International Catalogue of Scientific Literature: Physical anthropology. P, Volúmenes 1-3

International Council, 1903
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Página vi - Literature, arranged according both to subject matter and to authors' names, in which regard should be had, in the first instance, to the requirements of scientific investigators, so that these might find out, with a minimum of trouble, what had been published on any particular subject of enquiry.
Página v - Moreover, it was felt that an authors' catalogue could not supply the required information, and that it was essential that scientific workers should be kept fully and quickly informed of all new discoveries by means of complete subject indexes. International co-operation appeared to be the only means of carrying out such a work with the necessary completeness and rapidity. The Society therefore sought the opinion of a very large number...
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Página viii - Regional bureaus are established in the following countries : Austria, Belgium, Canada, Cape Colony, Denmark, Egypt, France, Great Britain and Ireland, Germany, Greece, Holland, Hungary, Italy, India and Ceylon, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, New South Wales, Norway, Portugal, Poland, Queensland, Russia, South Australia, Sweden, Switzerland, Victoria, Western Australia, and Finland. Authority over all questions of methods and administration is vested in an international convention to be held in London...
Página vii - ... also to advance the capital required to start the enterprise on the understanding that this should be repaid during the ensuing five years. The supreme control over the Catalogue is vested in an International Convention. Such a Convention is to be held in London in 1905, in 1910, and every tenth year afterwards, to reconsider, and, if necessary, to revise the regulations for carrying out the work of the Catalogue ; but the approved Schedules are not to be altered during the first period of five...
Página viii - B. Mechanics. C. Physics. D. Chemistry. E. Astronomy. F. Meteorology, including terrestrial magnetism. G. Mineralogy, including petrology and crystallography. H. Geology. J. Geography, mathematical and physical.

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