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MARCH & JUNE, 1827.




THE Publishers of THE AMERICAN QUARTERLY REVIEW have now the pleasure to submit to the country, the first number of that work, as an earnest of the faithful accomplishment of the plan traced in their Prospectus. They have abundant reason to expect a permanent supply of literary and scientific matter; and they trust in the liberal disposition which they believe to be generally prevalent, with regard to other kinds of patronage. renewing to writers in every part of the Union, a respectful invitation to furnish articles for the Review, they refer to the engagements on that head, which they have contracted in their Prospectus.


In the choice of contents for this number, the editor has endeavoured to provide rational amusement, as well as popular and solid instruction. It is his desire to pursue the same course at all times; in order to gratify the lovers of polite literature, and afford every description of intelligent and cultivated readers, topics of speculation both useful and agreeable. That which is soundly learned needs not to be formidably abstruse; nor would it be. worthy of the American public to seek entertainment, merely, in the common acceptation of that term. Uniformity in doctrine will not be studied, even in any one number. It is universally understood, that the contributions to each are from several minds; diversity of opinion is naturally incident to that circumstance; and to all parties, advantage may accrue, from the exhibition of important questions under the different aspects, however various or adverse, in which they are susceptible of being displayed.

Although the present number exceeds by sixty pages the quantity originally intended to be given, yet several valuable articlesamong these, one on President Cooper's Political Economy, and another on the Old English Drama-have been unavoidably and reluctantly excluded. Preference was necessarily assigned according to the periods at which the contributions were respectively delivered. The publishers lay much stress on punctuality in the emission of the journal, and it is therefore earnestly wished that the materials be in the hands of the editor as soon as possible.

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