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Journal of Belles Lettres, Arts, Politics, etc.
No. 62.

PRICE Is. REVIEW OF NEW BOOS, of Dr. Moylan, (afterwards (atholic blood hounds of the Revolution sought

Bishop of Cork, with whom he formed to add the Abbe Edgeworth to his mur. Letters from the .fbbe Frigerorth to his at this time a friendship which only dereil brethren. He, bowever, escaped

Friends, erudira br tween the years 1777 closed with life.) sent to Paris to com- all their toils ; and when the execution and I 8007 : with Memoirs of his life, &c. plete his education; whither also the of the amiable Princess dissolved all his Hv the Rev. Thomas R. England. rest of bis family went. llere he al ties with France, he, in 1796, retreated

tended the philosophical lectures at the to the security of Great Britain. It is This is an extremely valuable little

college of Navarre and the Sorbonne; much to be lamented, that domiciliary work The fate of the benevolent moved to the Seminary of Les Missions lors, obliged him to destroy the correx.

and being called to Priest's orders revisits, and the hunting of his persecu. Arte Elgeworth linked himn so closely

Etrangeres, Rue de Burg. From the panden.p with which he was entrusteel; with the munt illustrious victims of three times, that he becomes identified performance of his humble and useful but so it was, and even with this pre with there in history, and acquires a

duties in this station, he was selected to caution h's danger was so imminent, daim to attention, in addition to those a more elevated post as the spiritual that his safety appears miraculous 'The na borta hur own excellence would have wide of Madame Elizabeth, the King's letters were conveyed by means of tulla bruted to be the intrepid attendant

sister, to whom his attachment appears of silk or cotton, and related !) atlairs

to have been untwunded. Thus ren of the utmost cor.sequence. A letter el his kin: W the scaffold, the internet dered a pear and observant spectator of dated Landun. !! Sepe 1:91, from of that subi me apostrophe, Sun of Silent the revolution, his earlier litters to Dr the Abybe to his brother Isher in Dube Les asend to lleuren' the prescribed Moylan in this volume, relate to the tin, gres a brief and simple, but b.xtely arad persecuted ametle of the French

demoralizing progress of that calamity pathetic detail of his past career. 'I he etun to, the friend of royally in eule

which nearly destroyed religion and application of lours the Xilth, for and distrus, forn a combination of por'urantanies in the life of one man, :heir rron atheisin and anarchiv." As pcularly allex t 5, and we copy a part

government engither, subesiduting in lus aid to sinoc'h the path to reab is Pare in interest and importance, and the state of the Church is most fre of it

aku latd at one to create and gratify toe 'n'espat frelers

quently touched upon, the particular The me sage be sent was moting bennd

of its subversion de cursue and in exprres.on, and worded in a manner what Hon Laur Egreuth, generally moun

structive. Politice ale lot often intro. I never shall forget A king, thorata in the 18de Edgeworth, was born at lalo

chains, had a night to « mona.d;- but he wa': 1 own in Ireland, some time m the duexel, but where they are, we have the

(utumn anded 04. Jy Atendanne was re1:45 The family from which toe de writer authories, and it is not a mican qucured, merely as a pies go of my offer. rebrand has been tradent in that country one, furt thanhing that there could be

toen for Am--ci a farosur shoes he heard / in the year la aud is one of thosr no fuur in Luros 10-evatent will ruld not refuse bat, ea the serrue mas the mention of whose name is assor the new doen inre of traner.

'tring in love ottended truth some danzer fur te worth of the literary and sent

It is rudentis his interest sans be in a me, he dernd softer'sl, and only prayed suerirerment of the Britisha rinpire Robreter, 21st of March line, speaking of the case I deemed the danger to s:tal to pastat Buning be faltes of the Philie, w** a cleropoliei likely to be followed by the Copeut to me (lergymes woring but com has of the table bord church, and for E rran reto at Ldgeworth's-town, in

for, to make good all the promises of hus Medewre, but less than 1.** / oras nyar fi the crown's of langford he was married to our new speeches, he cantot rupert tornja!

father; for, considering the great zeal of jim omjer the person siensten to my hone W! s i saf, stes of the elegant author of peace in his own dominas, it the spirit of the anable and hesute Abbe bons if

In the fue of almoet eritan death "a lear, and the fresk sker's let. Lorong grand-dongles of the lobbiebop France is not effectually repressed insubordination who now prevails in

Dorpuled the offse, and at the foot of e tant, no criebralrd for antiquarian

I'r flodbere reresad the las con. or and religus rontrover! 'Three The rices of the writis almal teline of silione in to los satyard ***1 skop the Ante's birth, his father reperiod in lead set in to be aim.rol pm. * r -"' a pime,' a te cealases, pas de loing what he held in the estar phelie In.meinber of l'eau ! BSN marets, and processed bin eli a

* uho, with every vstue, bad but one IT to the llaman (albula creed. he thuis wmies

la alt. -- that of thinking too well of Hi-.fe, and her brother, alieady

I an almost the only man I know of. beats, whilst be refused come on 116. Gia Grad, absured their faith about dare rase up hta heart, and hope tour happier tre to kura if Such was the me Meie tluse, and in 1:19 the family I forever' for the astonebis success of

time Mar Prorideore being luha narih in loc wel the art of the er ve Alte settled in Toulouse, where our armies must beestbera i fa be wrought

dans ! Jeneil, to tie eienal a eturated for the service of the in their favor, as a soere to.te erho sobrang

579 of branic

04 this town "bocora, lone principles his father had! gire; and for my part I see mtoh bees pros *11:6, that looke wilaf*. ard, anrl of which he was hitnself habulis for the than for the entire All that I can sin, that 45 000 m the auto s dulu.gur-lad an orna latins carried on a Mac oe nie

fa'al blow was give, I tell me 998 Àmers,

And 01:44 remetrd 1!. wirth. with Me Llaneth in the Teangle 1996 we breaslonni the usual course of besides bein builty of the ide or trageole, rame widths of poo's ng

we bavi arind the potan apal fut in this best w aren atare and shetorus ut Toucherit the best nouseats of her bro!

these wie bead to the ... doprint at man subject was, at the suggestion ebers life, it is no wonder that we i gw* will be decat treased sam

it. Then, indeed, I thought it time to quit prince, especially, needs only to be kept in father; and our affliction is shared by all the scaffold ; but, casting my eyes round proper bounds; for he would go too far if the inhabitants of Mittau. All classes and about, I saw myself invested by twenty or left to himself. The three lead a most so- all sects united at his funeral, and universal thirty thousand men in arms; and to pierce litary life; and, though in a town of dissi- lamentation accompanied him to his last the crowd, seemed to me to be a foolish pation and pleasure, far beyond any other home. attempt. However, as I must take that have seen in my travels, they partake of May this recital soften your sorrow! May party, or, by remaining, appear to share the none. A few visíts receized (for they do I thus give to the memory of this most republic joy, my only resource was to recom not pay any) and those very short, a spectable of men, a new proof of my veneraiend myself to Providence, and steer my jaunt in their carriage when the weather is tion and attachment. course towards the side on which the ranks tine, or a solitary walk on foot, are the Be assured, Sir, of my good wishes for seemed to have less depth. All eyes were only distraction they allow to their melan- you, and for all the family of the Abbe fixed on me, as you may suppose; but as choly thoughts.


Louis. soon as I reached the first line, to my great Nor was the Albe himself spared his surprise, no resistance was made : ihe second line opened in the same manner; and worldly troubles. The friend in whose Astarte, a Sicilian Tale; with other

Poems. By the Author of Melancholy when I got to the fourth or fifth, my coat hands the purchase-money of his pabeing a common surtout, (for I was not ternal estate had been left at interest, Hours. pp. 173. permitted, on this occasion, to wear any became bankrupt, and plunged him Readers, who read at their case, little exterior marks of a Priest,) I was abso-into poverty. This affliction he bore know the trials and sorrows to which lutely lost in the crowd, and no more no like a man and a Christian, and in the poor critics are exposed; and it is marticed than if I had been a simple specta- hour of distress applied to Mr. Pilt for vellous to us that, as all our tribe are tor of a scene which for ever will dishonour a pension, which had been generously writers by profession, no one has been France.

oliered before when he escaped from found to sing our laments, in the same Traced from retreat to retreat, the France, and honourably refused, as this way as the hardships of soldiers, and Abbe at length found concealment at worthy person did not then staud in sailors, and lovers, and captives, and Bayeaux in Normandy, where he lived need of pecuniary aid. This applica other sufferers, have been' bemused. during the last eighteen months be tion was most handsomely and feelingly Till soinc such hard arises, we shall passed in France, with a tried friend, granted. The other most memorable siinply content ourselves with putting ihe Baron de Lezardier, who, with his event in the life of Mr. Edgeworth, was in a claim to consideration : we do not youngest son and thirre daughters, also his being sent in 1800 to St. Peters-ain at a public subscription, the fashionfound refuge here-the rest of his fa- burgh, to confer the order of St. Loui able remedy for all grievances, but s mily being massacred by the jacobins on the Emperor Paul. His reception certain degree of favour to cheer us on At length, when Madame Elizabeth was such as bis virtues merited.

our way, beset as it is by many tempwas put to death, the Abbe, as we have As we have devoted so considerable a tations, environed by threats and see noticed, fied to England, and soon portion of our limits to this publica- ductions, wosse bc-devilled than ever joined the fugitive royal family at tion, we shall now conclude with ob- St. Anthony was, with foul forms and Edimburgh. He next entered into the serving, that the death of this good fair ; in short, the very path which of family and serifre of the present King, Priest was worthy of his life. He fell all paths is the most dificult to keep in at Mittau, in Courland, and approved a victim to his care of the sick on the straight-forwardness and undeviating himself a good and faithful servant 22d of May 1807. The King of France impartiality. His letters from Mittant constitute a

announced the melancholy tidings to The author of these poenis is a young very affecting portion of the work, and his brother, in a letter which does cre- lady, not two-and-qucnty: We could his prescience will be acknowledsed dit to his head and heart; and with a when we cite a passage froin a letter translation of which we close this re could git ns grand inquisitors in Spain,

no more be sevesc upon her, than we written nearly eighteen years ago : rjow, again recommending the book, where the holy tribunal is happily re

By all accounts, parties still run high in whence it is takin, to the attention of established, to condemn a beautiful France; and it is likely that we shall see The public.

young she-beretie 10 the Rames, for? more than one convulsion there before order

Louis XIIII. do dir. Usher Edgeoarth. Joubting the infallibility of Pope Joana is restored. But I am confident that the

Yet we French will sooner or later rciurn to their

little justish. Sir,

must be a former ina ters, though it be impossible at

The letter which the Archbishop Astarte is an initation of Lord Byrun, present to say by what ineans, or when.- of Rheims wrote to you, has informed you and is a pretty puem. Attaching the Ilis description of the Royal Race, You will regret the best and tenderest of used, it is scarcely nceessary to add,

of the melancholy loss we have sustained. received meaning to the epithet we have then tried so severely by adversity, is brothers. Twrcep for a friend, a comforter, that it wants the noble poet's grasp of worthy of regird. lle saya,

ia benefactor, who guided the King; my soul, and fierce id fiery touches, which The King is not only a believer, hut, to brother, on his way in heaven, and pointed seize and toss the heart as with a tem- the whole extent of the word, a truly reli- out the same path to me. The world did gious prince, endowed with every virtne not deserve to possess him any longer. Let pest: that makes the saint, and with a capacity us submit to this stroke, in reflecting that

Adelmorn, the favoured lover of far superior to what I have met with in any he is gone to receive the reward duc to his Astarte, has become a pirate, and meets other man upon carth. Cnfortunately, he virtues; but as we are not forbidden to re- her on the sea-shore on the night preis, as to body, of a most corpulent disposiceive the condolence of beings of an infe- rious to her marriage with Herman. tion, which 'renders him less fit than he rior order, I offer you mine, in the midst of Hc pronises to rescue her the next would otherwise be, for the arduous task of the general aMiction caused by this misforrestoring matters in France. His Nephew tune. Yes, Sir, the death of your brother day, but, owing to a storm, arrives and Nicce, inferior to him in point of in- has been a public calamity. 'My family, too late. Attacked and defeated on the struction and talents, arc at least his equals and all the loyal French by whom I am sur- strand, he struggles up to bis mistress' as to piety and religion. The young rounded, feel as I do-as if we had lost our tower and breathes his last, and she

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dies of a broken heart. His address to Maiden, check the flowing tear,

sole clothing of the mass of the people, and induce her to elope with him, is far too

Calm thy bosom's rising sighs,

gourds are substitutes for glass bottles, or

Since on Valour's laureld bier, long for the poem, but it is stated in

earthen mugs.

The women too approach Envied thus, thy Soldier lies. the preface to be a fragment, and con

nearer to a state of nudity; their sole sequently we may excuse a want of

Mourn not o'er his early grave,

clothing being a narrow apron (the breadth Nor thy golden tresses tear;

of the hand and 18 inches long) before and proportion in the parts. We select as

Died he not as die the Brave ?

behind. ... From every town near to which a specimen of the verse, which is very Who would not such glory share! we passed, they flocked out to look at the irregular, the description of Astarte's

A Serenade is also deserving of fa- marks of timidity came and shook hands

white men (moudele,) and without any decline.

vourable notice; but we have devoted with us. To the best looking, and the best She fell,-as falls a lovely flower,

so much of our space to this publica- dressed, I distributed some beads. The Blighted in the very spring

tion, as to forbid further extract. price paid here, by a native, for a wife of Of beauty and of blossoming,

the first class, the Chenoo's daughter for By the red lightning's scorching power ; It droops upon the blasted spray,

instance, is four pieces of baft, one piece of And withers leaf by leaf in slow but sure decay;

VOYAGE TO THE CONGO. guinea, and a certain quantity of palm wine. But tho' the Spoiler's hand hath o'er it past,

We in no instance since we left Embomma

(Captain Tuckey's Narrative continued.) Its buds retain their sweets and fragrance to the

found the men allant en avant in their offer last.

On the 17th of August our jaded of their women; but this our Bomma mer

travellers took leave of the Chenoo of told us was from their little intercourse As falling stars, ere they expire, Emit a brighter, clearer fire

Cooloo, and carrying Mr. Tudor in a with Europeans, for that any of them would So beauty's loveliest, softest smile litter, reached the boats at noon.

think themselves honoured by surrendering

The Mumed her fading eyes the while.

his wife or daughter to a white man. scarcity of water and provision on their From those orbs thro' the veil of death would excursion was aggravated by a similar

The population seems to be exbreak Flashes of wild, yet dazzling lightness,

scarcity of palm wine, the most re- tremely thiņ. The largest banza, Coo(As the silver mist bangs on the moon-light lake, freshing and grateful beverage, which loo, does not contain above 300 souls,

That still flows on in native brightness.) And oft Death's fever'd fingers threw

two years of drought had occasioned, of whom two thirds are women and The young carnation's hectic hue

though every banza and gentleman's children. Except a few fishermen on Cer ber soft cheek's transparent whiteness. town has from 20 to 200 of these trees the rocks at the river side, they are all That lovely,--but deceiving flush,

about it. The natives stated, that collected into villages. The soil is caWhich lends decay a faithless bloom;

every third or fourth year was rainy, pable of supporting a great increase. And looks like beauty's purest blush, While 'tis the herald of the tomb.

and then the river rese higher than of the state of Congo the following She faded sweetly from the sight,

during the intermediate period. The particulars are given :And gently stole from life away,

banks, so far as the Expedition pro According to our informers, the domiAs melts the rainbow into light

ceeded, do not offer one tree capable of nions of Congo extend from below MaAl close of summer's stormy day.

making a beam or timber for a sloop lemba, cutting the coast and river to Banza There are a good many minor poems of war.

N'Inga ; but how far they extend to the of various merit. One only we cannot

south of the river's mouth, or up it on the

The only trees that grow to a large size south side, we could not learn, but it seems approve,-the valedictory stanzas, by a are the Adansonia and the Bombax (or to be considerably higher up the river than lady on the eve of her nuptials. Ladies Wild Cotton,) and the wood of both is Inga. The paramount sovereign is named who love other men so much as is here spongy and useless ; several yarieties of Lindy, or Blindy N'Congo, and resides at set down, ought not to deceive any evergreens, highly ornamental in their Banza Congo, six days journey in the intemiserable dog by giving

a hand where growth and foliage, are however met with rior from Tall Trees (on the south side of

in the vallies. the heart is estranged. We fear our

the river;) it has no water communication

The only appearance of metals is in the with the Zaire. Here the Portuguese apfair writer has let a little too much of ferruginous Clay and stones near the river, pear to have a fixed settlement, the natives female secrets out here.

which the natives grind, and from these form speaking of their having soldiers and white Soon, soon the pangs that rend this breast, their pots for boiling (their only cooking women. The opposite sides of the river, My aching heart must learn to hide, Lore;

utensils ;) these small stones rounded to forin two vice-royalties, that on the north Soou must this face in smiles be drcst,

the size of a pea, serve them for small shot. being governed by the N' Sandy N' Congo, For 1 sball be another's bride, Lore. Small particles of copper were observed by and the south by N' Cucula Congo, both of Tes! I must learn to school my heart,

Dr. Smith in some of the specimens of mi- whom reside at banzas in the interior, The Whene'er thy passing form I see, Love; nerals he collected. Yes! I must feign,-detested art !

Chenooships, improperly named kingdoms ladiffrence,-nay, dislike to thee, Love. The fish at this height were in gene- by Europeans, are hereditary fiefs, passing If such sentiments as these on the eve

ral small, and not numerous. Only in the female line; that is, on the decease of nuptials, do not lend to Doctors' one large one, apparently of the ge- of the Chenoo, the succession, instead of Commons, as straight as Ludgate Hill nus Murena, was caught; and the tes- passing to his son, goes to his brother, or

uterine uncle or cousin. On every demise taceous species were so rare, that but a does from Temple Bar, we know not

a fresh investiture takes place by the Vicewhat will.—The following stanzas are summit of one of the hills near a fishing dignity) to the appointed successor ; but

single shell (Helix) was found on the roy's sending a cap (here the mark of all of a better order.

hut, and but one oyster was dredged up. though it is necessary that the succession Weep not for the fallen Brave,

On the banks were seen snares for should be continued in the family, the Maiden with disheyelled hair! Sleeps he not in Honour's grave ? taking beach birds; they consisted of Viceroy is not restricted to nearness of kin Who would not his glory share? a twig, with a bit of line and noose tion, or intrigue, operates strongest, the

or primogeniture, but as favour, corrupDied be not the Warrior's death ? which caught the bird's neck.

investiture is given. The Chenoo, in his (So should heroes wish to die ;)

The higher we proceed (says Capt. T.) turn, appoints several inferior officers by Heared he not his parting breath

the fewer European articles the natives pos- sending them caps, particularly the MaIn the arms of Victory?

sess; the country grass generally forms the fook, or Custom-Master, who interferes in

all trading transactions. The Mombella, | by inspiration, is much oftener wrong Prince Schi, alias Simmons, deserted Macaya, and Mambom, are officers whose than right. Owing to the frequency with four of the best Embomma porrespective powers I have not yet been able of poisoning victuals, the person who ters, having first violated the laws by here of two kinds, which may be denominated presents the meal, invariably tastes bargaining with two of the head gentlehousehold or domestic, and trading. When first, and the host does the same on men for their wives, for two fathoms a young man is of age to begin the world, helping a visitor, Both sexes paint per night, which he absconded without his father or guardian gives him the means with red ochre; and before a bride is paying. All these matters the Captain of purchasing a number of slaves of each conveyed to her husband, she is smear- promised to settle on his return ; and, sex, in proportion to his quality, fromed with this substance from head to hy distributing some brandy, at length, whom he breeds his domestic slaves; and these (though it does not appear that he is foot. The priest appears to order par. got over his difficulties. A new interbound by any particular law) he never sells ticular marks of red and white. A sort preter, who had been five years in or transfers, unless in cases of misbeha- of itch is prevalent, and several cases England, was engaged; and by noon viour, when he holds a palaver, at which of elephantiasis were observed. Ano- the party reached banza Manzy, 9 miles they are tried and sentenced. These do-ther disease the natives ascribed to Por- north of Cooloo. Here four fathoms mestic slaves are, however, sometimes tuguese importation. The only game of baft were given for a pig of 15lbs pawned for debt, but are always redeemed noticed was a kind of drafts named Lo- weight; and after all, the people preas soon as possible. The only restraint on the conduct of the owners, towards their oela, the implements of which are a flattended they could not catch him, so that domestic slaves, seems to be the fear of stone 19 inches square, with 16 cavi- the purchasers were obliged to shoot their desertion ; for if one is badly treated, ties grooved in it, and a small stone in their bargain. At 4 o'clock they halted he runs off, and goes over to the territory each cavity.

in a deep ravine (Sooloo envonzi) for of another Chenoo, where he is received by Little information respecting the up- the night; a considerable quantity of some proprietor of land, which inevitably per part of the river, or the country be- excellent water remained in the hollows produces a feud between the people of the yond the point to which the Expedition of this vast torrent bed, whose sides were slaves are those purchased from the itine- had ascended, could be obtained. All thinly clothed with wood, among which rant black slave merchants, and are either beyond was, according to report, Bush- were trees from 80 to 100 feet high, taken in war, kidnapped, or condemned for men's country, where men were kid- and 18 inches diameter, nearly as hard crimes; the first two of these classes, how- napped for ave and where there as oak, and fit for useful purposes. ever, evidently form the great mass of the were no towns nor acknowledged form Their route this day was 8 or 12 miles exported slaves.

of government. The south shore was from the river, and more hilly and barThe kidnapped victims are the most represented as the most difficult to pe- ren than any they had before gone numerous; but, thank Heaven! this netrate, the Portuguese missions not over. catching in the bush is now near its last having taken that direction. Captain In the morning they found that they extremity.

Tuckey therefore resolved on attempt had pitched their tent over a nest of The property which a man dies possessed the interior ; and having sent the boats no person was bitten. The musque

ing to advance by the north bank into pismires, but though covered with them 'of, devolves to his brothers or uterine uncles, but prescriptively, as it would ap- down to rejoin the Congo, and formed toes also abstained from their attacks. pear, for the use of the family of the de- a depôt of provisions at Cooloo, he At day-light they were roused from ceased; for they are bound by custom slept there on the 21st of August. their rest “ by the discordant concert (which is here tantamount to our written The night scene at this place (says he) of a legion of monkeys and parrots laws) to provide in a proper manner for requires the pencil to delineate it. In the chattering, joined with that of a bird the wives and children of the deceased ; and foreground an immense Adansonia, under named booliloso (a crested toucan) havthe wives they may make their own, as in which our tents are pitched, with the fires the Mosaic dispensation.

of our people throwing a doubtful lighting a scream between the bray of an Crimes are punished capitally by decapi- over them ; before us the lofty and perpen- ass and the bleat of a lamb; another tation, by gradual amputation of the dicular hills, which form the south side of resembling the note of a cuckou, but limbs, by burning, and by drowning. The Yellala, with its ravines (in which only ve- much hoarser; and another, crying only capital crimes, however, seem to be getation is found) on fire, presenting the Whip poor Will' (a species of goatpoisoning and adultery with the wives of appearance of the most brilliantly illumi- sucker.") great men. This latter crime, it would ap- nated amphitheatre; and finally, the hoarse

Several buffalocs had been to drink pear, being punished in proportion to the noise of the fall, contrasted with the

perrank of the husband. Thus the private man fect stillness of the night, except when bro- at one of the holes in the rock, about accepts two slaves from the aggressor ; but ken by the cry of our sentinels, “All's well,” | 200 yards from one of the tents. the son of a Chenoo cannot thus compro- continued to creato a sensation to which On the 2311, at o'clock, after 1 mise his dishonour, but is held bound to cven our sailors were not indifferent. breakfast of cocoa, they again marchel kill the aggressor; and if he escapes his Alas, that poctical picture was only onward, crossing a most difficult tract pursuit he may take the life of the first re- the prologue to a woful tragedy; thc of hills and ravines. At 11, they found sation of the adulterer lic meets.

brave Commander, from whose pen we themselves at an angle of the river, This, it may well be conceivci, also copy it, was taken ill before morning, formed by its returning to the S. E.-; leads to endless feuds. Poisoning an but we must not anticipate events : he

This last reach not appearing to be more equal, is simple decapitation ; bui if a took some calomel, and was prepared than 3 or 4 miles, but entirely filled with superior is thus destroyed, all the male for setting out at daylight. Various rocks, and absolutely, as far as could be relations of the murderer, to the very vexations however occurred. The infe- judged by the glasses, without the smallinfants at the breast, are slaughtered. rior officers at Cooloo were exorbitant est passage or carrying-place for a canoe. Thefts are punished hap-hazard by the in their demands for presents, before At noon they reached Banza Inga, priest, who, after many contortions, they would consent to a guide being the Chenoo of which was blind, and fixes on the criminal, and as he decides furnished.

the Government in a commission of the

Macaya, Mambom, &c. who imme. Memoirs relative to the History of the last paired from inclination and habit, the diately assembled a Palaver, to know

Half of the Eighteenth Century. By only meeting place of the ministers, and what white men came there for. Here Ablé Georgel.

the centre of all the secrets of the state. an appeal was made to force of arms; These Memoirs, which have been lately pointed and dismissed the ministers at

ller power was

so great, that she ap—but having transgressed our allotted

published in two volumes, are the more in- pleasure; the latter saw too, that their bounds, we must defer the accounts till teresting, as they contain nothing but facts, whole credit and influence depended entirely we arrive at the

in which most readers took a lively interest on their submission to the will of the mis. (Continuation, in our ne.rt.)

at the tiine they happened, notwithstanding tress, and therefore all their labours were the veil with which many of them were then but the execution of the orders which she

covered. The author was a Jesuit, who had given. In this manner Madame de An Essay on Average; and on other Sub- rose to the rank of French Chargé d'Affaires Pompadour reigned in France.

at Vienna, of the Suffragan Bishop of jects connected with the Contract of Strasburg, and Vicar-General to the Grand ever, did not satisfy her; she desired to fill

This power and her great wishes, howMarine Insurance. By Robert Stevens, Almoner- of France, the Cardinal Prince of a place at Court, with which dignity and

of Lloyd's. royal Svo. pp. 293. Rohan. He was in part personally and consideration were united, and by which As it is part of the plan of our miscellany to actively engaged in the events that he she would be placed on a level with the blend the utile with the dulce, we do not describes, and partly in situations that most distinguished ladies ; in a word, she apologize, especially to our commercial enabled him to collect the most authentic desired to become lady of honour to the readers, for directing their attention to the accounts. As far as we can judge, his Queen! But however well the King might work before us. Mr. Stevens has written work seems to be written with tolerable im- be inclined to favour this project, it could an elegant, and what is better, a very useful partiality and regard to truth. That he, a not possibly be accomplished, unless the book, on a most dry and untractable subject. Jesuit, is not satisfied with the dissolution Queen herself gave her consent. In order There is no branch of commerce at once so of the Order, cannot be thought surprising ; to induce that truly virtuous princess to intricate and so important as that of Marine but he merits praise for having spoken of it comply, the Marchioness assumed the mask Insurance ; none that is at the same time so with decent composure, and without for- of piety, and pretended to renounce entirely necessary and so difficult to understand. getting the dignity of an historian. all familiar intercourse with the King. After The difficulty of becoming familiar with the He begins his book with the history of having arranged every thing with himself, laws and practice of insurance, no doubt the dissolution of the Order; and as we she caused the doors which led from her arises, partly from the nature of the sub- mean to select some of the most interesting apartments to those of the King to be walled ject, but chiefly from the very few cases, anecdotes, the Jesuits will furnish us also up, and publicly declared, that she would comparatively speaking, which occur within with our first subject.

take a confessor. She wished to have a the experience of any one individual, as Who would believe, says he, that the Jesuit, for the honour that that order would affecting his own immediate interests. Still

, destruction of the Order of the Jesuits in willingly sacrifice all secondary views to its however, when these cases do occur, they France was chiefly effected by the implaca- reputation and the increase of its influence. are generally so important, and so widely ble hatred of a public prostitute, who was Father de Sacy was proposed to her ; who extended in their results, that it is exceed- first drawn from obscurity by the farmer- was an honest man, but had only a modeingly desirable there should be some dis- general D’Etiolles, who was enchanted by rate share of understanding and talents. tinct principles laid down. It is indispen- her beauty, and then, in spite of the conju- She sent for him, and contrived to inspire sable, too, that these principles should be gal ties which bound her to her first bene- him with a firm conviction of the sincerity founded on existing data, that they should factor, publicly appeared as the mistress and of her conversion. He congratulated her arise out of previous and ascertained prac-chief minister of Louis XV. At this ele on it, and thanked God for the grace he had tice, because in many branches of the sub- vation, to which she rose by crimes she shown her. But how much was he astoject there is nothing but previous practice swore destruction to the Jesuits, and by nished and embarrassed, when the Marto determine the points that inay come in secret intrigues continually deepened the chioness refused to comply with the only question. As far as our necessarily im- abyss into which our Order, that had filled necessary condition which he prescribed to perfect knowledge enables us to judge, it both hemispheres with its glory and its apos- her, if he should become her confessor. appears to us that Mir. Stevens has supplied tolic virtues, was soon precipitated. This “ Without doubt," said he, these desiderata as fully as the nature of thoroughly immoral woman, was immeasur- made every preparation to leave the court, his work would admit. He seems to be ably ambitious. It is a well known fact that as this must be the first step to remove the extensively, and what is of more conse- without the least personal attachment to scandal that has been given.” • How leave quence, practically acquainted with his Louis XV. she yet, in order to govern him, the court !' said she, . have you considered subject; and in many instances, very hap- gave herself up to all the dissipation to of it? I certainly know all the dangers of pily illustrates his positions by hypothetical which that monarch, who was passionately the court, and am firınly resolved no longer cases, which he has so contracted, as to fond of her, invited her. But she was pru- to follow its principles and its dangerous bear upon the argument at all its points. dent enough to foresee that her empire examples ;, but is it not much more to the He has also supplied a very complete list of would be at an end as soon as the passion honour of religion when public penance is reference to all the previous writers on dif- of the King should cool, and the sense of done for the crime, at the very place where ferent branches of Marine Insurance, to religion, which was only lulled asleep, should it was committed? If I remain at court, whom he likewise gives copions marginal revive and recal him to his duty, for she had and, with all the external signs of penitence, indices, whenever they have mentioned the observed that the King's conscience some- retain the favour of the King, and great inparticular case of which he happens to be times reproached him, even in the intoxica- Auence, I could employ it for the advantage treating

tion of pleasure. She considered therefore of religion ; and, as the penitent Magdalen If we were disposed to be critical, we of means io make her power independent of poured out sweet-smelling ointment at the might quarrel with the author's style now her personal attractions, or of a change in feet of our Saviour, I could consecrate all and then : in such passages as this, in the the sentiments of the King; and as she was my treasures to the altar of the Lord.' preface, for example: “the commercial well acquainted with his indolence, and Father de Sacy, notwithstanding his simcommunity in general possess much less particularly with his irresolute, indecisive plicity, perceived the snare that this hypoinformation on this subject than is required character, which, notwithstanding a sound critical woman laid for him. In order to from its importance to their interests.” natural understanding, rendered him the avoid it, he close a way by which he lowBut upon the whole, and especially con- slave and the tool of his ministers and mis- ever led to the destruction of his Order. sidering the nature of the subject, the book tresses, she at length contrived to make He told her that he would immediately go is well and perspicuously written, her Boudoir, where the king daily re to Paris, to consult the assembled superiors

you have

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