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shall prosper.

are received.

bert had prepared bimself for a tedious of puffing may be excusable, but such noto- different contrivances, founded neither on sermon; but he was surprised to find him- rious and unblushing falsehood is enough nature nor probability. self moved by what he had heard.

to destroy the credit of any theatre. On quitting the church, he went to visit

Covent GARDEN.—The brief notice and the servant of God. He found him prae- faiut praise which we bestowed upon the

VARIETIES tising 'what he had taught. Indigent and

new comedy, “A Word to the Ladies,” in ANECDOTES.-Lies. A French nobleman intirm, he was distributing consolation and

our last, would sufficiently indicate to our who had three varlets of servants, promised succour among the poor. Full of conti-readers, that we did not feel it to be con- them one day, that he who could tell the dence in the old inan, Lambert made him sistent with expediency to waste much greatest lie should be rewarded. The first acquainted with the object of his journey. space upon the review of that production, said, "My Lord, I have never yet told a “ You wish,”, said the reverend Pastor, or with justice to say more in its favour. lie;" the second, I cannot lie;" but the "to be the deputy of this country? Be Being already, apparently, consigned to third said, My Lord, both of them tell what is still better: be its benefactor! Es oblivion, it should seem that the public the truth.” The latter accordingly received tablish a manufactory here, feed the indus- voice has confirmed our first impression; the reward. trious poor, they will bless you, and you and therefore we need not take up the ashes, Rights of the Gallows.The cele

Leave politics to those who either to show how much is caput mortuum, brated Klapproth related, in one of his have made it their study, and the govern- or how many live embers of wit might be lectures, that the parish of H-, which ment of states to those whom heaven has found mingled in the mass. For, in truth, had crected a new gallows just before a appointed.”— Worthy inan!' exclaimed though the prevalence of dull sentiment, foreign thief, who had committed a robLambert, accept my interest and iny and the want alike of prominent character bery in H was condemned to be money; 'all that you do must be right and learling interest proved fatal to this hanged, sent their principal iuhabitants to shall return to Paris, more satisfied with play, it must be conceded that it contained the judge, to request that this execution myself than when I set out; but be assured

a number of good points, and embraced Inight not take place, “ Because the galI will come and see you again!'

good qualities, wortlier of a more happy lows had been erected at the expense of Madame Lambert was both surprised fate. "Its grand defect was in the level and the parish, for their own people, and not and delighted at her husband's speedy re- nearly equal pretensions of almost every for strangers.” turn. He gave her a faithful account of his

one of the dramatis personæ: there were journey. She embraced him, and congra so many candidates for attention, that we

TO CORRESPONDENTS. tulated him on having again become a seu could attend to no one; but, like the last Many letters on the Question, W'as Hamlet mad ? » sible man and a good citizen.

cluster of horses at a sweepstakes, were As soon as the liberals heard of the re- forced to lump them altogether. It arose By a mis-directed letter, we have got a scolding for men. turn of their Aiphytrion, they paid him a

out of this injudicious plan, that every party tioning, in our last Number, that a rising young actress visit, in the hope of renewing their philoso- had much to do and say, which, while it was

styles herself still Miss instead of Mistress. Heretofore,

we had thought that on certain mis-haps (such as the phic dinners; but they found the door closed doing and saying, kept the other parties so child-dropping affair in the police reports this week,) against them. To treat them according to long out of sight, and their business so out the only risk of error was in letting out the secret that their own taste, Franval sent them a little of mind, that when they did re-appear the ladies, who should have been Mistresses were only Misses; circular, couched as follows :-"Mighty audience had much adó to recollect what but we now see there is danger all ways, and we will philosophers, you who are continuallytalking they had been about when they last made

never call Miss S-lle Mrs. B-n again as long as we of Voltaire, though you have never read their exits. The interest was thus divided speaks of theatrical folks-especially of the frailer sex,

live. Indeed it is necessary to be cautious how one him, if ever you should look into his works, and frittered away till the whole was rather and we had hoped that by treating them all as married you will find the following lines, which my a succession of different scenes, than a well | women, we might aroid scandal! ! friend Simon intends to adopt as his future constructed and continued drama. Then ** We have received the several circulars, sent (as we rule of conduct:

there was a vast deal too much of gentle-suppose) to all recpectable periodical publications, by a Assez des grands esprits, dans leur troisieme men hugging or saluting each other, and of efforts to the devising of means for the Encouragement of étage,

ladies telling dismalstories of their griefs, - Industry and Reduction of the Poors Rates. These objects N'ayant pu gouverner leur femme et leur merage, both exceedingly disagreeable to behold and are so vitally important, that our recommendations could Se sont mis par plaisir à régir l'univers.

to hear. In other respects the dialogne is of the add no force to that urgency with which they appeal to

better order, and often rises to true comicex- every considerate mind; and the necessarily long discusPour moi, je n'entends rien aux affaires d'etat ;

cellence. It is therefore clear that the sion of:be most effectual remedies for idleness and pauMa loi fondamentale est de vivre tranquille ; author could have inade the whole much perisin is not consistent with the plan of our work. We

can therefore only heartily wish success to these benevo. better than he has done, but for some radical lent endeavours, and mention that such a body exists for ct, dans ma vie obscure, Je laisse au Roi mon Maitre, en pauvre citoyen, defect which destroyed his powers in their the collection of illustrative facts, and the opinions of the La soin de son Royaume où je ne prétends rien.

This defect is not far to seck. It well-informed. lies in the common practice of play writing in these times,-not according to original ERRATA.-In our last Number, in endeavourconceptions and the fitness of parts, but ac

ing do justice to a Contemporary, we did him THE DRAMA.

cording to the performers in the Theatre, wrong; and by mistake stated that the excellent and their fitness for particular lines of act in a rival publ.cation instead of that in which it

account of a Scotch Penny Wedding had appeared Drury LANE.--We visited this theatre ing. Thus Mr. Kenney did not sit down to actually was, namely, in Constable's Edinburgh to see Brutus again, and found that much produce a good Comedy ;-his object was

Magazine.--Fur Corvello,” in the Digest of of its first effect was gone : eren Kean's to produce characters for Mr. Young, Mr. Politics, read Corvetto.-In No. 99, p. 794, 1.31, exertions failed under the test of repetition, Macready, Mr. C. Kemble, Mr. Abbott, Mr. of the Ballad, for “mid this gay group to seek,” and the other miserable adjuncts became Jones, Mr. Farren, Mr. Liston, Mr. Emery, read I exclaimed to seck here. doubly tiresome. The house was very &c. &c. &c.; and when he had accompoorly attended, little spirit was diplayed plished this design pretty tolerably, he

London; Printed for the Proprietors, by BENSLEY and in any part of the performances, and the and the managers imagined they had

Son, Bolt-court, Fleet-street : Published every Satur. applause was unfrequent and partial. What a fine Piece with all the strength of the

day, by HENRY COLBURN, Public Library, Conduite we have now stated, is, upon the honour of House in it. All the strength they had, street; JOHN BELL, Dealerin Newspapers, Sweeting's

not worth a rush. alley, Cornhill; and PINNOCK and MAUNDER, criticism, the bare and simple truth; yet but the piece was

Booksellers, at the Literary Gazette Office, 267, Strand, was it asserted in the bills of the ensuing But as Ä Word to the Ladies has been

where Communications (post paid) are requested to be day, that the House was crowded, the act- thrown away, we shall not say another

addressed to the Editor. Also supplied by all Book. ing admirable, and the approbation con- word about it, even to describe the plot,

sellers, Newsmen, and Stationers, in Town stant and rapturous. A moderate degree and shew that it was rather a train of in Country.




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