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11. WILLIAM, s. his father.

Thomas MARCH, esq. of More Critchell, III. John, inherited Low Leyton. in the county of Dorset. This gentleman* iv. Charles, 'm. Elizabeth, daughter of assumed the name of Phillipps on the death

Nicolas Cary, esq. of Upcern, in the of his cousin, Samuel Phillipps, esq. in 1777, county of Dorset.

and s. to the estates of Garendon, and Grace 1. Mary, m. Edward Lisle, esq. of Crux Dieu on the death of Lady Gordon, in 1797.

Easton and Moyles Court, in the Hem. Susan, daughter of Cbarles Lisle, esq.t county of Hants, and was grand- of Moyles Court, in the county of Hants, mother of

who, by the death of her brother, Charles Thomas March, esq. who even- | Lisle, esq. in 1819, became co-heiress of the

tually inherited the estates of the Lisle estates. By her, who was b. 27th DePhillipps family.

cember, 1756, he had issue, Sir Ambrose Phillipps purchased the house 1. CHARLES, his heir. and estate of Garendon from the Duke of 11. Samuel-March, b. 14th July, 1780, Buckingham, in 1683, and about the same time, the estate of Grace Dieu, from the Beaumont family. He was made king's

* Thomas March (Phillipps) was descended serjeant by James II. He d. in 1691, and from an honourable family of the name, of French was buried in Shepeshed church, where he extraction, for several generations settled in Enghas a fine monument. His son and suc

land, and closely connected with the family of

Lisle. His father, Thomas March, esq. who d. cessor,

in London, in the year 1754, m. Jane, fourth William PHILLIPPS, esq. of Garendon daughter of Edward Lisle, esq. of Crux Easton, and Grace Dieu, m. Jane, second daughter in the county of Wilts, and Moyles Court, in of Sir Samuel Dashwood, knt. by whom he the county of Hants, by Mary, only daughter of had issue,

Sir Ambrose Phillipps, of Garendon. His uncle, 1. AMBROSE, his heir.

John March, esq. of Willesly Park, in the county II. Samuel, who s. his brother.

of Cambridge, had two daughters, co-heiresses, 11. William, who d. 1759, aged forty 1. Teresa, m. Thomas Dashwood, esq. of

Well, in the county of Lincoln, by whom The eldest son,

she had issue, AMBROSE PHILLIPPS, esq. of Garendon and

1. Bateman Dashwood, who inherited Grace Dieu, succeeded his father. When


2. Harriet Dashwood, m. to the Earl of young, he travelled into Italy, where he acquired a great taste for architecture, of

Malmsbury, d. 1816, and left issue.

3. Catherine Dashwood. which he has left some noble specimens at Garendon. The magnificent gateway (au

11. Elizabeth, m. Richard Howard, fourth

Earl of Effingham, with whom the earldom exact representation of Titus's arch at

became extinct, 11th December, 1816, for Rome), the temple and obelisk in the park, want of issue. as well as the beautiful south front of the house, were all designed by him ; he also + Charles Lisle, esq. of Moyles Court, in the laid out the gardens, now so deservedly ad-county of Hants, was the representative of a mired, and erected at one end a Grecian most noble and ancient family who were formerly portico, approached by an avenue of cypress barons of England, by the title of Lords Lisle, of trees,

He died M.P. for the county of the Isle of Wight, which dignity has been in Leicester, which he had represented for abeyance since the reign of Edward IV. Regifourteen years, 6th November, 1737, and Garendon Abbey, founded in 1133, by Robert

nald Lisle was one of the early benefactors of was buried in Shepeshed Church, where he Bossu, the good Earl of Leicester, as he was has a splendid monument. Never having surnamed, for the Cistercian or White Monks, married, he was s. by his brother,

who follow the rule of St. Benedict without miti. Samuel PHILLIPPS, esq. of Garendon and gation, and which Abbey was destroyed in 1541, Grace Dieu, who m. first, Sarah, daughter of by Henry VIII. That monarch gave it with the Francis Lewis, esq. of Stanford Hall, in the lands belonging, to Thomas, Earl of Rutland, who county of Nottingham, which lady d. 19th sold it to the Duke of Buckingham, and from him January, 1766 ; and secondly, Mary,* dau. it was purchased by Sir Ambrose Phillipps, in of Thomas Allsopp, esq. to whom (afterwards 1689, in which family it has remained ever since. Lady Gordon), at his death, he left the es

Bossu, Earl of Leicester, afterwards became a tates of Garendon and Grace Dieu for life, monk in Garendon Abbey, where he ended his being entailed after her death upon his cou

days. Of this family of Lisle, we have several

records in Camden's Britannia. The great Sir sin,

John Lisle, one of the twelve first knigbts of the

garter, in the reign of EDWARD III. was Lord High * Mrs. Phillipps, after the death of her first Admiral of England, and fought in the holy wars, husband, Samuel Phillipps, esq. in 1777, m. Sir in which he greatly distinguished himself. Hé William Gordon, knt. who had been his majesty's was buried in St. George's Chapel, Windsor, and minister plenipotentiary at Brussels for many years, in St. George's hall his arms are emblazoned. Of and who was descended from an old Scotch family. this family also was John Lisle, esq. one of

m. Charemille Grant, sister of the

II. Sophia-March, m. the Hon. Henry Right Hon. Charles Grant, created Ryder, lord bishop of Lichfield and Lord Glenelg in 1835, and by her, Coventry, third son of Nathaniel who d. in 1825, has issue,

Ryder, first Lord Harrowby, and has 1. Spencer.

issue. 2. Alfred.

III. Harriet. 1. Emily, d. August 1st, 1834.

IV. Frances-Anne-March. 2. Florence.

v. Catherine-March, m. first, to the 3. Adelaide.

Hon. Edward Cowper, second son of III. Edward-Thomas-March, rector of

Earl Cowper, and secondly, to the Hattern, m. Miss Hayes, and has

Rev. J. Hamilton, rector of Shepeissue,

shed. She d. without issue, January, 1. Thomas.

2. Frederic, d. 1831.
3. Wilfred, b. April, 1835.

Mr. Phillipps, who was deputy lieutenant 1. Elizabeth.

for the county of Leicester, and served as 2. Rose.

high sheriff for the same county in 1801, 3. Lucy.

d. in 1817, and was s. by his eldest son, the 4. Emma.

present CHARLES MARCH PHILLIPPs, esq. of iv. William-March, in holy orders, b.

Garendon. 19th May, 1790, d. 1818. v. Henry-Cranmer-March, lieutenant Arms—Quarterly 1st and 4th quarters,

in the royal navy, b. 23rd March, Ist and 4th azure, a chevron argent, between 1793.

three martlets or, for Phillipps. 2nd and 1. Susan-March, m. Edward Dawson, 3rd, a cross ermine between four lions' heads esq. of Whatton House, in the county erased or, 1st and 4th field gules, 2nd and

3rd of Leicester, and has issue.

azure, for March. 2nd and 3rd quarters, or, on a chief azure, three lions rampant or,

for Lisle. CROMWELL's lords, and commissioner of his great seal; the sacrifice of whose widow by the infamous

Crests—First, a demi griffin proper gorged Judge Jefferies, in 1668, has been universally and or, holding a shield, on a field azure a lion justly reprobated. At the age of eighty, she was rampant or, for Phillipps. Second, a demi tried, convicted and executed at Winchester, for lion rampant argent; holding a Maltese cross secreting in her house two dissenting ministers or, for March. Third, a stag passant prowho took refuge there, after the defeat of the Duke per, for Lisle. of Monmouth's little army at Sedgemoor, in the

Motto-Quod justum, non quod utile. county of Somerset. By this lady, who was coheiress of Sir White Beconfawe, knt. Moyles

Estates-In Leicestershire. Court, in the county of Hants, was brought in

Seats-Garendon Park and Grace Dieu marriage to the Lisles, in 1636.



MARTIN, THOMAS, esq. of the Wilderness, in the county of Surrey, and of Ston

field, in Cumberland, a post captain in the royal navy, b.
at Tamerton Foliot, in Devon, 11th December, 1787, and
baptized there, m. at Kensington, in Middlesex, Ann,
daughter of John Miles, of London, and has issue,
1. Thomas-HutchiNSON-MANGLES, b. 6th October, 1829,

baptized at Havant, in Hants.
11. Henry-Richmond, 6. 14th October, 1833, baptized at

Reigate, in Surrey.
III. John-Nickelson, b. 21st August, 1835, baptized at

1. Elizabeth-Adelaide, b. 4th December, 1831, baptized

at Fareham, in Hants.

Lineage. Capt. Martin being the sole representative WILLIAM Vaux, esq. of Catterlen, aforeof the elder branch of the Vauxes of Catter- said, eldest son, m. Jane, daughter of — Leylen, through the families of Richmond and bourne, and had four sons, of whom, Hutchinson, we shall commence our details ROWLAND VAUX, the second, but eldest with the

surviving, living in 1577, m. Aune, daughter

of — Salkeld, and was grandfather of Family of Vaur.

John Vaux, esq. of Catterlen, who d.

leaving two daughters, his co-heirs, viz. (For the early history of which, see Burke's

1. Mabell, the elder, m. to Christopher Extinct and Dormant Peerage.)

Richmond,of Highead Castle, as hereHAROLD DE VAUX, Lord of Vaux in Nor

after mentioned. mandy, having for religious purposes, con 11. Mary, the younger, m. William ferred his seignory upon the abbey of the Graham, of the Nunnery, county CumHoly Trinity at Caen, came into England, berland. accompanied by his three sons,

1. Hubert, lord of Gillesland by grant
of Ranulph de Meschines. His line

families of Kichmond and Hutchinson.
terminated in an heiress, Maud, who
m. Thomas de Multon, and conveyed

John Richmond, of Highead Castle, in the the barony of Gillesland to that family,

parish of Dalston, co. Cumberland, m. Marnow represented by Lord Dacre. 11. RANULPH, lord of Tryermayne, whose garet, daughter of Hugh Lowther, esq. of line terminated in an heiress, Mar- dau. of Henry, Lord Clifford, and bad issue,

Lowther, co. Westmoreland, by Dorothy, gery, who m. William Vaux of Cat

1. Joan, his successor. terlen, as hereafter stated.

II. Christopher, of Fettonwell, in CumIII. ROBERT.

berland, d. s. p. The youngest son,

ROBERT DE VAUX, seated himself in Nor 1. MARGARET, m. Richard Garth, of mandy, and was succeeded by his son,

Great Salkeld, in Cumberland. WILLIAM DE VAUX, who had three sons, II. Ada, m. Hugh Machell, of CrakenRobert, Adam, and William, prior of Pent thorpe, in the co. of Westmoreland. ney. The eldest,

The elder son, ROBERT DE Vaux, had issue several sons, John RICHMOND, esq. of Highead Castle, viz.

m. first, a daughter of

Dacre, younger 1. Robert, d. s. p.

brother to Lord Dacre of the North, but II. John (Sir), of whom hereafter. by her had no issue ; and secondly, MarII. PHILIP.

garet, daughter of Thomas Dalston, of Uveiv. Oliver, ancestor of the Barons Vaux dale, co. Cumberland, and had of Harrowden, extinct 1663.

1. Francis, of Highead Castle aforesaid, The second son,

m. a daughter of Lancelot Fletcher, Sir John Vaux, living 16 HEN. II.(1166) of Tallantire, co. Cumberland, but was father of John, father of William, father of

II. John, d. young. Sir William Vaux, who lived temp. Hen. ui. CHRISTOPHER, successor to his broIII. He was father of William Vaux, who

ther. m. Margery, heiress of Vaux of Tryermayne, The youngest son, and of John Vaux, ancestor of a family of CHRISTOPHER RICHMOND, esq. of Highthat name, seated at Odiam, county Hants. head Castle aforesaid, m. first, Anne, daughSir William was father of William, father of ter of Thomas Maplate, and had issue an John, which latter was succeeded by a son only son, and grandson of the same name, the last 1. John, d. unm. of whom had a son, William, living in 1420, He m. secondly, Elizabeth, daughter of Anwhose son, William, m. Isabell Delamore, thony Chaytor, esq. of Croft Hall, co. York, and was father of

and had issue, John Vaux of Catterlen, co. Cumberland, 11. Francis, d. an infant. m. first, a daughter of — Crakenthorpe, and 11. CHRISTOPHER, his successor. had issue,

1. Margery, m. John Aglionby, esq. of 1. William, of whom hereafter.

Carlisle. He m. secondly, Mary, dau, of — Skelton, 11. Elizabeth, m. Richard Baxter of Seand had issue,

burgham, in the county of Cumber11. John, ancestor of the Vauxes of

land, gent. Mylnerike, co. Cumberland.

III. Mary, m. John Vaux, gent. of Little

d. s. p.

in that year.


Musgrave, in the county of West who survived her, and d. 1732, leavmoreland.

ing two sons, He m. thirdly, Eleanor, daughter of Richard

1. Henry-Richmond Brougham, of Beauley, of Hesketh Hall, in the county of

Scales, in the county ofĉumberCumberland, and had issue,

land, and of Highead ; high sheiv. William, of Penrith, in Cumberland.

riff of Cumberland, 1749, d. unm. IV. Jane, m. Solomon Turner, citizen of London.

2. John, a minor 1732, d. unin, vitâ V. Mabell,

patris. He d. 1642, and was succeeded by his third v. Sarah, a minor 1693, m. first, George but eldest surviving son,

Simpson, gent. of Thackwood-nook, CHRISTOPHER RICHMOND, esq. of Highead in Cumberland ; and secondly, John Castle, b. circa 1623; m. first, Mabell, dau. Barker, of Thethwaite, in the same and co-heiress of John Vaux, esq. of Cat county; they were both living in 1736. terlen, in the parish of Newton, in Cum vi. Mabell, a minor 1693, m. Henry berland, and had issue,

Brisco, sometime a captain of dra1. CHRISTOPHER, his heir.

goons, youngest son of John Brisco, of 11. John, aged sixteen years, 1665.

Crofton, in Cumberland. 1. Magdalen, aged twelve years, 1665,

vii. Susannah, a minor 1693, who d. unm. m. John Fenton, esq. of Plumpton

1775; she had Highead for life by her

mother's will, and Catterlen in fee, Head, in the county of Cumberland.

which by will she left to her niece, He m. secondly, Magdalen, daughter of Andrew Huddleston, esq. of Hutton-john,

Mrs. Curwen, daughter of William

Gale. also in Cumberland, and had issue, JII. Andrew, m. in London, Sarah Wise

viii. Margaret, a minor 1693, m. William

Gale, of Whitehaven, merchant: she

d. 25th September, 1759, aged sixty11. Dorothy, aged one year, 1665, d. unm.

nine; he d. 9th May,1773; both buried III. Margery, aged seven months, 1665,

at Whitehaven. d. unm.

ix. Anne, b. 6th March, 1682, d. young, Christopher Richmond was living in 1678,

vitâ patris. and at his decease was succeeded by his el

X. Martha. dest son,

The eldest son, CARISTOPHER RICHMOND, esq. of Highead CHRISTOPHER RICHMOND, of Highead Castle, and of Catterlen aforesaid, which Castle, of Catterlen, and of Hindley Wrea, latter estate he inherited through his mother. in the parish of Allendale, in the county of He m. first, Mary, daughter of Sir Wilfred Northumberland, b. circa 1676, n.9th June, Lawson, hart. of Isell, in Cumberland, by 1696, Elizabeth, daughter of Hugh Watson, whom he had issue,

of Holmes, in East Allen, in the county of 1. CHRISTOPHER, his heir.

Northumberland, by whom (who d. 27th 1. Jane, unm. 1693, m. William Steven- July, 1740, aged sixty-three, and was buried son, esq. of Plumpton.

at St. Margaret's Chapel, in the parish of 11. Mary, d. unm. vit. pat.

St. Oswald, in the city of Durham,) he had He m. secondly, in 1678, Isabell, daughter of two daughters, his co heirs, viz. Thomas Reynolds, of London, and niece of 1. ELIZABETH, the eldest, of the chapelry Isabella Towerson, by whom (who re-mar of St. Margaret aforesaid ; d. unm. ried before 1702 Matthias Miller, and d. 18th February, 1768, aged sixty-eight, 1739) he had issue,

and was there buried. 11. Erasmus, d. an infant.

11. ISABELLA, bapt. at Allendale, 8th II. William, b. 7th January, 1684, d. June, 1701, m. John HUTCHINSON, as an infant.

hereafter stated. IV. HENRY, of Highead Castle and of Christopher Richmond was buried in the

Catterlen, who, hy virtue of an entail, chancel of Allendale Church, 26th May, succeeded on the death of his brother 1702, and dying without male issue, the esto the Catterlen estate ; he d. uvm. in tates of Highead and Catterlen passed, as 1716, and by his will dated 1st Sep- before stated, to his brother of the half tember, and proved 2nd October, blood, who left them to his mother; and 1716, bequeathed all his estate to his thus became vested in the issue of the second mother.

marriage. His younger daughter, ii. Isabell, a minor in 1693, m. Samuel ISABELLA RICHMOND, m. in 1732, JOHN

Gledhill, esq. a colonel of foot, and Hutchinson, esq. of Framwell Gate, within governor of Plascentia.

the chapelry of St. Margaret aforesaid, who iv. Elizabeth, a minor in 1693, m. Peter died in 1749, and she in November, 1746,

Brougham of Skelton, in the county leaving issue,
of Cumberland, collector of excise, 1. John, of whom bereafter.

11. Christopher, of Durham, gent. bapt. 11. THOMAS MARTIN,

at St. Margaret's, 22nd March, 1735 ; III. George-King Martin, b, in the parish d. 8. p. in 1759.

of Charles, in Plymouth, 6th June, u. Thomas, bapt. at St. Margaret's, 1791, d. unm. in the island of St. Vin11th September, and buried there 31st

cents, 1817. October, 1740. The eldest son,

1. Elizabeth-Mary Martin, b. at Middle John HUTCHINSON, sometime of St. John's

Mayfield, in the county of Stafford,

27th December, 1789. College, Cambridge, of Skirsgill, near Pen

11. Caroline Martin, b. at Beverley, in rith, and of Crossfield House, near Kirkos

the county of York, 16th October, wald, in the county of Cumberland, afterwards of Newbiggin Hall, near Temple The only surviving son is the present Two

1797, d. unm. at Wollaton, 1821. Sowerby, and latterly of Appleby, county Westmoreland; baptized at St. Margaret's,

MAS Martin, esq. of the Wilderness. 1 23rd February 1732; m. at Dacre, in Cumberland, July 1760, Frances, youngest dau. chevron argent, an anchor, erect sable; on

Arms—Paly of six or and gules, on a of William Whelpdale, of Skirsgill House aforesaid, by whom (who d. 21st September, first quartering:

a chief of the second, three martlets of the 1821,) he had issue,

2. Per pale, gules and azure, crusilly 1. John, lieutenant in the royal marine

or, a lion rampant argent, and a canservice, born at Crossfield, 25th May,

ton ermine, for Hutchinson.
1763, d. on board H.M.S. Edgar, off
the Madras Roads, 1783, unm.

3. Gules, two bars gemelles, and a chief

or, for Richmond. 11. Christopher-William, b. at Newbig

4. Gules, a fess checquy or and gules, gin-hall, 11th November,1769,d. unm.

between three garbs of the second, at Wollaton, in the county of Notts,

for Vaux of Catterlen. in 1822, and was there buried.

5. Gules, a fess cbecquy or and gules, 1. ELIZABETH, of whom hereafter.

between six garbs of the second, anJohn Hutchinson d. 24th April, 1776, and

other coat for Vaux of Catterlen. was buried at Appleby. His only daughter, ELIZABETH Hutchinson, heiress of her

6. Argent, a bend checquy or and gules,

for Vaux of Tryermayne. brothers, b. at Crossfield 22nd August, 1765, m. at Penrith 14th December, 1785, JOHN

7. Gules, a cross patonce or, for DelaNICKLESON MARTIN,* of Wollaton, in the

8. Gules, six lionceaux argent, three, county of Nottingham, sometime a captain

two, and one, for Leybourne. in the army, bapt. at St. Catherine Colman, Fenchurch Street, 1st April, 1758, had issue,

Crest-In front of a garb or, a martin cat

statant 1. John-Nickleson Martin, b. at the

Grove, near Plymouth, 6th Novem-

Motto-Fide et clementia.
ber, 1786, d. unm. in Jamaica, 1824, Seat-Wilderness, near Reigate.


* George Martin, sometime of the parish of St. James, Westminster, and afterwards of St. Catherine Colman, Fenchurch Street, surgeon of St. Thomas's hospital, born at Antigua, m. at May Fair chapel, 13th March, 1754, Mary, eldest daughter of John Nickleson, of Stanmore, in the county of Middlesex, and of London, merchant, and coheir of her brothers, John and Richard Nickleson, by whom (who died in 1779, and was buried at St. Anne's, Limehouse,) he had issue,

1. John-Nickleson, above-mentioned.
II. George-Frederick, bapt. at St. Catherine

aforesaid, 17th September, 1762, d. young. III. George-Anne, of Worthing, in the county

of Sussex, bapt. at St. Catherine aforesaid,
19th February 1771, m. at Lambeth, 19th
July 1804, Anne, daughter of William Han-
kins, of the Custom-house, by whom (who
d. 9th January, 1827, and was buried at

Wormley, in the county of Herts,) he has

issue, two sons and two daughters. 1. Sarah, d. unm. 1772, aged seventeen, and

was buried at Limehouse. 11. Charlotte-Louisa, bapt. at St. Catherine

aforesaid, 19th Aug. 1761, m. at St. Paul's, Hammersmith, in the county of Middlesex, 5th April, 1793, to Samuel Wesley, esq. of Ridge, in the county of Herts, afterwards of Highgate, and now of Islington, in the

county of Middlesex. III. Mary, bapt. at St. Catherine aforesaid, 14th

March, 1765, m. first, at Bandon, in the county of Cork, August, 1785, to Swithin White, who d. 16th August, 1807, and was buried at Cork; and, secondly, at St. Martin's in the Fields, in the county of Middlesex, 3rd February, 1808, to Richard Templeton, esq.

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