Lord of Llwydiarth, Ivor.

in Powysland, one of the sons of Cyric Efel, Lord Llewellyn.

of Eylwyseyl, in North Wales. Cadwgan.

Celynyn, of Llwydiarth, (he bore for arms, Griffith,

'sable, a he-goat attired and langued or.” Many Cadwgan.

of his descendants bear as a crest, a holly-tree ppr. Aleth, Prince of Dyfed.

on a mount vert, a he-goat arg. attired or, brousing + The descent from Aleth to Llewellyn Bowen. on the tree, which he holds with his two fore feet, ALETH.

while on the mount, under the tree is a child ppr, Uchdryd, Prince of Dyfed, m.Genhwyfar, daugh- swaddled arg. (this crest is borne by some as arms ter of Cadivor, Lord of Blaencych, Caermarthen on a shield sa.) m. Gwenllian, daughter of Mereshire, usually styled Cadivor Vaur (or the Great). dith ap Rhydderch, descended from Tewdwr Maur

lerweth, Lord of Falgarth, m. in 1112, Ellen, (or Theodore the Greut), Prince of South Wales. daughter of Uchdryd Edwyn, Prince of Fegengl. Enion ap Celynyn, of Llwydiarth, m. Gwenllian,

Georgenan, who m. Ales, daughter of Gronwy ap daughter of Adda ap Meiric, of Mochorant, son of Enion ap Llewarch Cynhaelthwy, descended from Cynric ap Pasgen ap Cywyn, Lord of Guilsfield, Urien, Lord of Reged, a district in South Wales. descended from Brochwel, Prince of Powy

Gwerfyl, m. first, Jeswerth, daughter and heir LLEWELYN AP Enion.

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