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V.42:13-94 Gleanings in Bee Culture CLUBBING OFFERS



Gleanings in

with the A B C and X Y Z of Bee Culture, $ 2.50 Bee Culture the leading text-book on beekeeping.

with Dr. Miller's Fifty Years Among the}$1.50 with W. Z. Hutchinson’s Advanced Bee $1.50 with T. B. Terry's great book, How to Koep $ 1.50

with Milo Hastings book on practical poul-}$ 1.50 Main L: of Potato Culture, by T. B. Terry and A. 1. $ 1.00


Well and Live Long.

, .
with the new revised edition of The A B C
Agric. Dept. Root.

Main LIL. lagio. Dept.


with a choice of any one of the following
books from GLEANINGS library: Townsend
Bee-book, Management of Out-apiaries, Al, $ 1.00
exander's Practical Bec Culture, Natural
History of the Honeybee.
with a Root Standard Smoker (tin); diam-
eter of the barrel 344 inches. One of the
best smokers made, both in principle and

$ 1.75 construction.

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Canadian postage on each oï above contina tigns 30c extra. Foreign postage 60c extra.

The A. I Root Company

Medina, Ohio

Gleanings in Beë Culture

Published by The A. I. Root Co., Medina, Ohio.
H. H. Root, Assistant Editor E. R. ROOT, Editor A. L. BOYDEN, Advertising Manager
A. I. ROOT, Editor Home Department

J. T. CALVERT, Business Manager
Entered at the Postoffice, Medina, Ohio, as second-alass matter


JULY 1, 1914

NO. 13


The reader's attention is directed partic

appear that the manufacturers of focd - ularly to the editorial on the net-weight law

products found that it would be practically as it relates to comb honey. See page 487 impossible to dispose of their goods by May of this issue.

1, 915, and asked for a postponement of

one year more. Full particulars regarding The Golden or so-called Five-banded this are given in our issue for June 1, page Bees

401. It should be clearly understood, howIt is refreshing to note that those who

ever, that this has nothing to do with the advertise golden Italians are more conser

operation of the net-weight law given on

page 487. There is as much or more reason vative in their advertisements. The time was when five-banders were advertised, but

why there should be a postponement on

this. only three and four banders were sent out. The beekeeping fraternity has learned that

Limitations of Parcel Post a strictly five-banded queen is a rare bird. It was folly to advertise them when they

Some of the dealers in beekeepers' supcould not be furnished.

plies have received numerous complaints from their customers because their goods

were sent by express rather than by parcel Our Front Cover Design

post. The fact is, all should remember that This shows a small section of our Apa

a limit of 50 lbs. is for local delivery or po lachicola apiary, with one of the workshops

further than the 150-mile zone; and 20 lbs.

is the limit for all distances of 300 miles in the background, some three or four weeks

and over. before the first car shipment was made. In

Again, it should be understood the mean time these two-story colonies were

that many things can be sent cheaper by increased to three stories, and in some in

express than by mail. If you will leave the

matter with your dealer he will select parcel stances up to four; then when the carload shipments began to move, the colonies were post, express, or freight according to consplit up into one-story sections, each one

ditions. It sometimes happens that the cost being supplied with a queen.

on express packages will be so great that he The view shows a convenient arrangement

will send by freight, and of course that for hives and the nice board walk that runs

means delay. down in between; but it does not show very

This has been an extraordinary year for clearly that these walks and hives were some

supplies. The call for goods to go by parcel five or six feet above the ground, as hereto

post has been enormous; and while no doubt fore explained, in order to escape high

that means of delivery has been a great water.

boon to the public at large, there are many

times when express will be cheaper. Postponement of the Date when the

New Ruling Regarding the Guar. Methods of Imbedding Wires in antee Clause on Pure-food Pack

Foundation ages Shall Become Effective

YEARS ago A. I. Root imbedded wires We have just received notice from the with a hot point drawn along each wire, United States Department of Agriculture with just enough pressure to sink the wire that the ruling with regard to the elimina- half-way through the foundation. Since tion of the guarantee clause on food pack- reading Arthur C. Miller's article, p. 495, ages will be effective May 1, 1916, instead we have been trying the plan again, comof May 1, 1915, as first announced. It would paring it to the plan illustrated on page


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