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guide in their spiritual concerns-way in
which it teaches


H A P. v .

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leads to perfectionthis inward redemption

possible to all


Sect. 4. New birth and perfection more particularly ex-

plained-new birth as real from the spiri-

tual seed of the Kingdom,as that of plants

and vegetables from their seeds in the natural



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Sect. i. Worshipis usually made to consist of prayer

and preachingbut neither of these is con-
sidered by the Quakers to be effectual with-
out the aid of the Spirit-hence no liturgy or
studied form of words among the Quakers-
reputed manner and character of Quaker-

preaching-observations upon these 276

Sect. 2. Silent worship-manner of it--worship not ne-

cessarily connected with words-advantages

of this mode of worship ..


Sect. 3. Quakers discard every thing formal and super-

stitious from their worship-no consecrated
groundno priests' garmentsno psalmody

-no one day esteemed by them holier than

another reasons for these singularities . 302

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Sect. 1. Two baptisms, that of John, and of Christ

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