Historic Camden: Colonial and revolutionary


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Página 296 - Like the vase, in which roses have once been distilled — You may break, you may shatter the vase if you will. But the scent of the roses will hang round it still.
Página 92 - Nor, my lords, is the doctrine new ; it is as old as the constitution ; it grew up with it ; indeed it is its support ; taxation and representation are inseparably united ; God hath joined them; no British parliament can separate them ; to endeavor to do it, is to stab our very vitals.
Página 171 - But was there ever an instance of a general running away, as Gates has done, from his whole army ? And was there ever so precipitous a flight ? One hundred and eighty miles in three days and a half? It does admirable credit to the activity of a man at his time of life. But it disgraces the general and the soldier.
Página 151 - Col. Marion, a gentleman of South Carolina, had been with the army a few days, attended by a very few followers, distinguished by small leather caps, and the wretchedness of their attire ; their number did not exceed twenty men and boys, some white, some black, and all mounted, but most of them miserably equipped...
Página 93 - The forefathers of the Americans did not leave their native country, and subject themselves to every danger and distress, to be reduced to a state of slavery: they did not give up their rights; they looked for protection, and not for chains, from their mother country...
Página 92 - Bill, the very existence of which is illegal, absolutely illegal, contrary to the fundamental laws of nature, contrary to the fundamental laws of this constitution?
Página 202 - I have given orders that all the inhabitants of this province, who have subscribed and...
Página 183 - Those fathers of the commonwealth," writes Colonel H. Lee, in his memoirs, "appointed a committee of their body to wait on the vanquished general, and assure him of their high regard and esteem, that their remembrance of his former glorious services was never to be obliterated by any reverse of fortune ; but, ever mindful of his great merit, they would omit no opportunity of testifying to the world the gratitude which Virginia, as a member of the American Union, owed to him in his military character.

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