A Personal History of the Horse-guards from 1750 to 1872

Hurst and Blackett, 1873 - 292 páginas

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Página 15 - I stood near him ; and his face, to use the expression of the Scripture of the first martyr, ' his face was as if it had been the face of an angel.' I do not know how others feel, but if I had stood in that situation, I never would have exchanged it for all that kings in their profusion could bestow.
Página 15 - I remember, sir, with a melancholy pleasure, the situation of the honourable gentleman ' who made the motion for the repeal ; in that crisis, when the whole trading interest of this empire, crammed into your lobbies, with a trembling and anxious expectation, waited, almost to a winter's return of light, their fate from your resolutions. When, at length you had determined in their...
Página 34 - This I conceive to be purely a political consideration, and as such totally out of my department; and as I have most carefully avoided at all times, and under all circumstances, ever interfering in any political points, I must hope that you will not call upon me to deviate from the principles by which I have been invariably governed. Believe me, my dear brother, your most affectionate brother, " (Signed) FREDERICK. " His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales.
Página 134 - ... given by the public to the officers of the Army for their service, will show that those who purchase their commissions, which are certainly threefourths of the whole number, receive but little for their service besides the honour of serving the King.
Página 15 - When, at length you had determined in their favour, and your doors, thrown open, showed them the figure of their deliverer in the well-earned triumph of his important victory, from the whole of that grave multitude there arose an involuntary burst of gratitude and transport. They jumped upon him like children on a long absent father.
Página 44 - The enclosed will answer for the deficit of which you complain, and which was not allowed you through mere oversight. I hope this will prevent the publication of your intended pamphlet, and, if it does, you may rely on a better situation than the one you had. When I find that you have given up all idea of opening your secrets to public view, which would hurt you with all the Royal Family, I shall make myself known to you, and should be happy in your future acquaintance and friendship, by which, I...
Página 95 - I have always considered the conversation which passed between his Majesty and me, like many others, as so many empty and unmeaning words and phrases...
Página 134 - It is this circumstance which exempts the British Army from the character of being a "mercenary Army...
Página 110 - ... sum of money for any purpose. But the great majority of the General Officers have from £300 to £400 a year ! How can it be supposed that men thus provided for can advance £300, or even £100, to pay the Duke of York's creditors ? " In conclusion, after further reviewing the proposition, he says, " I earnestly deprecate it, and I may do it with the more freedom, as there are two persons now alive who knew that I was willing to come forward, if others would, to arrange the Duke's debts some...
Página 95 - The King feels, that under the present afflicting circumstances, his Majesty cannot more effectually supply the loss which the nation and the army have sustained, than by appointing to the chief command of his Majesty's forces, Field-Marshal his Grace the Duke of Wellington, the great and distinguished general who has so often led the armies of the nation to victory and glory, and whose high military renown is blended with the history of Europe.

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