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Journal of Belles Lettres, Arts, Politics, etc.


No. 71.

SATURDAY, MAY 30, 1818.



BARON GERNING'S TRAVELS IN name of this village was Oppidum Subla- which is only from one to two feet deep, AUSTRIA AND ITALY.

queum, or Sublacium, near which was the with the fertile earth. This discovery was

Lacus Simbrivios, which still appears as a made about 30 years ago, in the month of Having in our last Number promised small lake. At a short distance is seen the February, when trees were planting,

and a few extracts from Baron Gerning's lofty Algidus, with its grove consecrated to several 'leaden water-pipes were at the Travels, we select, as peculiarly inte Diana, which has been celebrated by Sta- same time found.*

Towards the left there is a semi-arched resting, his Observations on the Villa tius, L. 4. Carm. IV. of Horace, and on the late celebrated

Hos Præneste sacrum, nemus hos glaciale

wall without any reticular stones, which may

have been the site of Horace's Bath. BeQueen of Naples. With the latter person- Algidus aut horrens, aut Tuscula protegit umbra. side it flows a little stream, of which the age, whose character, though far from Tiburis hi lucos Anienaque frigora captant.

Poet occasionally speaks, and which murunexceptionable, was doubtless grossly

This wood is now called Selva dell'Aglio. Fonte-ratine, and gushes out at once from

mured through his farm. It is now called calumniated, and is still, upon

the whole, but little known, the Baron tically situated, to the ancient Varia, the the midst of the Lucretilis, near a piece of had the honour to be well acquainted; road gently winds alternately to the left, of a rock, where once stood the Grotto of the so that his testimony, making allow- over barren rocks and blooming heights; | Goats, of which Horace also sung. Here ance for some partiality, will be reto the right, by the side of the pastoral

are still to be seen the little goats, Olentis garded as possessing considerable flowing Anio, shaded by rows of pointed mariti, browsing on the thyme, and having, weight. As to his description of the cypresses and poplars ; it then turns off to according

to the Poet's description, no fear the left, towards a little rivulet, ascending of the green serpents. Villa of Horace, it is obviously that of by small stony paths, over steep rocky emia kindred spirit, and will, we trust, not

Two pyramidical cypresses now grow benences, where the aspect of nature is some

side this clear fountain. be uninteresting to those who are con times severe and sombre, sometimes gentle vinced with us, that Horace is in every and smiling. On every side, the yellow blos- Horace's celebrated

Blandusia bubbles forth

At the distance of about half a league, respect the first of Roman poets.

som of the Spanish broom, which grows in from one of the cliffs of the Lucretilis. It

profusion on the Roman and Florentine is now called Fonte-bella, and it is smaller HORACE'S VILLA.

hills, the fruit of the fig-tree, and the than the Fonte-ratine. A vall, some elegiac In the valley of Ustica, embosomed by bloom of the elder, wave among the sweet

ruins of which still remain, doubtless surthe Sabine Hills, 15 miglia, or about 6 est and most fragrant flowers of Spring; rounded it. Here he composed the beauleagues from Tibur, nearly as far from that The castles of Monte Lupo, Mandela, and

tiful little ode city as it was from Rome, and five miglia Rocca-Giovane, appear in succession along

O Fons Blandusiæ splendidior vitro,t from the Anio, towards the left stood the the road. Here stood the Vacuna, or Temfavourite Villa of Horace. Carriages cannot ple of Victory, which, according to the in

Fountain, whose waters far surpass reach this spot. It can only be approached scription, was rebuilt by Vespasian. Be

The shining face of polished glass, on foot or on horseback. The road tween the valley of Licenza and Vicovara, passes

To thee the goblet, crowned with flowers, along the ancient via rabria, now called six gurgling streamlets descend and fall Grateful the rich libation pours; the Strada delli Reali. On the left, at the into the Anio, in its course from Subiaco.

A goat whose horns begin to spread, foot of the Catillus, are some sepulchral re A steep and rocky path leads to the And, bending, arm bis swelling head. mains, an ancient reservoir, and the ruins mountain-valley of Horace. After laborious And the Poet himself foretold its reof the villa of T. Martius. On the right, ascents and descents, the murmuring brook near the Anio, which intersects the valley, Digentia appears flowing from the Blandu Fies nobilium tu quoque fontium, a few remains of the villas of Valerius sian fountain. With rapture the traveller Maximus, Sephaces, and Torpilius, are still suddenly finds himself amidst chesnut-trees Soon shalt thou flow a noble spring, to be seen; farther on, the aqueduct of and vineyards in the beautiful hill-encircled While in immortal verse I sing Claudius appears between the old and new valley of Ustica, and beholds its chief orna The oak, that spreads thy rocks around, bed of the Anio ; next are descried the ment, the three-pointed mountain Lucre From whence thy babbling waters bound. heights of Saracenaro and Castel-Madama. tilis, now Monte St. Gennaro. In advanc The Fonte-Bella, which is with its enNear the convent of St. Cosimato is a frag- ing to the place which was once the abode virons included in the orchard of, Count ment of the bridge. The natural shrewdness, of Horace, in order to refresh and commu- Orsini, forms a beautiful cascade, giving benevolence, cordiality, and frankness,of the nicate with the humble proprietor or occu- picturesque animation to these heights; it ancient inhabitants, may still be retraced in pier of the Villa, it is necessary first to the present Sabines. One of the hospita-climb to the ancient Digentia, now Licenza,

* The environs of the house produce annually ble inhabitants of St. Cosimato, who lately a miserable desert and loamy spot belonging about seven barilli of wine, a sixth part of which fed and lodged some wandering artists, felt to the Borghese family, which is surmounted

goes to the Church. The place is visited by offended when they offered her a recom- by an old castle, formed to be the refuge very few travellers, and they are for the most pense.

of marauders, and far from exciting agree-part silent respecting it. ‘Among the works In this range of valleys, still further onable sensations.

which treat of the discovery of this villa are:the other side of the Anio, lies the little At the foot of the lofty Lucretilis, the Capmartin de Chaupi.-Decouverte de la Maivillage of Subiaco, celebrated as the resi- eye is at length saluted by the Mosaic pave

son de Campagne d'Horace. Tomes iii. Rome, dence of St. Benedict, who there founded ment, from which the earth has been re


Dominici de Sanctis.—Dissertazione sopra la his Order. Pius VI., whilst he was Cardi- moved. It consists chiefly of small blue nal Braschi, assigned this place to the and white stones : and here the house of Villa di Orazio Flacco. Roma 1761.

A. Mitscherlich Horat. T. 1. p. CLXXX. Abbey. When he became Pope, he built a Horace most probably stood. The present

+ In lieu of Baron Gerning's elegant German beautiful church there, which was conse-good-natured Villicus digs up a piece of the translations of the passages referred to, we subcrated in 1789, for which a marble arch material, which he gives to the traveller for join, for the benefit of our readers in general, was erected to his honour. The ancient a mere salre, and then fills up the hole,' the translation by Francis.



flows through the grounds which belonged | Horace sung to a restless and wealthy for us to compress our Review within to Horace, where it joins the Fonte-ratine, friend :

less space than can be allotted in threc and after Howing about a league and a half, Vivitur parvo bene, cui paternum,

Numbers of our publication, and we these united waters are lost in the Anio. This fountain marks the commencement of Happy the man whose frugal board

therefore proceed to it at once, only the extensive Sabina forest, where Horace His father's plenty can afford:

remarking, that the reappearance of was once attacked by a wolf while he was His gentle sleep nor anxious fear

Lucien on the political scene near the singing of his Lalage:

Shall drive away, nor sordid care.

cluse of the drama, las afforded us Namque me sylva lupus in Sabina, The Spirit that, serenely gay,

the most pleasure in reading, and Careless enjoys the present day,

will, we hope, be equally acceptable to For musing on my lovely maid,

Can with an easy cheerful smile 'While careless in the woods 1 stray'd,

the public. The avant-propos does

The bitterness of life beguile; A wolf-how dreadful ! cross'd my way,

not give a very satisfactory account of Yet fed—he fled from his defenceless prey.

Nor fears the approaching bour of fate,
Nor hopes for human bliss complete.

the means by which these revelations' The surrounding hills and vallies are

of the life of Lucien Buonaparte were covered with vines, and fruit and chesnut

There he sung his “ Beatus ille”trees; fountains spring from the hills, and,

Beatus ille qui procul negotiis,

acquired. That the work is not his

own, is evident from the condemnation uniting together, form bubbling brooks.

which it bestows upon many parts of This was the limit of Horace's moderate Like the first mortals blest is he, 'wish :

From debts, and usury, and business free, his character; that no other person

With his own teams who ploughs the soil, could be continually accessary to his Hoc erat in votis : modus agri non ita magnus; Which grateful once confess'd his father's toil.

private life for twenty-four years, is also

When Horace was in tumultuous Rome, I often wish'd I had a farm, and sighed to be at Sabinum, he probably solve the mystery, then, is to suppose that

pretty evident. The only way to reA decent dwelling snug and warm, A garden, and a spring a3 pure

exclaimed, As crystal running by my door, O rus quando ego te aspiciam ? quando licebit,

the facts have been obtained from the Besides a little ancient grove,

portfolio of Lucien, which we are told Where at my leisure I might rove.

When shall I see my sweet retreat ? (page vii) has not been always respectel, The gracious gods, to crown my bliss,

Oh! when with books of sages deep, and cooked up for publication by one Have granted this, and more than this;

Sequester'd ease, and gentle sleep, I have enough in ny possessing;

of those literary persons wli like

In sweet oblivion, bliss ful balm ! "Tis well: I ask no greuter blessing,

The busy cares of life becalm ?

nothing better than to dabble in secrets. O Hermes ! than, remote from strife, This demesne could not have been in

There has been a family of the name To have and hold them for my life. If I was never known to raise

considerable, for before it came into the of Bonaparte at St. Miniato in TusMy fortune by dishonest ways,

possession of Horace, five families lived cany for more than four centuries, of Nor, like the spendthrifts of the times,

upon it and cultivated it. Inspired by gra- gentle blond, and distinguished in the Shall ever sink it by my crimes :

titude, Horace has celebrated the peace- annals of arms and literature. It does

maker Augustus, who terminated the civil Whenever therefore I retreat

war, to whom, along with Mæcenas, he not appear that the Buonapartes of CorFrom Rome into my Sabine seat,

was indebted for this estate and a tranquil sica have made out their alliance with By mountains fenc'd on either side, life devoted to the Muses, and has thereby this race; but when Napoleon in his And in my castle fortified, What can I write with greater pleasure,

proved, that with republican principles it Italian campaign discovered it, he sup. Than satires in familiar measure ?

is possible to do homage to "monarchical pressed the u in his patronymic, and

merit. Nor mad ambition there destroys

claimed a descent from the Tuscan To this cool and retired valley Horace account of the late Queen of Naples to our napartes were among the notables of the

[We find we are compelled to defer the House. But in Corsica itself the Buousually repaired in the warm months of

next Number.] summer, and remained there until the

island, and the family was fruitful of autumn, as his invitation to his mistress, whom he poetically calls Tyndaris, denotes:

mayors or poolestas, registers, and bailREVIEW OF NEW BOOKS.

lifs. Charles Buonaparte, the father, Velox amænum sæpe Lucretilém. Mémoires secrets sur Lucien Buonapurte. lution, at the age of about thirty-six,

died a few years previous to the RevoPan from Arcadia's bills descends

2 vols. 8vo. To visit oft my Sabine seat,

leaving three daughters, Marianna And here my tender goats defends

The important share which Lucien (called afterwards Eliza,) Carlotta (afFrom rainy winds, and summer's fiery heat; Buonaparte had in the French revolu-terwards Pauline,) and Annunziada For when the vales, wide spreading round,

tion, and in the fortunes of his family; (afterwards Caroline ;) and five sons, The sloping hills, and polished rocks,

the eventful nature of his own life, and Joseph, Napoleon, Lucien, Louis, and With his harmonious pipe resound,

the circumstances of the times; render Jerome. In fearless safety graze my wandering flocks; his biography not only peculiarly enter On the breaking out of the RevoluIn safety through the woody brake,

taining, but very eminently interest- tion the young men embraced its The latent shrubs and thyme explore, ing. Without entering into any con cause with ardour, and were obliged to Nor longer dread the speckled snake, And tremble at the martial wolf no more.

troversy as to the authenticity of the seek refuge in France—they settled at

narrative now before us, we shall con- Marseilles. Their poet to the gods is dear,

tent ourselves with giving a faithful While Napoleon got introduced to They love his piety and muse,

abstract of its leading features, and Barras, which laid the foundation of And all our rural honours here Their flow'ry wealth around thee shall difuse. shall be much disappointed if our read his extraordinary fortunes, Lucien ob

ers do not find therein a good deal of tained some employment in the ComHere shall you tune Anacreon's lyre,

new and curious matter. We shall ab-inissariat of the army of the Alps. Beneath a shady mountain's brow, To sing frail Circe's guilty tire,

stain from the many reflections which Having denounced the commissary of And chaste Penelope's unbroken vow. the subject suggests; for even without Saint Maximin, as an Aristocrat, he Here in the bosom of rural tranquillity, I these additions it will be impossible slid into his office, and, devoted to wo•

mm an.' d'or flerulotron he pzesed his draint h i wentiell 10.tiny, at apa ta! the alliance of qual tien generally use tiur in hranu i toze po mlir Soceriod when inte brrther dad ved the poste u pot altogether natural Aidong toes, an i writins nebalsonge and votir of Code Son utter this con. år he had any l'espai ant funktuas tu pere lene verors. His amorous dispunition, menced properties police creep of forin, the movei vutues, whuh einannte and his patriotie principles, lead him to Luet, wenn amitin us fired bifruen pral greatness o! soul, wese orier

errn, for his rank absurbed every other Bone marnu in rather a norway: the slot tons of lipolen la 1794, h

conferation on su cassons. But la. His employment of store herpep ha! was eles trad to the one of hieu

era bat one quali entirely prestar to plurd Lurn on terins of with drei, by the department of Limine dorli, wah w pwiu alarly set kiable i te famih ot M Boyer, who was rr*peria and tonske tip odtan, then who under the to have oth wassalta; the breextre bir, though not rich He was not however uge 1!31 preemri wd be list

1 statens 6* pubu" pruaracans and other hat some patr many, and also hepe a niecora of ho:el. !! Bayer wts the fathers is, and from these bow bras d'he a l. appearst in the trobatie is in Juit per po's Pro 11:111:"*, the boys.dy

in the name of ant op 2119, and their gone Streas.lrrn: a boy and a girl; the lat

veramente in imzinatson, which partonk ter, named Christine, had an interestinx nunc med:!rer of par bila

*entat of the Italian, that is to sav, of site, atil poupard a very amabile di pome:innected hunwlf with the pipocrisky and at matang, Kate hain a turu for

*U, - thanh to.d and reserved Lu. and huen pirts, and w 1* one of the lim all that was slema ani tbratrral Luien ran, familarly atruitered into the house, in ter of Lion wtuh alle stred the *** o ut opin, that pulak ceremonirs for albe shortly after en

and of this lorem. Doctors Llei in all the peuvelyre an amazing elles on the people, rrl, and will contrived to (tenir arter 11:11 alaptop part of

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under ting to talitate the ac. {"cal fer. 16 on the part of (hari tine

tion of palata al generalent. the en, I. 14.1n at lemah paveit tip was Idas atment, wind incredeel daily. raid not fail to make sme Die in a

for the elet.tion of his brother to su: The chuter of his oralsy is also small prurimial sillage One day, then preme avelertaly anal, Wapalean returns worth iranlab.n. berubad intel corelude ! an oration in fang, the clrte dintu Biru Larsen has naturalle a marked counteun of equate, made at the assemblage of mute (uru bolnated lhe triumph of the namer, and expressive physweisomy: his ther people, he was thus noted in the Inejarbans, or rather of the whores are lovely and petarirali i to w of the day by the bored Buyor,

Here il of d 11*ract, a. neither he unites and tagirr ritstani.. all bo birr omitted going to admire hi*

these vaktir bor (11'1 Det, dum h:. i meseclses" Juhate am,olv proved hitting them to rule, por maintainer

de kui mi otrral (eer, by" TP Forest y alty; and therefore as we are all I them sicurely there when the sun

that anbleness of airt, and dignity of ad. i sad, Wv den't you inarry my daughter?, *1*reb 1.41 n hud by the live drees, so useful and pure pressary to Tri par court to her, l' which het lidvas-dose eyes, and 0.108. sed statesmen of ein nenne On the contrary, ail po justatwa sifirma : setter if you arr an har I party in lutour of his brother, and has assuranır watquired to be a fantaa Dust wan, wou ought not to hesitate " This while .lle liked to the restoration of awiwarii ar ot x laulantie pradantry, we attr*?: tut was made before the Bourbone, others to a sort of rebraremed ut 11 en retain Bite too, it has

of fruent. the swiety of the great, arri ***as also steht deres ary to sustainabis spable " th the Duke of Brunwick, as ***, bo practising what he prea hed:

litokef Magistrale,
be (ned on the sporters of that rank why he belit tur

1.) IPA", bu; lalterlo erabledhin nearly there for for Better to the hand, and interestui enterprise which elevated his

to steunt the detreis altogether li ping it a hearts que fe, eselaimed, I own fun! to oneren sway At the mas also be willit, tha Loren bat pery Very wrid, be it 30; lil marry your house of lume Resultater, the curp 111e marron over the ir, tive parts of

- atore tid their ren Arason, and every otatory Hop wat hy on mente faDarrth: 701_n of tartit, Lucen thu pire, ad fute Revoluea in viralile to pooblacrepeak.ná turing without de crociril as liqniso much in wl'ch Luonne 0) (011

th or ho stretxin, rather has toe, and inclined , as to hatein 1.**.1.41 (110n1, Nha overthiew the erraldo

to a nosalt* * * All throp delprto, w! no la

Art. dalirush from theselt, were kimppante' of Saint Motonn. Der tive Directory, ..1-1 placed trarrowder, Berser, cuti panopera by a formare provie?)en friven the build by a Canne of the (on'rol of pos, ... We'rash, and isl. ) ist del vero, i re &1:1 Betstasses, goen, he pejoined his bruthers in Paris, Rover Duelas, as pronta al Consuis 'there is bonents in w. da fan at proteition or resources TheThe chief our in this stormi sen bor elvezte !the prof reale!

.enre 13th Vendemsre, and the minertpal *.s mue Minister of the internet la 1:1 peral, Buty free por pre po**** sva Par .,' a ne peut), tires the 1.18 (pult, the author hrves the fula

renale tale, fruirreponaLos 4. L. unik business, bruine **rth of bian

he sake oth ear 25,49 tri to pa

ant esprit: the ne' bit of .. is puiken of as a favourite If it a true that loven's shopt nyt.

1.100 EX **}* 1, de, '**. tlor la 1970 al of the contents, ant trata dresire to be (rits of, **.h: at he asemeld $, et al. I even one

irros 1 x an is azopmontes, for denil, a least to where that gave the real Beer pull og to i posfree beerties, of (...) of Pith di dexope of axle for ! to the fu... ofry of them the rank lae en vigore But * -- a . * MAX.11.11, ait, non

Bteletbeur By the ampton at a baba tore, tetep of state that he always wurd to .. of the age of !1, in und laud 11t

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• 1818 tenes of oftea, luan warly up fuse lever in spole of this type 1 ! 11 that pupuitend krales se fer*#" to

Ilir trole Bours of the Fusi, La Boga seping pills, and denote: 1.6.erros ute, stvo* to tor boat Dilip toppuen's tu lado a Regleda, to the

not to her edation, in order th11 the entire bodove por 24 :,1r-se se queira, Dragutu nar. 1. 2018*** «Ut autta) * 1.t apprar wiih tethit in her u huu in nuen proide sath can ** ullir, er ved bil eta txt med i Lursen, but "picdepare In 1:946. Lu tu errate uptas bu taivaalle tulee

121. s 1 ! ! to bring option for seminued to his function pubs a: 1 * $123

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8.klidu, a Utoate or of ile divdeson to what was, bonetes, a destre ot ateriatmu bo.

tlost ti ( u. (ou un aluat the aru attached, but whose cumplante trayed on sund occases, which proved, Dairs, and directing the fasteun rela




tions. But the army gave the advan- but the stability of his power. This gave I go to meet the wizard city's eye, tage to the equally ambitious military rise to a prospect on the part of Lucien, That puts on splendour but to dim the soul. chief; and Lucien, defeated in his ob- who conceived the idea of replacing the A thousand years of crime beneath me lie!

sterile wife, by a young and beautiful in- One glance !-1 stand as on a mighty mole, ject, came to an open rupture with his fanta of Spain-one of the august House Around whose base not waves, būt evil ages roll. fraternal rival. Their altercations were of Bourbon, as by this alliance he hoped to frequent and angry; and it is even give the new dynasty a better title to the And ye enduring monuments, that rise said that Napoleon once called in his throne, or at least to connect it with that In your calm grandeur round this fortress-hill, guard to turn out “ that Citizen, who which France had no further any expecta- Masses of solemn shade and orient dyes ! failed in respect to the Chief Consul.” tion of recovering.

Are ye not each, as in that sea an isle The dissolute life of Lucien gave his

Sheltering the few and statelier memories, while

The feeble pass like foam upon the wave ? opponents the ascendancy, and the fa PARIS IN 1815. Murray. I gaze not here on Greek or Gothic pile! mily faction of the Beaubarnois, aided

The author of this fine poem being An impulse to the world, to empires throne or

I see but emblems of the days that gave by Fouche, prevailed against him. A

now avowed, we can scarcely do better grave. pamphlet, attributed to him, entitled

than recal a few passages, which were i Parallel between Cromwell, Monk, and

not noticed in our original critique. 'Twas a dark time, which on Valerien's brow Buonaparte,' and tending to restore the The sensation excited by Mr. Croly's Rear'd the sad refuge of that convent tower! exiled Bourbons, completed the disunion, and the two brothers separated Charlotte, and the high rank to which Yet good was mixed with ill; its midnight hour poem on the death of the Princess There mind was buried, wither'd beauty's glow,

There passion lost its hope, but not its power ; in so violent a manner as to render it has raised him among British bards, Heard prayers from haughty lips that then first their reconciliation almost impossible. I will suffer no diminution from the

prayed ! Lucien, as a decent banishment, was following extract, which represents There hid her broken heart in calm and shade,

And woman, who had wept her loveliest dower, appointed ambassador to Spain, where

the principal objects seen from Mont. And turned her to His fold, who sought the Charles the IVth received him most

Martre, as connected with the revolu lamb that strayed ! magnificently as the near relation of tion.

XVIII. the greatest man in all the world, whom, as His Majesty told a groom, sent with view of the City, with the Mont Vale-There, Invalides! thy summit, like a star, a present of horses to Paris, he would rien, the Invalids, the Pantheon, and Thou golden palace, temple, grave of war

Glitters before the sun's ascending fire; willingly give one of his fingers to see : the Cathedral of St. Denis.

Proud be the day that saw thy pomp expire ! -he saw him at last, and lost more than

Where are thy trophies now! The lowliest spire,

The darkest cell, was glorious to thy prime. a finger! -- Lucien (says his biographer) All looks a stranger's land—the tawny meads, The Fiend came from thee;-but" the Earth's

desire --- Soon acquired the most unlimited Trackd by the sleepy Seine's meanders blue; confidence of their Catholic Majesties; but like sheets of emeralds, dropping purple dew; The vintage ripening on its sloping beds,

Rose up against him, and an arm sublime his principal efforts were made to gain the The forest belting with its waste of yew

Blasted the gloomy Idol of thy age of crime. favour of a great princess, and in this he The chateau, lonely as the exile's tomb

XIX. succeeded ; at least, it is certain that in Where rests its lord; the hill's exotic hue; Carth had a burst of madness; come, and gone, one of his confidential dispatches, the mi- The foliaged roads, that from the horizon come, Like lightning from its cloud — a withering nister boasted of the pains he had taken to Like arrows, to one point, where still broods blaze.-insinuate himself into the good graces of

morning's gloom ;

There stand its lonely halls, its Pantheon ; such an august personage : he declared,

Then were those halls not lonely ;-nights and however, that it would be difficult for him There sleep'st thou, Paris ! What profounder Roll'a o'er their thousands, pouring heaven's

days to persevere in his assiduities. On return


high praise, ing from his embassy, Lucien did not fail Were thine, had matchless hearts not sieged thee From more than pagan lips, to harlotry. to shew the public how vain he was of his round!

Temple of many gods! while one delays, success in so high a quarter, and determined When those who sow'd in blood, in blood should for wisdom deeply veiled from human eye, that it should be known, by letting part of


To strike it into dust, till ev’n its memory die. a gold chain worn round his neck be seen,

When the bold hunters from earth's farthest

at the end of which hung a superb medal-
lion encircled with brilliants, and contain- Then, not yon cloud that wraps thy giddy dream, Latest, yet loveliest, on St. Denis' wall.
At length the tiger in bis cavern found;

The emblem-circle's wound. The sunbeams glow ing the portrait, a flattering one, no doubt, But the red vapour of the bloody ground, But is there not a brighter sun than now of the great princess, though an old lady, Such as o'er Moscow hung, had caught the Vestures in gold that patriarch cathedral ? of whom he had made conquest. gleam;

Is not Earth's veil at length about to fall, The extraordinary attention and kind- The midnight fires of death, thy last, wild, As the slow shadows from that temple hoar; nesses evinced towards Lucien, while at the waking beam.

And the true Faith unfold her gates to all ; Spanish capital, served toincreasehis fortune,


And Man be glorious as he was before ; while it contributed to the success of those The gale has come,-at once the fleecy haze

And Earth be Paradise, till time shall be no more? schemes which he had in contemplation for Floats up,--then stands a purple canopy,

XXI. the further aggrandisement of his family. Shading th' Imperial city from the blaze. The hour shall come ! it is no mystic's trance, He had in fact so completely gained the Glorious the vision! tower and temple lie

But true as He, who wills, and it is done! confidence of the royal couple, and pene- Beneath the morn, like waves of ivory,

The hour shall come,-is come! Our feeble With trated their secrets, that Lucien was not many an azure streak and gush of green, glance afraid of outstripping time, by doing that As grove and garden on the dazzled eye Ev'n

now sees stooping from its clouds the throne for the first consul in 1801, which the Em-Flows into sudden light the long, slow, serpent Rise in successive beauty, and between

Where One shall rule o'er earth-The Mighty

One. peror Napoleon dare not effect till he had


Its kings his hallow'd viceroys-Man's old stain subjugated nearly all Europe in 1810. Although there was no longer any hopes of For Paris now.—Now farewell hill and dale,

Fast brightening from the spirit ;- war un

known ;Josephine becoming a mother, yet an heir And silence sweet, fresh blooms, and dewy sky! Till death has died ! and, rushing from his chain, was necessary to Buonaparte, not only as Farewell the gentle moral of the gale,

To heaven th' Immortals rise, with angel plume it affected the permanency of his elevation, The wisdom written in the rose's dye !

and strain,

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