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poor Davis, (my protégée they were pleased to term him, d-n their French !) from the smallest taint of reproach, by telling all I knew of his family for the two or three last generations at least ! Here was a duty to load an old Greenwich-man with !-So d’ye see, my dear lad, I first looked gruff, then swore a little, for I could'nt help it, and then I flatly refused the job.—“Mayhap, gentlemen," says I, “ you're not aware,” says I, “ that you assign me a task for which I am unfit. I know nothing of your shore matters," says I, “and no shame to me; but if you think it will advantage the poor young fellow,” says I,“ in God's name set about it directly, any one of ye that chooses.”—This was all the rogues wanted, I believe, for away they went, nor did I hear from them again till about ten days afterwards, when I received the package containing the precious narration; to which I had but two objections, but they were clinchers. In the first place, this same narration was as bulky as an admiral's instructions, and as long as a best bower, and of course, my dear fellow, would have occupied far too much room in your so much envied aréna ; and secondly, the matter of it, to my taste, was quite trashy—as bad indeed as black strap, or six-water grog—by no means a plain, sober, sensible story, but swollen and inflated like an old woman in a dropsy, with the poetry and puffery of sentiment; every period being scissared as neatly as a round-robin, and sense throughout the whole of it completely massacred at the shrine of sound and nonsense. Disgusted with it, and somewhat chagrined, I confess, at the loss of so much good time, I was not a whit made better, you may be certain, upon discovering that the writer of this fancy affair was no other than a young spink of a nephew of mine, who, because I have sometimes allowed the puppy a little familiarity with me of an evening, and because, forsooth, his father has been fool enough to spend as much money in the keeping him at College as might have sent him with a cargo to the coast of Guinea, thinks himself, I suppose, as good a judge of public opinion, as you or I, Mr North, who have seen service! D-n the impertinent son of a dog-fish, I had good a mind to spritsail-yard him, and turn him adrift !

I am now more cool, my dear Kit, and have begun to think there must be something in the matter after all. Lest, therefore, my dear boy, you should be something of the puppy's opinion, I will cheerfully volunteer, as I wish to stand well in yours, to tell you the young lad's story in my own way; for it can be done in the twirl of a mop-stick. You must know, then, that Edward's father, from his youth up, was a rampageous, high-spirited, tearing sort of fellow, who thought proper to marry his mother at hap-hazard, without consulting the wishes of a single soul of his family; for which offence he was very properly, like a young mutinous rascal, immediately bundled off, by the grandfather, in the service of the Honourable the East India Company. His mother, shortly after unshipping herself of a son, also disappeared-most people thought in search of her husband-leaving Edward to the care of the old boy, who very honestly, taking a notion of the youngster, fed, and clothed, and schooled him to the mast-head. Being, however, a real chip of the old block, you'll not hinder the young skemp from very early betraying a pe culiar address in nosing out every thing that appeared in the shape of a petticoat: nor was it long before his grandfather discovered him on the eve of forme ing a very improper indissoluble connection with another skittish hop-mythumb, something like himself. He immediately put in his spoke, and forbade the banns ; on which my young sensitive, fretting, and fizzing, and tuming like a pot-fire in water, after committing as many extravagances and ridiculous gri

maces as a St Helena monkey, most gallantly blew out the brains of all his fua ture prospects, went down to Leith, and was on board of the Adamant, and had entered the service, before you would have said Jack Robinson. As he took no pains to conceal this wise measure, but rather appeared to betray a sort of savage satisfaction in thus affronting his grandfather and all his family, they very

properly pocketed their grief, convinced that he had chosen a rougher school. 1 master, and a harder penance, than any they could have had the heart to inAlict.

Having thus given you all that I know of our young Man-of-War's-Man, Is my dear lad, I shall now take my leave, with expressing my hope that you

and he may proceed on your voyage together in a comfortable and happy manner, and that, after many months of mutual pleasure, and mutual satisfaction, you may see him into port, and part good friends.My dear Kit, I shall always be proud to be ever yours, while Canongate, 10th October, 1821.


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Your work is very hard, my boys, upon the ocean sea
And for your reefing topsails I'd rather you as me ;-
I feather my oar unto the shore, so happy as I be

In the Guard-ship, ho ! WE left Edward, moving slowly for- licacy of Captain Farrell had won gi' ward from his conference with the his heart, and several times was he

officers, in a state of mind far from on the point of returning to the quarbeing enviable. By the thoughtless ter-deck, and demanding an audience

though friendly kindness of Lieute- of him, that he might tell him his 2. nant Highgate, he had been exposed whole story. Here, however, there 5 to a scrutiny which of all things he was an explanation to make, which

had least expected ; and thus taken by both shocked and alarmed his pride, surprise, and determined not to affront, of which we need hardly remark he as he thought, the honour of his fami- had a very respectable share. No, ly, he had found the little that he did no, it can never be,” exclaimed he say treated as falsehood, and himself mentally; “ I have voluntarily courtrudely levelled to the same grade of ed my fate, and however hard it

may * infamy as the felons he accompanied. prove, I must learn to bear it. I might

The sneering unbelief, too, so broadly have chosen better, it is true; and yet displayed by Lieutenant Toddrel, had how.could that be, when I chose to the done its work ; and the Captain's part- best of my knowledge ? Have I not ing words, on dismissing him, of his ever loved sea matters? Have I not being " a queer one,” and no better wished many times to be engaged in than he 'ought to be, still rung in his them? And have I not now got my ears, and stung him to the soul. With wish? Yes !” added he, with a cona heavy and a bursting heart, therevulsive shudder, which made his teeth fore, and unwilling to betray himself grind together, -"yes! I have got it in the presence of men, who, he was in an overflowing cup, every drop of quite aware, looked upon such feelings which I must drain to the bottom with the greatest contempt, he sought for too much, far too much, has ala solitary corner under the vessel's ready been done, ever to be undone little forecastle, and there gave way with honour. Alas! well did Lieuteto an agony of tears. The rude una nant Highgate say, when he gave me gainly taunts of the Lieutenant, it is the list to carry to the midshipman,true, had excited no other emotions. There, Davis, that is your banishthan a certain scorn and contempt, ment, since you will have it. God which, in other circumstances, and bless you, and farewell ; we may meet in another place, would, in all like- again, though at present it an't very lihood, have provoked a return; but likely.”. From this melancholy and the graceful manners and manly de- mortifying reverie, he was suddenly Vol. X.


on the

aroused by a smart blow of a rope's- common usage allowed to every one. end athwart his shoulders, and on Nor had he long to exercise his newwheeling round beheld the boatswain's- ly-tried patience ; for the breeze conmate.““ Yo hoy! who have we got tinuing steady and favourable, the vesskulking here?" growled the brutal sel speedily made her way to the fellow, repeating the blow.—“Oho! much-wished for roadstead, which you're one of the Johnie Raw's are was no sooner in view than the superyou !—and crying too, or blast me!- numeraries were ordered to get ready I thought you had belonged to me. But to go instantly on board the guardnevermind, my buck, a simplesnaffleror ship, the Whippersnapper meaning to two in the bunt is nothing at all at all, proceed without delay to her cruizing when once you're used to it--so come, ground. come, save your water for another oc

This order Edward prepared to obey casion; rub up your sparklers, and with the greatest pleasure ; for, not to jump aft there, like a blade of mettle, mention another reason than her inand give us a pull of that there brace.” convenient lowness and wetness, the Edward obeyed; and launched with Whippersnapper was so completely such apparent cheerfulness and good overloaded with live lumber as to have will into the bustle of the deck, as evi- made a longer stay very disagreeable. dently to gain on the good graces of He was therefore very soon his new associates; the boatswain's mate quarter-deck, with his mattrass and in particular exclaiming, “that though blankets under his arm, and had amawkward, he was willing, and in a ple time to survey his motley compashort time would make a d-d good nions, while a Bardolph-faced fellow top-man.”

of a clerk prepared the invoice. If our Busily occupied in this manner, the readers be inclined to stare at this, we day flew by; but, with the return of can honestly assure them that it was night, came more serious and melan- actually an invoice of so many head of choly reflections. It was impossible live-stock, “ victualled,” moreover, for Édward to avoid remarking, with “for that day," and sent from his Mawhat marked and studied contempt he jesty's sloop of war, Whippersnapper, was treated by Lieutenant Toddrell to his Majesty's flag-ship, Grab, Duand all his inferior officers, who indivi- gald Dolittle, commander. Edward dually seemed to rejoice in humbling and his comrades were thus all standthe impostor who had had the auda- ing in groupes talking of the nature of city to aspire to rank above his fellows, their change, when the serjeant of maand who accordingly singled him out rines came up to them, dressed in a for the most trifling, unceasing, and dirty jacket which had once been scarvexatious duties, exulting and sneer- let, and a rattan in his hand, as if preing at his ignorance and awkwardness. pared for drill; and having elbowed Even the Captain himself, of whom the first of the squad he encountered he was inclined to think so favour- in the genuine spirit of nautical naiably, seemed to have become harsher veté, he bawled out with a most auand more stern towards him since their thoritative countenance, “ Come, men, conference together, and appeared to come;fall in-rank up!- Blast your view the indignities which were heap- lubberly eyes ! stand in a line, can't ed upon him with an unsparing hand, you? What a rascally, lousy, goodwith some degree of satisfaction. Ga- for-nothing set !-Look here;-put all thering from the ill-natured taunts of of you your toes to that there seam, and the young gentlemen, that all this stand straight up, and keep your front wretched usage proceeded from some --so now, so,-too far, my lad; back thing contained in the letter, while he a little-there now, steady!What's could hardly, refrain from cursing the that whoreson loggerhead wheeling officious kindness of Lieutenant High- for? My eyes, can't you stand steady, gate in thus erecting him like a target and bed-to ye, you lubber!-so now to be shot at, he was incessant in his so-steady!” He was here compelled to inquiries at the older seamen as to silence by the appearance of his potent when they expected to arrive at Yar- commander issuing from the compamouth, naturally enough judging, that nion-ladder, and meekly followed by were he once quit of the Whipper- his bareheaded amanuensis, carrying snapper, he would sink unknown a pen and ink and the aforesaid invoice. mongst the common herd, and get the Captain Farrell, who seemed to be in

none of the best of humours, after his mess-book, were told the number of slightly saluting his officers, who were their respective messes, and then turnall on deck, replaced his well worn ed adrift to make of themselves what every way cocked hat on his head, and they pleased for the day. strutted his two or three paces of a As Edward had silently resolved to quarter deck, apparently wrapt in pro- imitate the behaviour of those men-offound cogitation, with a solemnity of war's men who were along with him, dignity truly ludicrous. At length well knowing that former experience making an abrupt halt, he turned to would regulate their motions, and obhis obsequious lieutenant, who stood serving them making the best of their watching his motions, and said, " Is way for the lower deck, he immedithe boat ready, Mr Toddrell?"- ately followed, and after their example, « Yes, sir, but not manned," was the was shortly seated at his own messanswer. “ Then man her directly,” table. This mess was under the coneried the Captain, “ for we must be troul of one of the quarter-masters, off the wind sits fair.”

whose wife amused her leisure hours in The Lieutenant immediately gave the superintendance and care of a petty the signal to the watching boatswain's chandler's shop, and retailed snuft, mate, the shrill whistle blew, and tobacco, tea, sugar, butter, cheese, Away there, large cutters! was bawled bread, potatoes, needles, threads, and through the lungs of an ox. 'This come other luxuries and necessaries, to all mand was promptly obeyed, the men who had money to purchase, or trincorning scrambling up in all directions, 'kets or other saleable articles to pawn, and the commanding midshipman and to a select number of her own standing at the gangway, waiting or- ship’s company on credit to a certain ders. À profound silence was now extent. As both the lady and her broke by the captain ordering his clerk husband were unable either to read or to muster the people that were going write, she was compelled, to the sad away, and the serjeant of marines to loss of “ many a good pen’orth of backsee that they carried nothing along or," to consign all her credits to her with them but what was their own. memory between the one meal's hour While this was going on, throwing and the next, when honest Ritchie one leg carelessly athwart the breach Sangster, the fifer, who belonged to of a carronade, he amused himself her mess, being at leisure, used to rewith a scrutiny at the individuals and lieve her, by enrolling the whole of their luggage, as they passed him to the foresaid credits, day and date, into the boat. As soon as they had got a sort of journal which she kept. Now all huddled in, he again appeared on it so happened that this same Master the gunnel, “ Are you all right there, Dick laboured under a disorder proMister Faddell ?”

verbially common among his coun“ All right, sir,” replied the Mid- trymen of the north of Scotland, and of shipman.

course was not only a little over greedy, “Then make all the haste you can but had enacted the part of private on board again," said the Captain, “for secretary to Mrs Susan Harley so I shall get under weigh directly; and long without a rival, as to be very ofhark’ye, youngster, see that you bring ten somewhat unreasonable in his deme back a proper receipt.”

mands; which when not immediately “ Ay, ay, sir," replied the midship- complied with, the cunning puffer of man; shove off, Parkinson”-and sweet sounds, would start away from away they went.

the table, with a ery of Here I come, A very short time brought them sir !” and hasten upon deck as if he alongside of the Grab, where the ce- were really wanted, to whistle a butt

remonials of introduction were much of water from the hold, leaving poor | the same as those of taking leave of Missis Sue, with an overloaded "me

the Whippersnapper, excepting that mory, in a state of mind something they were marshalled by a smart between wonderment and chagrin. By dressed master-at-arms, and that every way of relieving herself on those occathing else bore a proportionate degree sions when“ her dear wag Richard of gentility, and was of larger magni- took his tantrums,” Mrs Susan had tude. The formalities of introduction no doubt been at infinite pains in the over, they were next handed down to study of a certain kind of hieroglythe purser's steward to be entered on phics, which are very popular among

the more enlightened and politerer bar- assistance, which was gladly accepted, maids and pot-boys of Cockaigne ; but and in half the time Dick would have whether from the want of comprehen- taken, he had all her debits entered sion, or the want of time to compre- on her journal. Without meaning it, hend, is not exactly known, but so after consequences shewed that this little progress had she hitherto made was a master-stroke for a person in in this clegant science, that her know. Edward's forlorn situation ; for it matledge on theseoccasions often failed her, ters not whether he had the far-famed and would finally compel her to send Ledyard, or the politic and smoothJoe Harley in search of the fifer, whom tongued Marmontelle in his eye at she would flatter and pettle with good that lucky moment, since he happily things to return to his duty. It is a succeeded in making a friend of Mrs very common nautical observe, that Susan Harley, who, besides her own every man has his lucky and unlucky powerful influence as the senior quardays, which, of course, since they are ter-master's wife, and the most invinunavoidable, he must just take as they cible scold in the ship, possessed an come, with as much coolness, or as almost unlimited patronage in being much heat as he pleases; and the femme-de-chambre and washerwoeventful day that Edward joined the man to the first Lieutenant-a power foresaid Richard's mess was no doubt of itself, indeed, almost equivalent to one of his unfortunate ones. It had so the command of the vessel. As the pleased the stars, (probably Ursa ma. accidental discovery of our hero's abijor, &c.) that Dick should, that very lities made her completely independe morning, take the tantrums for some ent of her dear wag Richard and his thing or other he wanted, and that to tantrums, whom she had apparently such a violent degree, that the flag of spoiled by her flatteries, she could not Mrs Harley's defiance was still hoisted conceal her high satisfaction from her when Edward made his appearance at new found auxiliary, but insisted, as her table. She was then in the very the day was far advanced, that Ed. act of resorting to her old dernier; ward should stay with her, promising and consequently bore all the marks to introduce him to her husband, who, generally exhibited by a certain pro- she assured him," was a dear good fessor, when demonstrating a geome- old creature, and might do him a kind. trical colligation, i. e. she would bite ness." This request, it may be easily her nails, scratch her ringlets into a imagined, was too agreeable to Edfine disorder, survey her shoe points, ward, to meet with a refusal; and he then mark down her hieroglyphic, accordingly, nothing loth, sat still unwhich the next moment she would til the arrival of the quarter-master, erase as being wrong or unsatisfactory; whoappeared to be a hale stout old man, ever adding at the end of every failure, between fifty and sixty years of age, a hearty ejaculation on the absent with ruddy cheeks, a fine figure, and Dick, which it would be very wrong a very pleasant open countenance. to interpret a blessing. It is impose “ 0, you are there, Harley, my sible for us to say by what sort of love," cried Mrs Sue, ” I were quite sympathetic attraction Mrs Susie was moppy for want on ye." led to behold our hero with a favour " And well, my sweet wench, what able eye-it could not be his clothes, dost want, or what art to give me, now for he was nearly in rags-nor could I am come?” said the good humoured it be his “speaking eyes,” for grief smiling quarter-master, seating him. and inquietude had dimmed their self. lustre-certain we are, however, there “ Whatever you please, my love.was a something about him which at- Shall I hand you the beef platter, for tracted her regard ; for, contrary to sure you must be hungry, after being her usual and well-known practice,- on deck so long? or wilt rather choose beingfond of shewing strangers that she a nice comfortable basin of warm cofwas somebody-she was remarkably fee with I and this young Scotchman? civil to him, and even kind; while Vy, you don't see as how I've got a he, on the other hand, grateful for young Scotchman, Joe, since you left such unlooked for attention, and ob- the birth ?--Ay, that I have, my old serving her somewhat perplexed in blade, and such a one, too, you can't her accounts, gallantly offered her his think.”

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