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had embarked their small capital on was yet alongside, and Campbell was an American project, and were on at last seated in her with his two surthe point of quitting their native viving children, and their unconscious country to seek wealth, liberty, and mother, who had sunk into a state of independence, in the back settle- blessed insensibility, when the droximents of the United States. In an ing screams of her lost little ones rung evil hour, Campbell was persuaded to in her ears. Five-and-twenty persons embark his fortunes with those of the were wedged in this frail bark, with a self-expatriated emigrants. The tears cask of water, and a small bag of bisand entreaties of his wife and children cuit. An old sail had been flung down were unavailing to deter him from his with these scanty stores, which they rash purpose ; and the unhappy mo contrived to hoist on the subsiding ther was torn from the beloved home, of the storm, towards the evening of where her heart lingered with a thou. their first day's commitment in that sand tender reminiscences, and most “ forlorn hope,” to the wide world of tenaciously in the persuasion, that if waters. Their compass had been lost her lost child was ever restored to his in the large boat, and faint indeed native country, to the once-happy ae were their hopes of ever reaching land, bode of his parents his first steps would from whence they had no means of be directed. The ship in which the computing their distance. But the unCampbells were embarked, with their sleeping eye

sleeping eye of Providence watched five remaining children, and all their over them, and on the fourth day of worldly possessions, performed two their melancholy progress, a sail mathirds of her course with prosperous king towards them was descried on celerity ; but as she approached her the verge of the horizon. It neared, destined haven, the wind, which had and the ship proved to be a homewardhitherto favoured her, became contra- bound West India trader, into which ry, and she lost sea-way for many days. the perishing adventurers were receiAt last, a storm, which had been ga- ved with prompt humanity; and on thering with awfully gradual prepa- her reaching her appointed haven, ration, burst over her with tremend- (Portsmouth) Campbell, with his ous fury. Three days and nights she companions in misfortune, and the drove before it, but on the fourth her remnant of his once-flourishing famimasts and rigging went overboard, and ly, once more set foot on British earth. before the wreck could be cut away, a He had saved about his person a small plank in the ship's side was stove in part of his little property; but the by the floating tiibers. In the con- whole residue was insufficient to equip fusion which had assembled every soul them for a second attempt, had he on deck, the leak was not discovered even been so obstinately bent on the till the water in the hold had gained prosecution of histrans-Atlanticscheme to a depth of many feet; and though as to persist in it against (what apthe pump was set to work immediate- peared to him) the declared will of ly, and for a time kept going by the the Almighty. Once, in his younger almost superhuman exertions of crew days, he had visited the Isle of Wight, and passengers, all was unavailing; and the remembrance of its stone coiand to betake themselves to the boats tages, and beautiful bays, was yet fresh was the last hurried and desperate re- in his inind. He crossed over with his source. Campbell had succeeded in family, and a few weeks put him in lowering his three youngest children possession of a neat cabin and small into one of them, alreally crowded fishing-boat; and for a time the little with their fellow-sharers in calamity, family was subsisted in frugal comfort and was preparing to send down his by the united industry of the father eldest son and daughter, and to de- and son. Soou after their settlement scend himself with their mother in his in the island, their daughter (matured arms, when a woman pressing before to lovely womanhood) married a rehim with despairing haste, leapt down spectable and enterprizing young man, into the crowded boat, which upset in the owner of a pilot vessel. In the an instant, and the perishing cry of course of three years, she brought her twenty drowning creatures mingled husband as many children, and during with the agonizing shriek of parents, that time all went well with them; husbands, and children, from the deck but her William's occupation, a lucraof the sinking ship. The other boat tive one in time of war, exposed him


frequent and fearful dangers, and was threatened by a pulmonary affece ne tempestuous winter's night, ha- tion, to try the effects of a winter at ing ventured out to the assistance of the back of the island, and I was perishing vessel, his own little ves- agreeably surprised to find them inhael foundered in the attempt, and the bitants of a beautiful villa, “a cothorning's tide floated her husband's tage of humility,” about three miles orpse to the feet of his distracted wife, from my own cabin at the Unders she stood on the sea-beach watch cliff. They were agreeable and acng every white sail that became vi- complished women, and a few hours ible through the haze of the grey- spent in their company formed a plealouded dawn.

sing and not unfrequent variety in my The forlorn widow and her orphan solitary life; and in the dearth of soabes found a refuge in the huinble ciety incident to their insulated rea abin of her father, and he and his treat, my fair friends condescended to on redoubled their laborious exer- tolerate, and even to welcome the ecions for their support.

But these centric old bachelor with their most vere heavy claims, and the little fa- gracious smiles. One November evennily but just contrived to live, barely ing my ramble had terminated at their upplied with the coarsest necessaries. abode, and I had just drawn my chair When temptation assails the poor man into the cheerful circle round the team sy holding out to his grasp the means table, when a powdered footman enof lessening the hardships and priva- tered, and spoke a few words in a mys. ions of those dear to him as his own terious half

whisper to the elder lady, soul, is it to be wondered at that he who smiled and replied, “ Oh, tell so often fails, when others, without her to come in ; there is no one here the same excuses to plead, set him the of whom she need be apprehensive.” example of yielding? Campbell (ha- The communication of which assusing first been seduced into casual and rance quickly ushered into the room inconsiderable ventures) was at last my new acquaintance Margaret Campenrolled in the gang of smugglers, who bell. An old rusty black bonnet was tarried on their perilous trade along drawn down lower than usual over her the coast; and from that time, though face, and her dingy red cloak (under comparative plenty revisited his cot- which she carried some bulky parcel) tage, the careless smile of innocent se was wrapped closely round a figuro curity no longer beamed on the fea- that seemed endeavouring to shrink tures of its inmates. Margaret strug- itself into the least possible compass. gled long with well-principled firm. At sight of me she half started, and ness against the infatuation of her hus- dropt her eyes with a fearful curtsey. band and son ; but, flushed with suc « Ah, Margaret !” I exclaimed, too cess, and emboldened by association well divining the object of her darkwith numbers, they resisted her anxi- ling embassy. But the lady of the house ous remonstrances; and at last, heart- encouraged her to advance, laughingsick of fruitless opposition, and shrink- ly saying, " Oh, never mind Mr ing from the angry frown of him who he will not inform against us, though had been for so many years the affec- he shakes his head so awfully-Well, tionate sharer of her joys and sorrows, have you brought the tea?”—“ And she first passively acquiesced in their the lace, and the silk scarfs ?" chimed proceedings, and in the end was per- in the younger ladies, with eager cusuaded to contribute her share towards riosity sparkling in their eyes, as they furthering them, by secretly disposing almost dragged the important budget, of the unlawfully obtained articles. with their own fair hands, from bem

During my abode in the Isle of neath the poor woman's cloak. “Have Wight, I had become acquainted with you brought our scarfs at last? what two or three families resident within a time we have been expecting them!” a few miles of the spot where I had "Yes, indeed," echoed Lady Mary;

habitation. With one of “and, depending on your promise of these (consisting of a widow lady of procuring me some, I have been quite rank and her two grown-up daughters) distressed for tea-There is really no I had been previously acquainted in dependance on your word, Mrs CampLondon, and at other places. They had bell; and yet I have been at some been recommended by the medical ad- pains to impress you with a just sense viser of the youngest daughter, who of your Christian duties, amongst

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taken up my


sure my

which you have often heard me re- exorbitantly dear. “Ay, but," obmark, (and I am sure the tracts I have served the prudent mother, “ you given you inculcate the same lesson,) were in such a hurry, or you might that a strict attention to truth is one have made better bargains; but it's of the most essential-Well! where's always the way—and yet 1 winkel the tea?”—“Oh! my lady,” answere and winked at you both. I should ed the poor woman, with a humbly have got those things half as cheap deprecating tone and look, “ if you again. did but know what risks we run to Indulgently tender as I am inclined get these things, and how uncertain to be to the little whims and foibles of our trade is, you would not wonder the sex, I could not, on the present that we cannot always oblige our cus- occasion, refrain from hinting to my tomers so punctually as we would fair friends a part of what was passing wish–I have brought the silks and in my mind. At first they laughed scarfs for the young ladies, but the at my quizzical scruples, and replied tea -” “What! no tea yet? Real- to them with the common-place rely it is too bad, Mrs Campbell; I mark, that “the few things they ocmust try if other people are not more casionally purchased could make no to be depended on.”—“ Indeed, my difference ; for that the people would lady, we have tried hard to get it for smuggle all the same, and find enyour ladyship ; but there's such a

couragement from others, if not from sharp look-out now, and the Ranger them.” And when I pressed the queshas been lying off the island for this tion a little further, suggesting to their week past, our people haven't been able consciences whether all who encourage! to get nothing ashore, and yet I am the trade were not, in a great measure,

husband and son have been answerable for the guilt incurred, and upon the watch along the beach, and the lives lost in the prosecution of it. in the boat these three nights in all they bade me not talk of such horriu this dreadful weather; and to-night, things, and huddled away their recent though it blows a gale, they're out purchases in a sort of disconcerted sagain ;” and the poor woman cast a lence, that spoke any thing rather than tearful shuddering glance towards the remorse of conscience and purpose window, against which the wind beat reformation. My “sermonizing," & dismally, accompanied with thick dri- it was termed, seemed to have throw ving sleet, that half obscured the a spell over the frank sociability tha: glimpses of a sickly moon.

usually enlivened our evening coteries The lady was pacified by these as Conversation languished-the piare surances, that the foreign luxury was out of tune—and the young lashould be procured for her that night, dies not in a singing mood. Their if human exertions, made at the peril mamma broke her netting-thread of human life, could succeed in land- every three minutes, and, from a dising it. The silks, &c. were examined sertation on the degenerate rottenner and approved of by the young ladies, of modern cotton, digressed insensibly and finally taken and paid for, after into a train of serious observations ca some haggling about the price of the dangers impending over Church blood,” as the purchase-money might and State, from the machinations of too justly have been denominated. evangelical reformers-ever and ador, Mrs Cambell received it with a deep when the storm waxed louder an? sigh, and, humbly curtseying, with louder, interspersing her remarks with drew from the presence, not without pathetic complaints of the perverse(involuntarily, as it were) stealing an ness with which the very elements abashed glance towards my counte- scemed to conspire with Governinen: nance as she passed me. She was no against the safe landing of the presooner out of the room than her fair cious bales. customers began to expatiate, with The storm did rage fearfully, ari! rapturous volubility, on the beauty its increasing violence warned me to and cheapness of their purchases—an retrace my homeward way, before inconsistency of remark that puzzled the disappearance of a yet glimmerit: me exceedingly, as, not five minutes moon should leave me to pursue 1: before, while bargaining with the sel- in total darkness. Flapping my ba; ler, they had averred her goods to be over my eyes, and wrapping myses of very inferior manufacture, and snugly round in the thick folds of


huge boat-cloak, I issued forth from that now enveloped every object, made
the cheerful brightness of the cot me pause for a moment to consider
tage parlour into the darkness visie how far it might be safe to continue
ble of the wild scene without. Wild- onward in my wave-washed path. A
ly magnificent it was! My path lay light streaming from one of the win-
along the shore, against which moun dows of Campbell's cottage, a few fur-
tainous waves came rolling in long longs up the beach, decided the result
ridges, with a sound like thunder. of my deliberation, and I turned to-
Sleet, falling at intervals, mingled wards the little dwelling, purposing to
with the sea surf, and both were dri- apply there for a lantern and a guide,
ven into my face by the south-east should the younger Campbell chance
blast, with a violence that obliged me to be at home.
frequently to pause


for breath. I had no need to tap for admite Large masses of clouds were hurried tance at the humble door. It was open, in sublime disorder across the dim and on the threshold stood the mother struggling moon, whose pale light of the family. The light from within gleamed at intervals, with ghastly in- gleamer across her face and figure, and distinctness, along the white sands, I could perceive that she was listening and on the frothy summits of the ad- with intent breathlessness, and with vancing billows. As I pursued my eyes rivetted, as if they could pierce way, buffetting the conflicting ele- the darkness, towards the quarter from ments, other sounds, methought, ap- whence I was approaching. My steps peared to mingle in their uproar. The on the loose shingle at length reached deep and shrill intonation of human the ear, and she darted forward, exvoices seemed blended with the wail- claiming, “Oh, Amy! thank God ! ing and sobbing of the storm; the here's your father.” The young wocreaking and labouring of planks, the man sprang to the door with a light, splash of oars was distinguishable, I and its beams revealed my then uno thought, in the pause of the receding welcome features, instead of those of

I was not deceived. A mo the husband and father. Oh, sir ! mentary gleam of moonlight glanced I thought” -was poor Margaret's on the white sails of a vessel at some eloquentlyunfinished ejaculation, when distance from the land, and one of her she discovered her mistake ; “ but you boats (a black speck on the billows) are kindly welcome,” she quickly addwas discernible, making her way to- ed, “ for this is no night for any wards the shore. At that moment, Christian soul to be out in, though my another boat close in shore shot by husband and son Oh, sir! they are with the velocity of lightning, and at both, both tossing in one little boat on the same instant a man rushed quick- that dreadful sea; and that is not all, ly by me, whose tall remarkable figure the Ranger's boats are on the look out I recognized for Campbell's, in that for the lugger they are gone to meet, dim momentary glance. He darted and God knows what may happen-Í on with the rapidity of an arrow, and prayed and beseeched them for this immediately I heard a long shrill whistle night only to stay peaceably at home, re-echoed by another and another from such a night of weather as was workthe cliffs, from the shore, and from ing up, but all in vain; we had pro

The moon had alınost with- mised my lady, and the cargo was to drawn her feeble light, and I could be landed to-night-Oh, sir ! my lady, no longer discern any object but the and the like of she, little think”white sands under my feet, and the And the poor woman burst into tears. sea foam that frothed over them. This was no time for admonition and More than two miles of my homereproof, or for the consolatory remarks ward path was yet before me; and in so often addressed to the unhappy, of their progress I should have to cross “ I told you it would come to this," two gullies furrowed through the sand 66 This would not have happened if by land-springs from the adjacent you had listened to me, or, Well, cliffs. Intermingled and bedded in you have brought it all upon yourself.” these were several rocky crags, and The consequences of their illicit traffic portions of the foundered cliff, amongst were now brought more forcibly home which it was easy to pick one's day- to the minds of these poor people, by light way; but the impenetrable gloom the agonizing suspense they were enVol. X.

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the sea.


during, than they could have been by not beauty of feature, for excepting a any arguments I might have labour- pair of fine dark eyes, shailed by lashes ed to enforce. _I did my best to calın of unusual length, there was nothing their terrors. To dispel them was im- uncommon in her countenance, and possible, while the tempest raged loud- her naturally dark and colourless comer and louder; and independent of that, plexion was tinged with the sallow there wereother too reasonable grounds hue of sickness ;-her lips were whiter of apprehension. I suggested the pro- than her cheek, and her uncommoniy bability of Carnpbell not being in the tall figure, slender and fragile as the boat, as he had passed me on the beach reed, bowed down with the languor so recently; but at all events, he was of weakness and sorrow. But when she abroad in a tremendous night, and lifted up those dark eyes, their melanwith a desperate gang, expecting and choly light was touchingly expressive, armed against resistance. Forgetting and in unison with the general chamy own purpose of borrowing a lan- racter of the slight shadowy frame, tern to continue my homeward path, that seemed almost transparent to the I entered the cabin with the distress-workings of the wounded spirit within. ed females, whose looks thanked me Amy's young heart had never recovered for abiding with them in this their the shock of her William's untimely hour of need. A cheerful fire bright- death, and her timid tender nature ened the interior of the little dwelling, was weighed down under a perpetual where neatness and order still bore load of conscious self-reproach, that testimony that the habits of its inmates for her sake, and that of her infants, had at least been those of peaceful in- her father and her brother had engadustry. The fire-light gleamed ruddy ged in the perilous unlawfulness of red on the clean brick floor : a carved their present courses. As she sat lookoak table, and a few clumsy old chairs ing on her mother's face, I could perof the same fashion, were bright with ceive what thoughts were passing in the polish of age and housewifery; and her mind. At last a large tear, that had one, distinguished by capacious arms, been some time collecting, swelled over a high stuffed back, and red cushion, the quivering lid, and trickled slowly was placed close beside the ingle nook, down her cheek, and rising suddenly, the accustomed seat of the father of and letting fall the netting and shuttle, the family. His pipe lay close at hand, she came and edged herself on the on the high mantle shelf, where a pair corner of her mother's chair, and claspof brass candlesticks, a few china cups, ing one arm round

her neck, and hiding some long-shanked drinking glasses, her face on her shoulder, sobbed out, and sundry tobaceo stoppers, of fan- " Mother !”—“My Amy! my dear tastical figure, were ranged in symme- child !” whispered the fond parent, trical order. The dresser was elabo- tenderly caressing her, “why should rately set out with its rows of yellow you always reproach yourself so ? You ware ; its mugs of various shape and who have been a good dutiful child, quaint diversity of motto and device, and a comfort to us ever since you were its japanned tray, and mahogany tea- born. Before your poor father fell into chest, proudly conspicuous in the mid- evil company, and listened to their dle. The walls were hung round with temptations, did we not contrive to nets, baskets, and fishing apparatus, maintain ourselves, and you and your and to the rafter various articles of the dear fatherless babies, by honest indussame description were appended; but try; and where should you have taken Campbell's duck gun,and his twoclum- refuge, my precious Amy, but under sy pistols, rested not on the hooks he your parents' roof?” A look of eloquent was wont to call his armoury. An un- gratitude and a tender kiss was Amy's finished net was suspended by the reply to these fond assurances. For a chimney corner, at which the youth- few moments this touching intercourse ful widow had apparently been em- of hearts, beguiled them from the in, ployed. She resumed her seat and tense anxiousness with which they had shuttle, but the hand that held it been listening to every sound from rested idly on her lap, while her eyes without; but the redoubled violence were rivetted in mournful solicitude on of the storm fearfully roused them the anxious countenance of her mo from that momentary abstraction, and ther. There was something peculiar. they started and looked in each other's ly interesting in this young woman; faces, and then in mine, as if beseech

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