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ing him for the circumstances of his which he meant to afford gratis if any lot, advised him to retire from Am- illness should occur among the country sterdam for some time, and to seek for people. a quiet residence in the country, where When settled in this place he rehe would be more able to recover the curred to his college habits of life. For, equilibrium of his feelings. He, ap- having no other thing to do, he was proving of their suggestion, sought for induced to occupy his time with study, a place at a considerable distance from which led him again into metaphysical town, and hired a lodging in a small thought. His mind became again infarm-house. Hither he conveyed his terested in the old chain of argument books, with his seldom-used case of which had formerly pleased him at instruments, and a few medicines, Leyden..


Thou, mighty ocean, whom I now behold
Kissing, with murmur bland, thy shores of gold;
Often, at eve, as thus the vernal day
Closes its eye, and melts in peace away,
I love beside thy broad expanse to walk,
And hold with Meditation silent talk.

Fresh blew the matin breeze; and cloud on cloud
Veil'd the blue heavens with melancholy shroud ;
Moaned the deep woods, as shower succeeding shower,
Bedim'd the glory of the noontide hour;
And, on thy breast, the bark was seen to brave
With difficult repulse the crested wave;
While, borne with fleet wing to its rocky home,
The wailing sea-bird shot athwart the foam,
And left to winds, and waves, and pelting rains,
The solitary shore, and joyless plains.

But now the breeze is calm’d; o'er cloudless skies,
The crimson Day smiles forth before he dies ;
The vallies lie in peace—and, on the hill,
Spreading their leafy arms, the woods are still.
From budding copse the blackbird's mellow lay,
With a deep tone far inland melts away;
And, yet remoter far, the cattle's low-
Mayhap from flowery meads returning slow;
Hush'd is the landscape-still as still can be,
As if the eve held silent jubilee!

Why then, when Nature's pulse subsides to rest,
Sleep not the passions of the human breast ?
Why does the throbbing sense of inward pain
Oppress the heart, or shoot athwart the brain ?
Do Misery's clouds, with melancholy roll,
Float o'er, and shade the regions of the soul;
And visions crush'd, and hopes that wan’d to nought,
Disturb the spirit, and oppress the thought ?

0! fragile man—thou pageant of a day,
Whose painted splendours dim, and die away ;
Thou thing, whose grasping aspirations soar
To realms, where glory reigns for evermore;
But findest, yearning with a downcast soul,
Thy tiny means unfit to reach the goal.
Stiú in thy sight the rays of beauty flash,
Sublime thou listenest to the torrent's dash-

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Pantest in dreams, still foil'd, and still renew'd
For perfect bliss, and unsubstantial good ;-
Till, finding hope a visionary gleam,
A rainbow light, the splendour of a dream,
Friendship a tie, that, prone a while to bless,
Yields to the wizard touch of selfishness;
And earth a home, where vice and sorrow meet,
The realm of shame, the palace of deceit-
Man views his brightest prospects melt in air,
Yields up his sinking bosom to despair ;
And as he turns from earth with loathing eyes,
Proclaims that all is vanity—and dies !

Yet droop not thou, my soul, but turn thine eye
Beyond this earth, that perishable sky,
And when the clouds come o'er thee dark and deep,
And melting sorrow veils her face to weep-
Let the celestial glow of upper spheres,
Gild with reflected light thine earthly years.

So, when the noon of life in toil and care
Hath pass’d, its evening may be soft and fair ;
All thoughts unholy banish'd from the breast,
And every ill that presses, lulld to rest
Bright then, as July sunset, shall decay
The earth-born spark, and with as pure a ray,
Till vanishing on earth's extremest skies
It sets, in other worlds renew'd to rise !


I saw it in my evening walk,

No other flower, no rival grew A little lonely flower

Beside my pensive maid ; Under a hollow bank it grew,

She dwelt alone, a cloister'd nun,
Deep in a mossy bower.

In solitude and shade.
An oak's gnarl'd root, to roof the cave, No sun-beam on that fairy pool
With Gothic fret-work sprung,

Darted its dazzling light ;
Whence jewell’d-fern," and arum leaves, Only, methought, some clear cold star
And ivy garlands hung.

Might tremble there at night. And close beneath came sparkling out, No ruffling wind could reach her there From an old tree's fall’n shell,

No eye, methought, but mine, A little rill, that clipt about

Or the young lambs that came to drink, The Lady in her cell.

Had spied her secret shrine. And there, methought, with bashful pride, And there was pleasantness to me She seem'd to sit and look

In such belief-cold eyes On her own maiden loveliness,

That slight dear Nature's loveliness Pale imaged in the brook.

Profane her mysteries.

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• The flowers of the Osmunda Regalis, or flowering-fern, are set like two rows of jewellery on the under sides of the leaves. This elegant plant blows in July and August, and is generally found on or about the boles and twisted roots of old trees. VOL. X.

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SPECIMENS OF A FREE AND EASY TRANSLATION, In which Horace is done (for) into English, and adapted to the Taste of the

Present Generation.

Dear North,

ragged, royal race of Tara," would I am sorry to learn, by your last, that look forward to seats in the Cabinet. you have had such a severe twitch this Then, indeed, would there be a comtime; keep warm in Welch flannel, plete revolution in Church and State; live soberly, and no more desperate at- churchmen would be cut shorter by tempts with the Eau Medicinale d’s the head, the national debt washed Husson. It will be no farce, I assure out with a dishclout, and taxes aboyou, if the gout fiy bolt into your sto- lished; and then, instead of election mach, like a Congreve rocket into the being fettered, and parliaments setditto of a whale, and carry you off in tennial, there would be universal sufthe twinkling of a walking-stick. frage, and no parliaments at all

. Then Then there would be wiping of eyes would the Saturnian age return to and blowing of noses ; crape, weepers, bless the world; then would Lucifer and long cravats, throughout the land. hawk about his golden pippins, and Then there would be a breaking up of find abundant sale for them; then the glorious divan. Wastle would would all property be common

, and leave bis High Street lodgings, and pickpockets left without a trade; retire to his airy citadel;” Morris while no person would have any thing would sell his shandrydan, and keep to do—at least, any right to do any house at Aberystwith for life ; Kemp- thing, except smoking his pipe, drainferhausen would pack up for Alle- ing his mug, and snoring in his hammagne; Eremus would commence mock. grinder to the embryo divines at Aber My dear North, take care of the deen; The Odontist would forswear damp weather, and I warrant, that poetry, take a large farm, and study for many a long year to come, yoe Malthus on Population ; Delta would shall keep death and the doctor 25 take parson's orders; Paddy from Cork complete defiance-behold the cause would fall into “ a green and yellow of true freedom and loyalty prospering melancholy,” toss the remaining cantos around you—and, were it not tha: of his epic to Beelzebub, and button his you are a bachelor, rejoice in the cacoat behind ; Niullion would sell but- resses of your children's children. ter and eggs at his provision-ware From you, my revered friend, I house, Grassmarket, and sedulously shall descend to a humbler topic, look forward to the provostship ; while “one on which,” to use the words e! poor Odoherty (alas, poor Yorick !) Byron, “ all are supposed to be fiuti, would send his luggage to Dunlearý and none agreeable-self.” harbour, and away to the fighting trade 1stly, with regard to health, I fisi? in South America. Then would there myself as well as I wish all others to be a trumpeting and tantararaing bé. My sprained ancle is now quite among the Whigs,-" Quassha ma convalescent, poor thing; and, by per: boo ! our masters are no more!" would severing in rubbing a tea spoonful c: be echoed by every lip among them; opodskloc upon it every morning

, it and then, but not till then, with some will soon be as strong as a bedipost. shadow of hope might they look for- occasionally take a Seidlitz powder 43 ward to their holding the reins of go- keep my stomach in order; for, de vernment, though, after all, most of penil upon it, the stomach of a literzy them, it they did not hold well by the man is almost of as much consequence mane, would fall off the steed's back as his head. Talking of the top-pier ; into the mire, they are such shocking I have an occasional beadach; that is bad riders ; while the Radicals would to say, after being too late out at night; press forward, and tread on their ribs but which I effectually remore st in turn; Glasgow weavers would spin rectify by a bottle of soda waterropes to hang up whoever was obnox- friend Jennings' if possible ; for it es: ious to them ; Sheffield cutlers would cels all others, as much as his poetry grind razors to cut throats; and the the common run of verses, and stand, Ribbonmen of Erin, and all “ the in relaion to every other compounds!

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the kind, in the same degree of excel- shot daily to fill and replenish my lence and superiority, as Day and bag ;-and then, there was sometimes Martin's patent blacking to that made cricket in the morning

and loo in the with soot, saliva, and small beer. afternoon--and blows-out at night,

2dly, With respect to my intellec- and all that. Horresco referens. Í tual pursuits. Pray, what makes you have been shamefully idle ; but I am so earnest to learn what a retired and determined to stick to it like rosin obscure man like me is about, and this winter ; and, hang me if I do not

whose poor contributions to literature astonish the natives; I shall make Is are but a drop in the bucket, compa some of them gaze up to the clouds in

red with what you every day receive wonder, and others to shake in their

from the bright luminaries of the age ? shoes. In the interim, I enclose spe3. But I value your partiality as I ought; cimens of a new, free, and easy transEt and, though I am to these as a farthing lation-I should say, imitation, of are candle to a six-in-the-pound, you ge Horace. I have got finished with the sie nerously dip my wick in your own Odes, and am busy with the Satires, ac turpentine, to make it blaze brighter. writing at the rate of four hundred

I blush scarlet, (God bless the ar. lines a-day. Let me know, when con2. my, and their coats of scarlet !) when venient, what you think of them ;-

I confess, on my knees (by the bye, make a church and a mill of them af

there is no need of kneeling, when terwards ;-give my best respects to IL you cannot see me,) that I have been Mr Blackwood, when you see him ; 1: for some time notoriously idle. Sa- and believe me, while I have breath Ti lamanca is such a noble beast, that I in my nostrils, to could not resist taking him out to the

Your's devoutly, på hounds; (I have won the brush thrice)

MORGAN ODOHERTY, in bi and then, partridges were so plenty, I said it would waste little powder and Dublin, 2d Dec. 1821.


Ad Maecenatem. To Christopher North, Esg.
Maecenas, atavis edite regibus, Hail ! Christopher, my patron, dear,
O et praesidium et dulce decus meum ! Descended from your grandfather ;

To thee, my bosom friend, I fly,

Brass buckler of Odoherty !
Sunt, quos curriculo pulverem Olym- Some are, who all their hours consume

With well-train'd horse, and sweated groom,
Collegisse juvat, metaque fervidis
Evitata rotis, palmaque nobilis

Who, if the Doncaster they gain,
La Terrarum dominos, evehit ad deos: Or, coming first, with lighten'd rein,

At the St Leger, bear away
Elate the honors of the day,
Pull up their collars to their ears,
And think themselves amid the spheres.
Such art thou, Lambton, Kelburne, Pierse,

And more than I can name in verse.
Hunc, si mobilium turba Quiritium Another tries, with furious speech,
Certat tergeminis tollere honoribus: The bottoms of the mob to reach ;

Here on the hustings stands Burdett,
With trope and start their zeal to whet;
While jackall Hobhouse, sure to tire on
Tracking alway the steps of Byron,
Stands at his arm, with words of nectar
Determined to out-hector Hector.
Preston, with rosin on his beard,
Starts up, determined to be heard,
And swears destruction to the bones
Of those who will not hear Gale Jones :
While eigh Hunt, in the Examiner,
About them tries to make a stir,
And says, (who doubts him ?) men like these

Shame Tully and Demosthenes.-
Illum, si proprio condidit horreo
quidquid de Libycis verritur areis.

A third, like Sir John Sinclair, tries
Gaudentem patríos findere sarculo

To hold the harrow to the skies ;
And thinks there is no nobler work,
Than scattering manure with the fork,

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Except (as Mr Coke prefers,)

To catch the sheep, and ply the shears : Attalicis conditionibus Although you'd give, in guineas round, Nunquam dimoveas, ut trabe Cypria A plum, (1. e. one hundred thousand pound,) Myrtoum pavidus pauta secet mare.

You could not get these men, I know,
Aboard the Northern ships to go,
Through frozen latitudes to stroll,
And see if ice surrounds the pole ;
They wish success to Captain Parry,

But yet, at home would rather tarry.
Luctantem Icariis fluctibus Africum In slippers red, before the fire,
Mercator metuen otium et oppidi With negus to his heart's desire,
Laudat rura sui : mox reficit rates
Quassas, indocilis pauperiem pati. The merchant sits ; he winks and snores,

The north wind in the chimney roars ;
Waking, he bawls aloud—“ Od rot 'em,
“ I fear my ships are at the bottom ! -
66 The crews are trifles to be sure,
“ But then the cargos a'n't secure:
“ 'Change will be changed for me tomorrow,-

“ Alack! for poverty and sorrow !”
Est, qui nec veteris pocula Massici, Men are—I know them—let that pass,
Nec partem solido demere de die, (Who crack a joke, and love a glass)

Whether, like Falstaff, it be sack,
Champaigne, Old Hock, or Frontiniac,
Or Whisky-punch, which, jovial dog,

Is true heart's-balsam to James Hogg ;nunc viridi membra subarbuto Like Wordsworth, under pleasant trees, Stratus, nunc ad aquae lene caput sa- Some take delight to catch the breeze ;

Or lie amid the pastoral mountains,

And listen to the bubbling fountains.
Multos castra juvant, et lituo tubae Many in camps delight to hear
Permixtus sonitus,

The fife and bugle's music clear,
While hautboy sweet, and kettle-drum,

Upon the ear like thunder come. bellaque, matribus Though youngsters love a battle hot, Detestata.

Their anxious mothers love it not ;-
While in the fray a son remains out,

Some erring ball may knock his brains out.
Manet sub Jove frigido

O'er hedge and ditch, through field and thicket,
Venator, tenerae conjugis immemor; With buck-skin breeches, and red jacket,
Seu visa est catulis cerva fidelibus,
Seu rupit teretes Marsus aper plagas,

On spanking steed the huntsman flies,
Led by the deep-mouth'd stag-hounds' cries :
Meanwhile his spouse, in lonely bed,
Laments that she was ever wed;
And, toss'd on wedlock's stormy billow,
Like the MWhirter, clasps her pillow,
And sighs, while fondling it about,

“ Thou art my only child, I doubt!" Me doctarum hederae praemia fron. -For me a laurel crown, like that

Used for a band to Southey's hat,
Dis miscent superis;

(Not such as Cockney Will abuses,
And Leigh Hunt for a night-cap uses,)
Would make me, amid wits, appear

A Sampson, and a grenadier ! me gelidum nemus, Then, many a nymph, with sparkling eye, Nympharumque leves cum Satyris Would crowd around Odoherty;

chori Secernunt populo:

Swift at the tune, which Lady Morgan
Would play upon the barrel organ;
MacCraws, and all my second cousins,
And light-heel'd blue-stockings by dozens,
With nimble toe would touch the ground,

And form a choral ring around.
si neque tibias

Oh! that James Hogg, my chosen friend,
Euterpe cohibet, nec Polyhymnia
Lesboum refugit tendere barbiton.

His glowing fancy would me lend,
His restless fancy, wandering still
By lonely mount, and fairy rill !
That Dr Scott, with forceps stout,
Would draw my stumps of dulness out ;


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