The Life of Mary, Queen of Scots: Drawn from the State Papers, Volumen 2


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Página 392 - Who wickedly is wise, or madly brave, Is but the more a fool, the more a knave. Who noble ends by noble means obtains, Or failing, smiles in exile or in chains, Like good Aurelius let him reign, or bleed Like Socrates, that man is great indeed. What's fame? a fancied life in others' breath, A thing beyond us, ev'n before our death.
Página 239 - Yet mastering both, the artificer of lies Renews the assault, and his last battery tries. Though I, said he, did ne'er in thought offend, How justly may my lord suspect his friend?
Página 495 - how superior powers ought to be obeyed of their subjects ; and wherein they may lawfully by God's word be disobeyed and resisted.
Página 233 - Bothwell, after taking the queen's bridle, " boasted to marry the queen, who would or who would not ; yea, whether she would herself or not.
Página 5 - of the heavens at the time of her arrival did " manifestly speak what comfort was brought " into this country with her : to wit, sorrow, " dolour, darkness, and all impiety...
Página 199 - His bad deportment is incurable ; nor can there ever be any good expected from him, for several reasons, which I might tell you was I present with you. I cannot pretend to foretell how all may turn ; but I will say, that matters cannot subsist long as they are, without being accompanied with sundry bad consequences.
Página 199 - I am of the mind however, that she will give us some trouble as yet; nor can I be brought to think otherwise, so long as she continues to be so pensive and melancholy. She sent for me yesterday, and I found her laid on the bed weeping sore; and she complained of a grievous pain in her side...
Página 67 - Oh, think what anxious moments pass between The birth of plots, and their last fatal periods! Oh, 'tis a dreadful interval of time, Fill'd up with horror all, and big with death...
Página 198 - You know very well, that the injury she has received is exceeding great, and her majesty will never forget it.
Página 192 - Then her Majesty," so the letter goes, " was pleased to enter into the discourse, and spoke affectionately to him, beseeching him, that seeing he would not open his mind in private to her the last night, according to her most earnest request, he would at least be pleased to declare, before these lords, where she had offended him any thing.

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