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and we are glad to allow an occasional | triumphs, reduced Egypt under the power Venus is an evening star, and decreaseth blank in one of our departments, were it of the Roman people, and put an end to to the 23d, when she passeth the ecliptio merely for the sake of change. A cor- all civil wars. The Saxons called August in her descending node, in the 10th degree respondent, signing Alatus, has required arn-monat, or barn-monut; on account of of the 7th sign. our notice of Naldi's misconception of the the harvest.

On the 27th Mercury is an evening star, part of Marsilio, in Cimarosa's beautiful Remarkable days in it are,

at his greatest elongation. opera of Il Matrimonio secreto. The cha

Ist, Lammas Day. This is a feast of

The apparent diameter of the Sun on racter is that of a peevish old man, totally the Romish Church, and the term is pro- the 1st is 31 minutes 35 seconds; on the deaf, who endeavours to persuade the world bably derived from an old Saxon term sig- 20th, 31 minutes 51 seconds; and enters to the contrary; yet Naldi, it seems, with nifying Loaf-mass, as it was customary for the 6th sign on the 23d, at 42 minutes past the idea of increasing the comic effect, the Saxons to offer an oblation of loaves seven in the evening.--Naut. Alm. uses an ear-trumpet." As the whole dia- made of new wheat on this day, as the first • logue and music are founded on his deny-, fruits of their new corn.-6th. Transfigura

THE LORD'S PRAYER ing his defect, nothing can be more outré tion.-7th. On this day the Jews comme

In the English 1000 years ago, thân this glaring absurdity. We take it morate the death of Aaron the high priest.

“ Uren fader thic arth in heofnas, sic for granted that this notice will correct --10th. St. Lawrence. He was hy birth a gehalgud thin noma: to cymeth thin ric: the error.

Spaniard, and Treasurer of the Church of sic thin willa sue is in heofnas and in At the Haymarket they are becoming Rome, being deacon to Pope Sextus about eortho. Uren hlaf ofer wirtlic sel us to too regular for their strength. There are the year 259. Soon after his

bishop was daeg; and forgef us seylda urna, sue we excellent performers in the Company, but killed by the soldiers of Valerian the em- forgefen scyldum vrum; and no inlead they are not in numbers to perform either peror, with whom St. Lawrence would wil- usith in custoung. Ah gefrig urich from legitimate tragedy or comedy, and we ad. lingly have died, he refused to deliver up ifle. Amen."-Camden's Remuins, vise limitation to Mr. Jameson's half-cast the church treasure, which they imagined

Two hundred years later the language plays, and Mr. Colman's excellent dra- he had in his custody, for which he suf- had undergone such alterations that the matic jeux d'esprit. At the English; Opera House the opera on a gridiron over a slow fire.-12th. The fered martyrdom by being burned to death Prayer run thus :

" Thu ure fader the earl on heofenum. of The Americans has been most appro- Prince Regent born in the year 1762.- Si thin nama gehalgod. Cum thin ric. Si priately and successfully revived.

15th. Assuinption. This is a Greek festival thin willa on eorthen swa, swa on heofe

in honour of the supposed miraculous ascen num. Syle us to dæg urn dægthanlican FOREIGN DRAMA.

sion of the Virgin Mary into heaven. On hlaf. And forgif us ure gyltas swa, swa

this day the Jews observe what is called the we forgifath tham the with us agyltath. L'Incendie du Village, ou les Represailles, tion of the first and second temples. us from yfile. Black-fast, or anniversary of the destruc- And ne led the us on custnung. Ac alys

Si it swa."--Lisle's Saron is a melo-drama which displays war in all 24th. St. Bartholemew. The word Bar. Monuments. its horrors. Murder and conflagration are tholomew means the son of Tolmai, the

There is very little difference between the elements of which it is composer. An

name of a family among the Jews men- this version and that in the Saxon gospels officer assassinated on the enemy's terri- tioned by Josephus. The day is comme said to have been translated by King Alfred; tory forms a pretence for giving up a vil- morated for the cruel massacre of the Pro- but about two centuries and a half after, lage of Canada to military execution. This testants in France, begun on it in the reign in the time of Henry II., Pope Adrian, an piece, which contains several interesting of Charles IX. when upwards of seventy Englishman, rendered the prayer thus, and scenes, was very favourably received. The thousand persons perished. —24th, Is a day sent it over

a curious example both of the music, which in a melo-drama is merely observed by the Jews for humiliation, on progress of the language, and of the versian accessary, has the advantage of being account of the western light of the Temple fication in that age. It is in black letter, expressive, and well adapted to the sub- having been miraculously extinguisued on

but we employ the usual type for the sake ject: it is the composition of M. Nell.

it during the reign of Aház.- 28th. St. Au of conveniency.

gustine, St. Augustine was a judicious Ure fadyr in heaven rich,

divine and voluminous writer : he died in Thy name be hallyed ever lich,
430.-29th. John the Baptist beheaded.

Thou bring us thy michell blisse :
To the Editor of the Literary Gazette.

Als hit in heaven y-doe,

The appearances which will take place MR. EDITOR, in the heavens in the course of August

That in yearth beene it also. Having been favoured with a reading of 1818 are, on the 1st, the latitude of the

That holy bread that lasteth ay, Mr. Campbell's forthcoming inquiry on the Moon will be nearly five degrees north

Thou send it ous this ilke day, Battle-fields of Fingal, in Ulster, I would in the first degree of the fifth sign, and

Forgive ous all that we have don, beg all the Anti-Ossianists, from Doctor it decreases to the 8th, when it passes

As we forgivet uch other mon :

Ne let ous fall into no founding, Johnson down to Mr. Laing, and lower, the ecliptic in its descending node, about Ac shield ous fro the fowle thing. Amen. who may read your widely circulated Ga

three in the afternoon, in the second zette, to muster all the arguments that degree of the eighth sign. Her southern

LANGUAGES.-Scaliger affirms that there are their ingenuity may devise to rout this latitude now increases to the 14th, when at eleven linguæ matrices, or mother tongues, powerful antagonist--for I am willing to midnight it is five degrees one minute in used in Europe, whereof four are of more believe that it will require more than the fifth degree of the eleventh sign, and it general, and seven of limited extent. The fancy, however embellished, to wrest from decreases on the 21st, when she passes the four former are, the Greek, Latin,

Tentonic Mr. C. the credit of having discovered and ecliptie in her ascending node about nine in or German, and the Slavonic. The seren traced Ossian and his gallant Father through the morning, in the eighth degree of the latter are, the Albanese or old Epirotic, the the lovely plains of Inesfail.

second sign. Her southern latitude in- European Tartar or Scythian, the HunI am, &c.

creases to the 28th, when at midnight it is garian, the Finnic, the Cantabrian, the Philo-Ossian.

five degrees four minutes in the fourth Irish, and the old Gaulish or British. Curzon Street, May Fair.

degree of the fifth sign, and then decreases Mr. Bullock, it is stated, has recently August.-Sextilis was the antient Roman to the end of the month, being on the last discovered in Sanda, one of the Orkney name of this month, being the eighth from at midnight three degrees fifty-three Islands, the remains of buildings of rast March. The Emperor Augustus cbanged minutes, in the twelfth degree of the sixth antiquity, at the depth of 20 feet under the this name, and gave it his own, because in sign.

sands. They are enclosed by stone walls this month Cæsar Augustus took possession Saturn is on the meridian at a quarter near half a mile in extent, and roofed with of his first consulship, celebrated three 1 past one of the 20th.

very large stones. There are also several

circular tumuli, each containing three LITERARY INTELLIGENCE. evening, when it became overcast: a little graves, none of which are more than four

thunder, and lightning in the horizon. feet six inches in length

Rome, June 21, 1818. Saturday, 25—Thermometer from 59 to 81. The Literati of all countries will hear

Barometer from 30,03, stationary. Near Eye in Suffolk, above fifty Roman with pleasure, that a very ancient and com

Wind SbW. 1.-Generally clear. urns have been dug up, within these few

Rain fallen, 075 of an inch. weeks, in a field belonging to Marquis Corn- plete original Codex of the Pentateuch (or wallis. five books of Moses) has at length been Sunday, 26– Therinometer from 52 to 83.

Barometer from 30, 03 to 30, 02. discovered. It is in the possession of an Wind SbE and SbW. 1.-Generally clear till Extract of a letter from Stornaway, dated English gentleman of the name of Sams. about seven in the evening, when it became overJune 22:—"I had a very fine sight here it is written on skins, and is in good cast, and a few drops of rain foll. yesterday afternoon. No fewer than 209 whales, called the bottle-nose, came into preservation. The age of this manu- Monday, 27—Thermometer from 61 to 78.

Barometer from 30, 00 to 30, 12. this harbour, when a desperate battle enscript is said to be about 1500 years, and

Wind SbE.-W.and NW.I.-Generally cloudy; sued between them and the inhabitants of it has been in the possession of a Jewish thunder about noon, before which the wind be? the place, armed with axes, swords, and family upwards of 800 years; but the came NW. and was comparatively very cold the knives, so that I suppose very few of those last branch of this family being reduced rest of the day. extraordinary visitors escaped. I measured to poverty in the time of the revolution, Tuesday, 28—Thermometer from 50 to 72. some of them this morning, above 20 feet was obliged to pawn this treasure of

Barometer from 30, 33 to 30, 37. long by 15 feet in circumference.”—An im- antiquity for a certain sum, and not being Wednesday, 29- Thermometer from 46 to 75.

Wind NW. $.-Clear. mense shoal of Finners, very large whales, able to redeem it, it came into the poshave also appeared in these northern seas. session of the above-mentioned English

Barometer from 30, 40 to 30, 37. Are these phenomena connected with the

* Wind SW. 1:-Sun at times, but generally disruption of the Greenland ices ?

man.-(We have before noticed this MS.) cloudy.
The Carrara marble quarries are almost it is believed, was never equalled in Great Bri-

* The great heat of Friday the 24th, which, The Russian brig Rurick, under the exhausted, and it is said that marble will tain but on the 16th July 1793, when the Ther command of Lieut. Kotzebue, whose arrival be sent for from the Island of Paros. at Portsmouth we announced about three

mometer was then ninety-three, is worthy an ex. weeks ago, had been out on a voyage of It seems that the papers of Count Las tract from an account of the weather at Madras :

“ July 14th, 1789, at 4 P. M. the Thermometer discovery two years and eleven months. Cases are coming before the public. Mr. The crew had continued remarkably healthy, Colburn has announced that he has received exposed to the shade was 101.

is N. B. It is a very uncommon circumstance but the vessel was obliged to put into froin the Continent, and is preparing for to see the Thermometer at Madras rising so bigh Portsmouth for supplier of provisions. immediate publication, the “ Memoirs of as 100." During his voyage, which at first was di- Count de Las Cases, the companion of rected to the North, Lieutenant Kotzebue Napoleon, communicated by himself, and On Saturday, August 8th, at 9 hours, 35 miTeached a very high latitude, but we are comprising a narrative of the voyage to, nutes, 41 seconds, clock time, the Ist Satellite of not yet able to state it with accuracy. He and residence at St. Helena, their manner of Jupiter will emerge from an eclipse ; and on Sunfell in with a most singular iceberg, of living, and the treatment they experienced. I day the 9th, at 9 hours, 29 minutes, 50 seconds, great magnitude, which not only had a With an Appendix, containing a Letter of the 2nd Satellite will emerge. portion of its surface covered with earth Count Las Cases to Lord Bathurst, written Edmonton, Middlesex. JOHN ADAMS and mould, and bearing trees and vegetable from Frankfort. productions, but a portion of its water-line We are requested to state, that the third covered with a shore formed by the deposit or concluing volume, in 4to, of the “ Me

TO CORRESPONDENTS. of earthy matter, washed down from the moirs of the Life and Writings of Benjainin The Confessions of Frederick of Prushigher parts of the earth-covered iceberg; Franklin,” is now ready for delivery, and sia.-- This remarkable production, of which On this shore a landing was made, and the purchasers of the former volumes are an extract in the Literary Gazette recently considerable quantities of remains of the advised to order their respective booksel- excited so much curiosity, we are now enamammoth were found in such a state of lers to complete their sets as soon as bled to lay perfectly and entirely before our putrefaction as to produce a most insup- possible.

readers. We have only been induced to postportable stench. The Rurick brought away a number of the tusks and other parts of from a prospectus, countenance the public present more than one subject running in a

The Royal Irish Academy, we observe pone its insertion this week, froin having at these immeuse animals, which had probably cation, by the Rev. Mr. Roe, of a new work consecutive series, weekly, through our pubbeen preserved in a frozen state for many on the principles of rhythm in speech and lication. ages, till the mass of ice which enclosed in music, and in the mechanism of English J. G., Castleton, will please accept our them, put in motion by some unknown

verse. If well executed, such a production thanks for his communication, which shall, cause, reached a more temperate latitude.- will fill up a chasm in literature, and meet as we cordially agree with him, be inscrted Times.

a desideratum which has not been less felt next week. We shall be happy to receive · The decease of a British Admiral was since our modern versification has been his Country Sketches, and take this opporrecently recorded in the newspapers, of subjected to new, or rather released from tunity of saying, that as our ralued Hermit whose character and services the only dis old rules. The plan seems to be to ally cannot last for ever, though his Essays are tinguishing record was thus worded : •. This music more closely to language than has too numerous to lay our readers under any gallant Admiral was the first person, we hitherto been done the attempt is curious, apprehension of his being found deud in his believe, who gave the popular toast, A and the work may be rendered both phi- cell before the severest colds of Winter, long pull, a strong pull, and a pull alto-losophical and entertaining.

we shall with gratitude be indebted to able gether** !!! Quel gloire !

Contributors for aid in spirited sketches of

life and manners. TERRIBLE BLUNDER! In the Morning

METEOROLOGICAL JOURNAL. Chronicle of Saturday there is a paragraph


ERRATA.-In the biographical memoir of advertisement in favour of an Exhibition Thursday, 23–Thermometer from 52 to 85.

M. G. Lewis, in our last, by an inadvertency, at Spring Gardens, which commences with

Southey's pathetic poem of Mary the Maid of

Barometer from 30, 30 to 30, 20. the Inn, was attributed to Mr. Lewis. the following queer error of the press—" ubi Wind S. SE. and E. 1.-Clear.

The number of new Chapters in the recovered NIL” (quasi Mel) ". ibi Apis." It is dau, Friday, 24-Thermometer from 60 to 93.* work of L. da Vinci is one hundred and eleven, gerons to sport Latin when one is not used

Barometer from 30, 05 to 30, 03. and not three, as stated in our last. The mise to it.

Wind S, and SbW. 1.-Generally clear till the I take arose from the roman numerals in the MS,





This Day is published, to be continued Quarterly,

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GUAGES compared in their Grammatical Constructions. de certaines injures ; et quand elles se promettent le plailangue Française. By L. SEMONIN, Teacher of the

In Two Parts. Part the First, being an Introduction to sir de la vengeance, elles n'y vont pas de main morte." French Language, Worcester. the Syntax of both Languages. By W. DUVERGER.

Mem. de Grammont. * Contents. Le Calife Almanzor--les deux Portraits de The Seventh Edition. 12mo. 38. 6d. bound.

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.*. This Work being now complete, the Subscribers Information. By C. W. Rordansz. In one large vol. 8vo. addressed to the Editor. Also supplied by all Book. are requested to make up their Sets without Delay, Price il, is, boards.

sellers, Newsmen and Stationers, in Town or Country.


Journal of Belles Lettres, arts, Sciences, etc.


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REVIEW OF NEW BOOKS. ever, there are many parts of deep pian pital offence by the then laws of Scot

thos; there is great spint and truth in land she is the youngest daughter of

the drawing of mont of the charau ters; Dasa Deans, a cow-kreper, near ExtinTalks or my LANDLORD. Second So the fabulous portwn of the story is ad-burgh, a nxid Dissenter of the sert of

Tus. Collected and arranged by Jedles mirably connected with the history of Cameronans. Reuben Butler, a poor diah Weishbotham, &c. Edinburxh, Captain Purteous death, and its conso young schuwlinarter in holy orders, and 1519. 4 pols.

quences, and the catastrophe is dread attached to Jeanie Deans, the elder site The author of this Novel will have no fully jusi, though perhaps the moral les ter, is forced by the mob to otheiate as we to accuse so much as himself, if the win in-ulled by the lives of Luphemia chaplain to (aptain Porteous ; and it critual judgment passed upon it should Deans and George Robertson, is rather turns out that an accomplice of Wilsons, De bar wo favourable as he wishes. lle cak ulaled u proluce evil than good. who a ted a conspicuous part in this has raised the standard by which such lovels are to us the most ditt ultriot in a female dres*, is the ducer of productims are tried so high, that it is thing to review in a satisfa tory man. pwr Ethe, and the father of her lost not surpri-ing that even he should some ner. Veither a dry outline of the plot, buld. lo recue het is one of his intumes be found to fall short of it In a anor an extra t of any particular part, suf- durments to undertake this desperate wordt, we think The Heart of Mud-Lentice to convey an adequate idea of the explost, but she refuses to escape when than, for such is the title of the story uvjert in hanıl

, and our limits do not the doors of her dungeon are opened to whuh orupies these four volumes, in adıne of going more at large into illus. her. Robertson is obiged to Ay, and frror in aliunt every respect to the pre-tration. As far as we may go we now tures in half a dozen Jonathan Wild sort indung wurh from the sime source, in proxeed to analyze · The Heart of Vid. of adventures; one of what is to per«luding the Waverley series with thout Lasthan

suade Jeanie Deane lo encar that her denaled as Tales of my landlord. The Heart of Mid Lathun, then, is unhappy susler hand out (uncraked her

It appears to us that this new publithe Tolbooth, or Sewgate of Falinburgh, prepunu y fruen bort, which would do Catuan has less of the portruture of na- and it is furthously declared to be a sud away with the capital charge akunst twnal manner than the best of it pre- heart, a clone beart, a wicked heart and ler. Ilus purjury the relay wus and var. curvon, whule it has more of the un a por lert, a strong heart and a high tuous Jeanse refuses to commit, and common in dents common to the alien of heart At the executwn of one Wilson, Ethe 1s (131*nerd and coudemard to writings to which it belongs le pro insept 17.36, for rubbing a ( ustunn- die. Jeanne now determines to walk to Jures an infetur etlect from delineating house other, some tumule ar ne, anul Laxodus, and solat it her parea fruin the and that in a funter manner, the charac Morteous, captain of the town and, Queen, and through the medution of teristics of a sect (t ametonians) neither tired among the mob, by wluh several the kreat Duke of Arvik, she obtains an so important nor so interesting as the persons were killed! For this offence he interview of Her Majesty, and mau. (inranteta, prested in Balfour of wada trudl, and conuemoed to death, but lou-ly ties ber punt. In her journey, Burles, old Mrs. lleures, and their reprieved by Queru (aroline on the day weer, she ena vunters some strange ten luts and partisans. Its actors are offpointed for his down The populace obstacles. She is made captve by an to low an order, and the scene of a were infuriated by this bulk on justue, il gipay of the name of Murdhera koon, mel, with the adventures of its inmates as they considered it, and at nhat the who, with her mad duwheet, are the of theftakera, prostitutes, rogues, mob extriminary spectar le was seen of an utics that deposed of t.the seduld, out hers, and murderers, does, we amerive, organised multitude dicarming the solo reenge for the sdu tan of the daitfamsh a bad foundl.tuon for a native diery, securing the gates, breaking open ter by Robertoon She alw encounters of the length. The law with which the prison. dr.zuik forth the promet, Roletion ho tu ell, ulu turns out to be the volumes bound, though sometimes and hanging hum near the usual plur the son of Mountan, a dittany of way and generally wlumsual, in by far for carrying into efect the sentence of the Church, and of a vrny ara sent family. um prolix, and the endless detutus of the law . diorder of any kind alle is now for Luned and refunlani. srediletree, an artisan prone to af- unpand thus tumultuous rung, u Hanin axrl.plae! eed ber purpure in komling the Court of Seron, become wluh palities were deeply concerned lanka, Jealuerrturns, murrea Hutiet, rally teduxus, papusally when saat. But the murder of ( apuun Purtroue is who is presented to a churida bu the makabral to pleading and opens of crain to generally known to four further Duke of argule, and David Deans, Arlas boxin and minute as if the case, rluculatmon, and while we nie the author bering 03:«<! a kind of inertner at instead of a tutun, were really one of credit for tuving detuled the base allur salvie pise, the whole fam settle con I le mul death To co lude our olijer in an animated way, we cerise lor forlady of the borders of Dunlmartinemmae, there arr more esent symptoms might adventurously have alread i, hire. Lilu, ularna releerd, els fruin out carrbreness in the complain than so as nu* to omi upy, as it dums, aloost all i ben futuro bass, and 19 mtrtly u.ed we remembut in any of the furiner, and the first volume.

to her knep, no ta prie bet palestred by theagh the author cannot write ill, por 'The futwa win en upwe thus real inci. I few years fro me uma the Coatient, buat would fail to be entertaining, he dent is thus man a red in the Tollwwth, and returns to knowd and to large kes upon the whole putinitud as much at the petund of Portes turbo, 1 aur por oferty with his, wbre lustry 15 airy to errep into these page as we caned Ethe Deans, arvuered of child wild to be own live peren, and that of could have anturated at his hands murder, and at brast of curaline the bess.cer Itury love in opbe ned wrete bed. Aste ith-tanding these defects, buw.birth of a natural e tulid, stuu la was a ca- bers, while the humulici branches of this

VOL. 11.

Deans'connection enjoy comfort and hap- cow, when we know there is an en- | they suld pay it to me that equals aquals. piness. Mrs. Murdockson being very chanter who can bring him to life again, ---Jock, when ye hae naething else to do, ye properly hanged at Carlisle, her confes- or cause the quadruped to cast him up.

may be uye sticking in a tree; it will be

growing, Jock, when ye're sleeping. My sion affords reason to believe that Effie's Before copying out a specimen of the father tauld me sae forty years sin', but I infant had not been murdered ; and Ro-work, we must protest against the vul- ne'er 'fand time to mind 'him.-Jock, ne'er bertson, alias Sir George Staunton, with garismlay,' vol. I. p. 32—“you lay en-| drink brandy in the morning, it files the his lady, visit Scotland, in drder to trace tirely at our mercy," instead of " you stamach; gin ye take a morning's draught, him if possible. In this search he lands lie,” is unwortlry of the author. We now let it be aqua mirabilis; Jenny there makes at an island near Butler's residence, proceed to make a few extracts. The it weel. Doctor, my breath is growing as where he is attacked by a desperate death of an old griping rascal, the elder scant as a bíroken-winded piper's, when he smuggler and his associates,

and killed, laird of Dumbiedikes, is well painted. has played for four-and-twenty hours at a it is believed, by a young lad, one of the He was about to distress his tenants, my head—but it's a' needless! Mass John,

penny wedding Jenny, pit the cod aneath gang. This savage is his own son, who Deans, and the mother of Bútler.

could ye think o' rattling ower some bit had been sold by Murdockson to these banditti. He perishes soon after, and

On the very term-day, when their eject- short prayer, it wad do megade maybė, and Lady Staunton is converted to Catholic- their neighbours tvere prepared to pity, and -Say something, man.”

ment should have taken place, when all keep some queer thoughts out o' my head. ism, and retires to a Convent. Old Da- not one to assist them, the minister of the "I cannot use a prayer like a rat-rlıyme,' vid Deans is gathered to his fathers, and parish, as well as a Doctor from Edin- answered the honest clergyman; and if the Butlers live beloved and die la- burgh, received a hasty summons to attend you would have your soul redeemed like a mented.

the Laird of Dumbiedikes. Both were sur prey from the fowler, Laird, you must Such is the general 'outline of this prised, for his contempt for both faculties, needs shew me your state of mind.

“ And shouldna ye ken that without my Novel ; but there are subordinate cha- had been pretty commonly his theme over

an extra bottle, that is to say, at least once telling you?" answered the patient. “What racters of considerable originality, who every day. The leech for the soul, and have i been paying stipend and teind, parfill up the canvas, and often stand on the he for the body, alighted in the court of sonage and vicarage for,

ever sin' the foreground. Of these the chief are, the the little old Manor house, at almost the aughty-nine, an' I canna get a spell of a Laird of Dumbiedikes, à selfish Natural, same time; and when they had gazed a prayer fort, the only time I ever asked for and a suitor to Jeanie Deans, though his

moment at each other in some surprise, ane in my life ?-Gang awa' wi your whigmode of courtship is exceedingly cu- both in the same breathexpressed their gery, if that's a' ye can do ; auld Curate rious and taciturn. Bartholine Saddle-conviction that Dumbiedikes must needs Kiltstoup wad hae read half the prayertree, the law-devoted artisan, of whom them both to his presence at once. Ere the Doctor, let's see if ye can do ony thing bet

be very ill indeed, since he summoned book to me by this time-Awa' wye ! we have already spoken, and his wife, servant could usher them to his apartment, ter for ine.” Mrs. Glass, a 'snuff-seller in London, and the party was augmented by a inan of law, Scotch cousin to the Deans. The Queen, Nichil Novit, writing himself procurator formation in the meanwhile from the house

The Doctor, who had received some in, Lady Suffolk, the Duke of Argyle and before the Sheriff-court, for in those days keeper on the state of his complaints, ashis family. Madge Wildfire, alias Miss there were no solicitors. This latter per. sured him the medical art could not proMurdockson, a crazy Ophelia in low son was first summoned to the apartment long his life many hours. life, singing snatches of old songs, and of the Laird, where, after some short space,

" Then damn Mass John and you conversing with fancied ghosts and goh-vited to join him.

the soul-eurer and the body-eurer were in- | baith?” cried the furious and untractable lins. Ratcliffe, a police officer, com

Dumbiedikes had been by this time patient. Did ye come here for naething pound of thief and traitor ; together transported into the best bed-room, used but to tell me that ye canna help me at the with sundry villains, such as adorn. the only upon occasions of death and marriage, pinch? Out wi' them, Jenny-out o' the Beggar's Opera, and à dưe proportion and called, from the former of these occu

house! and, Jock, my curse, and the curse of Edinburgh lawyers and gossips, who pations, the Dead-Room. There was in o'Cromwell gae wi' ye, if ye gie them either are brought in more or less to take a this apartment, besides the sick person fee or bountith, or sae muckle as a black share in the business going forward.

himself and Mr. Novit, the son and heir of pair o'cheverons.

the patient, a tall gawky silly-looking boy, The clergyman and doctor made a speedy After perusing this epitome, we ima- of fourteen or fifteen, and a housekeeper

, retreat out of the apartment, while Dumginė òůr readers will coincide with our

a good buxom figure of a woman, betirixt biedikes fell into one of those transports of opinion, that the dramatis personæ are a forty and fifty, who had kept the keys and violent and profane language, which had little too far degraded in the scale of hu- managed matters at Dumbiedikes' since the procured him the surname of Damn-memanity; and that some of the main inci- lady's death. It was to these attendatits dikes-=“ Bring me the brandy bottle, dents border too closely upon the improba- that Dumbiedikes addressed himself pretty Jenny, ye b>" he cried, with a voice in ble of romance. Robertson's hairbreadth nearly in these words ; temporal and spiri- which passion contended with pain. "I can scapes, and the subsequent elevation of tual matters, the care of tris health and his die as I have lived, without fashing ony o' Effie to be a leader of fashion at Court; which was never one of the clearest : affairs, being strangely jumbled, in a head them. But there's a fearful thing bings

about my heart, and an anker of brandy the perilous travels of Jeanie, her incar

These are sair times wi me, gentlemen winna wash it away-The Deans at Woodceration in a gipsy cavern, and her and neighbours ! amaist as ill as at the end! I sequestrated them in the dear years, confabulation with the Queen; and the aughty-nine, when I was rabbled by the and now they are to fit they'll starve—and violent finale, are all objectionable in collegeaners. They mistook me muckle that Beersheba, and that auld trooper's this point of view : and when events so they ca'd me a papist, but there was never wife and her oe, they'll starve -- they'll like miracles are resorted to in order a papist bit about me, minister.Jock, starve ! -- Look out, Jock ; what night to disentangle the intricacies of plot, ye'll take warning—it's a debt we mam a' is't? it is astonishing how it diminishes the will tell ye I was never gude at paying Jock, after having opened the window, and

Onding o'spiato, father,' answered interest we take in the fate of the pár- debts in my life.-Mr. Novit, ye'll no for- looked out with great composure: ties implicated. We don't care for Tom get to draw the rent that's due on the Yerl's “ They 'n perish in the drifts," said the Thumb's dying, or being swallowed by a band—if I pay debt to other folk, I think I expiring ‘sinner—“they'll perish wi cald!

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