The Renaissance in Italian Art, Parte 9


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Página 40 - Here helms and swords are made of chalices: The blood of Christ is sold so much the quart: His cross and thorns are spears and shields; and short Must be the time ere even his patience cease. Nay let him come no more to raise the fees Of this foul sacrilege beyond report! For Rome still flays and sells him at the court, Where paths are closed to virtue's fair increase.
Página 39 - In order then that we may lay aside all anxiety, we rely on your loyalty to convince him in our name, that if he returns to us he shall be uninjured and unhurt, retaining our Apostolic...
Página 69 - Which made my soul the worshipper and thrall Of earthly art is vain ; how criminal Is that which all men seek unwillingly. Those amorous thoughts which were so lightly dressed, What are they when the double death is nigh ? The one I know for sure, the other dread. Painting nor sculpture now can lull to rest My soul, that turns to His great love on high, Whose arms to clasp us on the cross were spread.
Página 103 - Italian fashion, in an elegant couplet, bidden the spectator who doubted the real existence of the wonderful sleeper, awake her and be answered. Here is, in the person of his great conception, the sculptor's reply : — " Grateful is sleep, and still more sweet, while woe And shame endure, 'tis to be stone like me ; And highest fortune nor to feel nor see ; Therefore awake me not ; speak low, speak low.
Página 113 - Aeolus, seems bound upon some Jove-commissioned errand ? Who has not admired its lightness and truth of momentary action, which none but an artist skilful in modelling and well versed in anatomy could have attained, since, Mercury-like, it has winged its way to the museums and houses of every quarter...
Página 27 - Medici, at the head of the corpse. He who, regarding that living picture, afterwards turned to consider that dead body, felt his heart bursting with grief as he beheld them. The loss of Raphael caused the cardinal to command that this work should be placed on the high altar of San Pietro-a-Montorio, where it has ever since been held in the utmost veneration for its own great value, as well as for the excellence of its author. The remains of this divine artist received...
Página 69 - say that, when he went to see her while she was dying, he " lamented that he had not kissed her face as he did her hand.
Página 39 - You have tried a bout with the Pope on which the " king of France would not have ventured. We do not wish " to go to war for you with him, and put our state in peril. "Make up your mind to return.
Página 25 - I can never sufficiently admire it, and always think thereof with astonishment. This was the power accorded to him by Heaven, of bringing all who approached his presence into harmony; an effect inconceivably surprising in our calling, and contrary to the nature of our artists...
Página 33 - Rome ! I give you over to the hands of a people who will wipe you out from among the nations ! I see them descending like lions. Pestilence comes marching hand in hand with war. The deaths will be so many that the buriers shall go through the streets crying out : Who hath dead, who hath dead ? and one will bring his father, and another his son. O Rome ! I cry again to you to repent ! Repent, Venice ! Milan, repent...

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