The Rise of the House of Rothschild


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Página 255 - It is not for me to express an opinion as to the wisdom or otherwise of this aim; a socialized economy may, or may not, be the answer to India's problems.
Página 182 - Their suggestion is entirely inadmissible . . . the gentry are entitled only to a helmet . . . otherwise there would be nothing to distinguish the higher ranks, as coronets, supporters and center shields are proper only to nobility. Moreover, no government will grant the emblems of other governments, as nobility is conferred for services to one's prince and one's country, but not for services to other countries. The lion is a symbol of courage only, which does not apply to these petitioners. The...
Página 195 - Major Martins who was being fatuously sentimental about the horrors of war and the large numbers who had been killed. 'Well,' said Rothschild, 'if they had not all died, Major, you would presumably still be a lieutenant!
Página 214 - Germany will be pleased with a development that will make it necessary for them to apply to France or England when they are in need of funds. "Who buys state bonds in Germany, and who has endeavored to raise the rate of exchange if it be not our nation? Has not our example engendered a certain confidence in state loans, so that Christian firms have also taken heart and invested part of their money in all kinds of securities?
Página 38 - is to remove the house of Hesse-Cassel from rulership and to strike it out of the list of powers.
Página 260 - The harmony between the brothers contributes largely to their success. None of them ever thinks of finding fault with another. None of them adversely criticizes any of the others' business dealings, even when the results do not come up to expectations.
Página 67 - Buderus invested 20,000 gulden and "promised to advise that firm in all business matters to the best of his ability and to advance its interests as far as he may find practicable.
Página 178 - I consider that the most suitable thing would be that your Majesty should make a gift to each of the two brothers Rothschild of a gold snuff-box bearing your Majesty's monogram in diamonds. Count Stadion might be consulted as to the monetary value of such a gift.
Página 259 - ... have had to discard her constitution if the House of Rothschilds had not made it possible for her to put off the evil day. Several medium and small states have also had recourse to its financial power in their difficulties. This puts it in a strong position to ask for favours, especially for a favour of such an apparently trivial nature as the protection of a few dozen Jews in a small state".
Página 195 - The Rothschild in this country . . . has an incredible influence upon all financial affairs here in London. It is widely stated, and is, indeed, close to the truth, that he entirely regulates the rate of exchange in the City. His power as a banker is enormous.

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