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ALPHABETICAL List of Scotch BANKRUPTCIES, announced between the 1st and

28th September, 1821, extracted from the Edinburgh Gazette. Beck, William, manufacturer in-Hawick.

Duguid, William, manufacturer, Aberdeen ; a diBlair, Robert, farmer and grain-dealer, Inchen vidend to the postponed creditors, 20th October.

Fergusson, James, writer in Stewarton; a diri. Campbell, W. and R. brewers, Linlithgow,

dend of 1s. 3d. per pound, 99th October. Cormack, Alexander, merchant in Wick.

Fyfe, Charles, and Fyfe, Charles, and Co.; a di Edie, James, merchant, Cupar Fife.

vidend 22d October. Graham, William, and Brothers, merchants in Gordon, Patrick, stationer, Glasgow; a dividend Glasgow.

19th October. Macdonald, John, merchant, Perth.

Laurie, W. and R. and Co. merchants, Glasgow; MacEachern, Donald, jun. and Co. and Donald a dividend 3d October.

MacEachern and Co. both merchants and dis Loudon, George and Co. merctrants, Glasgow; & tillers, at Bridgend, Island of Islay.

dividend 17th October. Miller, Robert, tailor and clothier, Glasgow. Lover, Mrs Mary, late china-dealer in Edinburgh, Riddoch or Riddock, merchant in Banff.

afterwards china-dealer, Leith; a final dividend Wares, Donald, merchant and fish-curer in Pulte of 38. per pound, 26th October. ney-town.

Macintosh, Arthur, bookseller in Inverness; a Webster, James, ship-marker at Ferry-Port-on first dividend 12th October. Craigs, county Fife.

Pinkerton, James, jun. brewer, Glasgow; a diri Wilson, Robert, corn-dealer and lime-merchant, dend of 2s, per pound, 26th October. at Thornton, parish of Kilbride.

Stewart, John, merchant and general agent,

Aberdeen; a dividend 1st October.

Vallance, Hugh and Co. timber-merchants in Douglas, John, draper in Dumfries; a dividend Paisley; a second dividend 19th October.

5th November.



Brevet Colonel Chabot, h. p. 50 F. to be Maj.

Lieut. St. John, Capt. by purch. rice
Gen, in the army,
July 19, 1821
M'Kenzie, ret.

do. Capt. Gardiner, 1 Life Gds. Major in

Ensign Hogarth, Lieut. do. do.
the army,
Feb. 17, 1820.
J. Byron, Ensign,

de. Craufurd, 12 Dr. do.Aug. 30, 1821.


Lieut. Hall, Capt. by purch. vice An1 Life G. Lt. Cox, Capt. by purch. vice M'Neil,

derson, ret.

Aug. 30. 84 F.

Aug.' 24.
Ensign Blois, Lieut. do.

do Cornet & Sub-Lt. Hon. W. L. L. Fitz 56 Lieut. Hill, Capt. do. vice Gauley, G. de Roos, Lt. by purch.


do. 9. P. Sydney, Cornet and Sub-Lieut. by

Ensign Vicars, Lieut. do. do. 9. purch.

W. J. Fraser, Ensign do.

do. 2 Dr. G. Lt. Cuff, Capt. by purch. vice Hames, 61 Maj. M. Fane, fm. 33 F. Major, vice ret.

Sept. 13,

Bt. Lt.-Col. Poitier, h. p. York Rang. 9 Dr. Huntly, do. do. vice Blackiston,

Sept. 13. ret.

do. 79

Lieut. Cameron, fm. h. p. Donkin's Cornet Knight, Lieut. do.


Gar. Bn. Paym. vice M Arthur, su-
W. Eccles, Cornet, do.


July 16. 10 Cornet and Lieut. Lord J. Bentinck, 83

Ensign Burleigh, vice Brahan, dead, Lieut. by purch. vice Drummond, 4

Mar. 23.
W. I. R.

Aug. 16.
H. Braban, Ensign.

do. 18 Lieut. Foster, fm. 18 Dr. Lieut. vice Rifle Br, Ist Lieut. Rochford, Adj. vice Kincaid, Townshend, h. p. 18 Dr. do. 30.

res. Adj. only,

Sept. 13. 14 Bt. Maj. Townshend, Maj. by purch. 2W. I. R. Hosp. As. Ritchie, As. Surg. vice Kelvice Bt. Lieut. Col. Percy, ret.

ly, cancelled,

Aug. 23. Sept. 13.

1 Ceyl. R. Bt. Maj. Bayley, fm. 2 Ceyl. R. Capt. 19 Lieut. Trotter, fm. 2 Dr. Capt. do. vice

vice Dyas, h. p. 2 Ceyl. R. do. 9. Ruddach, ret.

Aug. 30.

Lieut. Fagan, Capt. vice Truter, dead, Colds. G. Ensign and Lieut. Mildmay, Lieut. and

April 8. Capt. by purch. vice White, ret.

2d Lieut. Fretz, 1st Lieut.

do. do. 16.

D. Meaden, 2d Lieut.
Berkeley, fm. h. p.
Ensign and Lieut. by purch.


Buller, Lieut. and Maj. Wodehouse, h. p. Insp. Field Off. of Militia
Capt. by purch. vice Sandilands, 13 in Nova Scotia with the Bank of Lieut.-Col. in
F. G.

Sept. 6.

the Army, vice Dawson, cancelled,
Broadhead, from h. p.
Ensign and Lieut. by purch. do. 13.

Aug. 30, 1821. 8 F. G. Bt. Maj. Sandilands, from Coldst. Gds.

Capt. and Lieut.-Col. by purch. vice

Cart. W. Goddard, Dep. Barrack Master Gen. in
West, ret.

Aug. 30.

Nova Scotia, vice Lynn, res.
Capt. Knollys, Adj. vice Stockdale, res.

Jan. 22, 1821.
Adj. only,

Sept. 6.

Medical Department.

Maj. Wall, fm. 35 F. Maj. vice Bt.
Lieut.-Col. D'Aguilar, h. p. 91 F. Assist. Surg. Dockard, Surg. to the Forces,
do. 13.

Aug. 2, 1821. 11 Lieut. Akenside, Capt. vice Knollys, Hosp. Assist. Christie, fm. h. p. Hosp. Assist. vice dead,

6 do.
Moir, res.

July 10.
Ensign Keowen, Lieut.

Gent. Cadet H. O'Neill, fm. R. Mil.

College, Ensign,

do, 15

Lieut. Wishart, Capt. by purch. vice Lieut. Grant, fm. 4 Dr. with Lieut. Cumberlege,
Bt. Maj. Barrow, ret.

do. 13.

19 Dr. Ensign Allen, Lieut. by purch. do. 6. De Burgh, from 47 F. rec. diff. with Lieut

T. J. Galloway, Ensign do. do. Lord Loughborough, h. p. 91 Dr. 33

Maj. Fogerty, from h. p. York Rang. Paym. kose, fm. 2 Dr. Gds. rec. diff. with Capt.

Maj. vice Fane, 61 F. do. 13. Chitty, h. p. 30 F. 35

- Sutherland, from h. p. 91 F. Maj. Assist. Surg. Worrell, from Coldst. Gds. rec. dia. vice Wall, 3 F.

do. with Assist. Surg. Gilder, h. p."

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Capt. Cartwright, late 1 R. Vet. Bn. Guernsey, Resignations and Retirements.

Aug. 19, 1821. Lieut.-Col. Hon. H. Percy, 14 Dr.

M‘Bean, late 7 Royal Vet. Bat. Chelsea, West, 3 F. G.

June 17. Major Barrow, 15 F.

Macdougall, h. p. 79 F.

March. Capt. Hames, 2 Dr. G.

Muller, h. p. Chass. Brit. Metz. June 1. Blakiston, 9 Dr.

Lieut. Davis, 53 F. at sea, on passage to SingaRuddach, 19 Dr.


Jan. 2. White, Coldst. Gds.

Brahan, 83 F. Ceylon,

Mar. 22. Mackenzie, 42 F.

Manning, late 2 Royal Vet. Bn. Chelsea, Anderson, 52 F.

Aug. 20. Hospital-Assist. Moir.

Green, late R. Gar. Bat. London, Sept. 8.

Connell, h. p. 75 F. Rio Janeiro, April 19. Appointments Cancelled.

Watts, h. p. 96 F. (late of 89 É.) PoonaLieut.-Col. Dawson, as Ins. Fd. Off. of Mil. in


May 4. Nova Scotia.


Koven, h. p. 96 F. Newfound. Fenc. Assist. Surg. Menzies, 4 Dr.

Lower Canada

April 13. Kelly, 2 W. I. R.

Dicker, h. p. Roy. Art. Driv. Lewes, Sussex,

Sept. 2. Removed from the Service.

Kelly, h. p. 39 F.

Sept. Major-Gen. Sir Robert Thomas Wilson.

Ensign O'Kelley, h. p. 25 F. May 20, 1820.

Burrowes, late 2 Vet. Comp. (previously of Superseded.

6 R. Vet. Bn.) Chatham,

Sept. 15, 1821.
Paymaster M‘Arthur, 79 F.

Paymaster Pilfold, 67 F. Bombay, Feb. 28, 1821.
Quarter-Master Brookes, h. p. 1 F.

Aug. 2.

Surgeon Bloxam, h. p. 88 F. Amesbury, Wilts, Lieut-Col George Raitt, h. p. 84 F. Insp. Fd. Off.

Aug. 2. of Mil. in Nova Scotia, lost by the wreck of the

Chaplain Jenkins, Montreal, April 26, 1821. transport brig Chance, off Sable Island, in the

Atcherley, h. p. 119 F. Much Wenlock,

Stafford, beginning of Feb. 1821.

Aug. 27.
Anderson, h. p. 85 F.

Major Truter, 2 Ceylon Reg. Ceylon,

Assist. Comm. Gen. H. Monserrat,
April 7, 1821.

June 20, 1821.
Reynell, Roy. Inv. Art. Sandy'sWell, Cork. Dep. Bar. Mas. Gen. G. H. Dennis, Cape of Good
Capt. Knollis, 14 F. Bourdeaux.


May 15.

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METEOROLOGICAL TABLE, extracted from the Register kept at Edinburgh, in the

Observatory, Calton-hill.
N.B.-The Observations are made twice every day, at nine o'clock, forenoon, and four o'clock, after-

noon. The second Observation in the afternoon, in the first column, is taken by the Register

Ther. (Barom Ther. Wind.

Ther. Barom. Ther. Wind.

Sep. 16{\M.4729.902 M.62




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M.40 29.677 M.55

Warm. with
Fair, with
Sep. 1

A.53 .696 A. 57

A. 57 .823 A. 61

sunshine. M.39 .736 M.60

Warm day,

M.46 .790 M.58
2A. 57

rain night.

.671/A. 63

SW. Showery.

A.51 .672 A. 58
M.50 .491 M.65

Warm day,
M.469 .426 M.59

Dull fair day,

A. 65 479 A. 65

dull after.
A.57 .509 A.57

rain night.
.178 M.66
Warm fore.

M.451 .509 M.5)

Fore. sunsh.

A. 65

cold after.
.119 A. 65 S

A. 55 .664 A. 57

dull after. M.521 128.996 M.63

Fair, with

M.42 .6C6M.5)

Fair, but

A. 59 -9.630 A. 61 S sunshine.

A. 52 .606 A.55

M.48 .382 M.63 )

Rain morn.
M.42) .595 M.53

Rain morn.

A. 64 .539|A. 61

warm day.
A. 50 .661 A. 53

fair day. M.52 .3 9 M.64

Very warm,

M.433 .708 M.53


Dull day fair,

A. 62 .319 A. 61

with sunsh.

A.52 .571 A. 54 rain night.
M.433 .330 M.62

Ditto, rain
M.433 .389 M.58

Fair sun. day 8

A. 57

.287 A. 61
A. 56 .253 A.58

rain night. M.44 .244 M.63

Rain morn.

M.441 .318 M.58 9

Fair, with

A. 58 298/A. 62

warm day
A. 52 .409 A. 54

sunshine. M.47 .396 M.63 Dull, with

.533 M.53

Rain morn. 10

A. 60 .431 A. 57


A. 50 .515 A. 55 S
M.45 .668 M.61

Fair and
SM.48 .4 2 M.55

Fair foren,

A. 55 .641 A. 60 S


A. 53

.456 A. 58S M.41 .286 M.59


Fair foren.

.338 M.59 12

sw. Showery.

A. 55 .434/A. 58 S

A. 54 .466 A. 56 S showery aft.
M.45 .563 M.58

Dull, but

M.44 sw.

.423 M.54


Dull day, h. A. 54 .657|A. 57 S fair.

A. 51 .101 A. 55 )

rain night. M.441 .707 M.57

Dull, with

M.15 28.747 M.56

sw. Showery. A. 51 .990|A. 59


A. 55 .987 A. -2)
M.45 .940 M.62

Fair, with
W. Ditto.
30 M.454|29.316 M.53

A. 61 .930\A. 61

A.51 .507 A. 53 ) sunshine.
Average of Rain, 1.579 inches.




fair day.

dull day.


{ 28{ 29{



a son.


Aug. 5. At Constantinople, Lady Strangford, of March 17. At Madras, the lady of Captain Mac 21. At St John's, Newfoundland, Mrs Cross, of queen, of a son.

April 7. At Brodera, in Guzaret, the lady of 27. At Clapham Road Place, the lady of Nor-
Lieutenant-Colonel Mackonochie, of the Hon. man Macleod, Esq. of the Hon. Company's ser-
East India Company's Service, of a son.

vice, Bengal, of a son.
July 13. At Karass, Mrs Jack, wife of the Rev. 31. At Řome, the lady of Thomson Bonar, Esq.
John Jack, of a daughter.

of Camden Place, Kent, of a daughter.

a son,

Sept. 3. At Gagar-house, the lady of James 7. At Vogrie, John Cockburn, Esq. to Eliza, L'Amy, of Dunkenny, Esq. advocate, of a son. youngest daughter of James Dewar, Esq. of vo

- At Largs, Mrs Smith, of Craigend, of a son. grie. 5. At Clifton, the lady of Dr Dickson, of a son. 8 At Abinger, in Surrey, John Campbell, Esq. - Mrs Dickson, 132, George Street, of a son. of Lincoln's Inn, barrister at law, to Mary Eliza - At Carnousie-house, Mrs Duff of Carnousie, beth, eldest daughter of James Searlett, Esq. M.P. of a son.

for Peterborough. - In Bernard Street, Russell Square, London, 10. At Kingoldrum, by the Reverend Robert the lady of John Fraser, Esq. of a son.

Aikman, Walter, second son of the Reverend - At Annat Lodge, the lady of Kenneth Bruce William Haldane, to Susan, daughter of the late Stuart, Esq. of Annat, of a daughter.

Mr Charles Hill, Forfar. - The lady of the Hon. and Rev. L. Dundas, At Edinburgh, Mr John Wilson, surgeon of a son.

R. N. and surgeon in Stirling, to Miss Mary Glas, - At Hopes, Mrs Hay, of a son.

eldest daughter of Mr Wm. Glas, wood-merchant, 6. At Kirkmichael House, the lady of Captain Stirling. Houston Stewart, R. N. of a son.

12. In Pitt Street, Mr Andrew Thomson, sur- At Inchdairnie, Mrs Aytoun, of a daughter. geon, Edinburgh, to Mary, the eldest daughter of - At the manse of Crawfordjohn, Mrs Goldie, Mr William Troquair, builder. of a son.

17. At Dornoch, Mr George Rule, Cyderhall, 8. Mrs William Young, jun. Cassels Place, Sutherlandshire, to Jessie, second daughter of Leith, of a son.

William Taylor, Esq. writer there. - Mrs Pringle, Howard Place, of a son.

18. At Edinburgh, Charles Doyle Straker, Esq. 10. At Coldstream, the lady of Captain A. D. to Miss Catharine Cornelius Story, daughter of N'Laren, Berwickshire Militia, of a son.

the late Captain George Story of the oth light 11. At No. 9, Abercromby Place, the lady of dragoons. James Greig, Esq. of Eccles, of a daughter. - At Aberdeen, William Knight, LL.D. Pro

12 At the Manse of Cavers, Mrs Strachan, of fessor of Natural Philosophy in the Institution of a daughter.

Belfast, to Jean, eldest daughter of the late Dr 13. The Right Hon. Lady Eleanor Balfour, of Glennie, Professor of Moral Philosophy and Logie a daughter.

in the Marischal College, and one of the ministers - Mrs Megget, Drummond Place, of a son. of Aberdeen.

At the Chateau de Bystervel, North Brabant, - At Stanwix, near Carlisle, Mr William Dewa the lady of John Turing Ferrier, Esq. of a son. ar, of Glasgow, to Jane Elizabeth, eldest daughter

13. At Drummond Place, the lady of William of the late Oliver Davis, Esq. of the Navy Office, Milliken Napier, Bart. of a son.

Somerset-house. Lady Charlotte Seymour, of a son and heir. 25. At 55, Hanover Street, by the Reverend

At Warrieston-place, the lady of Captain Mr John M‘Lachlan of Wemyss, Mr John CunRoss, of a son.

nison, to Isabella, second daughter of the late Mr 17. At Inveraray, Mrs Campbell of Duncholgin, David Salmon, ship-owner, East Wemyss. of a son.

Lately, In the parish church of Plympton, St 18. At Glenarbach, Dumbartonshire, the lady Mary's, Richard Lapthorne, to Mary Ford. This of Mr Robertson of Prenderguest, of a son, who is the fifth time the bride has been married in the lived only a few hours.

same church, and her four last husbands were bu20. At Langley, the lady of Godfrey Meynell, ried in the same church-yard. Esq. of Meynell, Langley, Derbyshire, of a son.

12. At London, the lady of M. Stewart Nicholson, Esq. of Carnoch, of a daughter.

DEATHS. 24. Mrs C. Tawse, Gayfield Square, of a daughter. 27. Mrs Chancellor, of Shieldhill, of a son.

Jan. 3. At Madras, James Chalmers, Esq. of

the Honourable East India Company's service, At Kilbagie, Mrs Stein, of a son - Mrs George Robertson, Albany Street, of a

and civil surgeon at Palameattach.

Feb. 10. In an attack at night on the British daughter. 28. MrsBumet, Queen Street, of twin daughters: lantly defending himself against seven men in

camp at Zoor, on the coast of Arabia, whilst gal29. At Woolwich, the lady of Lieutenant Wil

front of the lines, and after receiving thirty-five liam Cochrane Anderson, Royal Horse Artillery,

wounds, Captain Charles Part of the Bombay of a son,

European regiment of infantry, youngest son of
the late William Parr, Esq. of Norfolk Street,

Strand, and Pentonville.

17. Át Zoare in Arabia, while on duty with the

2d regiment, Licutenant James Paoli Boswell, of July 20. At Kingston, Upper Canada, Mr John the Honourable East India Company's 10th regiTurnbull, merchant, (late of this city,) to Char. ment of Native infantry, second son of William lotte, youngest daughter of Major Evivitt.

Boswell, Esq. advocate. Aug. 1. In the island of St Vincent, Pember March 1.' of small-pox, neat Aurungabad, ton Hobson, Esq. barrister-at-law, to Margaretta where he was serving as lieutenant of artillery and Jane, second daughter of John Wilson Carmi. adjutant in the army of the Nizam, Ensign Thochael, Esq. late captain in his Majesty's 53d regi mas Fleming, of the 10th regiment Native infan. incnt.

try, Bengal, son of the Rev. Dr Flerning, one of Sept. 3. At Heriot Hill, Mr Alexander Wingate, the ministers of this city. merchant, Glasgow, to Elizabeth, youngest daugh 19. At Chowringhee, in India, Lieut-Colonel ter of the late John Birkinyre, Esq.

Archibald Campbell, of the 26th regiment of na- At Glasgow, Mr James Weir, merchant, tive infantry, son of the late Dugald Campbell, Edinburgh, to Jacobina Anna Dunbar Murray, Esq. of Kintarbet. We extract the following pa daughter of the late Alex. Murray, Esq. of Inglise ragraph from a Calcutta newspaper announcing tone, Dumfries-shire.

his death :-“ Died on the forenoon of the 19th - At Edinburgh, Henry Meredith Warter, instant, at his house in Chowringhee, Lieut. Col. Esq. of Sibberscript in the county of Salop, to Archd. Campbell of the 26th regiment, N. I., after Elizabeth, only daughter of the late celebrated a short but extremely severe illness, which he bore Mungo Park.

with that placidity of temper and resignation to At Linlathen, Captain James Paters' n, the Divine will which characterized him through youngest son of the late George Paterson of Cas life ;—gifted with excellent natural abilities, and ile Huntly, Esq. to Miss Davie Erskine, youngest always conspicuous by an active and intelligent daughter of the late David Erskine, Esq. clerk to discharge of the duties of his profession, this ottithe signet

cer was, at an early period of his service in India, - At Cadder, the residence of Charles Stirling, selected for situations of high trust and responsiEsq. Thomas Duumore, Esq. Commissary-Gene- bility, and having preserved throughout a long ral, to Mrs Stirling, widow ot the late Robert Stir and distinguished career of public life the strictest ling, Esq.

integrity and the most un blemished honour-com6. The Reverend Mr Anderson, minister of bined as these superior qualities were in this inDunbarny, to Miss Thomson, daughter of David stance with a remarkable warinth of heart, and a Thomson, Esq. Newburgh.

disposition so uniformly humane, considerate, and

kind, that it was felt by all with whom he had any 9. At Leith, Bethea, youngest daughter of Mr intercourse. It may be safely asserted that it has John Crawford, merchant there, fallen to the lot of very few to live so generally re - At Versailles, in the 69th year of his age, of spccted and beloved, or to die so deeply and sin an aneurism of the heart, after a few hours illness, cerely regretted."

John Peter Addenbroke, Esq. formerly major in Aprit 10. In Cananore, East Indies, Captain the 54th regiment of foot, gentleman usher to her Gilbert James Blair, of the 25th Native infantry. late Majesty Queen Charlotte, equerry to her late

19. At Rio Janeiro, in his 77th year, Field Royal Highness the Princess Charlotte, and re-
Marshal John Shadwell Connell, Councillor of tained upon the establishment of his Royal High-
War, and Knight of the Order of the Tower and ness the Prince of Saxe Cobourg.

10. At Old Meldrum, in the 70th year of his 24. At Roseau, in the island of Dominica, John age, Bailie George

Cooper, parochial schoolmaster Reay, Esq. a native of Dalmellington.

of Meldrum for 41 years. May 25. At Nicolaef, Captain Samuel Moffat, At Whitehorn, Milnathort, Jane White, Imperial Russian navy.

wife of Mr William Morrison. June 17. At Malta, Mr John Munro, of his 11. In her house, North Frederick Street, Majesty's ship Cambrian, eldest son of the late Edinburgh, Mrs General George Cunninghame. George Munro, Esq. of Glasgow,

- At Édinburgh, George Johnston, Esq. fourth July 27. At Corfu, William Hamilton Camp son of the late David Johnston, Esq. of Lathrisk. bell of Winton, Esq.

12. At his house, No. 46, Queen Street, Mr Aug. 6. In the island of Jamaica, Mr Thomas

John Forman, jun. writer to the signet. Ker, youngest son of Gilbert Ker, Esq. late of In King Street, Borough Road, Southwark, Gateshaw.

Mrs Gillon, aged 48. 7. At Lisbon, Lady Maria J. Macdonell, widow 13. At Balfron, the Rev. John Cooper, minister of Lieutenant-General Alexander Macdonell of of the United Association. Lochgarry.

At the Manse of Morebattle, Thomas, son 20. At Leith, Miss Millar, daughter of the late of the Reverend Walter Morrison. Mr Patrick Millar, merchant there.

At Glasgow, Mr John Wood, merchant. 23. At the East India College, Hertford, in the 14. At Lenoxlove, Miss Lindesay, daughter of 18th year of his age, James, youngest son of the late Patrick Lindesay, Esq. of Eaglescarnie. James Grant, Esq. of Bught, county of Inverness. At Reigate, in Surrey, Mrs Jean Paterson,

24. At Bristol, John Duncan Gerard, Esq. son widow of the late George Paterson, Esq. of East of the late Dr Gilbert Gerard, Professor of Divi Sheen, Surrey, and eldest daughter of the late Jonity in the King's College and University of seph Cumine of Auchrey, Esq. county of AberAberdeen.

deen. 28. At Ormiston, Mrs Jane Ferguson, daughter 15. At her mother's house in Heriot Row, Miss of the Honourable James Ferguson, Lord Pit Grace Donaldson, third daughter of the late Alexfour.

ander Donaldson, Esq. some time Captain in the 29. At London, James Robinson Scott, F.R.S.E. 36th regiment. F.L.S. late senior President of the Royal Medical At Kirkton, Burntisland, Mrs Lowrie, wife Society of Edinburgh, Lecturer on Botany, &c. of Mr John Lowrie, inspector of Excise cutters,

- At Bourdeaux, the widow of Gen. Moreau, Leith. who was killed at the battle of Dresden.

- At Dover, Miss Delicia Taylor Sutherland, 30. At Tranent, David Aitken, aged 23, eldest only daughter of Dr Sutherland. son of Mr William Aitken, late merchant in Dun

16. At Dean Street, Stockbridge, Mrs Locke' bar.

hart, relict of the late Reverend Dr William Suddenly, in a steam-boat on his way to Lockhart of St Andrew's Church, Glasgow. Helensburgh, Mr James Marshall, woollen-yarn - At the Manse of Ratho, Mrs Margaret Bea merchant, Glasgow.

thune, wife of the Reverend Dr Duncan. 31. Christian Paterson, daughter of Mr An - At Queensferry, Mr William Murison. drew Paterson, writer, Albany Street, Edinburgh. At Dalkeith, Captain Hector M'Lean, late - At Portobello, Mrs Wardrobe of Charlotte

of the 4th, formerly of the 10th Royal Veteran Place, Edinburgh.

Battalion. Sept. 1. At London, Wm. Kinnaird, Esq. senior - At Palmerston, near Limerick, aged 112, the magistrate of the Thames Police.

widow of Mr Thomas Bucknor. She retained her 2. At Edinburgh, Mr Benjamin Waters, late faculties to the last, and was able, until within a merchant in Leith.

few days, to attend to the business of her house. 4. At Edinburgh, the Honourable Margaret She had a full recollection of the death of Queen Drummond, relict of George Haldane of Glenea Anne, and lived to witness five reigns. gles, Esq.

17. At the advanced age of 108 years, Mr Robin 5. At Edinburgh, John Herey, Esq. of Hawthorn, Kay, of Patside, near Patley-bridge, farmer. Berkshire, Master of Arts of St John's College, -At Crieff, Christian, third daughter of Mr Cambridge, a member of the Royal Medical, and M'Comish. one of the Presidents of the Royal Physical So At Kirkcaldy, Mrs Janet Brown, wife of Mr ciety of Edinburgh, and assistant to Dr Hamilton, Richard Tosh, writer there. physician to the Royal Infirmary. His death was - At Airdrie, Mr John Cleland, surgeon. occasioned by a puncture which he received when 19. At Braehead, John Darling Wilson, second examining the morbid appearance of a dead body. son of Mr Samuel Wilson, merchant, Glasgow.' His remains are deposited in the same grave with - At Queensferry, Margaret, infant daughter those of one of his respected countrymen, the son of Mr Wishart, writer to the signet. of Darwin, in the burial-ground of Dr Duncan, Mary Ann, only daughter of the late Mr V. senior Professor of the Institutes of Medicine, and Moinet, merchant in Edinburgh. Physician to his Majesty for Scotland.

At Ely, Isabella, daughter of Mr Speid, 6. At Tunbridge, at the house of his son the W.S. Rev. Thomas Knox, the Rev. Vicesimus Knox, - In her 76th year, the Dowager Landgrave D. D. Rector of Rundell and Ramsden Crays, Es Caroline of Hesse Homburg.-Her Highness was sex, aged 68.

Dr Knox has been long known as daughter to the Landgrave Lewis IX. of Hesse an elegant writer and accomplished scholar. Cassel, born March 2, 1716. She married on the

7. At Ashover, in Derbyshire, James Hay 27th of September, 1768, the late Landgrave FreMilnes, midshipman in his Majesty's navy. derick Lewis of Hesse Homburg.

- At her house, No. 22, Society, Miss Jean 20. At Glasgow, Captain Andrew Fraser, late Belsches Brymer, eldest daughter of the late Re of the 92d regiment. verend John Brymer, minister of the gospel at 23. Mrs John Luke, Muircambus Mill, Fife, Marykirk.

8. At Odelbe Castle, near Bedford, in her 84th At her house Summerfield, near Leith, Mrs year, the Right Hon. Isabella, Countess of Eg Craig, aged 79, widow of John Craig, Dolphingmont.

ton. At Stirling, Mrs Chisholm, widow of Cap William, infant son of Mr H. D. Dickie, setain Chisholm, 42d regiment.

cretary to the Caledonian Insurance Company, - At Aberdeen, Mr James Reid, late com Edinburgh. mander of the Jean whaler of that port.

24. At Garliestown, James Nish, Esq. of Bal. 9. At the Manse of Mid Calder, Euphemia sarroch. Hamilton, youngest daughter of the Rev. Dr - At Paris, Alexander Gowan, Esq. late surSommers.

geon, Dalkeith.

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aged 83.

20. At Culchena, Mrs Ann Campbell, wife of Lately, At his house in Cecil Street, Limerick, Duncan Campbell, Esq.

David Stevenson, Esq. Mr Stevenson was a native 27. At Greenwich, Lieutenant-Colonel William of Mauchline, and, during a number of years, in Frederick Macbean, formerly of the 6th regiment which he had been extensively and successfully of foot, youngest son of the late General Forbes engaged in business in that city, he uniformly Macbean of the Royal Artillery.

upheld the reputation of a most upright and re Lately, While passing from India to Arabia, spectable merchant. Captain James Irving of the 2d Native infantry, - At Cullumpton, Devonshire, of voluntary and late of Annan.

starvation, Mortimer. He had a small pro Killed in the engagement with the Arabs, at perty by which he had been supported for some the capture of Beni Bocali, in the Persian Gulf, years; but finding he was likely to outlive it, as Mr John Gordon, assistant-surgeon in the service it was reduced to about £151), and feeling the apof the Honourable East India Company, son of prehension of want more than the natural love of the Rev. W. Gordon, minister of Elgin.

life, he came to the resolution of ending his days At Conanore, East Indies, Captain Gilbert by starvation. To effect this dreadful purpose he James Blair, of the 25th Native infantry.

took nothing but water for a month before he In the parish of Kenmore, Mrs M‘Laren, died; at the end of three weeks his body was aged 106. This venerable matron retained her wasted to a skeleton, and a medical gentleman was faculties to the last. The oldest people in Perth called in, who advised him to take some nourishshire, who have of late closed their eyes on life's ment; but this he refused, and even discontinued sleeping scene, have died nearly of the same age. the use of water. In this way he subsisted anoThus James Stewart of Graysmount, and Stewart ther week, when nature yielded the contest. the tinker in Aberfeldy, were both gathered to In three contiguous parishes in the countheir fathers at the mature age of one hundred ty of Aberdeen, viz. Logan, Buchan, Ellon and five years.

and Cruden, widow Hutcheson, aged 92, Jean - At Warsop, Nottinghamshire, George Wragg, Brown, 100), and John Tawse, 106, all, particuand Grace, his wife, aged about 80. They both larly the two last, retaining their faculties unimexpired within the short space of half an hour of paired till very nearly the time of their decease. each other.

JOHN RENNIE, ESQ. Oct. 4. At his house in Stamford Street, Lon in the fulfilment of his labours was equal to his don, in the 64th year of his age, John Rennie, Esq. genius in the contrivance of his plans and machithe celebrated engineer. Mr Rennie had been nery. He would suffer none of the modern subcomplaining for some time, but appeared to be re terfuges for real strength to be resorted to by the covering, when, on the morning of the 4th inst. contractors employed to execute what he had unhe suffered a severe relapse, which carried him off dertaken. Every thing he did was for futurity, the same evening at seven o'clock.

as well as present advantage. An engineer is not The death of Mr Rennie is a national calamity. like an architect. He has no commission on the His loss cannot be adequately supplied by any amount of his expenditure; if he had, Mr Rennie living artist, for, though we have many able engi would have been one of the most opulent men in neers, we know of none who so eminently possess England, for many millions have been expended solidity of judgment with profound knowledge, under his eye. But his glory was in the justice of and the happy tact of applying to every situation, his proceeding, and his enjoyment in the success where he was called upon to exert his faculties, the of his labours. It was only as a mill-wright that precise form of remedy that was wanting to the he engaged himself to execute the work he planexisting evil. Whether it was to stem the torrent ned, and in this department society is indebted to and violence of the most boisterous sea-to make him for economising the power of water, so as to new harbours, or to render those safe which were give an increase of energy, by its specific gravity, before angerous or inaccessible-to redeem dis to the natural fall of stre and to make his tricts of fruitful land from encroachment by the mills equal to four-fold the produce of those ocean, or to deliver them from the pestilence of which, before his time, depended solely on the stagnant marsh-to level hills, or to tie them toge- impetus of the current. His mills of the greatest ther by aqueducts or by arches, or by embankment size work as smoothly as clock-work, and by the to raise the valley between them-to make bridges alternate contact of wood and iron, are less liable that for beauty surpass all others, and for strength to the hazard of fire by friction. His mills, indeed, seemed destined to endure to the latest posterity, are models of perfection. Mr Rennie had no rival. Every part of the united If the death of such a man is a national loss, kingdom possesses monuments to his glory, and what must it be to his private friends and to his they are as stupendous as they are useful. They amiable family? Endeared to all who knew him will present to our children's children objects of by the gentleness of his temper, the cheerfulness admiration for their grandeur, and of gratitude to with which he communicated the riches of his the author for their utility. Compare the works mind, and forwarded the views of those who made of Mr Reunie with the most boasted exploits of useful discoveries or improvements in machinery the French engineers, and remark how they tower or implements, procured him universal respect. above them. Look at the Breakwater at Ply He gave to inventors all the benefits of his expemouth, in comparison with thc Cassoons at Cher rience, removed difficulties which had not occurburg-any one of his canals with that of Ourke, red to the author, or suggested alterations which and his Waterloo-bridge with that of Neuilly: adapted the instrument to its use. No jealousy Their superiority is acknowledged by every liberal or self-interest ever prevented the exercise of this Frenchman. He cultivated his art with the most free and unbounded communication, for the love enthusiastic ardour, and, instead of being merely of science was superior in his mind to all mercea theorist, he prepared himself for practical effi nary feeling. Mr Rennie was born in Scotland, ciency by visiting, and minutely inspecting every and from his earliest years devoted hinıself to the work of magnitude in every country that bear si art of a civil engineer. He was the intimate friend militude with those which he might be called on and companion of his excellent countryman, the to construct, and his library abounds in the richest late Mr Watt; their habits and pursuits were sicollection of scientific writings of that of any indi milar. They worked together, and to their joint vidual. The loss of such a man is irreparable. efforts are we chiefly indebted for the gigantic Cut off in the full vigour of his mind, his death power of the steam-engine in all our manufactoseems to suspend for a time the march of national ries. He married early in life Miss Mackintosh, improvement, until the just fame of his merit a beautiful young woman, whom he had the misshall animate our rising artists to imitate his great fortune to lose some years ago, but who left him example, and to prepare themselves by study and an interesting and accomplished family. They observation to overcome, as he did, the most for have now to lament the loss of the best of parents, midable impediments to the progress of human who, though possessed of a constitution and frame enterprize, of industry, and of increased facility so robust as to give the promise of a very long in all the arts of life. The integrity of Mr Rennie life, sunk under an attack at the early age of 64.

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