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In this worlde it is not, I tell the so,
I am sent for an other way to go,
To gyve a strayte counte generall
Before the hyest Jupyter of all.
And all my lyfe I have had joye and pleasure
in the,

Therfore I pray the go with mc;

For, paraventnrp, tliou mayst before Clod al

myghty 410

My rekenynge holpe to dene, and pnryfye,
For it is sayd ever amongei
That money maketh all ryght that is wronge.
Goodes. Nay, Everyman, I synge an other


I folowe no man in suche vyages,

For, and I wente with the,

Thou sholdes fare moche the worse for me:

For bycause on me thou dyd set thy mynde,

Thy rekenynge I have made blotted and blynde,

That thyne aorounte thou can not make truly;

And that hast thou for the love of me. 421

Everyman. That wolde grove me full sore, Whan I sholde come to that ferefull answere. Up! let us go thyther to gyder.

Goodes. Nay, not so: I am to brytelU, I may not endure: I wyll folowe [no| man one fote be ye sure.

Everyman. Alas, I have the loved, and had grete pleasure All my lyfe dayes on good and treasure.

Goodes. That is to thy dampnaeyon without lesynge3, 429 For my love is contrary to the love everlastyngc;

But yf thou had me loved moderately durynge*
As to the poore gyve parte of me,
Than sholdest thou not in this dolour be,
Nor in this grete sorowe and care.

Everyman. Lo, now was I deceyved or I w as ware,

And all I may wyte5 my spendynge of tyme.

Goodes. What, wenest thou that I am thyne?

Everyman. I had went« so.

Goodes. Naye, Everyman, I saye no: As for a whyle I was lente the; 440 A season thou hast had me in prosperyte; My eondyoyon is mannes soule to kyll, If I save one a thousande I do spyll'. W«»nest thou that I wyll folowe the? Nay, fro this worlde not veryle.

Everyman. I had wende otherwysp.

Goodes. Therfore to thy soule flood is a thefe,

For whan thou arte deed, this is my gyse8:

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Another to deceyve in this same wyse
As I have done the, and all to his soules
reprefe". 450
Everyman. O false Good, cursed thou be.
Thou traytour to God, that hast deceyved me
And caught me in thy snare.

Goodes. Mary>», thou brought thy self in care, Wherof I am gladde; 1 must nedes laugh, I can not be Badde. Everyman. A! Good, thou hast had longp my hertely love; I gave the that whiche sholde be the Lordes above:

But wylte thou not go with me in dedef

I praye the trouth to saye. 460

Goodes. No, So God me spede; Therfore fare well, and have good dayc.

Everyman. O to whome shall I make my mone

For to go with me in that hevy journnyef
Fyrst Felawshyp sayd he wolde with me gone;
His wordes were very pleasaunte and gayc,
But afterwarde he lefte mc alone.
Than spake I to my kynncsmen all in despayTe,
And also they gave me wordes fayre,—
They lacked no fayre spekynge; 470
But all forsake me in the endynge.
Than wente I to my Goodes, that I loved best,
In hope to have comforte, but there had I

For my Goodes sharpely dyd me tell
That he bryngetti many in to hell.
Than of my selfe I was ashamed,
And so I am worthy to be blamed.
Thus may I well my selfe hate.
Of whome shall I now counseyll tnkef
I thynke that I shall never spede
Tyll thnt I go to my Good-dede.
But, alas, she is so weke
That she can nother gou nor speke.
Yet wyll I venter on her now.—
My Good-dedes, where be you?

Good-dedes. Here I lye, colde in the grounde;
Thy synnes hath me sore bounde
That I can not stere»*.

Everyman. O Good-dedes, I stande in fpre; I must you pray of counseyll, 490 For helpe now sholde come ryght well.

flooD-DEDES. Everyman,Ihaveunderstandynge That ye be somoned a connte to make Before Myssyasis of .IheniBalem kyngc. And you do by men that journay with you wyll I take.

8 custom 13 Messiah

» reproof 1* If you will art by my

10 An oath by the Vltgin advice (Pollard, or

Mary. possibly hit — buy,

11 neither walk ransom: if you dels stir liver me.)

Everyman. Therefore I come to you my

moone to make. I pray you that ye wyll go with me. Good-dedes. I wolde full fayne, but I can

not stande veryly. Everyman. Why, is there ony thynge on

you fall!

Good-dedes. Yc, syr, I may thanke you of all. 500 If ye had parfytely ehered1 me, Your boke of counte full redy had be. Loke, the bokes of your workes and dedes eke A! se how they lye under the fete, To your soules hevynes.

Everyman. Our Lord Jesus, helpe me, For one letter here I can not se. Good-dedes. There is a blynde rekpnynge in

tyme of dystress. Everyman. Good-dedes, I praye you hclpc me in this nede, Or elles I am for ever dampned in dede; 510 Therfore helpe me to make rekenynge Before the Redemer of all thynge, That kynge is, and was, and ever shall. Good-dedes. Everyman, I am sory of vour fall,

And fayne wolde I helpe you, and I were able.

Everyman. Good-dedes, your counseyll I

pray you gyve me. Good-dedes. That shall I do veryly, Thoughe that on my fete I may not go. I have a syster that shall with you also, 5l» Called Knowledge, whiche shall with you abyde, To help you to make that drodefull rekenyngo. Knowledge. Everyman, I wyll go with the. and be thy gyde, In thy moost nede to go by thy syde. Everyman. In good condycyon I am now in every thynge, And am hole content with this good thynge, Thanked by2 God my creature3. Good-dedes. And whan he hath brought you there,

Where thou shalte hele the of thy smartc.
Than go you with your rekenynge and your

good dedes togyder, For to make you joyfull at herte 530 Before the blessyd Trynyte.

Everyman. My Good-dedes, gramercy;
I am well content certaynly
With your wordes swete.

Knowledge. Now go we togyder lovyngly To Confessyon, that rlensynge ryvere.

Everyman. For joy I wepp; I wolde we were there;

1 pntprtalned 3 creator

2 be

But, I pray you, gyve me cognycyon4
Where dwelleth that holy man Confessyon?

Knowledge. In the hous of salvacyon; 5io
We shall fyndo hym in that place,
That shall us comforte by Goddes grace.—
Lo, this is Confessyon; knele downe, & aske

Fur he is in good conceyte5 with God almyghty. Everyman. O gloryous fountayne that all unclennes doth claryfy,

Wasshe fro me the spottes of vyce nnclene,

That on me no synne may be sene;

I come with Knowlege for my redempcyon,

Rpdpmpte with herte and full contrycyon, 549

For I am commaunded a pylgrymage to take.

And grete accountes before God to make.

Now I praye you, Shryfte", moder of salvacyon,

Helpe my good dedes for my pyteous exclaroacyon.

Confessyon. I knowe your sorowe well,

Bycause with Knowlege ye eome to me,
I wyll you comforte as well as I can;
And a precyous jowell I wyll gyve the,
Called penaunce, [voyce] voyder7 of adversyte;
Therwith shall your body chastysed be
With abstynence and perseveraunce in Goddes
servyce: 560
Here shall jou receyve that scourge of me
Whiche is penaunce strorrge that ye must en-

To remembre thy Savyour was scourged for the
With shnrpe scourges, and sufTred it pacyently;
So must thou, or thou scape that paynful

pylgrymage.— Knowledge, kepe hym in this vyage. And by that tyme Good-dedes wyll be with


But in ony wyse be seker of mercy. For your tvme draweth fast; and ye wyll saved be,

Aske God mercy, and he wyll graunte truely: Whan with the scourge of penaunce man doth

hym byndc, &'1 The oyle of forgyvenes than shall he fynde. Everyman. Thanked be God for his gracyous


For now I wyll my penaunce begyn;
This hath rejoysed and lyghted my herte,
Though the knottes be paynfull and harde

Knowledge. Everyman, loke your penaunce that ye fulfyll, What payne that ever it to you be;

4 Information oxpeller (voyce is prob

r, favor ably an error)

6 absolution

And Knowledge shall gyre you counseyll at wyll,

How your aceounte ye shall make clerely. 680
Everyman. O eternall God, O hevenly fygure,
O way of ryghtwysnes, O goodly vysyon,
Whiche descended downe in a vyrgyn pure
Because he wolde Everyman redeme,
Whiche Adam forfayted by his dysobedyence,
O blessyd Godheed, electe and hye devyne,
Forgyve my grevous offence;
Here 1 crye the mercy in this presence;
O ghostly treasure, O raunsomer and redemer!
Of all the worlde, hope and conduyteri, 590
Myrrour of joye, foundatour2 of mercy,
Whiche enlumyneth heven and erth therby,
Here my clamorous complaynt, though it late

Receyve my prayers; unworthy in this hevy lyfe

Though I be, a synner moost abhomynable, Yet let my name be wryten in Moyses table.3

0 Mary, praye to the maker of all thynge
Me for to helpe at my endynge,

And save me fro the power of my enemy;
For Deth assayleth me strongly: 600
And, Lady, that I may by meane of thy prayer
Of your sones glory to be partynere,
By the meanes of his passyon*, I it crave;

1 beseehe you, helpe my soule to save! — Knowledge, gyve me the scourge of penaunce,

My flesshe therwith shall gyve acqueyntaunce;

I wyll now begyn, yf God gyve me grace.

Knowledge. Everyman, God gyve you tyme and space;

Thus I bequeth you in the handes of our Savyour;

Now may you make your rekenynge sure. 610

Evebyman. In the name of the holy Trynyte My body sore punys«hyd shall be, Take this, body, for the synne of the flesshe; Also thou delytest to go gay and fresshe; And in the way of dampnacyon thou dyd me brynge;

Therfore suffre now strokes of punysshynge; Now of penaunce I wyll wade the water clere, To save me from purgatory, that sharpe fyre. Good-dedes. I thanke God, now I can walke and go, 619 And am delyvered of my sykenesse and wo; Therfore with Everyman I wyll go, and not spare,

His good workes T wyll helpe hym to declare. Knowledge. Now, Everyman, be niery and glad;

1 leader ° Apparently m e a nlng

2 founder tie Book of Life

* death on the cross

Your Good-dedes cometh now, ye may not be sad;

Now is your Good-dedes hole and sounde,
Goynge upryght upon the grounde.
Everyman. My herte is lyght, and shalbe

Now wyll I smyte faster than I dyde before.

Good-dedes. Everyman, pylgryme, my specyall frende, Blessyd be thou without ende; 630 For the is preparate the eternall glory. Ye have me made hole and sounde, Therfore I will byde by the in every stounde".

Everyman. Welcome, my Good-dedes! Now I here thy voyce I wepe for very sweteness of love.

Knowledge. Be no more sad, but ever rejoyce. God seeth thy lyvynge in his trone above; Put on "this garment to thy behove", Whiche is wette with your teres, Or elles before God you may it mysse, 640 Whan ye to your journeys ende come shall.

Everyman. Gentyll Knowledge, what do ye it call!

Knowledge. It is a garmente of sorowe,
Fro payne it wyll you borowe7;
Contrycyon it is,
That getteth forgyvenes,
He pleasyth God passynge well.

Good-dedes. Everyman, wyll you were it for your hele»f

Everyman. Now blessyd be Jesu, Maryes aone,

For now have I on true contrycyon, 650 And lette us go now without taryenge.— Good-dedes, have we clere our rekenyngef

Good-dedes. Ye, in dede, I have here.

Everyman. Than I trust we nede not fere. Now, frendes, let us not parte in twa/ne.

Kynrede.0 Nay, Everyman, that wyll we not certayne.

Good-dedes. Yet must thou led'0 with t Thre persones of grete myght.

Everyman. Who sholde they be?

Good-dedes. Dyserecyon and Strength they hyght", 660 And thy Beaute may not abyde behynde.

Knowledge. Also ye must call to mynde Your Fyve-wyttes'-, as for your connseylours.

Good-dedes. You must have them redy at all houres.

Everyman. Howe shall I gctte them hydert

5 hour n Prohahly error for

6 profit Knowledge * redeem io lead

swear it for your heal- n arc culled

ing 12 The live senses

Kynrede. You must pall them all togyder, And they wyll here you in contynent1.

Evebyman. My frendes, come hyder, and be present,

Dyscrecyoii, Strengthe, my Fyve-wyttes and Beaute.

Beaute. Here at your wyll we be all redy. What wyll ye that we sholde dof 671

Good-dedes. That, ye wolde with Everyman go, And helpe hym in bis pylgrymage. Advyse you, wyll ye with him or not in that vyaget

Strengthe. We wyll brynge hym all thyder To his helpe and comforte, ye may beleve me. Dysceecyon. So wyll we go with hym all togyder.

Everyman. Almyghty God, loved myght thou be;

I gyve the laude2 that I have hyder brought Strength, Dyserecyon, Beaute, & Fyve-wyttes,

lacke I nought: 680 And my Good-dedes, with Knowledge elere, All be in my company at my wyll here; I desyre no more to my besynes. Strengthe. And I, Strength, wyll by yon

stande in dystres, Though thou wolde in bntayle fyght on the


Pyvk WYTT3S. And though it were thrugh the worlde rounde, We wyll not departe for swete ne soure,

Beaute. No more wyll I unto dethes houre, What so ever therof befall. Dyscrecvon. Everyman, advyse you fvrst of all, 690 Go with a good advysement and delyberacyon. We all gyve you vert nous monyeyon' That all shall be well. Everyman. My frendes, harken what I wyll tell;

I praye God reward? you in his heven spere.

Now herken all that be here,

For I wyll make my testament

Here before you all present;

In almes, hnlfe my good I wyll gyve with my

handes twayne In the way of charyte with good entent. 700 And the other halfe styll shall remayne In quetlH to be retourned there"' it ought

to be.

This I do in despyte of the fende of hell,
To go quyte out of his perell"
Ever after and this daye.

Knowledge. Everyman, herken what T saye; Go to presthode I you advyse,

And reeeyve of him in ony wyse
The holy sacrament and oyntement togyder,
Than shortly se ye tourne agayne hyder, 710
We wyll all abyde you here.
Fyve-wyttes. Ye, Everyman, bye you that

ye redy were'.
There is no Emperour, King, Duke, ne Baron
That of God hath commycyon
As hath the leest preest in the worlde beynge";
For of the blessyd sacramentes pure and


He bereth the keyes, and thereof hath the cure8.
For mannes redempcyon it is ever sure
Whiehe God for our soules medycyne 719
Gave us out of his herte with grete payne.
Here in this transytory lyfe, for the and me
The blessyd sacramentes vii. there be:
Baptym, eonfyrmacyon, with preesthode good,
And the sacrament of Goddes preeyous flesshe
and blod,

Maryage, the holy extreme unceyoni° and penauuce:

These seven be good to have in remembraunee, Graeyous sacramentes of hye devynyte.

Everyman. Fayne wolde I reeeyve that holy body

And mekely to my ghostly fader I wyll go. Fyve-wyttes. Everyman, that is the best that

ye can do; 730 God wyll you to salvacyon brynge, For preesthode exeedeth all other tiiyng To us holy scrypture they do teche, And converteth man fro synue, heven to reche; God hath to them more power gyven Than to ony aungell that is in heven. With v. wordes he may consecrate Goddes body in flesshe and blode to make. And handeleth his Maker bytwene his handes. The preest byndeth and unbyndeth all bandes Both in erthe and in heven. 741 Thou mynystrcsii all the sacramentes seven. Though we kyase thy fete thou were worthy. Thou arte surgyon that eureth synne deedly. No remedy we fynde under God Bute all onely preesthode. Every man, God gave preest that dygnyte And setteth them in his stede amonge Ub to


Thus be they above aungelles in degree. Knowledge. If preestes be good, it is so

suerly, 750 But whan .Tcsu hanged on the crosse with grete


There he gave out of his blessyd herte
The same sacrament in grete tourment;

l without delay < under promise

i' praise •r> where

a udmonltion 11 mil of liis power

7 haste that ye may be » care

ready 10 last anointing

s living li ailministeiest

He solde them not to us, that Lords omnypotent;

Therfore saynt Peter the apostell clothe save
That Jesus curse hath all they
Whiche God theyr Savyour do byi or sell,
Or they for2 ony money do take or tells.
Synfull preestes gyveth the synuers example

bad; . . . These be with synne made blynde. 763 Pyve-wyttes. I trust to God, no suche may

we fyude; Therfore let us preesthode honour, And folowe theyr doctryne for our soules


We be theyr shepe, and they shepeherdes be,
By whome we all be kepte in suerte.—
Peas! for yonder I se Everyman come,
Which hath made true gatysfaccyon. 770
Good-dedes. Me thynke, it is he in dede.
Evebyman. Now Jesu be your alder spede*!
I have receyved the sacrament for my re-

dempcyon, And than myne extreme unccyon. Blessyd be all they that connseyled ine to take


And now frendes, let us go without longer respyte.

I thanke God, that ye have taryed so longe. Now set eche of you on this rodde-i your

honde, And shortely fclowe me.

I go before there I wolde be. God be your gyde. 780 Strength. Everyman, we wyll not fro you go Tyll we have done this vyage longe.

Dyscrecyon. I, Dyscrecyon, wyll byde by you also.

Knowledge. And though this pylgrymage be never so stronge" I wyll never parte you fro. Everyman, I wyll be as sure by the As ever I dyde by Judas Machabee7.

Everyman. Alas! I am so faynt I may not stande,

My lymmes under me doth folde.

Frendes, let us not tonrne agayne to this lande,

Not for all the worldes golde, 791

For in to this cave must I crepe,

And tourne to erth and there to slepe.

Beaute. What, in to this grave, alas!

Everyman. Yc, there shall ye consume, more and lease.'

I buy 7 Leader of the Jews

s Possibly ihru /or should against the Syrians be therfor. In the recovery of

3 count Jerusalem. 1B4 fa. ('.

» the help of you all See I. Maccabees,

& rood, cross 111.
« dirti. nir » high and low alike

Beaute. And what, sholde I smoder here? Everyman. Ye, by my fayth, and never more apperel

In this wurlde lyve no more we shall, But in heven before the hyest Lorde of all. Beaute. I erosse out all this 1 adewe, by saynt Johant 800 [ take my tappe" in my lappe, and am gone. Everyman. What, Beaute, whyder wyll yc f Beaute. Peas! I am defe, I loke not behynde me,

Not and thou woldest gyve me all the golde in thy chest Everyman. Alas! whereto may I truste! Beaute gothe fast awaye fro me. She promysed with me to lyve and dye. Strengthe. Everyman, I wyll the also forsake and denye, Thy game lyketh»° me not at all. Everyman. Why than ye wvll forsake me all! ... gi(j

Swete Strength, tary a lytell space.

Strengthe. Nay, syr, by the rode of grace, I wyll hye me from the fast, Though thou wepe to11 thy hcrte to brasti-.

Everyman. Ye wolde ever byde by me, ye sayd.

Strengthe. Ye, I have you ferreia ynoughe conveyde. Ye be olde ynoughe, I understande, Your pylgrymage to take on hande. I repent me, that I hyder came. Everyman. Strength, you to dysplease I am to blame; 820 Wyll ye hreke promyse that is dettc14?

Strengthe. In fayth, I care not! Thou arte but a foole to complayne; iou spende your speche, and wast your brayne; Go, thryst15 the into the grounde!

Everyman. I had wende'« surer I shulde you have founde: He that trusteth in his Strength, She hym deceyveth at the length; Bothe Strength and Beaute forsaketh me, Yet they promysed me fayre and lovyngly. 830 Dyscrecion. Everyman, I wyll after Strength be gone; As for me I wyll leve you alone.

Everyman. Why, Dyscrecyon, wyll ye forsake met

Dyscrecion. Ye, in fayth, I wyll go fro the; For whan Strength goth before, I folowe after ever more.

n bunch of tow (for 12 break to pieces

spinning: an old 13 far

wives' saying) 14 See I. 248.

10 pleases is thrust

11 until Hi weened, thought

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