All Cat Breeds of This World: All Approved Cat Breeds

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The ultimate cat breed guide for all cat lovers who are considering getting a pedigree cat - but want to know beforehand what's in store for them!




This book has more! It’s a...

#ENCYCLOPEDIA: Exciting background about the breeding history of each cat with amusing anecdotes. A book for many hours!

#HANDBOOK: An overview of all 136 officially registered cat breeds around the world was long overdue. Here is everything you need to know and should know about pedigreed cats!

#PICTURE BOOK: Each cat is portrayed as an artistic ink pen drawing, inviting the eye to linger. Countless graphics and tables draw the reader in!

#GUIDEBOOK: All important information such as special characteristics and notes on each individual cat, as well as the complete entries in the 15 largest cat breed registers in the world!



This phone book-sized tome is guaranteed to keep the reader busy for many hours and makes a great reference book.



…for cat fanatics, cat fans, cat lovers, cat lovers and those who want to be!!! But also for people who want to know in advance what they are getting into with the respective mini tiger.



Highly recommended by Deutsche Edelkatze e.V. (German noble cat registered society)


Nuesret Kaymak is a certified graphic design and has worked for more than 25 years as an illustrator, concept and comic artist, cartoonist and animator for advertising, PR, film and television (see For 10 years he has published didactic and humorous books about history, politics, art and culture, vegetarianism and animal welfare. Discover his publications at and at Google Play


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Nuesret Kaymak makes his living as a illustrator, concept artist, cartoonist and carton filmmaker for PR and advertising agencies and for the film and television industry. Since 2012 he writes easily understandably and humorously topics about history, politics, arts and culture, vegetarianism and animal welfare. Please visit his authorpage on Amazon and his social media-presences on LinkedIn, Xing, Patreon, Facebook, Google and YouTube.

The Studio Kaymak UG originated from the desire to provide free publications with didactic approach to a wider circle of interested education available.

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